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Cho Jung-Seok @ "My Love, My Bride" screening
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  • Name: Cho Jung-Seok
  • Hangul: 조정석
  • Born: December 26, 1980
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @jojeol


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NDKK Dramaland misses you, Jung-Seok-shi!

Ronaldo Great acting in "The King 2Hearts". Wish him more drama and movie projects to come....

jimmy he is debuting when he is pretty old, too bad if he is debuting 10 years earlier may be he can be very succesful, his acting is very good IMO

Ruby Cajilla The first time I saw him on King 2 hearts, I was mesmerize and amaze by the way he acts. And you know, when his character died, I was crying and crying. I can't help mysele but to get mad on Kim bong gu. But I really like him and adore him. He is my crush. And I wanted to see him personally. I hope I can sing with him one day. ;')

nina !st time I saw you in this drama ... not only that you're handsome but also have a bright future in Korean drama/film industry.

Hopefully you'll spend a holiday in Malaysia and meet fans of yours here.


tp After watching you in "you're the best", I gotta admit that you're the best actor! Your performance is sensational! Waiting for more dramas of yours coming out soon. Good luck!

M A I love to watch your acting in King 2 Hearts drama. your death bring me a lot of tears and when the princess Lee Jae Sin watched your video it's makes me cry even more. keep on your good work. cant wait to see your upcoming project !

Dr Htet Htet Nann Aung You are so attractive and lovely, please try more and more romantic series, I want to watch your series, I can't wait, I think no other actor is as attractive as you.

1025_th i hope can see u more in dramaland for the lead actor..but you did a great job in every project u had.

Ily Omg I cried so much when you died in the king 2 hearts

Deeyun I think you really hv a kind of "unique charm" in you that just makes you "special" in your own way...furthermore, you are just soo cute n handsome!! You really deserved all the awards that you hv won. All the best wishes to you in the near future!! Fighting!!

Deeyun Saranghae!! Cho Jung Seok♡♥ just love to watch your acting soo much!! You are just soo cute n handsome!! You really deserved all the awards that you hv won. All the best wishes to you in the near future!! Fighting!!

farideh I Love You Cho Jung seok , You are Best ♥♥♥♥ KiSsSsSs . . . . :*

shirley A gentleman is discribed well by you EunShiKyung-shii^^ ♥.♥

hana i just love you alot.....

mitra he is cute, i just like him and he's playing so romantice

hana he has something mysterious i just love him

dd i love your act at TK2H.. but i hope you can be the lead role, i'll wait your next movies and drama..

fan you are very good and you are charming :)

Dina Nart You are the best Cho Jung-Seok .<3

Dina Nart You are the best

DiamondSung Ahhhh, I love him!!!!

reverdrama i only one thing to say :you have something different in your eyes it's your weapon!!! it's great weapon!!!!!!! we are waiting your next drama hope it ll be soon

leonumb3891 i really love your acting in The King 2Hearts and Architecture 101~ the roles are so freaking different yet you nailed it!! i have a good time 'laughing' watching you in architecture 101~ hwaiting~!

stv I like your act in best lee soon shin,,I think you will get Best New Actor Award this year...

yeye _ I like your face...i Like your smile...n I love U....

anya I like your acting. I look at you smile. It conveys the mood very well.

shabi i realy realy love your acting.... i realy enjoy watching your drama.... i love your smile  :D.... i realy want to see your next best wishes <3 <3 <3

tina HI!!! ♥ I think you are better than U.S are one of my favorite actor."YOU ARE THE BEST" was very wonderful and cool movie.Ihad chance to watch this movie and Iam one of your big fan.I wish you are the best in every thing.♥♥....FROM:...FRANCE....♥♥♥♥♥

SaDah Jung Seok Oppa. You are an amazing actor! Keep up the good work! I hope to see you in more leading roles. ^_^ Jal jinaeseyo. <3

wenny Jungsuk oppa , i really enjoy watching your drama with IU. Waiting for your next movie. Love your smile ^^. Wish you all the best. :D

weng i really enjoy watching your shows, i really like your expressive eyes.....i wish more dramas to come....more lead are the best for me.....wish you well and more power to your career and good health. hope to see you MORE..... good luch

nikki From drama to movies ...God bless you with your talent - continue to make people happy ... very deserving :) you're the best w/ le soo shin show it all.....

Ati Jungsuk oppa you're the best & perfect korean actor for melt my heart with your act.hope to see you more.

Masih I'm from Irab,i love your act,you act so real whit your partner(IU) in this recent drama,

Yu Mon A very brilliant actor u are !!! Keep it up .

Elyssa You, cho Jung seok, are a unique,handsome,asian. There's nothing else I can say :)

Thomas You are a good actor. You will go places. keep it up.

weng as i watch lee soon shin is the best, i really like the way you natural....your eyes are so expressive and touches all in our hearts. the drama is almost comes to an end, hoping you get another lead role in a drama real soon. maybe and i wish i could watch you in a musical play soon. good luck and more more success to come

Khuncho Your acting is so good in both King2 Heart and You're the best Lee Sunshin. Especially your expression. No one can act like your expression. Wish you good luck and ever success.

ainiey i think his acting is awsome... aja2 hwaiting oppa!!

CikHan love his acting in You are the best

Debbie Otemai It's amazing how these beautiful, gorgeous men and women of South Korean can act and sing, I am attached to these Korean Dramas, for you Jo Junk Seok, you are one of the best young Korean actor, I like everything about you, awesome, keep it up, hope you find a beautiful wife and live happily ever after. Know that you have a Samoan American fan here in San Francisco, God bless you and good luck for the future.....

Latifa HD Gorgeous represent you in the drama Lee Soon Shin best and I hope to succeed in this drama fun :)

Latifa. Arabs

phearoth Shin jun ho !!! The great actor ...with this drama " lee sun shin ,you are the best ! " wish my shin jun ho got grand prize award...the best ! I can't wait till the end now ..what will happend at the end of this drama ?

Anon Is it just me or does he look like the male version of Huh E-Jae? :/

soma OMG I Love you so much ... you are great in "you're the best lee sunshin"

mumu you are very good. keep doing your best. (*^^*)

Lexia Oppa, you're so handsome. You look so good with IU! I love youuuuu

samira hi. im from iran. you are the best.too. near my heart

anna After watching King 2Hearts,I want togo toKorea immediately and meet you!I really fell in love with your character.Good Job!

ita just finished King 2 Hearts and falling in Love with this namja! salute~

GalZy He has a really cute voice... fall in love w/ him right away on You're The Best LSS. But why the tone of his speech remind me a lot of Lee Min Ho???

zahra Hi....I just want to tell are the best! I love u! *^ _ ^*

gandari i love you i thinking about you all night it s very hard

yasaman he is so lovely. his wonderfull in king 2 heart i really love him

som he is the best.. i will go to korea to see him......

appley I so love you, you are one talented actor/singer. I look forward to see you more in the future projects. Oppa, Fighting !!! :)

Khine he's the man who i shall never forget

cindy florencia Oppa jo jung suk gagah baget waktu main film king two heats^o^

farida I love him when I see him on K2H, he's so warm, romantic, and his voice is good. Oppa I hope you will be play as co star! Fighting

groovydije Looooovvvveeee him! (♥.♥) You guys should watch him in MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star ep.301 & 302.He and Kwon Hyun Sang from TK2H being guests of the show and interacted so frickin funny in that show.Apparently, he use to be a b-boy and like to dance in clubs.Hahahaaa....

Reaney Cixy He's talent is real & become perfect with his character ( Eun Si Kyung in KING2HEART) I'm so in love with him @ the first sight & u know maybe I'm a mistake but He's look like ARIEL from NoAh on the 1 of he's show

nunahae after i saw the king 2 heart,i think im going to loving eun shi kyeong,i like his smile,it's like i wanna save his smile in my thought,,

Reyna First saw him in What's Up, and was amazed by his singing! I thought he was a solo singer lol He was really cute and funny in What's Up and then his acting was great in K2H!! Looking forward to seeing him more (:

sara i fall in love wth him after whatching him in king 2heart,his cting is wonderful

NM17177 i'm so sad when Eun Shi-Gyung died.and i cried when ha ji won met the princess and tell her about Eun Shi-Gyung. but i love him....Eun Shi-Gyung, u r the KING in my heart...

angeliam not to mention his singing voice, i love his voice when he's talking, actuallly to the princess. fast and like birds singing. he's just so stole my heart

thinn lay During i see this drama, i become like jo jung suk. Why didnot have kiss he and princess? So i am so sad and also he died. I very very drop my tear. Because of him. To die no reason.fighting oppa!

erna_kho After I wacth king2hearts I became his number 1 fans.wanna see another drama oppa:))

Jessiedel hope he'll have his own tv series.. i really like him in the king 2 hearts as Eun Si kyung.. :)

Assar He was just the BEST in K2H it was really sad that his character had to die FOR NO REASON >:@ I hope to see him in more dramas <3

yoomyoom even though he plays a small role in architecture 101, you should still watch the movie, he is ridiculously funny there. you can find the whole movie on I hope to see him in more dramas and movies too, hopefully as the main character, he so good at acting

Missy He's handsome. His voice is also good. One of the reason why I watched k2h. I'm hoping to see him more often in dramas & movies. Jo Jung Suk, fighting!!

voca I like u so much in TK2H:

dewik He is an amazing actor and excellent voice, though it's so sad to watch his part died in K2H, best drama 2012 !!

Li haha he looked so good in uniform! He should play royal guards more often :D I really like his voice, it;s powerful. I hope to see hinm in more dramas,...but I hope he will choose them wisely. Voice is a part of his potential. But he;s sooo likeable!

lia triani your acting is really awesome in king2hearts,,and he is handsome,,jo jung suk saranghae

anis_farhana i was so frustrated to eun shi kyung's fate in K2H, i seriously love his romance with the princess. i'm still in the state of withdrawal from it. but he is indeed an excellent actor, love his voice, love his expression and he is so freaking hot in his guard attire. i'm expecting more drama from him. i'm officially a new fan of him from now on <3

libes I head over heels with him since the beginning of this drama... I mean, LSG is ok, but Jo Jung Suk, steal my heart ^^. He acted Eun Shi Kyung perfectly.. cool, loyal, honest, warm heart, humble..(should I go on???) man who can sing really well too... I wish to see him more in other dramas and hope he can get a leading role too... If somebody set up a FB dedicated to him... I'll be LIKE IT!!! ^^

Peace Very cool actor. I really love you. In king 2 heart drama, I like u more than lee seung gi. Ep 19 I dot like coz you lost that ep. I bad feeling.

NewKDramaAddict Amazing actor! Cannot wait for his future roles. I expect to see him headlining soon! Loved What Up? but King 2Hearts put him over the top as far as I am concern. That is self-evident by the number of fans of King 2Hearts that are upset with what happens to his character! Good Job, no Outstanding Job!

ranya I like your act in king2hearts..... you act very well wish no sad end to this character in the end of the drama

kyuu I want to go to Korea and watch Introduction to Architecture >.< although I won't understand it the moment I see the movie. Jo jung suk in his twitter says it hits 4 million viewers. Daebak! Can't wait to see him in his new movie Rank of Steel Saving the Country. The movie is a comedy film based on the 1985 incident where students occupied the U.S. Cultural Center in Seoul. it must be daebak. He's the only Korean actor that I honor so much ^ ^*

Syu Jo Jung-Suk known as THEATER it not easy to acting on stage without any wrong script.... his voice also.... so amazing... really nice... no... really good to hear... really love her voice... HWAITING Jo Jung SUk

Cara likes Johnny ME GUSTA. From the episodes i've watched of TK2H i am very much in awe of this actor. I've never seen him before said drama series and he is a knock-out. He's got a supporting role yet he is able to uphold his own name. And have i mentioned how gorgeous he is?! Dayum!

kyuu Lee Sung Gi is amazing, but I prefer Jo Jung Suk as well.

To me, he's more handsome and more dazzling. I haven't watched Architecture 101 yet, but after keeping an eye for some interview about the movie, I'm sure that's a great movie, and he plays his part well, too. I've watched how he describe a french kiss, it's so bloody funny.

I downloaded What's up only to see him and listen to him singing, the story wasn't bad, but I keep fast forwarding only to find more of his footage.

Both Eun Shi Kyung and Kim Byung Gun are not easily played characters, especially when these two characters differs so greatly. However, he plays them so naturally so that the viewer understand who Eun Shi Kyung or Kim Byung Gun really are.

Judyi Omg I didn't think he was past 26! I'm seriously a fan of his, when I watch his dramas I have to re-watch them cuz I never read the titles the first time. I just keep looking at his face, he's more handsome than lee-sung gi to me! I wanna see more of him and I wanna hear him sing like in the drama WHAT'S UP omg I'm just such a fan of his

Dolphina Wow! Loved Architecture 101 and most of all, this actor. Have never heard him sing, sorry to say. But he was FANTASTIC in this movie.

Debbie Amazing voice and great looks. Just can't get enough of him whether he is Kim Byung Gun or Eun Shi Kyung. I wish I could see him in more and more dramas, i want to watch his musicals, anything and everything. Love from India

Ayay Eun Shi Kyung JJANG!!!

Mel Gosh! I think i'm in love with him ♥ ♥ ♥ these all the drama he got?

haniBB i cant believe people are commenting how they love kim byung gun...CUZ IM IN LOVE TOO!!!!! THATS WHY IM WATCHING KING 2 HEARTS RIGHT NOW!!! HE'S SO FREAKING GOOD LOOKING IN IT!!

Eva Omg im so surprised by his age....he looks like 25 or 26... I saw him in king 2hearts( i also saw ha ji won and lee seung gi!!) but seeing byung gun made me squeal which seei g ha ji won or lee seung gi didnt even male me do..., love him! Hwaiting

Swe I hope you know how awesome you are! :)

daemie Kim Byung Gun, you are awesome!^^... my favorite character...

Steph I could BAWL TEARS everytime he's such a massive voice it takes up your entire being and everything around you. I'm a FANGIRL.

elle holy cow! this guy has some serious pipes!!!!

Chris he's so awesome! his voice is AMAZING! I want to watch his musicals, but I can't. =(

zoe Well this is his first drama cause he don't act on TV or movies. He is a professional musical actor^,^!


TeeTop Kim Byung Gun is my favorite character in What's Up. Is that really his first drama? Surprised by his age too.

Hannah So...i'm in love. Might look normal, but this guy is NOT normal! as soon as he opens his mouth and belts out one of those notes...I melt, and suddenly, he's a GOD.

Kat His voice is awesome. He stirs something everytime he belts out a song.

Sherry Wow! He gives me chills when he sings!! I want more!!!

jstarr He has amazing voice!!!

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