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  • Drama: I Need Romance 3
  • Revised romanization: Romaenseuga Pilyohae 3
  • Hangul: 로맨스가 필요해 3
  • Director: Jang Young-Woo
  • Writer: Jung Hyun-Jung
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: January 13 - March 4, 2014
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Drama series follows a 33-year-old woman who does not trust love, a 20-something-year-old man who dreams of pure love and a 30-something-year-old man who is the woman's boss at work.

Shin Joo-Yeon (Kim So-Yeon) works at a home shopping network. She used to have a warm and kind personality, but after 9 years of harsh working experience she has become cold. After a failed romantic relationship, she tells people that she does not believe in love. Deep down inside though, she can't give up on real love.


  1. "I Need Romance 3" takes over the tvN Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Basketball” and will be followed by "Witch's Romance" April, 2014.
  2. Related titles:
    1. I Need Romance | Romaenseuga Pilyohae (tvN / 2011)
    2. I Need Romance 2 | Romaenseuga Pilyohae 2 (tvN / 2012)
    3. I Need Romance 3 | Romaenseuga Pilyohae 3 (tvN / 2014)


Kim So-Yeon I Need Romance 3-Sung Joon.jpg
Kim So-Yeon Sung Joon
Shin Joo-Yeon Joo-Wan
I Need Romance 3-Namgung Min.jpg I Need Romance 3-Wang Ji-Won.jpg I Need Romance 3-Park Hyo-Joo.jpg I Need Romance 3-Yoon Seung-Ah.jpg I Need Romance 3-Park Yoo-Hwan.jpg
Namgung Min Wang Ji-Won Park Hyo-Joo Yoon Seung-Ah Park Yoo-Hwan
Kang Tae-Yoon Oh Se-Ryeong Lee Min-Jung Jung Hee-Jae Lee Woo-Young

Additional Cast Members:

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mell I need romance is really really romance hehe it my first time see korean drama. Which is so many kissing scane and skin skip....but over all i like this drama...especially nam goong min

Lidzie I keep watching this drama over and over again. Regardless from Epi 1 or from any Epi in between. I love Sung Joon, your smile should be made illegal Oppa! <3

I haven't watched the other two I Need Romance series coz I'm still stuck on this one. He plays his character in this drama series so well, makes all the fans love him more.

Loved him in Jekyll Hyde Me too! You my dear Sung Joon, everything about you is like a drug! Addictive. Swoonss..!

garia Sung-Joon equals to Swoon in my dictionary now. This drama made me want to fall in love all over again. So much feels! I officially want to be cuddled by Wan wan :P

endita This is the best from i need romance series. It's real and sweet. Love it so much. Yes, it's cheesy, but nice and lovabke.

jose i never had seen any of the past series but i loved this one because i think was more actual and had some of sexual scenes even kisses were more real than any other dramas i liked anyway the last chapter didn't liked me but since i started to watch Korean dramas since 2009 you can expect anything in finals, ones goods ones awkward and ones speechless

Radhika The I need romance series is exactly how the person who commented right under me describes it. I have seen them all except I didnt finish the i need romance 2 (saw less than half due to too much sexuality). And i need romance 1 i didnt like. Anywasy, I am a conservative person and disagree with views of modern society.

However, I need romance 3 is completely different. Its about finding love in a society that thinks modern and follows the not so conservative views but somehow gets into the fairytale aspect of love. I saw this drama only because of KSY and SJ I love both the leads along with NGM. And what to tell you I loved this series except for the last episode. Its very fairytale, very romantic, very cute and very cliched just the way I like it. I dont know for some reason the last ep was crap and i think they cud have done a much better job with it -- but if you ignore it You will love this drama!

난 괜찮아 If you want a show that actually talks about issues in modern day relationships I will recommend this show for you. We're talking, characters that actually French kiss,

(As opposed to the usual dry kiss many K-dramas display), characters that have sex out of wedlock, pregnancies out of wedlock heck even abortion is discussed.
Man/girl stealing, sleeping around, infidelity etc ...

then this is definitely a show for you. If you don't like this then go away... far away. I can't wait to see the other "I Need Romance" series since I decided to start backwards in the series.

I wasn't actually expecting to like this show. Haha.

Magdalena Nice and sweet story... Love both main actor and actress... Love the chemisty... Fighting...

Figli I need romance 3 was the best korean drama. I love the actor. this is gonna be my fav.. the soundtract also nice and suitable with the storyline..:)

agres I need Romance 3 was the best. Good story and happy end. Simple but very touching. Thanks tvN. U gave us great drama.

Yvonne Hernandez I thought this one # 3 was the best! it had a great story line and the ending was great!!!!!!

Mel Well... Actually I didn't want to watch it because of Kim So-Yeon at first... Because I feel like her acting is so monotonous...(that' just my opinon of course) But later for able to see Sung Joon's acting I wanted to give it a try... And I will admit that I reaaaalllyy wanna boyfriend like Wan :):):):) That's the type of man that I can marry with :):):)

Acting and Storyline was good... Some parts relates the facts of real relationship issues and it was actually great... I also liked the chemistry between Wan and Shing Shing and It wasn't like that bad at all like mentioned... But I have to admit that Sung Joon's acting was better than Kim So-Yeon...

At the end if you like to watch a cute romantic drama and see Sung Joon; It's recommended ;)

CJ Watched te first 3 episodes and hated Wang so much I skipped to the last episode and saw they end up together. Awful!! Not going to waste my time. Wang and Shing Shing do NOT look good together. She looks like 10 years older, and held him as a baby. It's pretty disgusting. Plus I get too much of a stalker feeling from Wang being obsessed with a woman he hasn't seen in 17 years! And who was actually a child when he did know her. Plus going into her house. I also read all the comments about what Wang does and know he'll piss me off. There's nothing romantic about a jealous child that turns a grown woman into a child. PASS!!

princessB I just watch 3 eps of this drama, and its a nice drama...love it, and its gonna be one of my favorite, though I'm not interested to kim so yeon since "all about eve" :)

Genesis I just started watching this drama....and I'm up to episode 4 and its really good. This is a nice little series....but I'm liking the 3rd on the best.

I'm gonna have a good time watching this entire drama over the weekend. I want read any of the prior comments because it will only ruin my expectations....

I also want to say that I love the cast line up....I really wished that this drama would air on the only Korean channel I get from my cable provider but that network only shows family friendly shows...(no hanky panky!!!!)

Even though the drama has ended, I hope all of the cast members went on to act in other very interesting and good dramas/movies.

carmenita Nice drama. Enjoyed it very much

DKNY lover I'm just finished watching this drama lately and really enjoy all the whole love storyline between four couples. The writer did a great job here and I admitted that this is my fav INR series. the first and second season were also not that bad but it kind of frustrating ending. But this third season, im satisfied with the ending and the main actor KSY and SJ chemistry is awesome. totally loved it!

tckuan I am already watched this drama about 3 times this month.. highly recommends for you guys.

otto This drama is the most my favorite kdrama yet. I love everything about this drama. the lead casts, the ost, the plot and the chemistry between the OTP. and the kisses, I am sure you know what I mean here. sung joon and KSY looks match with each other.

shanatombi This drama has lots to do with love and its authenticity, Jung -Hyung Jung as a writer u did a great job, there is not even a single scene i get bored . Love is personified in many ways ,this drama its just great . If i have to rate it will give 10/10 . Great job I need rommance3 team

Henry It's the best season of I Need Romance and it's one of my most favorite romcoms around. Watching this show made me learn so many things. This is one of the most honest and truthful dramas I've ever watched. The actors were great especially the main actress Kim So Yeon who made this show an outstanding one. If you want a cute, sweet and refreshing drama that would brighten up your day, I really recommend this drama for all of you to watch. 10/10. Highly addicting and worth rewatching! <3

Krissy22 I just finished watching this drama and I thought it was zoo good. 1st the kiss scenes were perfect! 2nd You can feel the chemistry between the two main actors solo well and 3rd Its a story of love, reality, fear, insecurities and failures and how to overcome it.

Mikey this drama was just plain stupid and all of the characters become annoying with their idiotic decision making and philosophies about dating and relationships.

Mikey Bottom line, this drama is stupid. I understand it's a drama but the actions and feelings of the characters on this show is beyoooooond unrealistic. It's almost like they secretly love being sad and in pain cause the answer to happiness is right in front of them but they still choose to make things difficult. I cant sympathize with anyone in this show cause they all piss me off.

gigisa This is my fav INR series. Sung joon really knows how to kiss..

sasha i really love this drama. the bonding between joo wan and joo yeon just capture me to watch them more.. i will keep this as one of my fav Kdrama collection.

Izzy sung Joon is such a good kisser :">

lin Oppss..sori.. But totally love ths drama...well done!!!...err minus the kissin...without all those...still lovin u...

siti this drama kinda boring! Well, I love Joo Wan. He is so sweet and romantic. I just don't like the plot. It just not so exciting. This drama worth to watch but not so worth to keep them as collections like Full House, My Girl, Princess Hours, My Girlfriend is A Gumiho, Secret Garden, You Who Came From The Stars. I give 3.5/5 rating.

kim It's a very refreshing drama! I enjoyed watching it! Highly recommended...

Ann Just love everything in this drama! Sweet potato is so lovable!

California This one is seriously boring with way too much swimming in emotional baggage. Seemed like it would be a good In hbetween, but it did not deliver for me.

Bro @Curious George

No you don't need the first two to understand the third.

CuriousGeorge Do I need to watch the first and second to watch or understand the third??

Kinggofing This series is great! i hated the first one for some reason but the 2nd and 3rd season is awesome.

Mari i love this drama sooo much <333333 Perfect ending <33333

Hwa I loved every single episode of this drama! the last two eps were just perfect! I'm gonna miss Sweet potato and Shing Shing T.T

CICI @Shay..Sorry, I think Tae Yoon is the perfect man..lol. He was the perfect gentleman too. Liked all the actors but my fave is Nam Gung Min. It's good to have some great actors to choose from, right? Lee Min Jung and her guy were my favorite couple in the end. I'd like to see Nam Gung Min back in INR 4 (with a new writer) and be the lead and get the girl (not OSR)...someone like Moon Chae Wan. He's gorgeous, classy, a great actor and has the most beautiful smile, voice and glistening eyes. Love that man! I do think Kim So Yeon and Nam Gung Min would make a great off screen couple. They look really good together.

Shay Does anyone else think Joo Wan is the perfect man? I've completely fallen for his character. He's sensitive, patient, wise, forgiving, sincere, caring, steadfast, self-reflecting, affectionate... he can cook and clean... and is downright sexy (love his hugs and kisses)! Not to mention, Sung Joon is such a handsome man... :) LOVE this drama! A must watch!!

faten doctor i ador kim so yeon

hope88 i really really love this drama. and also a big fan of kim so yeon.

Jodie I love this drama! Out of all the 'I Need Romance' series, I think this is my favourite. I hope they make a 4th one :)

Kath @ann, try to watch him on "shut up flower boy band" too. He's awesome there

CICI @kaye20..Thanks for giving Yoo Ha Joon's name in your post. He is the actor I was also talking about when I requested to have his pic and name added in the credits. He's way too good here to be omitted.

ann I fell in love with Sung Joon in this drama! I have watched him before but this role is so great for him! He is so warm! I so love his voice! how I wish I can go to Korea and have that kiss too!!! waaaahhhhh! Saranghe Oppa! Aja!

lin two episodes left finally shin joo yeon believes love exists...can't wait..great drama this 2014..

lin two episodes left finally shin joo yeon believes love exists...can't wait..great drama this 2014.

CICI I wish the person that puts up the pictures and names of actors in I Need Romance 3 would've added the actor that plays Lee Min-Jung's neighbor and love interest (not to give anymore to spoil). He's a really good actor, and has done such a great job in this drama. I hope he is given some credit here too. Please.

msheart i don't like kang tae-yoon in his rule here hi is selfish in this drama people who doesn't like wan dunnu how appreciate how great the story is it just because his young..?wan play a matured rule.he got more sense than kang tae-yoon...lol..i watch a lot drama with namgung min.he always play being a bad person and a selfish character and it suit's to him..

Kim What is the song that is played toward the end of ep 14? It has the lalalalas in it?

Abbie I shed tears while watching ep13's ending. I disagree with people who said Wan is immature, that guy is young but his soul is old, he loves the women unconditionally. That's the reason why he decided to stay next to SJY and encouraged her without asking for anything back. I think Wan deserves JY's love. BTW I like TY at first but the more I watch the drama the more i realize he's too realistic to become a woman's man. TY is for working, not for dating. People, just remind you that TY never held onto OSR, his ex, eventhough in the beginning of this drama we could tell how much he loved that woman. He could leave JY like that in the future while Wan always hold onto her unconditionally. Girls, one advice for you all: marry a man who loves you, not the one you love. If you're an adult you will understand what I just said.

Chick JY was hooked on JW the first time they kissed--way before she knew who he was. This whole drama has been, and will be, how the two finally couple up. Anyone of any age can act immaturely and possessive when they love someone. TY is jealous of JW and his attention to JY and the fact that he is living with her. Nobody is calling him immature for acting that way--and he is the oldest of all the main cast. JY acts immaturely towards JW, like she's the kid and he's the adult at home. JW is the one who keeps the household together and makes the most sense in advising JY and SR. Let's face it, in these drama triangles, there will always be fans of either guy or gal. Though it is bizarre that JY will end up with the kid she baby sat, theirs will be a bond unlike the other cougar couple who just have a sexual relationship and a baby between them.

CICI @TY + JY..I totally agree with you. I think Tae Yoon is a much better person for JY than Wan and it's been refreshing to see him open up his heart. I started off liking everyone but as each episode went by, I liked Wan less and less. He's not only childish, but obnoxious, possessive, controlling and delusional. Also, there have been too many scenes where he's been intrusive or grabbed JY roughly and held onto her after she said to stop etc. I don't like it when a smart, successful woman is turned into a weaker one and allows a guy to do things after she has said "no" or "stop" several times. I also agree about the last kiss scene of ep 13. It was sick, IMO. I hope the writer turns this back around and has JY wake up to what Wan has been doing & makes him realize she's not his 12 yr old babysitter/fantasy anymore. It will probably be the predictable ending but if it is, it will only feel to me like the writer folded to win over the "idol" fans. IMO there have been too many disturbing scenes showing a woman giving in to really bad behavior and losing not only her self confidence but her self respect as well. I cannot believe in real life, JY would like Wan after the way he has acted let alone want to be with him. I'm quite disappointed in what happened to this drama.

TY + JY I honestly think Wan is being too childish and immature so it obviously makes sense that she only sees him as a little brother. Imagine how awkward it must be for her to have feelings for someone she raised since he was a baby. If she does develop feelings for him it's because she is living with him, I am pretty sure if she ended up living with Tae-Yoon she would be head over heels for him all the way. Even though shes dating TY she is definitely showing signs of liking Wan. I just watched the latest episode and I found Wan the most annoying, conceited thing around. As JY was about the kiss TY he just rudely interrupts, shows his level maturity (immature). I was team Wan + JY at first until Wan kept showing how immature he was. I think as time goes by with TY dating JY he will eventually become a better man to date than he first started off. I have to admit that he's still lacking but as he's dating JY he's learning.

Ugh a guy like Wan annoys me out so much! A guy who kisses a woman who is dating another man is a big man is a big NO too... You'll know what I mean when you watch the latest episode.

I know a lot of you are fan girls of the actor who plays as Wan so that sways your decisions but let's think logically..

Don't worry though, for all you JY + Wan shippers it's obvious she's going to end up with him.. The promo posters plus the signs she's showing that she likes him.

Chick @MissK, have no fear. JY and JW will definitely end up together. JW has made too much of a mark in her life. This drama was dragged out to keep people guessing which episode they would finally become a couple.

Miss Kelate I was hoping that Shing Shing will ends up with Wan but with two more episodes left on the clock, I started to realise that it will be impossible. There are a few signs that show her heart started falling for Wan, but with only 2 episodes remaining, I must say that it is almost impossible for it to happen. My heart cry for Wan and he is the only reason why I continue to watch this show. It will be disappointing to see Shing Shing with Kang Sunbae, although I must admit they look good together. Ohh my tears falling for Wan!

Mari Anyone knows the name of the ost song that goes like "you say that you love me~". Haven't been able to find it T.T

Blackmoonfairy If this drama does not show any spark between the two leads in the last four episode i mean scenes that would make you feel that ueah the are the lead of the drama.. I am goung to be so disappointed.. But yeah i see the reality of relationship here sometimes the person that you really like is not the one that makes your heart flutter but the one that keeps you at peace and comfortable and i guess that is what shing shing feels with wan...for me that perfect illustration of love but still what about romance? Tae yoon makes her heart flutter but does not give her peace so i guess that is not love...i hope the plot would really give us something...

ohho omg!4 episodes left..and i cant see any signs that wan will wins the race..oh no!this is sad!oh well.i know im being greedy here.shing shing shud end up with the one she loves but still..poor wanie..:(

luca If you guys look up the website thatssodrama (google it), you will find a poll to ship your OTP :)

alpha 10 episodes has already passed and still Shing Shing is showing no signs of falling for Wan. Only 6 more episodes left, I want some "romance" between leads!! as the title suggests..... !

Chick @CICI, dream on. That scenario will never happen. We both have an attraction for the eyes though, but to me, YW's is soulful, loving, playful, and sexy.

CICI I love the last scene of ep. I0. I love Joo Yeon & Tae Yoon the best! He is gorgeous, and has the most beautiful expressive eyes that just shine when he looks at her. I hope the writers will think "out of the box" and not give viewers the predictable ending and have JY & TY together in the end. I think they make an adorable couple and a much better match besides having the same wounded hearts that need healing. I also hope Se Ryeong & Wan end up together since it seems like they have a more equal relationship in the way they treat each other.

l-v my heart aches for this movie..love joo-wan

Chick Hey, Joo Yeon, do you realize how rare it is to find a guy like Joo Wan? Wake up you dummy!

from Bulgaria omg...i am addicted to this drama! best drama ever!!!

Jasmine Ep 10. SMH. This is going to get messed up. Shin-Shin! The perfect guy is next to you!!!! If she doesn't end up with Wan. I will be highly upset and never watch another "I Need Romance" version again.

sara I love this drama so so much even only watched just 8 episode so far . Good acting, plot, beautiful casts especially Kim so yeon and sung joon. They both look good together and their chemistry is superb. shing shing and goguma couple is so cute!! INR3 fighting!!!

venessa taylor I have loved korean and asian love and comedy shows for many years. I gave up a 2 week all paid vacation because i didn't want to miss the last few episodes to the love story. I think the name to the story was "High As the Sky Wide As the Earth". It was to mind tv, thats where i seen all to them. When they stopped showing them i felt my world had ended. That was many years ago,then i heard about Hulu, that was 2 months ago, now im hooked again. I fell in love with "I Need Love 3. I'm HOOKED!!!!!!. Please keep the episodes coming. I wait with baited breath. I love Joon-woon.

CICI I like that the writers seem to be taking some ideas from Briget Jones Diary. ( that was a great show) LOL at the scene she played in her mind first when Wan came home early to find Sunbae there, then changed what she did and said. And the kitchen scene where she was kicking TY under the table instead of Wan was brilliant and really funny. I love these writers. I love this drama.

Chick SY having the hots for TY? I didn't see that coming. Is he giving her the cold shoulder to get her to work her butt off for his approval or to create more friction between JY and JW, both in the job arena or for his affections? But Is he that kind of rat bastard? Hmmmm, very interesting. I loved that scene where JW was carrying JY on his back and visualizing when JY, as a young girl carried JW, the baby, on her back. Such a cute idea.

CICI "I Need Romance 3" continues to get better & better. I think this is some of the best writing for a comedy/romance drama I've watched. I love all the characters although I must say I really like Namgung Min/Tae Yoon more and more. Although Joo Wan is handsome/cute, he is still very childish and I agree with Chick below. I don't see him as a partner for Joo Yeon. He still has a childish personality. I think there are a lot of past issues to be uncovered and healed. Wonderful script, great acting from everyone, the fashion, everything is so well put together. Great directing too! I have to add that it seems a lot of kdramas that claim to be comedy/romances really aren't. They are all over the place, overrated bad actors and underrated good ones and have stories (& excessive advertising within the drama) that at times insult the intelligence of the viewer. INR 3 is a big step up with intelligent writing, directing with many really good actors, etc ...and as a viewer I feel they respect the viewers and are giving 100% (at this time) . just my opinion.

CinderellaC I LOVED I NEED ROMANCE 2 AND NOW I LOVE SEASON 3 EVEN MORE!!! <3 but i just want to say: the ending seems a bit predicable. -shin joo yeon + joo wan -kang tae yoon + oh se ryeong -lee min jung + the neighbor that she having sex with and -Jung hee jae + lee woo young

Chick I don't blame JY for getting freaked out about Allen being JW. How could you get past looking at this person and remembering you changed his diapers? There is no big deal with the age difference, it's the fact that she was the baby sitter for this guy when they were both younger. To her, it's almost incestuous. Also, their perspectives of that lifetime together is more remembered by her as tribulation. So, I can see a good deal of this drama being spent having them resolve these issues. But JW is a cutie.. It's hard not to melt when those big, soulful eyes are looking at you. Can I hear an Amen!

Avery OMG! I think the 3rd one is my favorite now. Not that I don't like the other two but I always like the beginning but then the middle get boring and I just left it there. Hopefully this one won't be like that b/c I am enjoying this so far!! :D <3

CICI I am loving "I Need Romance 3" right now! Kim So Yeon is just perfect, ..beautiful & funny. I am so happy to see Namgung Min here in I Need Romance 3 too! Everything I've seen him in, I have enjoyed. He's a wonderful actor and I hope he continues to be in more kdramas and especially as a lead actor. He definitely has all the qualities of a handsome leading man. BTW, the writers are doing an excellent job so far!!

Plsherratt Ok...Sung Joon. He has the "cool" factor! I think his antics in this are adorable! Best leading man! Really great writing for this amazing actor!!!

Chick Sung Joon looks more handsome than I have seen him in other dramas. Either he's gained weight and it has softened his face or he's had surgery--or both. Too, it could be that his face has just matured.

kitty Kim so yeon rocks the shin joo yeon character very well. can't wait for next Monday!

Yapo I need romance 3 DaeBak!!! Love cast , story, music all is so great. Can't wait for next espisode.

ash so far I'm loving this. I love the other two also..(I need romance 2 is one of my top dramas and I've watched it 10 times). for me, as I'm almost a late twentysomething, I always enjoy the more realistic relationships of the "older" characters way more than the dramas set in high school. I can't wait to watch this every week!!!!!!

yakin sung joon is one of the best actor :)

ichi i never watch i need romance' series before... i watch i need romance 3 because of kim seo yeon and sung joon.. the two ep was very good... ...

toodark I loved the first ep so much. Shin Shin's ex-boyfriends are so amazing. John Park,Jo Sang Wook,Alex and the average guy in Why We Don't Need Man daebak!!!!

daho The first episode was soooooooooooooooooo great!! Bang Sung Joon ROCKS! XD

FullMoon Uwaaa~~~ i'm so excited *---* sung joon oppa, fighting <3 !!!!!

Yayoi Kim So Yeon Fighting!!!

Mita Omg sung Joon and his malicious and handsome smile will be part of season 3 awesome !!! :D

Sara S. Sung Joon is in it! I can't wait to see this drama!!!

Jenny KIM SO YEOOOON <3 <3 I've been waiting for another lead role (and not in an action movie/drama) !!! Can't wait

Saranghae Love Kim So Yeon, Look forward to this drama bcoz of her

Emily why Sung Joon!!???? I was looking forward to this season and now it's ruined....

Selin All I ever wanted and more, a 3rd season!! And Sung Joon is in it too, perfect! <3

Viviane Sung Joon??? yayyyyy Iloev 1 nd 2

pjk Kim so yeonnnnnnnn <3

alina Bedscene bedscene bedscene badscene !!!

  • hahhaaa

asmelinda wuuuaaa... i love i need romance series!! sungjoon cast lead actor is the best, can i see his bedscene too,right? kkkkk

koreanaddict Sung Joon!!!!!!!??????????????????? O.o

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The Treacherous *teaser
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Love Clinic
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Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1

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