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  • Name: Hong Jeong-Eun
  • Hangul: 홍정은
  • Birthdate:
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Family: Hong Mi-Ran (younger sister)




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Vijay Hi,

I have watched your "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" liked it very sweet love story in fact too sweet where everyone is sacrificing without even a second thought

                I would have loved it if you guys had stopped it at "Mi Ho" disappearing but i understand that u wanted to have happy ending so you brought her back so that she can be with her "TRUE LOVE".
          You guys have covered every thing but i still have a doubt if you can answer it i would be very grateful and happy 

You have ended the series with "Mi Ho " come back "Woong" as a (il-Mi Ho) one tailed fox what happens to the "BEAD" Please tell me what has happened to the BEAD

Regards Vijay

kae Uni please make part 2 of Master sun :) that so ji sub and gong hyo jin as the main character. i really feel their chemistry as a couples. realy love both of them

vernessa wow i did not know that this list of dramas were all written by the same ppl and sisters no less, i really loved watching them, they were hilarious and the actors were all of my fave. please write some more i would love to see your work for many years please work n something new ...

Marlita Hi! it's a nice opportunity to see the ongoing drama The Master's Sun. It's such a big project, and I can feel the totality of every person involved in this project. It's like working seriously but during the same time you can also enjoy the working process.. Thank you, and have a nice day!

Chan Ti-Q I think you must make big special edition  :)

amaal dear,

     it was an amazing compination of fiction with a taste of reality..the miracle bound , spirits swap , seeing one with your heart  and loving the soul....first i was amazed by the actors..their performance..the characters..events..i enjoyed every moment...but the gracefull presence of the story made me really want to know more about who created this master piece which in my openion established a new level of perfection hard for others to reach...an heart aching yet hilarious ,a simple apperance of complicated  web of feelings and relations...a compound of all complementaries into a homogenious stream..the end was perfect for any woman...its amazing to be with "a man" having a teenager spirit and heart...your story introduced me to k drama and culture...i wish to see and read more about your history , traditional stories and culture..wish you the best and waiting for more of your creations..

julia BIG spoilers i don't know why people are freakin out about kkj ending up with gil da ran. they are not that far apart in age. and we know that he was really mature for his age anyhow... and he won't have that baby face for long. he was 21 or so at the end of the series. you need to remake the last 5 minutes of "big"... hahaha and do it right!!!

Kathleen Feria Hi I'm from Philippines, all I can say is that I guess the secret of why people really love Korean dramas lies on how the writer executes sadism and masochism, masochism into sadism.. its like push and pull.. The way the writer wants to push somethings shows how amazing it is to pull back. It creates an illusion that everything comes naturally in every scenes.. once you start being in it, you just cant stop. This drama is one of the most beautiful dramas i have ever seen, the plot is just amazing. Not that typical fairy tale, it was just as unique as the writer who did it. It was worth the watch. :-) thumbs up!

Me I thing ending up with a 20 year old guy is not unethical they are only 8 years apart. More on what's going into your brain....

heks don't be such a greeny..

fixi haha good choice there anonymous.

BIG is a good drama and its a disappointment since it ending like that.

For me, I didnt mind if KKJ ended up with Gil Da Ran, but make it in proper way, make it at least KKJ in Yoon Jae's body or KKJ in adult form. Like what anon says, it looks immoral if KKJ in his body be together with Gil Da Ran (Its not the age gap i think, its the look (the child boy and the adult woman) that make it so immoral and improper).

I am also didnt mind if Yoon Jae ended up with Gil Da Ran, since he comes first, and he didnt cheated and love Gil Da Ran so much. Just the time become disadvantages to him and Gil Da Ran, so Da Ran developed feeling for KKJ. After all, KKJ is the younger brother of Yoon Jae, and its Yoon Jae's woman before him.

There is so many options to choose for the ending, I dont know why the writer choose that confused ending. There is an internet and google, you can at least see what the viewer expect for your drama.

I love all of your drama and I have done watching them all. Im expecting a great project from you and your sister, you're a perfect duo doing many great drama and hoping to see you working on another drama soon.

Anonymous Hi! There,

Great Drama, however, the ending sucks BIG time!!! (This unfortunately happens often with Korean writers!!! such a pity!!!)

Boo! Hoo! Why does Korean writer, write such a beautiful drama to allow it to sink?

Alternative ending with 4 more episodes.

1- The bodies and souls go to each right place. 2- The two brothers have no memories of after accidents, yet remembering flash back as if it was a dream. GDR has time to mourn her feelings for KKJ, and gets to her senses. She needs to make it as if it was a dream or wishful thinking, acts with lots of parody!!!

(Relationship between an ADULT TEACHER and his/her MINOR STUDENT is not only UNETHICAL but IMMORAL and should not idolized, rather discouraged!!!) We don’t want GDR to do jail time, and her life record tarnished forever

3- The parents tell both sons the all truth. However, SYJ knew the truth, and looking for KKJ to make things right by him. That has kept his mind off GDR not what everyone thinks of him having cold feet. He was on his way to tell her he loves her, but finding KKJ is his priority, and request a break from GDR(his intention on the way before accident) He is a good guy and didn’t mess around with Doctor S 4- KKJ and SYJ have an opportunity to grow into each other fondly, after finding out that they are brothers, and puzzled how the parents are there at their awakening, be act with lots of humour and parody! 5- The parents work hard for forgiveness and put KKJ first with the help and encouragement from SYJ 6- all of them visit KKJ’s mom to her tomb to pay respects and voice their thankfulness 7- KKJ returned to school. and still affectionately giving GDR hard time, and cunnigly enjoyibg it! Need to be acted with lots of humor and parody! 8- KKJ falls in love with a student of his age, which the feelings are mutual. 9- GCS (GIl teacher’s brother) gets together with Mari, whom finally return his feelings. 10- KKJ pushes SYJ to get back to GDR s he likes her honesty and clumsiness, that entertains him (not loves her) GDR and SYJ starts over and romanced each other. 11- Finally GDR and SYJ get married to the happiness of KKJ and his pretty awesome girlfriend, to the jealousy of Mari.

(Relationship between an ADULT TEACHER and his/her MINOR STUDENT is not only UNETHICAL but IMMORAL and should not idolized, rather discouraged!!!)

Please email or send to the Producer/writer if any of you know how/

Anonymous from California (BTW, I’m not Asian!)

Dianne I really love your story (Big) it so creative. Plz let Gil Daq Ran and Kim Kyung Joon be together even though they have gap in their age. Plz be open minded. It is a modern world it is okay for a younger man married a woman older than he is..

zhai whoah! i luv ur stories! keep on writing.... u have great talent! pls make part 2 of He's beautiful and Gumiho... please! please! please! =)