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  • Drama: Flower Boy Next Door / My Flower Boy Neighbor
  • Revised romanization: Yiutjib Ggotminam
  • Hangul: 이웃집 꽃미남
  • Director: Jung Jung-Hwa
  • Writer: Yoo Hyun-Sook (webcomic), Kim Eun-Jung
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: January 7 - February 26, 2013
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Ko Dok-Mi (Park Shin-Hye) lives peacefully in apartment #402 at Ocean Village. She rarely leaves her apartment. Since last fall, Ko Dok-Mi has peeped out her apartment at her neighbor Tae-Joon (Kim Jung-San), who lives across from her. Peeping at Tae-Joon has become part of Ko Dok-Mi's daily routine. Her comfortable and peaceful life is shattered, when a group of handsome neighbors appear at her door.

Video game designer Enrique Keum (Yoon Si-Yoon) just came to Korea from Spain. He lives with Tae-Joon. Oh Jin-Rok (Kim Ji-Hoon) lives in apartment #401 with his assistant Dong-Hoon (Ko Gyung-Pyo). Oh Jin-Rok is a web comic writer and begins writing his new comic by observing Ko Dok-Mi. There's also Watanabe (Kouki Mizuta), who moved next to Ko Dok-Mi.

The men has gathered, because Enrique Keum caught Ko Dok-Mi peeping at Tae-Joon.


  1. "Flower Boy Next Door" takes over the tvN Monday & Tuesday 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "Answer Me 1997" and will be replaced by "Nine: Nine Times Time Travel" on March 11,2013.
  2. Based on the webcomic drama is "I Peek At Him Every Day" ("Naneun Maeil Geureul Humchyeobonda") by Yoo Hyun-Sook. Published from June 21, 2011 to July 17, 2011 cartoon.media.daum.net.
  3. First script reading took place November 21, 2012 at CJ E&M center (Sangam neighborhood, Seoul). Park Shin-Hye, Yoon Si-Yoon, Kim Ji-Hoon and other cast members took part.
  4. Drama series is the third installment in the tvN "Flower Boy" series. The storylines & characters are unrelated in the respective series, but each series has a "Flower Boy" theme.
  5. Related titles:
    1. Flower Boy Ramen Shop | Ggotminam Ramyeongage (tvN / 2011)
    2. Shut Up Flower Boy Band | Kkochminambaendeu (tvN / 2012)
    3. My Flower Boy Neighbor | Yiutjib Ggotminam (tvN / 2013)


My Flower Boy Neighbor-Park Shin-Hye.jpg My Flower Boy Neighbor-Yoon Si-Yoon.jpg My Flower Boy Neighbor-Kim Ji-Hoon (1981).jpg My Flower Boy Neighbor-Park Soo-Jin.jpg
Park Shin-Hye Yoon Si-Yoon Kim Ji-Hoon Park Soo-Jin
Ko Dok-Mi Enrique Keum Oh Jin-Rok Cha Do-Whee
My Flower Boy Neighbor-Ko Gyung-Pyo.jpg My Flower Boy Neighbor-Kouki Mizuta.jpg My Flower Boy Neighbor-Kim Jung-San.jpg My Flower Boy Neighbor-Kim Yoon-Hye.jpg
Ko Gyung-Pyo Kouki Mizuta Kim Jung-San Kim Yoon-Hye
Yoo Dong-Hoon Watanabe Han Tae-Joon Yoon Seo-Young

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aiida i couldn't watch it to the end... too boring

Queen Kim i love park shin ye especially yoon shin yoon, he is really cool......LOLZZZ.....i also love the movie big time.....

Feby Saepulloh Park Se Young jadi the next Go Dok Mi di Flower Boy Next Door (Iyutjib Kkotminam).. -_- Daebak!!!

MrsFurukawa Love this drama! I adore it since I felt light-hearted whenever I'm watching it. Love how Enrique smiles. Also like how it had a touch of fairy tale. I totally agreed in those times when they sort out reality from fantasy. There were times I saw Enrique and Go Dok Mi as siblings bc of the childish act. Though, I ship them both instead of Jin Rak. The chemistry between Dong Hoon and the editor is real!!! Haha, love them. Truly, I learned a lot of things from this. Life isn't a fairy tale and when you try to understand a person, there will be something about them you won't understand easily. So many quotable statements! Love the last episode :) And lastly, I love the last part. "Go Dok Mi's World, Enrique Enrique's World, Go Dok Mi." I wish that the casts will be given bigger projects soon! Like how Park Shin Hye is bombard by so many projects now. :) Amazeballs how I encountered Yoon Si Yoon here didn't even had the slightest idea that he was the lead in King of Baking, Kim Tak-Goo that I fondly watched ages ago. ♥ - @MrsFurukawa - twitter

christina Very nice show...thank you, Kim Eun-Jung. I learnt much from this piece of work of yours...I particularly like this.."Love & hate seem like they are different but could only be paper-thin, Take one step from hating someone, you can love that person", somewhere in episode 14 or 15. And another in the form of Enrique's lecture...about addiction. Its a beautiful story about relationships. Yoon Si-Yoon acted really well as an angelic character and a genius; as personally he's really very mature (enlist quietly so not to affect other guys & choosing to go into marine & talking about his duty to his country). I came to this because I wanted to see more of Park Shin-Hye. Her Ko Dok-Mi is a little boring but, well, thats why she needs Enrique isn't it? Thank you.

Jordyn Don't worry Dok-Mi, Tae-Joon is really attractive so I would have peeked at him too ;) But I would also peek at you too since you're cute!

your labia lips are probably saggy the Enrique character is very freaking annoying.. This drama would've been memorable if they just fixed him.

Only character that kept me watching was the webtoon manager. she was a real lolol.

Edith jimenez I like this drama.. I love the role of Enrique♥️. Very excellent character. I dont want Ko Dok Mi.. Her role is Boring and Lousy..

Edith jimenez I like this drama.. I love the role of Enrique♥️. Very excellent character. I dont want Ko Dok Mi.. Her role is Boring and Lousy..

MinHae I really love this k-drama but Ko Dok Mi annoyed me more. I watched the k-drama just for Enrique.

Mikai Speechless, that's all I can be. Wow. This drama is so great! I taught it's just some boring drama because the trailer shows that the protagonist is quiet, but I turned out to be mistaken! Great just great! I wish I can find someone like Enrique. A child-like but maturely thinking. So much love for Que Geum!! ♥

Chrome Really hate enrique he's so stupid and childish.

Minoo Yoon shi Yoon could play Enrique character amazing as I fell in love with Enrique so much! What I could say about Shiyoon is that he is a high talented actor indeed. He could change my world to more optimistic one and he has the power of impressing audience amazingly! Fighting oppa, you are the best! With love from US. <3

RoraEst the truth and suppose to be as cute couple in this KDrama was Oh Jin Rak with Kim Seul Gi (the webtoon company's manager), they're so great and must be a funny couple ever! XD Everytime I found both of them talking and chatting together, it felt like in The Heirs, I'm entertained with Yoon Cha Young-Lee Bo Na couple ^^ I mean, they should be more creative on this one. I did watched 7th Grade Civil Servant, and Chansung's character from the start also interested in second lead actress, Kim Min Seo. Everytime I found Oh Jin Rak with Kim Seul Gi, I thought he had some interest in her... Well, it should done better, that's all. ;)

tyronedizon OMG! I'm almost done with the show and i don't like where this going! I just wanted Jin Rak and Dok Mi to be together! Why is this show always making misleading ending and recap! Wtf wtf wtf i dont want this! Someone help me cope with this feeling...

reyhana sahar Nice drama like it

SJ Just done watching this romantic/comedy/drama :) All i can say is KUDOS to all :) More show for Shin Hye :)

Maria I LOVE the show!! I'm an expat living in Singapore and fell addicted to the show.. I cried and laughed watching the show. I hope in the US they make shows like these ...

tanooza vandari this is a awesome drama.....it made me laugh and cry equally

Candy Don't like enrique's caracter in this drama so childish & overacting makes me bored

animor i love this drama.. its very inspiring.. full of emotional.. love it.. you need to appreciate the story for you to love it. it made me laugh and cry for so many times.. :)))

jasmine so boring drama.....

lucky I love this drama so much. The storyline is so interesting and funny. I really loved Elik's character. He is so cheerful and optimistic. People should be like him :). It was one of the best dramas i watched. Kdramas are best!!!!!!

ADEOSUN GRACE The film flower boy is very interesting. I love the film very much even my family likes watching the film because it makes us laugh. My family and i are telling you well done and fighting. Even though people talks about the film badly just take it like an achievement and just keep in nine they love u

Mikeycknowsrnb This drama sucks so bad. watching past episode 8 felt like a chore. the supporting casts comedy were the only ones that kept this drama going. the main 4 characters get annoying.

aki i love kim ji-hoon... this is why i watched this  :D

putu seli ceritanya lucu, gak seperti flm lain yang tokoh utamanya gampang di tebak .. ini tokoh utama prianya agak susah di tebak jadi flmnya serru

GwiyomiLover I Love This Drama So Much♥ I think it's one of the best ever~ So cute and made me laugh and cry so many times.. Shin Hye Eonni and Shi Yoon Oppa♥♥♥ This story could last forever, I'll never get bored! O3O Flower Boy Next Door Hwaiting!~♥

NoonaDongsaeng The only reason I ever thought of watching this drama was because of yoon si yoon. He's an amazing actor with great potential, sadly though this drama didn't live up to his potential! It was pretty much doomed to boredom from the get-go. For one si-yoon's character was over the board childish & silly & made me miss his previous roles as Kim tak goo & jeong jun hyuk, where his characters shone with more charisma & diversity. Here, I only put up with enrique for si-yoon's sake otherwise I wouldn't have been able to sit through this drama till the last episode! Secondly, the storyline itself didnt have much to offer. Shallow characters & poorly written plot w/ zero engaging twists. Really hope he picks his next projects more thoughtfully, but that doesn't make me admire him any less. YOON SI-YOON FIGHTING ♥

Kathryn I love this drama! The characters and plot are so cheerful and lighthearted. As it declares, the RomCom will make you laugh a lot! No scene is too dramatic where you will cry your heart out. The drama has more of life lessons about friendship and dating. There's none of the main characters in this drama that I do not like. I may be pissed now and then because of what they do, but hey, everyone has his/her difficulty. I really enjoy watching this drama (:

selena the only good thing is because kim ji hoon cast in this

Gigi la To those who wanna watch this show . Save ur time and don't bother watching it. One: there is no story line, it's just bull****,two: the boy is annoying even my 5 year old brother is more grown up than that. So what I am trying to say is IT'S BLOODY BORING!

smileyme This drama so good so much fun, light hearted drama and the character is so appealing but the other side, why Watanabe don't have a real storyline (beside he is Japanese chef and learn the Korean cooking) I mean he's just more than handsome neighbor ! They can just including his with maybe some loveline to his character so it make me more satisfied and complete with this drama. But the other character like Dong-hoon and Do-hwi is well portrayed and I like the conclusion about their character tbh. But overall is a good drama and not to be miss

Kish My good expectations of this drama is totally paid. I'm watching this because of Park Shinhye unnie, the plot, and the background of those 3 main character which is somewhat onternesting for me. The casting line is great, I love the bromance between Jin-rak and Dong-hoon or Jin-rak and Enrique (they yelling at each other almost all the time LOL), the ups and downs are great and I love how the story can make the audience like "OH SHIT WHY YOU DO THAT?!" but then turned into "OMG YOU HAVE A REALLY GOOD IDEA SO HIS HYUNG WOULDN'T MISUNDERSTAND HIM"

clyne Brilliant. Could not stop watching.

maasoama okay so ive only been watching this latel and i'm really getting into its different from others I agree with the other fans, theres different dynamics and in depth views into each character and how the somehow and amazingly all in some way connect, the actors were picked to perfection, this is such a real drama because most of us hide away for hours inside our rooms to watch these dramas right ? ^^ so you kinda in a strange way understand the main Girl. I just know this drama is going to get better and if you havent finished it like me your dying to know everyone elses history and back story into how they became how they are now ..

Drama lover turned Drama lover writer/Review writer


Joanna Loved this drama so much. Fell in love with Yoon Shin Yoon, he is such a cutie! FBND has become my #1 favourite Romcom drama ^^

Han Ji Hyoen I LOVE THIS DRAMA VERY MUCH! :-* Very addicted to this drama. WOW DAEBAK!!

In my opinion, this Drama is different to other dramas. This Drama isn't perfect, but its excellent crafted, good acting, meaningful, good cinematography and directing, and beautiful characters development (and many more... :D I agree with Brett. I can't say enough good things about this drama and about the learning about love from this drama ^.^), make this drama catagorized as whole-packaged drama.

At first, I thought that this drama would be only lovey-dovey, witty and handsome men-exploited drama. However, instead of those, this drama turn out to be a deep-thought drama and further-explorated drama. This drama and other dramas (which have the same "atmosphere", "beat", or "rhythm". I don't know the right word to express it. hehe) always makes me amaze and jealous to the writters. I am really want to have those skills to write the excellent writting. I always wonder how their exploration and research processes. I hope become a writter of excellent crafted novels, dramas or movies. :)

Among The Flower Boy Series of tvN, I watched Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and this drama. I think that this drama is the best of them ^.^ However, I am going to watch the second series. Thus, I will evaluate all of them. ^^

The drama and movie lover. Writter. -Han Ji Hyoen-

Tori LOOOVVVEEEDDD, loved this drama. Sooooo happy with the special that aired March 6th. \( ^ ^)/

anna love this drama, funny, sweet and refreshing at the same time....everything was excellent....bravo....

JC I just finished watching this drama and I honestly can't let it go!

Why are all the tvN Flower Boy dramas all so good (Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, **Flower Boy Next Door**)

Ajhumma Wow:)I really like this drama! It touched me^^.I think this drama contains a subject that is currently talked.Bully.I wish this drama would help some people.

Hastak I will really miss this drama

sya omg what a wonderful drama..yoon si yoon black hair reminds me of jin woon from 2am..its really a meningful drama for me..thanks tvn...

Brett Finally got to watch the ending - so now I can comment on the whole series:

Absolutely perfect modern love story. So sweet, simple, and real-life. I love the fact that they wrote a story that forgoes glamor to show what real people falling in love should look like. Can't say enough good things about this show - really.

And one final note - thrilled that PSY got to make her cameo - It was really well done, and she is a star to look out for in the coming years -- knocking 'em dead at everything she touches so far! Park Se Young fighting!!!

yohan lei oh my! next week is the ending of FBND. i love this drama very much and i love the khe-mi couple. i will miss them...i will also miss jin rok, dong hoon, watanabe, and the PD. extension or special ep please...i hope PSH & YSY could be together in another project, i love them both. tvN.......tnx a lot.:)

Brett Of course this show is awesome and touching and sweet and funny, and I always adore PSH and YSY, but I think Kim Seul-Gi is my new reason for living. Ms. Manager - MARRY ME! Hahaha.

Seriously gonna have to watch this show all over again when it's done. So good.

Dianne I love this show so much, and I don't want it to end either! Yoon Si Yoon is my favorite charactor in this drama... he is an amazing actor because he so believable in this part -- he makes me laugh and cry ... I will follow his career from now on and will go back to see what movies he's been in up until now.

yohanah this drama is just amazin..............but i love the chemistry of jin rak and dok mi.... i hope this drama will have a different ending......KIM JI HOON u r fab

Tokki~ It only gets interesting from ep 9 and so on. But i have to admit Yoo Dong Hoon is really cool and funny. ^_________________^ Anyways. The chemistry is really good. Wether its Dokmi/JinRak or Dokmi/Enrique. ♥

BTW. Yoon shi Yoon is sooo attractive especially when he smirks. =D I wish he'd come to like shin hye in real life but i guess that would be impossible. And Kim Ji Hoon is av real flower boy imo. His eyes and smile explains it all.

torisweettooth @AllyDee Yes Samsung Galaxy Note 2. They usually put the sponsers at the end of the show. I have the GN2 and LOVVVVEEEE IT!!!!!

Grace @AllyDee they're using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

AllyDee Which Samsung phone is it they're all using in this drama?

lenken i love this drama..I'm so very addicted when i watched the 9 episode....i can't wait for the next episode...":-)

Milita I really waited for this drama, because actors are really good, but I am kinda disappointed. Why? Because it's predictible and nothing new... Yoon Si-Yoon too cute for me [in a few situation], it little annoys me. Others Tvn dramas with florwer boys are better. Maybe, because I watched lots of dramas, I had higher expectation for this, because leading actors are cool.

miss park shinhye and yoon si yoon are great :D ! love you my shinhye ;)

Cindy I stumbled on this drama the second week it aired...and I LOVE IT! Its hilarious! I love how they are always yelling at each other...hahaha...and I love Si-Yoon's character, so fun, charismatic! my kind of fun guy to be with!

Lena I am in love with FBND!! It's amazing great and funny! The cast are super awesome!!

Gooogle does anyone recognize where the girl who was at enrique's fan signing is from? the one standing behind him ?? SHE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR

woahhhh I love this drama very very very much.neomu neomu jhoah..i do not know how to describe this feeling but what i know is i enjoy watching each episodes and cant wait for the next episode.. Compared to korean drama that i watched or watching recently,this drama jjang!!! Hopefully we can have a good ending for everyone. Yoon Si Yoon is such a bright boy.whenever i saw him in this drama i kept thinking this drama shud change its title to Bright man next door.lol.really love his character.cant wait for the 8th episode...

Filipa Hello/ Olá. This drama is the best i saw since i begin to watch korean drama so far. The story is so good writen. Yoon si yoon is a great actor. Mix so well the korean and latin of his character. Is the first time i see acting and have some of the webtoon character. Brilliant. I hope that he can say some words in spanish in future, could be amazing. Is a beautifull story. I adore the actress Park shin, she is so lovely. I saw her before in the drama You are Beautifull with Jang Geun Suk. I am very happy, is such an inspirational drama. Gives me hope. Is good to talk about people who are misunderstood, or victims of bullying. I hope in a near future, we europeans could watch korean dramas in cable station, because are brilliant the dramas and so well writen. Different from this western dramas. I only watch korean and japanese dramas actually. Thank you so much to show and translate. Best regards from Portugal.


CikHan This drama keep calling to watch again and again...cannot wait for next ep...Yoon Si Yoon ..amazing actor.. yesterday watched Me Too Flower...good story

Myungsoolover Best drama and actor ever *____* love That drama sooooooo much its funny and cute in some kind ^_^

chy I like this drama,they are playing very well,i love PSH and YSY they are best couple for me, i hope FBND can be the best,and get rating very much... congritulation... :)

CikHan I likes this drama. Yoon Si Yoon ... I like when you played as Kim Tak Goo now I also fall in love your acting as Enrique...I hope Enrique and Dok Mi fall in love and happy ..

sunny super cute!!! a light romantic-comedy drama.... love it!

Elizabeth Ooohhhh my this is a really good show , I just can't stop laughing , let's see how it developes , but it's different and nice to watch

Nithu Just love this drama !! it's a cute story !! can't wait next épisodes!!

yohan lei I'm very happy that my favorites Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon are together in this drama. I've been waiting for this for so long and the long wait is worth it for this drama is heartwarming, funny, hilarious, balanced ahhh...I really love this drama. Really can't wait for Monday and Tuesday to come to watch the next episodes. I love all the characters, they're all lovable. I've been wondering who the post-it man, i don't think it's jin rak...most probably tae joon? hahaha...oh my! And it seems that cha do hwi knows jin rak as oh jae won, and why did jin rak change his name? We all want the answers...next episodes please!!!

zDaawn Park Shin Hye is so pretty <3

Tori @elizabeth cromwell: on this drama though she is just an proofreader really than an editor. She gets like minimum wage though she is very smart and should be a writer herself.

good this show is amazing

Leyuhhh According to the webtoon, she's a Webtoon writer :)

elizabeth cromwell I love the cast and enjoyed the first two episodes: but I have a question. I don't speak or read Korean at all, so can someone explain what job Park Shin Hye is doing? Is she editing something? Or writing? thank you!!

Hastak I like this drama Wish they fell in love soon

yes Yoon Shi Yoon was amazing in Baker King. Can't wait to see how he goes in this drama :DD

ixtyjjang Nice drama~ ^___^ I like it...

one five nine park shin hye and kim yoon hye again \^^/

rainfairy im super excited to watch this i love the cast and i loved all of the dramas from flower boy series ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Danica I really like park shin because she is a great a actress and singer in Korea , i'm so excited to watch it

i hope  yoonshin couple have more projects to come .......... :)

Tori I can't wait to watch this drama. (^ ^)

I love Park Shin-Hye as well as Yoon Si-Yoon. Have been wanting to see another drama with both of them and even better they are together.

I also like Kim Ji-Hoon too especially from when he did the Falling Stars drama (Pickup the Stars). Been awhile for him too. Love Ko Gyung Pyo since Operation Proposal. Don't know about the other 2 flower boys but expecting great things.

Just hope the two girls: Park Soo-Jin (My GF the 9-tailed Fox) & Kim Yoon-Hye (Heartstrings) are not going to play the b!@#chy roles like they did it the other dramas. Would love to see them as PSH's cheerleaders. (^_^)

Liza★ Looking forward to watch this one!!

tokyoalice Omo, I love this "flower boy" theme, and I'm so excited to hear that Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye are the leading actors! I love them both, can't wait to see the drama already <3

Yo, do you rowlow Sounds interesting Will watch it

DaDa I wonder if Park Shin Hye is playing a Hikikomori/shut-in here. That would be interesting. Oh and I almost forgot that Kim Ji Hoon was in this..oh hell yeah, he is some serious eye candy.

CV The flower boy series by TvN is epic, every drama I have loved so i can only wait to love this drama and it doesnt hurt that park shin hye is in it. cant wait anticipation is killing me now

nica I'm so EXCITED to watch this!!!!!!! Wooooohh :))))))))))

KZ Can't wait to watch. Really enjoyed Ramen Shop and Shut Up. Plus I like both the leads.

yay OMOOO YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY al last i was waiting for park shin hye to act again omg i cant waitttttttt TIME PLEASE PASS I MISSSS HER shes the lead YAY NICE GUY LEAD I CANT WAIttt

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