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  • Name: Yoon Si-Yoon
  • Hangul: 윤시윤
  • Birthdate: September 26th, 1986
  • Birthplace: Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, South Korea
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Blood Type:


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Mylane Del Puerto My heart is about to burst seeing you each time yoon shi yoon.I hope our fate will meet someday and very soon.

Waffa Sarangheyo oppa <3 your so cute

San XD Yoon si Yoon :D I really like your smile... :3 Yoon si Yoon!!! Killer smile

Lee Ni Jo His looks like Lee Jun Ki omg...

chinwe michael Yoon shi yoon can I be ur girlfriend for now

Fedia Yoon Si Yoon is the best :** your biggest fan in Tunisia , Good Luck ^^

myra I love you yoon shi yoon I'm your biggest fan here in the philippines!<3<3

ezra hi idolize you your a good actor we are your fans here in the philippines -I love prime minister and i

a dumb student My first time watching him in king of baking kim tak goo, He was so awesome and charismatic.In all of his drama I can see the sincerity that he want to spread all over the world.His eyes played the most important part,it played the most when he was angry, haha, am I right everyone?The way he smile make me want to believe, this guy is the real actor, real talent.I hope he will always sucess and im looking forward to meet him face to face and laughing together.Korea, here I come, will you wait, hahah.

Gaara Reed Woah! I was hooked how he smiled. He reminded me of jung -Il -woo who got a nice, sweet and sincere smile yet. Hence a such a great actor with depth when he transform from being a jolly and naughty one (in Flower Boys) turns into a serious and snappy one (in Prime Minister and I). Looking forward for his upcoming dramas and hope he will not get tired sharing his talents to everyone. Fighting dude!!!!

Jeaneth Cabero He's a really great actor. He reminds me of Kim Min Seok from EXO <3 I love him.

Eva Angelica Yoon Si-Yoon's smile is seriously priceless, and he acts so well. I wish he would appear in more movies. Watching him is a pleasure.

MrsFurukawa During those times that I'm not a big fan of dramas, I watched Yoon Si Yoon in Bread, Love and Dreams! Coincidentally, I encountered him in Flower Boy Next Door ♥ Love the way he smiles! That smile can brighten up anyone's gloomy day. :) I rooted for Enrique and Go Dok Mi til' the end! :) Hope he'll have many projects soon! Always rooting for you. Sending love and support from philippines. :) (c) @MrsFurukawa - twitter

Dana Yoon Si-Yoon You are one of my favorite actors ever , I love you , you are the best . I am learning Korean language for you and all my OTHER FAVORITE ACTORS . I really wish that I can meet you . 사랑해 FOR EVER ^_^ I LOVE YOU I WANT YOU I NEED YOU 윤시윤 YOU ARE MINE

Ghermalyn Pataray Yoon Shi Yoon. I Like The Way You Smile && Cry.. Your Very Adorable. Im One Of Your Fans !! I Will Never Stop To Idolize You. GoodLuck .. Just Smile And Be Happy.

Rere Yoon Si-Yoon, is one of my all time favorite actors. In fact he is one of the only korean actors i know or care to know. I've watched only 2 of his works, Mr. Perfect and The Flower Boy Next Door, but so far I love his personalities in both. He gives off a kind and warm personality, and i love that about him. I feel like if I were to meet him, he would be sincere and always happy.

Tap Yoon Si-Yoon is one of my favorite actors aside from choi min hyuk, ji sung and jung woo sung. The only odd thing about it is that it's not because of the roles he has played but because of his charisma and character. I haven't watch the bread love dream or any of his drama (except for Prime Minister) but I grew fond of him. I even told myself that I will conduct myself like him. Well good luck on his military service.

Wumi U'r such a wonderful actor, I admire d way u act in kim tak goo and me too flower...

tangerine i could look at your face all day,, whooaahh... overly handsome... saranghae, new fan here!

joanna you are so handsome and a very good actor! I'm a fan!

Princess Joy oh! your so handsome in this movie

EXO EXO! woo ri is like suho oppa in EXO EXO :*

Noya chwan What an amazing actor His level is pro he catches your attention & heart he support the other actors with his amazing skills he also makes your heart move.. and forget its just acting .. its like I m living the thing.. he also makes it clear how others acting is lousy in comparison...

Sweet and pure thats the touch he leaves on his characters ..

I absolutely adore him I love you so much Yoon Si-Yooun more almost than everything .. I hope you do more Drama's & acting you have an amazing gift

I hope you read my words somehow they reach you and it makes you happy

Love xoxo

evelyn cute,sweet..u awesome..all in a package..i love all ur movie and tv dramas...the best,,fighting oppa,,,,sarangheoyo,,,,,

sok u I like him the most in his crying scene -- he is really good at acting

sok u he's extremely good at acting -- esp crying scene. I really like him <3

t.ni he is a good actor! Who can express feeling strongly. I love his action and love him so much <3

bar love him he so lovely !!

titi oppaya, chegoya........ Saranghe <3 <3 ^-^

bella He is so good as Enrique!

Minyeong I like this actor, he is so cute >.<

Sarah I just finished I am a flower too. It was my first drama, especially a Korean one, at that. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my entire life. <3 I love you as an actor, and I will look into more of your dramas and some movies. I love your smile and you're so darn adorable... Keep up the amazing job. ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

ameni best smile fighting

daddy suho you are so handsome! great actor!! you resemble an actor from the philippines i can't remember the name though. i was rooting for you in Prime Minister and I huhuhuhu. anyway fighting!!!~

Shay Best kiss scene EVER!

su-chan he's so perfect! The most beautiful boy I seen! He has an angel smile)

Julisa ohhh God. i really like this one. i love his dramas like flower boys next door, me too flower, happy noodle, especially Flower Boy Next door! your smile makes me smile. you're the one in my eyes. .. ;) haha... i'll wait you for 2 years oppa. do your best in military service!!! Oppa Hwaithing!!! Saranghaeyo XD

Enrique Geum Shi Yoon is very friendly and gentle actor. he is so kind person. He has a kind heart and a warm voice. He is the ideal of many girls. a cosy feeling beside him. He is the first actor that I really really very very like. He is a good example for me to follow. fighting Siyoon !

janice Yoon shi Yoon oppa... cutest person ever!!!

Steffi Pauline I love this guy! He gave me so much inspiration when he was playing the role of Enrique Geum.

Roshanak Your playing in " prime minister" was excellent ، my daughter loves you. I think you are so favorite in Iran.

Jelve 3Yoon Shi Yoon<3, do you know you're my dearest darling and greatest Love? I've experienced your healing effect on myself when I was very sick and consequently very sad! I dont mind what rating you have cuz in my opinion, who rarely confirm any actor as the best, you'r "The Best Of Bests" indeed! You're so special and unique, who hardly anyone could be compare to you! Just with happiness and self-confidence continue your best! Don't forget You are so precious and respectful and deserves the best support and love towards you! Love you forever with all my heart! <3<3<3 Jelve From Iran

Jelve <3Yoon Shi Yoon<3, do you know you're my dearest darling and greatest Love? I've experienced your healing effect on myself when I was very sick and consequently very sad! I dont mind what rating you have cuz in my opinion, who rarely confirm any actor as the best, you'r "The Best Of Bests" indeed! You're so special and unique, who hardly anyone could be compare to you! Just with happiness and self-confidence continue your best! Don't forget You are so precious and respectful and deserves the best support and love towards you! Love you forever with all my heart! <3<3<3 Jelve From Iran

sulistiya Yoon Si-Yoon oppaa.. everyone agree that your smile is really something.. in flower boy next door, your smile really amazing.

by seeing you smile, naturally i smile by myself.. your smile offer a happiness.. heal a wound,  berjaya oppa :D

Roselyn Hi, Yoon si-yoon.. I like your cute smile..all your drama, i like to watch.. I hope, someday, I see you in person.. You are my inspiration.. Take care and GOD always guide you.. I hope you read it.. thanks

sumi Aniagaseo oppa. Chaljinesso? Oppa your personality is very good and attractive. Gumaoio fou your good acting in the dramas. I am one of yuor fans. You are very handsome. I saw your acting in the drama primer miniser and i. You was the best chincharu... Your acting in this drama was very nice and good.... gumaoio. Congratulations...fighting

Tarah Si Yoon's smile is infectious! I find myself watching his dramas over, and, over again. Especially when I'm feeling down!

ISATA I love the way when he act. He is so good...

Cheyenne I think your smile is wonderful, every time you smile it put's a smile on my face. I'm sure you have been told that you smile with your eyes. thank you for just being you.

Nicole Zipagan Imyour #1 fan .. But you dont understand english .. sayang ..

Joana I really really admire you! Your smile completes my day, In fact ur picture is my desktop and phone wallpaper. I have my panda hat like yours haha. More powers! ;-)

from manila phil.

maloosjoon @joanne I agree. Just compare "Kim Tak Gu", " Enrique Keum" and "Seo Jae-Hee" characters, and you will find that Shi Yoon can be completely different in each role, but Lee Min Ho is always "Lee Min Ho"!! he can't play any role. he is always himself! Honestly, after watching more than 60 tv series, between the korean actors I thing "Yoon Shi Yoon" and "Song Joong Ki" are the best! Fighting our lovely Si Yoon!! You are the best <3 <3 <3

Nhi L. I really LOOOVE this drama it is now one of my favorite drama!!! ✨✨

joanne I like him even more than lee min ho!!!! His acting s good .... there must be a reason why he dsnt have more dramas!!! Goodluck!!!

Maniea Ooooh....i love him a lot.... si yoon oppa i'm soooOoo happy for that i can see you again in the prime minister and i...

luvsiyoonoppa I love him sooooooo much, but why do i get the feeling he's underrated in korea? he needs to be in more dramas playing lead roles. other young actors around his age are getting more gigs & raising to popularity too fast! just look at lee jong-seok & kim woo-bin & many others, not hating on them love them all. just really feel he needs to keep up with them, he's such a brilliant person & actor. <3

Ristami si yoon oppa !!! I'm from indonesia, I like your acting in flower boy next door you're so cute and I like you in barefoot friends you're so natural, I'm so sad can't meet you when you and barefoot friends go to yogyakarta indonesia. I like your smile, fighting oppa!

Ristami oppa si yoon !!! I'm from indonesia, I like your acting in flower boy next door you're so cute and I like you in barefoot friends you're so natural, I'm so sad can't meet you when you and barefoot friends go to yogyakarta indonesia. I like your smile, fighting oppa!

Ameni Chaabene Hi yoon shi yoon ooppaaa im from Tunisia, i love all your movies and drama series..... I wish you all the luck in the next series and achieve the highest View. And always remain beautiful smile painted on your face forever Yoon shi yoon Fighting .... Aja Aja !!!

babibulma I miss you so much, dear!!!

jenny hi oppa!!!ayeee, i sooooooo like u too...its so nosebleed to study korean but ill try hahahahahahaha

thine I love the way you smile and the way you act in flower boy next door as Enrique :D .. For sure I'm gonna watch all your movies and drama series ;) Stay as what you are :D Hope you read this =^w^= P.S. gonna study how to speak korean hoho [=

hoàng I love you Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Takgu , Jun Hyuk and Enrique Geum. Fighting oppa!!!!!!!! Wait for your next drama

Domohello1 ahhhh!! Loved him as Enrique!! Can't wait for more of his upcoming dramas!!!! XD Muwahhh Much Loveeeeee!! kekeke >___<

maloos My dear Yoon Shi Yoon, I love you! I am from Iran and you know that you have many fans all around the world. When me and my international friends talk about K-Dramas, we always talk about you and your characteristics and abilities and we are sooop surprise that you accept to be in a new drama. Don't forget that you are the best and we always support you. Be happy in your life (like Enrique Keum) and put all your effort into your target (like Kim Tak Goo) and be nice with all people and forgive them (like Seo Jae Hee). Fightinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg

audrey shanekiamco yoon I'm always say i love your drama in flower boy next door...

you're panda hat it so cute you too cute ...

                ahjumma..hehehehe .... go dok mi...

audrey shane kiamco yoon shi yoon i love you drama in flower boy next

because you are so cutteee ....

you are my idol ...i miss you ....

I will watch every no class your drama.. Enrique keum..

Cathy Please feature upcoming project of Yoon Shi Yoon aside from barefoot friends, any feedback for his korean movies or drama. i'm yearning to hear some news', I miss his acting debut!

Catherine Pelm Aside from Barefoot Friends, im yearning for his upcoming korean drama/movie, please feature if there is any. I've seen Happy Noodles unfortunately there is no english sub and The Other one in Japan, please feed us some news asap (as soon as possible)

nonsibi Watch him on "Barefoot Friends" show, it was revealed that his name was Yoon Dong Gu, then after his debut his legal name became Yoon Si Yoon.

bulbul Yoon Oppa.. you're so cute.. I like your spoiled character in Flower Boy Next Door... neomu neomu kyeopta.. :) saranghaeyo

Cath Pelm Your so charming, nice attitude and you always capture the heart of your viewer/follower God Bless your career and hoping to see you more often in drama and movies.

aliza you're so really cute oppa i love you

Minoo Yoon Shi yoon is just an adorable n nice person as well as a talented actor n singer. I love him so mush n wish for him an everlasting Good Luck. <3

MrsMe I meant>> Kim Hyun Joong* My bad>> plus stupid auto correct.

MrsMe He's in Barefoot Friends a new Variety show which also includes Kim Hyun Joint ,UEE ,Eun Hyuk and other it's really good check it out all. Yoon Si Yoon Fighting!!

jane hi, my oppa.. u r very nice boy.,. i love all of your dramas... your acting so perfect and briliant... your smiling make me crazy i will love u forever .. you are the best one for me... kiss kiss <3 <3..

Kish MWOOOOOH!! I just realized that Enrique is Kim Tak Goo!!! LOL

maya I START TO LIKE U..... not more jst best of luck with lots pf lope..................<3 <3 <3

lyka yoon si-yoon .i like you being an actor.....FLOWER BOYS NEXT DOOR....i am your very super fun.....you are so sweet.....sometimes naughty....you are really a blessing to dok-mi.

your smile can melt me down....you act naturally and very professional.....keep up the good work and the good image to your fans.

jane sierra hello oppa :)

i rely love your story flower boy next door :P

he is very cuute and hundsum :P i relly relly love it :*


whoisjeanne Omo! Yoon Shi Yoon Oppa, you are so hot!! i so love your drama "flower boy next door". Ajumma ajumma <333 i love your panda hot and matching eye to eye with Park Shin Hye Eonni. Go higher ang Fighting! mhuawhhh :*

Evelyn.Luwinta Oppa ,you are so cute in flower boy next door ,you and park shi hye unni ,lovely couple and i love your panda hat ,i want it ^^

Emi Love your dramas, come visit the US, it would be awesome if you did a question/answer forum and signing here in NYC, ahhh or Philly!

Oppa'sWorld- Rin Joo Oppa!♥ You were really great in FBND! I fell in love with you there.. You're sooooo amazing in your acting, it looks very natural and full of confidence. Your charm is very irresistible♥ and your smiles and smirks are very beautiful!! You're one of the best and will always be!

Stay strong and healthy and happy and handsome always oppa. Heee whatever you'll look in the future, you already gained my respect, so I'll love you forever oppa no matter what.

I hope to see you in person and be friends with you ~Love you oppa! FIGHTING!♡

LauraH anyone who hasnt seen Bread King? You oughta do it! Dramatic ride indeed! Truly great acting! <3

Geunxiang Oppa. I have warched ur drama Flower boy next door recently.. And i really fall in love to you.. Your one of my fave halyu star..ur acting is so natural and thats very awesome.

Hehe...u know to that series(FBND) when u laugh and smile u really look like

Jung Il Woo.. Hehe.. So later am gonna watch "Me too Flower".. To confirm it myself again if u really really are.. Hehe Looking forward for more projects! Fighting!!! ^_^

violly sk fan When I watched the first film with you, YSY shi,I called you Sunshine (which in my language is "Sleuncho" and I always talk about you to my friends ,calling you like that.Even in sad and difficult moments in the scenes of the films, you're adorable!And singing-please sing more often!The sound of your voice is unique and so joy-giving!Thank you!

ida Good actor..i love the way he act at the flower boy next door...

paniy hi oppa yoon si yoon i had finished watching your tv drama "flower boy next door" , remember when you using panda dress and dancing for ahjumma 402 hahahahaaa :D thats funniest thing you know :D

nasaman hi yoon si yoon i watched me 2 flower your very atractive & handsome & cute

Be happy


Hani Yoon Shi Yoon i love your acting w< looking forward to ur new drama happy noodle :) BFL :D

nani i love " flower boy next door " and i love " mee too flower" because i love your smile oppa!!!

natalia kisses & huggs yoon shi yoon i love you

sara Yoon Si-Yoon is A FREAKIN AWESOME actor!!!! I just can't stop loving him <333333333 His acting skills are REALLY a masterpiece!! Flower boy next door is a really nice drama (highly recommended)

Karen OMOOOOOOO Just started watchin Flower Boy Next Door. Im on episode 10 and i have the biggest crush on Yoon Si Yoon now. He is so freaking cute, adorable, his smile, his hair, the way he talks, his voice. I have like a gazillion screenshot pics of him on my ipod. I love him. Amazing actor too. He does so great on the emotional scenes - his facial expressions, esp his sad eyes and pout *sighs* I must watch anything else with him in it.

huggable he has the cutest smile ever♥

cikhan Ahhhh...this man totally amazing actor...hope he get more offer for drama..

Filipa He is the best actor for me so far. So natural, he has something of his last character Enrique. I have to confess he is beautifull and funny. :) Wonderful. I hope Yoon Si Yoon, continue the good acting. Cumprimentos/Regards From Portugal

CikHan Just watched Me Too Flower yesterday... amazing actor..you makes me laugh, cried, symphaty...

Now following his new drama, Flower Boy Next Door..his acting in drama so cute...

chuchai Yoon Shi Yoon is one of my favorite actor. I watched Baker Kim Tak Goo several times but still I'm keep on crying every time I watched it, it's a great drama, you will learned a lot on this drama. Yoon Shi Yoon is a great actor, I hope more projects for him because he's good actor and he deserved it. Fighting Yoon Shi oppa.

CikHan Just finished watched King of Baking...and thumbs up for Yoon Si Yoon for his acting as KTG..now start watching his new drama My Flower Boy Neighbour

ana hi yoon si yoon I am anahita from Iran i saw your film ( bread love and dream )that was very good . you are very very good actor I want to know what is your E-mail address please send for my mail. I think you are very pretty bye

Ceddy Hi everyone I am American people and I watch this by interesting the their picture I look and sound good so I go ahead start watch that episode 1 and it touch my heart and I start hold this till I get my wife and I force her to watch those and she think it bored till few episode and she start cry and love it we continue watch till the end it awesome good actor and good facelift I respect that episode and we hate see end of season I wanna more I wonder there episode season 2 of bread love dream I wanna see what happend to tak gu and his funny face in pal bong bakery shop granddaughter of pal bong bakery factory and I wanna know what happend to step brother with his wife in the season 2 and more character in season 2 I give this show 5 stars let me know when there season 2 of those episode I am so excited have a wonderful night ( bow my head) bye

rainfairy watched two of his dramas .he is a good actor and he has the cutest smile ever cang wait for the new drama flower boy next door

Nabi is it me or he really look like Lee Jun Ki.?!!

He is 86 liner.wow^^

Cant wait to see him in FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR.


KZ Just been announced that he'll be in tvN's next Flower Boy series "Flower Boy Next Door" opposite Park Shin Hye. Awwwww yeeeaaaaaahhh.

glenng i like the character of kim tak gu. good ajussi!

Corky Boo Netflix is currently showing your program.............We are loving it........we are captured by the intense moments that happen to Kim Takgu.........I have cried so many times for him..............Oh and the Step Mother is so mean!!!! We are at the part where his birth mother and him passed each other in the clinic they were so close to each other.............He has to be reunited with her quickly!!!!! Also there is a Korean Bakery next door every time we sit down to watch the show we want to run next door and get Korean pastries/bread...............And we have learned alot about the Korean ways........we have a greater understanding and respect.....we love the disciplined life except for when the not so step brother was hit by the grandmother that was wrong!!!! And now we understand the Generational differences............ We want our sons to watch and understand the lessons Kim Takgu has gone thru and he was good to all people and Moved hearts as the young baker girl says!!!!! We are rooting for you Kim Takgu!!!!!!!!

miriam i love you ..dramas ...smiles.....sweets dreams ..sarangheo oppa!!!! of Peru Lima

miriam annyeong oppa ....me too ,flower ...is beautiful......fighting!!!!! memories happiness ...sarangheo!!!!!!

Drama Fans Yoon Shi Yoon you really looked like Lee Jun Ki , i have almost mistaken you as Lee Jun Ki. Next time other drama , the drama director can pair you up to act as twin brothers with Lee Jun Ki .

Other drama if you were to act as twin brothers with Lee Jun Ki ,as comedy romance drama, the effect can be very nice.......

kyuhyun forever I'like you in bread,love and dreams,but i'dont likes you smile

adinda very like you,,,,,,,,,,

adinda very like you,,,

b xieng SARANGHAEYO…..Oppa Yoon Si-Yoon, you look great and handsome in both “love bread and dream” and “me too flower”. Hope to see more of you in the future dramas.


b xieng SARANGHAEYO.....Oppa Yoon Si-Yoon, you look great and handsome in both "love bread and dream" and "me too flower". Hope to see more of you in the future dramas.

isabela omg, he was just awesome in Me too Flower.. not because he's handsome and perfect haha his acting skill were amazing :OO congrats for real..

park hye joon Oppa. .I love all your character at each drama you play. . Gurigo oppa,I'll be waiting for your new film. . Gomawo oppa for being my idol. . .saranghe. . .

cheeryy my 1st kdrama, and i loved bc of you!!! omg im crazy in love with tak goo(Yoon si yoon) his my dream guy. love,samna from usa

ibby great actor i'll alaways wait and happy for your new film and drama si yoon oppa!!!!

Catherin oppa!!! omg!!! he is so cute in and out!! love the way he smiles and he is so shy all the time!!! cute cute >.<

SisterB Loved Baker King. Looking forward to seeing other dramas as they become available in the US.

maneki hobbang a great actor. he should be appearing in many more films and dramas than he has so far. his performance in "kim tak goo" brought me to tears.




yuuri ehm...i really like the character when he play as kim tak gu, he really get into the character:) i love the most about si yoon is his smile....kawaiiiiiii....yoon si yoon gambate...i hope you keep smiling:)

wulan hem . . , you so handsome who is your girl friend ?

wulan hem . . , you so handsome who is your girl frien ?

San Naing very good character like innocent

San Naing What a lovely smile and innocent manner!

yo' ツ judah saranghae yoon si yoon ! i miss your drama, bread , love and dreams .. hope there wilL be a part 2 =) aLways stay heaLthy ! i am your number 1 fan ! more power to you . and more dramas and fiLms to come =) i wish you alL the best oppa ! muahugsx and kisses :*

Kim Yong-joon oh, shi-yoon hyung .. i really like your acting , so natural ^^ i was collected all about your dramas and films , like Baker King Kim Tak Goo, High Kick 2, and Death Bell .. i hope u will make some project to the new films and drama , coz i like you as an actor .. joh-a-hae !!! ^^ come into Indonesia, and stay with me, Shi-yoon hyung =) just kidding .. but still hope haha .. =)

dhon yoon shi yoon your so cool!!..kepp it up....i hope you do more project....

i am collecting your movies... high kick through the roof death bell 2 Once Upon a Time in Saengchori baker king ...i really like it so much..:)

God Bless!!

Angel SARANGHAEYO SI-YOON!!.. Hoping you will have more projects to come..

nokize 당신을 사랑합니다 윤시윤.

nave your really great.. i loved that drama.. you made me inspired.. looking forward to your new project,,, goodluck to you...and godbless you always...im a fan of yours from now on..

risa yoon si yoon,annyeong haseo... watashi wa risa desu, i would tell u something...hmmmmmmmmm i like u,,,,,,,, cayooo

ola I love you kim tak gu and mi sun! Baker King is one of my favorite drama/comedy series... I really love to watch when tak gu and ma jun making bread. I have so many lessons learned in this series, thanks to the writer and to Grandpa (Pal Bong),everybody has a second chance no matter who and what you are and always put your heart in whatever you do. For all the casts: You are so great!

More Power!!!!

baran i love yoon shi yoon

Renaldi Xaverius whaaaa ... hyung , neo joa-hae !! ^^ see u at the next dramas and films again .. we're waiting for your next action again !! ^^

eyaya I love u play every drama. especialy "High kick2"

shin eun kyo i watching you in this drama... i like your character in the story of bread love and dreams hmm...i like your voice in your soundtrack... when you come to indonesia and singing your song ??? we will wait for you... ^,^

dmitry oppa i adore u :*


sunny sarange yoon si yoon oppa.....!!!!!!!!!!

ulfa mayasari huuu i like you so much i lovee you

dantiiie annyeonghaseyo .... Oppa YOON SHI YOON


neinji yoon si yoon idol!!!!!!

agil I like this FILM...

Celineta Iluphu so much....

roza With only very happy to see me,,,, your smile is very very charming,,, makes me as if hovering in my most beautiful dream,,,, and you prince in my heart,,, I realy LIKED you

debora I LoVe So MucH..!!! I LoVe aLwaYz...!!!

deby i like yoon see yoon

lia your the best ................... mmmmmuuuuaaaccccchhhhhhhhhh ................. , , , , , , ,

Dina Great act!Yoon,ur face is like Lee Hong Ki,isn't?hehe..

Lady Sei Oppa... I realy like you I like your smile, your face is very handsome and Sallute for your acting Saranghada Oppa...

Deena Yoon Si-Yoon, you are so cute..... I like your character as Kim Tak Go in this drama, very good.............

amanda iiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllliiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeee you

amanda i like you yoon si yoon

jessita dhiary your face make me could not sleep last night thanks to make me happy watch your action always smile cause i likes you when smile

aravira28 so charming... saranghamnida.. :)

regiana Oh..............,,, you are so cute....

korii 난 진짜로 당신이 연기처럼 정말 잘 생기고 강력한 난 항상 당신의 팬이 됐어요 아르 난 영원히 당신을 사랑 ..

intan R.a oowwhh.. you are very handsome and cute your smile very sweet and fun, nice to see You were very cheerful, so people who see you smile

no name i love u so much... u are so cute

vita oppa .. you are very handsome, i like your smile,,, give me your smile :) :) :)

Hani Oppa.. You know.. you`re the best actor and you`re so very handsome..

enji He looks like junsu DBSK while he smile and looks like lee jun ki while he cry or angry :P but his acting is very well awesome!!

Lubna ... have watched Bread Love & Dreams allthroughout - what a great drama!!!

... but what makes this tv drama unforgettable is the acting and sincerity of Yoon Si Yoon a.k.a. Kim Tak Gu!!!

... Yoon Si Yoon you are number ONE here in Kuwait and hope to see more of you in dramas and movies!!!

... kamsamida KBS for airing one of the very best drama we have ever seen!!!

... Yoon Si Woon THE BEST

Emine His smile is so cute...Hope to see him more in drama series & movie... It but a very great drama!!!! =)

Aldestino Yoon Si-Yoon, my name is Kim Takgu (-: . Sorry , I mispelled your name earlier. Please visit the US and you can stay at my place (-: ... . You 're the best actor

Aldestino Yoo So Yoo, my name is Kim Takgu (-: . Love , love , love your role . You're the best !!!!

rohanie tampugao hi.yoon si-yoon, i realy like the way u act,the best,i wish we could met in personal,,byeeeeeeeeeeee love you!

nene borges hummmmmmmm i dont know what shoul i do or say ... there is no word other than word " I love you" i really loke your smile, hope one day I will be able to meet you...

betty or yoonys lover hey yoon i don like u no why becoz i don have words to express how much i luv ya.ur the best korean celeb i' ve ever seen. i'm ethiopian from east africa. pleas visit us u have lots of funs here but i'm ur #1 fan..... pls read ths... lol...

Mary umm when u talk n talk while smile/laughing u really looks like DBSK's Xiah Junsu n your eyes too, love your eyes :D And your acting skill is really good, when u cry, it makes me cry too cos u really looks real :D Hwaiting!!


p I’ll never forget your best playing in Bread,Love & dreams. I hope we’ll see you in new drama soon. Please accept only positive rules.

p I love you. I love yor new drama. I hope you'll play in all lovely dramas. I love your charactor as Kim Takgu. I wish you happy life. You're cute & kind.

dye really love u when u act as kim takgu, really awesome and really admire u...

ko hi hello I like this drama

TENZIN kim tagku...u r so cute and i really like your acting...the little kim tagku was adorable..i really like this show..never going to miss any episode.

bea anuddin anyasayo!!!!! kim tak goo i wish that u have a bread, love and dreams 2 because u are so funny when i watching you every time good luck for you new movies and drama's in kbs world i will be watching u every time

by your fan: bea vargas anuddin and alice vargas

merry wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u really best actor and keep it . i love u ur so handsome and hot

ocha ohh ,, oppa ~ why oppa so charismatic .. ? huh oppa ~ wish u healthy always :) keep ur healthy ok .

OppaGirlfriend lol you girls :) <3 oppa oppa~ :D saranghae~~~~~~~


rachel oppa!!! fighting!!! i hope you can reach higher and higher in your acting!! ><

karla whaaa!!! i really love him !! <3 when he was ulzzang & being a nice model XD wish you all the luck


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