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  • Drama: Family's Honor / Glory of Family
  • Revised romanization: Gamunui Yeongkwang
  • Hangul: 가문의영광 / 가문의 영광
  • Director: Park Young-Soo
  • Writer: Jung Ji-Woo
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 50
  • Release Date: October 11, 2008 - April 12, 2009
  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Dan-ah is participating in a seminar in Jeju island. Meanwhile, there’s something happening at a motel in the outskirts of Seoul.Tae-young is caught cheating with another woman by his wife at the motel and as he leaves the place he sees his sister-in-law come out of the same motel with another man. After that incident, his brother Soo-young begins seeing Jin-ah, and he meets Mal-soon.President Ha Seok-ho is widowed and he finds out that his girlfriend, Lee Young-in, is pregnant. Then his father suddenly passes away.Lee Cheon-gab and his son Lee Kang-seok hear about the death of Chairman Ha Man-ki and they think it would be a good idea to attend the funeral as a way to establish themselves in high society and break away from their “nouveau riche” status. So they attend the funeral. Dan-ah meets Lee Kang-seok once again. During the funeral, Dan-ah has to handle the disturbing news that her father’s girlfriend is pregnant and that her brother’s wife is having an affair while grieving for her grandfather. After the funeral is over, the wives of her two brothers ask for a divorce and leave them. Now Dan-ah is the only lady in the household and is in charge of preparing the ancestral rites. Hyun-gyu tries to help Dan-ah during these difficult times. Meanwhile, Lee Kang-seok is a thorn in her side as he keeps showing up and creating problems for her. Then, she has to grapple with the news that her father wants to marry his girlfriend, Young-in, because she is pregnant. Every member in her family enters new romantic relationships....


Family's Honor-Shin Goo.jpg Family's Honor-Hyeon suk Park.jpg Family's Honor-Seo In Seok.jpg Family's Honor-Na Yeong Hie.jpg Family's Honor-Jeon No Min.jpg
Shin Goo Park Hyeon-Suk Seo In-Seok Na Young-Hee Jeon No-Min
Ha Man-Ki Ha Joo-Jung Ha Suk-Ho Lee Young-In Ha Soo-Young
grandfather Man-Ki's sister Man-Ki's son Suk-Ho's wife Suk-Ho's 1st son
Family's Honor-Shin Da Eun.jpg Family's Honor-Kim Seong-Min.jpg Family's Honor-Maya.jpg Family's Honor-Yun Jeong Hee.jpg Family's Honor-Lee Hyeon Jin.jpg
Shin Da-Eun Kim Seong-Min Maya Yun Jung-Hee Lee Hyun-Jin
Oh Jin-Ah Ha Tae-Young Na Mal-Sun Ha Dan-Ah Jung Hyun-Kyu
Soo-Young's wife Soo-Young's twin brother Tae-Young's wife Suk-Ho's daughter college student
Family's Honor-Yeon Kyu Jin.jpg Family's Honor-Seo Kwon Sun.jpg Family's Honor-Lee Kang Suk.jpg Family's Honor-Jeon Hye Jin.jpg Family's Honor-Kim Yeong Ok.jpg
Yeon Kyu-Jin Seo Kwon-Sun Park Si-Hoo Jeon Hye-Jin Kim Yeong-Ok
Lee Chun-Kap Choi Young-Ja Lee Kang-Suk Lee Hye-Joo Yoon Sam-Wol
Kang-Suk's dad Kang-Suk's mom Chun-Kap's son Chun-Kap's daughter housemaid
Family's Honor-Lee Soo Min.jpg linkShim Hyun-Sub Family's Honor-ha dong dong.jpg
Lee Soo-Min Shim Hyun-Sub Park Jun-Mok
Yoon Joo-Man Kim Byung-Do Ha Dong-Dong
housemaid Joo-Jung's co-worker Tae-Young's son

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Mafiae Everyone did a good job especially Park si hoo

mimiya Love this show....Although it is a family drama and a comedy, I especially enjoyed the romance b/w Kang-Suk (Park Si-Hoo) and Da-Nah....It is rare in K-dramas to see a romance develop realistically based on the interaction of two personalities (instead of fate or silly opposites attract)....It was great to watch the attraction develop thru the banter, the dry-wit and deadpan humour b/w them....It was intelligent writing and great acting by Park Si-Hoo that made this one of the best romances I enjoyed in K-drama....Also enjoyable to watch was: the grandfather's wisdom, the schoolboy Dong-dong, Tae-young's antics and the Grandmother/aunt w/ her co-worker....For me, some parts, like the older son's romance, dragged and I skipped them, but it did not affect the overall enjoyment.....A truly memorable drama that I will watch again....

mina this is one of the best family drama i've ever seen!!

Patricia Hayden Park Si Hoo was awesome, very very sexy, his face is like a magnet, I couldn't look away. He made my cry 5 different times...The shower scene was not long enough...The 50yearold pregnant lady was a hoot, man she was very pretty. Dan ah was boring and too predictable. Noh Min's character suxed but he did well and looked great. the comic relief provided by Kim sung Min was perfect, the lady cop was too overboard and annoying. Loved the school boy..all in all another very entertaining Korean drama...lots of eye candy and tons of drama..

xxxzxxx @CiCi Says: "Violence against women should not be tolerated."

@Me: It doesn't matter whether it's against a woman or a man - it's wrong either way....

Yun Love this drama...I think this is the best drama that exploit Park Shi Hoo acting skill. Love him in this drama best from other drama he acted. I watched PSH other drama also but I fall in love with PSH and his acting skill because of this drama.

Wish this drama can be recognize better...

CiCi I really enjoyed this drama and I like many of the actors and actresses in it. I thought Park Si-Hoo was so funny too. I knew he was extremely talented in serious dramas, but now I see he is just as talented in comic parts as well. He has that magic of when he is on the screen, you can't take your eyes off him and don't want to miss a thing he says or does.

I do agree with the other comments about when Dan-AH was slapped. I think that was a really bad call on the director's and  writer's part. Violence against women should not be tolerated. That slap in the scene was so un-necessary and it made me sick. Anyway, the film is still very good and worth watching, even more than once.

NewKDramaAddict @Gasenadi, who wasn't shocked about that slap!! I gasped out loud!

NewKDramaAddict It was a great drama that gave me an opportunity to truly see the Korean family dynamics whether it was traditional or modern. I especially liked the opportunity to see daily life and gave me a better understanding of Korean life. I loved the couples. From the serious to the comical (Soo-Young and Mal Soon were just so funny!)

Gasenadi The supporting cast and the lessons in Korean Culture kept this drama from dragging. The comedy kept me coming back for more (the "cheater" and the policewoman). The two college "stalkers" were so poignant, my reaction surprised me. I took points off for the totally unnecessary slap to bring Dan Ah "back to her senses". Uncalled for.

Han i luv this drama <333. this was one of the dramas that got me addicted. it was so funny at the end yet romantic.

Tina This drama has a great idea of story... I Really love the story,and scene.Romantic.Funny. Especially for the Actor and Actress (Park Shi-hoo and Yoon Jung-hee).

Sharii The BEST drama ever..

I really Really Kang Suk and Dan ah together

Sim Li Yee Good drama..... love it sooo much enjoy watching the korean culture Love Park Shi Hu!!! 2 sweet families - funny, lovely and sweet......

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