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A missing person case involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be related. Detectives look for a witness.

Into the police office walks Min Soo-Ah (Kim Ha-Neul). She used to be a promising cadet at the police academy, but after a horrific car accident which killed her brother, Soo-Ah's police career ended. Min Soo-Ah also lost her eyesight in the car accident. Min Soo-Ah reveals to Detective Jo (Jo Hee-Bong) at the police station that on the night of the hit and run case she was picked up by a taxi cab driver. Soo-Ah believes the taxi driver may be the perpetrator of the crimes. Initially, Detective Jo doesn't take Soo-Ah's claims seriously because she is blind, but when Soo-Ah displays her acute senses the detective starts to believe her.

Detective Jo and Min Soo-Ah then work together to find the taxi cab driver, but all their leads turn up empty. Then another witness comes forward Kwon Ki-Sub (Yoo Seung-Ho). Kwon Ki-Sub is a motorcycle delivery boy who claims to have also witness the hit and run incident. Kwon Ki-Sub also emphatically states that the car in question was not a taxi cab, but rather an imported sedan.

Meanwhile, Min Soo-Ah finds herself being stalked by a mysterious man ...


  1. The script for "Blind" won the "Hit By Pitch" project fair held by the Korean Movie Producers Guild in 2009


Blind-Kim Hae-Neul1.jpg Blind-Yoo Seung-Ho1.jpg Blind-Jo Hie-Bong.jpg Blind-Yang Young-Jo1.jpg Blind-Dolly1.jpg
Kim Ha-Neul Yoo Seung-Ho Jo Hee-Bong Yang Young-Jo Dolly
Min Soo-Ah Kwon Ki-Sub Detective Jo Myung-Jin Seul-Gi

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Jen This movie is so good but the killer's character is just so disturbing and disgusting that I just couldn't handle it. The acting in this was flawless though!

Jane Yoo Seung Ho reunited with Maeumi aka Hearty...haha and both movies are great. Dolly, you awesome!!! YSH, you cool!!

rama First time I saw this movie, when I was changing channel..and I stop in one channel that show my Idol face,,, you know who?? Yoo Seung Ho !! And including YSH, I love the plot and Kim Ha Neul too.. :-)

Genesis I saw this movie, and the entire cast was magnificent. However, being a dog owner myself, I was driven to tear at what happened to Dolly. I found myself wanting to jump through my television and whoop that guys ass. Then I came back to's only a movie, nevertheless, he got what he deserved in the end.

I was so happy at how it all ended, eventhough, it was an on the edge of my seat ride. Yoo Seung Ho is such an awesome talent, looking forward to when he is released from his military service end of next year. And as always Kim Ha Neul is amazing. I don't want to forget the detective (Jo Hee Bong) wow, oh my goodness, I love this man...just saw him in Good Doctor....again, wow, wow, wow...great acting.

Thanks for making this movie is all I can say. I look forward to seeing all of the actor(s) and actresses that took part in this movie in other works. Good luck in life and in career entire cast, directors and staff.

donald draper mayn i ask what is the song playing while the doctor operates in his lab?...

Himchaan My favorite movie of all times *____* I cried so hard D': Kim Ha Neul is so beautiful and Yoo Seung Ho is really cute x3

lisa kim ha neul deserves all the credits. she is amazing actress since debut 1998. i cant forget all her movies and acting. i admire her a lot. stay humble and pretty as u are

tzeitel i enjoyed watching this and gave me goosebumps! i even chilled as i watched the suspense scenes. Kim Ha-neul has always been my favourite actress. i have been waiting for this film online. this film is somehow like "Wait Until Dark" led by Audrey Hepburn. Amazing portrayal of the characters. Unfortunately, Dolly (the lab) and Inspector died. This is a great psycho-thriller-suspense that you'll never get bored to watch. Two thumbs up! That's why Kim Ha-neul won! Another lesson, we should not belittle people with disabilities, instead, show them care and affection. We may not know that they're more able than us. =)

Congratulations to the cast and to Kim Ha-neul and Yoo Seung-Ho!

SP @TOK : It wasn't recording anything. It was sort of like Facetime. Nothing was actually recorded because it was just a call.

James Robinson A touching, almost delicate, troubled and a little violent - disturbing and beautiful..a "ripping yarn". A classic thriller and very well portrayed, directed, scripted and excellent camera work. I thoroughly enjoyed this and was very moved by the scene with the dog and the elevator. Korean cinema has become a mature, refined and capable vehicle. A wonderful film. I will confess that the lead actress, Kim Ha-Neul, is a breath taking beautiful woman. Astonishing acting. Bravo. One for the DVD collection.

~ This film was amazing! It made me scream at the screen at all times. Very good acting by women, men and dog.

NewKDramaAddict This was a phenomenal movie!! If you have not seen it, you must!! KHN did an excellent job!!

Tak Really like the movie. Very well put together and is very intense. I love Korean movies and dramas in a sense that they make everything so realistically scary. One minute everything goes on as everyday life should, and the next.. BOOM! Completely change everything. Cool.

sufi huh!! this story is perfectly make my heart skip a beat!!! i can't get myself off the screen while watching this movie....good job kim haneul & seungho....this is y the world love korean movies n drama's!!

Jen Really good! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and I was literally shouting at my screen at some points. The lead actress was also very convincing as a blind woman and I felt so bad for her at some points. Yoo SeungHo was precious as always. xD

@TOK I'm not too familiar with video phones but I was under the impression it was just a normal video call and not a recording?

Keykey @Jerica Dong Hyun's name is Park Bo Geom (박보검) :]

Jerica instead i wanna know the donghyun's name ! can't find it ! :(

TOK A good thriller! BUT one thing is not clear!

Why the blind girl and a kid didn't show mobile to the police officer when she had recorded a clear picture of a killer on the train?

Later they all were in hospital and then in the police station. why they didn't show mobile to police?

(If Her mobile may have been dropped at platform whilst running away from killer, then her mobile has also been showed in the last scene, so there's no way her mobile was dropped), So it's unclear that why they didn't show mobile to police.

Did they just forget? or did the movie production team forgot about it?

Yezebel I really want to see this movie, but I cannt find it w subtitles.. I want to see it since I saw 2PM's Video "Give it to Me"..

abc ive already downloaded the movie but there's no eng subs..does anyone know where i can get them?

elisa Yoo Seung-Ho !! iloveyouuu so much ! you are so handsome and cool <3 iloveyouuu seung-ho <3

Artemis I cant wait to see it with subs in the US. I saw it when I watched the music video "Hot" from 2PM. I really like what its about even if I dont understand it yet. Its a movie I would like to own just by watching the music video.

Ki I was fortunate enough to catch "Blind" during its world premiere as the closing film for the Buchon International Fantastic Film Festival. I've been a huge fan of Kim Ha-Neul since watching "Too Beautiful to Lie" many years ago, so I'm already a bit biased in favor of the movie and as expected I really enjoyed the movie!

"Blind" lives and dies with Kim Ha-Neul's performance and she really delivers. Normally known for cute / wholesome characters, Kim Ha-Neul plays a strong blind woman in the movie and she does it well. It didn't take long before I didn't think of the person on the screen as actress Kim Ha-Neul, but the blind woman named Ji-Eun.

The story itself is a tight script that has the viewer on edge throughout its runtime. As Ji-Eun is a major witness to a crime and must help the police locate the killer ... you just know things are going to get bad for her. But exactly how? The mysterious teenage boy played by Yoo Seung-Ho comes along and purports to have seen the killer and the car he was driving. But his statements run contrary to Ji-Eun's. Who is telling the truth? Is there an ulterior motive behind the teenage boy's statement? Who and where is the killer?

The movie climaxes with a showdown between Ji-Eun and the killer. It doesn't disappoint! Similar to the impressive performance Soo-Ae gave in "Midnight FM," Kim Ha-Neul gives an equally powerful performance here. I think fans of Korean thrillers in general will really enjoy "Blind" and fans of Kim Ha-Neul's past films will walk away impressed by seeing this other side of her acting talents. I had a great time during the Puchon International Film Festival and "Blind" was certainly one of the highlights.

Luki Looking forward to watch this movie!! I've always been wanting to see Yoo SeungHoo acting in this kinda genre!! xD

soo thanks it really fun and good

evilive good. cuz i like seungho hihi <3 2pm - give it to me & hot

adie I cannot wait to watch this movie!

Riisa Interesting...and Yoo Seung-ho is in the movie!

christine I am a great fan of KHN and I love her acting and i believed she is a versatile actress, beautiful n natural.... she is the best and I will always support her....

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