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  • Drama: Bachelor's Vegetable Store (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Chonggagne Yachaegage
  • Hangul: 총각네 야채가게
  • Director: Lee Joon-Hyung
  • Writer: Yoon Sung-Hee
  • Network: Channel A
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: December 21, 2011 - March 8, 2012
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 20:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Bachelor's Vegetable Store" is based on the true story of Lee Young-Suk who started selling vegetable at a small store in 1998 and now owns 33 vegetable stores nationwide.


In his youth, Tae-Yang (later played by Ji Chang-Wook) lived with his grandmother and younger sister Tae-In (later played by Lee Se-Young). His mother passed away and his father abandoned him. Tae-Yang's best friend is Jin-Sim (later played by Wang Ji-Hye). Jin-Sim is an orphan who lived in an orphanage attached to a church. Their secret play area was an abandoned car.

Tae-Yang often goes to the traditional market with his younger sister Tae-In and picks up discarded vegetables to take home. One day, some of his classmates learn of Tae-Yang and Jin-Sim's situation. When students start to tease him about his poor situation, Jin-Shim kisses Tae-Yang. Jin-Shim tells him that she kissed him because the kids will think of the kiss rather than about his poor background. Tae-Young is filled with happiness when he hears and decides to buy Jin-Shim a present. He decides on a pager. To make money to buy the pager, Tae-Young begins selling vegetables in the street. His younger sister Tae-In helps him. But, an older kid in the neighborhood takes his money by force. Another time, Tae-Yang sells vegetables at the traditional market and the same kid demands Tae-Yang's money. People begin to gather around and start to scold the bully. Tae-Yang then tells the people that gathered around that the kid isn't demanding his money. The bully, grateful for Tae-Yang's action, takes him to the backdoor of restaurant and introduces the lady there to Tae-Yang. Tae-Young now has his first regular customer.

Meanwhile, Jin-Sim steals a glance at a mother and daughter at church. The mother is Kang-Sun and the daughter is Ga-On. Jin-Sim wishes she had a mother like Kang-Sun. Kang-Sun runs a children's clothing store.

One day, Jin-Sim stands outside of the children's clothing store and looks through the window. The store owner's daugher Ga-On sees Jin-Sim peering through the window and invites her inside. Jin-Sim burns her hand by hot tea in the store and the store owner and daughter takes her to the hospital. When the nurse asks who Jin-Sim's mother is, Kang-Sun replies that she is her mother. Jin-Sim is deeply touched by that. After that day, Jin-Sim and Ga-On becomes best friends. They even start to share a diary. Tae-Yang starts to feel annoyed by Jin-Sim's new best friend, especially when she takes Ga-On to their special place ... the abandoned car.

Kang-Sun reads an article about company president Mok In-Beom going through a divorce. That evening, Kang-Sun calls Mok In-Beom and they make an appoint to meet when Ga-On is ready. In the past, Kang-Sun and Mok In-Beom were in love, but because of Kang-Sun's poor background Mok In-Beom's parents opposed their relationship. Nevertheless, Mok In-Beom was in love with Kang-Sun and willing to give up everything for her. Instead, Kang-Sun asked In-Beom to become powerful enough that they could start a family. She left with their baby Ga-On.

One day, Tae-Yang, his younger sister Tae-In, Jin-Shim and Ga-On are all together on the street. Tae-Yang, his younger sister Tae-In and Jin-Sim sells vegetables together, while Ga-On plays the violin. Kang-Sun happens to walk by and becomes angry to see her daughter playing the violin on the street. Ga-On runs away. Later that night, Jin-Sim goes to Kang-Sun's clothing store to return Ga-On's violin. There, Kang-Sun blames Jin-Sim for Ga-On's behavior and asks Jin-Sim to not see Ga-On anymore. Jin-Sim is devastated by those words. She goes to the abandoned car by herself and cries.

Tae-Yang notices something is wrong with his grandmother. He goes to see his grandmother's doctor to learn what is wrong with her. Tae-Yang then learns that his grandmother has only a short time left to live. Tae-Yang is devastated and also goes to the abandoned car. Now, Tae-Yang and Jin-Sim find each other at the abandoned car in tears.

After attending church, Jin-Sim tells Ga-On what her mother asked. Jin-Sim says that she doesn't want to be friends anymore and leaves. Ga-On waits for Jin-Sim at the abandoned car, but only Tae-Yang arrives there. Ga-On gives their shared diary to Tae-Yang and asks him to give it to Jin-Shim and she will wait for Jin-Shim at the abandoned car tomorrow. The next day at school, Tae-Yang reads the diary. He comes across the latest entry which is written by Ga-On. Ga-On writes that she and her mother will go live with her dad, but she will take Jin-Sim with her and they will love together as a family. Tae-Yang, fearful that he will lose Jin-Sim, tears out that entry before giving it to Jin-Sim. Tae-Yang also doesn't mention that Ga-On will be waiting for her at the abandoned car after school.

Meanwhile, Ga-On waits for Jin-Sim at the abandoned car. Ga-On falls asleep and when she wakes it is dark outside. At this time, Ga-On hears sounds outside. Suddenly, the car door opens and their are two kids standing outside. Ga-On is frightened and runs from them up to a ladder. When the two kids approach her again, Ga-On falls to the ground.

Kang-Sun is extremely worried that Ga-On has not come home yet. Kang-Sun goes and asks Jin-Sim if she knows where her daughter could be. Jin-Sim thinks Ga-On might be at the abandoned car. On the way there they bump into Tae-Yang. Tae-Yang mentions that Ga-On might be there waiting for Jin-Sim. They all rush to the abandoned car together, but Ga-On is not there. They do find Ga-On's favorite doll near the car.


  1. Filming begins November 11, 2011.


Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Ji Chang-Wook.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Wang Ji-Hye.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Kim Yeong-Kwang.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Park Su-Jin.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Hwang Shin-Hye.jpg
Ji Chang-Wook Wang Ji-Hye Kim Young-Kwang Park Soo-Jin Hwang Shin-Hye
Han Tae-Yang Jin Jin-Sim / Lee Seul-Woo Jung Dan-Bi Choi Kang-Sun
Mok Ga-On
Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Lee Se-Young.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Park Won-Suk.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Jang Hang-Seon.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Kim Do-Yeon (1966).jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Jeon No-Min.jpg
Lee Se-Young Park Won-Suk Jang Hang-Seon Kim Do-Yeon Jeon No-Min
Han Tae-In Hwang Soo-Ja Jung Goo-Gwang Yeon Boong-Hong Mok In-Beom
Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Lee Kwang-Soo Lee Kwang-Soo.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Jihyuk.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Sung Ha.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Shin Won-Ho.jpg Bachelor's Vegetable Store-Lee Eun.jpg
Lee Kwang-Soo Jihyuk Sung Ha Shin Won-Ho Lee Eun
Nam Yoo-Bong Yoon Ho-Jae Jung Ki-Young Lee Chan-Sol Hong Jung-Ah

Additional Cast Members:



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MoonHwaYoon @Linda and @Kathy, he already got the Excellent Actor Award(Special Project for Empress Ki) at MBC Drama Awards 2013. :)

hyunda So what's the deal with this drama, Ga-On and Jin-Sin is the same person? How come an adult version played by one person? Or Ga-On was actually died? I wanna watch this but i need a spoiler first. Thank u

Kathy I agree with Linda, the comment below! Ji Chang Wook is a great actor and his skills are starting to get noticed. Really loved his acting in Empress Ki, made me cry on the final episode. His leading role in Healer is amazing as well and I cannot wait to watch more of his work! :)

Linda I fell in love with Ji Chang Wook after watching this drama. He is such a great actor. His acting is so real especially to Jin Shim. He should be get the Top Excellence Male Award. Please have more good dramas like Empress Ki! SarangHaeyo Ji Chang Wook! Just can't get enough of you!!

ezey FRESH MEN ! AJA AJA AJA AJA! ! ! it!

amtir arghhhh miss 30 minutes today episode. just download because you are my everything song to my mp3. gonna listen to it over and over again

Sweetpinkx I am watching this drama becaue of Lee Kwang Soo!!! Love this drama.....

Jay in SF What's the actor's name that played "Choi Kang-Sun's" chaffeur? He seems familiar.

Thanks, Jay

Sera Ji Chang Wook is a really great actor! I hope he will pick more good dramas like this :-)

lala LOL at COMMENT No.9<< what the heck u talking about?! maybe he/she just google translate the words that he/she wants to talk about...

DanRoYan I watched this drama because of Lee Kwang Soo oppa ^.^) I'm so happy to see him act and in a fling team. I ended up loving everything else about it. I thought it was just an average drama because I've never heard of it, but then I realized, it was because it was still showing.haha. Every episode shows complication which makes the following episodes very interesting and exciting.

Really great drama! Very complex! Love Lee Kwang Soo oppa♡♡♡ ^.^)

blossom watching this because my friend told me that this is a really good drama!at first I've been looking for this from early of this year, but I keep denying to watch it till my friend told me to watch. And this drama really DAEBAK!!!

I hate with Ga On's mom till d'whole drama, but end up feel so pity towards her..well, at least she's realize that her daughter now is Jin Shim not Ga On..eventho I'm not sure is it really true or not, but at least Jin Shim finally back to the way she used to be :)

Well worth to match since they're all really good looking bachelors who played in this drama, hehe..Chang Wook, Kwang Soo and Sung Ha~~ you guys are awesome! ;)

manda all I want to know if there is going to be another season. love the show, great story line.

Lexu5 I don't get Lee Seul-Woo's character in this drama at all. His character is seem so vague and useless. It's like he was put into the story last minute because there needed to be a love rival. But there are so many people that would have worked as the love rival other then his character. Also Kim Young-Kwang is really creepy or stale in every scene with him. So either the character is not a good fit or the actor is doing a really bad job.

ray I hope Taeyang and Danbi ends up together! Probably not but oh well still good intense drama.

jlin Tae Yang picks Jung Dan-Bi, as his soul mate.

j lin 20 epidsode, Wed, Thur, will be the finale.

WTFFFFF WTF if with unknown85 i mean honestly!! They're all good comments below his/her comment O_O What a dumbass

tifa Hey, does anyone knws how many eps tis drama has?

jung danbi its a good far...worth waiting...

yessir does anyone know who the jin shim child actress is?? very solid acting at a young age! reminds me of park shin hye in stairway to heaven

JinJinSim Anyeonghaseyo! ... JOKES WOW the first 2 episodes were Amazing and very surprising. The child actors were brilliant. They actually made me cry about Tae-egg [and etc] >_< Now I'm off to see how the adults battle this off. Bachelor's Vegetable Show~ HWAITING!

Who? WTF is with Comment #9 ??? 1. ssssss >_< i dnt understand the english 2. what the hell was he/she talking about? all these comments are good T_T ...................................... WEIrd

unknown85 come on give good comment what and why u watch this drama. i not just asking the guy is cute then u must watch it. if the guy is ugly then u shouldn't watch. what the heck. Immediately instinct tell me this going to be ep30 - ep40 finish or might over. So it is worth it or not that puzzle me.......... This show just like the FOREST GUMP Movie so i very very curious ok.

Julia I love it soooo farrr, super cute. A new change to the quiet arrogant guys.. Tae Yang makes my heart beat by his understanding and loving nature. <3

ayaa xx shin wonho !! so handsome and cute <3 i only watch this drama because of you !! saranghaee and hwaiiting <3<3

RawrLove Does He Find Out That That Evil Witch Is The One Who Killed His GrandMother?

biruCHOCOLATE shin woo ho!....1st time saw him in skin food CF..... i fall in love!....seriously eye-candy..<3<3<3

speakerbox i love this drama!!!! :D Ji Chang Wook is awesome!!!

HanisLee wah... i really love n like Ji Chang Wook... So handsome.. ^^

beneva Kyaaak........Ji Chang Wook :) Absolutely watch this drama.

zhee must watch this drama >_< i really want to see kwangsoo! kyaaa~~

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