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  • Name: Yong Joon-Hyung
  • Hangul: 용준형
  • Born: December 19, 1989
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 178cm
  • Blood Type:


  1. Member of boy band "Beast"

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samanthayang123 Monstar season 2.....? Omg. it didn't really end as what I expected -___- lol but oppa saranghae.

Skyland I also love his acting and character in Monstar :) Hope that Mnet and tvN will produce Monstar 2 and invite him to cast Seol Chan again, with Ha Yeon Soo as Seyi, Kang Ha Neul as Seon Woo, Da Hee as Nana... with same casts, same PD, writer-nim ^^ Look forward to it so much :)

Jasamie Really loved your acting in Monstar, should do more dramas. Oppa- Jjang!!! Beast is the best, fighting.

sabiya love you to much jooh-hyung,,,, i wanna eat you,you look delicious!:)

ryna Damn...I love him too much,,I'm really...really hoppless can see you for next seasson drama Monstar...Love you briliant man "yong joon hyung"

Babs I love Beast, but he is my # 1 Beast. He's very talented!

vevey hoping to see him more!hes also good in acting!

putri cibebz korea oppaaaa..............thumbs monstar sarangheooo

Elizabeth Yong Joon Hyung is the most amazing talent. I loved him when he first entered the drama, just outstanding. I hope to see him in more dramas. It was such a lovely ending. I was so happy to see him finally have his first love. What a gorgeous drama, great cast, great directing, everything about this drama was #1. His friends and family must be so proud of him. Absolutely outstanding young man. I am a much older fan of Korean music and dramas and especially love the the K Pop scene. It makes my husband and I feel young again. Love the young talent coming out of Korea.

Zoie I think his/your roll in this is fantastic and perfect!

Nandini Waiting for him to take up new acting projects . .I know he's busy making music but one can always wish, right ! I know I'll be back here soon hehe!! Junhyungie fighting! Love you so much !!

Jenalyn Borromeo Oppa................Thumbs up MONSTAR

Gabrielle Joon-Hyung <3 He is amazing. Handsome singer and rapper and cute smile ;) Because of "Monstar" i like him very much, too. He is a good actor.

@U Please a second season for Monstar!!!! Oder irgendein drama wo du mit spielst natürlich Natürlich Hauptdarsteller! Ne 2te Staffel wäre aber echt nicht schlecht xd

teemafiddi reallt talentd and handsome love your rapping skills and also love it when u say:''I'm a star''....cnt wait to see you in your next movie..SARANGHAE!!!

rozlene I love you so muth oppa we holp for you the. Best and the best ;)

bernadette OMG he is so handsome ^^ So good in acting anyway does monstar has/ have a season 2?

           I become one of his fans because of MONSTAR ^^ I love you Yong Joon Hyung. (Saranghe)^^

jela he is so cool, so perfect. but is there no longer the band beast? :'(

Khin Khin HAY..... I am waiting for monstar season2. Yong Jun Hyung is the best performer.

ain he is really amazing! i love you oppaaaa ahahaha. monstar season 2 mybe

jessica taboles i love beast very well also yong joonhyung because of his movie monstarn i wish there will be a season 2

rose i m very exciting about the drama (moonstars)i can't wait season2

u r really emotional

chingwei junhyung oppa~ neomu moshisouyo~ fall in love of you(>_<) oppa hwaiting~

Babs I live this guy! So extremely talented and very handsome! I pray for continued blessings and much success. He is my #1 Beast, can't wait until they return to the US. Beast is the Best!

indah paramita im waiting monstar season 2...

net He looks so tough! He is best in Monstar. Hopefully there'll be another film for him.

ilovekdrama Oppa monstar season 2? (:

Tikky see u on next Friday night>>>> I can't understand Korea language, but want to see them all.

flore you look cool......fan from india

samar ashraf hi .. as i am from egypt i don't know alot about kpop or drama but i want to say that you are an amazing actor as i loved you from the first second i have saw you.. you are so amazing keep the good work .. and the girl with you is so pretty .. fighting ^^

AbusedSmiles Wish you would act in more Kdramas. Oh and you're a character better than Sun Woo. ;D though I should let you know. I also think that they should make a special channel in the US for KDramas because so many people like them.

Don't Abuse the Smile. Live,

           Love <3

~AbusedSmiles------A fan from The US......

nadya I love him so much:* his smile,his laugh, ohh i like it. From korean drama Monstar,now my first biased in B2ST is Junhyung

fatima korean series are so nice and everybody in world see them be successful <3

Babs I just want to give a shout out to Yong Joon Hyung. I'm really happy to see you acting now, you're doing a great job! Love your acting chops; you are very talented. I would also love to see you in concert. You're a great performer, and I really love the fact that you have soul!  :) Stay humble, and keep up the awesome work. Wishing you continued success and many blessings.

Babs Sheppard An American fan

me ne oppa ! act for many dramas and movies! i love your acting !<3333 and your face is absolutely perrrrfect for acting $-$!<3333 oppa saranghae p:

Kimia I used to watch b2st music videos before but I never got to know or notice him at all ,but after watching monstar I started searching for any fact about him. He is now my no.1 bias in B2st!

audrey i started watching this drama only because of junhyung...<3

Jay Meanliy I don't think this guy is good looking at all

Sarah My daughter will not watch the show Monstar, because she is too jealous of the girls on the show with you!!

Beng Mallari even the way he stares in space is great! makes me want to move his head to stare at me, =)

ehmilla Cute.... Yoon Sul- Chan is the real you I guess haha.. Can't wait next drama from you boy !

eli you are THE BEST JunHyung <3

marzienini I agree with Ash44k. I knew Beast way back 2011 but it is only now that I come to know Yong Joon -Hyung. =) of course, I knew the other members but because of Monstar I got to know that he's also one that shines well not only Gi-kwang. =)

ash44k Living in the West, I don't know much about K-Music scene but I am watching Monstar and loving it! He is such a good actor and is a real credit to his role.

sevdeeee Türkiyeden selamlar :D Yakışıklı çocuk hani ;D

Trangy This role seemed to fit Joonhuyng actual personality. That is why he is a total success in Monstar. Love him to pieces <3

erotyka This site certainly has all the information and facts I wanted about this subject and didn't know who to ask.

bengbeng You're very good in MONSTAR. I kept wanting for more, why is just 1 episode per week? can't wait for a week again to watch you!

Belle He's an absolute treasure. Love him to pieces! He's brilliant as a member of BEAST and amazing in Monstar so far. I hop to see more of him in the future!!

Nandini He's seriously a good actor! I hope he gets a lot of new dramas and also movies now that he's acting in MONSTAR . . I hope the drama would live up to our expectations.

Namie he's such a great actor <3 keep it up junie ^^

anna oppa ,you´re so handsome love you <3

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