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  • Drama: Vampire Prosecutor
  • Revised romanization: Baempaieo Geomsa
  • Hangul: 뱀파이어 검사
  • Director: Kim Byung-Soo
  • Writer: Han Jung-Hoon, Kang Eun-Sun
  • Network: OCN
  • Episodes: 12
  • Release Date: October 2, 2011 - December 18, 2011
  • Runtime: Sun. 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Prosecutor Min Tae-Yeon (Yeon Jeong-Hun) is bitten by somebody he doesn't and becomes a vampire. Tae-Yeon rejects the life of a vampire and he survives by drinking the blood of dead people and still lives as a righteous prosecutor .

Tae-Yeon also uses his new found abilities as a vampire to prosecute powerful persons normally thought above the law. A mysterious case then occurs and the evidence points to a vampire as the perpetrator. Tae-Yeon now knows that he is not the only vampire. He also ponders why he became a vampire and what truths may lie behind their motives.


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    1. Vampire Prosecutor 2 (OCN / 2012)


Vampire Prosecutor (Korean Drama)-Yeon Jeong-Hun.jpg Vampire Prosecutor (Korean Drama)-Lee Young-Ah.jpg Vampire Prosecutor (Korean Drama)-Lee Won-Jong.jpg Vampire Prosecutor (Korean Drama)-Jang Hyun-Sung.jpg
Yeon Jeong-Hun Lee Young-Ah Lee Won-Jong Jang Hyun-Sung
Min Tae-Yeon Yoo Jung-In Hwang Soon-Bum Jang Chul-Oh
Prosecutor Prosecutor Detective Chief Prosecutor

Additional Cast Members:



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Ariadney Is the "Blood' is the season 3 of this drama....?

Yuvraj Interesting drama! Promising premise. Will watch this one.

Hazel Greenwood I absolutely love the vampire prosecutor series. Especially that cliff hanger at the end of season 2. I have been waiting for over a year to see the third season. Please I ask from the bottom of my heart don't cancel the series!

Mai There has to be Season 3!!!! This drama is awesome! When will Season 3 be published or whatsoever! Like srsly, this drama is different and better then any normal dramas! This drama -Vampire Prosecutor- needs a third Season!

Tamika Pleaseeeeeeeeee there must be a season 3. i couldn't stop watching on netflix. i beg you let there be a season 3.

Yoon ee Please give us season 3 This drama is too adorable, I cant get rid of this drama Min geumsa its freaking awesome to see your fangs out.

Elizabeth Who is the actress that plays the medical examiner in Season 1?

rindu when VP3 coming... I wait, still wait... I miss VP 3 ........

Gladdies D. Is there still no News about the season 3? I'm very disappointed by what I read in internet, that they were planning to do a spin-off... I just want to hear something positive that will reassure me that the season 3 is on the way.

Yvonne W. I have become fond of this show. It reminds of some of American tv's better shows. I hope you have a season 3 and the english subtitles are very good.

Nina OMG! When will they come out with season three!? I loved the entire series, but it left so many loose ends I can't seem to count them all. I recommended some of my friends to watch it and so far they've loved it and also wonder when the third season comes out too. So don't keep us waiting too long! By the way, Min tae yon, your awesome!

cghs Season 3 pls..

gwyneth it's the most awesome show ever!!!!!!!

sara i love it. im so excited to see this series continue.please make season 3.

sara i love it.season3 of this series when we came?.im so excited to see this series continue .

jynx I love it!!! will there be a season 3?

Jussi Third season really looking forward to see min again!!!

ANITA Great drama; need season 3 after the great cliff-hanger after season 2.

zeyna Why Lee Young-Ah is not in the season 2 ??!? ı lıked her ın season 1 pretty much why ısnt she ın the cast ?

Marlene Grube I love Vampire Prosecutor and Vampire Prosecutor 2, I hope there comming a Vampire Prosecutor 3, so will I was a really happy girl... <3 <3 <3

Paulene jamie Still no updates for season 3? We have to change K-drama trends.

meron the drama vampire is supposed to be a spin of this drama so i think that will be season 3

sora btw, the original vampire (or most of European called them dracula) is a fiction character which is written by Bram Stoker. But Stoker get the idea from Romanian's figure Vlad Dracula. Myth tell Vlad Dracula drink his enemy blood (and he is not a dead man, he is a human). since Stoker write about this fiction character, there is a lot of other author who wrote about vampire. Stephenie Meyer write a glowing skin vampire, so for me, there is no "dracula original" version. people can write other version.

sora vampire is a myth, there is a lot of version of vampires, well, this is just another version of vampire, and i don't mind with it, its fiction anyway LOL but, i love the story, most of crime story is easy to predict but not with the crime in this story. And i really like the special unit character combination, the cool and calm prosecutor min, the hot blood and nasty prosecutor yoo, the crazy detective hwang, and the clumsy yet smart choi. the ending is so heartbreaking and it's give me a WOW in all over my face. one of the best crime drama.

306yuzuhiko i really want to watch the third season,,,,

Sharon Just finished season 2. Fell in love with Min at the first episode. Cannot wait to see 3. Question is when is it airing? Please don't leave the fans in suspense and hanging. We really want to see Min and his gorgeous eyes and smile.

Nandini Ah, I am dying to see the 3rd season of this drama! Please please please! When does it air?~

ptpk Ahhhhhhh! Where is season 3???? I'm in love with all the seasons!!!!

OCN They do notice that his hand is cold. They just don't emphasize it much in the show. They've also come to take the main characters oddness as normal. The only time they complain about him not eating, drinking and other stuff, is when THEY GET DRUNK and their entire personalities change. Most vampire myths, authors tend to erase, having characters say. "You know they say vampires can't stand sunlight? It's just a rumor." For some reason this technique has gotten popular among current time vampire authors. So I'd say it's a given that this story would detach itself from the popular old vampire folklore, and become something else. After all it is popular.

Alethia Knox @ nally Maybe nobody noticed because the writer's made these vampires different. Maybe in this show vampires can feel pain (to some degree), aren't cold, and have to breath. I'm just taking a guess here, so I could be wrong. However I think the writer's aimed for something different from the vampire legend.

nally first i liked this drama because it has an entreating and new story but then I was confused because the "vampires" dont feel tiered ,dont breath ,dont feel physical pain,and also cold because they are died .doesn't right??? .so why no one notice that he is so cold "when he shake hands " or"when she felt down ,and he help her ,and give her erring back to her" .why they felt tiered and started caching their breath when they were fighting ??? . that was way strange about what in original vampires tales .

asoka plssss pls pls... make a new season. l love this drama.

l wait for a next season from Turkey.

Karina Please make a next season I literally obsessed with this show I love this show even though I recently started watching it please make a next season

eza marvin please proceed again prosecutor vampire season 3 I've not spread how the continuation min and the prosecutor whether to fight bad blood or even making friends and like where the Jang Chul-Oh did live longer and sister Min Tae-Yeon I wait ..

  1. Vampire prosecutor is the best and the best



        • SPOILER*****

Can anyone help me answer why some of the cases there's blood inconsistencies? cuz sometimes he'd be drinking outta the blood sample, but sometimes he swipes it off the ground and gets the same length of flashbacks. does this mean as long as he tastes blood he can see flashbacks? if so why does he drink the whole entire sample of blood (blood tube)?

dyan I enjoy watching yeon jong hun because i am a big fan of his wife HAN GA IN

Faith Great series and yes they have been confirmed for a second season --they are just discussing the spot it will take in the TV lineup this 2012 Fall/Winter season. Also all the characters will be back and have signed on for the 2nd season. Really amazing series and even if it is following the big wave of US vampire dramas it has a whole different vibe to it all together without all the vamp cliches. If you are wondering if you should watch this I would recommend you watch the whole first episode on I was hooked after the first episode and finished the series in a little over a week-- yeah it was that good. Vampire Prosecutor Fighting!!!

Mary-Anne I so LOVE this rama! And I've just read it somewhere that there will be a season 2! YAYYY :)

Trang Dinh This drama is amazing. I watched all 11 episodes in 2 days and its just getting better.

dkvt332 This show i actually really cool. can watch at and with english subs

hopesmile i have enjoyed watching this series,i actually don't understand Korean but i sit and watch till its over.i wish i could get one with English sub tittle i would really want to follow it

faz nice start lets see how it goes

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