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  • Drama: Vampire Prosecutor 2
  • Revised romanization: Baempaieo Geomsa 2
  • Hangul: 뱀파이어 검사 2
  • Director: Yoo Sun-Dong
  • Writer: Han Jung-Hoon, Kang Eun-Sun
  • Network: OCN
  • Episodes: 11
  • Release Date: September 9 - November 18, 2012
  • Runtime: Sun. 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  1. "Vampire Prosecutor 2" takes over the OCN Sun 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "God's Quiz Season 3".
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  3. Korean company CJ E&M and Japanese company Amuse each invested approximately $4.4 million USD into producing the drama series.
    1. Vampire Prosecutor (OCN / 2011)


Vampire Prosecutor 2-Yeon Jeong-Hun.jpg Vampire Prosecutor 2-Lee Young-Ah.jpg Vampire Prosecutor 2-Lee Won-Jong.jpg Vampire Prosecutor 2-Lee Kyeong-Yeong.jpg Kim Joo-Young
Yeon Jeong-Hun Lee Young-Ah Lee Won-Jong Lee Kyoung-Young Kim Joo-Young
Prosecutor Min Tae-Yeon Prosecutor Yoo Jung-In Detective Hwang Soon-Bum Corone Jo Jung-Hyun Choi Dong-Man

Additional Cast Members:


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kpopkitty Season 3 please and thank you! :)

ongsy Please have season 3!

Nhiia I like Kwon Hyun sang,, :D ,, season 3 pleaseee.... :(

Ansk Where is Kim Jin Ha 's name? I want to know. :-)

farah this needs season 3! there are still questions left unanswered T_T Vampire Prosecutor is just too good

merry Season 3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz:-( :-(

Nana i found something that might be some sort of a bad news for all of us.

"According to an official from OCN on Sept 7, the cable channel is currently planning to do a spin-off of ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ instead of producing the 3rd season of the drama series. In other words, OCN plans to create a new story based on the popular character from the original ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ series. The official said, “The spin-off for ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ is still under planning stage. Although it’s not totally confirmed and finalized yet, but we’re aiming to release the spin-off during the first half of next year. We’re currently in the process of working for the synopsis of the spin-off.”

Also the official said “We will continue to discuss on how we’re going to proceed with the production of ‘Vampire Prosecutor 3′ but at the moment we don’t know specifically when is the time that we’re going to produce it for certain.”"

Nonetheless, i still need explanations from the previous 2 seasons of VP. the ending is just..

Diệp Vũ I am a Vietnam and I love this movie. not only me but also many other Vietnam movie lovers. I hope that the crew will continue for the part 3 of the movie "Vampire Prosecutor". I love Min Tae Yeon and Yoo Jung In, 2 beautiful double !!

Markus Any news 'bout Season 3? We'r waitin' still, hmm... 2 years already?

Markus Any news 'bout Season 3? We'r still waitin', hmm... 2 years already =\

Daneth M waiting for season 3. Season 2 left me with many questions. Oh, congrat prosecutor Min on good news-father to be. Good luck and come back with a new season pls.

Decyana Aigooo, where's season 3? Miss them so bad, its been more than a year TT_____TT

Samantha Allen Come on guys it already 2014 march 24, when is vampire prosecutor 3 coming out I know gun Jung hoon is doing a 50 new drama but he should be done with it now hurry and make season 3 pleaseeeeeeeee I want to know what happen to tae yoon and too Jung in better yet what happen to all of them when the ending of season 2 went down so please pit out an season 3

Paulene jamie it's already 2014... When will season 3 be release/aired?

marj WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! season 3 plsssss ......i want to know what happen to Prosecutor Yoo booooo..

chierana i can't wait to season 3... please.... i want to watch Min tae yeon againn.... ^^

Lee i like kim byung soo director better T_T i don't know, you can feel the bitter, the action, and the finishing better with kim byung soo direction. hope he will do the season 3. but the actor and actress is still great.

whimsy Seen the OCN 2014 line up and VP3 isn't included. There's going to be a spin off though, and the promo images for The Vampire shows two eye images, a female looking red one and a blue one which looks to be Min's. I'm hoping female one's Jung In's.

joanne What is goin onnnnnn..... why dont they tell us if there is a season 3??????????? I mean the ending of season 2 surely states "to be continued" .... it s getting me on my nerves they are not even sayin that there wont be..... are they even reading the comments?

kdramaholic When will season 3 be coming out? Anyone know?

Carmen OMG! I LOVED season 2! _.< I also want Jung In to turn into a vampire in s3. SEASON 3 PLEASEE!

Nandini It was awesome!! Please!! I demand a third season!! *on my knees* puhtagiyeyo! jebal!

한 지원 Please season 3 !!!! Season 2 left a lot of mystery!!!! No changes in main cgaracter please!! ^^

wisa I just finished season 2. Please Please....let there be a season 3!!! if not this year at least next year. I hope they can keep all the same main characters. I want to see more romance between tae yeon and in jung.

siaiaikoh season 3 (fingers crossed) :)

Prosecutor im hoping that yoo jung in turn into a vampire in season 3! OMG and im sooo curious about the "real" Bad blood.cant wait no longer.hope there is some developments for our 2 prosecutor's romance in the third season.

Dark Flower when is season 3? we're all waiting for it

Syndy Waiting for season "3"

Addict Love it i hope there is season 3 of this and i hope Yuriko Yoshitaka became vampire... ^_^ heheh

nally i love this drama . well I loved "L" Kwon Hyun-Sang ,because hes character is evil and the vampire supposed to be evil or has an naughty behaviorand looks. It's of the vampire charisma . but though I also love Prosecutor Min Tae-Yeon . I really dont know why ?? ^_^ beautiful drama :)

ash Waiting for season 3 want to find out who is in front of min tae-yeon and who is the real bad :D

Ancelia I really love this show . He looks so sexy when he change and he looks so hot in the Trailers of season 2.I hope he and prosecutor yoo be together forever and I hope he changes her. Also Can someone please tell me when will season2 be on Netflix

306yuzuhiko i like this drama n i hope i can watch next season....... i am waiting for it

Kuro I absolutely adore this drama, the acting is great and I think when his eyes change colors like that- it's so freaking hot! Does anyone know when the third season will be coming out? I'm dying to know!!! :D

doodi first of all I hv mo idea why this show is on cable tv ..... it is one of my top 5 k-drama. and they should definitely have a season 3 I just hope they announce when it will come bacl <3. hurry up. plz

kim please dont let Detective Hwang Soon-Bum talk so much some times watching him go on and on an on makes you want to be there just to shut him up

kim there isnt a lot of shows that's not from the US that gets to me but this show is just wow. Most vampire show is soo easy to guess how it will end but with this show it's not,i love this show an wish there is a season3. i hope love bloom in this for min and yoo mostly he deserve it to feel a bit more human even if he's not also it would work out with them after all yoo grew up with a father like that she sure as hell can love a vampire that don't kill to live.

laras_haemin I Love this drama so much.....

eza marvin please proceed again prosecutor vampire season 3 I've not spread how the continuation min and the prosecutor whether to fight bad blood or even making friends and like where the Jang Chul-Oh did live longer and sister Min Tae-Yeon I wait ..

  1. Vampire prosecutor is the best and the best


Shen Please in season 3 let the prosecuter min fall in love with Jung in

Lestibournes The most obvious candidate for being the bad blood is the minister who was almost assasinated but was saved by being turned into a vampire, as we've seen in the flashbacks at the beginning. He killed about 15 within minutes of being turned. Being a politician, there's a high probablity, though not certainty, that he was corrupt long before he was a vampire. He could be one of the lowest scumbags that ever lived and the chief prosecutor's boss for all we know, or someone even in the national government.

Dewi Sitompoel I was finished watching this drama.. Daebak!! I was waiting how the ending after i watched Season 1.. And it will be more?? Season 3?? I be waiting.. :) I love this drama!! Not like korean drama usually.. The unexpected story line.. The actors and actresses was great acting too.. And now i wonder how the rest of the story line would be?? Would Min found his sister?? Jung In should be the vampire too?? And could they be a couple?? But all of that, the biggest question are who is the bad blood??


lusi fransiska This drama. .Daebak.. please..season 3 i hope prosecutor min and jung in will be couple.. i love it i will wait please..please...please...

Alireza Oh perfect drama can't wait for season 3. but please tell us what is the truth and who is the bad blood

Tenshi Sou do Brasil, difícil achar noticias sobre esse drama... por favor me digam que vai ter a 3ª temporada, muito ansiosa. Se tiver alguém tem alguma dica de quando vai lançar??

Haider I Will season 3 .... Please I love this drama ... I hope Will be there season 3 soon.

Thank you

jeg When will season 3 will show?

Mochicecream awww it only has 11 episodes!!! :(

Faith Been waiting for season 2 , for what feels like ages-- AND it is amazing!! so worth the wait. Now I am up to episode 9 of season 2 ( out of 11 episodes) and I am freakin' out-- HOW CAN THERE ONLY BE 11 EPISODES... I NEED A SEASON 3!!!!

ceiline i really waited for part 2... really loved the first season

mikoori Asian vampire dont burn when xpose 2 sunlight...

M Hope Vampire Prosecutor 3 will come Out too!!!!!

Shahrul Jasnizam Yuriko Yoshitaka in Korean drama?? Wow... Its AWESOME... Like Rondo(2006 Japanese Drama)... Yutaka Takenouchi and Ji-Woo Choi

gara i had seen too many CSIs. Had watched too many vampire movies. But this Korean drama is interesting. It was not careless. Well written. Not outrageous. It knew its place. I thought i wouldn't be able to appreciate asian vampires considering, there are no vampires in Asia only in America and Europe (having blue eyes as vampire). Still, it does not assume a place that is ambitious. Great job.

nee OMG! they let Yoo Jung-In grow her hair long!So pretty!Love the drama too ^.^v

MaRi I love this drama so much!....I've been waiting for the second season for so long. The plot is really really god. I really liked the first season and I hope the second would be better. :D

kimdaebi I think there is no sequel. I love the story of solving a case like this, can't he fall in love with Yoo Jung In?

joli ahaha! this was my farvorite drama in 2011.. still waiting until now. cant wait anymore. The actors and actresses are so genius

justme omg omg it looks like sooooo much fun vampy prosecutor looks hot no joke, this is going to be so awesome

maia hope he fells in love with jung-in

tere wanna see it!! i love this drama so much..

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