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On Christmas Eve, at the luxurious Tower Sky twin tower building in central Seoul, residents and staff members busy themselves with Christmas preparation. A small fire in the restaurant kitchen attracts the attention of Tower Sky staff member Lee Dae-Ho (Kim Sang-Kyung), who notices a faulty water sprinkler system. Building owner Jo (Cha In-Pyo) disregards the warning and goes ahead with the evening's Christmas party.

Helicopters are hired to circle the building and spray the building with man made snow during the Christmas party. Residents gathered for the event are amazed by the spectacle. Their amazement soon turns into terror when a helicopter loses control and crashes into the building, setting off a chain off horrifying events that threatens the lives of all the residents.


  1. Filming began May 18, 2011 in Namyangju in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. First scene shot was set on Christmas eve in a Chinese Restaurant with restaurant manager Seo Yun-Hee (Son Ye-Jin) busy checking on foods for a party. Meanwhile, building maintenance employee Le Hae-Ho (Kim Sang-Kyung) carefully examines the building. Filming finished December 7, 2011.


The Tower-Sol Kyung-Gu.jpg The Tower-Son Ye-Jin.jpg The Tower-Kim Sang-Kyun.jpg The Tower-Kim In-Kwon.jpg The Tower-Do Ji-Han.jpg
Sol Kyung-Gu Son Ye-Jin Kim Sang-Kyung Kim In-Kwon Do Ji-Han
Kang Young-Ki Seo Yun-Hee Lee Dae-Ho Oh Byung-Man Lee Sun-Woo
The Tower-Park Cheol-Min.jpg The Tower-Song Jae-Ho.jpg The Tower-Lee Ju-Sil.jpg Kim Sung-Oh The Tower-Lee Han-Wi.jpg
Park Chul-Min Song Jae-Ho Lee Ju-Sil Kim Sung-Oh Lee Han-Wi
Chef elderly man Yoon Madam Jung In-Gun Church Elder Kim
The Tower-Cha In-Pyo.jpg The Tower-Jeong In-Gi.jpg The Tower-Ahn Sung-Ki.jpg The Tower-Jo Min-Ah.jpg
Cha In-Pyo Jung In-Gi Ahn Sung-Ki Jo Min-Ah
The tower owner Jo Director Jung chief firefighter Lee Ha-Na

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Mimi Brilliant acting from major casting and heartwarming heartbreaking plot.

shubham Son Ye Jin looks very beautiful in the movie. Great movie. I like son ye-Jin.

Kinoko i started to see this movie without expectatives, but it surprised me! Great movie!

najihah ash The flim that so scary and very sadly , In chrismast day , very sadly are , the son , mom wife but this flim taht great ~ i like itt

Ghost Hee Honestly when I was watching this movie, I was guess who is the director. I guessed Tidal Wave or The Flu, but surprisingly it turned out to be the director of Sector 7. This film is a major improve in terms of story structure. Although there are still characters who die in absurd ways, I guess it's typical of any disaster movies. Absolutely love the performance of the lead actors in this film. The little girl did a terrific job too!

Marilyn I am Canadian so I'm used to Hollywood garbage. This movie was great! Great actors. Great action. Better than any 9/11 movie I've seen. It felt real. The emotions felt genuine.

I don't care about subtitles when everything gels together nicely.

Great job!

Pavel Greco Naaa, seriously, is it a korean movie? I thought I was watching Armageddon! Lee Chang-dong, Lee Sang-woo, Kim Ki-deok! Sangsennim! SAVE KOREAN CINEMA!!!

Pavel I find quiet offending a so well crafted product that has nothing of korean. Like Running Man or The Flu, what's the difference with Hollywood blockbusters? What's the point to bother with subtitles to digest the same soup? On its on is very well made, the actors always pleasant and human. But it all ends here. And it scares me a lot what is happening to the glorious and subtle South Korean Cinema since Shiri and the involvement of corporations in this media.

Rodrick See this Movie!!!

I admit I have vot been much of a fan of disaster themed movie's, I have seen, Twister, Volcano, 28 days, and have not really been struck by them. I saw this on netflix several week's ago and kept passing by this film. I saw that Sol Kyeong-Gu and Seo Ye-Jin where casted and agreed to watch the film.I also read many positive user reviews. I am glad I decided to watch it after months of putting it off, now I wonder why I waited so long to see it. The director and cast did a great job. Thank You!!

Dinesh D Undugodage's a great movie....I love it

Bradofrd Does nobody see how this relates to 9/11 in NY THE US?

Amanda One of the best movies EVER. Was totally awestruck by it. Compliments to the director!!!

Koh Cheng Yang Best movie I've watched this year. I hope The Tower 2 will be aired in Singapore soon!

sushi12 Just watched it! It was so sad!...Great movie! Definitely a must to watch!

kristy Excellent movie!!!!!!!!Hats off to the director

swan this is one of the best movie i ever seen ,this movie make some nice place in my heart.

löffler,uwe es war ein bemerkenswerter und toller fim.sehr anschaubar voller action und mut. 1 a top film. einfach nur genial.

toomuch It made me cry at the end, of course. Korean movies are so depressing. Anyways, what happened to cha in pyo at the end? did he get arrested?

faranak woooow!! can't stop cring :( such a great movie its story its screenshot and cinemagraphy its acting everything was great and hratwarming and sooo real and sad . it worths to watch

Jaril GREAT great movie...I and my sister enjoyed watching it... The first part was really fun, the scene when the new firefighter was welcomed by his colleagues; also, the scene of the proposal of the chef... It can also be noted the heart-warming scenes of the father and his daughter, Hana. It was filmed very nice,the sounds, the effects, everything, that it made me think "what if I was one of the people in the Sky Tower"?

Erlinda excellent movie. l'll give it a ten. the cast and crew did a good job. gold medal to the director. wonderful, wonderful movie.

leyuhhh not just your ordinary firefighter/ disaster film. It shows the lives of people of different classes and positions and how they come to be as one in order to survive. Really awesome.

Dino Thumbs up for this korean movie which i have watched last night! great in special effects and every minute is an exciting moment! Some would compare this movie with "The Towering Inferno" back in the 70s, In my opinion, u won't see any part copy from the US version. How the fire started, how the fire ended, the building structure, introduction of the building, the party, the story of individual character, they are all different! There is a scene on the glass lift too and I thought it will ended up like the US version where the lady will fall out of the lift but it never happen. I think US version is strong in the story line where every character is explained clearly but the Korean version seems like having so little time yet so much to show, it just briefly bring in the characters. But special effect wise, Korean version is much better, though its unfair to say that since the US was made 30 years ago! Both are equally good and worth watching again n again!

eyra I accidentally watched the thriller while pondering what movie should I watch with my 14 yo bro at cinema. I immediately bought the tickets, let me tell you, it was awesome & blew my mind!!! All the fire, explosions! I will look for its dvd when it comes out. I would love to watch it over and over.

winter koek excellent...a good movie, touching,exciting,dun miss it,,,

rhyme' I love it ..i love it.. this is a best movie at all, i love korean movie... Hi ...sol kyung-gu ,kim sang - kyung and son ye-jin..u all the best actor and actress.. Thanks for this movie..two thumbs !!!

Lee Is it exactly the same plot as in Towering Inferno of the 70s ?

john Nowell l am in the movie but very briefly. I am going to it today in Suwon Korea.

G-rob I always love a good disaster movie, and this is a GREAT disaster movie! Not being of the Asian community myself, I found out about this movie by accident. I live in Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, and this movie was only playing in one theater. Filled with incredible special effects , taught suspense, an excellent score and action sequences, as well as fine acting, this thriller's a movie I will be telling all my friends about.

Nas i accidently watching this drama with my friends without knowing this is a korean movie. ohmygosh, all of us cried at the end. pfftt, this is a good movie~! worth it :D

N Sol kyung gu, best korean actor. No wonder the movie is a hit.

jnt Now, this movie is a hit---- Son Ye Jin is a big reason for it!

IA The began filming and end it since 2011. And they are releasing it only at dec 2012. :O :O

Luffly Look promising and it reminds me of Tidal Wave/Haundae

new kfan The trailer is impressive so this might be my first korean movie.

luvi i hope i can which this movie. sights

darkmax a la "Inferno"?

Hae Won yes.. and this isn't a romantic movie so i'll witness a different performance from the cast specially from SYJ.. ^^

ying tan I really look forward to watching this movie. Looks like a great movie.

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