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  • Movie: The Suspect (English & literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Yonguija
  • Hangul: 용의자
  • Director: Won Shin-Yeon
  • Writer: Lim Sang-Yoon
  • Producer: Shin Chang-hwan
  • Cinematographer: Kim Dae-Sung. Choi Sang-Ho, Lee Sung-Jae, Kwon Young-Il
  • Release Date: December 24, 2013
  • Runtime: 137 min.
  • Genre: Action
  • Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A North Korean spy (Gong Yoo), who is abandoned by North Korea, settles down in South Korea. He then becomes a the prime suspect in a murder case. The victim in the murder case is the CEO of a large corporation. The suspect now attempts to uncover the truth.


  1. Filming began sometime in the autumn of 2012 and finished June 2, 2013. Filming lasted 9 months.
  2. "The Suspect" is the first action film that actor Gong Yoo has appeared in.


The Suspect-Gong Yoo.jpg The Suspect-Park Hee-Soon.jpg The Suspect-You Da-In.jpg
Gong Yoo Park Hee-Soon You Da-In
Ji Dong-Cheol Min Se-Hoon Choi Gyung-Hee
The Suspect-Jo Sung-Ha.jpg The Suspect-Jo Jae-Yun.jpg The Suspect-Kim Sung-Kyun.jpg
Cho Seong-Ha Jo Jae-Yun Kim Sung-Kyun
Kim Seok-Ho Captain Jo Lee Gwang-Jo

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Miga Loved Gong Yoo in coffee prince so AMAZING ....this movie showed off his amazing talent as an Actor.... PLUS I do believe the man gets sexier by the day

jem amazing amazing amazing movie! this movie was action packed and kept me on my toes, no boring moments whatsoever! the main lead, Gong Yoo was PHENOMENAL! this was the first time I've seen him take on this kind of role (i liked him but wasn't like a huge fan so I didn't really feel the need to watch everything he was in) and he was just great. because of this film, I've fallen in love. looool but seriously tho, he was super cool and bad ass and HOT (not so spoiler spoiler***** that scene when he dislocated his shoulders so he could escape when he was being hung to death was like daaaamnnnn I was getting goosebumps and his angry vengeful acting parts were so goooooooood) . the second lead was incredible as well (the colonel) , and even the bad guy played his role so well he was incredibly hateful ahaha! (as expected from cho song ha) I EXTREMELY recommend this movie if you're looking for a good thriller/action!

Ken One of the best thrillers I have seen in 2014 - fresh treatment of a spy/action/adventure movie. Gong Yoo should be the next James Bond (now that they are considering non-white actors for the role).

Pasta4Me Haven't seen anything this exciting since the Bourne movies! Great action, cast, storyline - a real keeper!

Aj Excellent thriller with an intense, very effective Gong Yoo. Second lead is also very good. Highly recommended.

nysa I really like gong yoo character in this movie, hope to see you in another movie or drama soon............

lissye chen Dear Gong Yoo....Coffe prince just played at Global TV indonesia...I never watching korean drama before....and you make me fall in love in the first tje korean drama...I'm looking another film you played....I never thought before...that korea have aan actor like awesome dan charming....

Jen Ng I recommend to the audiences to see this good movie . Gong Yoo is very different in his character by express his face and eyes so serious and emotions. Also, he has hard working by flying on high building, mountain and bridge, see how danger riding on the car and his fighting. Finally, all his real tears for happy ending. Love his character and plot of movie.

Randyrocker Not since the Bourne movies have I seen such a great movie as this one. I would even say in some ways this makes the Bourne movies look tame, although in the Bourne movies there's a little move of a play on the story line, and a wider array of locations, but as far as action goes, this has everything and more, with a bone fide ending that sets your heart on fire. This is a Great Movie and deserves more world wide recognition. I'm so glad I saw it, and will tell everyone I know how great it was. Won Shin-Yeon's directing was superb in every way. Fantastic, just fantastic.

ALIKO What a great movie. there are just a few films like this in these years: Commitment , A company man , The Berlin file ...

Hollywood MIssion Impossible meets Jason Bourne .

al daebak!!!!!

rully refita good movie,,,,good actors,,, gong yoo is so different in this movie,,,like won bin(the man from nowhere)...i like your character.

rully refita good movie,,,good actors..gong yoo you are the best

Mai I suspect the movie to see!!!!! Please

Peejay I hope this movie will be available in the internet soon. I know Gong Yoo is good in action but not this good.With this movie, I hope producers and directors see how great he is as an actor. Too bad he had to serve the army at the peak of his career but he is slowly picking up because he is a great actor. Just hope he has a good drama series soon, something like the She's on duty movie with Kim Sun-A, action with romance and a bit of comedy. That would really be great for him. Oppa fighting!

Eri Is the movie going to be in Singapore?? Am a big fan of Gang Yoo

Constantinoise after seeing the trailer ...... It's clear that it's a WONDERFUL movie & Gong Yoo seems VERY VERY HOT. I'm in love with this man

ressa gong yoo oppa saranghae....please come to indonesia ..because many fans in indonesia so loving you oppa....i love this movie its so cool gong yoo oppa..

Cinnamon Cappel According to Fandango The Suspect will be in the USA on January 10th. YEAH! Can't wait!

Steve Looks great, I plan to screen this movie in Dallas if possible.

robe Million viewers in three days I Love You, Man

Genesis I hate that the United States doesn't do more foreign movie releases here...considering the fact that alot of foreign people live in America, I think it would only be fair to have more theatres that feature their films...I'm pretty sure American released movies are widely distributed throughout other countries theatres....

Anyways, Gong Yoo I love are a fantastic actor. I've been an instant fan of your's since I say Coffee Prince, which prompted me to buy the drama, as well as Silenced and Big. I also just watched a recent episode of Running Man that you are you, so much. This movie looks quite interesting and action packed. I live in Texas, so I hope it will get a release here in theatres...sometime we are fortunate enough to get Asian films to show on 1 screen in the theatre for a week or I can only hope because I know there are so many good releases.

Well, I do hope that this movie is a huge hit and I wish you continued success with your career and life.

An American Fan!!! Fighting!!!

Dawn First time I saw Gong Yoo, I was in love....with his Gong Yoo, you already know you're amazing....but let me say it one more time.....YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

peony Whoa looking forward to watch Goon Yoo's The Suspect.... being quite a while since his Coffee Prince..... This should be a a very good one as he is a great actor.... hmmm he is sooo tall.....

dette wow, looks great and of course gong yoo looks yum hehe!!

Liza★ Woah I'll definitely watch this!

Oyabun Looks good! but definitively not a north korean agent. Rather a James Bond agent.

Deysa He is humble,professional actor ,loves his fans.During his filming in Puerto Rico ,no matter how tired or late, Goon Yoo always took time for puertorrican fans. Deserves more credit for his work,I see a Choi Min Sik aura about him,he is that good!

özlem şen Do all over the world will be released? or will be released in Turkey?

Kathryn Didn't he go back to finish up his masters? He went to a really excellent college. Hope this new venture is worthy of all the hard work put into it. MDH & I are looking forward to it!

sung kim I love this movie and a little boring

Castings Please let us know when a trailer for the movie will be available. People in Puerto Rico are anxious to see it. Thank you. 2013년 4월 내 게시물에 코멘트를 주셔서 감사합니다

miki how come youve acted for so long but havent won as much awards as someone like lee min jung? o.O

quince Why is it so hard to get any news about his new movie? :(

robe love gong yoo i am your biggest fan in Egypt

Maria V Cruz-Pagan Does PR realize he have fans in PR way before the movie?Because his dramas his visit means a lot more for his fans that people realize!

Irsa It was a pleasure to work a part /extra in this movie, Korean are so professional. Very educated and so nice. Hope they come back soon. Everything went smoothly....Hoping to see the movie soon,Congratulations !

Casting Yes, he was in San Juan Puerto Rico filming. 4/11 at 5:30 AM EST. The people that had the chance to work with him were very impressed with his professionalism and demeanor. Very impressed. He made new fans here. The entire production team was very professional and competent. My talents were very pleased with their time on set as it was well orchestrated and produced.

Word got out and many local fans flocked to the film set to catch a glimpse of Gong Yoon. I personally hope they come back another day to film more films in Puerto Rico.

여러분의 방문에 감사합니다.

mara yes!! he is leaving on sunday. He was filming yesterday at the capital city San Juan and dome fans got to the place where he was filming and he greet them ^_^. I didnt go ='(

Valeria guys, you're not shitting me right now right?!?! is he really here in Puerto RIco?!?!? :D omg omg omg omg!! please don't play with me!!!!

Ale In which área of Puerto Rico !,

mara Gong Yoon is filming in Puerto Rico this entire week... he will be leaving on saturday.

Ae deaf Hi Gong Yoo... Would you will back welcome shooting movie "The Suspect" korean movie.. now I want to see the movie again... Like Gong Yoo..  :-)

Steph Seems interesting, like it came out of a novel.

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