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  • Name: Sudarat Budtporm / Sudarat Butrprom
  • Nickname: Tukkie
  • Thai: สุดารัตน์ บุตรพรม
  • Born:
  • Birthplace: Thailand
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:



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Nive I love Sudarat mam acting...she is really funny!!!! I recently came across her funny video clip in which she teaches funny eng pronunciation f words like " genre", "island","setup"..plz someone let me know the movie name...plzzz

David I love everything I've seen her in. I look forward to any show I can find. I need a link to her comedy clip as an English teacher.

khayeceeee I love her. she's really funny and I love the way she acts.. !♥♥ Go go go Tukkie, looking forward to your upcoming movies...

-A fan from Philippines-

Asit Topno One of the most talented actress I have ever seen. Just saw A little thing called love, such a wonderful movie and I am totally influenced by her acting.She made great contribution for the success of this movie. Hats off to you SUDARAT maam. Fan of SUDARAT from India:-)

arfiani you are my faforit actress. you are very similar to my friend, like a nut in the split second

patricia yvonne aguilan you are my favorite comedy actress,i am keep laughing everytime i watch ur movie crazy little thing called love...i am ur fan in the philippines...

ian faller i want to meet you someday im your no. 1 fan from philippines

Yone JIngle Yang You are really funny. You are the best actress in my life. I like all your movies. Mostly Little thing that call love i love it...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Passerby you forgot to put the movie Seasons Change >>> She didn't play in Seasons Change. The woman played as an music teacher in Seasons change is Panisa "Opal" Pimpru.

sansankim you were so funny in the movive of a little thing called love I love you teacher Inn

Muhammad yamin |You are the inspiration. . . . Xp |Understand ! Understand ! Thank u ! I love u. . . :') | I'm fhine. . fhine. . :0)|the real enemy onn teachear. . .

shin i begin to like Thai movies, thanks to Ms. Sudarat. great great actress. i love her too in Oh My Ghost..she is hilarious

Luh She looks like Indonesia's host, Mellani Ricardo. They both making laughter. Indeed. :D

Novita inspire....i love you. so funny

Thy Adha She looks like Melanie Ricardo,, ixixixi

Yash I really admire Sudarat.Very very looking forward 2 see her other movies.

Yash I really love d way u said 'snow white and seven dwarfssssssss' and 'action' and U know u know.U r such wonderful actor.

Jonathan Omo Shes really funny.. Really funny... Love her...

kimmykakes what was she eating in the stage play scene of nam and shaun on the m0vre CLTC? That big chunk of cracker like f0od?

Darz you forgot to put the movie Seasons Change

Fadil Awesome...... So funny. I want to get all u're movie

iyonakoh what is her height? i'm just curious. XD

ero guys, had u watched the other sudarat’s movies ???? im so excited if one of you recommend me a link ( i mean, how can i get hug na sarakham, etc????)

shon very funny !

I'm FHINE... I'm Fine..

very funny, LOL


Wah Hendy Like u say,.," Understand?,.,understand?,.,okay i love u" (when announcement) then " you know? you know? (in the english class) and also "I'm fine,.,.I'm fine" (when drink ther water with fish sauce" really funny

Wah Hendy Teacher,.,you're so Funny,.,.,

Rin great actress =D

dul really really funny..... uuoooyyy..!!!!

dul "this lipstick make my inner beauty come out..." (or what ever it say's) uoyy,, love u, so funny..!!

hitokirihoshi Jr. wahhh i like her acting and character so ouuuuuuy fine!

ecka your my inspiration....I'M FINE

jha understand?! understand?! yes!

jackd super dooper funny!

Jonalyn Mempin I soooo love teacher Inn!!!! she's super funny! i like the scene when Nam almost fell off the stage, she was eating a really big chunk of something(hehe,dont know what that was), and she crushed her food. hahaha~!!!! love you Sudarat Budtporm

Jane Sudarat Butrprom you bring the laughter in the movie a crazy little thing called love! Ur so funny esp. when mario maurer came out from a box wearing a rabbit costume, your reaction in the scene was so funny all of my cousins, friends and I laughs everytime we hear your line.. OMG..ehh...rabbit! LOL so funny! More movie to come for Sudarat Butrprom!

Azel LOL!!nice one Sudarat Budtporm / Sudarat Butrprom,. I'm FHINE!!am fine!! XDD oyyyy,.

Jonathan San Juan I loved the film A Little Thing Called Love, and your acting is so natural, you're so funny I hope to see more of your movies "Understand? UNderstand? I love you!"

rui LOL! u were soo funny in the movie a crazy thing called love! XDDDD

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