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  • Name: Sucharat Manaying
  • Thai: สุชารัตน์ มานะยิ่ง
  • Born: January 9, 1988
  • Birthplace: Thailand
  • Height: 154 cm.
  • Blood Type:



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BADETH DEFIESTA hi. . .are u really AOM sucharat manaying? the girl in yes or no movie? how i wish that there would be a part 3 of that movie. . i've never known myself being an avid fan of thai movies not until i accidentally watched yes or no. . i cant remember how many times i've watched it, maybe more than a hundred i guess. . if someday i have the chance to go to Thailand i strongly wish and asked god to see you in person. .

klyferwei My new crush! Never thought that somebody as beautiful as u could ever exist in this world...can't get enough of u since I watched Yes or No 1 and 2..could u make a part 3 of it?? Or if possible could u make a movie here in the Philippines? That would be great.. And I'm also hoping that I could meet u in person! I'm dying to do so! Seriously! I hope ul get to read this message... ;*

ninsky hi aom! i know its far from reality but i'm still hoping that i could meet you personally.maybe it could be happen when you get here in Manila.and i'd love to see and stare at your sweet and angelic face.maybe i'll be stuck for joy.i'd love to have a conversation with you,maybe you're "makulet"hehe.ILOVEYOU MY SWEETIE PIE.

rain i thought i will n0t fall inl0ve again after my breakup with my ex- but when i watch yes 0r n0 1 and 2., i can’t help falling inl0ve again, y0ur the best AOM.., “pie” wish i c0uld find s0me0ne like y0u. cheerz!!!

Ellen L.Ralte I want to say You'r the best AOM.....I totally like you'r style especially you'r hair....I totally am in love with full house much more then the korean....You'r soooo cute and innocent...wish you were my big sister.....Wish you all the very best in everything....and im very happy that I'm the same height as you....Thank you AOM for being an inspiration.....(^_^)....

vanch ruel the moment i watch yes or no movie 1 and 2 ohhh gaddddd im a bit of fallin in love again.. i thought i cannot feel this again... thank you for your nice movie... i like it very much.. i hope someday we meet face to face... now, im your fan... i hope you will recognice me.. im from the phillippines....

Kimhuy Hello P'Aom. I want to say that I really support your work. I like yr style , Yr acting in your drama even though behind the screen. I never feel bored to watch your movie, short film, songs or anything related to u again and agian. I set your photo as my wallpaper in my mobile phone, my fb profile, my IG profile cz it make me happy when i start to pl it.... I used to comment on yr photos in IG and i am waiting for yr cmt back...but i kn u cant reply all yr fan....I almost cant stand one day if i dont see yr photo and watch yr movie/song once. I wish one day u will visit Cambodia. I am waiting for yr next work... Life is strugge. :) I love the way u do P'Aom... :) Rak P'Aom....<3

Pooja Firstly to start with a big big hello n hug to Aom I am from India Mumbai n I have become your fan seeing your movie yes n no part 1 n 2 ...this just happened to while surfing the you tube ...let me compliment you first that u r a remarkable actor and nowadays I just cannot stop watching your clips n short films even if I am not getting the language as they acting n talent have no barriers in the world I truly love your work n very happy to write this msg to you since I was finding a medium to contact you. Hope to meet u person one day. I will be highly grateful to u if u reply to my msg via e-mail. I wish you all the best for your future :) take care n have fun always :)

meldianne hi hello how are you im fine thank how about you?..hehehe :)) it more fun in the PHILIPPINES come visit me,you'll enjoy my face,im inviting you to come in my birthday to eat my house,ill tell my father to cook my mother..hehehe :) joking only.. im now being serious in this matter,hi aom my sister and i love your movies,with tina,now we are already a very big fan of yours,hope you'll have a fan tour here in the PHILIPPINES,especially here in NEGROS ORIENTAL PHILIPPINES.. jub jub jub jub 1000 times:) i love you muah2x tsup2x.

almie hi Aom, Your a perfect example of a girl next-door, i never get tired of watching YON over and over again and find myself staring at your face your so pretty like a fallen angel, i know your used to it hearing these words every now and then but what can i say, it melts me. If theirs any instance that you could read this message, i hope you could consider visiting your fans here in the Philippines you'll surely love the crowd.Take care Aom and God bless :)

almie hi aom.your a perfect example of a girl next-door, i never get tired watching YON over and over again and finding myself staring at your face,its like a fallen angel.. Please try to consider visiting your fans here in the Philippines you'll surely love the crowd. And i also hope i could met you in person..God bless Aom.:)

axel Sarmeinto come visit Philippines Aom, i'm from ASP club. :) You are my motivation because i'm dying to see you personally and for me to do that i need to earn money and be successful to go in thailand, its very expensive to go there.. But i'll do it, anyway.

Miranda Garcia I am so inlove with you my Pie (Aom) .... If olny I could be with you for the rest of my life , I would .... I can be your slave My Master Aom!

Car You're so beautiful! Try to visit the Philippines...I'm sure you will like it...

RAOM I LOVE YOU AOM! how i wish i could see you in person. that's my dream! but i know it will never happen. you're a STAR and i'm just an ordinary person. and we're livin' in a different world.T___T by the way i'm from the philippines. i sooooo LIKE YOU AOM! you're the BEST! See you in my DREAMS! ^_____^

RL Hi Aom! Me and my partner really like and enjoyed watching YON. The story is also happening in real life. That's why we try to find in the internet the part 2 of YON. Actually the part 1 is suggested by our friends to watch it. :-)

Keep up the good work, good luck to your career and may God always bless you.

phi helma Oh My Aom .. Are u a girl or an angel Aom ?? :)) always support u Aom :))

Mike Hi Aom ... Greetings from Germany ... after watching YON1/2 (engsub) I became a fan of asian movies and I hope, that there will be a part 3 of YON ... keep always smiling so cute and mayby send one to your new fan far away :-)

Glaiza Torres Hi aom..your so pretty..

Maribelle Del Mundo Aom .. you so Nice . Actually your my inspiration rightnow :) i've already watch your movies . please if you read this message . message me via Fb . cause i dont know how to contact you . my Fb is Chickstiin.16 . i will wait :)

shane hi..your so cute

john i love to be the bolt in your life...,, if your lonely.,, just do chat me on facebook.., just search john lacap...,, i will make you happy as i can...,, :)hehehe

john i wish.., i should know you better than bolt..,, always be happy....,:)

kim_pie hi aom...i just watched your movie yes or no and its so beautiful.i relate much to the are so pretty.take care.

junairah hi.... aom you are so beautiful i glad to see you in personal  :)

gie mel hi.. i like and love u a lot.. when i first watch ur movie YON, ur beauty is in there..well i mean is, the way u act, talk and walk, ur cute smile, everything of u, i love it.. well someday i'm gonna meet u in person..coz ur like an "ANGEL" to me that every time i see ur picture or movie, i feel relieve and forget all worries.. well hope that there's a part 3 of YON.. GOD BLESS u always and take good care of ur health..

jhesz hi.i like your simplicity and your smile.

Lyka Chriz Pontanar Filipino I just want to know Aom that i deeply love the way she walk, talk, smile, and everything :) I love you Aom. GODBLESS and may GOD protct you always .. I'm Lyka from Philippines.

monoque Aom...seriusly im speachles when i saw u in YON...u make me in good mood...u bring to fantasy world...i cant imagine if i see u in front face to from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Im blur when im thinking of you...u make me smile Aom..thnks a lot Aom..its not easy to make people smile n smile n smile...u so pretty...everyday i'll see your u love love...hug....

karol hi aom.....your so pretty and adorable that melts everyones hearts specially when you smile... i do idolize,like and love you so much!!!!!i do hope that someday we become close friends and finally meet you not just only here in the philippines but in other part of the world as where you are...

i do also hope that as one of millions of fans i'll be the the lucky one that you have chosen to be your real friend not only as you are as an actress but also in your real world and life...

thank you cause u've always serve as an inspiration to others life.. :-)

kath I Love your Movie YON1&2 !! wish u could visit us ir Philippines. ILove both of you!!

hoping for YON3 :) Plzplzplz!!! YON3!!!!

chris I just saw the the Yes Or No Part 1 last day and part 2 today. Aom was really cute, I couldn't stop thinking of her. Hope you can visit Philippines. I do really idolize you. Deep Regardz. :D

yhel i love you aom . if i have a chance to be with you i will :)

chriselda nimes your so pretty Aom. i was greatly impressed of the YON both 1 and 2... i hope you can really visit us here in the Philippines together with tina. we are really looking forward for the YON3... wish you all the best. we admire you both (tina). together with my sister we will be one of your fans. lovelots!

Audrey I LIKE YOU ! "AOM"

YanJee I love you Aom! You were my number 1 female crush. I love your movie YON 1&2. I hope there will be part 3 :) and I also hope to see you here in the Philippines. I saw your update on instagram and I'm very touched. Thank you for you concern to Filipinos. Thank you so much Pie! with love <3 :)

Rii Cahh Villanueva Hi im here from the Philiphines it was my first time to watch those two main cast and suddenly im so very addicted to them because i can relate o the story i hope someday they can go here :D :D :)

jram Seems like everytime I meet you, my heart is weaken more and more. I want to speak with you, greet with you. And why do I have to be shy? I can't endure the feeling when I meet you..

jram It was my first time to watch the movie titled Yes or No, it was also my first time to have seen Ms. Aom or Pie. I used to be attracted to those girls like Crystial Liu, but Ms. Aom was so different, there is something on her I cant forget since I saw her on a movie, I cant confirm if it is her smile, eyes, nose, face, her every move, everything about her is wat makes me confused why I cant forget that angelic face. It is something made me dream of going to Thailand and search for her. I watched Yes or No for several times, but I never get tired of replaying those scenes just to see Ms. Aom.

emz After i watched the YON i was amazed by the move cuz i fell in love with aom and since then im dreaming of her.hahai.

Cute Watching YON 1 & YON 2 was feel me out of stress on work, Love the movie so much it seems that it served as my anti-stress pill, Daily i watching it and shared to my friends to watch it too, hopefully YES or No 3 will come up, can't wait for it, I was felt in-love after watching the movie, The movie was inspirational knowing when you truly want success in life, terms of love, career you'll never get up on it. What pie did on part 1 & Kim in part 2 no matter how bad the situation they both become brave for what their heart and mind says, Really LOVE you both! More power and success in life, career and LOVE...I dream to see you both in person.

Aliyah Whoa! She's just 14!

Maria Dorothy Volante Aom is so cute when acting. It just seems so natural. She is really a great actress. I hope to meet her in person someday. I want to go to Thailand just to see her.

F I love the natural acting of Aom, its so real because we did act like that in our daily life, i mean the way she acts around her friend and her face expression. She's an excellent actress and cute btw. Well after watching this movie, it makes me realized that homo is not something wrong (though I'm not a homo), but the way they develop their feelings are just like how normal couple would experience except they didn't live the same dorm during college life. Whats the difference? See? So hey, keep up the movie and inspired more people to be open minded and don't outcast those around them who is a homo. They won't eat you except they might like you. XD Though it's a waste if two pretty like each other. For women who didn't understand this feelings, imagine Peter Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are gay. VOTE FOR AN OPEN MINDED SOCIETY. ^^

Aira Jean (AJ) Hi Aom,

You know i have watched YON and YON2 for so many times. I really like you and every time i am watching you i feel distress and happy. You're my idol because of you i want to go to Thailand and even study Thai. I'm always liking your photos in facebook and even in my phone you have lots of pictures, you're also my wallpaper. You're so cute, it's a dream come true to see you. How i wish you would go here in the Philippines. I'll always be your number 1 fan. To see you having many projects makes me happy too, even if i can't understand Thai, and i'm not Thai i still love you! You're my AOM, my idol and my favorite! Hope you'll read this! <3


Eam Hi Pie, i just want you to know that in my 25 years of existence, the day i saw you was the day i only realized what is my greatest dream in life...and that is, to be able to see you, even if i can't able to touch and hold you, seeing you would be enough pie... hope to be able to see you someday... love u lots

iris caranza hi sucharat manaying Im not sure if you know how to speak english or you understand what im saying now but all I want to say im dieying fall in love with you,because of you im desperate to learn to speak your language and go there in thailand just only to see you personaly. take care your self more project to come i realy realy in love with you,,,...

aj hai aom .i'm from the Philippines ..your so beautiful and i think I'm falling for you ..i want to meet you someday...

Pinayako Aom your so beautiful and i think I'm falling for you hehe.. Bi here from the philippines:) Take care:)

vero i like your movies yes or no part 1 and 2. ... i like you (PIE) AOM, how i wish someday you are going to the philippines :)))

dyna catabona hi!.i'm from the Philippines..your movies part 1 and 2 make me feel so alive,.i can't believe at the first place that there will be a movie like brave you are director,script writer,producer!i admire you and so with the actresses,tina and's my first time to watch a movie like this and i was so amazed because its really happening right now in the society just like what i had with my partner too. This movie will never be created if doesn't experienced..i really thought that this kind of relationship is very unusual but then i saw a lot of comments here in the internet and surprisingly i realized that i am not different.It is normal now a days with the society we have., Guy's..for those who support this kind of reality, sexuality, and relationship..I thank you..and i'm hoping that people in the world would understand the situation of being engage with this...LIFE IS NOT ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE!!..IT'S A MATTER OF BEING GOOD TO YOUR SELF AND TO OTHERS,..THERE IS NO PERFECT LIFE..BUT WE HAVE LIFE FOR US TO TAKE OVER WITH..IT DEPENDS ON US ON HOW ARE WE GOING TO MANAGE OUR OWN LIVES AS LONG US WE DO NOT HARM ANYBODY.!..I am hoping that thai will produce another movie like this...i love yes or no 1 and 2...please produce YON 3

rey i love the movie i can relate to the movie and hope there will be a part 3 it's been 6 years with my relationship with my first love and she ended it hope it this love story it will never end i love the movie very much. You are so beautiful and very attractive in the eye. Hope to watch a part 3,4,5, or 6 really love it.

Rizzle Hope they are real life couple. ^_^ <3

Rizzle Filipino fans really love their tandem. Aom is so beautiful and so tina. :) We want to have part three. We can't get rid of the show. ^_^ SWEAR! ( It makes us confuse our identity. LOL! :) But, it inspires to those who has same sex relationship. No need to keep it a secret. :) Part 3 please. ^_^ We can wait for this year :)

Ren How i wish that Aom and Tina will be a real life couple, I think they're cute together. :) hoping for the YON part 3..

Love Tiaom <3

rj Can i have a request? Since the YON 2 i succesfull can we have YON 3?

rj Such a wonderfull movie yes or no. The cast did great. They just showing that being in relationship with he same sex didnt matters. What matters most is when you are both love each other and respect. Nothing is impossible as long as you re happy stay on it.

abet i miss pie and kim i like a lot YON1 AND 2 i wish to have yon3 i really want more of them they are so so cute..miss you and love you TIAOM.........

sanny YES OR NO 1 &2 are the best thailand movie i ever seen.. my stomach full of butterflies when i see you.. i hope i can see pie and kim again in YES or NO 3..

felicity YON 2 is such a nice movie but i really enjoyed YON 1 more 'coz it hapened to me during my college days. It's really a bad feeling being ostracized being a lesbian but if the feeling is mutual between two girls it felt right and good. However, mine didn't last, only for a few months but she was my first love and I felt butterfies in my stomach,too.. whenever I was with her. I didn't regret every second that I had with my first love...Congratulations too, for the director and the music, I love them!!! I wish YON 3 will follow soonest!!!Keep up the good work and warm regards from the Philippines!

Yes! u r very pretty and cute!hope to see kim and pie together in yes or no 3!A very romantic movie i have never seen before!Really love u

Sett Aom, I think I fall in love with you... I had a butterflies in my stomach every time I saw you in the movie, Yes or No. You are undeniably gorgeous, beautiful, pretty and eye catching. I love you!

jean#11 Hi pie.. like your movie yes or no.. i've watched already the 1 and 2..really good. i like you a lot.. hoping to see you..:)

the.watcher and aom.. you're great.. i like you..

the.watcher i hope i will have a happy ending like this one..

Mercy Bautista Hope there Yes or No 3. Are you a real couple? Cause We will highly support it! You two look good together♥

Mercy Bautista Hope there Yes or No 3. Are you a real couple? Cause We will highly support it! You took good together♥

rielp Real life couple?

aimbuchi love u more than anythings :*

mikay hi pie belated happy birthday,,i really really love your movie yes or no...iloveyou

Titikorn temmet Oh ja, and happy birthday Aom!!!! ^_^

Stine Hi! Advance happy birthday first. I've watched Yes or No. And it's a cute love story with a touch of reality. Even though the acting of Kim is a little bit off it's still great. A lot of people should watch this, especially those people with prejudices against GLBT. This film such a great eye opener. More power!!

Lc p/s *their heart . sorry typo.

Lc i love the movie yes or no. i've watched the YON 1and so addicted to it. i've watched it many times and i'll never get boring watching it.. because it is such a sweet movie. i do support the lesbian and trans guys. because i know that they don't want such that feeling they had. i mean the feeling to love the same gender..but, it is natural comes from they heart like a syndrome. actually it is a syndrome.. my sister told me. but to the toms and trans guys. dont worry be happy. just do what do you like..God bless you!. by the way, i love you pie!!, and kim either!. but i love sucharat manaying a lot! you're beautiful! may god bless all the things you do. your fan from malaysia. *wink* *jub jub*

chrisyasay now that weve seen yes or no 2, can i say more?? make it a trilogy pls. !!!

good luck with "autumn in my heart" take care always......

i hope one day you'll be twice as famous as mario not just in asia but worldwide.... you go girl!! do us proud.

mapple hi! I just watched the movie although its already almost 2am i still not feeling sleepy after watching it, it seems its my story. because my gf has character like pie in the movie and after 4yrs a girl came who treat me so nice and always doing things w/c make me happy, she loved me even if she knows I have a gf.. i start liking her my gf and i broke up because i suddenly thinking that she should be like the other girl who loved me, but then i realize I loved my gf, i asked 1more chance, she did give it to me, and now just last 12/13/12 were together for 5years. its true marriage is not the assurance that couples will be together, it is the love, understanding, and trust you gave to each other. I love the team up of tina and aom. looking forward to watch other movies from you guys.. good morning philippines!!!

josh hi Sucharat, your so beautiful, i admire you a lot. i think i'm in love with you. :) i love your smile, my heart melt when i watch your movie. Hope to be your friend even though where in different place. :)

KeeJeii hope we meet soon. ;) hmm. hehe. tc

River I really didnt know that there's this movie until i found it in my external hd along with other movies downloaded by my friend. At first i got frustrated because there is no subtitle... But then i found myself got engrossed watching it even though i never understood a single word from it (well except when pie has a couple of lines in english like thank you and okay). I feel the emotion sooo much that i even watched it twice. Now i gotta have that sequel to the first movie.

Reziel I just watch last night the Yes or No 2, and it make me feel so secure with the love of my partner, because she really fight for our love and we didn't surrender to all the challenges that come, My friends and my girlfriend watch these sequel and we all enjoy it..Love YES or NO!!!

Bhayoe i'm very glad after I saw your movie, yes or no, the movie that make me know, gender it's not everything and it's not important. . and i like your hair style . .

my regard from Indonesia.

shycute09 pie you're really beautiful..stay cool..and nice.?? the movie was very nice,.i watched it 4times..hahaha.. hope i can meet you guys someday....hope to watch the YON 2..

Seph I already watched YON 2..its funny but not as romantic as YON 1 bUt nonetheless ur still gorgeous Aom. Your smile can still brighten up my day.---> hugs and kissed <3

Vien I love the movie "Yes or No", because the story is very unique, and I hope Thai film industry can continue to grow and produce good works ...

FANespaña Hi, i just love the YON and waiting to see YON2!! hope that someone put it in youtube, because the movie don't reach Europe. If you see this Aom just to say: YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!! came to Europe!! jub jub ;-)

zaeh i relly like pie..shes very cool..

tenshi you know what? i was a 100% girl but right after watching yes or no, i felt doubt :D seriously, i don't like to get into same sex relationship, i think that's real hard. i really love this movie, tom or not, will like this too. or maybe call me tom for liking you AOM <3 haha :D

ilovepie If pie read this comment. After i watch Yes or No, i really2 like pie.. Ah she is so beautiful.. This movie is really sweet.. I love when pie suddenly realise that she like kim too.. Oh they are too sweet.. Can't wait to see the sequel.. I am just a fan of pie and this movie.. The story is just sweet but i don't think they can go far with their relationship.. Aom Sucharat Manaying, Neomu2 joahe.. hope to see you..

p/s:broken english..

beatrhymer you helped me go on through my life.. im a tom,, and i aso liked a girl that is unfortunately hates tom..when i watched your movie yes or no.. i felt like that im in the character of kim,, heheh.. not just as lucky to be with the girl i liked.. not much of a happy ending though.. anyways, thanks for the complete it..

ven ...i like the way you act so natural...well done... your cute...

ides oath,,, x aq clay films pertma yes or no,, aq direct you both like the same, especially as AOM,, AOM your face is very cute,,, Thailand was the first movie which I like,, before I did not like the movie Thiland, but after seeing the yes or no, I love lagsung see this film, very romantic :),

I'm very like with you, I want to meet directly with you,, if I have a lot of money, I'd have to thailand for meeting with you,,

k aom,I love u so much.And I admire u.when i watch that movie,I and my girlfriend has brave to pass the difficulities.I am girlfriend of tom

yang great love story:)) i'm waiting "yes or no 2"

mizla "yes or no" i like this movie but i didn't "TOM" like your movie... :D

good luck ...!!! :)

Steve I love this LOVE STORY and watch many many times! Been addicted...

Steve Hi, I am from Malaysia!! I personally love watching LOVE STORY movie! But THIS is the first Thai LOVE STORY that I watch and I really do enjoyed and love both of you PIE & KIM! Both of you really act well and hope for more and more movies for both of you showing and act together in future! And I have been brought in by you guys into the movie! KEEP UP ! Your fan Steve!

wennie hi,,,,,,,,,,,, oh / it was very beautiful.............. your so cute together

nat This movie makes me crazy...even I was trying to get to sleep I always thinking all the sweet scenes in the movie...Aom is really really gorgeous and everytime I see her smile she makes my body quiver like I was been shocked by a 400 joules electric current..Im really dying to meet you in person I will save all my money just to go to Thailand and see you...:) but don't worry Im not obsessed with you Im just a huge fan..and I just cant wait to see you in person..hope there gonna be yes or no part two..for sure I will watch it all over again..

janine a.k.a. eytgrin by the way, i've already watched all the deleted and cut scenes of this movie, cutting the bed scene is just good because some people aren't aware of something like this, but some of the scenes should have been included just like the scene after pie's mom left. the conversation of pie and kim about their relationship.

crm wow comment no.27 sounds so endlessly stupid and ignorant.

what has the movie plot to do with their real life? good morning to the previous poster: it is just a movie and not a reflection of the main cast. whoever they like is their business and not any stranger's- or fan's who go into delusional stage and fear sth that doesn't necessary have to be true. or even start questioning their sexual orientation.. O_o god..

---that's for the rant

and now to the movie: it's been a long time since i watched any thai movie or drama. and i have to say that this one was so well made! i read that the movie was actually way too long and scenes/hours of work needed to be cut out completely. i hope to see any director's cut or full version of this soon, so i can see the director's full masterpiece. i hope to see some more of these, because the world knows so little about the tom-dee culture in thailand or generally about tomboys in asia. trying to break the taboo and silence about people who DO exist. gj p'nai!


SonePerlas aah.. i do really agree with all the comments here. i also really love this couple. maybe it is so good if seen them together but i still hope they just become a girl, non a tom or dii. aom can still find a man who really cute or gentle, also tina could get cooler man than herself. aom u are so cute, beautiful, gorgeous I said. even me also fall in love deeply with u. u are so amazing. this movie become more amazing coz the production house have deleted some scene coz in my opinion, when i watched the deleted from kissing scene, i feel uncomfortable with the bed scene when it deleted, the kissing scene feel so romantic n sweet ^_^ fighting!!

Ayumi I watched this movies so many times already. again and again. feels not boring and i also cry,laugh,smile everytime i see this movies. keep it up. i hope u two can play the second yes or no again. God bless.

laras the best thailand movie i ever seen........the drama is so romantic,,,,,,Sucharat And Supanart you are the most romantic couple ever..................

mira Aom acting was really good in Yes or No. The movie was very nice too. Hope Yes or No 2 will come out.

oki i love u aom manaying :* im from INDONESIA !!!

Pirak U are too cute i wish it has part2 but need both of u play it no other:D

rak Both of u too cute wish u more famous i will still wait for part2 but need both of u are play...:D

Adeq Love you All

Adeq i love this movie, thank Klui for making this movie, you are the best, for Kim and Pie, both of you are the best couples EVER...can't wait to watch part 2

kim Cruz i love pie so much..

awhiel feel so love your movie....! YES OR NO is the best

Narchy u very pretty...

Ti ti ti tii Yes or No is the best Thai Movie in my life. Lovely love story. Hope can meet you in the future. Aom & Tina, I LOVE YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY. haha. A fan from Malaysia <3 Can't wait for the sequel. Yeahhh.

Imbraveheart I love their movie Yes or No and I am glad that my friend shared this movie with me. I love the story line, and the song...OMG I am totally inlove with the song. I love all the scenes that they are together. An exceptional movie for this genre. Thumbs up!!! :D :D :D


))) can't wait to see what's your next movie! >:))

the EVIL cat omg... im in love with both of them,tina is cute and aom is sweet.. they will make a good couple if they are together!! <3

leenzkie ...this movie is so cool..i can relate!!!!!!!!!!!

aileen ..i really like the movie entitled yes or no...i dont know but i really really like it ,,they are so cute...and i like the character of kim...even me i think i fall inlove too to pie....hehehehehehe..i love you pie.

somebody I'm sure.. People must want Aom and Tina couple, right? If they did.. It must be a CUTE and SWEET couple! lol ;)

evi please continue the movie

evi Yes or No is the best movie I ever seen, hopefully the director will make the sequel. And hopefully Tina & Aom could come to Indonesia:)


sandee Yes or No Thai movie was so nice and cool. I wish this movie will be shown here in Philippines. My friends and I want to watch it again and again. They like it so much. They are also in love with the characters especially Pai and Kim. They are (Pai and Kim ) a good performers. The best scene that I like the most was their kissing scene. It was so nice and cool. I was so in love with that scene. Keep up the good work guys.!! You've done it so excellent.!. More power!!.. to your next projects!. good luck!!

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