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  • Movie: Yes or No 2 / Yes or No 2: Come Back to Me
  • Thai: เยส ออร์ โนว์ 2 : รัก/ไม่รัก อย่ากั๊กเลย (Yes or No: Yaak Rak Yaa Gak Loey)
  • Director: Sarasawadee Wongsompetch
  • Writer: Nepalee
  • Producer: Bundit Thongdee
  • Release Date: August 16, 2012 (Thailand)
  • Runtime:
  • Distributor: Come On Sweet Production
  • Language: Thai
  • Country: Thailand


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Three years later, from the past of story. A Love between Pie (Sucharat Manaying) and Kim (Supanart Jittaleela) isn't bright anymore. Someone new, Yam (Apittha Kalay-udom) and Maysa (Permpreda Sakulsiripong) who will come distraction with them and made something it's complicated.



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Kyoo Exo Alif Hou you Alif I love bela I cinta bela

Claire Hi! I have written a fanfic Yes or No 3 and many suggested that I try to find out if there is anyway I can find producers to make it into a movie.

Pls. Check and write a review on it on Wattpad or send me email.

Yes or No 3 by Moody Claire on wattpad.

JangSunhee 10/10 Probably my most favourite movie, right behind the first one. The love they have, although turbulent, is very heartwarming and it feels so good seeing them together.

mar whats the name of jam???? i can search it, who she is

roger gil Hi im a fan of you're movie one and two ... im so touched by the story and i can't help it ... i always watching it over and over coz its a good story we hope all the fans that you'll release another movie ... we wish all the best GOD BLESS by the way im filipino

SS hallooo... did somebody know the title of the piano music that plays in the yes or no 2 movie??

Jeffrey i think much better if still aom the leading lady!

riedha Tina ohhh Tina

Naresh com to dating My number call me 9059605093

shenn Apittha Klay-udom, she is very gorgeous, i love the way she act, i fell it :) I LOVE Apittha Klay-udom or YAM

evavava Yes or No2.5,Please don't change the heroine!Please let us to see aom!Please don't let us down!Thanks!

Reshel I will be waiting for Yes or No 2.5 because Tina is still there.... :) even she's not the main actress or played the main role... I love Tina...

  1. Philippines

Clarkdale44 WOW, i didn't know that there was another yes or no movie. So i just started watching it just after watching first one. Well it was impressive, i liked the cuteness of the story and casts. It was fun watching it. Casting is just mindblowing.

I hope there will be yes or no 3 in the near future.

9/10(Good casting and plot)

lan I like this film. Story is also so nice. Pie n kim are so cute. So I want to look yes or no part 3...plis sent d story of yes or no part 3 to d public.. i'am waiting part 3....!!

Justin Ivo Santiago I love this movie. It's not gross coz it touches the reality. Love lots ang more power.

Nicole Great movie. I love yes or no 1 & 2. I watched YON 1 & 2 so many times again and again.

Gen It was a great movie...i m loving Kim..sometimes i so love her that i forget she is a girl n begin drooling over her lol:D....but it was a great first i thought it would be gross but it was so touching it made me cry...i love it love love it:)

tiaom this movie along with the first one are srsly the most amazing movies i've ever watched. and i've tried so hard to get over it but can't lol, i wish love like this existed in real life. i am in love with tina suppanad *____* she's so gorgeous, and aom sushar is a beauty! i really wish there were more movies like this that existed, i can't find anything that's topped it so far :\ apparently there will be a yes or no 2.5, bless ♥♥♥

janice diantan i love this movie :) (Y)

Sadie I just finished watching Yes or no 1 and 2 for the nth time. I must say this is one of the best les film I have ever seen. The couples are cute together and are cute on their one rights. Pie or Aom especially is gorgeous. How I wish I could meet someone like her...We all agree that Kim is cute because that's her personality but I think Pie is sweeter in a sense that she is Tsundere by nature. I love the movie. I wantYON 3!

eljean villasista I appreciate those view from Nan! like paradise,,, and the there different technology of agriculture!

Jeshi Hi m from India,I luv dis Movei alots.It jus Sent me back to my old Days in rltnshp.

Gareth Done watching the Thai movie Yes or No and Yes or No 2! I love the Movie so much. Thanks for that beautiful movie.

Corics I Love this movie.. and I Can't get over.. hahaha PIE so much CUTE at sobrang ganda hahaha sorry but I' am a FILIPINO so i can speak tagalog in this comment hahaha :3

irish i love this Story :)

Shayne I really like this movie. If compared to otger gay movies, YON1 & 2 is not so obscene but can still present the love between to girls so perfectly..

Girona I love this movie! we love this movie! super! me and my girlfriend watched this movie 1000x....can't wait for part 3! super inspiring for our part!...we more realize how much we have to fight for it even if we're being judge by others.

siyaatako OMG!I'm inlove with these drama i love YON1&2,I really really love the characters especially Pie and Kim...OMG! I'm waiting for YON3!BTW i am a filipino :D i LOVE IT

happy YON1&2 are very light and interesting kind of movie. i can't bore myself even i watched it countless times now.I LOVE IT. I WANT MORE.YON3 PLS!.

mizuki miyu i'm indonesian and i really love this movie. at first i didn't expect much since it's a really rare genre. i love how this movie tell more about pure love. bcause this day love is all about sex. and when it's come to same-gender love, people would think about well you know what i mean ><

measury i can't get over with this movie, i don't know but i feel so relax every time i see this movie. I was hoping that my bf would be like Kim, but of course every person has its distinct characteristic. I am a super fan of TiAom, that I got online everyday researching for the updates of their relationship, i was really hoping and become positive that someday they'll see each other, i want them to become a real life couple. They have a good chemistry that even the pic can tell. Please, we the Filipino fans are still waiting for the YON3..thank you.

Vida Osida I've never thought that someday I'd have stumbled upon this movie. Though I don't have any experience on "this kind of relationship", I shall give my appreciation and salutation to the creative team that made this movie. This one (along with the first movie) is one of wonderful movies I'd not regret watching. I hope there'll be Yes Or No 3 because I miss Kim and Pie so much :)

Amity Patel Hi,

Thanks for such a nice movie. Its so obvious that we all are waiting for YON 3.

Both movies are 100% based on real life experience of female couples. When I saw these movies, only one thing came in my mind..... How some body picturised my real life and my real life experience.

Therefore, I would like to kindly request movie team to provide conselling as well for couples. Mostly female couples like me face some tough time during relationship and it we left asking questions to ourself only. It would be really appreciatable if we can get counselling from some experienced person .

Its all your decision but just a request from all of us.


Regards Amity Patel

cicit hi, actually im not too like drama, but not for this one, i do love YON 1&2, hope there will be YON 3 with supanart&aom as the main characters, im waiting for YON 3 :)

akihiro I always watch this video at home and at work whenever I feel bored. FANTASTIC AND AWESOME..I'm very pleased that I found this movie,,the casts and the staffs are great.. Keep it up and continuation should be follow.. My friends love this movie relatives in Australia they like Educational in a way on how we can show the true love is ,no matter what is The gender of the lovers, were requesting for continuation..Part 3.. Brilliant story .. My name is akin and I'm a fan from Aussie and also living in Philippines.. Great job!!

kim >3 kim and pie u both ... hope there is already YON part 3 ... hooo :)))pleasss ....cant wait

ribka when YON 3 will be launched? i'm so excited to wait it... >_<

JK Does anyone here knows the title of the background song played for every Kim and Yam (Jam) scene in Yes or No 2 movie? (I think it's a guitar and piano instrumental) That song has a catchy tune and I badly wanted to know the title of that song! :(

erd part 3 please

minnie I love YON 1 & 2!! I'm from Indonesia and i thought a straight girl like me wouldn't like this kind of story but hey! I love it!! Thanks for this movie for opening my eyes there is nothing wrong with same sex relationship as long as love is the only reason..good job for tina and aom! Hope there will be YON 3

Wilis tina is very cute and handsome... i hope there's a yes or no 3,,, please,, please yes or no 3... <3

hanna i'm from indonesia,

i love this movie a loooooooooooot.. yes or no 3? i hope I'll come soon, please..

kimberleeann i really really reall really love the movie..i watched it many times already and kim and pie never failed me to fall inlove with heir character andthe movie itsef over and over again.. pleeeaaasseeeee any fans are already asking for the part three soooooo xcited..i shared the movies wth my friends and they so love the story and the characters of kim and pie..i soooo love you sucharat manaying and suppanart jittaleela! <3<3 <3

ME_Dubai Our congratulation to the man and woman behind the scene/production of this movie- Yes or No movie. You are the very reason the movie is so superb. Your hardwork does not in vain. CONGRATULATION once again and hopefully - YON 3 to come soon (",)

Jessica Tuwaidan Oh My GOD !!

I really LOVE this movie , From yes or no and yes or no 2 ! I hope yes or no 3 is become :(

Pleaseeeeeeeee (˘ʃƪ˘)

I like Kim's (suppanad Jittaleela) acting in this movie She really like a BOY in here And so handsome and cool (O̷̴̷̴̐ﻬO̷̴̷̴̐ʃƪ)

Hope in real life , Tina and Aom is really have a special feeling , hhehehe i mean They Be together and be a romantic couple :')

I LOVE YOU Suppanad Jittaleela and Sucharat Manaying :*

jApr It was such an awesome film, the lead stars did a really good job, I just hope the were for real because they really look great together. I hope there's going to be Yon3. Superbly wonderful :)

clums Yes! You're movie is really a good one. I can't help it, I do watched it countless time as well. Is a feel-good movie. Someone just recommended it to our forum. And I got addicted to the movie. Seriously, it can make someone feel good and make good. The cinematography, the settings, the sounds, the cast, the script were all well done. I wish you could make a continuation of this movie. :)

windanovy This movies actually same with my condition now! :')

Sarah jane Hi im from the Philippines :) I love this movie so much ! It help me understand the same sex relationship even more! I love kim and pie! They are an amazing couple!! Watching the latter part of the movie made me cry :) pleeeeeeease make YON 3 ? I love you both and the movie!!!

no no I like this movie because I've got sth strange from it.Thank you Kim and Pie !

mitch youre movie is owesome...we hope there is part 3 of yes or no, i watched it so many times kim keep smiling you make our day complete....... more power please make a part 3 soon

Nikki L. i watched the yes or no 2 .. I have learned so many things .. cause i have a relationship like pie and kim .. Now I really really want to be with my ANGEL .. I do really love her a lot ! i will give everything to her .. thnx to this movie ... We need to get more stronger to pursue our dreams to our future .. i wont let my ANGEL suffer from my wrongs .. and I WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE HER FOREVER ! we will love each other till very end . ! Thank you PIE AND KIM <3 From PHilippines,

candy PLS!must hav next series!its so nice!

em.em hey guys ? im em from the Philippines .. your movie was so great , amazing and very awesome .. actually I wached it 6 times part 1 and 2 :) i hope you will create part 3 :) lovelots kim amd pie :)

jasmin wow im kim and pie no1 fan i love this movie :)

Lynx I'm from philippines..Haha funny thing is how i Hide Yon 1&2 on my laptop that my Mom would'nt see me watching it(kinda consrvative..she dnt lyk gay rel ;)) But she caught me. we ended up watching the movie together!my moM had a crush on Kim and asked me f i could download Yon 3 LoL!

kay I super mega love this movie, actually i love both of them. funny how i just found the movie on the internet by accident. me and my girlfriend watched it one more time when we were together. our gay relationship started all of a sudden like kim's an pie's. before that i never imagined that i would end up having a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend.

leen i wish there's yes or no 3..super love the movie. Im from the Phil. and i'm proud of having relationship like Pie and Kim.:)

Marisse Yes or No 3, 4, 5 and so on... please super duper great movie... even my straight sister loved the movie... lol. the best movie ever..

mels Yes/no 3 please!!!! Tina & aom!!! :)))

Mercy Bautista YES OR NO 3. Were hoping for thaat. pleasee! HAHAHA XD We really love the MOVIE♥ Especially AOM. So kyut♥

Rainz I like this movie from Thai "Yes Or No 2"............................................ .like Tina and Aom

AJane i hope there's a yes or no part 3 and more :)

(o^^)Ohm Love YoN1, happy there's a YoN2. But wil be even more happy if there's a third and more!! It really makes u feel GOOD, I wish that 1 day I can find someone like kim or pie!! 555+ I'll keep on supporting the movies, u guys (Tina, Aom, na iin & p' nai) and come on sweet production. Keep on the good work. Now I'm go on looking for SOS!

JAM how could i wish there's a production of movie in the Philippines

kim we want YES or No 3...!!!

Bernadette Pleeeeeeease!!!! I'm begging the directors and producers of this movie, please make apart 3 of yes or no.....I love them so much!!!!.......I will wait for the part 3.......and also many people around the world wants part please make another one!!!...:D

Tracy oh my dear Tina & Aom ~ I love the film very much ~ and also the Yam is also very beautiful~ I wanna know her but cannot find her profile= =

pb does kim and pie live happily ever after in this movie?? . . or did kim choose jam???. . .i'm really confuse. . i already cry when kim ask pie who's her girl. . . :-(

pb i love yes or no. . .especially kim. . .aww kim and pie are meant for each other. . .i wish there will be part 3. . . .may the kim <3 pie have more success than they have now. . . :-)

she i want part 3.... they get married please......^^

Zar I really love yes or no. esp. Pie. She's so pretty. Part 3 please? I will miss them. I swear! :))) More Power Yes Or No.. :))

iyha ,, I really love the yes or no but unfortunately ,, yes or no 2 seems not adha in Indonesia ,, but my fans are really the same tina tina jittaleela hopefully be able to come to Indonesia, especially to the hammer ^ _ ^ ,, I'll be tough tina closer

klarizza i hope there's a yes or no 3 its so cute

klarizza i hope there's a yes or no 3 its so cute:)

Molyka Svay I like this story so much... can I download ?

kaye wow the season 2 of yes or no is so great the best i really like it so much i ilove the story

iamai love the 1st movie and watched the 2nd one already!just love it!just like everyone else i want to find some1 who will love me no matter what:)!

kimmy me too..,,i want also somebody who i will love..,like kim..loves pie.,theres in youtube the part 2

Belma Hello patchi, you mean im same with pie as what? Hehe..btw, do u know if there's free online watching of YorN 2? Thanks ;)

patchi i love this movie...i hope i will find someone who will truly love me as who i am....

glady how i can watch yes or no 2 coz i'm from the philippines..

glady all about this movie are so nice and great..i love the songs, back ground music, the cast and specially the story..more power!..

Joy Does anyone know how long it will be showing in theatres????!!! Super urgent, YON2 :3

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