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  • Drama: Queen In-Hyun's Man
  • Revised romanization: Inhyeonwanghooui Namja
  • Hangul: 인현왕후의 남자
  • Director: Kim Byung-Soo
  • Writer: Song Jae-Jung, Kim Yoon-Joo
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 18, 2012 - June 7, 2012
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Kim Boong-Do (Ji Hyun-Woo) is a noble man from the Joseon Dynasty, approximately 300 years ago. He then happens to travel through time and winds up in present day Seoul, South Korea. Kim Boong-Do then crosses paths with Choi Hee-Jin (Yoo In-Na), a not so successful actress. Choi Hee-Jin is currently performing as Queen In-Hyun in the drama series "New Jang Hee-Bin". These two people fall into a romantic relationship ...


  1. "Queen In-Hyun's Man" takes over the tvN Wed. & Thurs. 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "Twelve Men in a Year" and will be replaced by "I Need Romance 2" in June, 2012


Queen In-Hyun's Man-Ji Hyun-Woo.jpg Queen In-Hyun's Man-Yoo In-Na.jpg Queen In-Hyun's Man-Kim Jin-Woo.jpg Queen In-Hyun's Man-Ga Deuk-Hi.jpg
Ji Hyun-Woo Yoo In-Na Kim Jin-Woo Ga Deuk-Hi
Kim Boong-Do Choi Hee-Jin Han Dong-Min Jo Soo-Gyung

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queen World's stupidest drama??? Don't you have taste??? I'm sorry but I've been seeing a lot of Historical drama , but this one is the best. I first watched Rooftop Prince way back 2012 and I was so crazy about it back then. But when I watched this movie just this year, I told myself that this movie is better than Rooftop prince.! Since rooftop prince and Queen in Hyun's man is pretty similar.

bh world's stupidest drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

queen Why this drama do not have awards ?? Tsk! These must have a lot of awards :( Best couple, Best actor and actress :(

Taiwo Kudos to the writter, director and all the staff that parcitipated in this drama. There are some point, that i think u made a mistake or u manipulated d scene. 1. When the guy was killed, with d arrows and was transported to the spot he told his servant to took him to, how does the guy knew, dat it was d hospital position bcos he has not use d talisman in dat spot before and how come his atire, was change wen he use d accient clothin to disapear. how come he apear at d hospital only with a trousers. Dat scene was manipulated, otherwise prove me wrong. And it nt so in other scenes like that. He use to apear in d future with the clothes he use to disapear from the past. 2. How come he dnt have a dead battery on his phone for a whole year that he is unable to go back or does his phone uses advance tech battery.

toiz pilipins i like him when he smile..i like him more when h e laugh...but love him when he cried!!! best actor!! the girl was amazing!!! i love the kissing scene!!!whoa!!

Jaehwa Still in my top three dramas of all time. I watch it over and over, especially the last episode. I'm looking forward to Ji Hyun Woo's next drama or movie - or song!

akidawn The last episode is the most promising part for me.. it definitely define the days and time in terms of love: even you forgotten the days u spend with him your heart still recall the empty part of it.

    • OMG...my heart crushed every time a tears fall..... how i wish i could shout on them to touch once heart promises..

lOve it sooo much!!! :)

NawalRay I like the letter that kim boong do wrote for In-na .. When he cried, i cried too.

nurul I really LOVE this drama. I cried, laughed and fall in love with this drama more and more as i watched it. How i wish i could be the female lead...so lovey-dovey XD anyway, is there any recommendations for other korean drama such as this? one with romance-fantasy-action-drama genre? really appreciate if anyone would give me some

Davia It's weird how often the kings of old are depicted in these dramas as being easily manipulated. Either it was often true or if it wasn't I wonder why it's considered acceptable to write them as being so.

AGrace Worth watching...one of my few favorites. Plot was good, actors were good also.

Nana this is one of the very few dramas which were able to make me watch every single scene without speeding up. so to me, it is one of the best, if not even THE best, drama\s i've ever watched

fred i realy love!! wishing for a part2

Carmen love love love this drama. Yoo In-Na is soooooo adorable!

firfis Daebak. I love yoo in na so much <3

Lily One of the best, love this drama so much, watched it 6 times !

gwen I loooove this drama !

Carrieann Loved this dram

Hugo Good day! I could have sworn I've been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it's new to me. Anyhow, I'm definitely happy I found it and I'll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

Dr Muzammil Just finished watching this drama....and can't describe how much DAEBAK it was... awesome awesome.. Satisfied with the Ending.. and it was worth watching. Strictly advised all the K Drama fans not to miss this one...it is must must watch... !

Adrienne Loved it one of the best dramas I ever watched I cried so many time.

vandy I like movie :)

critehypo The necktie scene is the most unforgettable one for me.

cotaline OMG totally in love with this OTP and they are the sweetest real life couple too <3 <3. i hope you will get married soon. Queen in hyun ʹs man story really romantic and has fantastic combo of cute female lead and smart male lead. Everything was great cinematography͵ casts͵ music.

Gorjuz Super love this drama! The sweetest kissing scenes ever! Love the chemistry of the lead actors!

WESSE i really love this couple.. super duper love the drama.. :D

parkminhee it' been almost 2 years since i watched this serie but i can't forget it. Awesome drama. i wish all the best for yoon in na, she's wow.

faranak so romantic and believable acting.....so emotional...the actore act great and plot was so great ....i cried over emotional scenes ...yoona is a great actress every time she cied i was tuched and sad with her charachter...the ost is a very very very romantic sad powerful meaningful one....loved it so much

Nunnaphat I've just finished watching the series lasst week. Now I wanna know more about them...please update.

darz please continue their love story .. i like their chemistry there so cute together!

pearl begging for part two here!!!!

this drama made me like literally crazy!

I cried,laugh to death and fell in love.

my most favorite Korean drama for all time.

Tiarah I really like this drama. My family and I done watching this at already 2 a.m in the morning! :)

jsmd The director and the writer teamed up again in another time travel drama called Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, and apparently it's really good!

Nan Loved this drama~ The hospital bed crying scene touched me a lot . Yoo In Na is really an awesome actress :) Too bad she doesn' have many main roles :(

Loyds Moral I hope they make another one soon. best drama EVER. very sweet couple and wishing they will be together forever.

Betty The most amazing drama!!! I love Corean dramas but this one is going to be last forever on my heart. Excellent couple!!! I loved it!!! But I still want more :-( of this beautiful story plissss :-)

rodmar I juzt wanna say thank you verry much to the actors of this movie. Because of this movie i realize that to have an inspiration in life is a great defense through sadness.i love u all guys once again thank u. Hope to see u personally...

jj Best time slip drama better than rooftop prince, dr.jin, faith (great doctor)

Kathy I just finished watching this series. By far one of the BEST I have seen. I enjoyed it from start to finish. The romance between the characters was beautiful and the acting was sincere, passionate, and moving. Unlike other k-dramas I have watched, the end was very satisfying and happy. I'm only sad that I've finished it. I will definitely watch it again.

I am a pilipina the one word i can say is:


..that's it !

saranghae ji hyun woo,and yoo in na


I am a Pilipino annyeoong hasseiyo..'! absolutely 100% I like your drama "QUEEN_IN-HYUN'S_MAN".... I like the ways couple act... it is sooo.... wonderful...!

the one word i can say is:

    saranghae ji hyun woo and yoo in na...!

best couple in KOREAN KPOP DRAMA.....

kim zyrille im so amazed in this korean-novela, all of the characters are all,well profesional,in their job, i like this!

hotoko Time travel theme drama had become trend in Korea now-day. But, so far they present it in good way and entertaining ! This drama for example, really awesome art of work. I amaze of the storyline and lead character really have good chemistry together....!! By the way Yoo In-Na performance are astonishing ! Maybe she should be given more lead character in the future. Overall, it's worth watching drama and I really recommend it !!

rose ann bacani annyeonghaseyo.. i love queen and i, very much, a lot, more... i like how they act.. i love both of them -Saranghae hi hyun-woo._.

roseannheart is yours...*^_^*

fan of Yoo In-na your right .. I wish i could see Yoo In-Na in personal :)

romelyn bacani im so verry amaze for that noble, yoo in-na and hi hyun-woo, is a excelent actor and actress. i love hi hyun-woo a lot, until now i dont relly know how to move on...{*;*}

hamid very very very good film thank you tvn thank you Yoo In-Na, you are very good actress. thank you Ji Hyun-Woo

mahdi Really really I like this show.The story was fantastic.I recommend this to everybody.I watched it almost 4 times

Clarisse This is the only korean drama that made me fall inlove and until now i don't really know how to move on! InHyun Couple Rocks! :)

Mimay omo. one of the best kdrama i had watched :) try this one guys. will it be possible to fell in love with a guy 300 years older than you(not physically)? :)) ill miss this drama.. :(

H-K DON'T watch this, it is so great that keep on thinking of this after you watch this. The ENDING IS JUST SO AWESOME, COOL and all. No dull moments, funny, romantic. I also cried at the last part. Unlike other service when it becomes dull and predictable at the last part. This it gets more exciting. I can't work anymore properly cause I keep on thinking of this drama. urgh : )

Agres Jin Hyun Woo and Yoon In Na...I love u both. And I love this drama much. I can't wait to see ur new drama. I wish u both as couple again in ur new drama. They played this drama seem so real as one soul. I like when Jin Hyun stared at Yoon in, it seem so real and ask audience to drown in it. So for both...I eager to see them both again in a new drama. FIGHTING... See both of u again in 2013...no compare for this drama yet !!!

hash I have inducted into my top 5 kdrama list. Love the plot,the characters and the actors Kudos to the show worth my time for every second,highly recommend it.

jonalyn orpia its a very beautiful love story. I hope that it has a part 2. please.!!!! I'm also addicted to it already.

nuwa I really love this drama!beautiful and romantic story...I hope Ji Hyun-Woo and Yoo In-Na play more dramas like this together! thank u for your terrific drama...!

Joey just to be honest, im totally addicted to this kind of a movie... i love the story a lot... and im hoping that there will be a part 2.... QIHM is the best korean movie ive ever watch...

jerayj Queen Inhyun's man was aired now here in the Philippines as Queen and I. Today is the finale night and i'm expecting the happy ending.This is the best show I've ever watch.For me its one of a kind and one in a million. I admit i'm addicted to QIHM. No words can express how much i like, desire, wants and describe QIHM. Hope that this two couple (ji hyun woo and yoo in na) will visit the Philippines because more fans here are expected to see them and many Filipinos love to watch their drama. I truly like and love Queen Inhyun's man also the cast behind Kim Boong Do and Regine Choi.If I had a dream right now, I want to go to South Korea just to see this 2 couple together and had a picture with them. -QIHM for me is no. 1 and the best among the rest.

Gino Rooftop Prince is pretty good as well. Although both are time travel related stories, they're as different as apples and oranges. I found both very enjoyable and entertaining.

Leizel This movie is PERFECT! My day isn't complete whenever I cant watch this movie! PERFECT!!! PERFECT!

and right now, I'm dreaming that someday I'll meet my own Kim Boong Doo

Korryn Because of Queen In-hyun's Man, I loved Korean Dramas even better because the story is reaaaaally unpredictable unlike in Rooftop Prince, I love he chemisty of Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na, whenever Kim Boong-do smiles I feel helpless! LOL! <3 <3 This is a must watch. This is better that Rooftop Prince that's all <3 :)))

Lee Re Na One of my favorite dramas. I love the acting and knowing that the lead actors were actually in love makes it 10000 times better. I actually doubt watching this drama at first, I thought "oh not another time travelling drama," considering all I watched were time travelling dramas last year, I decided to skip this one. That was until a friend of mine recommended it and said how amazing it was. Thank God I gave it a chance because it is my favorite time travelling drama (I even liked it better then faith and NINE). DON'T HESITATE TO WATCH IT. IT'S A MOST WATCH AND IT WILL ALSO BE ONE OF YOUR ALL TIME FAVORITES.

Philippines 100% Satisfying and GREAT! I am a male but this drama made my eyes tear a little, the ending is GReat the whole drama, episode by episode are great there are no wastes unlike any other korean drama that loses it's quality when its going to end...... THIS DRAMA IS GREAT I can compare this to Endless Love 1 and Winter Sonata.

Biri biri I just finished watching this drama, and I unexpectedly LIKE this. This is very romantic and funny, The cast are good, the kissing scenes are better compare to some korean drama, Plus the chemistry between the two leads is excellent, although there are some plotholes like when the phone of kim boong do is ringing when he is joseon but I dont mind, Because overall its a good drama and BTW I think Queen In Hyun's Man is much better than Rooftop prince because, The ending of Rooftop prince is unsatisfying for me and the chemistry between the leads in Rooftop prince is not as great compare to Kim boong du and Choi Hee-Jin

Ej Somosa She's so cute ;) i want to take picture with her

mary jill alapan Queen In-Hyun's man is very nice plus i love it that the lead actors falls in love with each other... i can't get enough i've been watching it over and over again...

Jeng I think Rooftop prince is better than Queen and I thats all :D

Flieous the best drama series ever.. I usually don't feel like watching love stories but this one changed my taste.. It is really lovely and I could really see the spark between Kim Boong-Do and Choi Hee-Jin..

this is the only show that I had watched from the beginning till the end and I would love to watch it again.. ;-)

herbmom Really liked this drama. Entertaining, sweet. I appreciated that it was really a love story. Kisses were great! And lots of them! Great fun...

labyu i saw some comments about rooftop prince that they say that has frustrating ending..im still planning to watch RP because of time travel plot of story which had a same with them with QHM..but this queen in hyun's man had a very good ending...im almost done watching it ...i laugh many times but there was also a sad part which makes me feel to cry..after this i will repeat to watch this,,, maybe i gonna watch this yearly..lol...

Bunniefly This is really worth watching. At first I was intrigued because of the "Reel to Real" romance of the two leads that I started to watch the drama. But after the 3rd episode, I just found myself suffering from lack of sleep because I'm so into it. There is consistency of the whole plot and the ending is perfect. This is definitely the best "time travel" story that left no questions unanswered where you can't help but admire the writers. I totally recommend this to everyone who hasn't watch it, especially those into romantic genre, and feast yourself with the best kissing scenes in Korean drama. :)

jhonel it was really the best drama ever. i agree to the first who comment

the others who says that it was not maybe just have a little brain that he /she even understand it FOOLS

piqi23 The Best Drama so farrrr!!!!! Daebak!!!!

Ivan I'm still watching Queen In-hyun's Man and it is a very good drama series. I haven't finished the drama yet but it is definitely great from the start.Nice concept, action, drama, love friendship and special effects xD.

rururu i hope they reunite again in another drama...

mia_hayate so good drama :) I love it !!!!!!!

ahnah SUPERB.... love it... two thumbs up... :blush:

shahanie i like this drama.. but it's actually quite disappointing.i expected that this drama would leave a mark. i must say that it doesn't have the suspense factor. just confusing actor. i actually have lots of questions concerning some scenes. but because there are so many, i've forgotten some of them. but then it is a good drama.. the story is unique.. but it can't be compared to 'arang and the magistrate'........

NERI amazzing drama ! just love it and i want to see yoo in na always as lead :D

Joannix THIS IS AN EPIC WORK OF ART! The story, plot, characters, dialogue, lines, and the setting were chosen greatly! Love it <3 I watched this drama in just less than 48 hours :)) Kilig and heartaches filled my heart that time. A must-watch! ^^


Zee.ngullie After i watch this drama i was totaly become like a mad.Dreaming day and night .These drama is the best drama i ve ever seen in my life infact this drama is the most attractive film amongst the korean movie i ve watch .I realy love this film and i like especily like the actor ( Ji hyun woo)

Zee.Ngullie After i watch this drama i was totaly become like a mad.Dreaming this drama day and night.This drama is the best drama i ve ever seen in my life infact these film is the most attractive film amongst the korean movie i ve watch.I realy love these movie n i especily like the actor(Ji Hyun woo)

sayakahikaru I really love this drama the couple is so cute i love watching it so much because of them. Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo are amazing actors. They were spectacular and so professional. I really enjoyed watching this drama. And for all those reading do not compare this to "Rooftop Prince". Both drama have the same concept of travelling from the past to the future however the story is really different. This drama is about the Kim Bong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) a nobleman who aims to protect his country/king and having the power to travel through time and meeting a woman he fell in love with Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na) and how their love transcend time. And in Rooftop Prince the prince and 4 guards travel through time and meeting a girl. The plot in that drama is more dramatic with revenge, power, love, betrayal, friendship. However both dramas a good. I really love Queen Inhyun's Man please for all those who read this watch this drama because it is amazing.

fgdf these two are really seeing each other

JT not bad.....good to watch ... the first was funny actress how she running... i enjoy watching this drama ... if you not watch yet ..you should watch Now ...because is was good... this drama will'll in my drama top 10 list for sure ...i like how they act ... really enjoy and nice ... i don't know how is gonna end but i am gonna watch no matter what... fighting :D i am on Ep 2 right now hehehh :D

victoria Ok this drama catches my interest because it has a time travel theme similar to Rooftop Prince, PLs can anyone tell me that this is much better, because the ending in Rp is soo frustrating and so many plotholes left unanswered. hope this one is much better

ciyala I recommend this drama to every korean drama lovers... it's a must watch... one of my all time favourit.... "awesome"- one word that describes the whole drama.. initially i wasn't interested watching this because have already got to see some similar type time travel series.. honestly i didn't wanted to watch this and first 7 episode i just watched as a time pass but in the 2nd half of the series i mean in 8th episode it created a spark of interest in me and made me so curious about what happens next and hooked me up till the end... i found both actor and actress to be so cute and obviously they make a great couple.. the storyline was totally unique and captivating.. and yess it made me crazy till the end... one of the greatest korean drama and worth watching it...

sandra I totally agree its the best kdrama ever.....i watch it everyday since i read it in sparkling magazine.can't wait for it to be aired in gma channel 13.its gonna be a phenomenal once it aired.love it so much.its not ur traditonal kdrama.the plot is so different nd very addicting.the chemistry btw the two lead will make ur heart flutter.its much better than rtp.

merry WooooW,,,, Really great drama......... :D I love it so much..

Henny 100% excellent drama ever!

HH This drama deserves an award and I'm quite disappointed it's not even on any of the award nominations. I must admit that it was slow to start, but once you past ep. 4, you won't be able to stop. It doesn't have the typical K-drama cliches. Characters are smart, unique, and the chemistry is fascinating to watch. Kudos to the writers. A definite favorite and is only second to Sungkungkwan Scandal. I can watch both these dramas anytime, anywhere. Love!

TechnoKeats For the whole series, this drama kept me entranced in its cheesy charms. So cute, corny & refreshingly sweet. I confess that I fast forwarded most of the historical parts. Yet, I'm gonna miss this.

Moni So, I started watching Rooftop Prince and I couldn't finish it. I was just getting mad at so many characters, and the whole drama had this messy feeling to it, so I stopped watching. Then I came across this drama thinking to myself, ugh, not another time travel drama, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Conclusion: AMAZING!!!

I was so into it that I even watched without subs. I loved the lead actress and the male lead was so damn smart and adorable, which made watching this drama a pure joy.

Give it a try. It's not your typical time travel drama, plus, the love story is so pure and adorable :)

bella RP has 20 ep..and this has only 16..but i manage to finished it in that short period of time..:)

bella oh I've finished watching RP continuously .. maybe it took me only 24 hours if I'm not mistaken.. ^^

bella I've just finished it now...and if I 'll compare it to rooftop prince..it's good..but I 'll still prefer RP than this..though RP's ending is not that good, but when I'm watching RP, i don't want to stop so in able to eat I'll pause it in a minute to prepare for my food then I'll go back as soon as possible ..not like this QIHM, i'm able to stand or stop watching it for a day..and I'll continue watching it anytime i feel to watch it..and I haven't that kind of excitement to watch it again like what I felt when i watched RP. (just my opinion and point of view ^^ )

bella is this really better than rooftop prince? ah..better to see it myself:) hmmm..i'll watch it now^^

Keith This drama is not boring its much better than Rooftop Prince!

owe boring drama .. iwww ..

Ying I love this drama^^ HynWoo and InNa are handsome and pretty!!! Hwaiting=)

Katrina This drama is so good that I rewatched it for three times...LOL Sweet, Cute, Excited. The storyline is really unpredictable and the scene is so sweet and warm~ Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na acts so well that makes you confused if they are really that way in real life XD I have watched Rooftop Prince also. It is a good drama also but I will recommend Queen In-Hyun then Rooftop Prince~

Gado Stopped watching after 12th episode because it was too boring! (especially the parts when he would go back to his time) This is one of the few dramas I have no interest in finishing. And the part when everyone loses their memory after his amulet is cut but certain people (like the monk/priest and the guys servant but not the Hee-jin's manager) was so...stupid.

SarawakMan QIHM has the same premise as "Rooftop Prince", man coming 300 years from the past to resolve an issue but unlike RP which has a bittersweet ending, QIHM has a very satisfying good ending that I like.

Tom4395 I will just totally agree with Comment #59 Lexie. I could put it any better.

Lexie THE BEST TIME-TRAVEL DRAMA EVER!!! One of the best dramas in Korean history. =)

MyRa honestly, i got interested with this drama because of ji hyun woo confessed his love to yoo in na..if not, maybe until now i will not watch this drama because the synopsis seems not interesting..i tried watching it after i read a lot of good reviews about this drama, and guess what, its really the best drama!! the storyline was well written; full of romantic + unpredictable + funny + cute scenes, the characters are all so lovable (i understand why hyun woo love in na because she's so cute) even the second hero han dong min success in stealing the scene with his not-so-smart-and-arrogant-attitude..haha..i really like the scene where in na's manager interview hyun woo for three times with the same question!! lol.. for me, i prefer this rather than rooftop prince..peace..

Orin Well, I'm not going to offense other dramas. before watching this, I felt dissapointed to other Kdrama, because their story can be guessed and also their square love or evil second lady. The impression compared to oldies dramas (hotelier, ad madness(kwangki), winter sonata etc) is very different. So I had a question, "is the quality of Kdrama decreased recently? "

But this drama can rebuild my mind to continue watching Kdrama. It's so fresh with the cinematography (at the beginning I felt dizzy actualy). It looks like an indie film! The story is really fantastic without "chaebol conflict" (most of KDrama involve Company, rich man, heir... I dont say it's bad, but sometime I feel bored ) The humorous second man is so exciting!!

This drama makes me day dreaming in the class. It makes me talking while the lecturer explain something in front of class! This drama makes me running to go home! This drama makes me tweeting all the time! I'm so crazy because of it!!

This drama neomu neomu cheoayo! Cinca cinca Daebak!!! :D

genie i dont really like watching korean drama but when i started watching jin is the man, wow! its amazing and it makes me to love the lead actor jin hyun woo, his really good, not only his personality but i love the way he act. I wish i can watch his other korean drama im his no.1 fan here in philippines. All i can say is I really really like jin keep up the good work and be always in good health no matter what I'll be always your no. fan love you

Sobrinah This drama is awesome. As of now, to me, it is the best drama of 2012. Wayyyy better than Rooftop Prince. RTP is funny but the leads lack chemistry and the same cliches that one can find in many k-dramas. Han Ji Min has more chemistry with So ji Sub than with Yoochun. I can't count how many times i watched this drama. QHIM is daebak.

Mary A very touching drama, which its lead actor and lead actress act unbelievably real and very good. you will smile and cry many times in this Drama. Should be watched.

apordite such a great drama I SWEAR THE GOD ^,^... beautifull drama,nice plot, great cast and wonderfull awesome, and adorable STORY !!!! i think this kdrama should be the best in 2012.. and the moon that embracess the sun is QUEEN IN HYUNS MAN best competitor (y)!!!!!! HWAIIITTIINNGGGG

Kim I loved this drama. I've seem many dramas, but many i have not finished. For example...secret garden and rooftop prince. I liked all of them, but for some reason i stop watching around the last few episodes. After finishing Fashion King...i stopped watching K dramas for a while since the ending in that drama turned me off. This drama was my first drama since that time, and because of how good this was, i am going to finish watching Secret Garden and Rooftop Prince along with many other ones i did not end of watching. My only problem with this drama was the death of Yoon-Wol, it felt cheap and the writers did not want to conclude her relation with Kim Boong Do properly, and instead giving her a cheap death.

maia Oh my gosh! His stares & how he cares for Yoo In Na in the drama is absolutely genuine. He shows what he really feels for the girl. Although Yoo In Na is a bit shy & deniable but she too feels mutual during the filming. Just love their chemistry. I really don’t understand in korea, is it really a big issue confessing one’s love to the public??? and i agree..there are lots of kissing scenes..which were passionate..and this is what you called "real kiss"...

johnL Nice drama,Lots of Kissing scenes!

bAbaengMaganda Good drama but Rooftop Prince is very very very far away better than this.

MaHalKita You said it right, QIHM is a good drama, but it never hooked me, it never hooked my Mom, my cousins. We are all korean drama addict, but we never watched QIHY 5 times as we did to Rooftop Prince. Anyway, fighting for the QIHY. !!!gOOD Job!

YoOchun adik♥♥♥ For those who said this drama is good, I agree with you guys because i have watched it and eventhough it has some similarities in rooftop prince it is still awesome. But for those who said rooftop prince sucks and dissappointing, I ABSOLUTELY HATE YOU GUYS! You're really pissed me off! If i had known that i could read some bad comments here referring to rooftop prince, i should have bring my deathnote and write down all your names there. I hate you to the maximum level of HATENESS!!!

ian there was a great chemistry with the leads making the drama more hooking.. what about making a part 2 for us fans ...would that sound good for you guys? petition for a part 2 here ! this drama simply is a DAEBAK !!!

kfan probably "THE BEST DRAMA OF 2012" or should I say best kdrama ever!!!! From the plot to the characters is just simply outstanding!! the writers dared to explore new horizons on making the storyline absolutely DIFFERENT and much better than other time-travel series(Rooftop Prince).

The 2 leads portrayed their roles perfectly natural... I never thought that Yoo In-Na is this gorgeous and extremely beautiful. The kisses were so natural and very teasing and the timing of changing the setting from Joseon era to modern then back to joseon is perfect.

What impressed me the most is how the writers manage to put up a SURPRISE on episodes 15 and 16. The final part answered all my "what if"s on the series...  I just wished it had an extra episode for the sweet moments..

Eclipse Have to say after reading the synopsis I wasn't sure about watching this drama, but after taking a chance... all I can say is amazing. From the cinematography to the OST; beginning to end this drama was top notch. For me this is the best drama of the year thus far.

jolie i really love this couple i hope they last forever.,!:)

nootty Romance Korean drama, I like all episodes.

Gasenadi Kudos to the writer(s) of this gripping drama. (She wrote Coffee House, another favorite) One of my top 5 nominees for best drama of 2012. Quite different from Rooftop Prince, also good. Truly a romantic drama, with time-travel very well thought out. The chemistry btwn the two leads was as palpable as you can digitally get!

sophia when can i watch this drama here in the philippines on tvN?because our cable have a tvN channel...

Jiwoonie67 BEST DRAMA EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather I know I was in tears on the last 2 episodes. Lol! It has a way that gets to you. Really good drama (: one of the few that I ACTUALLY enjoyed.

rainfairy well feels like roof top prince all over but i wanna watch it after i heard the two main cast are in love in reall life too.i love them both so..

susan lopez I really love this drama. I like the characters & their chemistry. Good actors & actresses! I've watch it 5 times. Great!

ani really interenting and exciting drama! I love this drama. many romantic scene, fully touching...good storyline. it's awesome!! ^ ^

Queen In Hyeon's Man is the best!!

Jen for me, QIHM is the best korean drama. There's a good plot & a very romantic love scene, JHW & YIN is so naturally do their part & now they've become a real couple, oooo....I love it so much, I'm very happy for them & pray for their everlasting love. 2 thumbs up for JHW as he was so brave in declaring his love to YIN in front of many people, good job JHW ~YIN  :)

chris ok guys so how does the beginning of the show fit with the end

Michele So addicted to this drama ~(‾▿‾~) (~‾▿‾)~

empressroni Best Drama of the year 2012!! Loved the chemistry and Yoo In ha's awesome in this drama considering this is her first main lead role. I am glad he confessed to her in real life before leaving for the army but In ha shouldn't have acted that surprised, it made my baby boy embarrassed in front of the fans. If i was in south Korea, i would support them full on. GTFO to all those nasty netizens.

lian this is the best drama..its so romantic...this drama is not lyk rooftop.the twst between past and present is very good...have already watch all the episode...want to watch more

iyen For the most romantic, the most warm hearted story for me. Until now, this is the best.


fusionistrendy if you want

1) A happy-but-not-that-conclusive ending, watch until ep 14. 2) A heart-wrenching ending and left a longing feeling for more but its okay to end like that, till ep 15. 3) A fusion-sageuk happy ending style, with slightly WTF moment, till the end of ep 16.

Oh, how I want the QIHM team incorporated the first scene of ep1(when KBD leapt with his horse to modern time) in the last episode.

dramasuperfans after watch many drama, this movie become the third drama I like the most, and the Best drama of the year are 2010 secret garden 2011 lie to me 2012 queen in hyun's man agree^^

dramafans wonderful, two thumbs up, the best drama so far in this year.

Ed Great Drama, but Rooftop Prince is better

khaoulatity Queen In Hyun's Man, just THANK YOU!!!!! it is an amazing drama, everything is perfect, flawless, everything! You made me forget about all the "great" dramas I watched before, making me even wondering how can I gave a 10 to King2Hearts (I really liked it btw) or The Moon That Embraces The sun, etc. when I have this master of piece *_*

kamasean everything about this drama is so good. even the gossip :p

Mayakho Such a flawless drama. I love every part of it! Far way good than other "time-slip drama" named Rooftop Princ*- which is kinda dissapointing. Too bad i just realized it now. Daebak writer-nim!!

NewKDramaAddict I will definitely look forward to this writer's future works! This is a phenomenal drama! Unlike any I have seen! Never thought I would love a drama more than King 2Hearts which in itself is phenomenal but this, this surpasses it!! WOW! Acting! Direction! Cinematography! Story! Everything is DAEBAK!

lola very romantic with a lot of kissing i love this korean drama

AkuVira Wow, Queen in Hyun's Man is extremely truthfully seriously fabulous drama. I love Ji Hyun Woo n Yoo In Na couple. Before watching QIHM, I never like Yoo In Na. She's such an annoying girl. However, I love her character here. I cannot hate her because she's so cute n lovely. ^^ Moreover, Ji Hyun Woo is a multitalented actor. He can sing, act, dance, and also rap. DAEBAK !!

Lilia BETTER THAN ROOFTOP PRINCE! Love this drama to bits!

olivia well,,, I love the main role in this drama, they are really cute together. haha..(i feel a bit jealous waching them). Queen InHyun's Man is the best drama ever.. I really can't wait for every episode. aaahhh... this drama really driving me crazy..

HurryUp How many episodes are there going to be?

inn This is the first Korean Drama that I search like crazy for the recaps, then watch the raw video, watch again with the sub and re-read the recaps. I can't wait to buy the dvd set. I've noticed Ji Hyun Woo in other dramas and movies, but, this is the first time I really 'sees' him. Good thing that he decided for his first role (that he chose for himself) is this drama.

Kim Boong Do have exceeded any Korean heroes ever. Ji Hyun Woo portrayed Kim Boong Do in such a way that makes me squee in delight.

Yes, the 1st episodes is kind of dull, but, wait till the 2nd episode and forward, you'll be surprised. The tip toe kiss in episode 11 is way better that the sit up kiss in Secret Garden.

Now, officially, Ji Hyun Woo, is No 1 on my favorite actor list and Kim Boong Do is No 1 in my favorite heroes list.

khaoulatity this drama is more than amazing, the couple is beyond cute/adorable, and the romantic scene are just breathtaking!!! if you havn't watched this, go watch it NOW!

K dorama i think this drama equal class with the legend drama “Secret Garden”.

piggi1889921 i love this drama so much i like the twist with the old past and the present (21st century) i love it so much <3 <3 <3

dayu this drama seems interesting........

piggy68gal And trust me, this drama is extremely different from Rooftop Prince. It's a totally different feel and mood altogether...

piggy68gal This drama is one of the best that I've seen. The cinematography, directing, storyline and acting are top notch. The eye candy is fabulous too...Everytime Ji Hyun Woo smiles I die ;____;

caroline i think rooftop prince is better..i love tat drama

Muna Sounds like rooftop prince but i likes it , if it gets addictive i will hate to wait for the next episodes :(..... Korean drama are addictive even doe i aint korean  : They kdramaholic me :@

Angela Moe I really love In Na unni since I first saw in Secret Garden .I really love her.I'm waiting for her new drama.And now My wish come true .FIGHTING"""" I'll watch this drama ..It'll be funny .Yoon In Na unni is really pretty and cute...Unni Fighting and Queen Inhyun's man DAEBAK

Belinda Jin Hyun Woo looks funny in the traditional outfit.I rather see him in modern clothes.

Belinda I guess no one answers these questions

Belinda Can I get this on Hulu Plus or Korean Drama?

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