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  • Drama: Nail Shop Paris
  • Revised romanization: Neilshap Pariseu
  • Hangul: 네일샵 파리스
  • Director: Park Soo-Chul
  • Writer: Sung Min-Ji
  • Network: MBC QueeN
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: May 3 - June 28, 2013
  • Runtime: Fridays 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Yeo-Joo (Park Gyulee) writes a love story on the internet about a fox with nine tails ("gumiho"). The story becomes a hit and Yeo-Joo becomes somewhat of an internet celebrity. Then, Yeo-Joo is caught in a plagiarism scandal. For her next story, Yeo-Joo decides to write about something completely new. For inspiration, Yeo-Joo decides to observe real people for her story.

Yeo-Joo goes to the subway station. There, she sees a man save a woman from a drug addict. The hero is Alex (Jun Ji-Hoo). Yeo-Joo thinks Alex would make for good material in her next story. She follows Alex to his place of work, which turns out to be a nail shop named "Paris". Yeo-Joo decides to work at the nail shop, but it appears the shop only hires men. Yeo-Joo then disguises herself as a man with the help of her friend Ji-Soo (Han So-Young).


Nail Shop Paris-Park Gyulee.jpg Nail Shop Paris-Jun Ji-Hoo.jpg
Park Gyulee Jun Ji-Hoo
Hong Yeo-Joo Alex
Nail Shop Paris-Song Jae-Rim.jpg Nail Shop Paris-Cheon Dung.jpg Nail Shop Paris-Byeon Woo-Min.jpg Nail Shop Paris-Kim Chae-Yeon.jpg Nail Shop Paris-Han So-Young.jpg
Song Jae-Rim Cheon Dung Byeon Woo-Min Kim Chae-Yeon Han So-Young
Kay Jin Woo-Min Keum Mi-Ryeo Kim Ji-Soo

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lee eun kyung the plot of this drama isn't that great but quite fun. i watched this drama because I got tired with such serious drama and because of songjaerim and cheondung kkk. Yeojoo's novel imagination is too weird I think but it can makes me laugh.

Dam Yeo Wool The show was really great I loved how they combined fantasy and love in the drama. I admired Alex the most and he was my favourite throughout the show an I also loved how he fought that man at the beginning of the show.

Alina The drama tool a very drastic change at the end and I also like how they included the mystical creature. My favourite star and the best was Alex. I loved him so much with his sweet smile, caring and good boy acting

luha i love this drama . actually Song Jae Rim's part made me love it . too bad its only 10 episodes .i can watch this again and again its so good (specially with Kay in the cast ):) ....... loved it .....................

kdramalover Song Jae Rim brought me here , I was very disappointed to hear that Surplus Princess only has 10 episodes so now I'm searching for other dramas he's in.

alia i liked this drama, a bit. the ending was very weird, and bunny was so annoying. she must have chosen between kay and alex. and i feel sorry for kay because he loved bunny so much but she kept on crying for alex. Song Jae Rim <3

Lee If you're watching this drama for Song Jae Rim like I did, I can guarantee that you will NOT be disappointed. But if you wanna watch this because this is a good drama concerning the romance and plot... hmm, you may want to set low expectations. I just finished it and if I were to watch Nail Shop Paris again, it would still only be for Song Jae Rim. I mean come on!! That guy is so beautiful right?! And he is the by far the best actor in this drama!!!

Emmy Rae I totally loved this drama!!!!! It was one of the first ones I ever watched. It was a little strange now that I think back on it but it is definitely a should watch. I loved, loved, loved song jae rim and his character Kay. Bunny was a little annoying because she couldn't choose between Kay or Alex, even though the obvious choice was Kay. My absolute favorite character was Jin. He was always so cute and wasn't hitting on bunny. He was just that guy friend that every girl needs. Him and his girl were so cute together and they didn't have so much drama I to skip all the parts with them. Anyway, great drama!!!! Loved it!!!!!

wi This drama wow umm what can I say, it was a weird drama. It was good at some parts like mainly from the beginning than towards the middle to the end it got strange and weird. At one part I was like what a stupid drama. But what kept my going to finish this drama was bunny and kay. Kay's character I enjoyed the most. Never seen song jae rim(KAY) in a drama like this one at least I know he can do funny. Overall not a bad drama but definitely definitely not a great drama. Not on my recommended list.

Edward Gonmei Kay is awesome with that cruel and rough quality. Thump's up

Acedz I really got hook with this drama after i search Song Jae Rim one of the cast in the drama " The moon that embraces the sun". The story is just simple but brings kilig to me, especially Kay..I'm satisfied with the ending though there's some weird scenes due to some fantasy thing.

Laura I started watching the drama because I knew Gyuri was in it and that she will pretend to be a Boy. Sounded interesting. The parts with the fanfic were a little weird and distracting, most of the time they confused me more and ended up skipping parts in the real world because of at the end. The gumino part was a bit weird too and I think it was a little exaggerated sometimes. As for the love triangle, at first I like Alex, really charming and nice, but as soon as Kay started being shown more and bullied Bunny I totally fell for this couple. He was in a way different from the normal lead and I admit in all dramas i watched so far I ended up wanting the main girl to end up with the 2nd guy...oh well this is one couple I am finally having my wish fulfilled XD Kay was there for her and you could really see how they evolved, even when she was struggling to choose, he would have a moment where he would leave an impression(I admit he was childish and rough sometimes but he was still gentle, perfect combination, and unlike others he listened till the end phew~). The love part I liked it, though the ending was still weird. Overall the story was so-so, I watched it till the end because the triangle made me wanna see the ending, as for the story I think it could have been way better, why did you rush it? only 10 episode and put in the last episode all that information made it suffocating, it definitely needed more episodes.

JJ Actually, I don't know what to feel at the end. I totally liked Alex and Bunny. At first, when I thought it was Alex she would end up with, I said "Woah, this is one of the few dramas I saw where the leading man is the nice guy and the second lead was the one that is having a 'rough(?)' attitude towards the lead actress. Because most dramas' leading man was the one who was rough and suspicious to the lead actress(e.g. He's Beautiful)" But when I saw the ending, I said "I was wrong. It is just the same with other dramas, they just change the attitudes in the beginning to make a twist."

I don't know, I am a little disappointed at the ending... especially that it was just 10 episodes. It was just like the drama Monstar(12 ep) where the ending looked rushed and didn't answer so many questions....

KC I can feel the love of Kay but I don't know when Bunny started to feel for him because all the time she was crying for Alex! And it seems weird that Alex started to feel for Bunny after he discovered that Bunny is a girl! Also, I don't understand the helper-hunter things. Whom should she pick in order to become a human? I think her daughter is also a gumiho. So she is still half-gumiho in the end??

HO I just finished watching this drama and i like it. I totally ship Kay & Bunny. I don't know why but Alex & Bunny don't make me happy. From the start I shipped Kay&Bunny and the end makes me so happy. So glad that Bunnt picked Kay.

KARLITA I just liked this tv drama because the unexpected ending, I was really surprised.

Julaiza I love this story <3 .... And for me bunny and Kay suits together .... And it made me cry when bunny ask Kay to stay with her

park rae AWW! this kdrama is so damn awesome i already finish it last week but i can't stop thinking about KAY AND BUNNY! <3 i really love it!!! i wish gyulee and jaeriim make another drama :)

Shin Hyun Wa I've already finished watch this short drama. well, honestly, this drama not too bad but also not too good. why? because, alex can't have bunny besides him, and Kay has Bunny besides him easily.. i think Kay doesn't have interest chemistry, it will be better if Bunny with Alex. i am so disappoint with the ending, I'm sorry, but that's not fair for Alex and Bunny.. :(

Joanna Ahhhhh! I dont know where to begin!? I absolutely love this drama!! You have no idea how happy I am when Bunny picked Kay. I mean yeah sure she liked Alex from the beginning of this drama but Kay--- KAY really, really really likes Bunny. Regardless if he knew Bunny was a girl or not. He made more effort than Alex. How can you not ignore the cute little things he did for Bunny. Kay is soo cute and I love how they have chemistry! ♥♥♥

Cely H I literally shipped Kay and Bunny right when I saw them together in the first episode. The series got me hooked somehow, but also lacks comedy? So far, I haven't laughed once, just fangirled over Kay and Bunny. Anyways, don't start watching it on a school night, you'll end up watching it till 4am in the morning.

Lyna T. I finished watching this Drama. I thought that Alex was the one for Bunny. But the story made a twist, instead Bunny is meant to be loved by Kay! In every drama it's always the first guy that is meant for the girl main character and lot of us expect that but the mindset of the watcher get tricked. :) I love the way the way the story goes. such a nice story. I love the character of Kay in the story.

MJ I really love this show. Actually I have a crunch with Alex,but I though bunny should to be with Kay,Kay very attractive and the most important He have more brave than Alex. Kay try to do everything for her ,that why she can't live without Kay. ps. I don't really like Gumiho ,that made the show ridiculious.

Chase At last! I have finished watching this drama. I like the ending. Kay <3 Beanie and Alex <3 Bunny forever!

lillia TBH i honestly couldn't understand what the script writer was the beginning i thought this drama would be so unique from others...nope, not anywhere close. It ended like a fan fiction written by amateur writers. There was potential in the idea but they didn't develop it to meet standards. I really liked the actors, they tried their best for this drama! I really wish the story line was better and not so predictable. :(

AbusedSmiles Bunny and Kay......... I love it. They could have added a bit more romance between them. For example when bunny was dusting on the latter she could have slipped and fell into Kay's arms.

Asena Who are those ooys at the end? Those who works at Paris and where Jeo Yoo unni the boss is ? Somebody helpp,need to know :)

Elaine Oh no!! I want Bunny with Alex :'( She didnt even like Kay!! I hate the endingg! :(

spzulvia What an ending!! I prefer Bunny and Alex, so I just like its ok.. Maybe Bunny and Alex cant get old because they're half human half gumiho (example: Kang Chi-Gu Family Book). Later on they'll live together ever after, after Kei's gone. Hehe.. *imagining by myself

dramalover OMG I'm so happy Kay got with Bunny!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 kay is the best :D

lamlokxd It's ok Alex, even though she didn't choose you, you still have me :) You're freaking so good looking and I love you!

naftali keisya Daebak !!!!! I love this Korean drama very much !!! Like it <3

anonymous No offense but the script was terrible. It confused me and the ending was a really open-ended one. The acting wasn't the best overall but i could've tolerate it if the script was good (example: dream high).

to be honest, this is my opinion (warning: spoilers ahead). I feel Gyuri's character liked Alex more than Kay. I think we viewers can see that.

1. In the entire drama, Gyuri took initiative and kissed Alex. However, she never did that to Kay (at least not that I remembered....?)

2. Gyuri say she did not get over Alex although she was in a relationship with Kay.

3. In Gyuri's story that she wrote, she ends up with Alex.

I agreed with one of the commenters. she only went with kay because of what Jin said. DAMN U JIN! JKJKJK

anyways, it's over. Time to move on to a new drama =]

Michelle Bummed that there was only 10 episodes!!!! Was expecting more! So shocked by the ending... I thought she was going to end up with ALEX!!! :(

Chubypanda I really liked this drama!! But the ending was just absolutely HORRIBLE! They crammed a bunch of un-well organized info in the next 6years, leaving viewers confused! They didn't explain on how it all came about with Bunny's choices. Most of all, I bet the director was like "Oh, well I'm getting bored, so lets just rap it all up in 5mins to remain in the last episode." -.- I don't think I would want to watch a season two, but I highly doubt they'll make one.

jessica that drama was kinda.. awkward. lol. i thought it was kind of 'reality' drama, but it ended up with 4 gumihos~ also i didn't get what's alex task as a 'helper' i wonder if the writer even researched what kind of disease the crohn's disease is.. i've got this illness as well and they portrayted it really wrong in my opinion~ overall.. it was funny to watch~ i couldn't stop laughing while watching that drama. XDDDD a cute but awkward drama.. o:

Lesley I hate the ending. NOPE HATE IT. When they told me what Alex was I was like THEN WHY DIDNT SHE END UP WITH ALEX I MEAN WTF!!! UGH... i hate this. Alex why~~~

helena The end was completely weird! The only one who knew his job and acted well was Kay. Bunny and Jin were like two robots, they should content themselves with singing. Acting is definitely not their strong side. And Alex, beside being a nice face, was acting like a zombie. But ,despite all this, I watched the drama till the end, it was a nice and easy entertainment suitable for hot summer days when one's brain is not at his best.

Martine Ok... maybe I saw a different show because Bunny openly admits, in episode 10, to Kay that she does, in fact, like Alex and is still not over him. But she continues to say, "But without you. It means nothing... If I lost Alex, it would heart my heart. But if I lost you, I would die." I'm sorry but those are two VERY different things. She used heartache to explain one and death to explain the other. She did not pick Kay out of guilt. Bunny liked Alex but she loved Kay.

Shana The ending is TOO sudden. They left so many questions to the viewers like, did bunny passed the exam?, how Jin and Ji Soo got in Japan?, what happened to the Boss?, why Bunny ended up with Kay, knowingly that she really likes Alex than Kay. Urggghh! The ending of this drama, it only made me insane with those unanswered questions they left to the viewers! Therefore, I conclude, they rushed the ending that's why they came up with a bad result. It could have been better. *sigh*

kpopjjang 1) she never really liked Kay. She decided to be with Kay Because of what Jin told her. That she should think of Kay's feeling and not be too caught up in her own. 2) she never did say she got over Alex and likes Kay. 3) she was just disappointed that Alex treated her as a little brother only and that he is 'in a relationship ' with the boss..she misunderstood him. That's why she decided to go to Kay. 4) I don't blame Alex at all cause he didn't try to ruin Kay and bunny's relation. Instead he indirectly helped by telling jingle to tell bunny where Kay is at.

Nereyda* The ending could have been better...everything seemed to be crammed into the last 5 min. FYI: Find it funny how the 3 guys have a connection to 2ne1 =) Liked this drama enough to finish watching it.

bethers This was horrible. Bad acting, bad script, just bad all around. Decent plot if it had been done correctly.

Joy Nolledo Would definitely want Kay and Bunny ending together!!!waiting for the last episode .

Didhin hei, where are the episode ratings??? I want to see the episode ratings pleasse :'(

Abby 100th comment!

angle OMG it only one more ep but who would she end up with lol this drama is get interesting :D :C can't wait till these movie finish......................

Ana Paula I do not think Kay and Bunny will be together in the end, but i think that kay is better to Bunny than Alex. I do not know, but for me the relationship with Kay, since the drama started, was more intensive than Alex. If Bunny will be "happy ending" with Alex, i would not like. Because for me, the storyline is for Kay, not for Alex.

merry I totally ship Alex and bunny :3 they make the cute couple . I understand some people might think he is too boring but personally they should end up together . she shouldn't give up on Alex !

strega How could Bunny do that to Kay?! I love this drama to pieces but when all Kay does is give Bunny/Beannie his heart she has confused feelings and can't make up her mind between Alex and Kay. I'm all for Kay just because he didn't take someone else's girl and keep secrets from her that weren't necessary. You go Kay and get the girl and i'm a girl so i might not know how he feels but Hwaiting

Resalynne It doesn't matter how this ends...It's been fun and enjoyable watching.

rabby Okay this drama is just weird, she pretends to be a guy. I can live with that, but then she falls in love with one of the co-workers....but starts dating the other co-worker. So now both co-workers fight over her? Even for a korean drama this is too much drama too be good.

She kissed someone else but she was dating the other one.... as a woman i find this drama to be annoying.

Afrinadian WHERE IS EPISODE 9! This is an amazing drama, cannot even imagine what's going to happen!!!

daisy K一定要和如珠在一起呀,看得很伤心

seoulpuppet Dear xoxoKAY&BUNNY,

           You should take your own advice and respect other people's opinions. If cutielol doesn't like the drama then that's her opinion and I can respect that. I personally love this drama, but I'm completely okay with the people who don't. Not everyone can like the same things which is what makes this world so exciting. So my advice to you is to quit acting like a child and learn to accept criticism. Not everyone in this world is going to love the things that you love so unless you learn this lesson now, you're going to have a really difficult time living your life.

lola Alex is my dream guy, too perfect to be true!!!! I really love this drama. I have watched up to episode 8 and i can not wait for episode 9. <3

ABC girl omg. how could she kiss Alex in ep 8 when she's so called in love with Kay. oommmmggggg so weiiirrddd

emna well alex is perfect i love him he is just perfect but i think that kay deserv her he loved her even when he though that bunny is a boy!!! and bunny went too far when she kissed alex!! aygooo

and if i was the writer i will let bunny be with alex and then she will miss kay and realise her filling for him and tell him that she loves him....

xoxoKAY&BUNNY DEAR cutielol , if its just YOUR OWN OPINION then please keep it to yourself , people dont need to hear your criticism! If you support this drama then AWESOME! ^ o ^ if you DONT pleae keep it to yourself because i dont think anybody wants to hear negative comments >__< also if your "SO ANNOYED" then go take your hate somewhere else , just because you add "OH btw this is just my opinion" it doesnt make a difference that your just being selfish and saying whatever you want to say, YOu should understand other people's perspective. X___X If your "sorry to say this" then you shouldnt have said it at all! @__@

cutielol sorry to say but this drama is by far the worst i have ever seen!! i understand that the writer wanted to make this drama different in every way but they went way too far!! at first i thought maybe its b/c i am use to same storyline kdramas but after few episodes i just couldnt go anymore!! 1st of all as much as i love the cast they suckkkkkkk @ acting!! sorry but just b/c they r cute or popular it doesnt mean they can act!! And what r they nail shop detectives isnt it a lil overboard to invade customers private life?? anyways i wrote this cuz i was so annoyed and even though i was complaining@ home they just strared @ me like i was crazy! so i had to write this!! BTW just my opinion!!

adriane I was totally for the Kei/Bunny relationship but I can see how even though you can be drawn to someone who likes you there might still be unresolved feelings for the other guy. The fact that she has never said she likes Kei worries me a little. She's new to all of this having lived a lonely life so I kind of expect her to be confused. I am too. I really wanted K/B but I'm not entirely against A/B. So still hoping for an awesome ending...

Heartkpop I totally ship Kay and bunny! Go bay! I really hope that they end up together. I like Alex but I really think that Kay and bunny belong together their relationship is so cute! Please writers if your reading this let Kay and bunny stay together!!!

Maelani BUNNY and KAY/KAI I LOVE THEM! They had such cute moments and you could really see how much Kay likes her--its so adorable! It makes me so mad every time I see Alex trying to tell Bunny his feelings because he wasn't even in love with her in the whole drama! Kay liked and cared for Bunny the whole time and it doesn't make sense that Alex can just come in and steal her away--its Kay who deserves her! But I am worried and I think the writers of this show are going to put Bunny and Alex together (I mean technically he is the male lead)--I REALLY REALLY hope not.

And besides Alex is to boring and bland while Kay is so much more personality!

Jennifer I'm a total shipper of Alex and Bunny! Am i the only one thinking that? Even though Alex was a little late to realize his feelings, i really hope in the end, Bunny chooses Alex!

messhi just watched ep.8 and so frustrated! kay and bunny should end up together but why didnt she tell him how she felt in the kitchen when he said you never tell me you like me? she needs to tell him how she feels. a hug is not enough! and i can t believe she kissed alex! right after she told jin, i like kay and i wont think about alex any more..then she kisses him! ugh! maybe she doesn't even deserve kay. i will take him! kkkk

dieffe Kay and Bunny had such cute moments in episode 8, I really love them together...but I hope in the end she will choose Kay because she really likes him, not just because she feels sorry for him or thankful that he liked her first, otherwise she should just end up with Alex, even though I think he's boring and realized his feelings way too late. I hope Bunny resolves her issues before the end, I don't wanna see Kay that sad anymore and she needs to make a clear choice (I think she does like Kay, just like she said to Jin, but she has to like him MORE than anyone else to deserve him)

Maria I totally agree with the people that like Kay and Bunny. Alex never realized until much later on like Kay but he was so thickheaded that he didn't realize anything. When Bunny kissed Alex it made me feel sorry for Kay and that he was being betrayed by the one he loved. Alex didn't even love Bunny in the first place

Adriane Oh! Oh! I was soo wrong! Just watched 8 and now I can't wait to see what happens in the last two eps! I'm not even guessing anymore- I'm just relishing the surprise factor...

Tam I think Kei/Kay should be with Bunny. They have so much interactions with each other. I would change my thoughts if Alex and Bunny had more interactions. :P

messhi i love this show! its silly and fun and i can't stop watching! i really hope bunny ends up with kay. its silly that she was crying at the bus stop because alex thinks of her as a brother..duh..he thinks she is a boy, did she forget that? kay was into her either way which shows he sees the real her. can't wait for ep. 8!

Latte Am I the only one that's shipping for Alex and Bunny?? I like Kay but I really hope Alex ends up with bunny :3 can't wait for ep 8!!!

Yare Totally agree with #71. It would seem to rushed for bunny and Alex to end up together when they put so much attention on Kay's feelings for bunny. I want Kay and bunny together at the end, to me Kay needs her more than Alex. Also in ep 7 when Bunny tells Alex that she "didn't meant it" I wasn't sure of what she meant it could be she didn't meant for Kay to go because of her or maybe that she didn't meant to say that she liked Alex because at the moment she had mixed emotions.

That's just how I saw it... or I want to see it because my shipping is to BIG xD.. Kay And Bunny <3 xD

asdf that one guy with the 'stache reminds me of Kev Jumba from youtube! haha!

Adriane I got a different take on that when he mentioned being involved with his own feelings and not noticing hers. I was thinking maybe he has a crush on the boss because remember he had that picture of the two of them in his wallet. I think the boss is sick and this is what he was telling to Bunny that made her cry and this is the classic drama set up for Kei to misunderstand what happened so that they can reconcile by ep. 10, but those are all wild assumptions that I'm thinking so maybe it will turn out to be that's it's Alex but they spent so much time on the Kei/ Bunny romance that it would seem a little rushed if it's Alex... (my thoughts)

nejee hmmmm.. I do love Kay-Bunny team as in I REALLY DO!, but I think Bunny will still end up with Alex.. What's happening now (kay confessed to bunny and alex accidentally hear it) is the simplest form of catalyst to alex feelings. As he said in episode 7, "I'm too busy with my feelings that I didn't realize your feelings for me" plus the fact that he ask the grandfather about LOVE.. I think their tangled love story will now begin at episode 8.. I cant wait until next week!!!!

awkwardunicorns I'm so confused right now! I thought she had a strong thing for Alex but in Ep7 she's all into Kei, meeeehhhh it's so intense! Can't wait for Ep8 >o<

Hunter i want bunny to end up with kay and Hong Yeo-Joo to end with Alex. it's true love

BabyAce I. WANT. BUNNY. TO. END. UP. WITH. KAY. those two are killing meh!! dammit this wonderful drama!! that kissing part made me go crazy with kayxbunny feels man! haha XD KKKAAAAAAAAYYYYYY <3 <3

Dins You guys know korean drama rules, right? The hot headed guy always be the first lead man. And the good guy always be the second lead man. It means kay will end up with bunny! Stay possitive guysssss

nana i Just love both guys can't wait for next week episode, Damn it just keeps getting better and better.

Dede I agree with # 62. I think both guys are nice. Don' t know why Alex should be knocked out of the ballpark. He is just as sweet as Kay. Only the writers know.

song-jae-rim-lover I hope Kay and Gyuri came together !!!!!! Kay is the perfect man to love !!

Shiv... Bunny and Kay all the way!! I don't want her to end up with Alex :(

Jazmyn So I think Kay and Bunny would be really good together. But I like Alex a lot. I have no idea who I wish she would end up with... ARGG! Why does both Kay and Alex have to be good looking?!?!?!??!

MAHHAA KAY & BUNNY should end up together! <3<3<3

Lulie L. Ep.6 was totally emotional! I agree to many of these comments, Kei and Bunny should en up together. Alex seems like he's not ready for a relationship yet, but lets see how the drama ends up :) Too bad there's only 10 ep!! >:/


DaVinCi didn't notice only 4 more episode before the ending.

Gyuri Fighting!

welch Episode 6 is the bomb!!! No, literally, Kai received the bomb! and oh my gosh, emotions run deep on his face! I love him and Bunny together! Bunny and Kai FTW!!!!

Meow I seriously hope kay and bunny end up together, and i totally agree to some of these comments, the only thing between alex and bunny is bunny's crush on him.. the drama will seriously suck hard if bunny and alex wind up together.. Alex should go to his fox ladeh, haha

May I LOVE Alex and Bunny!!! They are sooo cute, plus Alex is so awesome and sweet!!!! Bunny really likes him and deserves him. I like Kay, but I just dont really like him with Bunny. Bunny is so cool!!!

rabby I really hope that Bunny ends up with Kay! They look so good together

llawlietkimhyunjoong i love kei and bunny!!!!!!!!!! so on !!! i think that alex is save by the G( which is the boss of nail shop paris) so that bunny and aAlex is the same!! but i think that kei is think that bunny is a girl or a boy? if he found out that bunny is a girl he will secertly like her and protect her!!! i wish it will continue with the awesomeness!

nelly i like kay and bunny couple.. alex is perfect but i really like if she with kay.. >3< kay and bunny..

Carrie team Kai for sure!!

jilliana I think alex is the son of her boss. Because they are always together and I think also he was a fox. Anyway I like alex for bunny ^_^ !!!!

Ana I love it! I just got bored and started watching it and now I am hooked~!

Rm Wow it is amazing I hope that she will end with kai ♥

Hyoyo Am I the only one that wants her to be with alex? Don't get me wrong i love Kay! But I think Alex will need her just as much... If someone else feels the same can you tell me cause I'm curious to know if I'm the only one??? Nail shop paris hwaiting!

welch Oh my gosh, I thought I'm the only one. I'm all for Bunny and Kay. Alex is nice and perfect...too perfect it's suspicious. But since he's the main lead, I'll be disappointed at the end. But seriously, they need to stretch this til episode 20 hehehe. I want Bunny and Kay! Bunny and Kay! Bunny and Kay FTW!!!!!

Shift Does anyone know where I can get that Orange Bat Sleeve Hoodie Han uses on the 3rd episode at 4 minutes?

Lmon She should be with Kei although Alex has nice looking . I really hope she will stay with Kei . Kei is awseome caring in the movie . He look handsome too  :D

swonez I love Kay-Bunny couple so much!!! They're lovely, especially Kay ///<

clary LOL I love kay n bunny couple... I can see now they will end up together.. The writer not dissapointing... I just saw the OST MV when kay n bunny together.. Can't wait to watching next episode... Nail shop paris hwaiting!!

Purvi This drama is SUPERR FUN to watch! it really exceeded my expectations coz of its uniqueness! O gosh! Kei is SOOOOOO HAWWT! I kinda have a feeling he will end up with Bunny, but love the way he tries to figure out 'what's wrong with him' lol! Loving it so far~

Purvi This drama is SUPERR FUN to watch! i really exceeded my expectations coz of its uniqueness! O gosh! Kei is SOOOOOO HAWWT! I kinda have a feeling he will end up with Bunny, but love the way he tries to figure out 'what's wrong with him' lol! Loving it so far~

A After watching up to episode 5, I'd say that Alex is a nice guy, but Bunny definitely has better chemistry with Kay / Kei / K (how the heck should I even spell it????) I mean, Alex is perfect and all, but Kei and Bunny's relationship has all of the telltale signs of being a romantic interest for a drama: they both fight with each other a lot, he picks on her, and he's starting to get those unsure feelings (trying to figure out what's "wrong" with him). I don't think Alex and Bunny's personalities "complement" each other. Hopefully, the producers won't disappoint me (but I'm almost certain they will, lol). I'm looking forward to the coming episodes.

NailShopDAEBAK I LOVE NAIL SHOP PARIS!!!! I HOPE IT RUNS UNTIL EPISODE 20. The reason i love this drama it's because of its unique story line. At first, I thought that it will just be an ordinary romantic series but it is more broader than i thought, it includes mystery, drama, fiction, fantasy and many to mention. I just love this drama, I hope it gets recognized by the korean people.


adriane I think Kay and Bunny are the couple. Alex turns out to be a werewolf/vampire or something(friendly type of course) like the boss maybe? Ah well it's just a thought but I've really started to get into it now and I can't wait for the next ep!

daffy i hope it's gonna be kay&bunny <3

Lynn I really wish Kay and bunny end up together. Honestly, at first i wanted alex and bunny to be together but after i seen what kay has done fo bunny i can't bear to see them not end up together! This drama would suck if it doesn't end up with them being in love :( I know alex is the male lead but hopefully the producers would change it.

Lauren I think it's clear from reading the comments that the majority (a large majority at that!) are supporting Kay and Bunny to be together. I guess I'm not alone in my feelings that Alex is just not right for Bunny! I think, simply from the plot so far that Alex is being pushed as the leading male role and romantic interest, yet there has been very little to support this. I understand that Bunny has a crush on him, he is the reason that she joined the Nail shop Paris team, but so far there has been so little interaction between them both I can't see their relationship even starting! They have little to none chemistry between them both and it is utterly one sided (so far). Bunny seems to be more in love with the idea of Alex, the idea of him being the lead hero in her novel, but not as the real person he is. We are on episode 4 and still there hasn't been much emotion or even personality shown from Alex towards Bunny, I agree with another comment who suggested that Alex only see's Bunny as a little brother! Kay on the other hand, is actually genuinely showing interest, fascination and interaction with Bunny. Their cute arguments, sizzling chemistry, the comedy, suspicion and even the drunken kiss! Come on, it has to be Kay who ends up with Bunny right? So far the four episodes have been between Kay and Bunny, there is a build up of tension and doubt, Kay is questioning himself as he starts to develop feelings for Bunny even though he does not know she is a woman. Bunny of course is the typical gender-swap lead who does not notice this attention, maybe with that in mind, just like in Boys before flowers, you're beautiful, Ouran High school Hostclub, Wallflower and coffee prince, all romance dramas where the lead often was attracted to another character who was no more than a 'crush' and eventually fell in love with the other character whom they argued, fought and initially did not like. Here's to hoping right? I shall hold my breath until episode 5, my fingers are crossed that the writers were able to predict that we as fans would support Kay and Bunny together. Fighting! \^o^/

Janice Stahl I do not think the girl looks like a boy.,the only thing she looks like is less attractive with that silly wig on. The drama is kind of lame and predictable and the acting is not very good but the concept is ok.

LoveHamEunJung jin is the lead male here

Kenzie Rae So glad Im not alone in wanting her and Kay to end up together! Alex is nice, but I think she and Kay would be perfect together!!=) I hope that after ep. 4 (the ending I was like NOOOO!!!!!! Lol), that maybe he might realize his feelings a little more (we all saw that look on his face:) and maybe try to slowly try to make it work? I don't know>.<, but I do hope they end up being together!=)

dieffe I'm glad I'm not the only one who roots for Kay/Bunny...don't get me wrong Alex is a great guy and I think every girl would immediately fall in love with him, but Alex and Bunny just don't have the same chemistry and tension I feel with the other two (and that's what works TV-wise rather than in real life). I think if this was a 16episode drama, maybe it could be possible for her to fall in love with Alex first and then with Kay, but because this is a 10 episode drama I don't know if she'll have a suddeng change of feelings. The thing that confuses me is that apparently Bunny and Kay had all the clichè romcom moments: arguing over pointless things, almost kissing when drunk, confused feelings, Kay seeing her dressed as a real girl before Alex, while Alex and Bunny didn't. He's sweet with her but I don't think he sees Bunny as more than a little brother. She likes him a lot apparently, and Kay is confused because of his developing feelings for Bunny. As it is it's all one sided love, but who knows! I'm very curious about what is going to happen, this is such a cute drama!

joangwapa I really do hope, this drama is all about the love story of Kay and bunny. On screen chemistry is undeniable. i am a fan of their love story... can't wait for episode 5! Kay is soooo sexy and manly.

Nubunebu I know she's supposed to be in love with Alex, but I'd much rather prefer her with Kay! It's just something about their interactions that drives me crazy, and I love it! I wish there would be some big twist at the end that somehow makes her end up with Kay. Sigh~

Vea A very exciting drama. Watching the first episode made me embarassed. haha

clary I wish yeo jo end up with kay... idk why.. but the chemistry between them, I can feel it.. I know alex perfect but I feel he not the guy for yeo jo... lol

Gao I think Alex isn't the main guy, I'm hoping that it is Kay. Even though he isn't that good looking but this movie is like "You're Beautiful". Kay as Jang Guen Suk and Alex as Jung Yonghwa.

Illiyad I love this drama! I just wish the main character would end up with kay instead of Alex as it looks like now TT.TT Even though Alex's supposed to be all angelic and nice his eyes are so cold, it makes him seem all distant. The chemistry between Kay and Yeo joo are so much better~~ But it's really good aside from that, I can't wait till the next update ^^

kika I know that Alex is all that "Mr. Perfect" kinda guy, but I can't help but think that he and Yeo joo relationship will only go to oppa-dongsaeng kind of thing. While Kay and Yeo joo's case, I always ends up squealing and go fangirl frenzy for each interactions!!! Though the plot & story flow a bit "meh", I still can't wait to see the next episode!

KimKyohara @dieffe no! ur not the only one... i thought that too! i want kay and bunny end up together rather than she w/ alex huhuhu. i love this drama.... and one of the reason i continued it because of them.

dieffe Well Alex is perfect, handsome and everything, but am I the only one who likes her relationship with Kei better? I love when they argue over pointless things and how suspicious he is...and he already started being paranoid over a drunken almost feels like "You're beautiful to me" (I loved that drama!), even though in this drama she'll probably end up with the other guy (Alex).

JJ WOW ... i really like the girl Yeo - Joon ..she look pretty after she cut her hair... she look like cute boy... Alex handsome ...kay gentleman and jin cute :D love then can't wait to see next EP..

Faith Well, I can say that Jin and Yeo-Joos roommate Ji-So falls in Love <3... Can't wait till the next episode ^_^

love_kpop OMOOOO one of the best drama i've watched ;))) hope there will be mooooore episodes <3 Alex is soooooo handsome but i also like kei and jin <3

VidelUzu I loved the two episodes released but... I wanted so badly that Jin and Bunny falls in loooove T.T I'm disappointed on that point : "He better get the girl or I'll be somewhat disappointed...." --> YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT !! @Mblaqluv

Gem I can't believe the guys do the nail stuff over the girls. It'll be nice to go to that salon. Kkk~

k-pop girl Is it just me or just Alex look like Dongjun from ZE:A? Anyway, really love this drama. Can't wait for other episodes.

Kiiro Wow, I like the girl here, she actually looks like a cute guy. I could fall for her if she goes that way. ^_^

mmm i just watched the first 2 ep. and i ended up wanting gyuri with that kay guy, he was so sexyyyyy...

Abbey I was disappointed that Doongie is not the lead actor bit it's a relief, I don;t need to be envious of Gyuri! kkkekekeke. I like his cute and bright role~

skrwitch Just watched the first two episodes and it's amazing! MBC QueeN promises to bring what women want, and they sure did ^^

Mblaqluv I thought Thunder was main character. He better get the girl or I'll be somewhat disappointed....

rashad wow i am amazed at all the great shows that these korean writes are wirting im a big fan of gender bender good luck :D

Rian its airing 5/2/13!!!!! can't wait for another gender bender:)

Gnie Hwaiting everyone!! :3

Moon I seriously can't wait till I see CheonDoong in this drama! Hwaiting!!~ ♥

Ae-K 천둥이 화이팅

nancy what is the exact date its gonna air?

lara it's Nail Shop Paris >_<

jinhee ah finally we get to see cheondung in a drama ^_^ hope he does well hehe!! now it's just to wait for it to air lol.

doody DAEBAK !! the cast is srsly a punch of cuties >3< hwaiting ^^

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