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  • Drama: Melody of Love (English title) / Love Rides the Song (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Sarangeun Noraereul Tago
  • Hangul: 사랑은 노래를 타고
  • Director: Lee Deok-Gun
  • Writer: Hong Young-Hee
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: November 4, 2013 --
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 20:25
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Drama series tells the story of three families who begin to appreciate the family and regret hurting others.


  1. "Love Rides the Song" takes over the KBS1 Mon - Fri 20:25 time slot previously occupied by "A Tale of Two Sisters".


Melody of Love-Dasom.jpg Melody of Love-Baek Sung-Hyun.jpg Melody of Love-Hwang Sun-Hee.jpg Melody of Love-Kim Hyung-Jun.jpg Melody of Love-Kwak Hee-Sung.jpg
Dasom Baek Sung-Hyun Hwang Sun-Hee Kim Hyung-Jun Kwak Hee-Sung
Kong Deul-Im Park Hyun-Woo Kong Soo-Im Han Tae-Kyung Yoon Sang-Hyun
Melody of Love-Sun Woo Jae Duk.jpg Melody of Love-Kim Hye-Sun.jpg Melody of Love-Park Woong.jpg Melody of Love-Lee Jeong-Kil.jpg Melody of Love-Kim Hye-Ok.jpg
Sun Woo Jae Duk Kim Hye-Sun Park Woong Lee Jeong-Kil Kim Hye-Ok
Park Bum-Jin Yoon Ji-Young Park Doo-Sik Kong Jung-Nam Yoo Jin-Soon
Melody of Love-Ban Hyo-Jung.jpg Melody of Love-Jung Si-A.jpg Kim Ji-Hoon Melody of Love-Shin Bi.jpg Melody of Love-Jeong Seung-Ho.jpg
Ban Hyo-Jung Jung Si-A Kim Ji-Hoon Shin Bi Jeong Seung-Ho
Jo Gwi-Boon Kong Jung-Ja Kim Sung-Hoon No Jin-Yi Han Joo-Ho
Melody of Love-Kim Ye-Ryeong.jpg Melody of Love-Lee Joo-Hyun.jpg Jung Da-Bin Melody of Love-Han Min-Chae.jpg Melody of Love-Lee Eun-Ha.jpg
Kim Ye-Ryeong Lee Joo-Hyun Jung Da-Bin Han Min-Chae Lee Eun-Ha
Koo Mi-Ok Koo Se-Joon Han Tae-Hee Keum Na-Ri Ko Eun-Ha
Melody of Love-Kim Tae-Hyung.jpg Melody of Love-Jung Yi-Yeon.jpg Melody of Love-Sunshine.jpg Melody of Love-Jo Su-Min.jpg
Kim Tae-Hyung Jung Yi-Yeon Sunshine Jo Su-Min
Ko Min Yeo In-Sook Maijoori Lee Ja-Hye


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ben I don't know which drama everyone is watching but I feel very sad for Deulim. I'm on episode 106 and I don't want to be a spoiler so I'll just leave it at that. I just hope that she will be very happy at the end cause she deserve it for all the bad things she had to go through. I hope that the writers will make it a very good ending and not a short happy ending.

:) Sorry but dasoms character was really annoying in the beginning, she kept on getting in trouble over the most stupidest things, like things a little kid would do. Come on use your common sense girl!

ken Every country, every nationality has their own religion and culture. People die in the name of religion and culture. Look in the middle eastern countries where there is death everywhere in the name of religion. What about LOVE? People are discriminated based on whom they choose to love. As long as people are not stealing, killing, or anything to invade your space, just mine your own business and let them be. Now that being said, lets not forget that this is a drama. Make believe. I think at the end the bad people will get what ever they deserve and the people that are meant to be together will be together.

Nkolika, Nigeria Hyeons father cannot list ten to him because he has something to hide. He said the girl makes him uncomfortable. I bet he is aware that she is the daughter of the man he sentenced to prison to cover the sins of his friend and in law. Both of them are feeling guilty. The case being reopened by Suim and Hyeon in the subsequent episodes proves this. This is an interesting drama. But Korean is only modern in looks not in culture. They are still very conservative and rigid. Why should a woman suffer and be denied the right to marry a man because she divorced, worse still people cannot marry into the same family where their relations are married into. I find it very ridiculous.Well if Koreans like it who am I to disprove.

nana probably it will be total of 120 eps. but im not sure enough

ben I think this drama is still in production. Asianwiki doesn't even know how many episodes left. If you look under PROFILE where it explains what the drama is about under EPISODES it is blank. It usually will have how many episodes a drama has if the production is completed. That leads me to believe that this drama is not completed yet. I could be wrong but I guess you could contact KBS directly to find out for sure.

Ran How many episodes left??? it's already at 107th episode, but the story seems still a long way to go

ken I don't know which drama everyone is watching but this drama is so far great. There are so many twist and turns with each episode that you don't know what is coming up next. I'm on ep 84 and saw the preview for ep 85 and well I can wait till the next episode.

MAIJOU I only watch this sometimes when I am really bored but this drama is so unnecessary dramatic

solar Unnecessarily getting extended,story line bland. suims friend seems to be a good actor(musical director).

aria kim hyung jun fighting... your acting is great...han tae gyung go go!

Ran Does this drama reflect the reality in Korean family (in general) ? if it does, what a poor country behind all that hi-tech, educated yet glamorous lifestyle. Something to be considered after watching this drama is that people should learn to listen, not only to speak up their mind. In this case, parents should listen to their children, then children would listen to their parents also. When parents failed to do that, then don't expect too much that their children will listen to them and be obedient.

Phyo lamin I like this drama so much

christopher basco deabanico it is true that sunshine is a filipino? i love to watch this every night... i really missed korea, especially kamjatang and kimchi...keep up the good work, you're the best....

zarin I hope dasom and baek sung hyun will be a real couple in reality.... horeeee..

toria i don't like this drama cause they are making the sister fight over one man....that is a bit boring foe me...they should have a good moral for always come first .......

ken Well here it comes, the episodes I really don't want to see cause the characters I admires becomes ugly (not physically). They keep too many secrets which makes them act like idiots I just hope that it will get better and everybody will be happy at the end. The writing, directing, and acting are great so far but who knows what will happen in the end. .

Jared I like this drama. Am enjoying watching it though sometimes it is stressing me because of the conflict. I like the love story of Deulim and Hyun Woo.

bob Why are some people so vindictive? Haven't they ever heard of 'breast enlargement', 'make-up', or any other ways to make them self look better? Lets keep our comments to the show 'Melody of Love' and stop attacking the actor and actress on a personal level.

Nkolika,Nigeria Just read the preview of episode 69 and 70 announcing Dasom and HW break up. Very sad about it .I am very angry with Suim for being the reason for the break up b/w Dasom and Hw. Hope they turn this story around and that Suim does not succeed with her intrigues.

Nkolika,Nigeria I am already getting angry with suim for being the reason for the break up b/w Dasom and Hw. Hope they turn this story around and that suim does not succeed with her intrigues.

Lex Episode 56-Suim,Deulim,and Hyeonu-EGH,HYO,HYO,HYO!

Lily OMG ! Dasom had plastic surgery of her face's shape and eyes. She looked like a different person before and after.

bom kbs daily dramas has weak story lines but still they r sweat nd cute.zs drama is so can hyonu not know she has a sister?is he evn her bf?????????? nd suim is turning in to some bad cud shr ask him to break up wiz his girl knowing she is her sis

ken That's why they call it a drama. There's drama everywhere. The writer for this show seems to be a very good writer. I just hope he or she doesn't mess it up by well I just hope they wouldn't mess it up. So far I'm at ep. 50 and so far so good.

donreach The battle has just began. Hyeonu is on the horn of two dilema. Battling for his love and also for his career, that his cousin is something else.

Lex Hyeonu should watch 3 Idiots and do what Farhan Quereshi did when he wanted to be a wildlife photographer instead of an engineer. Hyeonu will have an idea how he will tell his father that musicals are his passion and not defending people!

Nic-Nic it is such an interesting movie... Of course because Dasom was there my favorite Maknae... cause shes really a beautiful still cut (well Pretty much to say) I will find a cd of this Love yah

Min-Young People relax! its a daily drama and it has to be 100+ episodes, how can they just say that Deul-Im and Hyun-Woo love each other if Deul-Im sister doesnt even know that they know each other and vice -versa for Hyun-Woo.. just sit down, relax and enjoy it!

parkminhee this drama is like when you miss 10 ep u wont find any changes at all. i feel like i'm watching tom and jerry, so i'm basically quitting watching it.

Ran tae kyung often become the first to find out something, like deulim and suim is sisters, suim likes hyun woo, hyun woo likes deulim

ken Go Dasom. Love her as one of the singer in SISTAR and now I'm a fan as an actress. She' s a natural in acting. Keep up the good work.

Ran It's 49th episode already but still so much secret to open. too slow

.. Was sunshine is really a filipino ? I am just so curious.

eva galo Is this drama on holiday too? Why no episodes the whole week ?

Jamse This show is cute but not a lot is really happening, how long can they stretch the "I've got all kinds of mistaken impressions of what he does" meme? I'm starting to get a "My One and Only" vibe where there were so many character stories to keep track of the show became paralyzed and ended up being pretty boring overall.

happy I really loveeeeeeeeee this drama..I'm up to episode 17 now hehe..just saying..I like the leading couple because a lot of misunderstanding between the two in every episode..I heard it's going to be 100 episodes...This drama is too funny for my eyes..:D

Gunn Is this drama gonna be like 200 episodes

keunjoo can anyone tell me the story of first four episodes?

amir what title 4 the theme song??i love that song very muh...

ng dasom very talented. . like it

chacha What's the title of thw song that dasom usually sings? Please tell me..thank u^^

kensie Sunshine Do everything for the Lord and He will direct you and eventually it would be easy for you to deal with Korean language as you deliver your lines and would contribute to the success of the drama. Proud to be Filipino!!! Keep it up! God bless the entire casts and all people involve in Melody of Love. Expect the high rating in the next coming days.

KSY Hopefully this daily drama won't end up like the previous one (Sweet Springs which has a very ridiculous plot and crazy character's personalities) during its halfway storyline. I'm looking forward to Dasom's acting skills though I'm not a fan of daily dramas. Anyway, after seeing the teasers, I'm giving it a try to follow this daily drama. Fighting to "Melody of Love" casts! :)

bea sunshine is filipina im so proud of you :)

aylic Thank u so much hyung jun for your good activity<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3,but why he is not main actor in his dramas

Rere I Think KBS World will upload this drama on their official youtube channel, because they upload the previous drama too (A Tale of Two Sisters).

roxy Where can I see the drama?

Alaine please tell me how to watch this in live stream or in some websites cause i cannot watch it there is no website that have this pls. tell me i want to support Hyung Jun! :)

Jimmy Too many idols in the cast. Glad that at least they got Baek Sung Hyun.

Paul omg dasom! omg omg omg! plz start this show ASAP and save us from " a tale of two sisters"!! omg it's dasom! I CANT WAIT!!! <3 <3 <3

ariana oh my god! hyung jun oppa fighting!! ts always support you break a leg oppa

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