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  • Drama: A Tale of Two Sisters (English title) / Sincerity is the Way of Heaven (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Jisungimyun Kamcheon
  • Hangul: 지성이면 감천
  • Director: Kim Myung-Wook
  • Writer: Kim Hyun-Hee
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes: 135
  • Release Date: April 29 - November 1, 2013
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 20:25
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Se-Young (Park Se-Young) was adopted when she was a young child. After she reunites with her birth mother, she becomes torn between her adopted family and birth family.

Se-Young works part-time for a broadcasting company. She dreams of becoming an announcer. Jae-Sung (Yu Geon) is a producer at the broadcasting company. He is from a wealthy family and has a warm heart. They fall in love.


  1. "Sincerity is the Way of Heaven" takes over the KBS1 Mon - Fri 20:25 time slot previously occupied by "Cheer Up, Mr. Kim" and will be followed by "Melody of Love" November 4, 2013.


Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Park Se-Young.jpg Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Lee Hae-In.jpg Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Yu Geon.jp.jpg Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Park Jae-Jeong.jpg
Park Se-Young Lee Hae-In Yu Geon Park Jae-Jung
Choi Se-Young Lee Ye-Rin Han Jae-Sung An Jung-Hyo
Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Lee Ki-Young.jpg Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Im Ji-Eun.jpg Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Kim Chae-Yeon.jpg Lee Do-Yeon Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Shim Hye-Jin.jpg
Lee Ki-Young Im Ji-Eun Kim Chae-Yeon Lee Do-Yeon Shim Hye-Jin
Choi Jin-Sa Choi Il-Young Choi Yi-Young No Ji-Hyun Kim Joo-Hee
Lee Jeong-Ho Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Oh Seung-Eun.jpg Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Kil Yong-Woo.jpg Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Lee Se-Chang.jpg Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Ha Hyeon-Ju.jpg
Lee Jeong-Ho Oh Seung-Eun Kil Yong-Woo Lee Se-Chang Ha Yeon-Joo
Lee Min-Kook Oh Young-A Han Yong-Deok Lee Sung-Soo Han Ki-Eun
Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Hong Jin-Hee.jpg Sincerity is the Way of Heaven-Im Yoon-Ho.jpg A Tale of Two Sisters - Korean Drama-Jung Hye-Sun.jpg A Tale of Two Sisters - Korean Drama-Jeon Mu-Song.jpg A Tale of Two Sisters - Korean Drama-Yang Geum-Seok.jpg
Hong Jin-Hee Im Yoon-Ho Jung Hye-Sun Jeon Mu-Song Yang Geum-Seok
Jang Mi-Hwa Jang Dong-Wook Sim Ae-Ki Han Ki-Seok Lee Mi-Sook
A Tale of Two Sisters - Korean Drama-Lee Jeong-Hun.jpg A Tale of Two Sisters - Korean Drama-Lim Hyeok-Pil.jpg A Tale of Two Sisters - Korean Drama-Yoon Chae-Yi.jpg A Tale of Two Sisters - Korean Drama-Lim Soo-Hyun.jpg
Lee Jeong-Hun Lim Hyeok-Pil Yoon Chae-Yi Lim Soo-Hyun
Seo Dong-Won Kye Koo-Man Han Seol-Hee Kim Na-Ri

Additional Cast Members:



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dowon Its being over a year since u left our screens(thankfully) bt jst the mere thoght of u makes me want to rant lyk crazy!!! I ve wached bad telenovelas n teleseryes b4 bt u we're the 1st ever woest k drama I had ever seen! Its unbelivable hw a story wit so much potential ended up bein so massacred! I beliv in family unity bt that does not mean u shud tramp over me. Oh drama*sigh* the show that u cud ve being. Really the writers n directors had a master piece story on their hands n this is what they cud give us. It was insulting to say the least. The lead actress never ever tried 2 fight for herself n yerin was bad till the end(well figuratively) if ther is. My faith in daily dramas was lost n now wen I watch one I watch with reservation. I repeat worst k drama ever.

ffresh ice comments made from those cold people should be very ashamed of themselves. The tale of two sisters was a master piece! and i loved every minute of it! it made this man cry for the first time and American soap actors should learn to be more like these people and not so bloody cold!

Patson This drama lost its identity...dragged with useless episodes I'm speechless...Ki Eun was the only entertainment.

no more than 3/10

Jessica This was such a stupid show! Every episode was the same. Yerin does evil and is never punished, and suddenly becomes an angel during the last couple episode before dying. Seyoung was the stupidest character I have ever seen on TV. What's so great about the main protagonist being a dumbass?! She can't stand up for herself. Not to mention Park Se Young is a terrible actress and naïve-looking. Sigh.

Ron Lim Poor script and absurd storyline. If this is the level of drama we are to be fed with and the Korean viewers are not intellectually insulted then god help the future of tv dramas in Korea!

Samuel You people stop trash talking this drama it's nice

Chato's Land They should have knocked off that harpy, gold-digging grandmother who brought nothing to the show and was two-faced and nasty from beginning to end! Yerin's tale was a sad one and she was trying to turn the corner (I haven;t seen the final episode yet, but it's already been spoiled here, so I'll go on...) Dad got pretty useless after a while, but 'Sara Kim' certainly was one fine-looking lady. Not crazy about the way she treated her daughter-in-law who became a very sweet girl and was one of the reasons that I kept on watching. I hate it when they write people out of the story with no explanation or solid reasoning. What happened to Yerin's birth-mother? Does the pretty young mom find another husband and father for her daughter? Will bakery boy ever grow a spine and tell his mother, and mother-in-law to lay off of his wife? Why did they stop including Seyoung's brother and his wife. Who invited the great Shim Hye Jin to act in a series and gave so little to do? No man for this queen of the screen? This one was no 'Pure 19', that's for certain... :(

Wookie at the first time i quite like this drama, but after watch it for a long time the story become complicated,... Boring...

Jo Kwon It is so sad that Yerin dies in an accident, but she ables to forgive se young and become a true siblings together.... Despite that Yerin is bad girl in the previous episodes, Yerin ables to become a good girl. I like this drama program but the best drama is about Lee Soon Shin is the Best....

lea what a disaster drama.. not recommended at all.

Love No! she end up with An Jung-Hyo ! Yeri die after driving Seyoung to get married, but got into a car accident, both not to hurt, but Seyoung in daze, so Yeri he help her out of the car, put her on the side ofe road, ran back to the car to get something, in the back seat of the car look down pick up the Seyoung flower, call out to Seyoung waving the flower at Seyoung, then race back to Seyoung with the flower, car racing down, then hit Yeri, she die, after her death, An Jung-Hyo father needed a transplant, and since Yeri die, transplant from yeri was giving to An Jung-Hyo father etc....who was very ill.

Rose Bacus what is the ending? though its not good drama...but at least what is the ending is seyoung end up with jaesung????


Ben-Obaydullah Ha Yeon-Joo "Han Ki-Eun" she is soo cute and funny LOVE HER "Hwaiting"

msk This is one of the worst drama I ever seen in KBS, pl stop this drama before it stops you...

Paul hang it there guys..a new show with awesome cast is on the way! :D

Margaret Just please tell me seyeong doesn't end up with Jaeseong !! He deserves Yerin,

Lex In my opinion, I like this drama a lot more than the previous one. Cheer Up, Mr Kim was boring to me because it did not have too much drama and emphasized on the kids there. I find A Tale Of Two Sisters more fun to watch because I find the whole plot/story more interesting.

Lex In my opinion, I find this drama a lot better than the previous one. I found Cheer Up Mr Kim boring because it didn't have too much drama. This one is packed more of drama which I am looking for in shows like these.

Judz Please END this Drama now.It's too much to bear.Are the writers,producer& director reading the comments?If I collect all the NEGATIVE adjectives describing the drama, whole page is not enough. It's really a waste of time watching it in a prime-time slot.I know its not the fault of the actors in the drama but I'm starting to dislike them also because they remind me of a useless drama series....Give us nice show when we want to relax, like Secret love,Sungkyunkwan scandal,My daughter Seoyong, etc...I'm not Korean but I'm a number one fan of Korean dramas, shows and Shinhwa.

Cassandra I just love this show.and I watch two shows on mbcd, everyday!I LIVE mama and Serious Aroura she is so sweet and innocent, her mom to.but I think she's about to make a mistake.I wish the title were in English.great show!!!!!####I

Lyly This is the worst drama ever. No word can describe how worse it is. I already stopped watching it long time ago. It is so disrespectful to the viewers, and unacceptable. I don't know why they made it over 100 episodes. I absolutely agree with ph & Unhappy, it is a waste of time.

ph waste of time...

Unhappy James Prediction was Correct...

My opinion on this drama, is a waste of time for all viewers who watch this drama which is the most terrible drama I have ever encounter.

KBS - WRITER - DIRECTOR - and PRODUCER ALL NEED TO SINK in HELL for showing a drama that belong with EVIL TEMPTATION ETC............

Jameson What a mess this show was. As predicted, (SPOILERS) Yerin became Mother Teresa in the last few episodes and then became an actual martyr, taken off of life support after being hit (TWICE) by a car. A memorial to her memory ended the show (with "Grace", her real mother nowhere in sight, does that even make sense?), and the old couples celebrating their new offspring along with Seyoung and Jeonhyo. No story finish for Jaesung, who became a bit player in his own show and even more surprisingly for Kieun and Dongwook who just stood around without even having lines. Like I said, what a mess. Yerin could have been rehabilitated but it needed a final knock down drag out confrontation between her and Seyoung, who started off the show as a feisty fighter but ended as a limp rag victim, making statements like "Well, that's what sisters do" or "If Yerin doesn't take out her anger on me, who will she take it out on?" These shows where the innocent heroine is the victim on and on and on and only stops being so because the villain goes through an unconvincing change of heart leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

Yugina Very Happy Ending etc... But in my opinion Yeri should have been Punish heavy in the Public eye's! To Forgive and Forget, to accept as family like nothing she did wrong is uncall for, there is a limit on whatever we do wrong! But this is Korean drama and we all predicted the outcome! Adopted mother should have follow Yeri , she care more for Yeri then SeYoung!

I still hate this DRAMA, not only me, but others I talk to, cannot stand this drama.

Now you base your Opinion on this ending of this drama.

rabeel I just watched the last episode, without subs, so glad its finished and the couple i wanted to be together are together, did Yerin die??? oh well, felt bad, but didnt cry

Echerem So boring to watch Tale of two sisters...i love secret love...such melodrama wow!

silver hi james,unfortunately there is only one channel here KBS... i wish i could watch other k-drama's on you tube, but new terms and conditions of you tube are very strict... i did watch masters sun on you tube...later they removed those videos from that link...it was my first sbs drama... you won't believe but i even waited for 3 years to watch sungkyukwan scandal....no they won't ban you, as this isn't authorized contents of their respective channel.... this are your own words n creativity... keep it up...keep updating us...

James OK, that one posted. Silver, Secret Love on KBS is excellent (so far, 6 eps to go), also, Samsaengi now on KBS's You Tube channel was pretty good with a not bad ending and a lot of suspense. Watching Scandal on MBC now, it's interesting so far but with 36 eps you never know how it will turn out. SPOILERS for Two Sisters, it looks like they're artificially extending this series by bringing in the tried and true and tiresome fatal disease for a secondary character, this time Jung-Hyo's father. Geez, he's barely been on the show for long and his character is contrived anyway, what kind of emotional tug do they think this will get? Ye-Rin is off doing penance and of course everybody is worried sick about her and are searching Seoul for her (she went back to the orphanage where she grew up to work and then on to a shabby room to punish herself) while she miraculously has shed her mental illness and sociopathic behavior, just as everyone on this board predicted. No prison or psych wards in her future unfortunately.

rabeel Silver, I watch a little of secret love, I agree its so rubbish, ahah curse your sister, I say korean words around the house and my nephew repeats them

silver oh,i forgot to mention,there is this amazing drama on kbs, secret love.... do watch it

silver rabeel, i stopped watching this drama, i only watch spoilers at the end of ep, to know what's going on n to save time.. have you seen 200 POUND BEAUTY,LOVE SO DIVINE,MY TUTOR FRIEND? if not then give it try... i don't understand korean either but sometimes i use korean words to curse my sis, so she won't understand....i guess after doing so much evil work, yerin, she want to repent....

Ashley James, I appreciate you giving us the briefings of all the episodes you've watched so far. Please let us know more when the time comes to the next episodes. I'm slowly dreading watching the next episodes on KBSWorld on Youtube. Knowing all this before I watch is making me want to watch the end of this drama to see what the hell happens to Lee Yerin, since after all she is a stupid B**** anyways. Nothing is her fault. Urghhh, makes me angry seeing her face. Keep up the good work on the short briefings of the episodes. It's much appreciated. :D

rabeel Silver, at the moment, i'm watching reply 1994, unemployed romance and the heirs. This drama is bad, i started watching again from 100. I just want to see the end tbh, I don't understand korean, but i get whats going on kinda. In ep 128 Yerin sent seyeong a post card? how the hell? when did she become so nice?

Paul dont know what happened to this drama..it wasnt like this when it started i loved to watch it but now i hate it so much...not sure what ep was it 110 111 anyway changed to KBS2 for a moment and ... that scene yerin broke the soy sauce and was acting innocence and seo young was idiotically crying to stop her from hurting herself... omg still cant believe it... james plz keep updating us it seems u r the only one here can stand this drama..i did rage quit long time ago...

silver hi james, rabeel, faye....which drama's you are watching currently?till now i was only k drama addict but from last week i started to watch KOREAN MOVIES, they are so funny...actually my sis don't let me watch but still i have managed to watch them.i don't no any one personally who have same interest as me.... i wanted to tell someone how nice, beautiful,charming k-drama, actors,actress are...m so happy to share my joy with you....

silver faye, that was fabulous... james, rabeel, i visit here so i can read you guys....what's deal with yerin's real mom? i want to seyeong's elder sis n her daughter to end up with dongwook.... Yerin is spoiling all girls name on the earth planet....so disgusting character.... she's true FOX LADY.....

Faye If this was the US of America, this show would have died already. It's not real situation it's pure trash all the way. Bad behavior, sick behavior, unrealistic behavior, what kind of example is this. This show is good enough to cause world war 4 with all the evilness in it. Yerin can really fool all the CEOs of big companies, professors of universities, the rich people of Hollywood, all the oil magnates of the East, Head of families and littel kids. All the soldiers in Korea can also be fooled and probably killed by Yerin because she has venom in her system that can destroy military operations. She can even kill all the venomous snakes in the jungle of South American and AFrica, and she can manipulate all the doctors in any hospital to cause virusto spread like wildfire and kill real people. Then how about the Olympics, Yerin can cause blackness that can change scores in a minute. She can even fool all the sports people to think that, Yerin is so unstoppable, she is a one woman who can eat, spit and laugh at the same time, and still come out the head of the group. And all the while, people will still feel sorry for all her misbehavior because we are all so stupid to figure out why this one girl is capable of all that badness. The producers and writers of this show has no moral left in their system because they must be the Yerin themselves. We are the people who watch this show and because we love to watch Korean Dramas, this is the most evil show we have ever encountered in our whole lifetime. So please, punish Yerin for all she's done. Punish her so she can feel it in her blood and skin and she can even cry blood tears and hopefully she learns something and if not, somebody in that show ought to beat her up good. Someone like Soyeong's oldest sister. Let that woman kick Yerin in her face and make sure Yerin feels the hurt in her bones and organs. This is how much I abhor this show. One evil character day after day it's just not what life is all about. Make an example of bad behavior that needs discipline and be put in their place so they can't continue to their evil act. Give us a break producers. We have had enough of Yerin already. You guys are sick to think this is funny. It's toilet all the way to the sewerline please. .

Faye This show is one amazingly stupid show. This girl Yerin lie her way through out the entire show and gets away with it it's just sick. No one can stop this woman and no one can figure out the enormous sickness she's going through and she smirk and sneer and just make a fool out every character in every episode it's just unreal. Then there's this stupid girl she's like a stalker she can't stop her stupidity either it's just psyco...The idiots and the stupid characters takes over the entire show it's not fun to watch. It's just painful to watch because it's so simple to solve Yerin's situation but somehow, she just manages to fool every person she comes across with especially Soyeon who thinks Yerin is a good person it's really is not real by any means. Is she dunce she can't figure out the evilness that spew out of Yerin's mouth. Yerin ought to be shot by a firing squad and let her character disappear out of the face of the earth, she's too much. I can't stand watching her it's bad script and her acting is lame and stupid if I have to say the last word, everyone in t hat show is stupid to the max....yuk..yuk...yuk

rabeel Thank you James, I really appreciate you explaining the scene to me, Yerin is just crazy, I feel sorry for jae sung if he ends up with her, I loved him with seyoung, but seyoung and jung hyo suit, even though she always is the damsel in distress. it's so cringe to watch sometimes. I just want to see the end and get it over with. can I ask you one last question? does jae sung know about seyong and jung hyos relationship? cause there never seems to be a scene with them three

rabeel James, thank you so much, I appreciate it. I saw ep 127 and well I figured she an away, she's so irritating. can I ask you one more question? does jae sung know about seyoung and jung hyo? it's so sad how I couldn't wait for this show, but it disappointed me, oh well only a couple of stupid eps to go.

James Rabeel, in 126 Ye-Rin spit out all her crimes against Se-Young to her (and unknowingly to the hidden group including their Mom and Jung-Hyo's dad) only to tell her that Jung-Hyo had covered up so many of them. That's why he didn't come in. And naturally, NATURALLY everyone was more angry at HIM than Ye-Rin, including the idiot Se-Young. All this is doing is setting up Ye-Rin's rehabilitation, she ran around screeching hysterically about what a monster she was while Se-young idiotically kept trying to hug her (and of course Jae-Sung comforted her). Then she quit her job and left her home in the middle of the night (again!) while Mom Joo-Hee chased after her car (again!). So now everyone is going to boo hoo over poor Ye-Rin and of course she'll be back and completely forgiven by next episode. Anybody expecting her to do time for her criminal acts are in for disappointment, she'll end up married to Jae-Sung and skip happily down the road and all's well that ends well.

Judz its really so annoying to watch the same stupid act of the characters.I like this drama on the early episodes but now I hate to watch it .The writer should consider the MORAL of the story . For more than hundred episodes, the evil Yerin is still not yet punished.And I think the supper irritating Han Ki-un will end up with Dong-Wook. I dont know now the details of the story but every time I try to watch, the scenes are almost all the same evil doing of Yerin.I just switch channel so as not to waste my time. At the end,if they want to pair JaeSung to Sae Young, hope the dumb writer wont pair Jung Hyo to Yerin

Gem Useless drama in the world! Nothing to learn & far from entertaining. It just show bad people like Yerin can get away with murder. It also show how stupid all the journalists are esp. Seyeong. Yerin lied to her sooo many times and she still doesn't get it. Waste of time to watch.

rabeel Can somebody explain to me what happened in the last bit of ep 126, I feel Yerins gets busted, but what did she say and why didn't seyeongs oppa come out of the room? Do you guys think they'll end up together and when will yoo guns character find out about seyong and junghyo? Im so bad with names, i apoligise.

James Ep 126: Ye-rin gets busted! (And will probably lie her way out of it in 127) As this drama winds down, have to wonder why with all the myriad plot points added they couldn't do something for the middle sister, Yi-young. After starting off (and then abandoning, most likely because that storyline was identical to one in "Your the Best, Lee SoonShin) with a romance with Dong-Wook, the poor girl and her daughter have been in the background for almost 100 episodes with nothing to do. Also, the big reveal for Ye-Rin's real mom doesn't seem likely, she's hardly in the series anymore. Why not actually resolve something rather than run the exact same scenario for the leads over and over and over and over again?

cindy I am very disappointed with this drama . always same stupid storyline of lies and same story over and over .

Roopa Ugly drama! Yerin character is sooo annoying and boring to watch!

Sunny Have not watch this drama for a while! This drama is so depressing, that it make me so tired, worn out, I stop watching for a bit! Watching this drama, seems like I'm inhaling fume, make's me wants to Vomit yeri (urine)................. Yes! this is the worst drama I have ever Encounter. The there was few which was not that great, but this drama is the worst i have ever watch! I still don't understand how they extended more episode,

Don't they .> KBS,  WRITER,  DIRECTOR and  PRODUCER reads comments about this drama. They must be having FUN READING all the Comments from the VIEWER!

I give up totally! This drama SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! etc......

badong WORST DRAMA EVER! I'd rather watch the daily news about the political scandals hounding our country or go to the mall to have dinner with family or friends. Not worth having to rush through traffic having to see this shit!

Jeanne Really disappointed with this drama, and agree with Vareena that it was written by stupid writer. Finish 120 episode but could not find any punishment for those telling lies, making evil. How come the writer could write Choi Se-Young always being suffered without any making noise. She didn't learn anything and made any protection after making fool by Lee Ye-Rin. Really illogical.

Actually looking logical, good ending for optimistic character. This is the worst korea drama I ever seen.

James Thought I'd give an update through ep 121 SPOILERS!. Jae-Sung broke off the engagement with Ye-rin after seeing her deliberately injure Se-Young but naturally didn't tell anyone the reason why which got him slapped by Ye-Rin's mom (who really doesn't seem too interested in the fact that Se-Young is her daughter anymore, their relationship is more boss / employee) and screamed at by his parents while he spent more time on his knees than a Catholic at mass. And of course everyone boo hooed over poor Ye-Rin who with her twisted logic blamed the breakup on Se-Young who she physically attacked at the TV station in front of the gossip girls who of course jumped right on the bandwagon about Se-Young (notice they didn't get upset when Ye-Rin broke them up in the first place). Jung-Hyo heard them nattering and told them it wasn't true, that he and Se-Young were going to be married, which finally led to them becoming a couple. Continuing her descent into crazy town Yerin put on her wedding dress and demanded that Jae-Sung come marry her or she was going to harm herself. Seeing her in that dress with raccoon eyes scream at him was priceless. He took her out of the hall and suddenly they were sitting on a beach where Ye-Rin stood up and threw the infamous jade ring into the ocean then waded in (still in the dress) and claimed she was going to drown herself. No such luck. Jae-Sung pulled her out and overnight she decided that was that, she wasn't going to marry him and turned over a new leaf, vowing to make it up to all she had wronged , , , NOT! She actually came back to the TV station and became an even bigger bee-yotch, openly sneering and laughing at Se-Young over her relationship with Jung-Hyo in front of the other broadcasters, and then belittling Jung-Hyo in front of Jae-Sung ("Shut up and get me some coffee, that's all you're good for") not knowing that his Dad heard her. Finally, since she couldn't cook she paid someone to prepare a dish that she was supposed to make for the cooking show and while hiding it managed to get herself locked up exactly like she did to Se-Young who called her on her cell phone and found her but couldn't unlock the door while Ye-Rin screamed on the other side that she knew that Se-Young had done this. I like that she ended with Jae-Sung, I'm waiting for her to go after Jung-Hyo once she learns his dad is the CEO, I would much rather see that with her evil unabated then spend the last few dozen shows or so seeing her sniff about what a bad girl she's been and please forgive her as we've seen on other dramas.

VAREENA I wonder this stupid writer (KIM MYUNG WOOK) can walk in the street of Korea without being stoned by people because of this drama. All viewer so disgusted with her or him's twist plot that no one can take it anymore, please commit suiside and disappear. Shame on you.

ZZZ STUPID ARROGANT drama ever... but................................ im still watching it... muahahahahaaaa..... in my country episode 110 today...

Yugina I stop watching this OBNOXIOUS, ODIOUSLY or DISGUSTINGLY, OBJECTIONABLE, highly OFFENSIVE, to All Viewer watching this drama. when all Viewer getting Angry, Upset, disgusted, and stop watching this UGLY, STUPID STORY LINE for this drama..................... I thought this drama ending on episode 120, I went to in check the ending of the out come, BUT! this really threw me OFF BASE! Why? Oh! WHY? they added more episode to this drama ! More hateful I get Watching this drama. They should recycle this drama and let it float to a isolate area so no one can see Yeri and her BIO mother oh! also the mother adopted her, she always at Yeri side. I will STOP watching again.

There is lots of more great drama going on, and some ending so Good! The Story line is really Fantastic!

Carmen Oct. 11,2013 Not a very good example how Yerin's lies and evil doings of which other girls will witness. And I can't believe that all she say, Ms Kim always listen and believed she doesn't even really investigate/check, no reality it it

Unhappy Sunny, Rose and all Viewer's, AGREE>>>>AGREE

Yes! this drama have gone BEYOND human right. It is written so BAD, that people who watch Korean Drama are very Disappointed. There have been some drama that was bad, but this drama is worst ever been broadcast and written.

SHAMEFUL of  KBS,  Director and Producer,   Been is  "IGNORANT" to let this writer to produce and write a Drama so BAD so Displeasing to the Viewer eye's.



Se-Young (Park Se-Young) was adopted when she was a young child. After she reunites with her birth mother, she becomes torn between her adopted family and birth family. Se-Young works part-time for a broadcasting company. She dreams of becoming an announcer. Jae-Sung (Yu Geon) is a producer at the broadcasting company. He is from a wealthy family and has a warm heart. They fall in love.


Plot of the Story itself...its gone i dont know where it goes....I DONT LIKE WATCHING THE DRAMA ANYMORE! can the director do something i mean this is not GOOD to watch..this is really TOO MUCH suffering of the LEAD CHARACTER i mean yerin's character is so EVIL and it is too much really not good example...se young is really IDIOT too much IDIOT....i dont know even her love life is ruin...GOD i was very excited to watch this DRAMA when it was not started but as i watch it all it became very NOT ENTERTAINING....

Rose i hate yerin...coz she's a freaking lier.....all episodes she had...maybe most of them she say lie....i dont know i hate her character.....so much...

seyeong and yu geon...go go go...

i know it's the end for the both of you..

keep fighting....

Sunny James, Omg, I thought this was only 120 episode............etc! I have not watch this drama for a while, cause I hate this drama so much it bring so much depressing, agony, and feel sooooooooo , very unhappy to see a drama so BAD.

I have seen some other  drama that was not to my liking, but this drama take the cake, which I have never encounter that is totally terrible, disgrace, very Unhealthy to the public eye's who love to watch Korean drama.

This drama RUIN KOREAN DRAMA for those who just enjoyed watching on daily base! The WRITER (Kim Hyun-Hee) need to be OUTCAST or BAN FOREVER ,not to write anymore drama. KBS she be aware of how the VIEWER FEELS.

James Here's an update for 116 (at least 19 episodes to go, by the way, and maybe more since the replacement drama starts sometime in November). SPOILERS! Se-Young and Ye-Rin are competing to host the cooking show, so naturally right before taping Ye-Rin arranges for Se-Young to injure herself so that she can't compete, Se-Young of course walking right into it without a hint of suspicion which fits her forced characterization of the biggest, most helpless victim of all time. The twist is this time Ye-Rin did it in full view of Jae-Sung who had to see that she did it deliberately but of course already knows about Ye-Rin's character since she lied to get him to propose in the first place. Which of course will mean absolutely nothing, he's marrying after all for "duty" and will tell no-one about what happened. (A tip, Jae-Sung, don't leave the toilet seat up after your married, Ye-Rin will probably cut the brake lines on your car in retaliation). The last few episodes have been more of the same, with Se-Young lost in the woods for no reason other than to be rescued by Jung-Hyo, isn't that the fourth or fifth in peril scenario with this couple? Just kiss her, already, idiot. The only new wrinkle is Se-Young's dad having the hots for Dong-Wooks mom, a little creepy but funny.

Unhappy Director: Kim Myung-Wook Writer: Kim Hyun-Hee Network: KBS

Please READ ALL Comments from Viewer's :

This is the MOST HATEFUL DRAMA, UGLY DRAMA, STUPID DRAMA etc..........EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very UNHEALTHY, DISASTER, DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN RIGHT! I stop watching for a bit , then went in to check, this drama, GOTTING WORST ,,,, terrible, words cannot explain how a drama can be writing as BAD and be shown to the public to watch,

They should Ban this writer from writing another DRAMA.

KSY On behalf of my mother, she is annoyed with the people on the drama not realising of Yerin scheming them with her so-called innocent behaviour. And my mother wants Seyoung to stand up to Yerin and not give in to this witch's plead. Besides that, I want Dong-wook to be together with Seyoung's 2nd sister (Ee-young), so please Ms Kim Hyun-hee! Don't let Gi-eun's spoiled behaviour get in the way of Dong-wook's life. Thank goodness Gi-eun ran away from the wedding. Hopefully Dong-wook won't (in a million years) accept her back. This is why I don't watch Korean daily dramas, and this one has been the worst ever daily drama I've ever seen since "You Are My Destiny" (has an illogical story back then and long winded of 170+ ep). Hopefully this drama won't be 150+. Make it end already and start Dasom's daily drama to satisfy the youngsters liking Dasom.

VAREENA I think the writer just came out from the mental hospital and deluded the plot just like the bad Ye-rin. So watch out before we admit to the hospital just like her.

VAREENA I think this drama can drive people go nut so better quit before you become insane. The writer just recovered from mental hospital and wanted viewer admit to mental as well, so be careful and walk away if you can

melody @James, thanks for updating the episodes because here in the Philippines were down to epi.101. at least i dont have to waste my time and get frustrated just by watching it. the writer might have accomplished someting. In creating a very derange character people will be hooked to see if Yerin will finally get her Just Dessert. Gag Concert could easily make a parody of this in the King of Ratings skit.

Bill I meant to write "in the end and find no way for redemption" at the end of the second sentence.

Bill I can't blame the writer entirely because I keep watching this stupid drama. She has only one chance to redeem herself as a writer and that is to make certain that Yerin goes to a psychiatric institution in the and no way for redemption. But if this writer finds a way to redeem Yerin I will make certain to avoid any future dramas she writes like the plague.

James Wow, just watched ep 113 and what a plot twist! Se-young uncovered evidence of Ye-rin's latest crime and Ye-rin talked her out of revealing it, and in gratitude Ye-rin sneeringly plotted to do Se-young some damage. I'm so surprised, I mean, this has only happened, what, 500 or so times already in this drama?

deana stupid drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eve this is the worst k-drama i've even seen!!! eww.. will not watch anymore dramas with Kim Hyun-Hee as the writer!! ever!!! *traumatized*

silver Guys... this is really disaster drama...my first drama was SMILE AGAIN... n believe me it was so beautiful drama... but after dat there were some but they were all same typecast... n this drama, its sucked, its like a intolerable cruelty... that yerin i hate her so much, i want to fly to korea just to slap her...park seyoung can't even act.... don't even bother to watch. just move on.... i don't blame kbs but director and writers one to blame...james thanks for ep 111 update....there is one drama, i am looking for bt can't find it... thorn flower...its another channel

James Here's an update for ep 111 for those of you who think, with 20 or eps to go that Ye-Rin will finally start to be held responsible for her crimes. Nope. SPOILERS Ye-Rin kicks over a studio set which badly injures Jung-Hyo's father and hides. Se-Young comes in and pulls him out, protecting him from falling debris with her own body. When Se-Young goes for help, Ye-Rin comes out of hiding and (of course) is mistakenly identified as the one who saved him. At the hospital, Ye-Rin not only stops Se-Young from talking about what happened in front of others, she takes her outside and convinces her that the accident was all her fault, and Se-Young collapses in a blubbery heap of guilt. Everyone titters about what a hero Ye-Rin is which of course sets up the next stage of her vile acts which is to dump Jae-Sung like a hot potato now that his family is bankrupt and break Ye-Rin and Jung-Hyo up and go after him herself once she finds out that his long lost daddy is the rich head of the TV studio. Looking at the previews Se-Young seems to find some evidence that Ye-Rin was responsible but will most likely throw it into a river just as she's done before. And in the second to last episode Ye-Rin will magically be absolved of all her crimes, tearily whisper "Oppa" to one of the male leads who will then hug her mightily and all's forgiven and happy endings all around.

Lidya This drama is really becoming boring.yerin is always expected to do something annoying at every epsoied.what is the use of going around please show as the end. I really hope SY ends up with jeasong

Jen I enjoy watching K-Drama but hated this stupid drama most. Have stopped watching, will watch again when lighting strike "Ee-rie", the bamboo stick.

Yai sorry to say this but feel like kicking the entire characters of this drama...what the hell Choi Se-Young be always goody goody is her charater potraying lady jesus and another hopeless character Han Ki-Eun ...is she have to act like this following to Jang Dong-Wook everywhere and act like his own tale , when the real time comes she just run away... An Jung-Hyo deserve death as he does not make any relavent to other character accept forgiving yerin yerin and yering...his role is just like getting slap from all the lead lady actors. Han Jae-Sung is again another character i bet he deserve Yerin , at one time he consider her sister and now out of pity or whatever thatgrummpy death oldman wish he is blindly getting marry her. No one in this drama is outspoken except Yerin....well I bet writer and director of this drama is trying to send what message still wondering....tired of watching the entire character except the outspoken n big mouth granny ...you are the best and the rest are bullshit !

Sad Why do a drama BAD and Unhealthy for viewer to watch,!

Like a unicorn  animal generally depicted with body and head the  hind of skinny legs, single horn  in the middle of the forehead and create so much evilness ,lies, with all the power she have to condemn Se young and those around because of  her Jealousy toward human right!

Yeri is a person of PSYCHOSIS and her looks and body it is related to that form of anorexia!

Paul my god...how many ep is this show? why every night i change to KBS2 i still see it?! i was complaining about "cheer up mr kim" was boring, now i miss that boring show when i watch this trash for 5min!

emcee cee I was thinking about this story there's this USB that so important in the story. I hope on the succeeding episodes there will be an answer regarding this.

fenna From one family to the next, no one is able to figure out Yerin/s activities. Is everybody stupid. Or this is some kind of sick joke. Just the second lead guy was able to do it and yet, he fell into the same oblivion of the entire show it is so pathetic, unreal, inhuman and downright stupid. I stopped watcing this show becasue of Yering and now I'm back after 3 months, Yerin is still going strong as ever. She is just satan's sister period. Come on people, punish this girl right now and let her feel the pain she's putting all of us through. Stop enabling this girl to do her act. I want to save some soul out here thinking, Yerin is doing right by any means. Give us the viewers a break and let us enjoy seeing this girl get what she deserves.....a medicine of her own doing. Okay....this has gone too long and it's not realistic it'[s pure trash....

Deanna Who do these producers, writers think we are....Please, we are educated, professional people who seemed to like watching Korean tv dramas. This show is a shot of **** all the way. So far, one character takes over the entire show and it's been too long for anybody to figure out, how wrong this storyline is leading us the viewers to believe, this is unreal, and it's not what life is all about. Every situtation in this show is simple to solve, only if the storyline is done right. Just take Yerin out and make a good storyline where we will enjoy to the end. Take ":You are The Best drama. I mean that was good show because the evil girl did not last long with her actitvities so therefore, we did not huff and buff too long. This show drags on with Yerings psychotic behavior and either the characters defend her action, feel sorry for her and no one is able to catch her in the act is beyond me....I'm really really tired of Yerin I just want to shoot her snotty, sneering. hissing, egomaniac face....

lolita This show is full of craps, it's a sewerline for stupid clueless people who cant' figure out evil in front of their faces. Making excuses and feel sorry for a psychotic person is so sad. Why prolong ths madness. Why not punish this Yerin right now and end this stupidity of writers and producers of this show. Do you people realized how much anger you gave us all the people that watch this show. This show is unhealthy, and it is created by stupid uneduated people who feel evil should take over the entire show and it's just not sickening, but STUPID, STUPID AND UNREAL TO THE MAX. STOP IT ALREADY, IT'S REALLY NOT FUNNY ANY MORE.

Lina This show is sick....sick because everybody seems to be clueless as to what Yerin is doing and it shows, no one in this show is educated enough to catch Yerin in the act, and punish her to the max. Even the second guy lead feels sorry for Yerin and let her get away with murder when he gave her the flash drive which contains all her evil activities. Now, no one is to find out again, and now Yerin is going stronger as ever. So sad to because everyone is so stupid to figure out and just punish this girl and get her out of Seyongs face. SEyoung on the other hand is so so weak she's falling right into the trap. Yerin is shockingly evil to the max and she just takes over every episode unpunished because she is clever and able to fool the rest of the show. This is not entertainment people, this is sure piece of toilet trash. I'm just sick and tired of waiting for Yerin's real punishemnt where she will feel all the evil pain in her entire body and bones. Yeah, that is how much I hate where this show is going.

James Ep 106, did Se-young just lie again to absolve Ye-Rin of the latest of her crimes against . . . Se-Young? Again? AGAIN?

Beverly davenport I am amazed one can create a TV series that has a central theme that is about a psychotic and dangerous mentally illness person and a stalker, controlling, insensitive,rude, clueless group of people and it's called entertainment. Thank God we can change the channel.

meldz how i would love to have all the lead characters line up and give them a back slap, tell them their IDIOTS but its not their fault they have INCOMPETENT WRITTERS.

llemash Anyone knows the OSTs for this drama. I really like the end credit song. Thank you.

rabeel I dont want seyong to end up with the main lead, their storyline is rubbish. She has sweeter and a more meaningful bond with the second lead? dont you think, he cares for her so much and the main lead is always with Yerin. I think the main male lead and seyong have lost what they once had. They need to make it realistic and let her be with the man she always ends up being with, thats how feelings grow, I have never once seen a kdrama be realistic with the 2nd leads

Pieps Stopped watching this horrible KDrama.... And Toadie, I've been watching KDrama for the last 3 years. This one is the worst of the worst...

Sunny James@ Omg! you scaring me!

This drama have so much title: Sincerity Moves Heaven - Tale Of Two Sisters - Faith Move Heaven - Moving Heaven and Sincerity is The Way To Heaven!

Everything is to do with Move to Heaven..... I think it's the oposite, it should have been call Sincerity Going to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Here's what I believe will happen in a future episode; Ye-rin pushes Se-Young in front of a speeding car in broad daylight in front of their mother, Jae-Sung, Jung-Hyo and 100 other witnesses. The all instantly apologize to Ye-rin for not understanding her and hurting her feelings. From the ground, Se-Young speaks weakly through her many injuries and says she's sorry that she hit Ye-rin in her outstretched palms with her shoulder blades. Ye-rin snarls back that Se-young made her break a nail and that she will never let her get away with that and the next time she pushes her it will be in front of a bus. And everyone claps and cheers Ye-rin because she's really just so gosh darn wonderful. It may as well be a scenario, we've seen 100 plus episodes of similar behaviors and actions.

Sunny Hating this so Much! @ I STOP WATCHING for bit~ This Drama have gone way Beyond Humanity ! This drama Written really Terrible, making the characters in this drama all look -STUPID, INSANE, UNEDUCATED, HOPELESS, DUMB!!!!!!! This DRAMA is the WORST DRAMA I HAVE EVER WATCH, so I STOP! Don't get me wrong, I have seen other drama which was not to my liking, but this DRAMA is SO TERRIBLE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTER since watching Korean drama! Hope for the name of Korean Drama The WRITER - DIRECTOR -and PRODUCER READS ALL THE COMMENTS .......

James Oh help me. All of the sudden new characters and new plot lines are being introduced when they should be resolving the ones that have already been in play for 100 episodes. That means this show is probably going to go beyond the usual 120 with contrived twists and turns that leave everyone unhappy. The same thing happened with Smile Again, which went on to 150 plus episodes, about 40 too many. And similarly, both shows had a psycho girl villain, but at least Yoon Sae-wa from the previous show got nailed for her crimes throughout the run (of course, then she got pregnant and miraculously turned into a saint). That never happens with Ye-Rin, we've all lost count of her transgressions and we know that she'll come out of this smelling like a rose. What a lame show that we still watch on the off chance that the creators will actually resolve a plot point or hold someone accountable for their actions.

Jane Come on people, i'ts not Yerin's fault for being this evil and takes over the entire storyline with her pyschopathic self. It's the producers and directors and writers who made this unforgiving show bad as it is. What were they thinking. Is the real world all uneducated, unprofessional that no one is able to figure something out that is so easy and obvious to solve. This piece of trash show show nothing but garbage at its' best. I't all wrong for one character to be so powerfully evil and no one can stop her it's so unreal. Full of tense, full of manipulative crazy fools. Onegirl is crazy and the other one is a stalker. They ought to be both arrested, put one in the mental institution, and the other one in juvie hall, lock them up, throw away the key and make sure they learn some manners and behave please. Enough is enough of this crazy drama and just stop it already. What is wrong with Seyong and her boyfriend having a good moment of love and peace instead of endless interruptions by this psycho Yerin character. It's time to watch something else. This show gives me the creeps it's scary, it's down right awful to watch anymore.

Faye Puhleeze producers, writers, directors and staff of this show. What is going on with good sensible entertaining. It is so obvious that whoever writes these episodes ought to be spanked. This is so unreal. How can a evil character wins in every episode is beyond my human imagination. This show is toilet all the way. It creates nothing but endless disappointments, and for real, is there a sane person in this show. Is everyone stupid or has no mind to figure out what this girl is doing to everyone. Come on people, this is not entertainment this is pure trash nothing but crap. Can't stand this show anymore because everyone is stupid.

Paul i think if there was a rating for drama it would be below zero!

James (Sigh) Se-young. Just watched episode 98, When are you going to learn once and for all that with Ye-rin on the loose . . . You. Lock. Up. Everything. You. Own. Or. Work. On. You. Lock. Your. Desk. And. Office. You. Make. 100. Copies . Of. Everything. And. You. Store. Them. In. 100. Different. Places. Don't. Eat. Or. Drink. Anything. That. You. Have. Not. Prepared. Yourself. Don't. Go. Anywhere. By. Yourself. Please learn just a few of these rules so that people don't believe you have brain damage.

Sky Oooooops! just finish watching Episode 98 (Raw) omg this stupid man An Jung-Hyo, now have feeling for poor puppy Seyoung! After all that incident happy to him (An Jung-Hyo ) at the Swimming Pool and Seyoung happen to go there, Wait! I'm still thinking,,,,, why was An Jung-Hyo there in the first place, and it was night fall, then later Seyoung came by (also at night)., about the same time, can't figure out why WHAT are they going there during the night and no one is around and the place is close!???????

And here come's Seyoung , let's put it this way save him from Drowing at the Pool!

Super lady to the rescue! Yet in this drama, she is drowing in her owned mental capacity, and An Jung-Hyo in return don't rescue her from all her pain and agony to reveal all the truth he know of Yeri and mother is doing! This drama base on delirious, a mental disturbance characterized by confusion

delusion watching as each episode take place!


James Y'know, I think I can understand the Se-young character's motivation in keeping silent about Ye-rin's behavior. After all, If I had someone who sabotages my work, who's poisoned me (twice!), lies the way other people breathe, sends her real mother to keep me from finding mine, sets me up by taking advantage of her devoted best friend who worships her so that I'd break up with my fiancee, throws the entire family under the bus with lies about her adoption, may have dropped a wall on me which put me in the hospital, may have locked me in a room to slowly starve and eventually die, etc. etc. etc., why I know that I wouldn't want to tell my family members that a dangerous homicidal sociopath was sleeping in a bedroom 10 feet away from them. It just stands to reason.

yai Just want to see the ending part of this drama ...so sick of watching and wasting my time...wondering how the director is plotting the entire story ??

Sky James, LWin, and Dita, I totally I agree with you ALL! This drama have made only one Character running this drama and have the UPPER HAND on everything! I have stop watching this drama for a bit now! No matter how bad the DEVIL Yeri including her (bio) mother, before the ending or at the ending James is right! FORGIVE and MAKE UP! Let BY-Gone, Be BY Gone!!!!! THIS WRITER have created AFFLICTION ANGER, DISPLEASURE, DISTRUCTIVE, HATEFULNESS A TOTALLY UTTERLY DISASTROUS! Also for that STUPID! STUPID! IDIOT IGNORANT, An Jung-Hyo, who know so much of what Yeri DID, IS COVERING UP ALL THE FILTHY things SHE doing what a DUMP MAN! They should KILL this drama!

James I've never seen a show where a group of victims bands together to protect and enable their tormentor like this one. Every time Ye-rin commits an act of evil, the one she aimed it at usually defends her or ignores it because they don't want her to feel bad, awwww. She may as well just do everything in the open, these saps would forgive her for it. And of course, at the end of the series they'll all be cooing and giggling over how awesome she is.

LWin This dram is Lee Ye-Rin's show whose character is unacceptable in the human society. This drama is not entertaining but creating anger. Better to stop watching.

LWin Can there be a cruel person like Lee Ye-Rin in the educated, professional work place? And this character is a leading role in the show. There is no role for Choi Se-Young as the first lead. I don't think Heavens will move for Se-Young's sincerity and punish Ye-Rin. The director will make Ye-Rin a saint and happy together. This drama is not entertaining but creating anger. Better stop watching.

Dita I CANT WATCH THIS DRAMA ANYMORE. Seriously, the yerin character and her real mom totally pissed me off. errr, im just gonna wait the last episodes of this.

James This show is getting ridiculous, the Ye-rin character has done so many evil things without consequence that you can't keep track of them anymore, and now they're giving her a way out, first by making her sick (Yeah, like we don't see that at the end of every Kdrama series, head slap) and then by (POTENTIAL SPOILERS) making it appear that the other junior female announcer may be the one responsible for the physical attacks on Se-young, which makes absolutely no sense. If Ye-rin was willing to poison her, why wouldn't she be willing to lock her in a room or drop a wall on her? Again it makes absolutely no sense but sets up the final part to the show, so get ready for a series ending where the two "sisters" are lovey dovey, kiss and make up and all's forgiven.

nani Dissapointed drama. Messed up evrywhere...the plot, the characters. Pointless.

Sky anastasia! I super agree with you! Now the baker (Jang Dong-Wook) helper is pissing me outoff! Now his planning to married that crazy (Han Ki-Eun ) girl who been chasing him all over the place! What is happening to this drama! Everything has gone so twisted, it gotting so Haywire! Hap! maybe Seyoung will end up with An Jung-Hyo ! As you can see, Yeri using the ring, which she stole when granpa die and the house hold member knows that's the ring grump grandpa had kept for Han Jae-Sung when he gets married! Boy! I will stop watching for a while! This drama Irks me Big Time!

anastasia And then the grumpy grandpa died...ha writer nim what the f***? He should ve lived to know of the stupid rat face's acts!! He should not ve died before knowing exactly who her birth mother was and all the lies, manipulations and evil things she has done!!this script is so messed up...and then therz seyoung thats another character that drives me crazy...by now she ought to know how evil yerin is but noooooo she just goes around bottling up her emotion and the truth about what she knows...writer nim u ve really messed with us all...i just wish the show could end like right now!! Give us something worth of our time we ve being played for fools with this drama!!!

Paul what r u talking about toadie?! we never said anything about the actress lee hae in! we talking about lee yerin! actually cast doing their best but plot ...sigh. btw this not my first drama just for ur inform. oh almost forgot... i suggest u if u want to see more pretty face watch "miss korea" u probably see more there.we r not watching dramas only for seeing pretty faces u know...!

Sky toadie I just enjoy this drama, it is very exciting and bring so much confusing and make us wonder, angry, happy sad and base our opinion so the writer can do a better story line~!

Wow! they sure pick the right person for those Rol, all in all it matches their looks the body form. From mother to bio mother those characters are made with best choice for those rolls.

No! this is not my first drama, I have watch many other drama's , and enjoyed most of it especially if the ending is great! And as of today I'm watching other drama's! Which some makes me angry. frustrated, happy or hope for the best. So if we feel like putting a comments, we just base opinion on how feel!

James Toadie, first of all I was talking about the characters, I never mentioned the actresses playing them. And secondly, the fact that I HAVE seen many of these shows makes me frustrated about their predictability and one note portrayals. Still, any series that gets you talking about it must be doing its job to a certain extent. Let's just hope that the outcome is not going to be more of the same, that's why ratings continue to decline for these types of shows.

Berk @toadie, you call that acting? The actress playing Yerin can't act if her life depended on it.

toadie @sky, James, Sunim. etc: Settle down, already! Maybe this is your first drama, but, as a veteran of hundred's of these ditties I've got to tell ya, they're all pretty much like this. Just root for your favorites and feel fortunate that there are so many pretty faces inside of your television screen,cuz things aren't always like that on the outside. ;) Another thing:Saying lots of terrible things about the actresses who are being paid to act in a certain way can make a person wonder if you are all there. The actress playing Yerin (like the one who's playing her 'birth mother') is paid to act this way and is certainly a long way away from being an "ugly, evil, tadpole face". Come back to earth, will you. Without villains and conflict there can be no drama, so just settle back and watch it play out. And that goes for rest of you who are currently showing such disrespect to people who have done you no personal harm and who are, in "real life" someone else's precious children....

Nelli Please don't let Donguk (bakery guy) end up with that stupid stalker girl!!! Why can't you put him with the little girl and her mommy? I can't stand that idiot girl (Jaeseong's stupid sister).

Paul u guys said what exactly i wanted to say! specially that prison part! omg rofl i wonder why good always is dump and evil so smart?! and wtf is wrong with jung hyo?! i mean is he SY side or yerin side?! or maybe he's in middle! lmao

another thing annoying me is SY grandma ._.wasnt she the one wanted to get ride of SY?! why acting like this now "aigooo SY leaving us what should we do without her aigoooo!"  wut?! 0_o

James Don't you hate the fact that after what will probably be over 100 episodes of the Ye-Rin character's sneering life threatening dangerous evil (fueled constantly and idiotically by Se-Young's willingness to play an absolutely helpless victim unwilling to defend herself from all the crimes aimed at her) this series will end with her blubbering how sorry she is which will result in hugs and kisses and misty eyes all around? Wouldn't it be great to see her do 20 years in a women's prison instead? Too bad it will never happen, she'll be given an out, act contrite and all's well that ends well. So predictable and pathetic.

James You can watch it with subs on the KBS YouTube channel

Sunmin They should not rate this drama anything, it is a terrible drama! rating is 0 Percent.

Sky OMG! just watch episode 81 (RAW) Yeri is found alive and all let loose!!!!!!!!! Adopted mother was soooooooooooooooooo UPSET when Yeri ran away!!! BUT! Yeri is back!!!! (they should have let that ugly evil tedpole face die) Sooooooo, now adopted mother gave her a slap when she came back, but with loving, Tender, gave a big Loving HUG, and all for gottening and Forgiving to the smart Great Acting on Yeri part!!!!!!!!!!!! (They should give her a Academy Award for being the most manipulate evil ugly Toad) She is a Toadies who wants to flatters in hope of getting favor for herself! As for Han Jae-Sung , now at Yeri side acting so sweet with great emotion and pampering her like a Teddy bear! (So Stupid falls for herActing) Aigoo! And this other Stupid guy An Jung-Hyo, will do every dumb thing to covering up for Yeri, is beyond my belief! Boy they call that LOVE with EVIL! Choi Se-Young !!!!!!!!!!!! She is a big Questioned Mark????? NO Power, No Comments noooooooo nothing she just as a WEAK PERSON, how in this drama suppositionally would be a announcer for that station she work for, When she can't even open her mouth or tell what is happening to her life! This is 120 episode, I can just imagine what more bad things will happen to her (Choi Se-Young) and what more evil YERI and (bio) mother will do and get away with it! This drama is very annoying! Terrible writing on the writer Part! The Bad & evil always get the most high ranking part.... The Good always on the slow start with no excitement and looking stupid and dumb! Yes! this only a drama, but it is so long, it get to my nerve to see the bad people in the drama gets away with so much, it really Irks me. Writer??? You need to refresh your Ability in writing a scrip or story line for drama's.

James KBS World here in the US is doing something incredibly annoying. When they run their middle of the show block of commercials the cut out the corresponding time from the episode, creating 5 plus minutes of missing show. Example, did Se-Young convince the Swedish Minister to come back on the interview show? Don't know, one minute she's heading to the office to find her fate and after the break she's suddenly at home reading. No update, no info. Incredibly annoying.

Nora I hate that this drama is dragging now, why the hell is yerin given more screentime compared to SY. The skeleton is arrogant since the beginning and now the writer is trying to potray her as a victim, sorry but i don't pity her. Instead i want to slap her hard for giving our lovely SY so much problem and now she is making SY looks bad and guilty. Enough writer, i am abandoning this show now until i see SY and JS romance bloom, then i will consider watching again, and please turn SY into that bubbly girl from earlier episode, she looks pathetic now....

James They should have just hired a selfish, bratty 10 year old to play the part of Lee Ye-Rin. It would have been about the same.

Yugina This drama is just terrible! Period! I'm wasting my time,day and energy, this drama IRK"s me so much just watching Yerin and so call (bio) mother (JangMi-Hwa) getting away with all the EVIL DIRTY things, they are capable off! This other person An Jung-Hyo , so in love with Yeri, and for her (bio) mother will cover up all the true facts he knows what they are doing. His a twisted Punk!!!!! As for Choi Se-Young, getting step all over by Yeri (bio) mother. Not to mention ! Stupid senile grandmother, always saying (Choi Se-Young) bring bad or hard LUCK to the family...... need to let her go, guess dementia is catching up with grandmother who is deteriorated slowly. Aigoo! When Se Young (bio) come's forward to claim for Se Young, grandmother ready to kill over, Great performance by dumb folded granny! Han Jae-Sung,his tough manly guy, tell his parents and Grandfather were he stand...... He was never in love with Yeri, took her as sister. But granpa still live in the world of yesterday, think he can still pursue his intention of having match make Han Jae-Sung to Yeri. But no way will he abide by his grandpa saying. YES! YES! Han Jae-Sung ...... as Korean say FIGHTING! Choi Se-Young, should Stand for her right, open her mouth tell the truth on what is happening, come-on girl, you can do it, don't act to insecurity Fight! Fight! Hey writer ( Kim Hyun-Hee) make this a better drama story line, stop dragging, it is Boring!

Paul why jaesong?! 0_0 i mean did he promised yerin to marry her or something?! lol it was obvious jaesong wasn't interested in her from beginning . and it's yerin who's clinging on him ... -.-

Betsy I feel you Yerin.I would be pretty insecure too if I was hers.zimagine that someone would take all you ever had from you.Jaesong is at fault too.

Paul how mean and evil some ppl can be?! these yerin and her mom are just too much...x_x and about se young grandma..i'm really lost at words! *-*

Ken I really enjoy watching this program because it shows the importance of a family, even if someone is adopted.

Donna This show just started running on KBS in the United States. The writers have added some very funny lines to this show. I really enjoy it so far. Im Ji-Eun is one of my favorite actresses....she brings so much wit and passion to her roles.

Donna This show just started running on KBS in the United States. The writers have added some very funny lines to this show. I really enjoy it so far. Im Ji-Eun is one of my favorite actresses....she brings so much wit and passion to her roles.

Lee Looking forward to seeing this drama. Park se young is a really great actress. Very pretty too. She and Yu geun make a good looking pair.

nada park se young is more beautiful, i really like her

nana i can’t wait for this drama……..

natalie gonna watch this…

stacie emily park se young<3<3<3!!! ^^

lila I love both park se-young and yu geon, this drama look interesting. I hope all will be successful.

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