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  • Name Kyosuke Hamao
  • Japanese: 浜尾京介 (はまお きょうすけ)
  • Birthdate: June 25, 1991
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 173cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Talent agency: Tani Promotion


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A fan from hk It is because of him,i like Takumi. And because of this character,i love him even more. I don't know what to say to express my true feeling to him. It was such a sad news that Mao kun decided not to be an actor anymore, i still feel so so upset right now even though i have just heard that news few days ago. I think he is such a talented and gifted actor that i have never seen in my life. Before i knew that news,i had hoped that i could go to Japan and meet him face to face one day. If u have the same wish like me ,u may understand how disappointed and disheartened i am. I hope that after Mao Jun has pursued his dream,he can consider to come back to the entertainment industry one day. At the end ,i wish Mao kun all the best and can be whoever he wants in the future.^O^(^_^)(^m^;) P.s.sorry for my poor English>_<

A fan from hk I love him when i first saw him in the Takumi series. He is a very very cute,adorable and pretty boy that i have never seen in my life. I wish he would be gay and would be gii's boyfriend. Because of him,i have decided to learn Japanese and wish i can meet him in Japan someday. Yet,a few days ago,i found the news which was about his retirement and he said that he has no intention to come back to the entertainment industry . I was totally shocked and very upset, too. From Mao's video, i can see that this was a super hard decision made by him,and yet,he still decided to do it. I don't know what made him to have such an decision,but i hate everything that push him to do so. Sorry for my poor English,but i really want to express my feelings about Mao,and l hope people who read it can understand me . Mao kun, i will love u forever and please don't give up on acting . You are so talented, and you have tons of die-hearted fans.we will always love u and support u. So,after u persue your dream,please be an actor again! We will always stand by u:)

kpopkitty I can't believe he could be Agri in Goseiger and Takumi in the Takumi-kun series. I mean, he was getting it on with MEN. I just can't....

Finaz Hai..Hamao-kun.. I'm your fans from Malaysia..You know when I heard about your retired from entertainment industry I feel so sad...and the more that make me feel sad is see you crying..I start know you when I watch Takumi-kun series and movie..then I start watch Peace Maker,The Perfect Host Club and Goseiger..All Your Movies I like..And for the last I'm just wanna say no matter what decision you make I will always support you..Hamao-kun Daisukki..Really Love hamao-kun.. 私は本当にあなたを愛して~~~頑張って~~

Nicole Hey Hamao, erm I'm not sure if you are going to view this website and the comment. But I just want to say that I actually love your shows so much especially Takumi Kun and Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Truly speaking, among all the shows and movies that I had watched, your shows and movies are always the best and it inspired me so much. Even though, you had decided to quit the entertainment industry, I will always be your number 1 fan. And Hamao, I wish you all the best for your future studies and also may your wish come true to be a future lawyer. But if there is a chance, I wish that you might come back to the entertainment industry to act one last time with Daisuke. Honestly, when I started watching your movie that casted you and Daisuke. I fell in love in the movie especially the romance and touching scences. Lastly, I just want to say that I admire you, Hamao. I know that it may sound awkward, but this is just what I want to say deep inside my heart. ^_^

Hamao, わたしは、あなたを愛しています..... ^^

Yoomie Hey hamao... I don't know you'll ever see my comment or not...!! But still... I must say that I am in love with you... I don't know how it happened.. I want to know that " DO YOU HAVE ANY GIRLFRIEND??" I'll defiantly go to Japan to see you and meet even for once.. I'll always pray to God!! That he always protect you and give you success whatever you want to do... Can anyone tell this message to kyosuke hamao... Thank you... ^_^ <3

KIAB I discovered this great actor when he first started acting at the age of 18. And before I knew it...he had decided to retire from his entertainment career. Which is Japan, their entertainment industry is way different than it is here in America. In America, actors and actresses get paid thousands to millions for just like doing a movie while in Japan, their entertainment industry is highly competitive - even the best of the bests don't make nearly as a million. If one doesn't go out there or do other promotions to promote them selves, its where in the long run their career doesn't stand long. Hamao Kyousuke really felt that pressure as he was doing all those projects. However, he decided to not leave right away because of the support from us fans that kept him going. It's the same with all them Japanese actors and actresses, what keeps them going are the fans. However, Hamao probably realized the toll it was taking on him and decided that it was time to leave. He stated that he has no intentions of returning but will forever be grateful for his entertainment job. Overall, this kid was really one of those newbie actors that shine through in a short amount of time. He's grown so much and I was hoping to see him grow more but whatever are his decisions, as long as he happy. Wish him the best with his education career and hopefully lives the life he wants without regrets. Thank you for the hard work you did!!

Dawn I would like to say, that I am pass this wonderfully talented man retiring...but I'm not!!!! It pains me each time I look at my facebook account and see some new upload (picture and/or article) about him. I am such a selfish person (Hamao, if you ever happen upon this site and read this...just know that my heart is truly geniune!!!)...but I hate that he retired and I think the agency that was representing him sucks and I do mean sucks alot.

Hamao, all I have now are all the dramas, movies and stage plays you've previously done...and I pray they never go out of distribution. The only thing I hate is that none were released to the American audience....believe it or not, you've got a lot of fans here...heck, you've got a lot of fans everywhere.

I'm still praying, and who know you just might comeback to showbiz after you've achieved other things in your isn't unheard of American actors do it all the time...starting out as young actors/actressess and stop to go pursue a higher education and comeback after some time away. While it's good that you are off doing other things with your life...again, I admit, I'm selfish and miss see you on the small and big screen.

Much love...Your American Fan!!!

hamabhel I really really like Hamao - kun. Until now I find his movie MESSIAH. I've already watched the Part 1, 2, 5 and 9-the last. I didn't find the other part. You know guys, (Hamao's fan) When I saw him in the Takumi-kun Series movie I was addicted on him, I search all about him, his movies, drama, stage play...And I always thinking that someday I was going to Japan to see him only (with Dai-chan) but when I read the article about his retiring... I asking my self Why? He has a good job yet. He afford a money for the things that he like to buy. But I understand him, What is things you have if you don't reached the things would you must be afford. Hamao Kyosuke very liked to be a lawyer. He want to reached it for his owned ability. But Hamao I hope you understand me... I'm very selfish because I don't want you to retire in showbiz.... Arigatou Gozaimasu!!! March 5, 2014-My Birthday to day.

Genesis Well it's 02/18/2014, and I have not seen anymore news of this beautiful young man retiring. I don't know if it's the last day in February and then we can expect to see nothing else related to Hamao....I don't really know, but I am terribly sad. I started re-watching Takumi kun series, and I'm so drawn in by his acting in this film series that I find myself overcome with emotion and I start to cry. Of course, part of me is crying because the acting is sooooo damn good, and part of me is crying because I'm in denial that you will retire Mao. Please don't do it! I believe I speak for all of those of us that love you as an actor/entertainer....please reconsider. I'm being selfish I understand, but I believe there are so many great movie/film and television drama rolls out there for you.

Sidenote: I really wished that the production companies that have released movies/films you've acted in would produce them with English Subtitles and release for the United States, because it's difficult to find your movies or stage plays on DVD that will show in my region....anyways, just a bit of F.Y.I, not that you could do anything about it....

Anyways, just know Hamoa, that I count down the days and home for any news on the worldwide Internet that you will be continuing your activities....that being said, if you mind is set, good luck to you and I hope you are incredibly successful at whatever it is that you set out to do and that you continue to have an amazing life wherever you decide to go.

You Die-Hard Fan! Genesis

rhenxz His so very cute.... ilove his movies (Nijiiro no Garasu, Bibou no Detail) Or i must say takumi kun series 2, 3, 4 & 5 i love it... :) how many times i watbh it but still im always crying the story very touching...

I hope someday i want to see him in person....

rin i-i'm just starting to be his fan.....

  • cries at a corner*

Jhing It's really a sad thing...I've been watching Takumi Series and I've fallen in love with Hamao for his continuous development as an actor throughout the whole movie series. The truth is, i'm not really familiar with him, his works et.all, not until i re-watched this series. After that...i googled Hamao and i was really saddened that it's too late for me to look forward to what he and his capabilities as an actor is going to offer as he decided months ago to retire from the entertainment industry. I was so shocked that i cried while watching his official announcement. I read other fans comments as I'm sure there are lots of them that knows what might have caused of his sudden retirement. I understand very well what he said in the announcement, however i feel that he is also forcing himself to decide something like that. I can see how he loves acting, the stage and all so it's really sad. Whatever it is, i'm hoping something will happen to change his mind...maybe just take a break for a year or 2 and comeback. such talent is really a waste. He would have been one of the best in the industry. Hamao, i'm wishing you well and i hope there is something that could change your mind. However, whatever your decisions are, i hope and wish you all the best. Just please, don't close your door to this industry...i hope your heart will find it's way back again, someday, and turn your feet around to try and step on to this track once again. I'll be matter how long it will take you... (just don't take very long ^_^ onessan is getting old too ^_^

Your fan <3

Dawn I find myself counting down the days until your retirement. I keep hoping that something will happen and this retirement business will be recanted...but nothings happened. Even with your explanation Hamao of why you're retiring, I'm a selfish fan who doesn't want you to go. Inside of you is the potential to be more than a lawyer...inside of you is movie than what your management company has tried to make you, more than the typecast/stereotype that people try to hold you in (ie Takumi...). Hamao, I so hope that there will be a chance for you to give acting another go...maybe there is a better agency waiting for you or you should try another country...I don't know but I hope my wish comes true....maybe you'll take a break and comeback in a year or two...until then stay healthy and handsome.

Your Texas Fan!!!

Miko Maochan... It was really shock that you had to make that decision. I cried a lot. But after a few day, I try to understood that. May be you need time to manage some things in your life. But, please....... if you have just 1% to comeback, don't be doubt to comeback, because we always in here to support and welcome you back. Remember that, you are going to be our star and Takumi will not be the perfect without you. There are not anyone in this world who can replace Takumi. Remember that we always support you. And we hope that you still have a good relationship with Daisuke. I think Daisuke shock and sad too. We always love our cute Hamao......

sarita Hamao te apoyo en la edición que tomes me siento triste al no poder ver tu hermosa sonrisa pero se que después que termines tu meta volverás para deleitarnos con tu hermosa sonrisa a si. Fueras mujer me encanta esa sonrisa nunca dejes de sonreír eres como un ángel de pequeño has sufrido mucho pero se que seras feliz muy. Feliz hasta pronto espero tu regreso y disfrutar e con ancias tu última película cuidaate lucha por alcanzar tus sueños adiós.

Sakura Yozakura Aishiteimase.. Watashiha Anataga Kininarimasu... Mao... Douzo... Genki De Wa Arimasen... Koko ga itaidesu..

Dawn I keep waiting for the day, that Hamao comes out and says he's secured representation from a new agency that understands his wants and the direction in which he'd like to take his career. I can understand why he'd be frustrated enough to throw in the towel...the body of work that he has amassed thus far, is okay but when you see this young man act you can't help but want to see him in more quality projects. I think it's not Hamao, that has failed but the agencies he has been with that have failed at securing him roles in television dramas, movies, stage plays that are widely accepted and recognized by the Japanese consumers, and therefore accepted by the world at large.

It's been awhile, but I re-watched one of the Takumi-kun series films and I watched the stage play PeaceMaker...and couldn't help but wish for some miracle to spring forth, as the entertainment would is going to suffer the lose of such greatness because he's been typecast (I'm sure this is the reason for his sudden retirement) without a doubt to certain roles. Roles that will not reflect his full potential, and if I had to live with such medicore roles, I'd call it a day to....and go do something different while I was still young enough to make it happen.

I'm hoping after a few months, maybe a year of pause Hamao will think about getting back to work...maybe take a break like Hiro Mizushima did, and has comeback to do the Black Butler....something like that. From the moment I saw Hamao, I thought of him as an actor on the scale of Haruma Mirua, if only given the right opportunity....the right roles. Something is crap of an agency never fought for I'm sure. Instead of trying to keep him away from his friends, they should have been trying to win him better movie and television roles.

Hamao, please don't let it get you are an awesome talent. Your acting is superb, you have a handsome face and you time on variety shows, show how sweet of a Hamao really is....please don't quit forever Hamao!!!

A Fan!!!!

RBoyz will be sad me. no Takumi kun series again. I love you both. you'r perfect couple. I'm really..really sad about you'r decision bro.

richan I really hope that you will find happiness and I hope that you can spend time together freely with Daichan especially his birthday will be in a few days from now on.I wish that Daichan will be at your side during this days that you are hurting alone because of the decision that you did not want to happen.But they trigger you to do that decision.

xiangqin24 Upon hearing the news,I can't help myself but cry and keep asking why it had to end this day.He's too young to retire perhaps,he have many oppurtunities to come but leaving what he gain through this years just like that? I was upset about his agency because they are the main reason why Mao decided to throw his fame just like that for they are trying Mao to change on what they want and Mao didn't like the idea so he quit.I really his agency.

Dawn Tragic news Kyousuke Hamao fans....yesterday, our precious Hamao, announced his retirement from the industry to concentrate on his other dream of having a professional career as a Lawyer. If you have facebook, you can all see the emotional post he uploaded to his page. You can also Google the news online....seriously, no joke.

I am so conflicted at this time, my heartaches because he is such an amazingly talented actor. I really wished he wasn't making this decision, but my heart will come to understand his need for more stability and security.

I love you Hamao Kyousuke and I wish you all the best in the world. I know you have peace with your decision, and I hope I as a fan....a "FOREVER FAN" will find peace with it too. Thank you for the films, and television shows you have provided us.

Blessings to you and your loved ones.

sung eun kyu te veias super lindo en takumi-kun porque fue la primera serie que e visto tuya pero me paresiste muy lindo y este oye una pregunta¿tu eres gay? o fue solo una actuacion bueno te deseo la mejor de las suertes para tu proxima peli o serie y espero que te des un saltito por aqui al peru-lima

Hayley Giles Hey Kyosuke!

I haven't seen you in such a long time! I watched one of your movies this past weekend which made me remember you and the rest of the group. What was the name of the writing competition our group won at the school? I can't remember it now for the life of me. I finally watched all the Takumi kun series and I now get all the inside jokes. You guys must of thought I was naive. I hope you are all doing well although I'm sure you are! Even though I was only at the school for 2-3 weeks all the girls hated me because I became friends with all of you guys in the group. Good thing I had you and Jesse to talk to. Even I wasn't going though so much at the time I would of enjoyed working with you again. I kinda miss creative writing, I think I might take it up again.

HAMABHEL wew! this is my first time to comment this site... I'm so very very Happy because now is His Birth Day, same date of my younger sister's Birth... I would like to greet Him from the bottom of my Heart because I love Him so much!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTH DAY MAO-KUUUUUUUUUN!!!

bhel Hamao Kyousuke.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 6-25-2013

leila My name is Leila and I am a fan of the series and takumi kun Daimao (affectionate name we call Daisuke and Hamao), I am part of a group here in Brazil Daimao Brazil and we are all passionate Hamao.Ele is very beautiful, talented and sympathetic believe will be very successful yet. It forms a beautiful couple with Daisuke and I hope that they are always together.

Kaytee Hiiiii, Kyousuke Hamao is only 2 days older than me... Basically he's my soul mate. I love him so much, he's so brilliant in everything he has ever done gaah^^

Much love from Seattle ^_^


Dawn Greetings from an American fan! I was reluctant to watch the Takumi-kun series, but once I did I was hooked. You are an amazing actor to be so young. I watched all of the series, and feel glad you took on such a challenging role. I have also watched your stage plays, those available on DVD and I hope you take on more challenging roles, with greater wide screen release.

I feel the majority of your fan base, wishes you would do another Takumi film, but I seriously believe your talents have grown beyond this part....that you've done all you can for it.

If I had my wish, I'd like to see you play in a serious suspense/mystery who done it kind of movie or scary movie....I really believe you could pull it off.

I wish you many career blessings and success!!! Keep up the AMAZING WORK!!!!

Annalyn Aside from his beautiful face, cute smile and very expressive big eyes, I love how he's eager to learn which in turn makes him significantly improve, as witnessed in the Takumi Kun series. I just saw the movie this week but I got instantly hooked on Dai and Mao because of their chemistry together, which is quite essential since it got me hooked up on the succeeding series. He is also the only actor that I wished could be really gay so that he and Dai could be together, hahaha. I mean, he's even more beautiful than the girls! Seriously, he could capture the attention of the audience and his close up shots are captivating.

Woody-San This young man is extraordinarily talented. His charisma and physical beauty are exceptional. I wish Mao all success - he richly deserves this. I have never seen his quality of acting anywhere before. He is super sensitive (Cancer birth sign), and I am sure, is a very deep person, with much to share. We are fortunate to have him in our midst. Blessings upon you, Mao. (I am your admirer, an American man living in Thailand.)

Takumi-kun+Gii=very cute couple I love your work mao and I love how well you do in takumi kun . You should tell thrm to make a 6 movie <3 You and daisuke look really cute together. I alsobsaw you and daisuke when you were making the second movie . You were the cutest thing ever especially when youbwere playing with tht.....frog? Anyway I love u. U are so friggin cute

Max This actor has proven himself as Takumi. He deserves to show us a happy, well-adjusted Takumi in graduate school or later with an open and successful life with his Gii.

Tuyet Great actor as such a young age, i hope to see you more with daiSuke in bl... You two make a perpect match, pure and thoughtful... Please come back with a new series and or a new movie, thank you for your hard work... This is the first time i make comment like this, weird but love both of you so much...

Wish you and daisuke the best of everything...



wu hao I really hope series 6 will be release out......Hamao Kyosuke is so cute and handsome,i like him so much..Wish HIm can come to singapore for a fans meeting!Thank you!<3

Candy I really wish there's Takumi series 6 in the near future...he's so cute and i like his "takumi" he acts super well! i don't usually like younger ikemen, but i'll make exception for him lol! keep up the good work Mao-kun~

Lee i really hope there will be takumi kun series 6!!! :3 he is a good actor........ keep up!!

Amanda Hamao Kyosuke-kun. You are one of the most talented and creative artists I know. Your emotions you put in your roles is something many people should learn from. Your music, your voice, your looks, your creativity. I love the fact that you can appear cute one minute then serious the next. I am inspired by you and often enjoy watching your work. I wish Mao-kun the best of luck in the future and please stay just the way you are unless you want to change for yourself.

Keshia Dolce The cutest thing to walk the planet! <3

rachel I would like to watch takumi kun - pure, and tsuki to uso to satsujin, and I can find it any where, any one knows where can I download or watch on line with english sub?

Emine I really like to watch all ur drama series & movie!! Your so beautiful and a great actors.. Keep up the good work =)

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