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  1. Kim Jae-Won will marry on June 28, 2013. His wife is a company worker. According to Kim Jae-Won's post on his fan cafe [1], they were long time friends and then dated for 8 months prior to their marriage.[2] Their wedding will be held at Raum Wedding Hall in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
  2. Actor Kim Jae-Won was originally cast as male lead character in the MBC drama "Me Too, Flower!". On October 4, 2011, during the first day of shooting, Kim Jae-Won was injured while on a moped (the moped accidentally accelerated). Kim Jae-Won was advised by doctors to rest 3-4 weeks and underwent surgery. In his place actor Yoon Si-Yoon was then cast for lead male character Seo Jae-Hee.


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loveMinYoung Please have a drama in 2015. I love to see your smile.

NeNa Song Joong Ki looks a lot like Jae Won, they have the same kind of smile, and when I was watching ,,May Queen'' and when I was watching Jae Won I could only think of Song Joong Ki .

gina oppaaaa, when will you be back with another, mind-blowing drama?? missing you and your characters...

Skskh I really really like ur acting. I had watched all of ur dramas, which are very interesting. I am looking forward to ur new drama, and I hope it will be coming soon. I wish I would see u in person one day, Jaewon ssi.

K MESS I've loved everthing that I watched with KJW in it. One of my favorite actors.

megs Good actor. I like KJW ^_^

Crystal omg seriously love his smile! It's angel-like and definitely the type that 'lights up the world'. :-) hope to see more dramas that he star in and him winning awards <3

Lai Pah (Korean Name) He is simply amazing! Sad that his child is a baby now or else I would try to marry the cute son!

Kinggofing Dude, you're obsessed with things from your childhood girlfriends, first a bean bag, then a hair band? lol jk. Keep up the great work!

Nina He's such a great actor, I absolutely LOVED him in Can You Hear My Heart and in May Queen. I hope he continues to act and that he is offered more projects soon.

sara Cham.senil chukahe jae won a

sara Very beautiful and unique smile and eyes.very cute eyes.congrats 4ur marriage love u since kindeegarten love

Rachel ♥ killing smile ♥ your acting is very impressive many people in drama Scandal. Your smile and face make me happy. Happy new year to Jaewon oppa!!!!

sum2 ur drama dat is scandal is very meaningful n really nice.i watch it wit my mom c also like it .it is great n we hope 2 c ur dramas very soon... Best wishes 2 ur family

wonderful lady Kim Jea -Won congressions u and your pretty wife Kim I'm your fans I really like all you'r dramas kim keep going forever happy marriage

kristy I Love everything about him most especially his smile......Wish you all the best in your Marriage race......

Atin I love his smile and bright face... Love KIM JAE WON. Congrulation for his marriage.

noor congratulation jae won for happy marraige life with your sweet wife>>>>>>>>> i'm from Pakistan.. big fan of you... i like ur smile... you r a good actor & guy:-)

Me I love you Kim Jae Won oppa. You have a great personality. i can't wait to see more of your drama. wish you all the best with your married life. ^_^

tp It's an undeniable fact that you're such a good actor. I bet you're such a good and righteous man in life too. Hope that your marriage will work out beautifully cuz good one always deserves good things in his life. Take care and best wishes!

karmal Hello .... jae won shi you are my best best best actor every time i see you`r pic just remember you`r amazing characteristic in can you hear my heart you`r shine eyes you`r acting way .. i wish you have happy , health , successful life ... with all my love you`r fan from N.Sudan ^_^

your sweetheart please make a season two for may queen, and congrats saranghae oppa.

your sweetheart aww your married oppa, i wish we were the same age and that i met you in korea but to bad, well congratulations and have a happy life, i wish you were with han ji-hye but well congratulations on your wedding, be nice to her alright oppa, and if you can please try to make a season two in may queen alright, saranghae oppa.

Yamz OMIGAWD!!!!!!! u r OFFICIALLY the HOTTEST actor in the ENTIRE world!!!!!! the hottest and most beautiful human being iv'e ever seen might i mention! I LOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!!! u have such a beautiful face!!!! God blessed u well! ur soon to be wife is the LUCKIEST!!!!!

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Kim Jae Won is the bomb I have seen a couple of his dramas now and I am going to continue to watch some more...

Rosie I am mesmerized by his smile that warms any heart. What an actor! I love him in serious as well as lighter drama. I am so glad that he does not just rely on his good looks. Thanks Jae-Won, keep it up. Best of luck in career as well as your personal life.

amouna tunisienne congratulation for your wedding i'm so happy for you :)) you're in my top 10 best actors ;)

chrysmas Hope to see you in more dramas, Congrats on getting married!

ayu ryu so hand some and good acting!lov u kim jae won,i will wait for your next drama :)

Lolit I'm glad you have a new drama again. I love your role in May Queen. I hope to watch Can You Hear My Heart. I hope Scandal will again be a hit because of you!

aisha basma yusoph I simply Love you Kim jae won.. I've already seen handsome & talented korean actors BUT STILL YOU ARE NUMBER ONE FOR ME.. you act well in any role given to you - romance, drama, comedy & action.. Very Versatile actor:) Saranghae oppah. Get well soon and wish to watch more movies from you...

deeyun Kim jae won, such a great n delightful actor!!! Your "mr nice guy" look on your face dat always smiling, really really warmed one's heart! You've been my most favourite actor eversince, always love to watch your acting especially with eugene in "wonderful life". You are both very funny, cute n adorable!!!。hope to see you both acting together again soon. Also not forgetting han ji hye in "may queen". You both looked compatible too n you are so "cool" in that drama! Love to see you together again in other dramas...btw i'm so worried about you at first in "may queen", afraid that you might not be the "hero" but at last i'm just so glad that you are!! So happy for you!....saranghae!!!

dayu lidya really really love kim jae won oppa >.< when you will come to bali indonesia??

Nana I love your smile~!

tin i really really like you. you are a really good actor. i was mesmerized by your smile. your so handsome. i hope i can see you in person ! sanghae oppa!

Codianne I wish I could meet him in person It would be a dream. To bad I live in the USA

prozima want to see him in person >.< oppa, you r the best! :)

she i want to see you in person oppa :) saranghae <3

tp You're such a cute actor to watch. You've got a warmhearted look that makes me want to see you more. Hooray, thumbs up for a cute and good actor. Best wishes!

Ramona Most favorite Korean actor. Kim Jae-Won, you are a delight to watch on the screen. Thank you for all your performances.

EiEi Phyu I love his smile! Cute & innocent! He is cute<3!

salmawati I am from makassar city in indonesia.....unfortunately l can't watch all kim jae wonkorean drama because they are not available so sad....cause kim jae won is my favorite korean actor.....

Endra I love you kim".......your face like angel...make me still smile....

Ann Dying to watch his drama again after his wonderful performance in Can you hear my heart? I am searching for his drama Rival and Land of wine............Cannot find. If his new drama is released please let me know. KJW- God Bless you always.........Inspire people with your wonderful acting!

podeclover i'm still waiting for your full recovery. can't wait to see your next works.

ary i love his innocent face & touching acting! he,s so adorable!

wish ur acting is the best, so touching! i love cha dong joo in can u hear my heart! wish u be healty & we can c u in more nice drama.

Jackie damn love him and miss him. dying to see his new series next year. what a mess? after discharged from military and after 5 years only one production "Can You hear my Heart", met an accident. Kim Jae Won please be healthy and precautions on all activities you involve. You know we are damn worried about you. I do not know whether you can see my message, but I am here wholeheartedly pray for your wellness. miss u.

Tina What a Pity ! He can't play for his will-be next project. But, it's okay. Maybe You'll get another dramas. Love to see your smile, voice, and cute-face. Get well soon, Kim Jae Won, and can't wait for your next drama... :)


Pinky I would be great to see him with pretty Ha Ji Won again on screen XDXD

name name I really this actor and enjoy his movies. One of his movies that I like the most is " She is nineteen" aka " MY 19-year-old sister-in-law". It may have different title, but anyway, I really love this drama including the storyline and the actors (two brothers) and actress ( Jung Hae Won). Still love it although I have watched it several times.... I wish to see him in person some day, so, I have plan to travel to Korea one day!!! I am exciting to think about meeting him, :D

Avery2010 He was serving his 2 years military duty..& he was just released on the 24th (Korean time) is said that he's planning on acting & coming back onto the screen as soon as possible..

Jam80 is he still in the showbiz? anyone knows?

p He was good actor. I wish him coming back to movies & dramas.

p Why he doesn't act in movies or dramas anymore?

erie1579 i miss his cute...i'm still waiting for his come back..

cdey hey did he still in doing TV show?

harmony10 wish 2 see him in person.... :)

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