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  • Name: Kim Jae-Joong (김재중)
  • Birth Name: Han Jae-Joon (한재준)
  • Born: January 26, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Blood Type: O


  1. ex-member of K-pop group TVXQ and member of JYJ.
  2. "Kim Jaejoong," born as Han Jae-Jun, was adopted at an early age his name changed to Kim Jae-Jung. He goes under the stage names "Yeong Woong Jae Jung" and "Hero" in South Korea, while his stage name is "Jejung" in Japan.


Drama Series

  • Spy | Seupai (KBS2 / 2015) - Kim Sun-Woo
  • Triangle | Teuraiaenggeul (MBC / 2014) - Heo Young-Dal / Jang Dong-Cheol (second brother)
  • Dr. Jin | Dakteo Jin (MBC / 2012) - Kim Kyung-Tak
  • Protect The Boss | Boseureul Jikyeora (SBS / 2011) - Cha Moo-Won
  • Hard To Say I Love You | Sunao ni Narenakute (Fuji TV / 2010) - Sonsu Park
  • Vacation (SBS / 2006) - as Himself / Chang Shik
  • Banjun Drama (SBS / 2005)



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cassie Kim Jaejoong such a very talented young man ..fighting oppa!! Please take care of ur health and don't skip meal in military..make a good friends with others..and comeback successfully.. We will waiting for u..don't forget us!!!!! We love u!!! Jikyeojugoshipeo oppa! Love u sooooo mucchhhh :) :) :)

Lee Young Jae I LOVE U OPPA !! :)

tamara banda kim jae_joong l think his good at everything he does.

kitterbabe Wow!!!! What can you say about someone who has the talent of this glorious young man? Amazingly handsome and that voice! He could sing the phone book and make you weep! And does he have the acting skills!!! Where does it end? God blessed him with soooo much talent, its ridiculous! Two years seems like way too long to have to go without seeing JJ. From middle earth USA, missing JJ already and praying for his safety and health while he's completing his MS. Appreciating and loving JJ, Always!

EXO Fighting oppa!!! Have to wait for 2 years to see u again!! Be healthy and comeback!!!!! Ur #1 fan from Russia FIGHTING!!!!!!

particle Hi JJ, When I saw you in Dr.Jin, I felt "this actor is something". I cant forget a pitiful guy introducing his girl to his father in the movie. I never know you are a singer. But when I heard your songs in 2015 Feb, I found how beautiful you are!! After NS, please do better better than before ... & be the best always, don't cry hahaha Cheers! Man

sri wahyuni I hope,jaejoong and sung hee the real couple in life. INDONESIA fans

Diva Hey Jae Joong We love you here in Jamaica. Be happy

Mezzmerize More powers to you oppa... You are so HOT 100%. Miss M from Philippines. I love u hehe :)

heba Hi jae joong :) if you ever see this comment i just want you to know that u have lots of ARAB FANS and i'm one of your biggest fan ever .... love you forever :)

Aida Hi jae joong oppa..........saranghae

OREKI I love you kim jeajoong very much ♡♡♡♡("""":

Sirena gorgeous man with never ending talent and adorable personality! Don't fall in love with him is impossible KJJ fighting <3

Silvy Kim Jaejoong - "RETURN OF THE KING"

JustForJaejoongAndJYJ Jaejoong!!! There can never be any other guy like him, honestly. Perfect in every aspect. Very very goodlooking, very very good at singing, a maestro when it comes to composing, and has acting skills that rivals that of professional actors.

michelle I love you i like u soooo much jae joong

JJ Wangjanim he's very humble and sincere even he knows that he's handsome and charismatic prince. haha . Love JJ Wangjanim

Vicki He is such a handsome and talented man. I love him in the" Triangle " drama. I would say he is one of the best looking men in Korea. He presence in the dramas/movies is very appealing. Looking forward to seeing more of his work.

Reicheru I've just recently seen a movie of Kim/Han and thought that you look handsome and yeah.Um.....your hairstyle totally matches your looks ^_^ XD

aisyahjr are very very hansome and have a nice voice..Kim jaejoong you

sandalima dewmini hi.. Kim Jeajoong... my favourite member is TVXQ/DBSK .. you are very hansome. your voice is very superb!.. your eyes and smile so cute.. your acting is good.. i like to see you live.. your dancing is excellent.. wish you all the best.. i love you so much.. KIM JAE GOONG fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DBSK fighting!!!!!!!!!

UnKnown Kim Jaejoong is a very talented person! He is also very hard-working and I hope one day I can meet him, even though I doubt it :c

ayesha yap Cant get over of you....

Ale jae jaejoong ,,.. you are very handsome.. your acting and voice is very beautiful... wish you all thebest and I LOVE YOU...

Tammie Finished watching "Triangle". Sorry it is over now. Really enjoyed all of it! Acting was awesome!

Tammie Watching Triangle .... on Episode 17. I enjoy your acting skills. I think you were able to portray the character with excellence! Thanks for giving it your all! My birthday is today so I am being lazy and watching your Drama... enjoying myself!

Eindra He is the best actor and showed all of his talent in triangle series.I love hero!

lovekame love him!!! Hero is the best! fighting!

Ale jae joong you are very handsome .. your voice is superb! I LIKE AND i love you

yangchen doma You are a very talented and great actor and also you have a great voice with a handsome face :)

samanta hi kim jae joong best best best actor korean

janit hi kim jae joong i love you se much your best actor series triangle wanderful series and amazing singer just another girl wanderful song

angelusblanc Until I watched Triangle I didn't realize he was such a good actor. Previous dramas didn't really do justice to his talent. He's very impressive and amazing. I hope we will see him in more dramas where he can live up to his potential.

Amel Armeliana His acting in Triangle is jeongmal daebak!! He’s a very talented guy.

Amelie You're a great actor in the Triangle. Congratulations! Be happy !

Maria KJJ're a young talented and charismatic. Success!

breyedgrl This guy looks like a Korean version of Elvis Presley! He has some of the same facial expressions and look in his eyes. I haven't noticed this until the series Triangle. Very handsome guy.

hi hi kim jae joong

what happened your group team a TVXQ?

Hanaa Jaejoongie plz Just smile smile smile SMILE!! ^^

micky jesslyn Daebak! Daebak! Fighting 재중 oppa!^^

helendancer Your performance in Dr. Jin was excellent. Looking forward to seeing you in Triangle.

imirela Fighting Jaejoong ! We are love you !

Rita R. Franks I read your profile. Time enjoying your birth parents is time not wasted. You have two sets of parents. I am glad you spend time with both. They will help you develop into the person you will become in your future years..

KESHANI you so a girl..

noenoah He looks like a girl...

Kka yunho's Lover ★

aznative Read that he may be cast in the upcoming drama "Triangle".

Tammy Hope you are surrounded with friends and family that bring you peace and happiness. You are a gifted artist, I appreciate your talent of music, dance, and acting. Be strong and happy!

Tammy Love your music.. But wonder if recent music style reflects how you feel about where you are in life now? I think it would be hard to live your life somedays.... Everyone has expectations for celebrities ... But forget they are real people with hopes, dreams, good days and bad days. Be happy, Jaejoong!

kari Hi jae joong oppa you're a verry good actor i loved you in PTB you're so handsom you look like a greece God ,

kari Hello jae joong i really like u, u're an amazing singer and actor i hope to see u soon in a new drama, i loved u soooooooooooo muche in PTB hwaiting opppppppa je t'adore

Movie Buff Kim Jae Joong has the best and most unique voice in Korea and everywhere. I Love your voice and Micky, and Junsu. Always looking forward to listening to your songs, not to be prejudice but you have the best singing voice. Too add you are handsome and can be funny. All you JYJ's are super. Always looking forward to see you on TV however, too many disputes and restrictions, hold your group back. Talented in so many ways, songwriter composer instrumental player, gosh I can go on and on. My dad could play nine instruments, and composes for his band. We love you guys, and if the TV industries would get things right they are missing out on the dollars they can make. Love to see you on dramas. You rock big time, baby. We can't get to see enough of you guys. Keep on FIGHTING we love you.

Lilith You are a very good actor. I wish you would play in lots of dramas and movies cause I love seeing you on the screen and I'm sure there are lots of people who agree with me. Have more trust in your abilities cause you are great! Good luck with your future projects! ;)

Paulene Jamie Guiniling I was wonderin what movie have I watched this hondsome guy, after checking his biography it turned out that it is on Condename: Jackal or Jackal is coming." Because of that, I had another reason to watch Dr. Jin, where Seung heun seung is that drama...

Keep it up.

lisa I think your a great singer and actor!!! Keep doing what your doing and take good care of your self. Your a hot guy to bad your to young. lol

Wi Chae Hyun Kim Jae Joong-ssi, Thank you for being the way you are. You're cool and cute. And really, really talented. Waiting to watch more of you on TV and YT. Himnae-yo!! Fighting...!!!

BaekJaeJoong My first and forever bias...

truly complete package..... :

  1. Amazing voice
  2. Great character
  3. Perfect appearance
  4. Multi-talented: singer, song writer, director, actor

No more words, just: PERFECT.. ^^

feyajae i love kim jaejoong ! hehe.. fighting oppa !

Paityn I absolutely love the poetry in your music and the melodic rhythms in your songs. Although ive never seen your acting, congratulations on branching out!

Ruksar Jae joong oppa saranghae...i lyk hm cux x a cute actor en singer kip up dh gwd work...fighting!

analie hi how are you you are so cute and cool keep up the good work

baek eun ji aaaaaa >< so cool kim jae joong my oppaaaaa!!!

sofia jae hi oppa ... i wish the best for you ...hwaiting oppa ! i always love jyj ! kim jaejoong , park yoo chun and kim junsu ... also tvxq , jung yunho and shim chang min !.. no matter what happen i always support oppa .. saranghae ! always keep the faith .. oppa is so amazing , nice person, handsome ,cute and so on ... love jyj n tvxq ..

alwaysupport jaejoong Love your song All Alone and Healing for myself..Hope you will come to Malaysia to meet your fans.Alway support you till the end of world..

Eun Jung Hi Kim Jae-Joong, I thought you were great in Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin. I just started listening to JYJ’s music. I love it. I wish all the best for you! Take care!

Heronumberonefan! JaeJoong, I know you're dubious and shy about your acting but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEE take up more rolls! your acting is actually, in fact VERY good and I love practically all the characters you've played.

Everything you're in I have watched simply to see you in it, so PLEASE take up more rolls!

We're all waiting for you to slip away from your shyness and act in more movies and dramas so PLEASE take a roll! You're in fact a very good actor, please don't be so shy!

We're all supporting you!

mejustme @daintycandy look in the mirror before you judge someone.

kim sol ah oppa is so amazing. his hair his nose and everything. saranghe :)

samirajoon hey there.i didn't watch any of jaejoong's acting. But like to. Would you mind telling me what cause jyj leave tvxq exactly?i mean,what their lawsuit was about?i'm so curious.

honorie de vera Jaejoong is an epitome of strength, nobleness and elegance. He is strong pliant like a bamboo who weathered the storms of life from the drama of being adopted to emerging as winner( together with Xia and Chunnie) of lawsuits in his pursuit for fairness by battling the entertainment industry giants. He is a noble prince of goodness spreading love through gracious donation giving, doing fan meetings though sick and or voiceless; a truly ambassador of goodwill -KBEE 2012 with Xia and Chunnie. He is attractive and graceful in appearance and behavior, a perfect mannequin for clothes, jewelry and cosmetics. Cheers!

Maina Edward Please don't do any films because it ends fast 120 mins max & I can't take it, do dramas coz it last for days & it gives me more time to look at your work & that fabulous face of yours... Love your songs & voice which I call it FIRE & ICE because you are hot & cold at the same time.. All the very best for the future & Happiness always!!!

26Jaejoong Jaejoong Fighting i Love you

atti jejung HAPPPY BIRTHDAY jaejoong oppa..wish you success on 27th :DD then,I hope you can success appear in TV this year as JYJ member oppa #bigwish2013

Mehrnaz Plaese act more drama.. I like see you soon at drama2013 You great actor & singer I hope your album success

Always keep the smile oppa:-) saranghae

Yunho I love you, Kim Jaejoong. You're the best. I just finished watching Codename: Jackal. You were so hilarious x) I can't wait for your solo album to be released. I already know that I will love it! Youngwoong Jaejoong, hwaiting!

Lovely Hope Jaejoong oppa!!! I'd followed you on twitter!!! the no. of your tweets are 17, you followed 2 people and your current followers are 210,422... glad you back on twitter!!! fighting oppa!!! kiss for you.... hope you tweet more..keep smiling!(◠‿◠) aja!(✿◠‿◠)

Jane Dejucos Cha Mu Won oppa!!! I'm inlove with you...♥‿♥ I keep on thinking of you like even I close my eyes I still saw you...Why you're just a fictional charcter???

XIA can't wait for Jackals Are Coming out~xDDD and also for JYJ's new album,,fighting!!!

hero Jae oppa, i watched all your drama's and your acting was great )) hope to see your other projects in future, saranghae <3<3

Jae For all people who says " his voice is not to bad " or " he's not the best singer", DBSK is group with the best vocals, Jaejoong is the main vocalist in DBSK, so it means he's one of the best singers. And believe me people he can dance, if you don't believe me search on youtube "Jaejoong dancing". He is also a great actor, he has won awards not only in Korea but also in Japan for his acting, so it means he can act. He's not only talented but also funny, kind and cute. And he composed a lot of beautiful songs such as "In Heaven" and many other songs. He's also handsome, no one can deny it. He was voted as the most handsome man in Asia and in Italy. He's just perfect and many people loves him <3

maze He always give out his "sincere" feeling when he's doing something.. Maybe he's not the best singer but he makes the song comes out as the best.. Maybe he's not the perfect actor but he makes the movie comes out perfect..

Lina I like his hair up .. showing his forehead makes him look older and not-so-idol-pop-ish hehe :)

Fafafa OMO, I never think that you can be so damn hot here. You're really charming. I hold my breath whenever I watch your scene

گندم ke ke ke~~~~~u r number 1 ;)

akarui Our lovely Jaejoong^^ His angelic voice and his acting is just a beginning weapon to be attracted to him. I found his warm heart, kindness, caring to others and he's so down to earth. He likes to work behind the scene, he doesn't care whether people will look at him or not. He is the true leader who always monitoring and caring his members and also manage many thing. He, the one who wouldn't share his sadness and his pain because he's afraid that his fans will worry. He is Kim Jaejoong, the one and only <3

Ann To me he look like a prince from an anime xD He's hot, good singer, and an amazing actor at the same time. Hope he's gonna act in more drama!

Consus I thin his eyes are just awesome especially when he is made up. I like him as an actor and singer.

I was really hoping that JYJ would break into the American market. Boy bands are not as popular here as overseas. Also the record industry and $$ controls main stream music. I would like to see them do another English album except this time do it as an online or change their style for American audience to an Indy style. Less pop and auto tune; Something that shows their real talent as singers.

Aylin Aleyna Yıldırım I love you so much. very handsome. I'm not korean, I'm having turkey. 12 years old. big fan of Koreans. for example, Bigbang, SHINee, and like these ... Although my sister and I will come to Korea soon to love you so much. I have a sister living there. I will visit him. Goodbye!

mehrnaz I love acting and voice so much You're very handsome and hoooooot. Someday I hope to see you

Hana @ Comment #36

jaejung is younger than lead actor ji sung and ji sung is so cute and lovely after watching ptb i'm a big fan of both!! Anyway Jaejoong is soooooooooooo handsome!!

Who? @ Comment #36 ... who r u talking about? he's more handsome than who? lol be specific! tell us the Dorama's name

Athena He's more gorgeous than the lead offense for his fans...I kinda like him, not a lot..since I'm into Korean TV series, hope to see him more onscreen! Goodluck!

liz for ketea, korean people thinks that blood type is effective on personality. that's why it's important for them. if you watch korean movies or dramas you'll see they talk about it

ketea why is there blood type shown in actors review?

eve_vana First time i saw his acting on Korean Series *Protect The Boss* and i fall in love with his acting in that serial. He also have a great voice, i love his song "i'll pretect u" (OST. Protect The Boss). I wish he will come to Indonesia with JYJ :))

Alajarvela I'm Korean, whatcha need?

Bloom If you are korean can you please response to my post, thank you

Bloom who is korean in here?

Bloom he is cute. but look really skinny to meee.

Atina i definitely love your role in Postman to Heaven and Protect The act and sing nicely, especially in 12th episode..truthfully, i've never be interest for JYJ or TVXQ,,but since i heard Junsu "you are beautifull" in "scent of woman" and your deep voice in karaoke scene protect the boss, i think now i'm in love with JYJ and TVXQ...Good luck for your acting and singing career may God Bless You..amin..

egbfly Jaejoong your expressive facial acting is super super awesome.. Thanks for your hard work and for making us proud fans.. All love for you from Egypt ♥ Fighting ^^

satsuki I wish they change JJ's photo the newest one.. anyway, I hope u have bright career as actor, jaejoongie! :D

AzzaNurul95 Jaejoong oppaaa.....:) I very2 hope,you can main roles in K-dramas.. And fighting oppaa....:D

Azza Nurul95 Jaejoong oppaaa.... There is nothing ,I want to say about you.. Just develop your talent's and I think you are unique boy... Keep healthy...:D God Bless You...

may Jaejoong in Protect the Boss! <33 Hwaiting~ Oppa is so fine :D

hale fox should write in english...that is, if he/she knows how to do so.....and...writing negatively (I'm assuming it's negative even if i don't even know what language it's written in)....writing in a foreign language (on this english written web site), is very cowardly......

and fox AND taiga should look up what the psychiatric association has to say about homophobes......i don't think you'll like the answer and deny it applies to you...

....and for the rest of you who commented about this in the negative....if you really like a singer/actor/actress....what the hell difference does it make whether the person is gay, straight, or bi. Don't you admire and like the person for his/her acting ability and/or singing ability?

can't believe the people who post negative comments on a site like this.....i don't even know why you bother reading it at all.......i wouldn't bother taking the time to read, and then make negative comments about something i have no interest in. But, then, you two people (names could be either male or female (speaking of fox and taiga.....)...must have a whole lot of time on your hands to take the time to read, and then the time to post negative comments...... Get a life you two people!!!


white girl i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hero you are my love 4 ever and are so nice and have a sexi body

qeyzn the hottest, sexiest, beautiful man in the whole world.. with his heavenly voice and sweet smile, how can anybody hate him? i still hope TVXQ will someday reunite again and create the most biggest korean wave around the world.. the new kpop trends are kinda disappointing.. way too focused on the body.. while their music, vocals and dance are getting farther different than how kpop used to be.. can't seem to see the originality of kpop anymore.. TVXQ oppas' fighting!!! JYJ oppas' fighting!!!

Michelle I think he is cute and handsome

non sibi "Comment #14 - Taiga123 Says: - Jul 11 2010 10:07 pm - I think this guy has a boyfriend" Taiga123 - you mean that he is not straight??

Heroine Sely Tha He is my future husband. .really. .(n_n)

fox jae joong e frumos , dar adam lambert e mult mai frumos .

Ingyin Jae joong is very perfect singer. I like his voice and face.

Taiga123 I think this guy has a boyfreind

Chiyo-chan Im totally head over heals for this guy <3

claudia can't belive this, for the first time i see some one with the same birthday: Day, Month and year as mine. am sad he should have been born the year before or after '86. so he is 24 now. we are growing old.Tsks!!!

XxReina-Chan1xX Ahhhhh! Yay for Jaejoong Oppa! XD

bella hey,ladies and gentelmens!don t be crazy because of young wooong,because maybe he never will look at you:) allright?

bella hey,ladies and gentelmens!don t be crazy because of young wooong,because maybe he never will look at you:)

ayeayeaung I am crazy because of Jae Joong Oppa. He is super handsome. JJ Oppa Fighting....

HeroJJ_love it's Young Woong JaeJoong. not Jae-jun / Jae-jung fix it PLEASE!

jaejoongsaranghae Jae Joong oppa saranghae... i love his voice, i love his acting, and also a love jae joong so much,, multi-talented person.. I'm so proud to be his fans..

atiq jaejoong oppa..

he's so talented...i love ur voice..

ur acting is damn so goood..

aLia He's SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!! *drools*

edralin jaejoong!!! hwaiting>.<.....

p3rk3le There he is!! My fav guy in the world!! So hooot!!!

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