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  • Name Kanata Hongo
  • Japanese: 本郷奏多
  • Birthdate: November 15, 1990
  • Birthplace: Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 171 cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Talent Agency: Stardust Promotion


Drama Series

TV Movies

  • Saigo no Bansan | Saigo no Bansan~Keiji Tono Kazuyuki to Shichinin no Yougisha~ (TV Asahi / 2011) - Shunta Tatematsu (suspect)


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Hanako Sakamoto hi kanata-kun!!!

i am a fan of yours!! i already devote myself to you ever since you portrayed ryoma echizen in prince of tennis live action which is my favorite anime since i finished watching all the ovas and anime episodes. :-). i really love you!! i'll be going to tokyo soon!! see you there!! you inspired me to wake up in the morning each day.... i love you kaa-boo kun!!

junebug @kumikoko, as much as you would like the producers of the movie to adhere to the manga very closely i believe rather adhering with the manga character's hair color i think its better to be realistic in the live action. in manga the mangakas use varying colors of hair to differentiate characters since manga were mostly black and white and sometimes the hair color contributes in the overall impact of the character but in reality most japanese have black hair. if they will stictly follow the hair colors of the characters from the manga, half of them would have blond/brown hair which is rather ridiculous. I mean unless they are of mixed race do you think with titans attacking their city anytime they will still have time dyeing their hair?

Jhunnilene i wish to go to Japan and then to see you toi wish my dreams come true

qorina chan KANATAAAAAA... I'm your fans since i watch you in your film as echizen ryoma (prince of tennis). you very serious, very handsome, and cute. ({})

chelle Beltran Konnotchiwa Kanata kun I'm from Philippines I'm your fan since 2013 and you what 17 years I'm fan with since i watch your prince of tennis live in action i never stop i want to the Japan and we same like and dislike i promised to my self i will never change i will supporting you my prince Kanata your super cute,cool,handsome guy

chelle Beltran I really miss my prince Kanata hongo in movies and dramas and i miss he's voice when i heard his voice he's make me blush watashi no Moji Sama hongo Kanata kun kawaii aisteru I'm so in love with you my prince

Maisarraahh Kanata Chan ! I really like u with charismatic face . I hope u go to Malaysia ! :D

annisa cn kook r-me konichiwa Kanata hongo-san ...im from Malaysia ..now you are become my idol (since I was little)u have cool n charismatic personalities.ihope iwill meet u one day AISHITERU!

Kumikoko Hello Mr. Hongo, I believe you are a great actor, and in theory, a great choice to appear for the Attack on Titan movie as Armin Arlert.

However, as a huge fan of Attack on Titan, I am very, very concerned about the lack of blonde hair for the upcoming live action movie.

If you or your employers are unaware, Armin Arlert is a natural blonde, and, as an actor, I would personally think that you would want to portray your character as efficiently as possible, to honor the Attack on Titan series, and, for the fact that if a movie can not accurately portray a character with something as simple as the blonde hair they are known to have, a lot of fans will be upset, and will give the movie a low rating.

A blonde wig would suffice, just fine as opposed to hair dye.

I mean no disrespect but the lack of blonde hair is seriously an issue, not just for me, but for many other fans who were hoping to see our favorite character be brought to life, not just his twin brother with dark hair. We want Armin, not some dark haired kid that looks like him.

- Kumikoko -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kon'nichiwa-shi Hongō wa, watashi wa anata ga idaina haiyūdearu to shinjite, soshite riron-teki ni wa, idaina sentaku wa, āmin Arlert to shite taitan no eiga-jō no kōgeki no tame ni hyōji sa reru yō ni. Shikashi, shingeki no Kyojin no dai fan to shite, watashi wa burondo no kami no ketsujo ni tsuite hijō ni, hijō ni shinpaidesu. Anata ga kidzuite inai baai wa, āmin Arlert wa jijitsu no tame ni, shizen'na burondo de, , haiyū to shite, watashi wa kojin-teki ni anata ga taitanshirīzu e no kōgeki o tataeru tame ni, kanōnakagiri kōritsu-teki ni jibun no kyarakutā o kaku shitai to omoudarou, to moshi sono eiga wa seikaku ni karera ga ōku no fan o dōyō sa re, motte iru koto ga shira rete iru burondo no kami no yōna tanjun'na monode moji o kaku koto ga dekinai, to eiga no hikui hyōka o ataerudarou. Burondo no katsura wa, mōhatsu senryō to wa taishō-teki ni umaku, jūbundearou. Watashi wa burei o imi shinaiga, burondo no kami no ketsujo wa, shinken ni, watashitachi no okiniiri no kyarakutā ga seikatsu ni motarasa reru kuroi kami to kare no futago no anide wanai dake o mite kitai shite ita dakedenaku, watashi no tame ni, hoka no ōku no fan no tame no mondai,dearu. Wareware wa kare no yōnimieru āmin,de wanai ikutsu ka no kurai kami no kodomo ga hoshī. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- こんにちは氏本郷は、私はあなたが偉大な俳優であると信じて、そして理論的には、偉大な選択は、アーミンArlertとしてタイタンの映画上の攻撃のために表示されるように。




私は無礼を意味しないが、ブロンドの髪の欠如は、真剣に、私たちのお気に入りのキャラクターが生活にもたらされる黒い髪と彼の双子の兄ではないだけを見て期待していただけでなく、私のために、他の多くのファンのための問題、である。我々は彼のように見えるアーミン、ではないいくつかの暗い髪の子供が欲しい。 --------------------------------------------

Forgive me if my Japanese is a little off. I just wanted to make sure my voice had a better chance of being heard.

suryin kanata hongo<3<3...............................................

Pako Hongo kawaii <3 I meet you ,I want you and I love you very very very much. ^ ^

ikral sicha kanata-san i love you so much

Eyah yus I am very sorry make you in fear..

I don't care if you hate or not..

Star of nightmare.....

i don't know how to say....

have are nice day for you and everyone..

Nami97 Cannot wait to see you in Shingeki no Kyojin Live-Act~ I wish you good luck! Fightooo~ :3

joel atsuela i wanna say you are so good and so cool nice men.

aisyah konnichiwa, kaboo-kun i miss you so much, i wish you have twitter or instagram . so i can know what you do as long as . hope your day always fun . bye :D

eyah yus good luck for your summer..... kanata

trisna yanti he is the only one actor who makes my heart beat fast. i want to see hi and say " hey u are so cruel ! you never think how i like u so much (plaak hahaha), thanks for making me become one of the person who know you" . i hope u will visit my country. i wait u here in indonesia (bigest wish) :3

chelle beltran i love kanata hongo he so cute and cool i know from the start he's actor and model

nana-chan admiin, he also played at UULA's channel - Yubikoi with Seung Ri and Miori Takimoto, please update it too :) thanks

lexie Ann Ilano I LOVE Kanata Hongo so much.. his so cute... :D

Brilly Same here. He's breaking my heart too by doing a kissing scene in mobile-film, Yubikoi. (which is his first kissing scene) Fortunately, i am not watching the film yet... So, I will just keep Loving him as always, by telling myself that the kissing scene is nothing but hoax...! How poor I am. I just don't want to see him in romance story. All this time I love him because he is a great actor that seems like he will never dissapoint his fan-girls... Hahaha. But nowadays, I think someone cannot be called a great actor unless he/she is able to be good at romance film ._____.

Anyway, I am so excited for his new drama, Mysterious Transfer Student. He played the main role along with Aoi Nakamura (my beloved one beside Kanata) LOL. Its just like dream come true...

nana-chan ahhh my heart broken into pieces when saw his "First" kiss scene on YubiKoi - UULA CM. :') Miori Takimoto was lucky!!!

Aya-Chan He also played the voice of Sakamoto Ryouta, who is the main character, in the anime BTOOM!

Aya-Chan He also played the voice of Sakamoto Ryouta in the anime BTOOM!

nana-chan Admin, you forgot to add:

Reset (eps 14), he played as guest Shirato Osamu no Jikenbo, he played as Kurosaki Hitoshi So Long! AKB48 (eps 2), he played as the heroine's boyfriend Tantei Gakuen Q(eps 2), he played as the guest (the murderer), Makino Daisuke

Please update! Thanks a lot ^^

Johanna A I love Kanata Hongo, his acting and his appearance is cool. Love it!

yassika rahmawati I know kanata since 2009, now and forever he always be number 1 in my heart :*

AkisaLin He was also In a short film called 03† which can be found on nicovideo

Love Japanese Drama Does anyone know the tv drama RESET?? Kanata is also there.. If anyone knows this please tell me where can i watch it for free with English Subtitles.. Thank you!. :)

IVY I admire him because he's really good in acting. He's charismatic, handsome and talented. good luck Kanata-kun. Aisheteruyo ^^ <33

Nuu First time I saw you in Seigi No Mikata, and I was like... :""""DD *aaaakkkk* you are so cool there. Never before I adore the cool, skinny, yet lovable boy like youu!! Pls comeback like you used to play in such dorama, when you played the role of cool boy again. I love to see your smile with a little smirk on it. kikikik. I'm waiting for you.. ka na ta~~ :""3

Colleen Hi! I'm french but I love Kanata-kun so much, I really happy when I see him in movie or drama... I hope that I could see him one day. So good luck to him I will support him for ever

mayri hello!kanata

     i am your big fan  i really love whenever you say something. i really love your silence action. That's same to me. I respect to you forever for your acting. I always support u forever. i am waing for the day that you and i will meet.
           I really, love you forever. Please don't forget people who loving you forever........OK!

Niki you can smile the best but you don't show that. So i don't like u . Please try more than you can.....

Bella Don't give up. Everything is gonna be alright. you have people who care for you and support you. Things can change :)

Jen_Jen he is in so long(akb48 drama) with oshima yuko XD

jade hi kanata!!! I just wanna say, you are so cool..

hope to see you in person. ^_^

fantasticme6 you are awsome in the prince of tennis

Junghwa KANATA-kun is my favourite actor why you so cute and cool?!!! (make me crazy) argghhh I don't want to be your friend. I want to be your girlfriend haha don't want kanata play in romance drama (jealous) I wish meet you personality and you be a best actor ganbatte!!! don't forget eat ok? ^^ i love you so much.

bhara Kanata is my number 1 idol...!!! He is so cool, cute, handsome, and very talented in acting. Kanata's personality is very good and he looks smart!! Although he is so rare to smile in his dramas, but when he smiled................ he makes my heart doki-doki >,< I wish someday Kanata would play in romance drama and of course he would be the main actor ;))

Good luck for your career and school!! L.O.V.E KANATA

dewi First time I see him in drama 'Yankee-kun to Megane-chan' and I feel I'm falling in love with him, I love you Kanata-kun :* Aishiteru :*

Aiyie2freak I fall in love with him ever since the first time I watch him~

Echa I'm Kanata's new fan.. kanata you're so cute..... and I really love all your movie, drama, everything... you're the best!! ^_^

hime-san I'm definitely not one of your fans. I just seriously like you kanata-kun.

michelle Iam fan of you i wish that i will meet you in personal we always love you and support ^^^^^_____^^^^

aprilFebruary 1st saw him in Prince Of Tennis The Movie as Ryoma Echizen & i'm totally fell for him (i'm a fan).. then saw him again in Nana as a JRocker.. fell more deeper (I'm a fanatic fan!).. then saw him again in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan..(i'm a stalker^^) anayway KANATA HONGO daebakkk!!!!>.<

Niva aniata Ruvi I Love Him!!! He is Realy Handsome n Cute Kanata Kun

nita i like ur acting and i miss your act as echizen ryoma.. you're so kawaiii back then but now you turn into a mature figure.. so that i miss the 16 years old of kanata hongo..! ! and last don't forget to eat,, you look so thin..

Fardad Not all girls of even all boys like me , Love U and wanna kiss U I do Love U

jerlyn since 2007, i idolized you... hope i meet you someday :))) take care always...

cool_gurl ur soo damn cute ily :*

Miyuki Kanata-kun, i would like to leave a message here hoping that it may catch your attention. I have been a big fan of yours for 6 years. I've been constantly watching your dramas and movies. The more i see you on those dramas the more i fell in love with you. But the the love that i feel for you only cause so much pain my heart 'coz i know that you can never be mine. Anyway, just wanna say.. "Ganbatte" on your career and "suki da" from the bottom of my heart. ^_^)

mikan i love kanata hongo i hope someday i will be his wife cause i love him ery much ilove you kanata muahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akilin Shinomori Kanata Hongo is a great actor! I love all his characters but I prefer those more arrogant lol I continue to follow his career and see how he continues to grow Greetings from Argentina!

Nadia Hongo-san, hope you will be more success in the future :)

Ren-Chan He's just simple amazing.

Ren-Chan He's just simply Amazing.

理恵 何てハンサムだよぉぉぉぉぉ、奏多さんが〜!!! 〜<3 彼は役者中の役者わ〜!!!

raluca you are very ..... you now=)) =));)

iamcai i love u kanata san....<3<3<3

avhie _14 your so cute !! KANATA HONGO :)

Mietha Uhmm..cool boy Just it! Hope his fans can me2t n great with him(Kanata Hongo)

Akemi Kanata!!! I love you ;*

esha a perfect boy... i love kanata forever...

votik kanata hongo is handsome, cute, and cool... perfect boy i love him....

ingesz very cute, Kanata Hongo... i hope you will play another lead role for movie ... :)

Aijoo Kyaaa!

My bestfriend is Kanata Hongo's big fans. she said kanata hongo wa hansamu desune. and i think she is right :D

Yuu-Chan KYA! Kanata-chan is so cute~~

hota spirit kanata-kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

hota spirit kanata-kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ^^

0_o raindrops sweet and flavoured fudge =P ............. I didn't know you could put a comment in wiki... Cool...

ryochun(sarnia) hi kanata how are you? i would like to say sukidayo coz i have a kimochi for you i want to see you .......... x ) very much coz i feel so shy i'll hope, this my comment will receive for you

yenni como estas te kieroooooooooooooooooo

yenni hola como estas solo kiero desirte k suerte y talves no puedo desir esto pero me gustas mucho y kisiera desirtelo pero no puedo estas tan lejos k nisiquiera puedo abrasarte kisiera serlo kiero abrasarte mucho mucho te amo cuidate adios

kyarin kanata cHAN... Anata wa kawaii desu... aishiteru yo... ganbatte kudasai...^_^

Ester He's so cute, i like his nose and his cool expression

marlene ....i think...i'm inlove w/ u..kanata kun!!! you always surprise me w/ ur act.....

---everything about u makes me crazy...


nadiah nadzari i loike kanata hongo since he act in prince of tennis...!! da way he act n expressed himself different than other do...!! gambatte kudasai...!!

mibi he's just so... PRETTY!!!! i can't believe he's 20... :O he looks like he's 13/14

kishi Kanata Hongo,.. umm I've had my eye on him for sometime now. He is defiantly a talented young actor. I think his dorama are worth adding to my collection.

I also think its super cute all of the fan love going out on this page. He is strangely handsome in a dark way.

kt i don't think hongo kanata's gonna look at all of these comments and be friends with u guys... ==" but it's still good to keep hoping, hey? ;]

hikari Im really looking forward for Gantz....well ofcourse because kanata is in it.. ...I really like him cuz hes really cool.. I mean who doesnt like him..?

anon2.0 LOL at the person below me.. stalker much? HAHAHA!! XD

paula can u be my friend in facebook

paula hi ............ i just wan't to see u in real............ and i just wan't to be your friend

paula i really like u kanata.........

aran kanata-kun,your drama yanmagure is great acting...for you streang i allways suport you.....

sugoy for all you movie...


nicole marie--Ü kanata -sama ...... can you make again a movie without a partner.??? like prince of tennis..(tennis no oujisama).... cause it hurts me when i see you ..with partner....^_^

request only....please don't be mad at me...and you're the better of the best..@_@

i'm lookin' at you....I HOPE YOU WILL GIVE A CONCERN......143...

nina kanata hongo is so preeeteeeeeeeeeeh!

nikanah .wish you all the best kanata hongo-san .. =)

.godbless you with your works.!
.youre the best.!

megumi sakamoto ohayou ne hongo kanata-kun,genki desuka?i've always watch all your movies like prince of tennis,seigi no mikata and more... anatawa kakkoii ne...wish we meet someday,

...................aIsTeMaSu KaNaTa-KuN............. <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

                                                      ---------megumi sakamoto desu!--------

salome i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marina Omg when I first saw him in the movie of nana 2 I was like he is so cute and cool

Mary 今日は! 私の名前はメーリです。 かなたほんごがとても大好きです!! 括弧意ね~

sarah I don't know why I addict to watch the movies he made .I just know when I see his face ,even he doesn't talk ,I will come down and feel peaceful.That is great to me ,I like silence ,but sometime I am too anxice to come down ,he can help me with this by watching his movices.To me ,he actually is the silence to me .

sean Hi Katana!!! I´m from Spain... since I see u in the blue bird I dream to meet you, u are the best man in the world...

Hope you come to visit Barcelona soon with you new movie Gantz... and meet you.

Thanks for all.


Kanji Naki Kanata is exactly my age! That makes me smile actually i use to watch the prince of tennis all the time. I love it! I wish it was still on. Omg i wish i could so be in this movie. I love you Kanata hongo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

kat I can't wait to see him on Yankee-kun to Megane-chan tonight!!

akane ..who would never get fascinated to kanata-kun with his cute smile, bishounen looks, and breathe taking appeal! ..daisuki!!

Telan Ray Kanata-kun is a beautiful angel.

chibi 9 llove you kanata kun/kanata-sama!

emina IM FALLEN FOR YOU..............

faency and there many false kanata hongo as they are the true

Kumiko Takara hajimemashite,watashi no name kumiko desu... yaa kanata-kun do your like


aiiumm i love you. kanata-kun.

shakira watashiwa...sHkiRa.....hAjimemashite kanata kUn...genKi DesU?...

uR so Kawaii....
           Ol Of mY TomoDacHi hAs A crUx On yOu....AishiTeru
                            weLL, saYonAro.....MuWApHx

Hinata Kanata Hongo wa chikyuu de icchiban kakkoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ Daisuki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hinata Hongo Kanata Daisuki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riisa Kanata Hongo is better than all JE juniors.

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