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  • Drama: K-POP - The Ultimate Audition
  • Revised romanization: K-POP Choegang Seobaibeol
  • Hangul: K-POP 최강 서바이벌
  • Director: Lee Jung-Pyo
  • Writer: Moon Sun-Hee
  • Network: Channel A
  • Episodes: 14
  • Release Date: March 19, 2012 - May 1, 2012
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 20:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Woo Hyun (Park Yoo-Hwan) is the leader and most popular member of idol boy band m2. He acts like a sweet person, but he is actually mean and arrogant.

Seung-Yeon (Ko Eun-Ah) plays classic piano at a music school in England. Because Seung-Yeon decided to play Beethoven in her own way, the school kicked her out. On her flight back to Korea, Seung-Yeon vomits on Woo Hyun, who is returning to Korea after a concert in England.

Back in Seoul, Seung-Yeon stays at Ji-Woo's (Kwak Yong-Hwan) house and does not tell her parents that she is back. Seung-Yeon and Ji-Woo are best friends. Ji-Woo is a trainee at Sunny Management Company.

Sunny Management decides to overhaul boy band m2 with new members. The present members will be "graduated," but fans of m2 oppose the idea and demonstrate outside of Sunny Management's office. Sunny Management holds an audition, which Ji-Woo takes part in. Due to being nervous, Ji-Woo fails his audition. His audition video is posted on the internet. This riles up fans of m2 even more, complaining how the applicants are worse. Hyun-Seok (Hong Kyung-Min), president of Sunny Management, holds a press conference and announces that they will pick new members of m2 through fan voting. A survival audition is then held.


  1. "The Strongest K-POP Survival" takes over the Channel A Mon & Tue 20:50 time slot previously occupied by "Color of Women" and will be followed by "Goodbye Dear Wife" on May 7, 2012.


K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Ko Eun-Ah.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Park Yoo-Hwan.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Kwak Yong-Hwan.jpg
Ko Eun-Ah Park Yoo-Hwan Kwak Yong-Hwan
Ji Seung-Yeon Woo Hyun Kwon Ji-Woo
K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Hong Kyung-Min.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Park Hyo-Joo.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Song Se-Hyun.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Tagoon.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Maeng Se-Chang.jpg
Hong Kyung-Min Park Hyo-Joo Song Se-Hyun Song Min-Ho Maeng Se-Chang
Jang Hyun-Seok Team leader Han Kim Hyun-Seung Park Ki-Beom Tae-Kwon
K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Jo Yoon-Woo.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Jin Hyeok.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Kevin.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Lee Sang-Joon.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Ali.jpg
Jo Yoon-Woo Jin Hyuk Kevin Lee Sang-Joon Ali
Dong-Woo Jae-Ah Chang-Min Jang Seok Teacher Park
K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Shin Seo-Gyung.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Kim Eun-Jung.jpg K-POP - The Ultimate Audition-Kim Young-Ok.jpg
Shin Seo-Kyung Kim Eun-Jung Kim Young-Ok
Lee Soon-Yeon Oh In-Young Ji-Woo's grandmother

Additional Cast Members:



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Gina This is the best tv musical K-drama that I ever watched. It's definitely a 5-star!!! All episodes are exciting, very entertaining and fun to watch. Although the last episode was very disappointing, and I did not like it, I would still watch it. It left you with an expectation that there would be Season 2. It is unfortunate that this was supposed to be a 16-episode TV drama series and was cut down to 14 episodes. No wonder, everything was cramped in to that last episode. Thanks to Netflix and YouTube, I get to watch all the 14 episodes over and over. It would be awesome if they make Season 2!!! I hope there's a sign up sheet requesting for Season 2. Yes Season 2 please with the same actors, everyone of them is talented.

Keailani I really like the episodes but I did not like the ending. I felt it was rushed and the ending was poor. I would like to see a season 2 pretty please as to what happen with all their career and where they all ended up? Pleeeeeeease!!!!!!!

Takashi He great I like his singing and rapping in Strongest Kpop survival there should be another season of it I love that movie I'm a fan of all the people in that m2 junior :) I luv your guys <333333

Starleene PLEASE BE A NEXT EPISODE! You can't do this to me! Puuhh-lease!

Esbeidy They should really add another season please add another season it cant end like that please add season two

marina I really hope they add another season. they ended it where it's just hanging and I want to grasp more. Please please add another season,

Annette YOU CANT JUST END IT LIKE THAT, i need some type of reassurance that she actually waited and they were together bc OTP

Karina There needs to be a season 2. That was a horible ending if there is not going to be a season 2.

Asuna Love all the characters. Park Yoo-Hwan <3

I need a season 2. That wasn't even an ending.

Jenny Is there going to be a season 2 of this? -please say yes- It doesn't seem finished (or maybe it isn't). I mean, is the M2 juniors going to be the new M2? Will Team Leader Han really leave or Jang Hyun-Seok or someone going to stop her? Or maybe she will stop herself... Or is Ji Seung-Yeon going to be kicked out of M2 junior because she is a girl? There is just so many questions. Please say there is going to be a season 2! D:

glo glo Omg! Nooooo... That is no ending in any shape or form... I feel like they just stopped the drama unfinished. . bu

Emily I loved the drama, but it left us hanging way too bad! What happens to the team manager? Does the president confess his love? Does the company shut down? Does M2 Junior debut? What happened with the seung yeon scandal, do they let her perform? And why is Woo Hyun going to America all of a sudden! I cannot be left with all these questions unanswered! It's been three years since this came out, so I doubt you will make a season two, but PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 2 OR ANSWER OR QUESTIONS!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

cheyanna I loved it! Please make a season 2. Just left is hanging I want to know what happens

Angelica I love watching k-pop the ultimate audition plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz make a season 2 !!!!!! I want to find out wut happens between woo Hyun and seung-yeon and wut happens to the juniors!!!!

katie We need season 2!! I love kwon ji-woo

Jezzu Please second season!!!!!! Por favor!!!!!!

Mary & Dustin Please make season 2!!! You can't just leave it at that! I need to know what happens next. This show is too good to just forget about. Please make another season? My brother and I just loved watching it, we watched all of season one in two days, we new to know what happens next. We don't want to keep it as a cliff hanger! Please make more??? The ranting will be so much better the 2nd season!!!

Cassey and Amy Philyaw WE NEED A SECOND SEASON!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T JUST END IT LIKE THAT!!!!! We need to know what happens next. What happens with the juniors and what happens between Woo Hyun and Seung-Yuen. WE NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Please make more

trisha THIS DRAMA IS SO GOOD!! Anyways i would really want a 2nd season, because i would want to see more of Woo Hyun and Seung-Yeun together, and what happens after the whole "i've-gotta-go-to-'murica-thing" and it would be so good!! i would want to know what happens to the Juniors and all that!! It's so sad that it wasn't a good ending!! I'm pretty sure everyone here would agree on the 2nd season with me!! right? ...Fighting!!!!!!

Nelle This drama was really good up until the last episode. I understand that it got cut by 2 episodes due to low ratings while it aired, but the editing/script revisions could have been a bit clearer about what happened.

It starts off very similar to You Are Beautiful (except the girl was the instigator), moved into Coffee Prince territory (male lead decides he likes a "guy" and they have cute playful dates) and then it ends abruptly with loose ends left untied and very poor explanations about what happened and a confusing timeline. A better rewrite would have lead to a much more satisfying ending.

It's really too bad that there was so much competition in 2012 and too many similar shows, I think after Dream High 2 and Shut Up Flower Boy Band airing in January of 2012 and this one coming out in March, viewers were just over the concept which lead to poor ratings, which is too bad, because if you like musical dramas, this one is worth watching.

mariama I love the TV show so much. love all the cast too. Woo Hyun and Ji Seung-Yeon are my favor... all the way in the U.S. A

Christina I love this drama!!!!! My favourite character is Woo Hyun!!!! I love the songs they sing!!

Debbyvicks I just recently watched this drama,its really great and inspiring,apart from the lead actor and actress especially liked song min ho and kwak yong hwan characters,they were really amazing

sohanze nice drama......lovin d lead actress nd actor!!! ko eu ah ....fightin

jenni i watched this drama a couple years ago and i decided to watch it again c: i absolutely love this drama, but every time i watch the ending i'm just like ;-; "WHY.why would the writers,producers and directors do this to me?" T-T like just a few more episodes and i would've been satisfied, but hey, it is what it is... it did give me inspiration to follow my dreams no matter what the cost so yeah... :''D .. ... oh, yeah. FIGHTING!!!

qeyzn wow.. Park yoo hwan really resembles yoochun oppa. and his acting is so good in here, makes me wonder why he didn't get much lead roles or more dramas. i mean Yoochun oppa's acting in Miss Ripley is not that good, but still lovable..but, why is his brother not getting the same attention considering how good his acting is? and, did Yoohwan sing for real in this drama? I dunno he sings. Anyway, hope to see more of him in the small screen. Fighting!!!!!!

Lola I totally love this drama but the ending is a little disappointing- oh well I will get over it. :3

jessie Honestly, it's so frustrating to find out it ended so abruptly. Also I wish M2 junior was a real Kpop group. I mean, I would have gone crazy for them. So hot. If you can please make them a group. And Channel A so disappointed to find out you cut off episodes. PLEASE make a K-POP - The Ultimate Audition 2. I will watch it and so will those who have commented below. P.S PLEASE!

jess i liked it but the drama got cut short by 2 eps and rushed the ending i wanted to see the last showcase in the eps

jess i liked it but the drama got cut short by 2 eps and rushed the ending i wanted to see the last showcase

phunmy it film is really interesting but the ending sucks!

Heather Is it just me or has no one noticed U-KISS is in it too! >.< Well 4 members! Great program just to bad the ending sucked! -_-

Chantelle LOVE LOVE LOVEEE THIS SHOW! Everything about it is amazing except the ending!! I mean if they just gave us one more episode, just one more to resolve everything and put our minds at ease would be enough! But alas it has been 2 years and it is unlikely we will ever find out and to me is really saddening...this show deserved much more credit, it was very well written and fun and suspenseful, ugh! Don't think I will ever get it off my mind without an ending but very happy I watched it 4/5 love,love,loved it!

kang shin shin love this Korean drama but I don't like the end.. hope there is part two..

PsychoticHatter I love this so much that I had to buy it! This is one of the best dramas I have ever watched!

pf Is this similar to dream high??

kaitie24 I got so crazy excited when I saw MBLAQ at the start. I have just seen them live and they were AMAZING!!!

Kate A It was a nice drama but it felt like it was abruptly cut short. Maybe it didn't do well with the viewer rating. There was no major climax. the conflicts were mainly dialogue based. The disappointing part is not really showing if M2 junior made it or not. There are a lot of loose ends with no definite resolution. Conflicts that had been pushed aside because of the love story. the other 2nd lead guy character was too boring to compete with the lead. It's sad because the story line could have had so much potential. The thing is though the gender bender character is obviously too girly not to mention her singing voice is girly too...and she obviously have noticeable boobs. In other gender bender roles both in kdrama and Jdrama they at least looked padded enough to look like they have a flat chest.but surprisingly the boy group members are too daft to not realize that they have been hanging out with a girl all along... LOL it's cute but the end will frustrate you... in the end it was just a love story not really an ultimate Kpop audition.

Jessa Lee I really love this drama!!! Hoping for Kpop The Ultimate Audition 2... ^___^ I can see how my idols struggle for their dreams to come true... Ji Seung-Yeon!!! SARANGHAE!! labyaaa..

joyce I watched this TV Drama and loved it alot. Especially all the songs and dances. Where I can find the OST of all songs?

danielle The series is one epic thing to watch, I loved it.. :) At some point, it reminds me of Coffee Prince and You Beautiful. O: Anyways, I would love to see a Season 2! The ending was quite sad, I want to know what happens at the end. ^^

Now. i just wanna watch it online but I cant seem to find where.

Hedgehog I wonder, what the name of the teacher that teach junior dance? he look cute and hot lol i really LOVE this movie the music is awesome and all junior and m2 are cute


AreissaJames The beginning of kpop what is the name of the song of the boy band ?

sandy I just finished watching the drama today and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! I am going to start crying if I find out that that was the ending and there will be no season 2 cause that left me hanging not knowing if they all become a group, if only 3 or 4 stay, or does president and team leader get together???? I NEED TO KNOW!!! BUT I STILLED LOVED IT AND FOUND IT VERY FUNNY! :D

panda032 This drama kind of remind me of You Beautiful. There a mini-drama where the guy dress up as a girl and it called Ma Boy it so cute. But drama should have a second season, the ending is okay but it kind of hanging.

karl ian tagupa i love this drama but the ending is quite hanging.. i want more!

Ariel It was a very addictive movie! I love shows that have characters like girls dressing like boys for reasons and then the girl that dresses up like a boy falls in love and having problems to let the public to know their relationship! :) The ending was a bit sad as it was very short and it ended without knowing whether they get together and like their relationship let to the public and also whether Seung Yeon is still in M2 junior or did she get kicked out. :( I expected more of it. I really really hope that there will be a season 2! I'm very excited to see season 2! :)


  • liked. And then there the love triangle with the grown ups. Whered they all disappear all the sudden?

LauraH I liked the drama alot, i just don't like how they cut the story so short. It feels like they cut off scenes from here and there was hard to keep up sometimes. And whats up with the ending???? I thought the ultimate audition would mean when those 8 compete against each other and then just to make the viewers happy they all get placed in a idol group that wouldnt be called M2. When Ji Seung Jeon's secret was revealed I was actually waiting for a bit more drama.It's like a whole episode got cut out. As I said, I lied the drama but Im a bit disappointed. And one last thing.Why do they promote with a picture of Ji Seung Jeon doing the coolest move but theres actually only two scenes where he dances (alone I mean)????? Very disappointing. And very misleading.

Jennifer OMG.... I FINSHED THE DRAMA TODAY AND THIS DRAMA ITS AWESOME. The ending was kind of a let down. I will love to contact the producer/director for season 2. The drama is barely conplete so Season 2 is not a bad idea. Note to producer/director: Other than that we support you. You may have low ratings but if we could help please let us know. I mean your leaving your fans with unanswerd questions. If we could gather 4,000 ... 10,000 fans will you make season 2?

mihmih Oh My g........^_^ i love this show and the M2 Juniors members are really cute.......and seung-yeon and woo hyun are perfect for each other.....^_^

seung_yeon omg i LOVED this drama!! it was SUPER but i and really confused why it was rated low! haven't watched the end yet but can tell from the comments that the producers cut the show cuz of low rating! why why!??!?!?! why did thsi drama even get low rates? i mean it was AWESOME in one word!! ><

sabrina what song did jin hyuk sing at the showcase???

Nikki Galano K-pop: The Ultimate Audition was really fun to watch. The characters are really interesting.All faces are fresh. Go eun ah and Park Yoo hwan are really lovable. They are amazing! Looking forward to watch again any of their dramas. I love you woo hyun sunbae!

kpopluv the poster remind me of You're Beautiful which use the same concept..girl become a boy to get into idol group..well,not bad

BW Awesome Drama!!!!!!!And please let there be a special episode 4 tis drama........please........

nelz at 1st im just curious about this drama,the plot seems like the other drama HIS BEAUTIFUL where the mean star act like a boy to get into the group...its also like DREAM HIGH 2 they want to realize there dream and work hard on it...but both drama had a good ending and leave audience satisfied that im sure some even rewatch it coz i did...no matter how i recreate the ending of this drama still leave me with alot of unanswered question....like how they solve ji seung yeon problem,,where she hide, and who bring her back??what happen to the last showcase, who made it in to m2...and finally what happen to president jang and team leader han love story??did he stop her from leaving?or did he finally let her kn0w what he truelly felt toward her????this is agood drama but i wish they wont leave audience hanging like this....and also i hope they could come up with part two with a good ending this time....and finally people should not judge it harshly they should watch it 1st and consider the effort of those pe0ple behind this drama.....

M girl i really didnt get what happened in last ep. even they get low vote they still should do missing part for us that watching this drama wholeheartedly. should do special ep or season 2. loved this drama.

mystar82 I don't have anything to say for final episode of this drama..but i loved it until thirteenth episode.. the subject of this drama was so good i wish they will coming with season2 ^~^

Fayfi If only I live in Korea, I'd probably watch this series every freaking night. And it probably has 16 episodes if we are all in Korea. The producers should have gotten the decency to finish this. It was frustrating when you knew that episode 14 doesn't feel like it's gonna end. It was a freaking cliff hanger!T eam Leader Han was leaving Korea? What happened to that? President Jang didn't even get to confess his feelings, who are the people who got in to m2? Whatever happened to Seung Yeon's scandal? She was back from hiding then everything is over.. THE END. It pisses me off. I can't get over it!!

Serenitybunny Sorry, my auto-correcting words on my tablet: personal = potential* can = cannot*

Serenitybunny I totally agree with the last poster. This Korean drama got me drawn in the story concept and all the performers who did amazing job in which made me addicted to the drama. I hope that I can purchase this drama later on. However, the ending left me unsatisfied due to many wondering questions as mentioned earlier here. Even though, I read from viki's website in which the drama got bad ratings or comments from their audiences so, the drama got cut short.

I wished there was more to this drama instead of a short/rushed ending because this drama got personal and can be judge easily until you watched to the end...

Hopefully, there is a second season of this k-pop the ultimate audition instead of unfinished businesses...

KimLuvv I know that most people give this up because of the first episode, like the bloggers on Dramabeans.com but if they stopped complaining, paid more attention to the show and actually watched 1 or 2 more episodes of the show, they'll realize that the actors at first start out a little exaggerated but eventually learn to make their characters come out. After 2-3 episodes, both Go Eun Ah and Park Yoo Hwan start to add more expressions and start to feel the character more. You can see that they've improved their acting through facial expressions, and through the emotion of their eyes. So, give up if u want to but if you guys sit down, and watch the drama without judging it every second of the way and making fun of it, you might actually enjoy it. I don't automatically judge a drama from it's first episode nor do I judge it because it has rookie actors, I give it a fair try and see if the drama actually has potential. And based on my opinion, this drama does have amazing potential and is currently on my top 10 drama list..

black_blood I loved Ko Eun Ah in this drama. But, as the male lead is not so good looking, I could not digest Ko Eun Ah becoming close to the male lead, and I stopped watching the drama after few episodes.

sdas vreau un al doilea sezon ador serialul

Yue I don't get the ending at all... So, they never revealed that she was a girl? This is confusing, shouldn't there be at least another two episodes for them to deal with the whole revelation? It's like the story just hang there...

rainfairy i usually like the dramas related to kpop so i really enjoying it and at the first ep i was so happy to see mblaq coooooooool.but i just started it i hope it goes well

jacqkhal It started very well and the story line was really good but the resolution of the drama wasn't well emphasized.

I wonder why they shorten the drama? supposedly it should have 16 episodes, right? still...I didn't regret watching it. ^^''

human i think this show should be have part 2...it's very nice... or make a special episode...like usually japan drama... i really want to know what happened to M2 Junior, the President etc....

Fadzkia it's awesome... I like this drama so much...

but I feel so disappointed about this, because the end of this story didn't make me pleased...

ilayda I like this drama so much. But it's disappointing that this drama only has 14 episodes, it deserves more. If somebody knows a korean drama about music like you're beautiful / dream high 1 & 2, just tell ! hehe I like those kind k-drama's.

MyRa waa..so pissed!! why they cut the 2 last episode?? seriously..its really a cute n romantic story n so many kissess between woo hyun n seung yeon.. XD n i like how sweet woo hyun to seung yeon..even she pushed him aside the guy still crazily in love with her..ahh..i guess i really love this story..so sweet!! :D

Gian Just one thing ._. Why they cutted it T.T ?!! I kinda didn't understand the end ><

nite It's sooo cute.. Woo hyun is so adorable! :D

Gette Best Dramaaa Eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!


yuma i like the strongest K-POP survival.. romantic story.. ^^

chingo grrrrrrrr. i got really annoyed by kim eun jung. tf with her? and i don't like the dirty tactics of team leader han, though it's better that way to make the story colorful. but i just can't stand kim eun jung's character.

Uriel Yo creo ke fue muy buena, pero si el capitulo 14 fue el final, pues dejo mucho ke desear, ya ke hay muchas cosas ke no se explican y por lo visto hace algo compicado entender el desenlace.


Irene G I enjoyed this drama so much! So funny and cute and such great acting! I'm really sad they didn't let us see a proper ending.

mickysmile4me The drama is interesting and cute..why did they cut it down? because of the low rating? how about love rain?..the rating is bad too but why didn't the other station cut it down? Chanel Aaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!

cleo really like there was only 2 more episodes they couldn't just do 2 more woww. but i still love this drama so much and i love that episode 14 at the end had like the bloppers

jisha it started properly, but unfortunately, ending looks like broken forever....

jisha Someone go get them make a special for this drama, please. How can a drama end up like that, look down on us, who love the drama so serious. Chanel A .... so much disappointed

msmariecookies this drama is really awesome but the ending is really suck...hurm..i really don't understand why the have to cut the 2 more episode..hurm..i start watching this drama since first week..i keep wondering what will happen next..when will eunah will be together with yoohwan..yeah..they have declare being a couple but what happen next..the series is not completed..hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angi969 SO SO SO SO DISAPPOINTED i didn't get the 14th episode it was such a rush and how did they deal with Ji Seung Yeon being a girl?????? and how did their lovely couple end????

Lei hate the way they ended this series... everything was rushed, so much things that need clarification, there's only 2 more episode to go why cut it now... they should let it finished properly why let the viewers hanging... i agree with them, broadcasting stations don't stick to the episodes they plan when the viewer ratings are so low they cut the series immediately, even for some variety shows... but i think its not only in korea, almost all countries do this things... I HOPE THERE WILL BE A SPECIAL, so that this series ends properly... FIGHTING M2 JUNIOR...

Jade Evans I just watched the 14th episode. I agree that it left the viewer hanging. For this reason I hope that it means that they are coming out with a K POP 2.

With a 2nd season, there would be even more episodes than the original 16. Plus, we could find out what the 'Manager' decides to do... How the company will survive... Will they keep all of M2 Junior together (I hope)... And possibly hear a wonderful duet. Oh yeah, we could also learn all about everyone's relationships.

Please... Oh, Please... Let there be a second season.

mblaqgo this drama was so good, slow at first. To be honest it didn't seem that interesting at first but you gotta watch 1 or 2 episodes to get into. It's different from from you're beautiful and the guys of m2 junior are hilarious. For those of you who don't know, it's not that they wanted to cut the show to 14 episodes but they were forced to due to low viewer ratings in korea so the broadcast station wouldn't let them air it anymore. Wish we could be included in that lol. I was so hoping that in the end none of the guys of M2 Junior would get cut and instead the president would debut them as a whole group.


This drama was so good, but the ending was REALLY disappointing!! The worst ending ever!! What happened to everyone else? I still want to see to the very end!!!!! AND COME ON!!! IT IS ONLY 2 DAMN MORE EPISODES!!! WHY THE HELL DO THEY NEED TO SHORTEN THE DAMN GOOD DRAMA AND NOT AIR THE 2 LAST REMAINING EPISODES!!!!


ARmanlapaz02 They rushed to end it at episode 14... i didn't like the ending at all.. there was no Han Team Leader and Jang Director love confirmation and they didn't show how they dealt with Ji Seung Yeon being a girl... aish.. i had high hopes for this series.. if only they finished all 16 episodes it would have been perfect.

Kim Awesome drama, truly enjoyed it :D

a.n.jell so it's like the revenge of the idol siblings...with eun ha being the sister of mir and yoo-hwan being the bro of yoochun....

i just learned that she's mir's sister...even before i was wondering how can she look so much like mir...so that's why...

sakura actually at first i don't like the girl in the 1st episode but i got curios about this drama since MBLAQ is in here... and after watching 4th episode and currently watching the 5th, i kinda love her nah...


abgi969 why doesn't it have a table?

luuv I like it :)

Julia It's AMAZING! I've watched like a couple of minutes of episode 1 and she (ko Eun-ha) looks just like her little brother (Mir from MBLAQ) :O Got such a shock!

Riisa Sounds like "You're Beautiful" except that this is more about hip hop. Gonna give it a try since I loved You're Beauitful. ;D

Ann I love how kdramas this year is mostly all about romance, comedy, and music! xD This drama is good so far!

lokdrm watched 1st n 2nd ep n this drama looks good ... yoohwan is really good in here.. :)

Tsubasa Potter So, there are three dramas about music and k-pop in Korea, Dream High 2, Shut Up Flower Boy Band and K-Pop Ultimate Audition, eh? Wow, so good

kplo 1st ...to comment :D .... so many interesting drama coming this year.. incl. this one ... musical n Park Yoohwan ... not going to miss this one .. :3

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Divorce Lawyer in Love *ep.1 (3)
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Enemies In-Law *English subtitled
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Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Ex-Girlfriend Club *tvN drama

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