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  • Name: Jinwoon
  • Hangul: 진운
  • Birth Name: Jung Jin-Woon (정진운)
  • Born: May 2, 1991
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 185cm
  • Blood Type: O


  1. Member of K-pop group "2AM".

Drama Series


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juliusjun kang jin woon oppa!!!!FIGHTING

mahsa (Iran) Wow! So cute.... Specially ur smile <3 Handsome...lovely & gentle... Kiss

Angie You are amazing Jin Woon! Your acting is perfect your voice is beautiful, you are like handsome x's a million. I started following you since I fell in love with 2am and then I heard your solo rock songs and love u even more. You're really such a talented guy and im so lucky to have met you and held hands with you. Every time I see you in a drama or listen to 2am I freak out when I remember the day I won the Hi-Touch session... :) keep making amazing music and shows! I hope to get to see you sing live again!

khazel Oh, Jinwoon Oppa.. I really like everything about you.. great voice. good-looking. charismatic. very talented (even in acting and dancing) and funny.. Please continue to bring us wonderful music together with your Hyungs..Hoping to see you more in tv or movie too.. Love you, Oppa.. Fighting! <3

Lizzy My future husband xp loool But srsly this guy is super hot, has a good voice, has a cute smile, has a the nicest body that I've ever seen and he is a good actor. I really want to get to know him the more and see his true self ! AND I really really want him to make a good ending melodrama with IU <3 or any older good female actor PLEAASEE !! Anyway fighting oppa !

Monikacz Jinwoon and Kang Sora. My dream couple. They are good friends in real life and they had great chemistry in Dream High. I wish they played together a couple in love drama.

dadz .. . . .he looks like jung gyu woon . ...hokshi, are they siblings? . .. i think it also makes sense . . . . . .jung jin woon and jung gyu woon . .right?

dadz . . . . .it would be fun . . . i think they look good together

YOUKNOWWHO Agree!!! Below ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

dadz . . .2 AM my favorite k-pop boy group . . . i really hope that jinwoon would film a drama or a movie together with MISS A's Bae Suzy . . . . . . . . .. . .

Amy Self(Frenchie) You are really cute and I might love to meet you one day! Maybe! Anyways, I hope you will one day make more movies but I loved you on Dream High 2! You were awesome! In fact, you kinda remind of my boyfriend and I wonder if you're like that in real life?

habhouba hiba heey jinwoon am a big fan of you specially in the drama awsome korean drama (dream high2) and i think dream high2 is the best comparing with dream high 1 i have a big dream to visit south korea and be a famous singer there specially am a singer here in morroco i hope to have a chance to sing with you love you jin yoo jin

Angel Hope you feel and get better...여러분은 그렇게 할 수 있습니다. :)

<3 you

fatima Good luck ... always be

sachina G minor love you ya love G minor <3

lesh i love you with all my heart <3

lesh i love him so much!!! please make another drama series. :))

min ah jinwon congratulation you're a talented actor... plz play in more dramas.. PS : although i hate DH2 but i think you re the best actor in DH2!! G minor !!! :D

KZ Favorite member from 2AM. Hope he acts in more dramas. They should have showcased him more in Dream High 2. He was a stronger actor then JB(personal opinon).

fhine G minor!!!! handsome!!

foorogh hi.I love you sooooooooooo much. take care of yourself.

CKathyleen14 He is so Handsome!!! sarahaeyo!


iela to be compared, he's a lot way more handsome than all his members group

joie24 i love your eyes., <3

shamki happy happy birthday.....wish that more activities 2 comes...i like dream high 2...so fantastic...mwahhh

Cherry So cute ^ ^ G minor~~~

리첼 우와.  너무너무조앙♥ 쟐생겨땨♡~~ you really did a great job! :D it was sooooooo amazing, your skills in acting is really fantastic. You're not just cool in singing, but also in dancing and in acting. I will always support you ^^ ㅎㅎ화이팅♥

Keep it up, I'm looking forward to much more shows wherein you will be part of it. Take care and God bless ya~~

maya very awesome your acting.. i dont know why more enjoy with you acting "cool namja"...heheh

oz 진 운니……….. 사랑해요………. 누나 너 너모 너모 저해요………… Jinwonnie....,,hwaiting!!

kim soo rim DAMN!!!! UR ACT SO GOOD!!!

Anggita Wow, jinwoon is so cool, dream high too!! :)

shiva Jin-Woon has best , and has a lovely boy . saranghae

deppz G miiinnoooorrrrrrrr., DAEBAK!!

akb88 I think he was just acting k-rock .... he is really k-rock... G-minorrr....

Jesse Love jinwoon oppa in dream high 2... especially the funny bits when he sings "G-minor~"...it sounds very funny ^_^

sagi_gurl handsome!!Jinwoon3!!! (aahh...excited!!)

Hebe I don't like dream high 2 but he is great^_^

JinWoon h looks so cute in Drean High2!!! <3

-_-' why his character fell in love with kang so ra's character!!

stupid writer!!

alanoud omg i just knew that he's younger than kang sora ......... he's soooo handsome

sisca ng i really2 like oppa acting in dream high 2…

sisca ng i really2 like oppa acting in dream high 2...

Tiff >:D I REALLY LIKED HIM ALOT! I Lurve Dream High 2 ^^ aja!

peep giant maknae~ love him in dream high 2

anis so cute and very handsome. dream high 1 and 2 so good...! ^.^

EylaaLJoe Jinwoon oppa! OMG! He's so handsome and mature! I like it ^^ Jinwoon oppa daebak *clap hands*

ys11 who said that his ugly..please check out your face 1st b4 u complaint the other..to me..he's handsome..acting good ,singing,and talented...i love 2pm ...btw i love 2am also...DREAM HIGH 2 fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amina95 Personally I Fynk His Sooo Sexayyy :D 1Of Da Best Actor In Dream High 2 I Am Offically A JinWoo Fan <3 His Sooo Talented

sarah omggg!! i love jinwoonn! hes so sweett to hyesunng in thiss dramaa (: and hes so talennteddd (:

Platinum Youre Handsome and talented :))

Kiay jinwoon is a great actor and a great singer. I love him!!!

Ali2cute hey love dream high 2 an love jinwoon,i think his character is a little weird but he's really really cute...................chincha chincha

tnz he's young too god, what happened to producers, every year they are casting people younger and younger but he is cute, and talanted, like him singing

WoojungLover Jin-woon's acting is very good. Jin-woon DAEBAK....!!!

gamey Dream high 1 is far better than Dream high 2 regarding story line, script, actors and actress.

a.okcat and btw JINWOON IS SO HOT IN DH!

a.okcat at first i was like yeeii dream high 2 and jinwoon in it <3.. then when i saw the plot i was like .... hmmm .. it's kind of wierd. but just for jinwoon <3 ... and after the second episode or third you just get into it ! it's actually very different than dh1 and wierd but it's starting to get interesting :D ... can't wait to see more cameos from season 1!!

_DAAMU_ At first I was like...I'M NOT GONNA WATCH DH2, but when I just out of curiosity wanted to know how they continued the story i fell in love with it... I hope the original DH1 cast will shop up as cameo to teach or something <3 but actually DH doesn't tell the story of those people but it tells the story of kirin high :D I LOVED DH1 AND I LOVE DH2 !! ps. if you think about it ... the story of dh1 cast ended very well and actually there is not much to tell about their life after dh1 ended. <3

BLooop watching DH2 just for him! and I absolutely love it<3333

hyunmin everyones takes on everything is different. I know. but do we need to rudely call him ugly? grow up geez

patty waaaaaa i love him, i love rock and now as him is a rock guy in dream high i love him more, i think he is in love with the girl

viri so cute.... i love his acting in DH 2.


Raindasy I've seen Dream High and it was awesome, now I'm watching #2 and I have been surprised at how good it has been so far...Jinwoon is very good and can't wait to watch the rest of it!!

121aznt I've watched Dream high 1 and 2, and from what i can see, Jinwoo's acting is a lot better than most of the idol cast from Dream high 1 (minus Eunjung of course).

chokyu_lurveiem Dream High 1 is good...Dream High 2 is also good.. To the haters...give a chance to the cast... they will try their best.. HWAITING!!

ATO2770 WOWWW !! so much hate, opportunities come and go, theres no reason for anyone to hate on one actor based on the fact that you prefer the actors from Dream High 1. Some people are so negative and judgemental. JINWOON is a great actor and not only that he is VERYYYY attractive (:

Anti-haters To all haters, please buy your own dream high 1 DVDs so that you can repeat play all you want. Move on. Let others shine..jinwoonie is awesome, talented and a fellow brother to 2PM. oneday love y'all.

aiuyt fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

aiuyt i hate him!!!!!!why does it need to be 2am?????2pm is wayy~~better!!wooyoung and taecyeon!!!!!!!!

LuvJinwoon So proud to be one of his fans! He is so talented! Jinwoon Oppa Fighting! <3 <3

2PM Why 2am?? Should be 2PM guys!!! I really don't want to watch dream high 2!!!!!!! Wooyoung oppa!!! sarahaeyo!!!! Jaeson I love u!!!

kharinifyme why not bring back the original cast?!!! :(

Myr Yay, 2am <3 And he's always such a nice maknae in variety shoes

He-Ran93 the guy from G.NA's mucisvideo black & white i totally love him... i didin't knew that he's in dream high 2...aawww can't wait to see him..JINWOOOON oppaaa saranghae (btw we share same birthday may 2)

piggy68gal Jinwoon <33333 Glad that he is acting in Dream High 2 :D

sya why not acting from the same people in dream high 2,i hate it dream high 2 but i love dream high 1

rosaast he's too handsome for me :)

sasakichan93 He's not ugly. =.=

misbah eeuu!!!!!!!!! he is so ugly!

Jinwonnie67 So excited 2 see him in Dream High 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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