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  • Name: JB / Im Jae Beom
  • Hangul: 제이비
  • Born: January 6, 1994
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 1,79
  • Blood Type: A


  1. Member of boy band "GOT7".

Drama Series


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judithiel Saranghae oppa!!! <3 i know that we are all the same but i'm very different from others and i like to say that your my first inspiration in my studies... SARANGHAE & KOMSOMNIDA OPPA !!! <3

sele.borealis I hope this page gets updated more. He participated in Dream High 1 as one of the dancers in the Flash Mob dance. He was a member of JJ Project with JR, who debuted in 2012, after Dream High 2 launched them into stardom. In 2014, he became part of Got7. He is the leader, lead vocalist and dancer as well as one of the rappers in the group. He and his fellow Got7 members also starred in a series called Dream Knights.

kpopkitty Please star in more drama :)

maya azaizia i love you jb very very much you know!!!!!!

Got7 He is in a band since a year named GOT7

wifwolf Got7 debuted in january 2014! Please update this page! Got7 is the best band btw!

Sun Wow you guy are going crazy because of JB tak tak tak

Song-jisun Oh jb is so sexy

lizbeth OMG JB u re total cute. Marry me I love you

Krystal If you hadnt noticed but JB is in a new kpop membed group called Got7...TOTALLY AMAZING!

Rihana Marry me JB <3 ily :*

Ashley Kwan OMG! He is like totally amazing!! He is my one and only! HE IS SO ADORABLE..! THAT SMILE!!

Shina WOW! your so amazing and handsome, i like your smile :)

GIGI He is amazing with a great voice very beautiful and I just love it <3 ! OPPA <3 <3

GIGI Oppa <3 ! He is amazing with a great voice very beautiful and I just love it

Mimi He is amazing, his new group GOT7 is awesome with Jr. Live him!x

Parisa He's awesome.. i love his acting and his smile and also his cute voice..i know he'll be such a great and famous singer and actor ♥_♥ :*

miranda JB is in a new group, they just had their debut and have a mv out too... check out their group GOT7 song title is Girls girls girls... see if you like it

naneth Ur one of my favorite korean actor..i hope more drama for you..

NOUSSA i'm ines . i'm from tunisia . i'm 11. i love you jb soo much and i love dream high 1and 2. I LIVE JAPONS

INES i love you jb .

hanie he was also of the variety show in tvn.romantic and idol

Julia mansour I love you sooo much im from lebanon i watched drean high 1 and2 but i loved 2 morw cuz u made it amazing ur per- fect !!!! I wish i could meet tou someday ur the most handsome person <333 omg i love youuuu !!!!

Alaia Lanseman I love you so much I live in California United States of America I watched Dream high 1 and dream high 2 and I love you so much I wish I could meet you one day I hope one day u will come to California, Monterey and I just wanted to tell you you're the most perfect person in the world I love you so much

SARANG by the way fatima darling he is an actor not ACTRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SARANG HI oppa i wish your ok do your best like always your fan SARANG

syrine i'm your Tunisian fan , I love you so much and i admire you I hope you to come in Tunisia <3

hugen you are a great dancer

Dana I adore you JB. Wish ul be in a good health and wish u good luck in every thing in ur life. You are so beautiful and cute I wish I can see you in Lebanon soon.

                                                                   Adore u JB :* :* :* :)

Dana Hi my name is dana I'm a 13 yers old Lebanese girl who adore Korea actors and singers especially JB who is the best and after him kim hyun joong I adore u both and JB I adore u especially in dream high 2 and now I'm trying to have all your dance moves and all your songs (I don't now if this song is yours but I. Heard it from you so I memorised it. It's when I can't sing its really beautiful) and I hope and wish and dream that some day I can See u in Lebanon.

                                                                                                                         Love you JB 
                                                                                                                          :* :* :* :)

anjel waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw ilove korea and i hope some time goo too korea my name is maryam and i from iran ammmmmmmmwah bye

fatima Hello. , You 're a talented actress . Good luck

Kiki He looks like Henry (Super Junior-M) or Henry looks like him

narges hi!at first i wish you be happy & healthy! then wanna say i love u ! wish to see yo in my country IRAN! ur so cute always be winner in ur jj project!

glydel ILOVE JAE BEOM SOOo MUCH! ♥ ♥ ♥ You have so many talents ! ILIKEU ! ♥ :">

always takecare ♥ 
  1. dreamhigh2 ♥ (# ' ', #)

hany I love him He's a very good acter He dance very nice And his voice is realy beautiful and nice

ember omo! what did you say yana??? he looks like 21-22 years old??? shame on you.. you're insulting 제이비..

  1. 제이비??himnae...XD

stephany omg.... i love his acting please keep acting. such an asian cutie.

Yana Is he the same age as Justin Bieber ????? WOW Ö He looks like a 21-22 years old guy and Justin looks like a 15 years old boy haha ;D Jaebum, you are such talented guy, you can sing, dance, rap, act and you're handsome, you have a big future. Wish you good luck for your next project :) HWAITING!

Hlawn Hlawn You look much better than Justin Bieber!!! If I try to compare both of you, I'm absolutely sure that you're going to win!!! WINNER!!!!!!

baddy a bad guy in romantic and idol

Lan JB! ^^ He is very young, but his performance is amazing :O I saw only one dorama with him. But I think I love his way of playing. I wish him good look for next acting role ! :3

Tintin I really Love JB :) I hope you will have another project with Kang Sora:) I Love you both...i love dream high 2 so much :)

kaissy 당신이 내 우상 JB를 oppa 사랑 해요. 우리가 만날 수 있기를 바랍니다

sara He and JR are the same age ? xD He looks much older, JB i hope to see you in other drama <3

Edd Good actor. I was sure that he wasn't going to disappoint me since he looks like me, but with Korean eyes lol; however, he did disappoint me by getting his knee hurt and not becoming what he wanted. Hope to see this guy in more shows though

Ryuohky First time I saw/heard of you was in Dream High 2, in the beginning, I thought...ewwww another pretty face, but was truly caught with your acting and voice. I think you are a great actor, hope to see more of you, and I think you have gotten 2 more fans...yes even my husband became a fan, hehehehehe I think I played your songs enough around him. Hope to see/hear more of you, thanks for your hard work! -ryu

why should i tell you my name? So you're name is like JB... ok initials are cool I guess... but I'm wondering was that like inspired by Justin Beiber or something? Just curious. :)

eun wo bi The first part of the drama i was like: shit he's a bit scary or something like that and after 3,1 ep i started to be the biggest fan of u I've seen many Korean dramas/movies! But ur acting was so awesome! And ur dancing was cool , my hobby is dancing when i saw the first part of ur dancing i was shocked thats why im a big fan of u! Thank u :)

Gilbertho Badjuka I really like the same JB because JB is very sweet, cool and popular

kaylyn i dont know korean because im young and live in america but im a big fan and tried to learn some korean...ha didnt get far but i would really like it if you were to contact me my dream is to become a singer and by the way im 12 and ill show you proof if you want me to. my only dream is to become a singer and dancer i dont have anything else to think of to do in the future...FIGHTING

Kim JB......saranghae^^........plz cum 2 India....<3

gail anyeong haseyo oppa....i really like the way you act....i admire your way of singing.......your so cuteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

joey saranghe oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope that i can see you in personal..im very eager to see you oppa

melmel Oh... I love you so much JB.. I mean... Justin Bieber :D

foorogh hi.I love u. i love your singing and dancing. be fine.

Anna you are really idol. Love you s0o0o0 much. Your face will change when you smile.please smile!

JB fans JB!JB! oppa u are so...... cute when you angry.smile, cry and sing oppa saranghae!!!!! <3

김도연 JB I love u so much Ur so cool and have so much charisma Ur so cute Nd charming When I saw u in dream high I was jeaslous of so-ka (hae sung) Espically the bit when you danced around her and 'sleep' on her lap at church and said I like you I wish you the best in future years, and maybe we might meet. ~jade kim

caroline jonathan i love you JB oppa you so cool you so cute

sahar he is soooooooo cooooooool,i love him

quanbungbu i love JJ, love JYP and JB

Ella Al-lawati oppa you are really good at acting and singing you have an amazing voice i love you soo much and am you number one fan he he <3

anonymous can someone please PLEASE change the photo? 제발! but JB oppa is still handsome! 짱! <3

vina helllooo JB ..... you are very handsome,, oohh yaa you and me born in the same year..,

Thinn Myat Mon Hi JB. I'm thinking if u read my message. I'm from Myanmar. You are so nice. Please make yourself a perfect man. May you be successful forever and be the one who an lead a happy life.

Li Pinky JB oppa, i like u more than i like myself. u know, i like singing but it's really my pleasure if i can sing together with u. i really hope one day I'll meet u. Saranghae.......

nanab jb.... you're so cute. I wonder if you gona to indonesia. i love you so much

Stacey JB, always smile because you are the most handsome when you smile. I really really wish to meet you in person so we can be good friends. I watched you in Dream High 2 & you are the first Korean guy I ever liked...mostly because of your smile.. :)) I can sing quite well, but you inspired me to learn how to dance. I am praying for you. God bless you! :D

Rima02 wooooooooooooow! he is only 2 years older than me !!!!!!!!! I thought he is older!!!!! 94?? i can't believe it!!!!!!

mhariafe oppA i lovE y0u.. uR s0 cuTe anD hanDs0me..

(u+e Ãp|>lê I love jb he's so adorable I can't wait for he's next drama movie ! He's so young and cute, I wish he come to my country.

JBcute wow so your name really JB? i love ur smile ^_^ i'm waiting for your next drama.. fighting!!

bay I love you with all my heart.

ahn ri young you very2 handsome and cool at " dream high 2 " i like you ....

  1. saranghaeyeo oppa ...

linda oh my gosh really '94 ahahah wow I love your voice so amazing dancing really very well

Hnin Ei Hey! I don't think you are younger than me. I am from Myanmar. Do you know Myanmar. In our country, there are a lot of Korean fans. I love your smile. I would see you if there is a chance. May you have a nice life.

fitri wowiling JB i like your style when you dancing

SARAH hello jb! you know your so handsome i hope that you will go sometimes here in phillipinens

JB-Fan You're really cool Sunbae =) I like your dance sorry but my English is not good :D I like to sing... alone xD I wish I could dance like you

your Fan

menda oww...1994? Umm..m two years smaller than jb oppa..i just love his smile..:)

Lalah Cute!! I love him Dream High but I found myself always cringing when he did the crying scenes. It seemed unnatural. >< But I still love you JB. :)

Ann He's from JYP Ent right????

I cannot believe that he's at the same age with Suzy. I think he's even older than Jinwoon! 0.0

monica wo?? 94 line.

ooo.. i'm 1 years old than u...

call me "nuna" ^^

dongsaeng.... >_<

maya falling in love for the first in sight at you JB.. i'm 1 year old then you.. call me unnie" hehe

nana I jst started watchin' dreamhigh2...n m completely In love wid jb in first sight, though still hez cold hearted n heart breaker....jst love him...mmmmuuaahhx! ua smile....ah~drolled me...(*^_^*)

nina Is this Real JB oppa? Is it really him???!!

nina Is this for real? is it really him?

Lollipop Well... you are good in dance and acting =] as young star you really are a big news ^_^

Asyouknow Jb Who are you ?Singer or actor?and if you are singer.Do you have group?My friend is want to know.

jeni OMG...JB Oppa...so cute...luv him so much....DREAM HIGH 2 IS really outstandin b'coz of him.....1994.....we r of same age...hahaha... "LUV YEW OPPA"

kim chung hei 당신이 내 우상 JB를 oppa 사랑 해요. 우리가 만날 수 있기를 바랍니다

tammy u are the best iloveyou lol

Yumi great acting skills hope 2 see u much more of ur dramas I will cheer 4 u

maryam hi jb i love u very much & u are in my heart every time

Lymui my dongseng is very handsome....

anin the first time i see him on tv , i fall in love with him he is cute,handsome and smart JB oppa saranghae : )

Kang Soo Kyung he's so handsome , cute and etc

jenny JB oppa you are so smart and so cute . I think you have talent in singing and acting keep try hard ;) .I wish you good luck and all success in you life time. I always want to see your smiling face.

Reihaneh I Love him very much... he is handsome^_^

Allyna He is so cute i hope can see you in the other drama i love your dance i love your smile jb and i in the same age but he look matured than me (^_^)

Neda JB was Lovely in his role. i like him and I must say his smile was very pleasant ^^ JB !!! Fightiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ..

Jaebom ))) Jb is soo handsome Ö I hope to see you in more other dramas <3 Saranghaeyooo x)

kewi u're so smart in dream high aha ~~~ hope to see in others drama by the way ur profile photo is a little bit ugly :P hee your smile in that photo looks so so weak eek (just my option)

kiki wow i shock as soon as i see ur dance u can kill ladies whit ur smile and dance eek *~* by the way glad to know that we are same birthday nice to see you Capricorn


DD He's just a year older that meeee *ç* so hot!!

NssiAnaa JB oppa ! Saranghaeyo ! I really love u ~ ^3^ He's 94's liner, im 98's liner ! Haha .. He's just 4 years older than me :D Dream High 2 ! JB Fighting ! ~

chieayin at first, I don't like him.. but when he confessed to haesung, my impression change. HE's sooo cute. I LOVE HIS VOICE! -->when i can't sing(orig. by se7en) and Together(JB&RIAN). saranghae JB!!

newsha iam persian fun

mess first his appearance in ep 1 he remind of key(shinee), when he has a bit long hair n blonde he look like henry suju, when he smile he look like actor kimbeom now when he in black hair he look like gikwang (beast) n his voice a bit like wooyoung 2pm.He the first person remind me a lot of people lol and now i a crazy fangirling his eyes smile lol.. oppa plezz debut soon..

sisca i really2 like oppa acting in dream high 2…

sharang e jb…

LOVEYDOVEY 94's liner ? im 96's liner . k . nvrmind . saranghae Jb ! Hwaiting !

nytha he's in 94 line???? i don't think he would have the same age with me.

warnawarni hahahaha 1994?? well i'm a nuna then :) but i really like him! so handsome and make me wanna watch dream high over and over

CandleLoverBrittney11 People can mixed up with two JB (some) because Justin Bieber's short name is JB and another one is Jaeboem (known as JB)

NZ The reason why i like Dream High 2 because of him. ^^ You're awesome oppa!! Fighting!! saranghae >.<

hidayu shahri you are so handsome and cute........any way good luck@....fighting.....

kim i really love him when he was on dream high 2 so much that i became a fan of him

looodramafv Something about this guys smile...hmmm...and the hair too. He's very handsome. I feel like watching the show JUST because of him. (And he's 18 too!) <3 Born in 93 but still 18 heheheh :)

henecia omo!! He is so handsome and young ... He is older then me just two months !!!!! I love him !!!

KyuGans OMO~ I thought he was younger than me, but he is the same age as i am. i'm just 6 month younger than him. jiyeon unnie and sora unnie too old for him..... JB-ssi, johahae yo. hope you will be a good dancing machine like hyukkie oppa....

itsaribee_ JB & SH FOREVERR <3

Effie I do love JB with Shin Hae Sung after watching ep 12. Yeah, I did hate him, but now things change. He's really sweet and adorable.

Btw, I was born in 1994, too. Should I call him "oppa"? =))

Luna Fighting oppa ! saranghae <3

juana omomomo..♥ u oppa...he's smile sooo cute!!!!!!!saranghae

Wynna J Keihn omo omo,,, kyeopta,,, >///< he has a same age with me and just different 9 cm with me,, so nice couple,, haha,, LoL,,

don't have to know wow!!i'm only 3 years younger!!

Zeke omg wow I didn't think he was that young!

Rika wow! :o! im amazed how young he is ! he looks so mature for his age :Y D;!!! i thought he is around 21+ <-<

PeiQi He's so adorable! Hwaiting oppa! <3

PeiQi OMG! He's a 94-liner? He's just 3 years older than me! I love him! <3

Inna ILOVEYOU!!!! Fighting !!! <3<3<3


peep you so cute~ love ur smile eyes.. looking forward ur future activities~

mei omg i didnt know he was so young,and younger than me XD btw, till 7th episode JB had a very dry acting but he changed himself,and now dh is more enjoyable to watch :D

fan!!! Saranghae and Hwaiiting JB !!!!! <3

maine OMG!! you are so young but looking matured and very cute!!

elisa So Cuteeeeee ^^ JB is soo hot  !

Key-14 OMG! I just knew that his age is as same as mine!!! >.<

AdelinaKittyChan He is already 18, omg!!!!!! Dream boy :D :* <3

EylaaLJoe Omo! I thought he was 20? He's a year older than me? I love it ^^ JB looks so cute and mature!

lovely OMG! JB oppa is so cute.... he a month older den me... am really excited to see him more in dramas.... love u oppa...

ETpowa 1994! He looks pretty mature for his age :p Hes one year younger than me and i still look like a lil kid ><

Ella Tan I so love him right now. And I'm so happy to know he is only two years older than me.

kyuseul so handsome ^^ i think he's a little bit like henry sjm..

beeeeeenanie fcjghbghu HE'S SO FAWKEN CUTE! Mine Ol Mine! ;) <3 :*


o he's only 17? i thought he was like 20.... lol xD

he's really cute though

georgia I thought that he it already a big star, but it does not matter to me because for me he is already a high star ... so JB continues to fight and become the biggest star ever seen ...FIGHTING !!! :*>:d<:*

JB...x so young and handsome :O saranghaeee JB <3<3<3<3<3

snooglebunch JB saranghaeyo~ ♥

asdfghjkl I have the same birthday as hiiim~ ;DD

Pana Jb is so f'en hot. I can't believe he is so young. He looks 18 to me but he's only 17. Amazing:)

Lee Mint i love him in dream high 2 *___* he's so cute <3

sarah i have a feeling hes gunna fall of hyesunng.. omg!!

sarah heeess so cuteee!!<333


Joy JB SO HANDSOME ! He have the same birthday as me ! 6 January ! but he older than me by 1 yr :D

dlola hes 4 years older than me hes soooo hot fricking hot and soo handsome i love him soo much hes much better and sexier dancing try and see it

JayBee omo~ , he is so cute! ^.<3

JBlove OMG I think I just fainted cos hes the same age as me so that means I have to go to Korea now and make him my boyfriend -->

anniepowel OMG... He's 3 years older than me (compared to korean's age).. JB is hot.. when i look up JB on google, how come Justine Bieber pops up?? BTW, Justin Bieber is gayy... JB will be my boyfriend...

hottest54 yes,1994.. he's just a year younger than me and he's damn cute can't wait for J&J to debut.>.<

nay and hes rookie @_@ omo aigoo. im searching him on google, ive got nothing, neither nate profile or cyworld. hes goona be next star @_@ 94 its too young >_<

nay Really, Damn i already into him.. I thought its no a big deal, but he already came into my dream last night... ~__~ Gooodd!!!

Quynh he's still so cute :3 In dream high I hope he forms a love triangle with Hye Sung and Jinwoon but in the end I want him to end up with Rian. He confessed to her in their trainee years but I think she's falling for him. He's the only one that's actually by her side always comforting her right now

Quynh He's 18 in America but, in Asia (FYI Korea's in Asia) when you are born you start out as 1 year's old so his biological age is 19.

yuya-x your so handsome and cuteee <3<3 and your acting is amazing !!!! i thought at first that he was 21-22 ÖÖ saranghaeee !!!!

dora8pocoyo huhu..i'm totally in love with him!! such a cutie! he looks like henry of super junior m!! huhu..

Connie Pachuau is he from any boyband?

JBmyHottie~ Oh my god I LOVE him. I've been obsessing over him ever since I saw Dream High 2~ Can't wait to see him debut with JR soon! 화이팅! (<- If there is a mistake in that, sorry :) my keyboard sometimes messes up) I love you~ ^~^

Tasya Omggg! He very's charming boyy! He's mine ! He's mine! Awww !!

beastlybeautie He's cuuutee, such a good actor! And young.

Krys0102 wow...does anybody thinks he kind of look like junsu in 2pm? anyway....i still cnt believe he's a 94....wow...I'm a 95....still he's cute and good looking... :) @o@

reginette waaahh.. he is just 18 years old? we're at the same age! We're meant for each other! haha :D i love him. he's so cute.. :)

zyhy I love him!! and i think he look like sjm henry!!:) Looking forward to his debut!!

wangzining is it just me or does he look like a mix of taecyeon (2pm) and henry (superjunior)? but anyway, he looks scrumcious :)

blaahhh He's so hot! :O Damn can't believe he's a 94'er finally someone that's my age! yaay! xD Ahhh cna't wait for episode 3 and 4 , woo go JB! Hope you début soon! :D <3

DG Its his debut as an actror. i mean dream high 2 ..And I loveee him ...his character is bit agnorant but i thing he is a good actor..hwaiting I LOVE DH2!!!!!Hes really my new new new new mmmmmmm ???????? BIAS ??? ...and hes s only 2 years older than me .i m sure he will be succesful ^^

Emily HE'S SOO CUTE <3 first time i saw him, and already in love♥ his character is quite charming and it seems like he's going to be in a love triangle but the other guy with black hair is pretty cute too ahh, in love. can't wait until episode 3 is aired :3

chloe OMG. he is so handsome. became really fond of him. can't believe that he was born in 94, he looks so mature for his age. but that doesnt matter, still like him. hope he will do his debut as a singer soon.

Paint JB is really cute and charm.

Rebecca OMG!!! saw him in dream high 2 and I'm like this guys kinda cutteee!! then I search up dream high 2 on google and found out his name iS really JB... so I search up JB on google and I cant find him cuz all these ugly pics of justin bieber pop up!!! AND HES SOOOO YOUNG TOOOOOOO!!!!!! He's younger than my brother!!!! <3


Lauren He is really cute and funny, i enjoy watching him in Dream high 2. <3

cuty LOVE HIM ^^ i really want to see him more ... in reality shows in more dramas ... aja aja fighting Jb

lulu I'm first time seeing him in tv really.. he is very cute and charming boy ... i think i fall in love with him ^^ sarangi JB

clarestpriskila OMG he is 94 line ? O_O

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