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At a high school entrance ceremony, high school student Kotoko Aihara (Honoka Miki), who isn't that smart, notices pretty boy Naoki Irie (Yuki Furukawa). She falls in love with him immediately. Kotoko initially doesn't express her feelings to him, but finally has a chance to tell him how she feels. Unfortunately, Naoki turns Kotoko down, saying "I don't like dumb women."

One day, Kotoko Aihara's house is severely damaged by an earthquake. Until the house is rebuilt, Kotoko Aihara and her father decide to live with her father's friend. When Kotoko Aihara moves to her new temporary house, she is surprised to learn that Naoki Irie lives there as well.


  1. Based on the manga "Itazura na Kiss" by Kaoru Tada (published from June, 1990 to March, 1999 by Shueisha through Margaret magazine).
  2. Actress Aiko Sato makes a guest appearance in ep.10 as a nurse. Aiko Sato played the lead actress in the 1996 TV Asahi drama series version.
  3. Related titles:
    1. Itazura na Kiss (TV Asahi / 1996)
    2. Mischievous Kiss | Jangnanseureon Kiseu (MBC / 2010)
    3. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo | Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo (Fuji TV / 2013)
    4. Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa | Itazura na Kiss2: Love in Okinawa (Fuji TV / 2014)
    5. Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo | Itazura na Kiss2-Love in Tokyo (Fuji TV / 2014)


Mischievous Kiss-Honoka Miki.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Yuki Furukawa.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Yoji Tanaka.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Koura Kazumasa.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Tomomi Nishimura.jpg
Honoka Miki Yuki Furukawa Yoji Tanaka Koura Kazumasa Tomomi Nishimura
Kotoko Aihara Naoki Irie Shigeki Aihara Shigeki Irie Noriko Irie
Mischievous Kiss-Yuga Aizawa.jpg Yuki Yamada Mischievous Kiss-Nanami Fujimoto.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Kasumi Yamaya.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Keisuke Shibasaki.jpg
Yuga Aizawa Yuki Yamada Nanami Fujimoto Kasumi Yamaya Keisuke Shibasaki
Yuki Irie Kinnosuke Ikezawa Jinko Komori Satomi Ishikawa Gintaro
Mischievous Kiss-Takahiro Iida.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Sara Kaai.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Kanna Mori.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Masaki Kaji.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Riho Takada.jpg
Takahiro Iida Sara Kaai Kanna Mori Masaki Kaji Riho Takada
Dozo Watanabe Yuko Matsumoto Sudo-senpai Sahoko Oizumi

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perri _lai Just give some feeling here,i quite appeciate of this version of Itazura na kiss 1and 2. Actually i have read the manga and watched all the version of itazura na kiss no matter taiwan, korea,japan version that made in 1996 or the animation,but i think all the character act in this version is the most one which match the original personality of the manga .Although some of the parts in the manga have skip and change the time order of the story in the manga,the change of order is confortable for us to watch.....I really want to give thousand of like to thank you the team of this version and the husband of Miss Kaoru Tada who have help to direct this version .Because of u i sometimes cry sometimes laugh just follow the story of the drama...

ladybear I love The girls in Kamen rider series end up in the same Drama, Miki - Villain girl in kamen rider OOO Riho in kamen rider OOO as Hina. And Kanna Mori In decade. >..<

Nika21 I think Japanese ver. 2013 is better than 1996 ver., more livelier. Though I still prefer Korean ver. with Kim Hyun Joong))

IMO In my opinion, I kinda find miki kinda annoying but I re do enjoy the drama.

haena I really love this dorama >.< I watch all of the version of this story, Taiwanese ver., Korean ver. and now Japanese ver., I think, I more like this version ^^ Who want to know when Itazura na Kiss 2 Love in Tokyo aired on tv, they will aired on tv today ^^

Yowowow This is the best remake of the Itazura Na Kiss!!!! I love the cast. They are so natural. Especially Kotoko (Miki), they way she portrays Kotoko is so natural, perhaps it is because she's around Kotoko's age and she has that bright and cheerful personality herself. As for Naoki (Yuki), only the the 1996's ItaKiss's Naoki can beat him. Yuki plays very well, makes us guessing his feeling and what's inside his head.

Love the both.

Liz Ok guys. This is really important. The song that plays when Naoki finally realizes he loves Kotoko, during the rain kiss scene. What is the name of that song? It's an instrumental song, and I love it so much but no one knows the name of it! Please help!

Estefhanny (Yuki Furukawa & Miki Honoka) Yuki Furukawa & Miki Honoka the perfect couple.... I really really like Your Drama....

Yuki Furukawa & Miki Honoka the best couple forever & ever..... :-*

playful kiss It was a good drama. But for me, i rather like the korean version than the japanese one

John paul Can I ask something when did the part 2 of this movie will aired on the tv?

Sugi OMG I totally agree with everyone's comments... AHHHH wish they were a real couple after watching their interview about the Love in Okinawa!!!! EEEhHHHHHHH X3 XD XP KAWAAIIIII SUUUGGGOOIIIII

BK201 i just finished the drama and i feel like watching it again. >/////////////<

PS: Yuki and Miki are the best pairing I've ever seen so far. Well, Shida Mirai and Hongo Kanata aren't bad either.

ORO CHI Sugoooooii i love you Kotoko and Naoki ♡♡♡♡♡. Honoka Miki and Yuki Furukawa Binary beautiful *^* I hope that with some Representation again yuki and miki ♡. Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo I saw a Japanese best drama ♡. Japanese version of Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo is even better than it's the best anime and manga *^* I hope that Part II presents as soon as . I hope Naoki does not leave Kotoko never ): Naoki very stunning figure , Personal love cold as Naoki even a slow movements that fit the coldness . Personal Kotoko very nice(≧∇≦). Kin Chan also hope to find a girl worthy of your love xD I love drama Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo is very very very ♡>\\\\< Abzloa your best *^* 幸運を祈る s:

rio-kun made me laugh and cry haha.. this drama very amazing !!

nene yukiiiiiiiiiiiii :D :D best naoki ever!

Tima best manga, best anime and best series ever can't wait season2 awww :3

jonalyn familara gonzales its a beatiful stories

       its like a  playfull kiss,  and   started with a kiss

JustLeahBB I love this Mischievous Kiss:Love in Tokyo ...

I can't see the Mischielevous Kiss:Love in Tokyo 2 ? on Google only the of Playful Kiss ..

jocel torres itasura na kiss is very amazing movie in japan i promise i go to japan because i see u miki honaka and furukawa yuki .

Adriana In episode 2 I saw Kotoko's school supplies and I have become obsessed. I love the llama sticky tabs she uses to study. Does anyone know where I can find them or if there is a link you can send me as to where I can find them as well as some of her other amazingly cute school supplies? Thank you! And I'm a big fan of the show! How you doin Yuki ;)

Adriana Does anyone know where kotoko's school supplies are from? I'm obsessed with her llama sticky tabs and the rest of her supplies. Please help. Maybe a link to a website as to where I can find them. Thank you, and big fan! How you doin Yuki ;)

jhenilyn im jhenilyn francisco and i love watch to mischievous kiss love in tokyo please come to the philipines

divina Please come to phillippines I hope I can go to manila when you visit Philippines I'm here frm naval visayas

Jeffrey gutierrez Hey Iam here my friends say i look like yuki furukawa

Sarah Beatrice This drama is just awesome! Sweet, bitter, spice and all.. Waiting for the second season!! Super excited.

Marry Grace Aguilar hithere :)) iama big fanof this wonderfulmovie:))) andi can'twaitto watch the season 2:)) i'mso excited updatemepls...



Renuka Aundhakar Wonderful n superb drama,I have ever seen....!!!! Miki-san and Yuki-kun have taken the drama to its own outstanding level. Can't wait...m really excited for season 2.

micaella i love misechievouse kiss please i wish have a season two in the philippines!!! yeah|!!! wohhhhooo please come in the philippines!

Hitomi I happy there's going to be season 2!

lala this version after other is most and most better i like it much this series have fans in IRAN too. I think miki like a carrot and yuki like a rabbit. that rabbit like carrot to eat this couple are so sweet in this drama. hope you cast and crew are good luck for new version

faith joy abellera Ai shitesu ni Hi, i really like it Itazura na kiss (mischievous kiss) also Yuki furukuwa (naoki Irie) so kawaii and Miki Honoka (Kotoko aihara)  :) i wish itazura na kiss have a part 2 <3 <3 <3 arigatou <3 I love itazura na kiss ( mischievous kiss)

Miki Honoka I love that scene i wish that have season 2 in philipines We love our fans

MissTaken This is better than playful kiss! So in love with this version!

Ma. janikka love this drama hihihihihih <3 #nicseyforever :))))))))))

jela I wish mischievous kiss love in tokyo have season 2 I miss it so much

xhien:) part 2 pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseee.....:))) i really want to see you honoka miki^_^inperson.

judyann batisan hii cast of mischevous kiss I hope you continue n hopefully catch the drama inyung

Blessie Santiago Hi !, I'm Blessie From the Philippines When I watch Mischivous Kiss Love in Tokyo ,I'm so Affected when they kiss <3 super love him <3 i hope you visit us here in Philippines Ohayo ! :)

princess omg i just watched this and the series is awesome its a series to die for XD

mac Excellent episode!!!> this show is very romantic!! I hope you can visit here in the Philippines>  :D

Jezzel Aiko Palma ahihihi,, When is the season 2 airing??

Furukawa Yuki lover OMG!!! So excited for season 2!!! Please come to the Philippines!!! Yuki Furukawa, I love you!!! Your voice is so beautiful!!

jan i love this show! i like to be naoki irie

Eleiza Rose honoka miki & Yuki furukawa please come here in the philipines cause many people here in the philipines likes your movie please come here in the phlipines I LOVE YOUR movie I cant wait for the part2 and to see you pls. come here in the philipinesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alyssa i really love this movie!! i really wish that it will have season two !!!!!!

zanville I love it so much!!! so beautiful I can't wait for the next part!!! zzzzuper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uncal yay, season 2 is coming.. can't wait to see Miki Honoka again..

judy Ohayo!!! I wish there will be season 2, for it is very beautiful and fantastic to watch.. i love it sooo much.. because Kotoko Aihara is just the same as me.. haha :D seaon 2 plsssss..

JhaexceL HAIXZTT!! i wish ther will be a season 2 of mischievous kiss!!! me and my cousin loves this !!! one of our favorite MOVIE <3 season 2 pls. :D

Roxanne <3 I really love this tv show. please go here in Philippines. :D

kacey anne i love this movie <3 love it hart...hart......

elah mischievous kiss is very beautiful story i've ever seen.and im so happy that itazura na kiss love in tokyo has season 2,i saw in internet that itakiss confirmed has season 2.i wish that the cast of itakiss will visit philippines.i love it because it is so romantic and comedy.remember im your number 1 fan.:))

Therese Catapang i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3 this is so romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3 pls. go here in the philippines i wish i can meet all the casts of itazura na kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will always be your number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will never forget this tv show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrizel i love you mischievous kiss would part 2

angelyn nazareth i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

john andy areja This story is very interesting thats why I really want to watch it as a matter of fact this is my favorite movie.

Samantha All I know is that season 2 will air sometime in May but the website hasn't confirmed the exact day. It's making me edgy. I can't take this endless waiting any longer

Therese Catapang This is so ROMANTIC<3!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to watch the season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never forget this tv show!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best tv show I've ever watched!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MISCHIEVOUS KISS is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1<3<3

Ninasaturday05 These story is very interesting... thats why i really want to watch it.. Im soooo excited for the seaason 2 ... I CANT WaiT aNyMoreeeeeee... :) ;)

Therese Catapang this is the best tv show. i wish i can meet the casts of mischievios kiss!!!!!!!!!!!! please visit the Philippines<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaderhyschloe i love MISCHIEVOUS KISS going to be so romantic in every second i always watch it here in philippines best tv show ever!!!

medel christy mischievouskiss is very funny movi every day 'im very exited to watch because its very funny hahahahah <3<3<3

jheiy Waaaahh! I'm so excited for the season 2. Can't wait to watch it! The age gap is nonsense, they are really great actor and actress.

Hunness Mendoza When i watch this drama,i can't do anything,..yuki furukawa is so handsome.,I wish i can meet him..This drama are good...I LIKE IT..Can you just come in the philippines..?

Jessa Mae Jessa

 Mischievous Kiss is Really Romantic , Comedy Movie It Is best ever !! Im your number one Fans Here in the philliphine :)))

yana Mischievous kiss is really awesome !!! i want to watch it over and over again :"> I'm from Philippines and you have a lot of fans here :) Your a perfect couple for me !! GO! GO!

Shane I love to watch the Mischievous Kiss. This is my favorite love story in Japan. I'm waiting for the season 2 of the Mischievous Kiss. That season is gonna be the best of all..... I'm a filipino fan of you two... and this Shane from Philippines and no. 1 of "Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo.....

Maru jake I Love tO watch Mischievous Kiss . even MKLT is now airing in TELEVISION

naomi mischievous kiss is my favorite love story!!!<3 but,when will mischievous kiss love in tokyo season 2 can be watch?? i'm waiting for that moment!!! i'm pretty sure ,that season is gonna be the best of all ...

well,i'm a filipino fan of you two ....and i will always be ....!!!<3<3 this is naomi ,the no. 1 fan of "itazura na kiss love in tokyo."

czarina I'm one with the fans of Honoka Miki & Yuki Furukawa. I wish to na sana makita ko sila at sana may part 2 pa ng Mischievous Kiss. Sana madami sumoporta nitong episode na ito.!!

  1. MischievousKiss:LoveInTokyo

hannah kaye i love mischievous kiss!!!!!! and by the way i am from the phillipines! i will always support mischievous kiss...

Alyanna When will you release the next season of Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo? Naoki and Kotoko act like real couples. The story is so fantastic.

Alyanna When will you release the next season? I'm so excited to watch it. They really look like real couples. They are so cute. The story was so fantastic.

Denz Cruz To all the Filipinos out there, let us wish that GMA 7 will air the season 2 of mischievous kiss!!! mischievous kiss drama is full of cuteness and romance. let us wish for season 2 in GMA7!!

ji eun this is a very good adaption of the manga......i really like the plot and the casting.....the drama exceeded my expectation because i thought the best adaption was the taiwanese version.... i really like both anyway....and i think the least likable adaption is the korean version .....anyway waiting for the season two "ITAZURANA KISS :LOVE IN OKINAWA"""...YUKI FURUZAWA is really cute..........:))))))))))))))))

ji eun this is a very good adaption of the manga......i really like the plot and the casting.....the drama exceeded my expectation because i thought the best adaption was the taiwanese version.... i really like both anyway....and i think the least adaption is the korean version .....anyway waiting for the season two "ITAZURANA KISS :LOVE IN OKINAWA"""...YUKI FURUZAWA is really cute..........:))))))))))))))))

tvaddict For me this is the most unique version and totally not so annoying female lead.

ayuki season 2 pls !!!! <3

KAIRROU when are you going to release the season 2 of mischievous kiss love in tokyo...??? I like the casting... the personality of each characters suits them best....

Tama The casts for season 2 are still same as before, but the new casts aren't published yet. There will be 16 episodes for season 2, but the release date isn't informed yet, they said there's still many things to prepared because the new season will be aired in China and America too.

ttby how did you guys know theres a season 2? and when the hell is it starting?????!!!!!!!!!!! i think theyre filming right now.......... i hope it comes out soon i cant wait!!!!!! XD

khayathri When the release date??? Can't wait lar

Venus im excited for season 2 ^_^

I can`t wait to see season 2....

Venus im excited for season 2 ^_^

Zuzii I love eveything about this drama except one thing.. she was so young as a actress ...

akira This is the best adaptation of the anime. Oh my!! And I love them both (yuki and miki ).. They act their characters perfectly!! Thats why ITAZURA NA KISS: LOVE IN TOKYO is the BEST !! And i really love japanese dramas ^O^ I'm pretty excited to the next season. I hope it'll come sooner !! I <3 you yuki!! Go go go

Ren I've watched all the adaptation of this manga, and i realized . . . this is the cutest adaptation of the anime. its really cool how the artist acts his/her character especially the two main lead artist, yuki and miki (i love their chemistry!!!). excited for the next season. i hope it will come sooner. I love ITAZURA NA KISS:LOVE IN TOKYO ^o^

Leyla Oh my god love this drama! I can't wait for season 2!!!! Does anyone know when it will start?? And there is a korean drama called playful kiss it's simalier to this same plot but different events !!! Thanks!!! :)

miyo i already watched some of the version of this drama but still i want to watch this because i like japanese movies.. and i'm really excited to watch this..

Airi I love this drama!!$$ Thankyou guys so much!! I love furukawa yuki@-@ love you yuki!!

Betteand I love first season of love in Tokyo and I cannot wait for 2 season. . . ^_^ Do anyone know when it will start?

Betina I cannot wait for Season 2 of love in Tokyo, do anyone know when it will start?

Carmel They are now filming the season 2 of love in Tokyo aim so excited too

kramika when is the second season coming out someone got any clue

Samantha I believe it's sometime in April unfortunately

Chantelle Does anyone know when/around when season 2 will be coming out?!

hina i really love this show an cant wait for season 2 but i dont know how to watch it cuz im in us :-( and i dont know Japanese sadly but want to learn badly

Ariana I truly. Love this show :). It makes. Me happy that their doing a second season and. I'm extremely happy that they are and I just can't wait to watch it !!!!

Catherine I really love the story of Kotoko and Irie !! I saw every adaptations made for this story!! I'm a huge fan of Kotoko and Irie. I liked this drama but my favorite version is the tawainese, It sarted with a kiss!! The actors were more passionate!! Many of the scenes gave me chills!!! The actores in this drama (Love in Tokyo) are good but i think that they lack passion!! But i'm looking forward for a second season!! I would love to see how they are married!!

krezha mae denum I don't care what the critics may say.. but, this is really amazing! [though there are times that I hate kotoko for being so dumb, I can't help but keep watching... hoping to turn tables for kotoko-chan] and it did! hahahaha maybe one of the reason why people can't help but watch this, is because of kotoko and naoki...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rooting for Season 2 with THE SAME LEAD CHARACTERS [i really want to see their married life!] hehehehe

Jaycee Matienzo Judging from the ages of the males, this suffers the same syndrome as Ouran High. The females are teens while the males are mostly at their 20's.

Genesis I've watching this drama in it's many adaptations, and while it is cute....I still can't get past the writers making the female lead character so dumb. In this drama all Kotoko Aihara does is follow around Naoki Irie who is so cruel to her. This is the one thing I really don't like, and is not good for young girls to like or aspire to. I really wish they would have given this girl more depth....a bit more intelligence. I mean she could still play cute, but seriously did they have to make her so daft. And then, the main male character just lets her go around behind him getting herself into messy situations and then he makes her look like a fool for it.

Anyways, it's got it's moments of being extremely funny which is the upside of this drama...but if they ever make it again, I truly hope they give the female a bit more intelligence and a bit of a life beyond running around after the male lead.

jetaimeacchan oh! just fyi. Takashi Kashiwabara. who play for Naoki Irie from the first dorama make a guest too. he appear in episode 15.

isola Just finished watching this! Superb! Although the two main leads are not as good looking as other Jap actors/actresses, the story is great. I have been a keen follower of Itazura na Kiss since the first Jdrama to Manga Anime and all version of live action drama, this is one of the greatest production!

Looking forward to Season 2!

Momster I am english and have never watched a Japanese production before. I was looking through Hulu and saw a picture of the stars of Mischievous Kiss and started the first epidode. I couldn't stop watching the episodes. This romantic comedy kept me interested from the first through the last episode. I would love to watch another season, but only with the same Kotoko and Naoki. They are amazing together.

lulu I also am in DEAD love with this wonderful story, this is the most touching love story EVER, I watched the anime first, and then.. my mind managed to think about it EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail. then I found there was a korean drama and watched withen 3 days, but i didnt have enough, so then I found a tiwanese remakes 2 seasons and went to watch them. OMG they were AMMMMMAAAZZING..and now there is this japanese remake T-T ... I SO want to watch it, but just waiting for the final exams to end, so then I can dive and watch without regret of wasting time XD. and wether the rumor is true or not, I wish there will be a second season for this drama. hooray XD .

Clarkdale44 Great drama... Loved it till the end. I have watched Korean remake as well and both are made quite good. It is a must drama for everyone. I will give it 9/10(For great casting, direction & cinematography). Totally a great drama, i enjoyed it very much.

ketsiyah I love mischievous kiss:love in tokyo ( Itazura na kiss:love in tokyo) I watched the anime, Taiwanese, Korean, and the old Japanese. I watch them a bunch of time but I think I love this one and the anime the most. Oh I forgot I also read the manga too!! =) . I feel bad for the people that don't not watch this yet it's awesome you really need to watch it. But right now I really want to watch the 2 season of mischievous kiss:love in tokyo when they have there honeymoon I would love <3 to see that XD !!! So please hurry and make the next season please!!

MsDreaMy can't wait for INK LIT season 2

dora Is their really a season 2? (O_O) omoooooo! Hopefully :)

sash oh my god....im totaly on to this....whole 3 dayas i've been dreaming about this drama..feeling super crazzzyyyy

yatta can't wait for the season 2!!!!(♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Yamada Misa the best japanese drama 2013 i watched..can't wait if there' s really season 2...this drams was so sweet...♡♥

bt one of the best dramas i've ever watched. and i hardly ever watch asian dramas :)

tyas when is season 2 ? please :(

Huyen When is season 2???

itasakimasu there will be session 2 soo you all HAPPY? :)

Siler I'm a japanese lover xD and yes, I love this drama so so much. I've always been waiting for the next episodes of this drama. Now, I wish there will be Season 2 of this drama. OMG! I've been waiting all day. this drama... Sugoi. I've watched the Taiwanese, Korean, anime, and the old Japanese Itazura na kiss versions, but I'm deeply in love with this version. <3 <3 one word to say about this drama is...AWESOME.

yeseul I've watched the Taiwanese and Korean versions, but this newer Japanese version is probably THE BEST. It's the closest to the manga and the characters were just perfect. Furukawa Yuki is without a doubt the perfect Irie Naoki. He played the part so well. He was able to portray Naoki's developing feelings for Kotoko as the story progressed while at the same time still kept his cold and arrogant demeanor flawlessly, and I guess it's all thanks to his acting skills. AND FINALLY! A version in which the main character and her friends weren't mentally-retarded! I can't even begin to explain how freaking happy I am. It's one thing to be stupid, but another to overdo it and make Class F almost mentally-challenged like how the other versions always portray them. Kotoko was quieter and had more self-importance in this version too, which I freaking loved. She wasn't a frustrating public embarrassment who was loud 24/7 and only blindly thought of her love for Naoki like in the other versions. It also seemed like she could almost forget Naoki if Naoki wasn’t discretely trying to keep her in-love with him too, which again, I really loved. Honoko Miki's acting and facial expressions were super cute too, and I could never have guessed that she was only 16. And KIN-CHAN! Holy crap. A small part of me actually felt sad for him towards the end when Kotoko and Naoki got together. In the other versions, I just couldn't take Kinnosuke seriously as a guy who was giving it his all for the girl he likes, but in this version, I fell for his character. A bit dumb but had good values and morals c: OVERALL I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT THEY AREN'T GOING TO MAKE A SEASON TWO FOR THIS. This was honestly too short for me.And please, none of that 'changing actors because of a particular scene' thing. The actors play a big part in the success of this drama. If they change actors for Naoki and Kotoko, then they aren't Naoki and Kotoko anymore. I really want to see how they go about in their married life. SEASON TWO, PLEASE!

annyongen Best version ever!! this is the closest version to the original manga so far. didn't even mind the age gap between the two lead actors. i even thought they're of the same age. Yuki Furukawa played the role of Irie Naoki perfectly. i mean he's the perfect fit for Naoki. i just hoped if the production doesn't plan on having season 2, they could've at least added 3-5 episodes on their married life.that could've been better. over all.... i love love love it! first japanese dorama i became obsessed with.. keep on watching it over and over. 10 thumbs up!:D

KARLITA Love this serie, think tha this and the taiwanese version are the best, the korean one is not good. the japanese actors are very taleted and hope they continue in the 2nd part.

Pamela Pugh I have enjoyed watching television & movies like this .I hope that I will be able to continue watch them .But I am unable to find a way to get this channel in UNITED STATE.Can you help me.I would appreciate it very much.

Thank You email:sumterpamela@aol.com Pamela Pugh

Andraste Does anyone know the song that plays during the hug in the rain scene? It's not in the OST...

Hippy arghhhhhh... can't wait for season 2. i just watched the movie itazura na kiss: love in Tokyo and Anime Itazura na kiss >~< argh... the movie just like the anime/manga ( not like Korean version)... i hope the season 2 is like the Anime ... life after married, have kid like the Anime ( i love that part... it's so romantic ~~~~~) but i think Miki will be replace :( 'cause she only 16 years old, does not fit with these sence :( anyway, don't change the cast (Miki and Yuki) 'cause they are the perfect two <3 but in another way, do not need to be like in Anime... just Yuki and Miki... THAT'S ENOUGH FOR THE SEASON 2 <3 CAN'T WAIT... DON'T LET US DOWN... YUKI-KUN, MIKI-KUN.... <3

Wippy it's my first time to watching Japan's drama. The actor/actress are so cute, funny, playful, expressive, and successful to make audience's emotional. i really hope, Itazura Na Kiss will come to season 2 ya.. Yuki Furukawa, You're so pretty boy~~~

Easter Lily Are you people saying that Honoka will be replaced because you know this for certain or are you merely speculating? Because I think it would be a mistake to replace a very popular actress just because there's a concern about the age discrepancy. They would have thought of this before putting her in the role, surely? A large part of why this version worked was because of Honoka's charisma. They could always do what the Korean version did and show almost nothing.

Rose There will be a season 2 Honoka Miki will be replaced by an older female lead. Not much in known about whether Yuki Furukawa will be replace or not. Most likely he will return in the next season to let the audience know that the story hasn't changed and it's the sequel.

Nikki I think they're going to have season two but another cast, older main characters. The main girl kotoko is only 16 and it would be weird if she have a lot of kissing and bed scene so they might switch out the cast.

Cici We need SEASON 2 of Itazura na Kiss:Love in Tokyo! Everyone would love to see Miki,Yuki, and the rest of the cast again! & for people that didnt watch season 1 would probably fall in love with the season 2, and then decide to watch season one >.<

akoito the best itazura na kiss version,,,,,,,,,well in fact weve watched a lot of time but never got bored.............congratulations love in Tokyo team...........WE HOPE FOR SEASON 2 WITH MIKI AND YUKI

Tiffany i love this drama! hope love in tokyo season 2

SeraHigh Before i watch this splendid dorama, i have already now the 10 years old gap between miki and yuki. But, since i really love the story..i don't care about that fact, and just crazily watching it till late night alone with my laptop. And out of my expectaion, i really love the couple...their acting is amazingly perfect in my eyes..nothing i could complain about. I am so happy watching it <3 I even don't believe my own opinion that miki and yuki really look like at the same age, so i ask my sister to guess their ages. My 16 years old sister, who knows nothing about this drama said that the girl(miki) looks like 20 years old or more as well as the boy(yuki).... Hahaha, so it was not only me, but my sister said that too I felt sorry for people who doesnt want too watch this drama just because the ages gap of the main crchters... They really miss something

yuko I love this couple so much! I wish there is part 2 of this And also their honeymoon part! Kyaaa~~~ ^_^

wana mei please, i hope love in tokyo season 2 :-( :-(

aisyah i hope season 2 ♥_♥

Tehe I miss this already! They have to have a season 2 so I can see Miki, Yuki, and the other cast members again! Loved the whole series! 10/10 ! Especially the parts where Irie would start fights with Kotoko out jelousy. But Kotoko wasnt smart enough to pick up the fact that he was picking fights out of jelousy, not just because hes a mean person. Lol. Love them!! and to those who say you couldnt figure out when he fell in love with her... Well it was before their first kiss, other wise he wouldnt have kisssed her... Lol. Then he tries to play it cool and act like it was nothing, but there are big signs of jelousy when he sees her with a different guy, or when he teases her. Which is an excuse for him to talk to her. But anyways LOVE Miki and Yuki!!!

Easter Lily Comparisons are inevitable and every version has its detractors. I shouldn't worry about it too much. One of the things I love about this version is watching Naoki gradually fall in love with Kotoko while playing it cool. I didn't have any trouble picking the start of that and all the little moments that show him thawing out and even pretending to be indifferent or annoyed by her spontaneous displays of affection. Personally, I thought Yuki Furukawa gave a terrific performance as the bored, indifferent, often arrogant not-yet-boyfriend. He seemed to capture Irie Naoki's personality perfectly.

vie021 I just finished watching this dorama..at first i didn't interest at all because of so many version for one story. but because i've got holiday so i spent the time with watching itazura na kiss love in tokyo :) i like this version and my final comment after i finished is Good and touchiing. i can feel sad, anger, the funniest, pure and realistic about love in every dialogue. if many others said they can't know when exactly did naoki fall in love with kotoko, different with me cause i know exactly hehe.. it can read in every dialogue between them (naoki n kotoko). please watch more carefully and use your heart to understand every words in dialogue. salute for thw writer and director. i already missed naoki and kotoko

Kaydence I love this version just as much as the others! No matter what version it's portrayed in, it still gives you those feelings of joy, anger, happiness, sadness and excitement all in one! I think everyone's missing that point, especially those that are busy comparing different versions. Other than that, this version has the coolest cast! Especially the leads and Kin-Chan! Another thing is, it's kinda sad that some people are putting down other versions and comparing them negatively. Every version has their own unique way in how they portray the story which is what makes each of them really great. People need to appreciate that. But yeah, everyone has their own opinion so that's cool! It'll be cool to see this continue into a sequel or another season! Or even a new version :-) Overall - 5 out of 5 stars!

Uyen Nguyen Season 2 pleaseee~~~ This is the best version, trully :(

Abee Season 2 please ! Miki and Yuki had so much chemistry while playing their roles, and everyone in the cast was just perfect for the role they were given. I thought Itazura na Kiss was a cute little story, but then I saw this, and I fell in love with the story! the fans NEED a second season to see Kotoko and Irie's married life ! I feel that they could pull it off so well, and itd be so cute (:!!! This version of Itazura na Kiss DEFINETLY deserves a second season. for the cast, the fans, and everyone who loves Itazura na kiss. It would definetly be a hit! PLEASE MAKE SEASON 2!!! I want to see Miki and Yuki together again as Kotoko and Irie, as long with the rest of the cast!

Suki I really hate how there are people that there are some people who refuse to watch this because of the 10 year age gap between Miki and Yuki. Especially because they dont know their facts... Did you know the age of consent in Japan is 13? Yea it may seem young to you, but in Japan, its legal for someone Miki's age(16) and Yuki's age(25) to be in a relationship. Just because it might be different in your country, doesnt mean you have to judge this drama because the two leads are 10 years apart. Its a cultural difference, what may be wrong where you live, could be right somewhere else. get over it. Also, its not like theyre actually together? Its just acting. Even if they did decide to date in real life, there'd be nothing wrong with it, since itd be legal in their country. So you should stop complaining about the age difference... team YUKI AND MIKI all the way !

Juliet Wow, although there are very few, all the people complaining about the drama are really getting annoying. Mostly because the ones that are complaining are saying they like a different version better. MAYBE if you stopped comparing Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo, to the other versions, you could see the actual greatness in the drama. Plus, if you actualy new the original story, you'd know that this one is basically just the real life version of the original manga/anime. You dont like Miki Honoka's facial expressions as she portrays Kotoko? Sorry that she was playing her role according to how her character acts. You dont see the chemestry? Sorry that their characters are supposed to act this way towards eachother. It went to fast in the end? Sorry that Irie is supposed to realize his feelings at the very last second. and Im pretty sure 16 episodes couldnt fit there married life. So are you a fan of the true love story between Irie Naoki, and Kotoko Aihara, or are you a fan of storys that take there main points, but make a total different story with it...? Think about that. Because true fans of the original story would most likely agree, that this version was an A+ when it comes to portraying their feelings, their characters, and the over all story of Itazura na Kiss. Miki Honoka and Yuki Furukawa did a GREAT job on their performance. And so did the rest of the cast of Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo. SEASON 2 PLEASE.

Paris Tatem Sorry. The ending, although sweetly played, was rushed after weeks of build up. Never got the chemistry between the leads and some of Kotoko's hammy expressions? Please. Also forgive me, but I couldn't overlook all the scenes where the light behind Kotoko's ears made them look huge. What was the director thinking? I'm in the minority, but I'll take the Korean version over this one. Better casting. Best production values. Did love Irie though.

limitzi just finished watching, can't really feel when naoki started liking kotoko until he can decide to marry her at an instance, they dont have many sweet moments together, overall its a nice drama.. love Kotoko !!!

atsuioyu Idk, I really like the drama up until the ending. Like wth? The change of heart and marrying kotoko was just way too fast. Didn't really seem realistic or right. The rest of the drama though was very good and really enjoyed it.

Puffle I think it's finish But the ending was great

Anonymous Kotoko and Naoki are so cute together ! ^^ But, ummm, does anyone knows what drama will replace this drama time slot ? This drama already ended right ? Or it hasn't end yet ? Somebody please tell me :(

Bali I have seen all of the versions of the Japanese shōjo manga, Itazura Na Kiss by Kaoru Tada . This is the worst so far in generating chemistry between the lead actors! The writing was really good, making the characters more believable and agreeable to the audience, but I believe that the casting was the problem. Even though Yuki Furukawa and Honoka Miki are good actors on their own and enacted their characters truthfully, when they are on screen together there is almost a sense of careful and shy approach to their romantic scenes. Although I agree that Xiang Xi and Zhi Shu in the Taiwanese version are exaggerated adaptations of the main lead characters, I still believe that the best rendition of this manga so far is the Taiwanese version “It Started With A Kiss” with Joe Chang and Ariel Ling. The second season, “They Kissed Again” or “It Started With A Kiss 2”, is even better than season 1.

monsterinc I hope there is Season 2 with the same cast. I liked this version the best. Kotoko did not make me cringe as Xiang Xi in the Taiwanese version and Naoki was less rude, robotic and showed more inclination towards Kotoko than Zhi Shu. The Korean version made zero impact on me, can barely remember it.

shobiicute I like this drama more than enough!!!!!! haks haks haks!! I want more seasons!!


  • ___ * such a beautiful drama..... I'm glad to watch it ^__^
and i hope for some extra or even a second version too <3

it's absolutely better than korean version....

Easter Lily It's been a wonderful journey with Kotoko, Naoki and Kin-chan. It's sad having to bid them goodbye but at least Kotoko got her man. :D Mum Irie made sure of that. I adored this version... all three leads were the best... Hope to see them all again very soon.

immy003 This is a very good version of itazura na kiss i like it very much but i still like the taiwanise more for the korean version i did'nt like it at all

immy003 This is a very good version of itazura na kiss i like it very much but i still like the taiwanise more

miiko i love everything in this version.. naoki maybe not talk much but his gesture and the way he looks at kotoko are show how much he loves her... and kotoko is just so cute and lovable, it's imposible for naoki to not fall for her..

Jj Really that's good then

Jj I have a feeling that this is the end and there is not gonna be a season 2 . Last episode was nicely and cleanly done lots of surprises . I had a smile on my face all throughout episode 16. From kotoko aihara to kotoko irie :)

Hazel OMG!!!! Is so freaking sweet no matter how many time you watch it or if you already know the plot. Is still so sweet. I love this version the best out of all the other one. This Kotoko you dont feel annoy with her or unbearable to watch at some part. I really hope they make season 2. If they dont they must be crazy!!! The anime and manga is really good too

ladybear I like all itazura na kiss version.

please dont compare it.. all actress and actor tried their best to make us enjoying the drama.

Oh hani and kotoko aihara (2013) are my fav... I love them both expression and emotion in the drama....

suzy Naoki is so hot!!! What a baby face :) he's an excenllent actor and i love his expressions! Kotoko is very cute and she plays her role brilliantly, except when she starts acting like she's in a manga. I love all the characters in this drama...i hope there will be a season two. if there is a season two, this version will officially be my fav out of all the others. i feel like i haven't seen enough of Kotoko and Naoki's relationship. THIS DRAMA CANNOT END WITH THEM ENDING UP TOGETHER WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING!!!

hana Yeaaay! The 1996 version of Naoki, Kakashi Kashiwabara made his appearance in this drama as doctor who passed by with Naoki (Furukawa Yuuki).

lucy the girl in k-vers make me annoyed , she is cute but she not match with the figures in kotoko..

but in this vers.,I think she match with figure kotoko in anime, I like this version because it's better than the other and this story was also made ​​by the Japanese. surely this Japanese version is better ..

J-drama spirit .. You can certainly pass k-drama SURE ZETTAIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lucy I LOVE this vers..

and I HATE KOREA vers.. really rally hate

rosali I have watched all the versions from the 1996 1st jdorama to ISWAK Taiwanese and its sequel, the Mischievous (Playful) Kiss, a Korean version to the latest 2013 jdorama version.

There are different cliches in each version but I noticed that the latest 2013 Love in Tokyo is most similar to the Korean version. I love how the latest version is written as it is so realistic.

I notice that this drama has reached ep 15 which is unusual for Jdoramas to reach this far (I think). I appreciate the production team to maintain the main stories just to accommodate them in 11 episodes. Thank you guys... Keep up the good work...

YUKI_HIME-Chan Kyaa^^!!! when will this end I can't wait to buy a CD of it!!! I already watched in the internet but it's the best if I can watched it anytime I want!!!!

LoveIt Dear jocylin I don't know if u knw this but japanese episodes r shorter than korean ones.. korean version of this= 4-5 parts yet jap ver = 3 parts. So expect the jap ver to be longer, AND even u, urself, wrote ryt there that the ISWAK had 20 eps and they only got together at the beginning of ep 19. we're on ep 15... i don't believe that ep 15 is ep 19. i haven't watched ISWAK but i believe there's a season 2. Omw, if ur an anti, stop watching nd go find sumthing that is unique to ur tastebud. Jst btw, ur supposed to keep an open mind wen watching the Itazura na Kiss series. Don't make comparisons coz that'll jst make things worse... I'm also waiting for them to get together but i like hw much her relationship with EVERYONE grows... and b4 u write sumthing down, test your theory, find the variables so that u can make for a fair test.. in this case, for a fair comparison!

shadok i really like this version , and also i think they will make second season but maybe they will wait a year or two cause let,s be realistic the actress is only 16 i think it,s way too soon for her to shoot more passionate scene , like their honeymoon . but with less or more i like this version way too much , in k-version they make a girl like a lunatic .i hate the way she used to act in front of him it reminds me of slaves and their masters :( but in this version u can see that kotoko has her own way although she deeply have strong feeling for onni-chan and even in a few moment u see how hard she try to forget her love and let it go , but u maybe know how love is, it will take really long time to be forgotten and absolutely u have to be far away from that special ONE . at the end , even though i know the story line i am still eager to watch the rest of it .

jocylin 조슬린 BEYOND DISAPPOINTMENT! you'd think by the end of episode 15 they'd be together right? I mean in Playful Kiss they were together by episode 14, and in ISWAK which had 20 episodes they were together by the beginning of episode 19. But this??? Haha nope. They still aren't together and by the looks of it they won't betogether till at least 75% thru the last episode. If you havhaven't watched it don't waste your time. I'm a sucker for romance dramas and knowing this is supposed to be one.... I hoped they would include it! They better make a season 2 or my time has been completely wasted. I started watching around episode 9... that's a long time to invest in something like this. I don't see how the wedding will be possible in the last episode unless its some shitty montage that takes 3 minutes. I had such high hophopes and was getting really excited about this show but honestly these last few episodes have been immensly boring and I wanted to skip through parts more times than I can remember... No matter what now, since there's only 16 episodes can they make up for this. Naoki better make one hell of a confession like in ISWAK or else I will be back with some extremely "nice" words. Honestly just don't waste ur time to watch this. Cute cast, great actors, follows the manga well (but toooooooo slowly), but when it comes down to the content.... its just not cutting it.

CHAZE Watch it on DramaFever :) I've watched all the version of Mischievous kiss and i will say i love them all. BUT THIS ONE IS JUST SOOO PERFECT AND I LOVE THE CAST! Even tho they're 10 years gap I DON'T CARE! THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER AND MAKE MORE MOVIES AND DRAMAS TOGETHER! ^.^

Bulan Haha ^^ everyone seems so excited by this dorama... Makes me feel like want to watch it too

lyka rose jumaquio when will this end??? so that i can buy cd!!!!! it's hard to watch online.. :))

Jj I can't believe kotoko's friend satomi is also 16 in real life, she looks older and so does jinko who is 18 .

aisanice i only know the episode will take up to 16 episode just wait..mybe tomorrow or this day ep14 will come out..

bboppasvip 뭐야!!!!!! When is episode 14 coming out?? :( Does anyone know cause i went to gooddrama.net and it said it was complete. Does anyone have an idea if its even aired in Japan yet??

I would greatly appreciate it!

chichi I watch all version of this Drama..I think ITAZURA NA KISS 1996 TV Asahi drama series version is very2 the Best.. Silly Kotoko, and the Best Irie Naoki goes to Takashi Kashiwabara (he never smile), so handsome.. I Loveeeee Irie Naoki,

sphinx I've watched all versions and this version is the BEST!!! Great actors esp Miki. :)

somebody even though i didn't watch the original " itzura na kiss " but it was a shock when i saw " Aiko Sato " the original Kotoko

rnie Great version..hoping for more episodes like honeymoon, school of nursing love triangle, hospital etc...plzzzzz

Stef Kim I just love it when Aiko Sato made a guest appearance! I wished the actor who played the original Naoki also would appear for awhile. Anyhow I really love this version! Both leads are wonderful, even their friends!

Unknown I love this ver the most toooo! I've noticed from the first glance at the nurse from Ep.10. The nurse is Kotoko from the first ver of itazura na kiss. I love how the staff care about details and stuff I love this couple this most. I love Yuki F. and Miki H. so muchhhh

yelneis I really love this japan ver remake taiwan & korea version are good too, but this version is the best!!!! I love yuki furukawa and honoka miki, like this couple :3 Even they have different 10 years on their age But thats ok, i think they look good together :D Pretty honoka miki & handsome yuki furukawa

sha awesome casts :))) im glad they got Yuki Furukawa & Honoka Miki for this!!! Watched the taiwanese and korean versions as well. After comparing the performances of the casts, really really think this jap version is the best. Honoka Miki is totally natural in her acting and she's really cute while Yuki Furukawa was able to capture the hearts of many audiences (i believe) with his cool-on-the-outside-but-warm-inside character. AND, HIS ENGLISH IS FANTASTIC. Have to also compliment Yuki Yamada for his natural flow as well. And gosh, he sang (i forgot which ep) !!!

All in all, this is the best version i'll say. The other 2 are good as well with strong casts such as Ariel Lin (tw vers.) and Kim Hyun Joong (kr vers.) but it is only this jap remake that got me very into the full development of the series.


too I like Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo drama 2013 -Kotoko Aihara- Naoki Irie

afa this is the same with drama korean "playful kiss"

nadetz I love this remake !!, the story is interesting, more complex than the first one!,,,remind me the reason why I love dorama so much ^-^

nana-chan Kashii will make appearance in eps 15 as Doctor!!! Irie Naoki reunited, just like Aihara Kotoko reunited in eps 10!

Verutzza i've watched the other versions and i thought this will bore me, but it's as if i hadn't watched the other version. Everything is just perfect

Seema I'm glad that the Japanese version of Mischievous Kiss make a remake. I don't like the old version but love this remake version. Naoki & Aihara, the chemistry between them is just superb, falling in love with them.

suki I've seen all live action version and I have to say this one is the best. Great chemistry, great acting and I really love everyone in the series.

Pookie❥ WTF ≧☉_☉≦ nooooo !! There better be 16 episodes as it said so in wiki.d-addicts.com

I just really really love this drama and I want them to include everything that has happened in the anime and stay true to it which is one of the many reasons I love ❤ this drama (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) <------ Irie and Kotoko ❥❥

jocylin 조슬린 So someone said there's only 13 episodes ask in all and i about had a heart attack! No no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!! That means They're gonna leave out the interesting plot twists (such as irie kun's father's illness) goddamnit they better not leave out the honeymoon. I don't mean to sound preverted but come on that was one of the best episodes in playful kiss (if not the best) and it ties everything together. I'm going to throw the biggest fit in history if they don't make a sequel i swear. Something like They Kiss Again (the feels in that show..... I'm still feeling it ahhhh especislly the last episode! !!!! *sob sob*) but honestly they better make it. Maybe even complete the unwritten ending (like where she'd have the baby and stuff *like They did in the anime*) the Only problem is the realistic aspect may be lost a little because honestly at times it is easy to tell that kotoko is played by a16 year old (no really she's like 10 days older than me) and that irie kun is like ten years older BUT I think they could pull it off!

Mai As far as I know there's 16 episodes in total. OMG! This drama is so good that I have watched all 10 episodes in one sitting! I would have watched all 16 if they were all out :P I regret the fact that it is currently running and I have to wait for a whole week for each episode. XD BTW, I find this version The Best. So highly recommended for those who haven't watched yet.

Jean Does anyone know if there will be another episode coming up soon!? I

saw the preview for the 11th episode, but I can't find it anywhere! So I guess it's not even made yet! >_<

miyako At first I was like... It's sorta different from the first Ita kisu made in 1997 so I'm not interested HOWEVER, after watching it some more since like.. they were filming the opening in Asakusa and that's where I went on a date, I wanted to watch it more and that's when I noticed how ikemen Irie-kun looked and the storyline was MUCH more excellent than the old one in my opinion :D I haven't read/watched the manga/anime version, but I will eventually (^^) いたキス大好きー。第11話を楽しみにしていますぅ~。

Primadhani The story line is still the same as the older version, but the little changes the director did make this drama so refreshing. Good cast choice!

Rosee Ahh..I've seen all of the Itazura Na Kiss adaptions..although I skipped alot of the Taiwanese one, because I heard they had great chemistry, when they get together. My favourite WAS the Korean version...until this came along. I only found it two days ago..and I have seen 10 Episodes so far...and almost died of a heart attack when I discovered that I had to wait for so long to get further in the story... these actors have stunning chemistry..my heart keeps doing flips, and I get butterflies throughout..very, very touching. <3 Domo Arigatogozaimashita!

Jenny I hope they'll be extending this remake. I mean, if you will look at Wikipedia, it's expected to run only until June 28, 2013. That means....only 13 episodes all in all.. I'm guessing this remake will only go as far as their wedding episode. I hope they'll make a LOVE IN TOKYO season 2! Fans will definitely look forward to it. This is the best Japanese drama I've watched ever.

I so much love this version! Everything's perfect...Itazura na Kiss Love In Tokyo really rocks! To the makers of this drama, please do have season 2. We absolutely love the Miki-Yuki version of Kotoko-Irie...Please, please can't get enough of this.

Kian @Porkbuns♥ That's singer and the title of song, Sabao (シャボン) - Update アップデート. If u want listen to the song, here -> bit.ly/11LmvWv

Porkbuns♥ Can someone please tell me the name of the song in the opening scene ! I've been trying to look for it everywhere :(

By the way, LOVE this drama ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The best so far ;D Xox

Sandara Tori Omg I absolutely love this drama, i really loved the k and taiwanese versions but this really is my favourite out of the other versions ! I just wished I watched this version first :'( the cast is PERFECT ! Omg I love Honoka Miki , she makes the character of Kotoko so loveable and not so clingy to the male lead which annoyed me with the other versions but I really enjoy her acting ! And how can I forget about the hot and kawaii Yuki Furukawa who is doing a fabulous job acting as Naoki , omg I just can't hate him with his cauuute face and his English ! omg soo hot and his voice !! So talented and handsome \(>•<)/ I love the two leads and their great chemistry, I don't really see the big deal with the age difference , as long as they portray the characters well and have no problem with it which I don't see then its fine with me :) I'm just a bit tad worried about the honeymoon scene but we'll just have to see , but I think they will pull it off ! I really really recommend this drama to every every and every one ! I hope you'll love it as much as I do ^__^

reviewdramajepang I really love this remake!!

sha my fave taiwanese drama ever is IT STARTED WITH A KISS!!:)).. i had watched for many times since i bought its dvd on 2008!! ARJOE is my fave couple!:)) i still laugh and cry on that drama!! :D♥

the korean version is okey and i love them... though the ending was hanging!:(

i haven't seen the 1997 version!! oh i am 4 yrs old that time!!hihihi

and i am so looking forward to this new version!!! i am so excited to watch it! the guy is so cute!! and omg! he is 10yrs older to the lead girl!!!goooosshhh!!!! *Parental Guidance!!hihihi

jn91 This remake of Itakiss is the best of all Itakiss live action ever made~! I can't never get enough, wish I don't have to wait for one week to watch the next episode >..<

Lalalaiiine Who says Yuki isn't cool?That just doesn't make any sense at all.. -_- I mean,yeah before I started watching this version of Itakiss,I searched for the casts and all.When I saw Yuki,I wasn't really impressed with his picture. But man! When I started watching it,I was like O_O Woaah!Why does he look so cool,so handsome and his voice, it' so smexy especially when he's speaking in English.Perfect pronunciation beybe!he turned me on,bigtime! XD His acting also is perfect.He's not too stiff and he really exude the aura of an ''irie naoki''.So cool! :'')

And now i find myself wanting to steal him from Kotoko. Hahaha!

And about the japan's remake.I want to say that they really did a great work for it.(afterall,it's the original country who's doing the remake,so i expect it to be an A+ version)The casts are perfect!(Kin-chan is less annoying on my opinion,and he's handsome too :3),and yeah,Kotoko-chan is so cute!She's less 50% stupid than other versions,plus she's a real beauty even though she make such weird faces ^_^,and the Mom is soo cute too!I would really want a mom-in-law like her. Plus,it's really really 100% addictive!I really can't get enough of it.>////.< I want to see Naoki's jealous face moooore.It makes me kilig!!!!! <3


Raingirl The Taiwanese version is good. The Korean version is okay. But so far, I'm loving this version. It's faster and more fun. I hope they won't have problems with the intimate scenes since the lead is so young. Will they even include it? And if they include it, how will it be presented? Anyway, I am excited to watch the next episodes!

Little Candle This is the best Itakiss so far. Yuki is like the real Naoki. He's perfect to be Irie Naoki. And Miki, yeah, even if she still 17, she have chemistry with Yuki. Although its make me jealous. Kkk~ I hope the ending is better than Korean ver._.b

caesar i had watched all versions of itazura na kiss just last year...all of it at the same time...so in my opinion the best version is taiwanese version..but the durations of each episode is too long...and there are too many conflicts in it...since the story plot of this remake is so mauch alike to the taiwanese version with shorter duration and less conflicts..I think that itazura na kiss LIT is the best for someone who wants to know itazura na kiss itself...so dont forget to watch it guys :)

call me love! I COMPLETELY agree with @fmnjus! My thoughts, exactly! the best of all IK versions... n i regret starting watching it b4 it was completed! couldn't bring myself to stop counting days until the next episode... some say that the lead female's acting is not natural, bt i believe thats wat it makes the character less pathetic n funnier. 2 things i wish the ppl behind the Drama would consider improving are 1st being the number of episodes aired in a week, n 2nd being the presentation of the night scenes. the latter is more of a technical problem which I wish they would look into more seriously since the night-shots aren't clear at all.... I could hardly see n recognize faces, let alone expressions! Hope ppl do something about these issues. Before I end this comment, I would like to add that the voice of Yuki Furukawa (Naoki) is extremely sexy!

minie korean version is the best of itazura na kiss... kim hyun joong perfect naoki.. jung so min the best kotoko... they are the best couple...

fmnjus This is the best one, among all the Itazura Na Kiss adaptations!! I can't get enough of it, I regret watching it while it's currently airing. I mean waiting for another episode, is like hell. Huhuhu. It's sad that it only airs once a week! Waiting for another episode is like..... waiting for a snail to finish 13456787654321 miles :(

call me love! this is undeniably the BEST version ever! i am in my 6th episode and am already in love with ALL the characters!!! but an episode per week is TOO LESS! I wish it was more... more... cuz waiting sucks!

suri chan morning coffee after study is the best scene of ItaKiss

sweet and romantic ^^v

big fan i falling in love at the first sight with this drama..specially the anime,i hope the ending will be same like in the anime version.

Rose yuki furukawa is soooooooooo cool! I really really like his version of 'naoki'. So well played, he's serious but not a total robot! and he's so cute!! he's what I like the most in this version! honestly, the taiwanese version was my favourite, but he's my favourite naoki. I'm looking forward to see him in other dramas too!

eriana God I miss the old version of this drama...thank goodness I managed to watch all the different versions of this drama that includes the japanese 1996 version, the korean and the taiwanese versions...I even fave the anime version...the girl and guys are yummy..I like the heroine of this new japanese version but alas I was frustated with both male casts..I mean they don't have the charisma that I'm used to in the other versions...oh well, maybe now it is made to cater to a new taste in new generations type of guys..good luck for the drama...

tsukinoko Wow. A sixth version of this awesome story. One thing, though: her house isn't affected by an earthquake, this time - rather, (absurdly enough) by a meteorite. It barely hit the house, so I'm guessing "Ai-chan's" handyman work hasn't improved through the adaptations =P

warrior i'm here thanks to Luhan actually .. but i'm totally in love with this drama .. the best version ever!! Yuki is so freakin' cute!!! >.<

btw, if there's anyone who don't know Luhan .. Luhan is Yuki's doppelganger .. they look quite alike .. like freakin' hell cute!!!! xD

JJ Another new version?! It's remind me 90's version & myself quite like the old version at that time, so I don't have to much expectation about the new one, I think it will be to young & childish for me so I'll bored to death. But it's not like that at all. I still enjoy the story & I think the cast is great, much younger than Korea's version. I think Japan's version is always better than other version 'cause u can get true atmosphere with Sakura, snow, Shibuya, Tokyo tower etc. By the way, that man already 25 years old?! For real? He just like forever 17!

Sachan until now, I think Miki Honoka (Kotoko) and Furukawa Yuki (Naoki) are the best to role their character.. :D

well for me, Yuki is not that handsome at first but yes, when you watching him in every episode I'm sure your view of him will change! he is cute! xD and he play as Naoki well.. :D

can't wait for the 6th ep.. xD

miiko this kotoko is not annoying at all, I like her, plus she is cute.. and naoki is such a cold and unreachable person at first, but he is cute and it's hard to not love hime.. and please, don't make natsumelon an annoying character, I like her in kamen rider decade..

tysoph kotoko's rival name is kanna mori. she had role in kamen rider decade and tokyo zenryouku shoujo, but i like her when she had been in kamen rider decade. NATSUMELON XD

itakisslover does anyone know the name of the girl who will be playing matsumoto, kotoko's love rival. there's already preview on youtube so if anyone can recognize her can you please share her name with me?

jenny I watched all the versions but I have to say this is a pretty good one the other dramas made the girl so annoying and the guy do bleh don't get me wrong the Taiwanese drama will always be my favorite since they put so much time and love in it I really love the chemistry with them two but this can be my second favorite

I Itazura na Kiss is the best manga ever. I watched the anime over and over again ... and still love it! Discussion regarding the lead male actor good or not is relative but he is not good looking as in manga perspective. My opinion is, he is doing it fine as Naoki. The first drama was not even close to manga and hopefully this time will be. Taiwan version is suck, I couldn't enjoy it much as anime.

The re-make of Itazura na Kiss is making me happy.

cindy Love the remake of itazura na kiss! Think the 1996 version was okay but guess the technology now enables a better series! Agree to the comment saying that the male lead might not look as good initially but watching you will grow to like him! The female lead is so cute! I hope the story will progress well!

rmlyeh I have only finished watching the Korean version, tried watching a part of the Taiwanese version, and so far, I think this is the best version! The girl here isn't so annoying, unlike in the other versions. Well, I'm the type that gets so annoyed people who are too stupid. The cast here really fits the certain role, as I have tried watching the few episodes of the anime. This version is quite fast, in terms of the story progression, but most Japanese adaptations are really fast. Irie and Kotoko really have the chemistry, despite their huge age gap. I was even shocked when I knew about that! The guy looks young for his age. Nevertheless, this is something worth watching! This show wouldn't waste your time. This is one of the Japanese dramas I've watched. By the way, no hate, for we have our own opinions. :)

Easter Lily What's not to like... The male lead is a cool customer, the lead chick is pretty, endearing and seems to have a backbone. So far a definite improvement on '96. If I had known it was this good I would've waited.

Kami Girl Second episode is so funny! Pay attention to Irie because something he does in this episode will make you keep re-watching it!! It totally caught me off guard. (it's so funny)

Mastermind Any1 know the song title for the opening

miichan i think this drama has a match pair, and the characters are soooo match :) I love furukawa yuki as irie naoki so much!!! I dont want to compare it to korean and taiwanase version because each version have their weakness point. BUT I THINK THIS DORAMA IS A RECOMMENDED DRAMA OD THIS YEAR :D

Petite_oceane I loved the Korean version and the Taiwanese was passable but i like the length of the special season. I love this one because she slapped him, she has a heart unlike shian shi of what ever her name was. I loved the Korean because you could see how he started to like her from very early on. The early Japaneses one is good and very interesting but i guess it does not follow the story line very well and the ending was a little unsatisfying. I hope the make the special seasons of this version of Itazura na kess. I lake the main actors in this drama and i hope that the kissing scenes will not be muddled because of the age difference, well we will soon see.

Satina i freaking love this Drama its about time they re-made this show the anime was well written my she RIP now the whole world can enjoy her story again and again this has to be the bet verison like no other kdrama was ok and the Twdrama did their best but this is just like the manga and anime well put togather i love it

please don't ruin it ^^

arisu furukawa yuki is my new love!!

Wendilynn It doesn't really matter what the age difference is for our actors as long as they look convincingly like their characters. And UF does NOT look his age at all. Their chemistry to start with seems fine, we'll see how the rest of the series goes.

Lexie yuki (irie naoki) is so cute!!! they have the chemistry. i love this love theme after jiang zhi shu and yuan xiang shin. haha

momo Omg. Love this pairing. She is so freaking adorable. I just want to pinch her cheeks. She got to be my favorite main girl of Mischievous Kiss series. I thought the main guy was not handsome at first, but as I look at him more I am starting to see his hotness. The acting is good in this version of Mischievous Kiss... I do not mind their age gap at all. I know peeps that are married that have that age gap. The main girl is so adorable and the main guy makes me blush. When they are together, my stomach get butterflies. I just cannot wait every friday for more episodes. Loving this. Recommend peeps to watch.

CL Currently watching and loving it so far!! :) I've seen the Taiwanese, and Korean Versions. Portrayals of the characters for each version are unique in their own way. Although there is a pretty big age gap between the main leads it is not a big deal as long as they have chemistry. There are people who are dating someone who is either much younger/older than themselves in real life. why does that matter so much? With that set aside; THIS DRAMA IS DEFINITELY A MUCH WATCH :D

Cher Will they be allowed to have a kissing scene even though they have a huge age gap? Wtf, I really want to know -.- 'cause I believe it will be more romantic and i know fans will go wild of these scenes haha. Also, is their kiss at the intro is a camera trick because even if they covered it, after a while it will be shown but a little bit blurry. I don't know if it's real or just a trick :/

Cher Did miki and yuki really kissed at the intro?

Lucy Love this show! I've seen all versions of this drama save for the first (Japanese, 1996), and I have to say I really love it as much as I love the Taiwanese version. The acting's very good! Does anyone know the title of the opening theme? I think the singer sounds like Otsuka Ai, but I could be wrong. :-/

Juni This a second version in jdrama.the 1st was in 2010.and I like this one better. I dont like the korean version either.

Hana I love it so much! I'm just really excited about how closely they are sticking with the original manga and story line unlike many other J or K drama I've seen before.

kawasa I really like this drama so far. but when you look at their ages in real life..... didn't expect it at all. The girl is 15 and the guy is like, 25. O_o

Ebru I loved the Taiwanese version but one thing that really bothered me was how the female lead kept chasing the male even after being rejected SO MANY TIMES!! It was really embarrassing to watch (i had to fast forward it sometimes). But i like how in this version the female lead has a little bit more pride and works hard to get good grades etc.

Dan Since the meteor hit there house they should consider it good fortune since that meteor is probably worth $30/gram

Chizzy girl This drama is awesome..i am really loving this verison man...thank God the Japanese media decided to do a new version of itazura na kiss( since they had done it before) and from what I have watched so far it is so worth it..i really like the FEMALE LEAD..she is not annoying as the other girls in the other drama adaptions( always running after the male lead)

Noi Still in love with version version J-drama 1996.

fairytail I actually like the japanese version so far. Didnt expect it to be good but the main's girl character is really different from the other ones (kdrama and taiwanese one) she's not so clingy to the main guy. hopefully it stays that way

kaylee only 1 episode a week? ;( I was hoping it would be air at least 2 episodes a week like most korean dramas do :(

Hằng Tăng I love the manga, and also the anime (mostly because of the happy ending only exisiting in anime due to the Tada-sensei pasing away so suddenly ;____;) I never had time to watch the very first LA so really excited to follow this drama!!!!!! Love this Naoki <3

arekusu does anyone know where ep 2 ?! i watched ep 1 and i am completely inlove with this drama now (~*,*)~ if you like romance and comedy you will LOVE this~

ryoyuuki Just done watching the first 2 episodes of this and I really love it! The couple is really cute and I can see great chemistry between them and I already start shipping them! <3

Perfect casting too!

yeni Oh my .. furukawa yuki so cool in first episode .. naoki role very suitable for him !! I think he is the best naoki than the orthers adaptation

matsujo i already watched the 1st ep and it's definitely good! :)) it's cute and the actors are great!

stushi Yay! The first episode is already out! :D But will anyone sub it?

SuKi I'm looking forward to this version...<3 <3 <3 I really love the first two dramas.. *especially the taiwanese because it was very funny* GAMBATTE KUDASAI NE~

Den-O Gokai Blue and Mezool!! haha

Bunniefly I've watched every version of this drama (Taiwanese ans Korean) even the anime itself except the 1996 Japanese version. I guess I didn't like the cast back then since it was a very old drama and I kinda like the modern versions. But now, I'm really looking forward to this one.. I hope they give good kissing scenes just like those in the Korean/Taiwanese versions :-)

n132 I hope this version as good as the 1996 version. The 1996 version is the best until now

Mizuki Briones OMG! Im so exited for this! :D I hope you will make a English Sub for this! Yuki Furukawa <3

MsGB I absolutely love the tw version (the 2nd season a little more than the 1st). The kor version was alright, Never saw the '96 ver but I can't wait to see this one.

Rou_Chan I saw all versions and I have to say that I hated the 1996 J-version the most that's why I am so glad they decided to do this and make it up for the other version :)

Addicted to Dramas Another version?! Omg... I"m already waiting... I have seen already taiwanese version, korean, still thinking about old japanese, but now I will wait for this ;]

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