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  • Drama: I Need Romance 2
  • Revised romanization: Romaenseuga Pilyohae 2
  • Hangul: 로맨스가 필요해 2
  • Director: Lee Jung-Hyo, Jang Young-Woo
  • Writer: Jung Hyun-Jung
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: June 20 - August 9, 2012
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Yeol-Mae (Jung Yu-Mi) is a 33-year-old music director and Seok-Hyun (Lee Jin-Wook) is a 34-year-old scenario writer. They met when they were children and grew up together. They eventually began dating each other. After going through 5 separate break-ups, they are now back to being friends and neighbors who live next door to each other.

Yeol-Mae and Seok-Hyun decide to continue their intimate physical relationship, but deny they have any emotional attachements to each other. Not long afterwards, Ji-Hoon (Kim Ji-Seok) falls in love with Yeol-Mae. Yeol-Mae also finds herself falling for Ji-Hoon. Meanwhile, Seok-Hyun sees Yeol-Mae and Ji-Hoon together and realizes he is still in love with Yeol-Mae.


  1. "I Need Romance 2" takes over the tvN Wed. & Thurs. 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "Queen In-Hyun's Man" and will be replaced by "The 3rd Hospital" on September 5, 2012
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    1. I Need Romance | Romaenseuga Pilyohae (tvN / 2011)
    2. I Need Romance 2 | Romaenseuga Pilyohae 2 (tvN / 2012)
    3. I Need Romance 3 | Romaenseuga Pilyohae 3 (tvN / 2014)


Jung Yu-Mi I Need Romance 2-Lee Jin-Wook.jpg I Need Romance 2-Kim Ji-Seok.jpg I Need Romance 2-Kim Ji-Woo.jpg I Need Romance 2-Kang Ye-Sol.jpg
Jung Yu-Mi Lee Jin-Wook Kim Ji-Suk Kim Ji-Woo Kang Ye-Sol
Joo Yeol-Mae Yoon Seok-Hyun Shin Ji-Hoon Sun Jae-Gyung Woo Ji-Hee

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Lee Wasted my time watching this drama. If a relationship doesn't work no matter how long of a history you have with the guy, she shouldn't have done that.

Lead female was immature and selfish in my opinion and she used Shin Ji Hoon just to repress her fickle feelings.

Poor Ji Hoon.

Joyce I just don't like the ending. She was finally moving on. And she was so much more mature and better with Ji Hoon. I can't believe i wasted time on this drama T.T

thanhle Although I like Seokhyun more, I think Yeolmae should end up with Jihoon in the end. When YM knows the reason SH pushed her away and decides to come back to him, I don't see any chemistry between them anymore. They seem just like brother and sister. Unlike in I Need Romance 1, Inyoung just likes Sunghyun and never stops loving and caring for Sungsoo, YM definitely loves JH and I can see the future of them. I think it will be better and more reasonable if YM chooses JH and SH ends up with Nahyun. NH is a good and sweet girl. I watched 2 seasons consecutively, so I can't help but comparing them. I personally think that the story in season 1 is much better, the 2 other girls and their relationship are also more impressive and interesting, Sunghyun is adorable than Jihoon. Just some things I think better are the leading characters. I don't like YM but I'm still fine with her. I can't stand that annoying Inyoung who always acts cute in a ridiculous way when she's not at the age to do that anymore, and she uses Sunghyun to revenge SS (although Sunghyun is willing to be used). Sunghyun is too good for Inyoung and I think she doesn't deserve him at all. I like Seokhyun much more than Sungsoo. Seokhyun is much more manly and he never betrays YM. He just acts cold and heartless but he's actually warmhearted and caring. One same thing is that I don't like the ending of both 2 seasons. In season 1, I think it's way too unfair for Sunghyun. In season 2, although Seokhyun deserves to be happy too, I think in the last episodes, YM totally changes her heart to JH, and she comes back to SH just because she feels sorry for him, not love at all. That's what I feel, and that's why I don't like the ending.

Beaz I watched this hoping the ending would be better than the original I Need Romance but was sorely disappointed. Waste of time. Annoying couple, selfish female lead. Don't bother!

Ronaldo This tv series make me worry, laugh and sad particularly the last 2 episodes. There are scenes which I think omitted but all in all.....it's fun and worth to watch since all the casts are deemed fit with their roles, ages and acts compare to I need romance 1

Ronaldo This tv series make me worry, laugh and sad particularly the 2 last episodes. Even though I'm also a guy, It's a mystery for me why the guy refusing to marry the girl that she really love for a long time. While watching it, I'm thinking the same way as the girl did. I felt relieved when it was revealed after the mid-part. It's interesting to watch because you can't immediately figure out the ending. There are scenes which I think omitted but all in all.....it's fun and worth to watch since all the casts are deemed fit with their roles, ages and acts compare to I need romance 1.

jihoonlove does anyone know the instrumental song played at the beginning of episode 14 where Yool Mae was in the scene? pls let me know, comment here. pleeeease.

Dhes Borja The story was very good. There are lots of differences between the part 1 and this part 2 of INOR. I love Lee Jin Wook's character very realistic, he's sweet but not that showy which portray the real character of a man. I enjoyed watching this drama!..super sweet couple (Yeol-Mae and Seok- Hyun)

Kim jie seok girl I am falling love with kim jie seok, i love his charcter..... Watch this drama make me falling love everyday..<3. ^_^

jgpoT i just started watching this drama and i already loOoOoOoOoved it!!!

Laay_Long XD Best DRAMA ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k I LIKE IT...

Arezu this drama is much annoying. if ppl tend 2 watch something just about sex they will watch american series. if we're watching korean dramas is because we want 2 c more about families and pure love not physical relationship. korean dramas r getting more and more disappointing since their storylines r changing in a very bothering way! i hate 2 c this kind of relations in dramas. there is'nt anything nice about these kinds of dramas!!!

Consus I really liked Kim Ji-Seok as the "other" guy in this drama. He is usually typecast as a lovable man-child but in this drama his character is a lot more mature. I noticed it takes some actors a drama or two to adjust after coming out of the military. Kim Ji-Seok has seemed to get back into civilian life with ease. I hope the next drama he is in he is the lead actor.

Fangirl I really really want Ji Hoon and Yeol Mae to work out! I don't care about the other guy, Ji Hoon is too perfect for her!! how can she so easily dismiss him?? Kim Ji Seok <3

queenofdecember I really really really love this drama...this 'Yeol Mae-Ji Hoon couple' addict me...and I'm sooo in love with Ji Hoon character... (:

xoxoeddie Kim Ji Seok. Perfection. Utter PERFECTION. He plays the cutest, most perfect boyfriend EVER ! this is not the same guy from Personal Preference/Taste, whom I hated I have fallen in love with Kim Ji Seok <3

Y Kim Ji-Seok is one of the hottest korean actors. Love him!

czar i love this series! hope to know the end for both of them...

J This drama needs more love. Love all the actors, the kisses, the sexy, and most importantly: the characters' personality and development. The drama won't disappoint, still raises the bar like last season. Let's root for their love stories. *naughty naughty*

kamutehqu i watched the first season and i really loved it, to the point that i didn't want to watch it, cos' i thought it was not as good as the first one. But I'm really regretting the fact that i'm watching it, and have to wait every thursday and friday to watch the episodes with subs!! I totally fell in love with it's story!!!

rainfairy i watched i need romance soon after my comment down there and OMG it was perfect i lovedddddddddddddddd it.i m going to watch the second one soon

ZD I love Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Seok! Plus their bromance is just.. LOL. Loved them on Strong Heart too~ This should be good ^^ YAAAAAAY.

me i don't like lee dong wook. i don't think he's a good actor. bad for the drama

cookie I've watched the i need romance season 1 and i'm currently watching the season 2 this series is really worth watching very realistic although the main casts in season 2 are more attractive thean those in season 1. Still it will make you realize alot of things. I hope i will not be disappointed with the ending of this season.

pinkqueen I'm with Seanshine, I prefer the other lead girls, both of them, even.

mememe I Need Romance 1 is really really good. Its more realistic than a lot of other dramas. I hope this one is as good!

kimjen dude you guys should watch the first season! though the main girl is annoying as hell, the boys! choi jin hyuk!!! oh gosh!!! so handsome and cute!

ixara I agree with your rainfairy. me either havent watch I need romance 1. but I want to watch INR 2 bcos lee jin wook will be there. hi hi. I love lee jin wook very much!

Seanshine @Rainfairy YOu don't know what you missed. I liked the first one but not the ending persay. I really liked the second lead for the girl. But it was a great show through and through.


rainfairy i still havent watched i need romance1 but for sure i will watch both of them.i just love lee jin wook he was perfect in spy myungwool and strong rivals.cant wait for it

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