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  • Name: Han Ye-Seul / Leslie Kim (English name)
  • Hangul: 한예슬
  • Birthdate: September 18, 1982
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Height: 166cm
  • Blood Type:


  1. Ye-seul Han was appointed goodwill ambassador on August 31, 2009 for the third Korean Day. "Korean Day" event is to promote Korea to Koreans living overseas as well as the importance of Koreans living overseas to Korea.[1]
  2. During filming of KBS2 drama series "Spy Myung-Wol" controversy and a media frenzy occurred revolving around Han Ye-Seul's dissatisfaction with working conditions for the drama series. Han Ye-Seul did not appear for filming on August 14, 2011 and boarded an airplane for the United States on August 15th. Episode 11, scheduled to air on August 15th was then postponed and a special "Spy Myung-Wol" highlight episode was shown in its place. Han Ye-Seul then returned to Korea on August 17th and resumed filming the remainder of the series.


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Guy Ah, ma cherie. Je manque. Parce que tu es con un autre homme. Je suis triste. Eh, bien. En verite, ce n'est fait rien. Rien du tout. Mais je prefere la fantasie. Je t'adore.

Mario Han Ye-Seul, your smile is amazing, i watched birth of beauty, you have a new fan from Italy. (italian man ) Ciao

sarah lam Hi,my name is Sarah we have the same name !!!!! I'm kind of your fan!! You did great!!

Guy Ah, ma cherie. Tu et moi nous avons besoin faire la reconnaisance pour la bonne soiree. Je vous en prie! Si belle, si sympathique. Eh, bien. Pas encore.

nancy HI han ye seul :) LESLIE KIM :) <3 this time im always thinking of you bcuase i really like your acting hope to see you one day UNNI :) saranghe <3


anand Han ye seul, your so so beutiful, I just finished watching your drama, spy myung wol wao it's really I like, your acting, laughing, specially your voice very nice I really impress you, keep it up, hopefully in future see u in korea,

dera Birth of beauty was great. I fall in love with it from the first scene. You were real amazing. Keep up the great work <3

prof santia Han ye-seul dear your beauty is limitless, you are divine... really love your acting in the birth of a beauty...keep up the awesomeness

seanandnan so happy the Goddess is back!!! Best smile in the Entertainment industry. Love all of her shows. One of the best romcom actresses in Korea. Would like to see her in an action movie though like Ha Ji Won. Would have loved to see her be one of the Marvel characters since her English is so good. Fighting!!!

grace lee she was in Mirotic vc by DBSK

Seth I am hooked on Birth of a Beauty, and am totally infatuated with Han Ye-Seul. I have never seen such a beauty in my life.

chloevios Han Ye Seul, if only you arent on with Teddy, Joo Sang Wook must've fallen for you! Her face is just so gorgeous and her personality compliments it too. Such a bright and cheerful lady!

lindjung han ye seul is just too adorable! she has the cutest speaking voice among hallyu stars. she has a very unique face too which makes her stand out among the rest of korean actresses. her body is also to die for eapecially her legs. and her acting is deff commendable. you cam see her dedication when you watch ng's of her dramas. no surprise she's still one of the most sought after endorsers in korea. shes really an a list when it comes to CFs, modelling and acting. keep it up HYS! truly one of the best. its also obvious that almost all her leading men admired her dedication and beauty, not just outside but as well asbon the inside.

Aradhana I have to say I've loved you since SPY and until now! Your an actress whose determined for the goal. Your dedication can be seen with your weigh-loss and your abilities to emerge yourself into your character. Thank you for giving me happiness each time I watched your shows.

wagyummm @fan: She does look a bit thin compared to the Spy trailer. I hope she's ok.

That said, three years later, I still think she's the most physically attractive face I ever seen. I would plow her like some sort of unfeeling tractor relentlessly forging through a field.

fan You and sang wook looks good together. you're both funny

Lee she looks too thin in "birth of a beauty". in fact, i actually didn't recognize her even though i saw her in "spy myongweol" and "couple or trouble". i think she looked much better and hotter in those two dramas than in this most recent one "birth of a beauty".

eman mohammed drama birth of the beauty amazing <3 <3 <3

You are a wonderful and unique and beautiful <3 <3

Your Fan Han ye Seul I hope you could do a drama with Hyun Bin!!!! You guys soooo cutttteeee on Nonstop4 ! ^^ love it!

권리세's Fan You are so good in birth of a beauty. Hope you get more offers

ace Really good in Penny Pinchers. I preferred her as the poor money grubber in Penny Pinchers than as the uber-rich harridan in Couple or Trouble.

HS I've watched all the dramas she's starred in from Fantasy Couple and onwards, and they are all my favorites! They are very memorable, and I really enjoyed them all! I sincerely hope that those Korean production companies can let the past be past and give her a chance to shine again. I really miss her and I am waiting for the day of her comeback.

Lily I really liked her:( I miss her so much :(((( She was so memorable in Fantastic Couple....

Olga I'm not sure how bad the working conditions really were, but she was the only one to complain, and not showing up for filming is a pretty awful thing to do. Everyone is waiting for you, counting on you... Creating a tv show is a team effort after all. And the episodes need to be ready on time, so the schedule is very tight. Being the only one to let people down makes her look bad. I liked her performance, but I'm not surprised that people don't want to work with her anymore. Acting isn't only about looks or talent. It requires commitment too. And it's hard work.

peace please act again. you are such a great actress. please dont waste her talent and ability just because of one incident. everyone should have second chance in live. all ur project were great and wonderful. u re one of my favourite actress. I have seen a lot of kdrama and none of ur drama ever disappointed me. hope to see u next year pleeaasseeeeee!!!!!!!!

Will Norell There now seem to be some efforts on the part of the Korean government to change the conditions under which actors work. Hopefully something like SAG or AFTRA will be created. Sometimes all it takes is one person willing to stand up against exploitation to get the ball rolling. I understand the difficult production problems on Myung Wol the Spy, but as an effort to open up a dialog about re-unification it is a great piece of work. The fact that it "flopped" has more to say about the South Korean audience than about the drama itself. There is a joke "The dream of the average Korean is no longer about re-unification, but getting a permanent salaried position (guaranteed lifetime employment). Myung Wol was a brilliant personification of the North/South conflict. She was the Enemy, but we came to respect and love her anyway. If young single women in South Korea didn't identify with her struggles, that shows their lack of compassion and doesn't devalue the artistry of Han Ye-Seul's acting work. Rain was great too, as a man who would give up his desire to revenge his father's murder in order to save the woman he loved. Bravo to all the cast!

JC I've watched so many Korean dramas that I lost count and among the different actresses that I came across, Han Ye Seul was one of the most memorable for me. Most of her dramas that I've seen (Fantasy Couple, Tazza, Will It Snow For Christmas?, Spy Myung-Wol) are among my favorites and her characters made them so enjoyable to watch.

I feel so terrible that her scandal with the Spy Myung Wol shooting had probably really impacted her acting career in Korea seeing how she hasn't had a new project since then. I really hope they are not completely shutting her down and she has given a chance again because I really want to see her in a drama again!

Paul Holmes Some might read this as a criticism of Han Ye-Seul, but it is just the opposite.

The drama "Spy Myung-Wol" is a badly written drama. It's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek and funny but it's nearly a complete fail. (It may get better -- I'm only in episode 11, however)

Han Ye-seul is a great actress but she sadly accepted to act in a drama which could never take off because it is poorly executed.

My guess is that not only was she overworked and fatigued but also discouraged during the filming of this because she knew it was a fail. Yet, she fulfilled her obligations in the end.

Han Ye-seul deserves something better than this, something to utilize that unique personality she so wonderfully exhibited in "Couple or Trouble."

Will somebody brilliant please come along and give her the script, the vehicle, she deserves, I for one can't stand to see her talent go to waste!

just a friend Han Ye Seul, I really hope that one day you'll get on this site and read the comments we're posting.Eventhough we had no connection and never met before, I feel like we're kind of soulmates.You were brave.You didn't hold back from showing your opinion to public.You got misunderstood as everyone thought your behaviour was all "diva-like".But I don't believe them.And I'm not the only one.Imagine you're a singer and you're on the stage.There are many seats in front of you but almost all of them are empty.Except one.A girl with the most cheering smile is happily waiting for your show.Would you drop that concert? No.Because this person is special and if you turn her down there'll be nothing left.With patience, you can try hard to turn 1 person to 1000.There are no limits in life, Ye-Seul.I really was happy when I saw you on screen.Now it's payback time.Now, I want to make you happy.You're beautiful and I know you're not an angel.I don't think you're a goddes.No one is.I see you as a human.A human for whom acting is special.Or maybe not?! Maybe this scandal was a chance for you to find out what you really like and want to do.Noona, gwınchana.If you are happy right now, I'll hope that this lasts for ever.If not, then please try hard.We miss you By the way, I knew you lived in America so I think you'll definetly understand me

Have a nice day

asdasd I thought she was a great actress and it's a shame that after her incident she hasn't been able to get any work...

Frankie Kim Actually,Ye-Seul looks like my first friend,the most precious one.Every time I see Ye-Seul on the screen I immediately miss my friend. The wonderful performance always makes me cry. If I have the chance I want to have a FaceTime with Ye-Seul. This is my dream,which make me stronger!

Lssie Look, she doesnt cast in any drama since that 'escaped'

@LoonyLizard @LoonyLizard I did not know there were 26 hour days :P....Good actress + she is gorgeous. can't believe she hasn't shown up in anything lately...loved couple or trouble, i died laughing cuz of that show and her acting was amazing. can't miss that one

Khaada She is a really good actress. It is a shame what happened with the production of Spy Myung Wol, she probably wasn't the only one unhappy with the working conditions but she was the only one who made her stance public and that took bravery. Hopefully we will see her on the big or small screen soon.

Billy the Kid I must admit to a level of affection not felt since my first crush. Yet, when my fantasy is replaced bit by bit with interesting facts about what you do, I am somewhat impressed. A daring move for moving back to the old country. And now I learn you are a good will ambassador. Whatever controversy about some delay in filming some episode of some spy drama is taken in context of the history of Marilyn Monroe and how she was late many times for her shoots. Mind you, I'm not condoning a lax attitude, but considering the busy work loads of filming and the eccentricities of the creative mind, it is almost expected. Find your solice and satisfaction in the fruits of your work, regardless of the pains it takes to attain them. And when your life feels empty, fill it again with love, good causes and your family. I wish I were younger to have the possibility of loving you, but I've lived much and loved much already. I wish you much happiness in the future.

Amy i missed han ye seul. may i know her next project.. she's a very good actress and talented i hope she return as soon as possible.. i miss watching her..i dont mind what other people say about you..i dont care about them what i know is i like you as an actress..dont mind them as long as you did your best..stay happy and good health..^_^

Meme Chan Guys pardon my language...


SHUT THE FU*K UP Who do you think you are to judge her huh?? Don't talk as if you were there and you know everything that happened becuase you DON'T !!!! that only shows how ignorant you really are, I pity you.

HYS is famous and has done great dramas, it's YOU that nobody cares about and nobody give a damn about NOBODY KNOWS YOU.

Omg what a loser go get a LIFE you pitiful MORON << tsk tsk that's what happens when a loser has nothing else to do but talk shet about an actress he knows nothing about!! GET YOUR SORRY @SS out of here a sorry excuase of human being like yourself the world will be better of without you

emmageorge I am also from the western world and due to business to asia only recently onto Korean dramas since 'My Princess' I also had the opportunity to watch this drama and as you all have supported Ye-Suel I absolutely agree that she is one true fine actress. To act in such a drama which is a bit comical requires more craft to make it believable. This is another reason why I think Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee are also in the same category. I know little about the Korean film industry as I always view the american industry with a very critical eye and these Korean actors are not disappointing. In fact I totally change my viewpoint and start watching Korean Dramas at my leisure not that I have much although a lot of them are totally a waste of time. Somehow in some sort of way there are little irritating part that actually ruin the plot. To name a few, I really didn't get the ending of City Hunter the mum headed to America then the main characters smiling at each other with one dragging a suitcase and he's driving off. What are the writer and producer trying to say??? Also the ending of Ye-Suel's another drama (because of after watching this one I was so impressed with her acting I bought her 'Will it snow at Christmas' It's also an unsatisfying ending. What are they thinking wanting the viewers to guess or filling the missing link? It is so silly, up to now people still want to fix the ending of the old time great 'Gone with the Wind' I really do not understand the Korean film culture, they love to create super sad endings or endings with no relation. Is that truly what the Korean public want? It's so very different from us, the endings are all well planned and carefully thought of. Even if the main character dies in the end it is always being accounted for this is what make the western film industry so great. These endings a bit of 'bad taste'! Forgive me being blunt, like the ending of this drama it's all fine but in the end the last video part on the billboard is so unnecessary. It's entertainment, it's make believe and it should be fulfilling not leaving 'bad taste'/unfinished business in the end. During my business trips to asia I managed to make friend with the store owner and from now she only recommends great dramas with good endings. I know little about what's going on but from what I gathered it looks like she is really being frozen by the industry. I also do not understand why Korea is so similar to Japan they glorify being young and when an actor or actress getting a bit old it looks like their career are numbered. How sad!!! She should desert them as they have deserted her. I sincerely wish her ever sucess and happiness regardless and she should try her luck in Hollywood. And for those who only ill monthed others they simply have too much free time and obviously insanely jealous. Cheers to all

Nellie Nellie Says: June 25th, 2012 at 8:06 am 17 Han Ye Seul is my absolute favorite Korean actress. What a shame that her own co-cast members didn’t support her efforts to better working conditions for them all. They say they are in Korea and not America so don’t appreciate her trying to make things done the American way. However, Korea’s economic conditions are solely based on the American way!

Korea as a nation has adopted the American way of living in most areas. In fact, I feel it’s a shame that they are turning too much like Americans and not retaining their unique and beautiful culture.

However, Han Ye Seul was trying to HELP the industry by doing what she is doing and it’s my fear that Korean broadcasting will shun her and not give her the opportunity to work in the future. Eventually, that very industry will HAVE to change and will HAVE to provide better working conditions for their stars.

Side note: If you want to see Han Ye Seul SHINE in comedy (OMG she’s such a talent), watch “Couple or Trouble” with Oh Ji Ho and her.

Nellie Han Ye Seul is my absolute favorite Korean actress. What a shame that her own co-cast members didn't support her efforts to better working conditions for them all. They say they are in Korea and not America so don't appreciate her trying to make things done the American way. However, Korea's economic conditions are solely based on the American way!

Korea as a nation has adopted the American way of living in most areas. In fact, I feel it's a shame that they are turning too much like Americans and not retaining their unique and beautiful culture.

However, Han Ye Seul was trying to HELP the industry by doing what she is doing and it's my fear that Korean broadcasting will shun her and not give her the opportunity to work in the future. Eventually, that very industry will HAVE to change and will HAVE to provide better working conditions for their stars.

Side note: If you want to see Han Ye Seul SHINE in comedy (OMG she's such a talent), watch "Couple or Trouble" with Oh Ji Ho and her.

Fundy_Bay_John Just finished watching Spy Myung Wol. I thought that Han Ye Seul made this drama. Not only is she absolutely beautiful but a super actress. I am looking forward to seeing more of her videos.

Fundy_Bay_John Just finished watching Spy Myung Wol. I thought that Han Ye Seul made this drama. Not only is she absolutely beautiful but a super actress. I am looking forward to seeing more of her videos.

black_blood please let me know how 'Han Ye Seul' is doing after that 'Spy MyeungWol' incident. I really hope that she comes back with wonderful drama's.

LoonyLizard @The Lovely and Talented Ms. Han:

Ignore the haters. They don't appreciate the American ideas of justice, common decency, fair play, and basic human rights. Just as I cheered for the character of Gong Ae-jung in "Greatest Love," I am cheering for you. You are talented, and I am enjoying "Spy MeongWol" so far. Now, if only the producers and directors were smart enough to know that the cast can all do better when they've had a decent night's sleep...ah well, someone will teach those fools a lesson soon enough, I expect. Until then, I'm continuing to pray for unionization of the Bollywood actors.

LoonyLizard @TOK:

You're quite ignorant on the whole situation. She was being forced to work 20-26-hour days, with little to no chance to sleep, no chance to shower, with eating reduced to whatever 2 bites she could get in between scenes. The Korean entertainment industry is letting its greed get in the way of human decency, and I, for one, applaud Ms. Han's walkout of such a disgraceful gulag-type work environment. I think more actors should do the same when the production side acts in such a shameful, short-sighted, unprofessional way. Now of course, I don't expect an immature, pimple-ridden, sorry excuse of a human being like yourself to understand or empathize with her situation, but at least now you're a little more informed.

As for the quality of her acting, it's not like you could do better...at anything.

Parisperry Stewart stop critising Americians! Dude, i was also born there. N if u think u r so great, why don't u replace her role in the drama then?

Parisperry Stewart @Tok Stop critising Americians! Hello~ I'm also born in USA. N lpfrom ur comments, u think u r so great. Then why don't u replace her role in the drama?

alsecret witout han ye seul unnie thr're no Spy myeongwol, dun think others actress cn take her role. unnie hwaiting.!!!

Mrs.Han!! fighting!!! I always believe you!!! You won't leave your drama without a reason!!! you are so pretty and talanted!!! I know that well. And we always trust you. please live well :)

Alicia Tok> wow ur really out for blood.

Han's fan @TOK: shut your mouth!!!!! you don't know anything, so don't try to be dangerous!!!!!!!! she has a full schedule, she has a drama and a movie at the same time. and you know, her health isn't so good. she can't be with her family, she can't be together with her mom. no one could take care of her!!!! if you were Han Ye-seul, can you bear that????????? she's not the top actress in Korean? are you crazy?????? omg, you really really know NOTHING!!!!!! an empty box always be so noisy.

TOK What a bitch! A true actress will never deceive the whole film production in the middle of film shooting, due to just few causes and delays. After all, it's a Film Industry you're working at, Not the 9 to 5 jobs.

Think about your Co-stars and the film crew, they are all hard-working, Not just you. You're damn selfish!

Who cares about your English, of course you were born in US, yeah, No wonder you have an attitude like that. Do not think that you're top actress in Korea, you're not even near to an amatuer.

That drama Spy myeongwol, it would have been lot better if someone had replaced you from the beginning. What dramas/movies have you been good for so far? None.

Now, just get married to those ugly old American buisnessmen and make a porn business instead. Fighting!

lxlawliet her english is flawless!!

Killa i thought she was shin min ah from a love to kill when i saw her in bi rain's music video Love Song.

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