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  • Drama: Cruel City
  • Revised romanization: Moojungdoshi
  • Hangul: 무정도시
  • Director: Lee Jung-Hyo
  • Writer: Yoo Sung-Yeol
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: May 27 - July 30, 2013
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Shi-Hyun (Jung Kyoung-Ho) grew up in an orphanage, before running away from there. He then made a living by working as a drug courier and picked up the nickname "Doctor's Son." He's now the boss of a mid-size gang. His drug supplier is a man known as Scale (Kim Byung-Ok). Shi-Hyun has plans take over his position.

Meanwhile, Hyeong-Min (Lee Jae-Yoon) becomes the section chief of a special investigation unit. Their goal is to take down Scale, who killed an undercover officer. Hyeong-Min's girlfriend Kyung-Mi (Ko Na-Eun) is also a detective. She also grew up in an orphanage with Soo-Min (Nam Gyu-Ri). They grew up like real sisters and Soo-Min is now studying to enter the police academy.

While trying to catch Scale, Hyeong-Min learns about a guy called "Doctor's Son." Now, Hyeong-Min and his team go after Shi-Hyun.


  1. "Cruel City" takes over the JTBC Mondays & Tuesdays 21:50 time slot previously occupied by "Can We Get Married?" and will be followed by "Her Myth in July, 2013.
  2. First script reading took place on March 19, 2013.
  3. Early working title was "Undercover" then changed to "Moojungdoshi" ("Cruel City").


Jung Kyoung-Ho Cruel City - Korean Drama-Nam Gyu-Ri.jpg Cruel City - Korean Drama-Lee Jae-Yoon.jpg Cruel City - Korean Drama-Son Chang-Min.jpg
Jung Kyoung-Ho Nam Gyu-Ri Lee Jae-Yoon Son Chang-Min
Jung Shi-Hyun Han Soo-Min Ji Hyeong-Min Min Hong-Ki
Cruel City - Korean Drama-Kim Yu-Mi.jpg Cruel City - Korean Drama-Choi Moo-Sung.jpg Yoon Hyun-Min Cruel City - Korean Drama-Ko Na-Eun.jpg
Kim Yu-Mi Choi Moo-Sung Yoon Hyun-Min Ko Na-Eun
Lee Jin-Sook Moon Deok-Bae Kim Hyun-Soo Lee Kyung-Mi

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hi I just want to know, will there ever be a sequel?because of the ending scene

rouge if there is anyone who knows a drama similar to this, please let me know.

Rouge This is the first drama I have watched in my 20years that no matter the ending I love it to death. I usually REALLY hate dramas that have this kind of ending (no spoilers sorry, it's really good tho watch the drama), but I swear no jokes -serious face- this drama is something you can't hate. SO just know that I hate dramas like this but i don't hate this one and I have watched it a total of 3 times, plus re-watched all of it today even tho i have exams. This drama is intense, emotional (a great deal), romantic, and omg the action <3. 1000x better then city hunter personally. THIS DRAMA IS DARK AND INTENSE! BEST DRAMA EVER WATCH IT!!!!

shaginee another awesome drama i've ever watched!! the storyline and the cast's act are sooo good.. fall in love imedieately with jung kyung hoo.. and also love yoon hyun min's acting.. he is soooo good for such a newbie that time. great drama ♥♥♥

heinrich enja yram This is my first time to comment !! But I love watching Korean drama since 2002 until now . All I can say its great .. amazing character with gullible cast I love watching then Jung kyong ho is my favorite one actors and Lee jae won ko na un .. guys keep it up . And more power ...

batrizy I think sans Kyungmi, this drama should left out the romance. The supposedly love between shihyun and soomin seem do sudden and out of nowhere, atleadt develop their feelings better.

Watching it for the bromance & Soo colorful suits.

the killer Eunsoo character was so messed up in later episodes. I mean we get it that she's been forced into sexual acts with Director or is it Chairman Jo but why the sudden personality change. I also hated how the antagonist would always lost to the main cast, I mean one skinny Dov vs 10+ people. And don't make me rant on how slow Eunsoo get so slow after being mauled by Doc in the face and didn't contact Safari or Meth Kim. Jinsook being a better fighter than Eunsoo is also ridiculous, sure Jinsook a drug ringleader and street smart but Eunsoo made her living as a killing and have beaten numerous gabgster by her own (unlike Jinsook who depends on her bodyguard or Doc(.

But the biggest mess in this shows is Soomin closet. High heels during a mission, and not even the chunky heels or wedges type.

Fizza It was one of the best dramas i have ever seen but there is one thing i am against why they killed doctor's son at the end...I was so disappointed after watching the last episode :( ... Why does most of the Korean dramas don't have happy ending??

ri hyo This is my first time comment on this page, and i dedicated this to Cruel City screenwriter-nim... This is totally the best crime drama i have watched... The storyline and acting SUPERB! I juz finish watching this drama and can't get over of it... So, plez screenwriter-nim.. MAKE SEASON 2 ! I hope to see more story about shi hyun, soo min, hyung min. This season is successful as noir, for season 2 crime- romance would be nice. I really want a happy ending for shi hyun soo min ~-~ Plez consider it.. with the same cast, the same team, the same action packed drama ! I'm have been your fans.. keep on good work & HWAITING ^^

lenimoz One of the best Kdramas I've seen. Fantastic story, cast and one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a really long time. Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Yu-Mi and Choi Moo-Sung were really believable and can make you feel their emotions. I really reccommend to watch it, you will not regret it.

scb This was an under-rated but out of the ball park home run of a drama. Cruel City is one of my all time favorites. The screenwriter Yoo Sung-Yeo hit a home run with this drama. Yoo Sung-Yeo created a strong and intriguing plot-platform that any actor delivering the lines rote, would shine, but having Kyoung-Ho, MooSung, and Hyun-Min just shot the quality to the moon. The camera work and the choreography of the fight scenes made you feel the intensity (ducking and cringing). The attention to detailing the underbelly of the drug world (at times) felt more like a raw undercover documentary. The emotions of all the actors were true, visceral and convincing, Jung Kyoung-Ho was fascinating to experience his emotions come across his face, accemt that with his suave graceful demeanor (007 debonair) and Lord have mercy I was 100% immersed. This is a must watch, one of Kdramas best. I will be looking out for more works by this author. @nd season plz.

mhh na It was indeed a good drama. A lot of action, beautifull actors wearing beautifull clothes, not a boring moment at all. They almost made me wanna become one of them  :P. Priceless! Those true, hard, full of emotions lives they had here...i felt the joy, the pain and hate along with them . Very talented cast. Their faces were so expresive! Moon Deok-Bae and Lee Jin-Sook, these are 2 caracters that i won't forget too soon. Special. Definitely there should be a second season. The chemistry between Jung Shi-Hyun and Han Soo-Min is great. Mh actually ...verrrry good. the kissing scenes...perfect! one does not doubt their feelings. Love the lines and of course I hate Min Hong-Ki :))). The music? Congratulations! . And the singer's the movie's second skin! Still listening to them right now. Jung Kyoung-Ho....I've seen him before. Always amazing and beautifull. I love what he brings to the character :) I like happy endings but this drama really tingled my taste buds! :)

Shanz Amazing drama....thumbs up to Jung Kyoung-Ho's acting.Just loved main characters and bgm...simply awesome

Shay An AMAZING drama! Great actors! Jung Kung Ho has got to be one of my favorite actors.

Reira This is undeniably one of the best dramas I've ever watched, it has everything: the story, the characters, the side characters, the music, the filming techniques... It was an extraordinary experience, from start to finish. Btw, the end is neither happy nor tragic, but rather half realistic, half mysterious. It's a drama I like to compare with Time Between Dog and Wolf and even Infernal Affairs. Genius!

Gage Best kdrama ive ever seen. Only a few parts of the acting on gyu ris part could of been a little better but it was fantastic. Moo sung was so dynamic is this show. Great story. As much as I wish the romance side was a bit better, id rather have a great overall story then a story buried under puppy love romance.

Levi Season 2 please :)) Nam Gyu Ri and Jung Kyoung ho, i will see both together again *-*

dadz . . . .actually, when i first watched it, i think i love it that much. but i was wrong . . . .i couldn't wrap my mind from the flow of the story . i think the writers have overdone the story . .its so stuffed of problems. i just don't like it .but it's worth a try though . . .

Lizzy Payne This drama is GREAT seriously ! When I was at the middle of the drama, I came and read the comments of others here... I was disapointed cause I don't really like sad endings... but I was allready addicted to it xD this is one of those drama you watch even thou you know the end of it ♥ Give it a try ! You'll not be disapointed !

Hannah Honestly, a lot of Korean dramas piss me off nowadays, but Cruel City has got to be my all time favorite. I fell in love with it so easily and I love the cast. Everyone did amazing acting, especially Jung Kyoung Ho. I seriously loved the action scenes and music in this drama. And not to mention, I think the bed and kiss scene in Cruel City was the most perfect and hottest kiss scene of all time compared to all the Korean dramas I've watched. It wasn't awkward like the other dramas. I definitely recommend!! :)

Amanda Wow... Just one of the best of this with Queen of Ambition and Secret, it was very catchy and have an excellent cast. I hope a second season.

Drama101 At first, I started watching this drama because I had literally nothing to do during the holidays and I had already downloaded this series. In the first episode, I was like okay, why am I watching this? Then I slowly, but surely got intrigued by the plot so I started watching it more intensely. By the end of the second episode I was bewitched by how fascinating the whole show was that I watched it day and night! I haven't finished watching it yet, but it definitely was worth watching so far!

  • Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!

The only sad thing was killing off Kyung Mi at the beginning of chapter 4 :( I miss her!

samy12 This Drama is beyond amazing One of the best It's a must see

huna this drama is so fantastic , the correct cast , plot , n everything about this drama is very amazing , but i hope this drama have the next sequel , i hope more love story beetween shi hyun , soo min , n hyung min , therefore i will always wait cruel city 2 , i wish this drama will be continued , thats all , thx

Sunny Every second of this drama was worth watching. There was never a point I felt bored. I anticipated every second and once it ended, I felt a bit empty despite all the emotions that swept over me as I watched this series. I wanted more of Jung Shi Hyun, Soo, Jin Sook, Ji Hyung Min, and Moon Duk Bae. They were the ones who left the deepest impression on me. I didn't care much for the romance because this wasn't what the drama was about, anyway. This drama was amazing. It was heartbreaking, yet I still love it.

Remeechan Awesome,, Amazing,, Daebaaak ~~~ Totally recommended.

ana this is just great!..I'm hoping/wishing for a second season just like vampire prosecutor.,

angie the only word to describe this drama is ''amazing'' this is indeed the best drama of the year. i read from reviews about the tragic ending, for the first time it didn't stop me from watching. this is a must watch for all. amazing amazing and amazing.

xrutti I wish to see season 2 , but with the main guy too!!

sweetdramas I wish there was season 2, BUT is has to be the main guy though or else....Hm....? idk if i'll watch it.

sweetdramas OMG!!!! this has got to be one of the best drama ever!!! I don't really like dramas with drugs and gangster. No matter what I just can't keep up at with it. My attention span is probably up to 2/3 eps, but dang! this one was awesome!!!

OH and the main dude it to die for!!! Just to good looking! I dreamed of him after watching this. LOLOLOL

paper I love love love loved this drama :) Totally recommend it to all. I don't get why people are calling it a "melodrama" but its far from that~ its so much more. It is by far the best kdrama I have watched in 2013. The plot was so tight, the characters were superbly utilised and the acting & directing was FANTASTIC. For people who are craving something to fill the empty void check out Banshee (US tv-show) & Two weeks the new kdrama.

Anywho~ the only thing that I didn't fully enjoy was the last episode... oh and all the censoring BS that went on (there better be a fracking boxset of this coming out for me to purchase! preferably blu-ray release~ i'm even willing to fork out money for the super expensive japanese release [prays to the powers that be that there will be one]). I'm all for what they did but it would have been more meaningful if they gave.... the proper sendoff. Then again I think they pulled a Vampire Prosecutor on us and all is well with the world. I really hope thats what they did... it sure as heck looked/felt like it.

Oh and this show is best watched in one go~ you really really really need to have all episodes on hand otherwise you will be pulling your hairs out ;o Oh and have lots of tissues on hand and Hot chocolate or preferred alcohol of choice.

pearl JKH became "Polat Alemdar"!

reza wow , beautiful ... :(

lillia I loved this drama very much! The story line was interesting and each episode had some surprise element. I agree with others that they could've done a better job with Soo Min. I personally liked her acting but her character needed more depth. I liked that in this drama they equally showed the weakness and strength of the lead.I also wish they didn't kill the's showing a pattern in all dramas now. Anyways, LOVED every single actor in this drama and i vote this the best drama of 2013!!! <3

gora This is the best drama for 2013. Its my number 1 korean drama of all time! Love it for JKH's superb acting. Love it for the great actors, cinematography, tight directing. Over all what a wonderful drama. Absolutely fantastic. No words can describe the beauty of this drama!!! Thanks jtbc for giving as a drama of superb quality! LOVE IT!

lembukamu the best of kdrama 2013 HEARTLESS CITY.... I am very saddened by the final episode,I hope final episode happy endding... ihope next season still hero and heroin hc 2013....

ruby hate the ending. tx

Diena I loved nam gyu ri in this drama. She is so pretty. I want to see nam gyu ri and jung kyung ho in another drama or movie together because in this show ı could not see love :( I was n waiting love actually . What ever tis drama is awesome. I didn't like the final episode. İt is normal. I really hate ending all kdramas. Writers can t able to write final episodes ı guess :)

addylovesbwood Hope it's not too early to call this 2013's best drama!!

Razon I watched cruel city IN 1 DAY! I fell in love with the main actor because he did an amazing job and he really pulled me in to watch more of it! I wish it didn't end the way it did ..... Sometimes we need a happy ending .... too bad we didn't get one here :) I really enjoyed watching this drama

Lena Heartless/Cruel City was DAEBAK!

I just wished they had made the ending stronger because Shi-Hyun had suffered so much. I felt he deserved better! Hopefully a CC Season 2 but has to be same characters.

CC and Shark finale just made me sank. =( But I still love both dramas and totally recommended. =)

Desire Tonight, I finished watching two nice dramas –SHARK and HEARTLESS CITY- they both had nice stories and ended up so sad but also lovely. I really feel good when the dramas I love most end in a way I enjoy. SAD or HAPPY ending doesn’t matter for me, I just care about how my beloved heroes may end up. Kim Nam-Gil (Yi-Soo), Jung Kyung-Ho (Shi-Hyun) and Yoon Hyun-min (Hyun-Soo) acting was superb and touching.

Queen13 I didn't expect a good ending but I was hoping for a decent one at least

The ending leaves alot of questions. The writer shouldn't have ended it like that. So many deaths!!!  And *spoiler**********our favorite character too. Doc.

choi such a waste its getting boring toward the ending

Kelly Tan It's the best Korean drama in 2013. Can't wait until next week to see ep 19 & ep 20. Jung Kyung Ho is the best actor in 2013

Laura This drama is awesome , ı love watching it but ı need more romance please :) I was waiting a love triangle (between soo min hyang min and shi hyun) but it won t be happen I guess :( Last 4 episodes and I have a hope to see more romance. Crime crime crime when it s will be end ?

chaca really like this dramaa,, shin hyung and han soo min i hope happy ending :)

Lana I loved this drama! Jung Kyung Ho is the best actor ı have seen ! I watched him in Smile.You too . But in this drama he is really different and cool. Nam Gyu Ri I loved her acting too! (I wont say something about her beauty because everybody Knows it) Best couple ever . They havent have many screen times like another kdrama couples but them chemistry , ıt makes me addicted to this drama. Last 4 episodes. I would more screen time for this couple please!

setareh Jung Kyung Ho is the best his acting ..make me so suprize...

i like his character hee soo powerful react and actor in this drama i liked him :-*

tasha This is the BEST DRAMA EVER for 2013 Jung Kyung-Ho really did his best n manage to bring the character alive and other actors n actress too did an amazing job....I really like how they leave the audience wandering what's happening next in each and every episode....It is a well plan drama...Thanks to all the production team and cast 4 the great work <3

Alafe i usually don't comment here but i just have to say 'Cruel City" is the most impressive drama in 2013. Others are so alike..........

CICI I LOVE "CRUEL CITY"! It's exciting, has gripping twists and turns, fantastic acting and the best music ever!! If you like action balanced with mystery, emotion and some great martial arts scenes from Jung Kyung Ho, I think you'll love this as much as I do. I also think that Nam Gyu Ri was perfectly cast as an inexperienced undercover cop and she is beautiful and "believable" in her acting along with so many others. I look anxiously look forward to each week's episodes.

vannyrath i'm really like this drama ,Great drama 2013 ,love Nam Gyu Ri and Jung kyung ho !!!!!!!!!!!!! heartles city ( FIGHTING ) the best drama...........................

Dalal This drama makes me speechless.. The brilliance of the story, the excellent performance of all the cast, the breath taking direction and the strong dialoges all of these make me speechless every time I watch a new episode. One of the best dramas in it love it . I am an Arabic viewer who fell in love with korean dramas and korean people . Chommal kamsahaminda hankok saram dul..sarangaheyo

Nam Gyu Ri I started this drama because of Nam Gyu Ri. I thinking like that:Eventually smart woman in korean drama. But I was disappointed. Writer doesn t care her character. Just ı want to say something, lead role is not just jung kyung ho. I want to see smart yoon soo min. Whatever, still like this drama .

Nidnoi Great drama of the year 2013. Jung kyung ho is so awesome. His acting is really great. In the right time he can choose the very good drama when he came back the military. I hope he will choose the good drama for his next role like this.

Siska Just a few months ago I look at Korean series, but it's perfect for me ... Fast, exciting, great actors! Like it...

cha really like his drama,, :)

nice I just wish they can extend this drama with 4more episode that will be very enjoyable, for a long time i have never feel like this about Korean drama.hope for a happy ending so that when it ends i can come back and rewatch it again. good for you screenwriter I think you know what you are doing just give us a happy ending that will keep this drama a memorable one,which you can always recommend to any one who wishes to watch a good drama, please no sad ending.

Thandy I absolutely love this drama , can't wait until the next episode . The lead is so awesome.

astrijjj arggh..can't wait for next monday know identity yoon so min,that made me crazy x.x

Nana the best drama i have seen this year so far, i love the characters, plot and how every week it leaves you with wanting to see more. i specially love the twist on episode 10 gosh who would have imagined that. But what i am wondering more is how Shi-Hyun going to escape. I guess i'll just have to wait for Monday. For any one that is reading this i swear to you that if ur thinking of watching this drama u wont regretted trust me, this drama is full of surprises and intense feelings. You shouldn't miss it. Can't wait for Monday :(

Ceyda I loved this drama. I really want to see love of yoon soo min and Doc son. We have to watch this drama.

Ceyda I loved this drama! I think this drama is the best korean drama. Because it is really different from others,we can find everything in life in this drama.

gerald This the one of the best drama of 2013.

Maggie Didn't think I would enjoy Cruel City, but boy was i wrong! It is absolutely fantastic with all the plot twists and the incredible acting! A must see!

Dorsa the ending song has been sung by KIM YONG JIN (김용진) and the title is WOUND (상처)

taskoo i love this drama

name of song : Cruel City Ending Song

link youtube :

elicit This show is on a whole 'nother level!

Lee Re Na One of the best dramas out there. Seriously, I never thought I would enjoy this drama so much until I finished the first episode. The best thing about it, is that it continues to be entertaining, you never get bored, plus Jung Kyung-Ho is so hot and badass. I love the fact that this drama is so different then any other drama I've watched.

I am seriously obsessed with this drama and can't wait for the new episoded!

eun won i like the ending song, what the title of the song?

DC This show is amazing. It's on a whole different level. It gives you a different feel and vibe. I feel like even if this show didn't have a romance angle Doc son would have carried it all the way. This drama best of the year. Best Kdrama in my opinion.

Anso Whats the song At the end of the episode.??? Could someone tell me the name ?? Thank u.

hwa Does anyone know the name of the ending song?? ;/

ixtyjjang Waa~ I'm shipping Kyung Ho - Gyuri couple now. They're too cute on instyle photo shoot.

ohminji Anyone know the name of the ending theme? It's so good!

urmonstar i love this drama, at first i dont like jung kyung ho in princess ja myung go, but watching him in cruel city,, im INLOVE WITH HIM, cant wait for other episodes

Hwa Just watched the first episode and whoa.. I'm in awe! great acting!

ixtyjjang Watched Heartless City Episode 1 & 2 for @kyurin1022 Gyuri unni. All in all I saw her 4 times, 3 times in 1st episode including preview and once in 2nd episode preview. I'm getting impatient to see unni already.

suju4life I have been waiting forever for Nam Gyu Ri to be a leading lady again. I missed her acting. So excited :D

zana wow....oppa is acting with unni~~~~ love it!!!! cant wait for this drama >.<

sue finally ..Jung Kyung-Ho & Nam Gyu-Ri together ^^

shopie my prince charming!!!!!

shillz yeppeyyyyyyyyyyy! nam gyu ri is back..........

Hwa Finally Jung Kyung-Ho Oppa is back!!! can't wait for this drama! *-*

ruby love name gyu-ri so much, FIGHTIN'!!!!^^

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