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  • Drama: Her Legend (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Geunyeoui Shinhwa
  • Hangul: 그녀의 신화
  • Director: Lee Seung-Ryeol
  • Writer: Kim Jung-A
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: August 5 - October 8, 2013
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Do Jin-Hoo (Kim Jeong-Hoon) is the successor to the top Korean fashion brand. The fate of two women change as their lives cross paths with the man who has everything.

In 1996, 9-year-old Jung-Soo (later played by Choi Jung-Won) lives with her mother Hye-Jung (Choi Soo-Rin). Jung-Soo doesn't have a father or relatives, but she is a positive and bright girl.

One day, her mother is diagnosed with liver cancer. Hye-Jung knows that she doesn't have much time left to live. She takes her daughter Jung-Soo and goes see Soo-Ho (Jeon No-Min) at Shinhwa Company. Soo-Ho is Hye-Jung's first love. She is unable to tell Soo-Ho anything and passes away. Jung-Soo is left all alone. At that time, Jung-Soo's uncle takes her to his home, but her uncle is in bad financial shape. Jung-Soo is also given the cold shoulder by her uncle's wife. Later, Jung-Soo meets Do-Young (Kim Hye-Sun). Do-Young and her husband Jong-Wook (Kim Byeong-Se) want to have a baby, but they are not able to do so. Do-Young decides to adopt Jung-Soo.


  1. "Her Myth" takes over the JTBC Mondays & Tuesdays 21:50 time slot previously occupied by "Cruel City" and will be followed by "Your Neighbor's Wife on October 14, 2013.


Her Legend-Choi Jung-Won.jpg Kim Jeong-Hoon Her Legend-Son Eun-Seo.jpg Her Legend-Park Yoon-Jae.jpg
Choi Jung-Won Kim Jeong-Hoon Son Eun-Seo Park Yoon-Jae
Eun Jung-Soo Do Jin-Hoo Kim Seo-Hyun / Eun Kyung-Hee Kang Min-Ki
Her Legend-Choi Soo-Rin.jpg Her Legend-Maeng Sang-Hun.jpg Her Legend-Jeon Su-Kyeong.jpg Her Legend-Jang Tae-Seong.jpg Her Legend-Pyeon Jung-Hye.jpg
Choi Soo-Rin Maeng Sang-Hun Jeon Su-Kyeong Jang Tae-Seong Pyeon Jung-Hye
Eun Hye-Jung Eun Ki-Jung Kim Mi-Yeon Eun Kyung-Ho Yeo Sook-Kyung
Her Legend-Kim Seong-Kyeom.jpg Her Legend-Kim Byeong-Se.jpg Her Legend-Kim Hye-Sun.jpg Her Legend-Jeon No-Min.jpg Her Legend-Shim Eun-Jin.jpg
Kim Seong-Kyeom Kim Byeong-Se Kim Hye-Sun Jeon No-Min Shim Eun-Jin
Do Kyung-Chul Kim Jong-Wook Woo Do-Young Choi Soo-Ho Koo So-Young
Her Legend-Jin Ye-Sol.jpg Her Legend-Jin Seong.jpg Her Legend-Na Hyun-Joo.jpg Her Legend-Yoon Chae-Yi.jpg Her Legend-Kang Da-Bin.jpg
Jin Ye-Sol Jin Seong Na Hyun-Joo Yoon Chae-Yi Kang Da-Bin
Yoo A-Ra Jegal Yong-Sam Ko Eun-Joo Song Jin-Kyung Park Jong-Min

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Kim This drama has a good story. I love mrs woo and Jung soo relationship. It made me cry.

liame i love the this drama! though im very disappointed on its ending,, like "say what? thats it?!" but still i salute the actors and writers.

jaja I seriously love this drama! I stopped watching this when the lawyer came to kyung hee's house and they introduced kyung hee as jung soo. I thought i will be annoyed for the rest of the drama since the protagonist is the one who usually get bullied. but i love how they turn things upside down. and i love kyung hee's expression whenever she meet jung soo. the face that i want to slap. srsly. HA HA HA haven't finished it though.

Maida I really liked this drama. Especially since the two main characters characteristics although based on kdrama cliche become astrayed from that which brought out a sense of freshness. Also, I found the ending really fitting because it should the girl who had so many difficulties achieving her dream actually fulfilling it at the end.

merft Drama is very beautiful but lacking the end, I did not like the bad guys did not take the punishment, especially her uncle wife this woman evil venom raises more than her daughter, and also you want to see the two protagonists get married I think that there must be another part, because there are things that are still stuck

P D'art Why they did not win any 2013 Drama Awards if the drama was very entertaining from the beginning to the end, additional the cast members are professionals. they deserve an award for they job.

Sulsahshaff I'm stil wtchin Her Legend en ryt nw em in eps. 8 i lyk dh drama buh sumtymx itx xo loathxme 2 fink dht it goex 2geda wid glass mask...anywayx i hpe i enjoy it mre...

Vicky Bad ending..Son Eun seo still live happy..she should be punish for what she did..She was always bad to Choi Jun Won. How her adopt parents can forgive what she did...She lie to them during 9 years...They raise a liar in their house and still accepted her at the end. Just stupid ending. I guess the lesson of this movie is even you do bad thing nothing happened to you.

Aaralyn They NEED to have a sequel to this! I mean what happened? Did anyone get married? Did Min Ki get to America?

Magdalena The story is nice from the beginning to the end. The actor and actress is also okay. But I would rather say that Jung Soo is more compatible with Min Ki instead if paired with Jin Hoo. As Jin Hoo's face looks younger that Jung Soo. So it is better if the main actor played by Min Ki. I think the love chemistry between Jung Soo and Min Ki is more powerful than with Jin Hoo. Well, overall the story is okay and nice to watch, though the ending is only ordinary... Fighthing...

shf They should have showed more of Jung-soo at the end than the biatch Kyung-hee, also. The thing about Son Eun-soo is that she plays too much of the same character, but she's really pretty, so it's not hateful enough and she always is written a really nice ending; stupidity on the writer's part! I really like Choi Choi Jung-Won and Kim Jeong-Hoon, so I hope to watch more of their work, but I don't care much for Son Eun-seo's work.

shf I'm so tired of Son Eun-seo playing the same characters over and over. Her character is similar to the one she played in May Queen, who didn't get punished either. I only liked this drama for the Main actor and actresses and the supporting mail character, who is Chae-rim's brother. UGH! This drama was frustrating, especially the ending. Kyung-hee should have gotten the boot!!

mimi I loved this drama, so simple love story...Kim jeong Hoon, he looks good in all his attire...very handsome..he acted well and the Choi Jung Won, she is pretty, she acted well....although not perfect acting but still it was one of the best drama ever...

Jang good drama. but i thought Do Ji Hoon must appear more because he is main actor.

Paula Love the show but the ending was lacking.

Anto Very bad ending... There was too much built up and they waited until the last episode to reveal everything which made everything half hearted.. The cousin and aunt are horrible but they get like no punishment and are easily forgiven when they don't even feel like they did anything wrong. This drama taught me to ruin people's lives because their too stupid to g revenge. Th romantic maybe shouldn't have been there... Because it was also awkward and rushed.. Maybe it's because I watch a lot of good k-dramas that I have seen how good writers can make a wonderful beginning (slow middle sometimes) and for filling end.. This show did not do any of that except lure you in with cute kids and a small backstory making you think OH it's a revenge drama BUT no it's half baked.. And I suggest you know ahead of time that the ending will be rushed, things will keep being added in until episode 19 and then at ep 20, it's like.. "That was it?". I wasted my time with this show and didn't even get to see good revenge, they should have started making things get resolved at episode 18 or 19 at least! Anyways they need to take some notes from ice adonis about revenge plots LOL, I honestly felt disappointed in the ending especially when the beginning was so good, that I waited each week for a new episode just to see it progress with each episode getting worst.

mama in other site, we are many who loves this drama...although not perfect but still we enjoyed this drama..and we loved Kim Jeong Hoon , still handsome ever and acts well and Choi Jung Woo, still pretty..she acted well also......we are all here to feel and enjoy the drama...just relax and don't be affected because those lead actor/sctress are popular already and they are loved by many ..sorry haters,,,peace...

farah there is really a lot of scene which were super bad..for example When the doctors was trying to revive Grandpa Do with defibrillator, DJH was holding his grandpa's hand and he had his hands on grandpa's tummy when the doctors tried the 2nd time. Also, the doctor did not shout "clear" when he started to use the defibrillator. That's probably why he cried so much... he got electrocuted . LOL :-D Sorry, but the crying scene at the beginning of episode 17 had me laughing. It was a little over the top in the acting department. I usually watch the first couple of minutes skip to the middle then skip to the end lol Bottom line, Jung Soo & Min Ki just have WAY better chemistry!! I can forgive a lot of things in a drama but lack of chemistry is soo painful!! Like, i've seen & liked the main guy in other dramas and really liked him... this one not so much.

i hate the way jung soo cries xD... and the kiss scene was the worst kiss ever... it was so sloppy and chaotic...sometimes this drama is too much

Kay @Farah, no clue about the brother. The last you see of him is at the hospital. Oh well, "Damm the torpedoes, full speed ahead." On to the next KDrama!

farah Was that the ending? That there cousin of hers should have died in the ending....LOL..She should have gone back to her real parents..This really sucks....What a crappy ending there wasn't any punishment to Kyung Hee and her parents.I was not happy with the ending. They could have done a better job!...And the idiot cousin runs off to a church to "confess"? What a hot mess of a show!

What ever happened to the brother? lol did I miss something?

Kay Ok, like are kidding me with that ending? That scene where JS and JH are eating the ice cream. What ridiculousness was that? And Soo Hoo in a straw hat gardening? Mostly I am disappointed that all the nasties didn't pay the price for all of the misery that was caused to others. Look at that poor girl in The Secret, she does nothing wrong and receives a S--t load of punishment. I'm trying to figure out the message these writers are sending out.

Armus I agree with Wen and Kay both and many of the other commentators. The series was hurried and there was no justice for anyone that was guilty of a wrongdoing. The director wasn't doing his job very well and they poorly portrayed many of the characters (especially Mrs. Woo), yet the actors were very interesting and entertaining at times. The love story just didn't fit well and the writers must have been incompetent in writing good storyline because the whole sequence of events around their relationship felt disjointed. I did like the explanations of making purses and treating leathers that are an integral part of the fashion industry, so that is the best thing about the series for me. I would not recommend watching this series because of the terrible ending alone!

Wen The final 2 episodes were so disappointing with limited coverage on Jung soo and mrs. Woo. Ridiculous for her aunt and uncle to just appear and blame foster parent for kyung hee's chest pain. Just a chest pain for 8 years of lies is really hardly enough. I like that they are forgiving but there should at least be more resentment. And nobody knew about her lies and countless attempts to sabotage Jung Soo. Overload of depressing scenes and too few happy scene. It's happy in the end but happier bits seem too short.

Kay I pity the actors that commit themselves to projects that show their worst acting skills. To see them in other roles doing a better job and then seeing them flub up in this series, is disheartening. This was a rushed drama towards the last few episodes.. It reminded me of When a Man Loves, in that respect. The problem with these scripts is the actors don't know how the drama will enfold over time. Maybe they wouldn't choose to do the thing in the first place. Oh well, let's all act like this was a worthwhile drama.

lour this is one of the best korean love story...a happy ending...simple...they acted well although not perfect performance but still...the story line is interesting, funny and the whole drama ...it is worth watching....

Hibye Totally disappointed from this drama, i liked the main lead from her previous drama(picked from the stars) and i thought i d like this one too.The script just common,rushed and boring,the acting imo really bad from the main and second leads...It is funny that this drama is playing same hour as Good Doctor..i don't dare to compare

ren Actually, we watched korean drama if the actor is handsome and the actress is pretty, then if the first episode is interesting...then we go for it...honestly..kim jeong hoon was popular already, aside from he is cute/handsome..he can act well also...and the actress choi jung won, she is totally beautiful, also famous and managed to performed her craft well...in this drama..in my opinion..the main actor/actress..they are both unexperienced lovers..so they acted as for the first time...that is why..for me it is funny, entertaining and indeed it is a simple story..

11Shadows I just finished watching ep 19 and I have to say I am a bit worried. All the major reveals will occur tomorrow how can they pack all that into 1 episode except if it is going to be a 2hour special. I cant believe I love this show

Mary Her Legend episode 17 where Jon-ho's grandfather was dying and the doctor administered the shock, Jin-ho had his hand on his grandfather's chest as well. He should've been electricuted/ shocked as well. I was in tears laughing because of this silly part.

emman The drama revolves around the fate of two women who shift their life's

QQ Hahaha...a better title will be Who Orders this truckload of Dung? This is the title of a book from my Master!!! ^___________^ Jung Soo is really a divine being, and of mythological quality like Unicorn!!! She is far more gullible than Agnes of Despicable Me. ^___________^

QQ On second thought, Pursuit of happiness means one is always chasing after happiness. I think it is best to enjoy the power of Now and called the drama Serendipity or Mindful way to Happiness (i.e. Enjoying the present moment).

QQ Pursuit of Happiness? Purse and bag is a different thing. May be the drama should be called Embroidery Bag. That's what Jung Soo named after her company, rather than Her Legend. It is really nothing legendary about Jung Soo. What I can see of her is simple-minded, naïve and gullible. She has been selling bags on the street since high school, but yet not street-wise at all!! That's called poor script!!!

Kay New title (with a play on the word "pursuit" (see below) using the word purse (handbag)------IN PURSE-SUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Pursuit n. 1. The act or an instance of chasing or pursuing. 2. The act of striving 3. An activity, such as a vocation or hobby, engaged in regularly.

QQ Happy Ending (1) Jung Soo used the share from Grandpa and the % holding of the Ajushi (through share swap with SK Trading) & Jin Hoo inheritance from his grandpa to form a simple majority control Shinhwa. Do Jin Hoo will be parked at the corner office, sucking dummy and making cucumber kimchi (2) Min-Ki will be with the new designer that Jung Soo recruited for her "Jumbo" Chi. (3) Kyung Hee will go to jail for her collusion to defraud Shinhwa with the craftsman (4) Kyung Hee will also go to jail for her fraudulent practice that causing Jung Soo to be kicked out of Shinwha the first time. (5) Jung Soo's biological father will be sent to jail too for orchestrating an insider trading to acquire Shinhwa shares. (6) Jung Soo's friend will turn out friendly with Jung Soo's male cousin (7) Kyung Hee's mom will be sent to monastery to do chanting.

Here is what I have written when watching Episode 15 but have never posted anywhere:

How Do Jin Hoo is going to maintain a majority control of Shinhwa? I am trying to work out the rationale as to why Do Jin Hoo is buying into KyungHee's proposal of a contractual engagement. If you do have any idea, please provide your thoughts. Based on my understanding of Episode 16, it seems that during the formation of Luna JV between Shinhwa and SK Trading (KyungHee's adoptive parents company), Do Jin Hoo's grandfather has either (1) pledged quite a significant number of shares of Shinhwa to SK Trading (Option 1); or (2) entered into a share swap deal with SK Trading (Option 2). If it is Option 1, it means that Shinhwa has had some rather serious cashflow problem prior to Luna JV. It was hoping that Luna will turn the company around. It also means that SK Trading was the one that has provided the initial seed capital, rather than Shinhwa. If it is Option2, I can see some creative ways to help solving Do Jin Hoo's crisis rather than having him "selling" himself to KyungHee. Either options, Shinhwa is a listed company, it will have to abide by the listing rules, and has had independent investment bankers to have structured the deal during the Luna formation. Hence, if Shinhwa's legal team (as suggested by Min-Ki) had already switched their loyalty to the CEO, Do Jin-Hoo could always call upon the investment bankers and its legal team that put together the Luna deal to assist him. However, the Head of the Strategic Planning and Development seems rather lost? With either option, It is unlikely that the Shinhwa shares is being held personally by KyungHee. KyungHee may be the designated person from SK Trading to oversee the Luna Project, but ultimately, the key decision maker should be her deceased adoptive grandfather who had signed the deal. Given that it is the adoptive father who is now the captain of SK Trading, it is unlikely that KyungHee could possibly lending the shares to anyone. If she does, she will be violating the listing rules. It is still not a civil offence, and far from getting her accountable for criminal offence. Nevertheless, there are circumstances involved her collusion with the craftsman that could put her on the borderline of criminal offence, and have her locked up for at least 6 months. The easy way out for Do Jin-Hoo is to buy time i.e. ask the Stock Exchange to suspend the shares of Shinhwa by giving a one sentence - significant event involved the JV. This way, the CEO could not initiate any General Offer to the shareholders and could not purchase or sell any shares in the market. In reality, the changes of a CEO initiating a hostile takeover of a company is indeed very slim. A management buyout is more likely. But, in dramaland it all seems too likely to happen. It is going to happen when the Chairman passes away in Episode 17. The reason I said there will be virtually impossible in reality is that there will always be "unknown" nominees holding those shares for the Chairman. "Unknown" nominees to the public, but "known" to the Chairman. Given that it is a family business, and his son has passed away, with only Do Jin-Hoo as the heir apparent, it is very unlikely for the Chairman to trust the CEO 100%; despite he sweat himself for Shinhwa for the last 30 years. He is still an employee, perhaps with less than 2% shares of Shinhwa. In reality, when an employee holds more than 2% shareholding company, the owner will do a share dilusion by either consolidating the par value, issue warrants or carefully calculated bonus share issue or share buyback through the market to increase the controlling shareholding. In normal circumstances, on paper, Do family is the major shareholders of Shinhwa (say 30%), but in reality, Do family will always hold more than 51% to gain controlling interest of Shinhwa. Another 21%+ will hold by "unknown" nominees through several BVI companies. No one will know, except Do Jin Hoo and the grandpa. The company secretary (internal and external) and the legal counsels (internal and external) will know, especially the person who will handle the grandpa's will. Do Jin Hoo will know the combination to the safe that kept those documents. In case of a crisis, Do Jin Hoo will be using those shares as a weapon to counter attack. Many tricks should have already been given to Do Jin Hoo in his formative years of the counter attack tactics. However, this baby Cumcumber Kimchi Do seems extremely naive and has no financial intelligence at all. In the worst case scenario, he can pledge the shares with selected bankers. Grandpa would have told him which bankers to approach. Alternatively, he will suspend the shares, make a general offer and bring the company to private. This way, he will sure wouldn't lose Shinhwa to anyone. But, a better approach will be start to acquire shares in the market, and push the share price up, and subsequently sell it to the CEO (who will panic) and buy more because his shareholding is diluting and he can't conduct a takeover. It is at this juncture Do Jin Hoo should sell the shares to him at a high price, and have him holding the baby. ^___________^ Then, we will definitely have an extension for this drama!!!

QQ @Kay The name of the drama should be called "Big Deception" or "True Lies" or "The Biggest Idiot in the Kdramaland" or "Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me; Fool Me Thrice, Shame on ??"

Kay Well, now I have another week to think about what ep. 17 and 18 will evolve into. The stress level of a few of these characters is off the charts. I predict another hospitilztion, more people running hither, thither, and yon, a boatload of tears, more boozing, and of course, more lies. Writers, I hope you have a sweet little girl lined up for MK. I was just thinking, there needs to be a new title for this drama other than Her Legend. Can't quite put my finger on what that would be just yet.

QQ In fact, I find Choi Jung Won's chemistry and the ajuhma is good. I really thought both women is going to kiss during their reunion.

But, on second thought, it is best they don't. It is not because it is considered obscure for Korean cable TV standard, but it is more so that that ajuhma is a porn star. If you have watched Perfect Partner, you will know what I meant.

I just find it hard to accept that she is so innocent in this drama, which is a big contrast to her role in Perfect Partner. No doubt, she did a good job in Jewel in the Palace as little Lee Young Ae's mommy, but yet, she is Michel's big sister in Famous Princesses. Without prejudice of her being a porn star, but I think the casting of the actress that portrayed the ajuhma is just rather odd.

QQ @Kay No such person left in this world, for sure. Even Princess Yeon of the Kingdom of the Winds (portrayed by Choi Jung Won), a figure who is very much older than the Christ or the Buddha appears far more sensible than Jung Soo. Jung Soo is simply a reincarnation of a gullible angelic soul from a level higher than heaven. After successfully buying into all the deceptions and resuming the name of Kyung Hee, she will indeed make a legend for herself as the biggest idiot in the kdrama land. ^o^

QQ I find it rather strange to have the PD not calling it NG for Choi Jung Won's cow-like crying at one hand, and on the other hand, you have Kim John Hoon kissing a moo-moo cow. It is simply unspeakable for a guy to kiss a crying holy cow!!!

QQ @pinkqueen Kim John Hoon is just pure lucky to have acted in Goon, that make him well-known among Japanese obasan. His acting is very much more to desire (diplomatic way of saying it is sucks big time).

He is like Bae Yoon Jung or Choi Jung Woo who had had very little talent in acting. But, had made it big in Japan, just because of one drama hit.

QQ @pinkqueen: I have checked youtube for the specific kissing scene for Kim John Hoon. It is a copycat version of Killing Me Softly. I see no spark, just a guy rushing to F a girl. That's all. He is neither a good singer (could not compose any song, play any musical instrument well or dance), nor act. I think he is best to go back to medical school to complete his dentistry.

You should check up the bubble gum kiss in Brain.

pinkqueen @QA, if you watched Kim Jeong Hoon on I Need Romance, I don't think you will think this way.

Kay Are there really people like Jung Soo? People who go through all this hardship and still carry on with a hardworking, cheerful manner? If so, the Pope needs to recognize them for sainthood. As for the other flat out nasty folks of this world, Dante's inferno is saving a place for you.

Kay Are there really people like Jung Soo? People who go through all this hardship and still carry on with a hardworking, cheerful and "carry on with it" manner? If so, the Pope needs to recognize them for sainthood. As for the other flat out nasty folks of this world, Dante's inferno is saving a place for you!

QA Jung Soo is an idiot for sure. Telling lies and helping Kyung Hee making her deception more perfect. I kind of wonder, how she is going to become a legendary figure as what the drama title suggested. She is not only dumb, but stupid at times, and definitely acting idiotic that can match the maths genius Do Jin Hoo. Both are heavenly made couple!!!! ^0^

QA I have just watched Ep 17 & 18. Kim John Hoon needs to improve his acting. He is one of the weakest link in the drama. No sensual kissing, even he tries so hard. Look at how Shin Ha Kyun kissed the girl in Brain. It is electrifying. This Kim John Hoon kissed and kissed, still no fire!! Get lost!!

gado Just finished ep.15....Eun Jung-soo is such an idiot for getting played all the time it's getting fn annoying! It looks like she's going to be left holding the bag until the last episode!

Kay I don't even think the character of Jin Ho can last 32 episodes. The guy looks like he is in torment 24/7. We haven't seen him scribbling his math lately so I'm assuming the calculations aren't working for him so the next best thing to do is drink yourself into a stupor. Poor guy. As the old Beatle song goes, "All You Need is Love." Also, I am ready for these young guys to lower their pant leg and wear sox. Whoever thought that looked fashionable and cool mut have been someone who had to wear hand me downs and didn't own a pair of sox. Do I need to mention that Kyung Hee needs to learn how to act surprised, terrified, or angry without using her bugged out eyes?!

Someone28 Only 20 episodes nnnnnoooo =( … i want more!!!!… 10 more episodes please ^_^ Please Please This is such a great drama <3 Two more weeks until this drama ends =(

katherine a .... i can't even wait for 20 episodes.. (.. as much as i like to watch JH.. do i really like to watch 32 eps../ as it is it's killing us/me.. the waiting.. /haha - figure of speech..)

Kay I hope you're right, Joe, this drama is exhausting me! I'll get hospitalized for stress before Kyung Hee does!

Kay "It's hard to hate someone you love." So says Min Ki in Ep. 16. This clue refers to the relationship of not only Jung Soo and and Jin Hoo but now, it's being hinted at, Min Ki and Kyung Hee. Earlier in this drama, Kyung Hee was hospitalized with stress. Of course, we can see she'll be stressed to the max with this adoption disclosure. My hope is that she has a heart attack and croaks, but of course, the writers will probably use this opportunity to allow this character to come to her senses and come clean, and ask for forgiveness. And there will be kindhearted Min Ki ready to scoop her up into his arms---yuk! In another foretelling, because Min Ki stated to Jin Hoo, words to the effect that even if Soo Ho was his father, he would still be against him in that rat bastard's effort to take over Shinwa. Just as Jin Hoo's father was incompetent to run the business, so is Jin Hoo (lack of interest, incompetence), but his friend, who he depended on,Soo Ho,was. Does that not sound like the development that is happening between Jin Hoo and Min Ki? So in the end, Min Ki, instead of his father, who I believe is Soo Ho, Min Ki will get to run the company. (Remember the scene in the hospital where Jin Hoo is all too ready to give up his rights to running the company?). Anyway, just a few thoughts. I hope some of my predictions are wrong because it would take all the joy out of watching these dramas if I can figure out how the episodes will develop.

Joe I just read that there is 20 episodes....can't wait to see the rest!!!

Kay Zing,

I read there will be 32 episodes. Enough time for:

Jung Soo to become a celebrated handbag designer Jung Soo and Jin Hoo to get together Jung Soo to find out who her real father and half brother are For the Kims to finally reunite with their intended adoptive daughter, Jung Soo For the grandfather to accept Jung Soo And--- For the 2 wicked witches of the West to get their comeuppance (although I find too often the nasty characters are forgiven!)

Zing @ Kay, Loved your comment! I so wish the aunt and kyung hee to suffer miserably, not to mention their annoying attitudes. BTW, how many episodes will be there for this drama, any idea?

Ku The drama is so interesting, I like to watch it. I think it is the real thing that who act something, the result would be them to get. I think Jung Soo is would get better future.

Katie Jung Soo better get a happy ending! Korean dramas really suck for endings! And the aunt, I hope she gets what she deserves, Kyung hee too....and that is something nasty to happen to them!

lour I love this drama...very interesting...exciting and funny...the lead actor/actress, I like them both...pretty choi jung won and handsome kim jeong hoon...they act well...nice drama

Kay Dear Emma,

I have been through scores of these dramas and that's why one can predict what will happen in the end. Do Jin Ho is a character to be pitied and rooted for. Rich, for sure, but an orphan with an over bearing grandfather. He deals with life issues through math computation. Don't you think Jin Ho deserves to have happiness? He is cute in a way, in that he is immature in expressing his passionate, one sided love. Kang Min Ki is good looking, has personality, and is mature. He would have no problem having any girl. Losing Eun Jung Soo wouldn't be the greatest catastrophe in his life. As for the other 2 nasty twits, though it's not gonna happen, I'd like to see them banished to some isolated island where they can get on each others nerves till the day they die. Uncle needs a spine and the brother needs a brain. Maybe they need to visit the Wizard of Oz!

Emma I love this drama so much. I really hope that Eun-Jung Soo will be with Kang Min-Ki. They should be together. I hope the ending of this drama will not be dissapointed

John Even though this is a very transparent story from the beginning with over the top characters (evil Aunt and selfish cousin in this case ... spineless Uncle... clueless main character who wises up and gets nasty....) it is well acted and never boring. It is certainly not one of the best, but still worth watching so far anyway.

Kay This is one of those many dramas that choose extreme villains to carry the suspense along. It's exhausting to watch how those around these evil characters become such spineless wimps. We all know, even before this drama ends that the main character will end up with the guy she least likes. This drama devise also keeps the suspense going. Seriously, there must be a template in creating these stories. From the IV drips to the eavesdropping, to the sour faced boy with more brains and income, getting the poor, clumsy, bright natured girl----who may be an orphan, have wicked family members, or has undergone other traumatic life events. But why are so many people hooked on these dramas? I ask myself that all the time. Maybe after I see a couple of hundred more stories I'll be able to figure this out!

Jay Who plays Do Jin-Hoo when he was a teenager?

mariz i some how feel like jung soo and min ki are half siblings

plsherratt She needs to end up with Min Ki! She always turns to him and look at all he does for her. I really like their chemistry too!

Dozrueger I hope there is no people in world like kyung hee. Inoncent face but ...

Anita I hate Kyung Hee's character and intrigues very much. She's so greedy. Junsoo' mother died and aunt didn't like her, so adoption was her only hope to be loved, but Kyung took away possibility. KyungHee was loved by birth mom, but it was not enough...

I hope MinKi will find out truth and she will be caught enough soon (not be procrastined until end). She would get together with none of them (nor Minki, neither Jin Hoo).

I loved that scene, when uncle didn't accept money and was mad at his daughter, but bigger-bigger punishment and JunSoo don't forgive them (aunt and KyungHee) easily...

Marnix thumbs up!!! :) nice drama! <3

magic11 Generally good plot and superb acting from the little girls in the first three episode; but I don’t’ find the need to have the brother in this drama to be a total loser when he gets older, if he became a local wrapper with money spending issues I believe it was much better, also the name of this drama is here legend, so the leading actor should have a real hidden talent but she couldn't exel and get the chance because of her education due to tuition money not to have her like a stupid simple minded with no confident character ! Also to me Choi Jung-Won is not fitted to be the leading actor in this drama. In my opinion Han Hyo Joo are the most fitted for this character and if the leading actor was Lee Seung Ki the chemistry between the two will exist. In this cast there are no chemistry and the age difference are clear.

Sara It is 20 episodes

Sara I love this drama very much it is the most wonderful korean drama I had been watching till now s this drama make me very excited to see the next episodes I can't wait I think I will start to see this drama that will make me a little excited and it should be because the school is coming back very soon and I must forget this drama a little to focus on the school oh my gash my life will enter in problems I must solve it .................why they are like that ............ Why they airing it only Monday & Tuesday .............. Why they are not airing it everyday oooooooooooooh my gash what I am going to do??????????

Nehced How many episode are there?

Ve The reason I started to watch this drama is Choi Jung-Won , she is likeable, and I loved her character in Wishing Up on a Star. This is another modern Cinderella story. I wonder my self why does in most of Korean Drama, there's been always : nose bleeding scene??, whenever someone works !, after meal vegetables : always watermelon or apple lols..so typical and it seems like the script writer or the director losing the grips on thinking another ideas, but keep copying the scene from other dramas!!.,KD typical is a triangle love story, in episode 4 I have seen it coming, but still wondering though , whether Eun Jung-Soo will be an item later with Do Jin-Hoo portrayed b y Kim Jeong-Hoon or with Kang Min-Ki portrayed by Park Yoon-Jae. If she will be with Jin Ho, I will be very disappointed, because I don't see their chemistry, cos Kim Jeong Hoon looked a bit younger pairing up with Choi Jung Won.

Thao-Vy Tran Ugh, I hate the aunt and cousin. Why do they only think about themselves, I mean Jung Soo lost her mother and has been waiting for Mrs. Woo for over 10 years! I want to punch both of them for all they did to Jung Soo.

Babs Sheppard Kyung-Hee and her mother are the epitome of evil. I wish the writer had give Jung Soo a break, so far she's had nothing but heartbreak and lies. This drama has potential, but I'd like to see it.

gado The dad is so pathetic in this drama. I can see the typical korean drama ending already, Kyung Hee and her family will be forgiven in the end after being discovered and they'll all live happily ever after.

Belinda Bell Koreans are obsessed with things. They are quite materialistic. Purses are more important than people to the women. So are shoes, clothes, cars. For men is the job title. They are so status oriented. That is terrible. This movie shows had bad it is. Things first, people later.

aicy i really admire koreandramas and the production people too.they are good in getting the casts who really fit for their roles.just like in this drama.the leading actress who portrayed as eun jung soo matched with her looks.i am also excited to watch the succeeding episodes up to the last one.im sure it is toprated.kudos to you all.

Mrs. Song Joong Ki I love this show. It's surprisingly relatable, but at the same time captivating. I love my Kdramas, but a lot of them tend to be unrealistic. But Her Legend seems to capture a real life and story. I hate Eun Kyung-Hee and her mother; they're so selfish and inconsiderate. I can't wait for the last episode when Eun Jung-Soo gets her happy ending. :D

Song may ling The Aunt I would like to punch right now what a biatch and her daughter is an idiot also So irritating watching this makes my blood boil

uh-oh Im on the 3rd episode now.. OMG!JungSoo's aunty is sooo annoying and irritating..if only she is right in front of me,i would just smack her..Grrr..

fgtty Waiting to watch it

Hayam i Just saw first and second episode and can't wait the third =/ this drama so excited , so human , i'm in love with it now =) i like the child girl that make the role of Eun Jung-Soo ^^ so beautiful , so sweet... she make me cry and cry =(

i hope that this drama continue at the same level and stronger !!

pardack This is so similar to Smile Donghae where the lead gets everything and everyone working against them for the first 75% of the drama. Then they have a change and in 2 episodes we get to relish every bit of the evil peoples demise. suck it up folks this has 18 eps of disgusting treatment of a fellow human being first to grind our angry teeth through before we get to weep with joy at the demise. Wish I could fast forward the unbelievable mess the main character has to go through first.

aicy i just chanced upon the this drama, and read the synopsis ,then got hooked already.i will surely watch this till the end.looking forward to the succeeding episodes with english subtitle.i hope it wont be too long wait.kudos to the writer and the production people.more power to you.

sahiti Y did I even start watching this drama....this s soooo goood that I cant even wait for release!!

Sasha Just saw first/second episode and preview to third. I’m so pissed~ of course the mean girl and the parents somehow switch the girls. Why the hell does the lady get in a car accident in the first place… I can’t watch this drama! Couldn’t sleep last night..

Lena Just watched 1st episode and I really like it. I can't wait to see handsome Kim Jeong-Hoon! I'm lovin his new hairstyle!

lovesalvz Kim Jong Hoon welcome back! Miss you, Yul Goon :)) Looking forward to this drama

ragdoon Waiting to watch it

fdsfa can't wait for this drama :)

Nana Wow, now i am so gonna watch this drama.

Armin Can not wait to see this drama!

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