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  • Movie: Crows Explode
  • Romaji: Kurozu Explode
  • Japanese: クローズ EXPLODE
  • Director: Toshiaki Toyoda
  • Writer: Hiroshi Takahashi (manga)
  • Producer:
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: April 12, 2014
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


A month later. Genji Takiya has graduated. New fights begin to see who will climb to the top at Suzuran High School. Meanwhile, a battle against nearby Kurosaki Industrial High School begins.


  1. Based on the manga series "Crows" by Hiroshi Takahashi (published by manga magazine Monthly Shonen Champion from 1990 to1998)
  2. Related titles:
    1. Crows Zero | Kurozu Zero (2007)
    2. Crows Zero II | Kurozu Zero II (2009)
    3. Crows Explode | Kurozu Explode (2014)


Crows Explode-Masahiro Higashide.jpg Crows Explode-Taichi Saotome.jpg Crows Explode-Ryo Katsuji.jpg Crows Explode-Takanori Iwata.jpg Crows Explode-Elly.jpg
Masahiro Higashide Taichi Saotome Ryo Katsuji Takanori Iwata Elly
Kazeo Kaburagi Ryohei Kagami Kenichi Ogisu Hiroki Shibata Gohei Yamashita
Crows Explode-Kenzo.jpg Crows Explode-Kyosuke Yabe.jpg Crows Explode-Kento Nagayama.jpg Crows Explode-Yuya Yagira.jpg Crows Explode-Motoki Fukami.jpg
Kenzo Kyosuke Yabe Kento Nagayama Yuya Yagira Motoki Fukami
Tetsuji Takagi Ken Katagiri Hajime Fujiwara Tooru Goura Megumi Hayashida

Additional Cast Members:


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crows zero fan Crows zero 1 and 2 are the best school fighting movie ever. People talking about these movies for years and it bring lots of influence to people. Ive seen lots of fans wannabe genji, serizawa and other. But this crows explode is very upsetting, the characters are very weak. I dont even remember the character name. The hero of this movie looks stone, no style, not rugged, not gengster and less smoking cigrette. What kind of gengster he is? A nerd? No body will influence by him. No one will follow his ugly hair style. Luckily this is not crows zero 3 but crows explode. Crows zero 3 should be bouya harumichi. We all wish this movie is direct by crows zero 1 director.

Harumichi Bouya Why did't they just make the movie on Harumichi bouya or hanamichi. It would have been a lot better

parko I think only goura and kazeo can survive in this school if this character take place in crow zero era.

Tetsu-kun wish crows 4 would be released. GPS and Serizawa's group combine with Kazeo's gang go to war with a revenge seeking yakuza clan planning to destroy Suzuran as an act of revenge

amien ashraf Where does suzuran high school building actually located?

Raito I have seen both Crows Zero 1 and 2 and I can say that this movie is still good to watch. Just don't expect much. See for your self and judge. Haven't watch the anime and read the manga though.

Johannes I think better i didn't watch. This isn't crows zero 3, just another story

stupid director f*ckin dissappointment, seriously like a dog shit. mediocre acting combined with stupid director. and what the f*ck with that weak punch and light kick they throwing around? make me wonder if they are fighting or actually making out?

Z'oX Why Hayato kakizawa not mentioned??

Haris Hidayat If you can later kazeo genji upcoming opponent , Crows Zero / Explode 4

MANERAZ I wish Serizawa' Army & GPS will be back in part 4 as Housen School is there to Revenge yet

naoki993 This Crows directed by Toyoda is still good on his different ways.Its obvious to understand the work of two different directors won't be same.They have their ways of making films.Though Miike Crows will always be a legend.But I wouldn't compare the previous 2 crows with crows explode cause we all know,genji,serizawa and most of the favourite characters graduated in crows zero 2.This explode is a new era but follow the same theme from the 2 previous crows with new characters which seems..okay but not as cool as the previous crows.Though its great to know Toyoda still brought the crows back atleast and a true fan of crows like me would highly appreciate it instead of complainting.crows explode took place between previous crows and the real character from the manga takes place.So its not a bad movie after all.Just don't keep your expectations so high and this movie works.For most people,this movie failed because they expect too high that's why.If you still like gang,badboy,highschool boys fight, kicking each others butt to get the top.This movie is for you.

VJ Whatever the response is for the movie I still want to watch the CROWS ZERO (IV)

Vin Unbelievable!

Just saw it and the storyline was terrible. The storyline is RIGHT THERE in the manga (Bandou vs Ebizuka Trio vs Rindaman)!! Why make a new one that has no ties with the original story? :/

That ruined it for me. We as fan like to see the guys we see in the manga on screen, so we can say.

"Look how cool Hiromi looks" or "Look at Bandou with his crazy hair. They did a good job with that"

NOT "Who are these guys?" or "What the fu*k is this shit!?"

Shame, because the movie wasn't THAT bad (if you forget about the storyline). The director (Toshiaki Toyoda) has experience with these kinds of movies. He directed 'Blue Spring' for crying out loud! I recommend that movie, for those that haven't seen it. That's why I thought this movie would rock, but instead it's the weakest in the entire series.

I hope the next one will be A LOT better.

Kucabara what's the title of the song they played at the club (club ending scene)

Archonas The movie and basic storyline is good, BUT Seems the director & story-writer never read the original manga & corelate it with Crows Zero movies/mangas first yet before they mbump into creating movie. They're too hasty, i hope it was not about money greeds. This made the entire movie looks like a standalone universe rather than a sequal of Crows Zero & prequel of Crows x Worst.

This made the entire movies going into stupidly awkward unrelated storyline. The only cool thing was duo Kenichi. Sadly, these two has a bad detail on the characters, they're actually 2nd grade at that time, not 1st grade.

The movie supposedly to be 1 semester before Bouya appears at Suzuran, but what is these strange factions? Who are they? Where's Bandou & Ebizuka Trio that being the real maddog at Suzuran at movie's time?

mikey The timeline makes zero sense which ruined this entire film. The fight scenes werent well created either. Only thing that made this movie enjoyable was the rinda man cameos.

stifler the real deal problemo in this movie are... no Takashi Miike (director), Shogo Muto (writer)

tamao fail crow *SIGH*

asu the story line is suck, where is ebizuka trio, where is harumichi bouya.. takiya genji is more better than this...

t0ur Yeah. Im agree with Vin. The story line is sucks. Gross!! It should be Ebizuka Trio handle Suzuran. Facing Bitou Tatsuya from Housen. Im dissappointed.

Fluffy Did someone knows if the original DVD has english subtitles?

bouyalookatitgo i think they will make the next movie about harumichi bouya, because the last sentence of the crows zero II is bouya's line in the crows manga

Bouyawillcomesoon If you already read the manga "Crows" and watched "Crows Zero 2" you will know that the last line of the movie is Harumichi Bouya's line. So it means that maybe they will make a movie of him after this... woooooo

Vin Why not make a movie about the Ebizuka Trio? That makes more sense then creating new lead characters. Also I can't wait till Harumichi makes his entrance in the next movie

Mahesh Singh Madai Hope to see genji back in crows as any role..back in suzuran

Doctoroctowonopus Wish america would show these movies :/

Nocturnal Seeing Saotome Taichi in a Crows movie is something I never thought would happen...I am very curious to see how he pulled it off, it sure is miles away from his usual onnagata roles in kabuki!

chelseat Masahiro Higashide finally got the bad boy role o__O *i always relate Masahiro to Doumeki xxxholic live action

neo crows zero full muvise

Koptea Chhakchhuak I sure wish a time will come when Bouya Harumichi is finally added to the movie adaptation..and I sure hope there is aperson out there who could pull of Bouya's character in the manga.... I haven't watched this new 'explode' but I am looking forward to it. Well, as of now, I am still sticking to the get a lot of tension and fun out of it more than the movie..C.R.O.W.S ... You are one helluva story!!

yudhi when go to indonesian ?

Eru So there will be a fight between Suzuran Vs Team O.D.A (and probably with Kurosaki according to Blow Your Mind's MV)

Kirishima? He's nothing compared to Bouya

Probably there are no ebizuka trio and bandou in this movie

Orca Crows Explode = 1 Semester before Harumichi Bouya entering Suzuran (Harumichi Bouya entering Suzuran at 2nd Semester). You'll see Kurosaki Industrial High School here, their big boss (Bulldog) will becomes Bouya's future blood-brother.

Aiko Well, I'm a fan of Crows, Worst, Crows and Worst Gaiden, Crows Suplementary stories, etc. I'm kinda dissapointed coz there are no character in Harumichi Bouya's Sophomore Years. But my friend, who is a crazy fan alsi, told me that this movie isn't about Bouya's Year. This is about uncontrolable fights to be the big boss of Suzuran. Since Genji and Serizawa graduate, the throne is empty for sure. It was happening before Bouya goes to Suzuran. that's what my friend said.

Imnubz Boring.. It should be kirishima and tatsuya take the part of their school since genji, serizawa and narumi have been graduated. Isn't? That would be nice plot.

mas i will see crows explode in indonesia

Just Random Fan I'm not a fan of Genji after i read through Crows and Worst which Bouya(CROWS) is far stronger and funnier than Genji although he lost to Rindaman for the second match.Hana(WORST) was a great leader and a good friend.If u a real fan...u must read both of it including 'Worst Gaiden'

Hiromi K. it should be bandou x hiromi faction war. i hope at least there're ebizuka trio appearance. who the hell Kazeo Kaburagi, at least crows zero people were mentioned as the 'worst' manga ongoing.

bisuko i want to see manji empire in live action :(

bouya Crows for life favourite character bouya harumichi I hope they make a movie for crows aswell

to the person i replied that replied back oh yeah..i forgot bout the Worst era. Guriko and Hana are definitely the Rindaman and Bouya of Worst. These four are for sure the strongest throughout the whole timeline of Crows Zero-Crows-Worst. But during the time before Genji graduated,he managed to match up pretty well to Rindaman even though he lost given that Rindaman was still undefeated in Crows. Genji also only barely won against Serizawa compared to when he fought Narumi. so Serizawa is still on par with Genji. and seeing how easy Bouya beat Zetton, Genji and Serizawa would absolutely still stand out with the new guys. but still,Zetton was only a freshman back's all just my personal opinion though haha. besides, all these guys are from a different era and we'll never know ;(

P/S : nice to know there's an awesome Crows fan who follows the whole story line out there ~sorry it took awhile to reply,didn't think i'd be back on this site >_<

demz pzm genji serijawa graduated :(

aishiteru like to see it soon.......:)

aishiteru i hope its all full movie great and can see soon:)

imba where is hiromi ??????????????

Tae SERIZAWA AND GENJI are not in the movie because they GRADUATED...They were seniors in the last one. That is why there are new characters

Azmanz Why is takiya genji not in the movie?it will be different between crows 1 and crows 2.

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Genji So Genji will not aleast have a little scene on this movie? :( I wish Genji still have a scene atleast just a little.. :3

Kidzu i really hope in this film The Golden Monkey come sad :(

ayutia without harumichi bouya ? ryushin ? bando ? harumichi vs rindaman ?? and it would be different story with the comic ?? hiks

mes where is Harumichi Boya?

RFJ kapan muncul nih ?

Scarl @hendy cuz genji is no more

hendy Why shun oguri not be genji again when he was good at acting ?

Hana just saw the 1.32 minutes trailer.. it's so damn good. So Shibata Hiroki is the top of kurosaki, Goura Tooru is the top of suzuran.. but, who the hell is Team O.D.A? never heard them in crows or worst makise is in this movie too eh...

Christie WHOO!!Can't wait 2 c this movie.

Mingkai-chan IF you have problems bout the story, new characters and new actors of this movie please do some research first... don't judge this film immediately.

For those who don't know anything, or just wondering what happened to other characters just READ CROWS-manga !!!

And for some who wish CROWS to be turned into LIVE ACTION... FYI there are lots of things need to be considered...

obang litin i saw new guys face of crows zero their looks even didn't touch the feet of old crows .they are almost look like f... . I very upset of about hiromi ,rindaman and other undergrajuate student why the principal of suspend them .this is gonna be tragedy for fan.

Wizard did u guys even read the fking summany?it said ''Meanwhile, a battle against nearby Kurosaki Industrial High School begins''.tat mean this event is at other school not at suzuran.ofcouse it still show some suzuran student but not all coz it mostly focus at kurosaki industial high school.

xtian lizarda I know that serizawa & genji graduated.. But where is Hiromi kirishima & izaki???? and i thought that housen is still there enemy????

Unknown WTF wrong with people in this comment did they even read the manga,most of em only know serizawa and genji!?Genji and Serizawa already graduate at the end of crows zero 2.I was hoping to see Bouya Harumichi tho oh well guess i won't be able to see him in this movie.

Unknown Where's Genji and Serizawa? Where Kirishima? should he remain there and be a 3rd grader. What's up with the director! I just limp to know it, pffffft..

lanciao pedas Where is genji takiya and tamao serizawa salam lanciao

mio_chan where is serizawa!!!!

ano-nimus I watched Crows Zero many times and been waiting for the sequel of Crows Zero 2 because of Haruma Miura hasn't done any fighting in the movie. So i thought he will be doing some action thing in Crows Zero 3. But then I failed. Oh well, it doesn't matter, a "new" story starts. I was just shocked to find Kento Nagayama was so old, he's looking like he is in his 40's. LOL!

anyhow, I will watch this movie. very soon.

Fan Genji Ohhh Noooo

This is very Ugly

Not Genji not CrowZero Ohh pleas give actor Shun 1 war and Out and Say i want come back in this film .

Crow Zero for Story Genji ,War ,GPS...Not For School

Rindaman This is not Crows Zero 3.It is called Crows Explode. Crows was always unpredictable, instead of contnuing with harumichi they made WORST.

Now they have chose to make a different crows movie. I dont know why they nevr continue with the original story.

ANYWAYS, they is a new crows movie.Genji's generation has graduated,so dont expect anything related to him.

Myven TAKIYA say Once he graduate At SUZURAN He won't come bck again Now s the GROUP of CROWS

Myven Thy never change the character any way Just read the mangga So that all can understand Where the GPS group go!!! Can't wait to watch Same at Samurai X s coming too soon

Gosuto-kun I'm always laughed so hard if i see the comment section of this movie, Many of them don't even read the manga and they only know Genji and Serizawa(wtf). But i love it when someone who know the story from manga begin to mention Bouya Harumichi and the characters from manga. For my self i really want to see Ryushin Kunou on this movie(i'm TFOA fans. lol). I would really love it if this become dorama series so it can continue from CROWS until WORST.

  • sorry for my bad english.

takiya It'll be different if there's no crows zero 1&2 in this movie. I'll get bored, but.. 1&2 casts are too old know-_- so thats why they changed the cast.

Ketan The movies are set some years before the events of manga happen.

Edy Susanto I really want to see bouya harumichi in this movie

pras I think if this film the actor will be changed. all people will be bored. The player should be same like in crows zero 1&2.

Dingku I like crows zero series so much i want to know who is going to win this time and rindaman is in which school?

to someone who reply me :) Yeah, you agree about Rindaman and Bouya, right? How 'bout Guriko and Tsukishima Hana? Guriko, the strongest man in the city... and Tsukishima Hana, he's the one that unite entire Suzuran (But he lost to someone from Manji Empire, where Bouya last enemy Kuzugami Tatsuo belong)

P.S. thanks for replying my post

alx It's not a sucses without genji of crows zero,genji is always heros of its not good,why you make a crowszero3 without genji,iam surely said to thats not a succes movie without genji,

agung why in crows zero genji ama 3 not there Serizawa

genji genji is there bt where is serizawa he is the real monster or else he is dead or smthng

RnL What is this?? without genji and serizawa?? boring~ I love the old characters>> by the way<< GENJI IS THE MOST STRONGER..

tsukishima hana wtf is this? where is bouya? who the are these clowns? come on, if this story was manga based then please show us the characters from manga, not these egg heads!

notatrollofficial This is, obviously, non-canon. Crows Zero and Crows Zero II are considered canon because a freshman mentioned Takiya Genji in the comic.

miguel it was very boring i think .. all the fans including me waiting for the 3rd part of this movie was just wasted .. it cant be without genji and serizawa bring them back !

Yoshi Harumichi without bouya ? hoaaammm...

Kitoy Where is Bouya?

young i would like to see genji returned back in action as a legend at the end of the movie

Anonymous Crows Zero 3 is an about a new student have been transfer in suzuran. after genji and serizawa graduated! go watched crow zero 2 bfore at the end of his scene fought rindamam genji had said he wont come back to suzuran anymore.

to GURIKO STRONGER than Genji and Serizawa?Rindaman and Bouya i would agree...but the rest?b!tch please....

Gessle NG i think old caracter better than new caracter....

Mitsumasa You guys absolutely did not read the manga. Crows is all about Bouya Harumichi and his experiences in Suzuran, not Takiya Genji and Serizawa Tamao.

Guriko Who the hell said this is Crows Zero 3? This is the new timeline, It's called Crows Explode,, Crows is genji n serizawa? b!tchplease Crows is Bouya, Ebizuka trio, Bandou, Rindaman, Zetton, Hideyoshi, and many more,, Their stronger than Genji and Serizawa,, Maybe the Crows : Gaiden (scene when Ebizuka trio vs Bandou faction) is on this film. And we can see the senior year before that didn't expose in Crows Zero,,

wang xiao jin crows is genji n serizawa. fights new enemy will be interesting. GPS became a great group even their after graduate.

veron orgasmically exciting..can't wait to see it! ..sad thing:the earlier cast is irreplaceable... :(

Ronhova Man..still no Bouya? Another Crows Zero? They should stop wit the Zeros and move on to chapter One already!!

mahan I've been waited for a long time to see again this movie onli for Genjii n SeRizawa....against housen for a next fight......but it seems that makers of this film got a bad smell for a fans by replacing Legendary Genjii n Tamao...... Its a worst sequel for CrOwS mAnGasS....!

selma people before judging go watch masahiro higashide in The Kirishima Thing, in the last scene of that movie he made me cry without saying more than a two words, I think it was obvious for those who cast him in that first role of his too, he is a naturally gifted actor ( he wsn't an idol btw ) i expect him to get many more good role in the future too, besides most Jacotrs, even those from bands can act very well ( nishikdo ryo, matsumoto jun ) ( the only one i can think of who cn't act at all are yamapi and akanisi jin, the rest are fine and often even good ) i sure will be missing the brilliant oguri shun and yamada takayuki i dn't thin the new cast can bring the same charisma but I'll watch and i hope that i'll be pleasantly surprised

Shubham Definately everyone will miss Tamao Serizawa and Genji Takiya.......... in crows explode.

Carlos The most strange thing about Japan is that they have great actors with international acting awards like Cannes, Marcelo Mastroianni's, Berlin Awards, even some of them are Oscar nominated and yet people are still saying Japanese can't act.

American actors are most of the time overrated, Johnny Depp isn't as good as people are saying. He is very superficial in his approach to acting and when a scene requires him to be emotional he's plain and fake, Gene Hackman and Paul Newman in another hand were always amazing.

The best actors don't need to talk to get the message across, actors like Tony Leung or Koji Yakusho can interpret complex emotions without saying a single word. Those are the truly good actors.

About Idols, well most of them suck and the Japanese Media is so corrupt and full of shit that they attack the people with good acting skills like Erika Sawajiri.

Kurasu Where's Bouya? You'd think they would make a Movie with him since he's the most badass character in the Crows Universe. Lame...

julia TAKAYUKI YAMADA is a great actor, and very handsome man, love you YAMADA so much

yona I miss you so much my SERIZAWA, it will be boring witout you, but i am still gona be wach it

V.A ummm..... looks kinda queer now needs Genji

RonwaLdo YEahh i like This MOVie .. Very BEautiful .. :)) GO GPS ...

Kago Without serizawa, seems boring...!

Moks_3D I Was hoping a Bouya Movie but oh well .. im still watching this .. . ahehe

KORRRRRAAA!! stop saying crow zero 3......********.....crow "zero" was before the events in the manga....thats why its call "zero" and its originally called CROWS!!! got it?

jerome tan LOL @jedmed

DUDE did you seriously believed tom cruise is a great actor???? DAMN you lost your remaining credibiliy when you mentioned that name.

Deena I can't wait to watch this

whiteChocolate funny discussions here its like FANGIRLS vs. FANBOYS

I go with the FANBOYS even tho they are both RETARDED but FANGIRLS lose their screws in their head and stop thinking and just says how amazing goodlooking talented they idols are.

Cy Young And the replaced actors were never jpop idols (please do some research before commenting -___-) or wanna be actors to begin with. Please check their other works and then comment.

FoR GoDsAkE are you serious about that comment??? maybe you are the one that should do some research. And the way you comment seems that your a fangirl in that sense they are fangirl actors.

Mai People! Besides all those negative 'top actors replacing Jpop wanna be actors/Japanese actors are consider bad actors', 'don't expect us to watch now', 'why killing the series' etc comments; I just want to say lets watch the movie and give it a chance. Sometimes the actors can be changed in a long running series if it is not a continuation of the previous versions. has a whole new storyline than the previous movies and the original manga too (or else it would be crows zero 3!). Besides the previous (awesome) actors of 2 major characters Genji and Serizawa are now kind of too senior to play high-schoolers, don't you think so too?? And the replaced actors were never jpop idols (please do some research before commenting -___-) or wanna be actors to begin with. Please check their other works and then comment. Last of all, it is obvious that haters gonna hate but at least give it some times to get released and if you have a complain, watch and come later to criticize.

Da I was disappointed Serizawa and genji nothing in this movie

LOLness Yamada and Shun are not that good looking IMO espacially yamada he is short. They are are far from being a fangirl actors. The difference between a fangirl actor and an actor actor is that when a fangirl actor got married those screaming fangirls are ANGRY...but when an actor actor ( like oguri shun for example ) got married not a single fangirl reacted because shun is a well respected actor. I hope you get my point.

This is my last post, and this is just my opinion, and im ok with you not agreeing with my opinion too.

St2s Please, wait before you judge.

Hate on the directors and production for the cast instead, they are the one wanting to please other demographics, fangirls did not ask anything and aren't even that much actually : fanboys are the ones still watching (enjoying?) despite the "wannabe actors" and thus, responsible. But the fact is that many of those boys aren't worst than others and can totally act, it's just that you can't get over the fact they were casted to bring a bit more money. It just seems like as long as a male actor looks good, is loved by girls and is under 30 years old, smart-ass is gonna hate... What about the actresses ? This is the same thing, and they don't even have fans. Japan is far from being a "country with no real actors". Look at something other than dramas and teen movies : they are made for an audience who don't pay much attention to acting. If you want "art, real actors", just go lick some ass at European movie festivals, because Japan likes way too much good-looking people.

@LOLness " they replace 2 top japanese actor with FANGIRLS JPOP WANNABE ACTORS....its like replacing johnny depp with justin bieber" : I LOL'ed too, you might want to check again who your "2 top Japanese actors are" : Shun Oguri and Takayuki Yamada are weeeell known (if not only) for their good looks, romantic movies, and fangirls. They are on top indeed, in the girls' hearts first. Also, lots of American actors are overrated and would be nowhere if they had not been so good looking in their youth.

therealthing I agree with those comments about fangirls making japan a country with no real actors. Many fantastic scriptwriters and directors from japan but the roles are always going to those jpop idols, dont get me wrong I always like their music but most of them their acting is not great, producers get them so that the movie will sell to their fans. Money first, Art a bad thing.

Angie Hummm...... I'm still gonna watch it. Give it a chance guys, it might be really good.

EPICNESS @jedmed


LOL you girls are the reason why japanese actors are considered bad actors, cause you kept supporting these wannabe actor without talent your just focusing on their girly looks. Just because you kept supporting them so they keep appearing on tv like yamapi and others.


Yami Kanade cmon guyss.. i dont know who genji (shun oguri) or serizawa (takayuki yamada) before i watch crow zero 1 n 2.. who knows we would get a new star here ;D

danny Move on pigs. Update iz ncssary n nw ones are cool........

jedmed yo LOLness

its like replacing johnny depp with justin bieber.

You are really funny! With Masahiro Higashide in the lead, no one needs to be sarcastic in your comments. Who cares about Depp or Bieber or Tom Cruise for that matter. You need to lighten up and maybe... just maybe get yourself a decent haircut... LOL indeed!

JstarProductions / Jsp miss the mikami brothers haha funny guys

Noooooo Noooooooooooooo WTF ?! Why are you killed the series ?!

Miss AIna S Hey guys got some news . The production team said they will NEVER make a story about Bouya , so there's no reason for us rooting him . This new movie storyline is about a gang who wanted to be the boss of Suzuran after Genji graduated and BEFORE Bouya enter this school .

So I guess , Takashi Miike will never make a movie starting from Crows Manga . He will only make movie BEFORE the Crows Manga . I guess this maybe the last movie to satisfied people who constantly asking when will he do the next sequel of Crows movie . But this fact might be change in the future , who knows right .

So if we want movie based on the original manga we will probably need to wait for another production team and director to create a new movie based on Crows manga and the lead is Bouya bcoz Takashi Miike said he won't do it .

Oh ya , I also heard some rumours from Youtube that Makise will be in this movie . Don't know why though .

Miss Aina S I kinda disappointed for a lil bit since it did not introduce Bouya as he is the successor of Takiya Genji so he should be the one who the lead cast . Man , i waited for this movie for soo long . But i kinda hope Genji, Serizawa,Izaki Shun and the gang came as a cameo . It would be fantastic ! For those who asking where is Serizawa and Genji , they graduated remember ? So they no longer in this school . Although this didn't came to my expectation , I would definitely watch this movie though .


bikram nice..........but serizawa.........

NINO AJA where's my SERIZAWA.....SERIZAWA IS THE BEST NOT genji...where's my SERIZWAAAAAAAAA.....:'(

zhulai It's continued story of crows zero 1&2 or not?

Fuong I love the character Genji. But why give him a haircut. which made him lose violent :( =))

Zetman I'm a massive fan of the original japanese manga and the previous two films, and i'm definitely looking forward to this one! BUT, I do think it's a shame that this film has completely strayed off from the original comics. Crows Zero and Zero II fit in perfectly with the original manga story (the fight between suzuran and housen is mentioned in the manga to have happened a number of years ago. When genji, serizawa etc. and crows zero II ends, that is when bouya harumichi - the protagonist of the manga - enters suzuran). The story of the first two movies are linked to the comic so perfectly, that in the manga WORST (sequel to crows) the names of genji and serizawa are mentioned when some characters are naming suzuran's greatest leaders, and at one point you even see a silhouette of genji fighting rinda man! So basically even the author considers crows zero and zero II as part of the "crows x worst universe". However this movie evidently has a completely different storyline to the original (a bit like the second gantz film). Anyways, I'm still really looking forward to this regardless, and hope they do a good job!

Zosiama CJ Ralte I guess its going to interest from now on. I am a fan of Crows manga and Crows Zero manga. I wish there is a fight like that or a gang like PARKO and Dangerous.. hope to see this though.

mariansowhat what the ??? i want the old ones :/

Arthur I am actually a fan of the movies.. and kinda know a bit about the comic.. but first of all..

aren't the youngstars missing (Hiromi Kirishima and friends )? what about bando ? i've seen rinda man hopefully :D

i know from the comics that he IS the strongest at this point.. and also ... the comic kinda starts after the second movie... (maybe 1 year inbetween ?) still if the youngstars are missing in this movie and bando.... the movie will not make much sense....

Nao i just want to see Tokio and Tamao -__-

pat you will still watch it anyway Zzzzz

LOLness the comment below me didnt realize it sucks because they replace 2 top japanese actor with FANGIRLS JPOP WANNABE ACTORS....its like replacing johnny depp with justin bieber.

jedmed LOL The comments from "fans" are funny. Imagine, the movie is still in production and they are already judging it. Who gives a hoot is Miike is not the director anymore? He is not the only filmmaker in Japan that can make decent and cool movies.


I'll still watch it though ;)

Hitokiri This is gonna suck. Right after genji,serizawa and company graduate is when the crows manga starts and bouya beats kirishima,pon and mako......for the money it seems

★Tony Leung Matsuda★ Shunsuke Daito should have been in this one along with his two buddies. Looks like the only two characters that returned is Katagiri and Rinderman... Disapointed that they didn't try to write Harumichi Bouya into this movie.

what?? No SERIZAWA???????????? NO miike?????

dont expect us to watch this!!!!!!!!!!

Liza★ This has been one of the best news I've read so far, looking forward a lot to watch it!! I'm just a little sad that I'll not see Oguri Shun and Yamada Takayuki in it TT-TT

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