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  • Movie: Crows Zero 2 / Crows Zero II
  • Romaji: Kurozu zero II
  • Japanese: クロ-ズ ZERO 2 / クローズZERO II
  • Director: Takashi Miike
  • Writer: Hiroshi Takahashi (manga), Shogo Muto
  • Producer: Mataichiro Yamamoto
  • Cinematography: Nobuyasu Kita
  • Release Date: April 11, 2009
  • Runtime: 133 min.
  • Gene: Action
  • Movie Studio: Toho
  • Distributor: Toho
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Several months after "Crows: Episode 0" trouble brews again when thugs known as "The Army of Killers" from rival high school Hosen Academy threaten Suzuran High aka the School of Crows.

The ruthless Hosen gang go after Suzuran alumni Sho Kawanishi (Shinnosuke Abe) after his released from reformatory for killing a Hosen member two years back. Kawanishi turns to his younger Suzuran gang members for protection. The Housen gang then seeks out right revenge on the entire Suzuran school, while in-fighting at Suzuran High makes them even more susceptible to the Housen threat.


  1. Related titles:
    1. Crows Zero | Kurozu Zero (2007)
    2. Crows Zero II | Kurozu Zero II (2009)
    3. Crows Explode | Kurozu Explode (2014)


Crows-Zero 2-Shun Oguri.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Takayuki Yamada.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Kenta Kiritani.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Meisa Kuroki.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Sousuke Takaoka.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Kyosuke Yabe.jpg
Shun Oguri Takayuki Yamada Kenta Kiritani Meisa Kuroki Sousuke Takaoka Kyosuke Yabe
Genji Takiya Tamao Serizawa Tokio Tatsukawa Ruka Aizawa Shun Izaki Ken Katagiri
Crows-Zero 2-Tsutomu Takahashi.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Suzunosuke.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Kaname Endo.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Yusuke Kamiji .jpg Crows-Zero 2-Shunsuke Daito.jpg
Tsutomu Takahashi Suzunosuke Kaname Endo Yusuke Kamiji Shunsuke Daito
Takashi Makise Chuta Tamura Yuji Tokaji Shoji Tsutsumoto Hiromi Kirishima
Crows-Zero 2-Yusuke Izaki.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Hisato Izaki.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Motoki Fukami.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Shinnosuke Abe.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Nobuaki Kaneko.jpg
Yusuke Izaki Hisato Izaki Motoki Fukami Shinnosuke Abe Nobuaki Kaneko
Manabu Mikami Takeshi Mikami Megumi Hayashida Sho Kawanishi Taiga Narumi
Crows-Zero 2-Kengo Oguchi.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Tomoya Warabino.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Gou Ayano.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Kazuki Namioka.jpg Crows-Zero 2-Haruma Miura.jpg
Kengo Oguchi Tomoya Warabino Gou Ayano Kazuki Namioka Haruma Miura
Rikiya Kumagiri Hayato Shibayama Ryo Urushibara Gota Washio Tatsuya Bitou

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LM ILU Serizawa <3

erik genji's so cool

Nayod Makio Bitou = Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi

Seiya Do someone here, know who is Makio Bitou's cast? Thx a lot.

Edie Kashyap Tokio and Serizawa are my favourite actors in the movie,amongst the rest.

Commentator #174 It still seems to me that Tamao Serizawa is stronger than Takiya Genji. Well, hopefully there's another episode.

jeffdork I hope there's part 3! i really love this movie! great actors and extras all in one! :)

a GenJi is so cool

media When everybody focus on Genji and Serizawa, I focus on someone in Genji's army that very cool and calm down but deadly named Izaki. Takaoka-san acted very well in this movie as Izaki. I don't need any longer to realize that Takaoka was so damn cool ! I mean, when everybody talk too much, Izaki just watched and doing something directly with a deep thinking before. This movie has bring me to Japanese movies and I want something more, expecially about Takaoka Sousuke :D

yuuki really like this movie.... genji-kun is cool...

Japanese in Bury St Edmunds all the time i used to read smaller articles or reviews which as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this piece of writing which I am reading at this time.

genji i want to make like genji team .plz dont stop to making this flim carry on

darknezz When Crows zero 3 in coming ?

naruto97 i though crows zero 3 is the crows zero drop, isn't it? and is there any crows zero games in playstation...if no, can somebody create it////pleasee...i,m so damn crazy about it!!!


Takiya sammy Housen team leader. Narumi said: do u think is a joke. Genji replied: im came s promised. 1 of housen team said:den call ur men. Genji laught n replied: hummmhehe, y will i bring my men 2 beat a bastard like yall, n im more den enough. Narumi was getting angry n genji take a deep breath n ran into da big gang of housen ants. N narumi shout saying go..... Den i join genji fighting n i kick narumi bud n cut his stinky ass. He just cried n cried out 2 surrender begging me 4 mercy. I gave him a warning. He just lie down on da floor n me n genji were helping its other the end crows zero2.

Takiya sammy I'm i mean We're crazy bout crow zero. Im waiting 4 crow zero 3 to be released. Our state manipur is crazy bout crow zero n genji dress. Me too i also started acting like takiya genji, dressing like him.blah blah blah blah. When is crow zero 3 gonna be released.... Waiting im waiting.

Takiya sammy I'm i mean We're crazy bout crow zero. Im waiting 4 crow zero 3 to be released. Our state manipur is crazy bout crow zero n genji dress. Me too i also started acting like takiya genji, dressing like him.blah blah blah blah. When is crow zero 3 gonna be released.

Takiya Genji after i win every class,i find some1 matter how hard that is.....i will raise above all.....

Pratik Awesome movie,i waiting for part-3.

Pratik Crowszero,it rocks. I'm dying 2 see part-3.

imnubz when crows zero 3 will come out..?????? I WANT TO WATCH.........ARGHHHH

chakri this crow0 is wild....when is 3 DUE?

roshni luv this movie. the entire cast rocks in this one......when does part 3 come out?

windu goo crows zero 3

takashi miike don't fear about crows zero 3. it is releasing on 25th of november. ha haha ahahahahahah! just joking..............

japh guys i like the girl friend of genji's. she's soooooooooooooo beautiful and hot.

Pramod gurung eagerly waiting for part 3 of CROWS ZERO as it so good and my only favourite movie!

whatta-chan Hey, I looked for subs all over, but for some reason, there is one part in the movie that's not subbed in English. The part after Genji's father talks to him at the club and Ruka tries to talk to Genji afterwards on the stairs and they seemed to have a bit of argument. Can someone who knows Japanese tell me what Genji and Ruka were saying? It's been killing me not knowing that one part.

Ajith Kumar Sorry" I forgot yesterday. Takayuki yamada, he is the excellence actor who is equal to the shun oguri" or different in his style or action... he can be in hollywood's lead... i wish i see him in a big budget movie by hollywood producer by takayuki yamada playing the Lead... and in crows zero and crows zero 2 , everyone who are in film they are 100% more than hollywood actors... go to hollywood better do in good quality high definition camera's with Original graphics like qualioty i say hope you will get a nice director and producer in future

Ajith Kumar Hey Shun oguri" you can be in the hollywood lead,,, the hollywood team will be glad if you enter in to the hollywood(but don't forget the 1st preference to the japan films) and you had everything like playboy , loverboy, smartboy and macho man , innocent good , or villain you can do everything... please Hollywood directors must lead him in a big budget like 200 million dollar film... because it's worthy of him.... he's no less than the Tom cruise or johnny depp or leonardo dicaprio... he's also a director too at very small age 28... "Surely someday"

please Wake Up! Hollywood Directors and producers... click shun oguri on Google" and you find every talent of him...

Ajith Kumar Im" Gonna Direct the movie if takashi miike forgets it! No worries :)


tenzing choenden i love kirishima strong you rock i just wannna be u i like your coooollll hair style it rock

uchiha prapti (nepali) i lop u Tatsuya Bitou. aishiteru <3 <3

uchiha prapti genji is hot. but i think tamao is more powerfull then genji. n i lop Tatsuya Bitou. woohooo he is hot. lop u bitou

Indian fan The people of Manipur a state in north east India is getting crazy after the CROW zero and genji's dress and are waiting tirelessly for then next part.

tashe genjay crows is just fantastic and i like this soo much

bagus crow zerothe 3rd when to exit?

lee na zha Oh my gosh!!! I love this movie!!

Chingy crows zero 3 winter 2011

SARAH fucking love this movie like wow! its great with a brutal high school life! its kinda like the chav gangs in japan lol! hahaha! no offenenciove the japanese!

izaki lover Izaki is so hot and daisy dosn't think so but he is and i think that japenese boys are hotter than any of my mates, such as Gadey, Johnny their like skets to Izaki and Tameo and Tokio

sarah i love tokio, izaki and tameo because their hot is hell and all these should team up and make a better force tht will be nice

HULK THERES GOING TO CROWS ZERO: OVER 9000!!!! LOL okay i joking, i think no CROWS ZERO III coz it follow manga when CROWS ZERO II ends i find manga on google =P google is your friend maybe a third CROWS movie but probably no sequel. i dont think we need CROWS ZERO III CROWS ZERO: BACK TO SCHOOL is fake =P effort very good, respect BANDOU will be head after GENJI. i believe you cinox, GURIKO is best <3<3<3<3<3

bony i m cryin 4 da release of crow zero III , i admire genji's gutz 4 crackin evrythin plus .. wt happens after genji fight agaist rindaman... whoz gonna be da new ead of suzuran??????

Xrage Any 1 has any idea will there be a 3rd filmm ??? if yes when ffs :P

Xrage Wonder if there will be 3rd film ? if yes any 1 has any idea about when ??!!

Crows Fans When takiya, tamao, and rindaman will join become one team?

Crows Fans When genji, serizawa, and rindaman join become team?

Hana So can anyone confirm me that there are going to have crow zero3? And when it s going to release?

serizawa80 KIZURA:dats crow zero 4 is korean rite?? MAKIO SAN:i'm searching bitou names too,but i can''s a damn hard to find it!!

Kizura Who already watch crow zero 4? Well i tell you! Crow zero 4 was totally suck!

makio san what is bitou real name??

tamao joeyjawa tamao serizawa is invincible..... he is much much better and stronger than genji... he can easily defeat dat genji.....





Toxic This looks so damn real like a true story ive known in my place. it sure gives me that chill when i watched this movie, stunts r damn real than those "big fat hollywood or lame bollywood" movies. hoping to see part three 3... where Haruma strikes back. loved this movie and all the casts and actors did a great job, my regs to direction n camera.. damn good

nellie is there a comic with genji and serizawa in it...i'm reading the one with the trio who were freshmen in the movie...i want genji and serizawa. somebody please help

applegate search at google for Crows Zero 3 : Back To School.. it's juz a random story that I came across when searching for the information for might be true,might be a hoax..go look for it..

tk3 fucking love this drama! im on 2nd season now! i mean wow! its a great story of a brutal high school life! its kinda like the mexican gangs in japan lol! hahaha! no offend! :) hey do u any of you guys know if their will be a 3rd movie???

junji has anyone read crows the manga? perhaps that could be crows zero 3? there was a part where a guy named Takiya wanted to see Bouya, could that be takiya genji?



cinox hanaki guriko is `the strongest' among others in suzuran history..

iqhreen tokio was vso cool out there..!!! damn i love him...

vanpud If a third movie comes out I can't wait to see how Tatsuya Bitou gets his ass kicked by Bouya Harumichi. :D

KawaiiTatsuya Tatsuya is da best he is gona fight with suzuran (crows) manga

pidot crows 0 1n2 in ps2?

etcu eh?? just a few more sequels and the WORST characters will come in. Hana Gumi. can't wait for the afro-pervert.

crows x worst i think that takashi miike will make the third and forth installment due to the manga..

juju The manga is a year after the movie not two years cause the Ebizuka junior high trio will be in second year and Hideto Bando will be in third year and Bouya will be the new student entering in second year. Rindaman won't beat the crap out of Housen. Genji and co. will have graduated. If a third movie does come out , it might probably just be the real version of the manga series but they will probably skip most of them until Bitou Tatsuya appears. Besides , the quotes at the end of the second movie was from Bouya afterall. P.S. Serizawa rules!

Isamu i liked both movies heck i didn't even remeber about the manga i mean i heard it before but i hate that america keeps changing and renewing japenese films they take out so much things i mean like dragon ball eveloution i mean come on okay.

kae i would like to wait for crows Zero 3..

Tamao Serizawa is the best. Hands down. Dont get me wrong, Genji is awesome too but cmon, the only reason GPS won in the first one is coz the biker dudes joined in the fight. And then Suzuran one coz the Serizawa Army joined with GPS. Im not bagging anyone out im simply stating why i think Tamoa Serizawa is the best.

P.S Serizawa owns ALL!!! hahaha LOL

Fuck Genji ! Tamao Serizawa is the best ! Genji dun stand a chance against Tamao . He fights like a wimp , only Tamao is the most skilled fighter .

i have watched both of the movie.. and Tamao Serizawa still better than Genji.. Genji is nothing !!

SA Tamao Serizawa is the best. Hands down. Dont get me wrong, Genji is awesome too but cmon, the only reason GPS won in the first one is coz the biker dudes joined in the fight. And then Suzuran one coz the Serizawa Army joined with GPS. Im not bagging anyone out im simply stating why i think Tamoa Serizawa is the best.

P.S Serizawa owns ALL!!! hahaha LOL

Dianne Nobuaki Kaneko is REALLY good in this movie, its almost irritating how Miura Haruma got all the hype for it. Narumi Taiga is a cool original character and worthy rival for Genji, plus he got me started watching Rize videos on YouTube!

Takashi Miike, Crows Zero, and now Rize fan from California!

parko @ Kerox

maybe u didnt watch the first movie?

Kerox Fuck Genji ! Tamao Serizawa is the best ! Genji dun stand a chance against Tamao . He fights like a wimp , only Tamao is the most skilled fighter .

Izaki's bro where can i read crows manga?



Dude With Cioc I love this movie, hope their making a third one... In God's name I hope their making Crows Zero III....




ICU @ Pippoffside "it's not Genji who graduated, it's Rindaman ."

You're joking right? LMFAO! Maybe you should watch the movie again?...

(if you were joking, i laughed -.-)

Lady Haru-chan Loved the fight scenes...and there isnt enough Haruma in it T.T ok and that wanabe Michael Jackson....Ryo...he freaks me out I swear x.x

Pippoffside @ some dude

"now that genji and co. graduated, theres nothing else to tell"

it's not Genji who graduated, it's Rindaman .

vanpud @gp- no, the freshman trio isn't 3rd year in manga, they're second, just like Bouya Harumichi, Yasu etc. The second year students in manga are main characters. So, that means manga takes place ONE year after 2nd movie! And in that time, Genji, Tamao and others graduated, and tatsuya Bitou is 2nd year in Housen and he appears in manga!

Oko. Noo, please, noo, don't make another part.. Miike should start doing amibitous movies again..

LOL LOL WTF!!! FK OFF AN AMERICAN VERSION OF CROWS ZERO??! even if its just a rumour, thats sounds too fail man. not only that, they'll replace asian actors with white offence to white people but cmon...remember Dragonball (FAIL) Evolution...yeaaaahh

Rinda Man I've seen Both movies, I loved them I am also getting some rumors that american producers are looking to make the american version of CROWS ZERO, but I don't think it would be that good as Director Miike's movie, all the good movies out there like Grudge is Ju-on in Japan theaters, and cold water and dark water and train and one missed called..they are all from japanese movies original so much different than holywood movies, but hey who really made me wait for the second movie and able to watch it thank you is no other than Rindaman him self..god I love his character, the mysterious yet powerful undefeated beast in the shadows..well,who could ever forget GPS, Serizawa Faction, Bandou Knights, and Housen High !!

baldie a Housen movie please

crowsfan4 I have read the manga, and I understand the storyline (don't get me wrong), but the second movie ended too vaguely to NOT indicate an eventual third. I definately believe a third is in the making, and it will probably feature some backstory or continuation on Tatsuya from Housen that leads into his character from the manga. Whether Kirishima (etc.) will have any role in the third movie is subjective, but still... Crows the manga leaves a big gap to be filled, and there's a lot of backstory/history to be filled in.

Barathrum i've watched it.. haha.. i downloaded it from Nice movie btw!

gp @somedude "(eg. sugihara makato, kirishimi hiromi and honjou toshiaki = the first year trio from CROWS ZERO I & II are now second year students)"

I agree there won't be a third movie, but actually the Crows manga takes place 2 years after the second movie, as the trio are in third year there. So, in theory, there could be room for 1 more year between the movie and the manga.

some dude like yasu said, go read the pretty much picks up at the very start of the new year of school (eg. sugihara makato, kirishimi hiromi and honjou toshiaki = the first year trio from CROWS ZERO I & II are now second year students) dont get me wrong, i would love to see a 3rd CROWS movie but even if one was to be made, i doubt it will follow the suzuran school...CROWS ZERO was meant to be the untold story of a bunch of guys that used to go to suzuran, and werent in the that genji and co. graduated, theres nothing else to tell besides from what is already being told in the manga maybe they could make a movie focusing on Housen or even The Front Of Armament...besides, all that 'build up' for tatsuya bitou was meant to stay faithful to the manga...his in the manga too btw just a thought

crowsfan4 There is deffinately a Crows Zero III movie, everyone relax. Why else do you think they would set up all that potential with Haruma? The first movie was a test...people liked it, so they made/are making two more. These movies make me crazy, why can't I go to school there too? "There's nothing wrong with being a crow." BOTH I and II FREAKIN ROCKED!!!!

Pippoffside Don't be silly guys , of cours their is a third movie because this project is a trilogy after all .

Waiting for the DvDrip to watch it ~~~~~~

yasu Comment #82 bouya harumichi. Says: "wow.... such gay comments... the real head of suzuran is me. check the facts, matter of fact, google me. i actually took down the rindaman...."

yeah...and didnt rindaman take you down too? but its true you were the first to take down rindaman as for a 3rd movie...probably not very likely...manga is pretty much the 3rd movie

RJE14 Damn! I love this movie! Its Amazing! all the characters from crows zero 1 are Miura Haruma! so damn cute! im glad Genji & Serizawa are team up together...and Oh! Rindaman, finally he tasted the big punch of Genji.. Brilliant fight!

kurow i hope there will be a third intallment.. coz even though serizawa and genji will be graduating.. there more characters are coming in like miura and rinadaman.. i hope housen will get their revenge... the series is becoming more interesting because of the new characters

Abyssius Maximus i dont think there will be a 3rd...because its obvious Genji beats Rinda-man and they said they'd be graduating, so i think its implied that he unifies Suzuran . I could be wrong, but it helps me not sulk in waiting for the next installment, which could be a couple years.

Suzuran High Comment #75 Housen High Says: Jul 06 2009 8:07 pm

Da hell... you Suzuran are acting all hard and ****. Who was the ***** who called us Avatar? I'll **** that n***** up!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bout one more fight? and we all Suzuran will beat Housen at Housen ground again....ghahahahahaa!!

bouya harumichi. wow.... such gay comments... the real head of suzuran is me. check the facts, matter of fact, google me. i actually took down the rindaman....

David Man, I can't believe this movie won't go to Canada. That sucks. I already saw the movie but I want to watch it on the big screen. Anyway, go Izaki , Haruma, and GENJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izaki long live izaki serizawa,genji and bintou

tamao serizawa i'm the best here... u guys can continue hittin at each other...

Izaki Ha3.....................izaki is so cool/...................................

Nastja yay finally watched it Crows Zero II is a great movie, mixed with everything fighting, blood, action i love this kind of movies :) + Oguri Shun, Yamada Takayuki, Miura Haruma, Kiritani Kenta and Takaoka Sousuke :)

DavidNgo Omg i wanna suck Genji's long hair strips and combine it with mines

Housen High Da hell... you Suzuran are acting all hard and ****. Who was the ***** who called us Avatar? I'll **** that n***** up!

EvanNguyen Khanh... you dont want to fight me... im known as the "Dark Warlord of the East Holy Paladin of the Alliance who is lvl 80 and has 3000+ spell power"!

DavidNgo yo Genji! i just ran to Housen and yelled at everyone that they're all Avatars. lolss.

KhanhDoan HEY!! why cant we join? COME ON! ill take on all of you. bring weapons if you life. ILL DESTROY YOU ALL AND TAKE OVER THE POSITION OF SUZURAN LEADER!

Suzuran High Attention all fighters...we Suzuran high will be recruiting the best of fighters for great causes. Anyone can attend but Khanh Doan and Evan Nguyen. Don't's better off not's for your own good.

KhanhDoan yo Genji, i wanna have a one on one with you, meet me at Suzuran roof top tomr. ill show you what a real punch is like!

Genji Takaya Damn david... you have the materials to be one of suzuran's student. You should join GPS, i'll need your help to beat them housen scrubs.

DavidNgo ok nerd ragers, you all are gay... liking guys?? wth is kawaii??? the sexy one is RUKA! cant believe i stayed awake for 24 hours for this ****!

EvanNguyen wtf khanh doan? you must be tripping .... genji is the one who is kawaii!!! hes cuteeee! <3 69 foo life!


TraceD Oh come on Scotland got a frickin' movie premiere (sp?) why could the United States get it. Man Miami, NY and California are some major ass cities could you show it THERE. Even Washington DC man i could have drove!!! This is ridiculous!!! ARG!

Mika Do you guys know if it will just come in dvd to canada? Or not at all? I saw the first one loved it and i want to see the secound *nya*

aniSzy oguri shun n miura haruma so kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to see this movie!!!!!! i'm fans from malaysia!!!!

Pyrocos someone know whether it is published in some other languages? german maybe?

LinWei Damn, it's still not shown here in Singapore and mysoju still hasn't uploaded it yet.

aceDAWG @ Shin

hehe someones seen the movie =D so have i though, i'd say its more brutal than the first...just a tad dissapointed that Haruma Miura/Tatsuya Bitou didnt get enough screen time as hoped but other than that, really really awesome movie...btw Genji's dad O.O

Shin Don´t be too excited about Miura Haruma, he only appears in like 4 minutes of movie and he doesn´t fight, expect big things from Nobuaki Kaneko and Gou Ayano.

LinWei a brawl with full fledged A-listers like Yamada Takayuki, Oguri Shun and Takaoka Sousuke proves to be great! and now you have Miura Haruma added to the second part for all you screaming ladies out there

marian ................whennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn???????????????????.... the movie of crows zero2????....

RJ OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! ok im making a gang 2day! i just cant stand it anymore. ima have to pull a Takiya at my job, and just hand out random ass whoopings lol

yami To Singaporean fans of CROWS Zero, Why the f**k do we have to be in this bloody place that has nothing good?! T_T It won`t be screened in Singapore. GV screened the first movie so I was hoping they`d screen the second movie. I emailed them and to my disappointment, the second movie won`t be screened by GV. I wonder if Cathay or Eng Wah might though. Anyone want to email them?

richibitch Crows ZERO is my fav movie of all time so i m very excited about Crows ZERO 2

Jun If you have watched the trailer for the film, the voice-over actor sounds like Jason Statham. Anybody?

BlOOD SeCkER fresh meet!!wow!!mather earth diebert

Shinju-san Can't wait anymore, where do you find the movie. Uhh, I cant wait anymore.

FC RPS- Heey Im from MA too!! I share in your pain. I am DYING to see Crows Zero II. I wonder when it will get to us? hah. hopefully some time before september :P

After watching the first my friend and I were like ".... let's start a gang."

so excited for it <3 =]

QR0K1D im from new zealand and am awaiting crows zero 2 here hopefully we get it. kant wait!!!

Go da GPS!!

cdmc RPS you really understand how i feel i want to give u some dap or shake your hand and say thank you

RPS I must admit, being American and from Massachusetts of ALL places, I didn't get to catch wind of the "Crows" mythology until I was walking around one of the local malls and saw the DVD on the rack. Something about how Oguri and Yamada, just stood out and I dropped the twenty bucks, cuz hey, I'd spent twenty dollars on far worse things. So I take this dvd home, pop it in and now nothing else I own really matters. I'v even been able to master the diologue in the movie in both English and Japanese, lol. I am anxiously awaited Crows Zero 2, so much so that I fear I may have to pull a Takiya and start kicking the crap out of random ppl in the halls of my school. God I love Japan.

Kaerlighed once it comes out ias a dvd can it be subbed. dont worry u guys, This movie it totally one fo the anticipated ones. I know it will be subbed. several people have already let international fans aware that it will be subbed - but only after its release on dvd.

until then, we all just have to sit back and patiently await Oguri Shun and Haruma Miura's brilliant acting.

BongerGod does anyone have a link to it streaming yet?!?!? my boner is tieing itself in a knot from anticipation

Satana_cu_Cioc One freaking good movie... I love the first part... I want to see the second one

cdmc ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant wait im going to japan

mary grace Yah I want to see Crows Zero2.

snap 36 Meisa Kuroki is beautiful, You made me proud of asia, thankz, I love you so much... MMMMMuuuuAAAAhhhhhh!!!!!

DIMA Yo is there some kind of kool organizashion forum or something like that so we can chill there???


Novian i want to see this movie

Lucy HAHA!



Grant Motherwell Crows Zero 2 in Glasgow (Scotland) - Can't Wait till Saturday 11th April

marla lOve crOwS zErO.. I cAnT wAit.. rEaLly lOve oGuri anD mIura..

Adje Yoooo cant wait, daaaamnnn, will there be a third movie of crows zero????Any news?

aceDAWG this movie will be SWEEEET!

Grant Motherwell Crows Zero 2 in Glasgow on 11th April 2009 (this easter)

mamoru_14 This movie seems very interesting... I really like HARUMA MIURA!!!!.....^___^

grant motherwell crows zero 2 in glasgow on 11th april?

canada Is someone going to put it on the computer after it comes out? With subs? please saw number one want to see number 2

Grant Motherwell crows zero 2 in scotland - when?

tear love haruma miura! :D

MAXI Lejos el mejor Takayuki Yamada... Puede hacerse el malo y encima tmb ser comico q tanto Shun Oguri y Haruma Miura?? Yamada es el mas completo... incluso para las chicas, tiene toda la facha

Merve omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. that trailer is awesome!!!! i cant wait. i loveee it!

grant motherwell crows zero 2 in japan and scotland - 2 months to go

Ame let's wait for this to release, hehe. where ever there is Haru , there is me :D

aman love shun oguri..he's so coooooolll..

grant motherwell crows zero 2 in singapore - when?

Sonia I am going to see this movie only for the sexy, strong , funny and HOT Tamao Serizawa , I want to see him fighting NOW!!

grant motherwell Crows Zero 2 in Singapore - When? and Crows Zero 2 in Scotland - When? and Crows Zero 2 in Japan - When?

shafinaz i haven't heard of any news that this movie will be shown in singapore. but i really hope they screen it here. i can't wait to watch it cos there's haruma miura in it!! :D

and crows zero was a bomb. i like both shun oguri and takayuki yamada!! :)

grant motherwell when will that show reach scotland? (crows zero 2)

grant motherwell crows zero 2 movie - this easter in japan/scotland

Yael I can't believe this movie isn't going to come out in America. Crows zero was bomb!!! And now Shun Oguri and Miura Haruma are together again but on the big screen! I think I'm going to have to fly out to japan just to catch this movie!!!

shiz i cant wait...miura and oguri together in a movie....EXCITING!!!! X3

grant motherwell I LOVE CROWS ZERO 2 -CAN'T WAIT TILL APRIL 2009

grant motherwell crows zero 2 only in cinemas - cant wait!!!! - this easter (only in scotland and japan) and crows zero 2 dvds in august 2009!! (scotland and japan only!!!) :)

Grant Motherwell I LOVE CROWS ZERO!!!

Grant Motherwell Crows Zero 2 - Can't Wait to See It Until 11th of April in Scotland!!

Grant Motherwell japanese crows zero 2 in japan and my dvds - crows zero and my soundtrack - crows zero. OMG!!!!

Sucteria YAda!!!!! I can't Sleep.. I want to see it on 2009.. 2009 here we come!!!! This is Going to be a really good movie.. Man! I love this movie!!

NANa Omgg!!...I canT wait eitherr... If its HAruma's Den OvIously...lool

Falconite Miura and Oguri teamup again? well, that's nice...

kuka can't wait to see it <3

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