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  • Drama: City Conquest
  • Revised romanization: Doshijungbeol
  • Hangul: 도시정벌
  • Director: Yang Yun-Ho
  • Writer:
  • Network: TBA
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Baek Mi-Reu grew up blaming his father, who abandoned him and his mother when Baek Mi-Reu was young. Since then, Baek Mi-Reu exacts revenge upon the evils of society ...


  1. Based on the comic book "City Conquest" ("Doshijungbeol") by Shin Hyung-Bin and illustrated by Kim Jong-Seok (first published June 9, 1997).
  2. Filming began July 10, 2012 at Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland) theme park in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Filming will also take place in Tokyo and the countries of U.S.A, Japan, China, Singapore, Switzerland & South Korea.
  3. According to Kim Hyun-Joong's management company, KeyEast, on February 6, 2013, lead actor Kim Hyun-Joong has quit the drama series "City Conquest". He will now focus on touring for his music career in Japan and worldwide and in the 2nd half of 2013 will concentrate on a new drama series.
  4. Production company Media Baek attempted to get the drama series to air on KBS2 sometime during the first half of 2013, but failed. Media Baek announced that the failure to air "City Conquest" was the "tyranny of broadcasting company by political reason," but KBS responded that drama series was too violent and not good enough to air.[1]




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kpopkitty Ladies, it says on Kim Hyun Joong's page that he dropped working on this, so don't get your hopes up. :(

wendy please air we miss kim hyun joong. air now!!

honey please aired any channel this 2015!!!

aishie air now this 2015

orie please please please aired this drama. i want to see again kim hyun joong. i agree with some comments below this drama same as in drama Inspiring Generation both are violent and action.but anyway i think this story is interesting. Please aired this drama this 2015.

gg please aired this drama . any channel. its not important if this drama is violent. most important is people wants this to watch.

vanessa why this drama did not aired? until now? why inspiring generation aired ? these 2 drama are the same ''action''. and both of them is main actor is kim hyun joong. OMG unfair.

rian please aired this drama this 2015 because i think this drama is interesting and kim hyun joong is good in acting and also handsome. i can't wait. please aired this drama ''city conquest'' this 2015.

Mi_Sogol Why wasn't it good enough??????? Having Kim Hyun Joong over is way good enough for a drama to be........!

Ruben OMG I watched the special! someone please pick this drama up and produce it its seems like it would be awesome!!! what a waste Kim Hyun-Joong star in this and air it dang it! It would be awsome! :D

Rebecca Reminds me of City Hunter

Unknown person Thanx to you and the rest in boys over flowers that I've gotten into these kind of movies I really love them oh and I can't watch this movie "city conquest" anywhere I really want to watch it so please let me watch it oh and kim bum, lee min Ho, kim so eun, ku hye sun, kim hyun joong and finally kim joon have given me hope to watch I hope you Starr in more movies together, that I can watch and others thank you very much oh I have one more thing to say.................. I hope when I grow up I can come to Korea and see all of you guys in person I really do I am sorry to brag like this but thank you very much for the movies and you have all given me hope thank you, and I like no love boys over flowers better than the ones that I watched do you know the reason why? Because you are all in that movie it made me sad that there was no season 2 I really wanted there to be but I was happy at the end but for some reason I wanted jihoo and Jandi to be together but I was still happy that everyone was smiling at the end but I thought that ga eul would be at the beach with them staring at the ocean it would look so cool but I was still happy so thank you very much I just can't stand a minute without watching anyone of the Korean movies that is how much I love it and I hope you all live a happy life and still are friends even if you are not in movies because no matter what you will always need someone beside you to lean on so whether someone is ther or not you will always have this one special person you want to lean on thank you bye

F4 I love you including ga eul and Jandi....... Anyways my name means a flower a pretty flower that I like because I am named after.....

gloklo I think this drama will not show it coz i saw this note on khj page in asianwiki. Notes

1. According to Kim Hyun-Joong's management company, KeyEast, on February 6, 2013 lead actor Kim Hyun-Joong has quit the drama series "City Conquest". He will now focus on touring for his music career in Japan and worldwide and in the 2nd half of 2013 will concentrate on a new drama series.

aylic it's not gonna air never?i'd love to watch this drama beacuse of actors(specially hyun joong)and the subject ...

irilight I want to see this...Mostly for Nam Gang-min, but also for Jung Yoo-mi.. I hope it gets picked up soon...

love kim hyun joong i really wanted to see city conquest but never mind hope he shoots a new drama sooonnn LOVE UR DRAMASSS!!!

frd guys if he wasnt a good actor he wouldnt win the best actor award for the role Yoon Ji Hoo in BOF... we all know it was his first serious acting experience

Love Nam Gung Min! Nevermind Kim Hyung Jung, I wanted to see Nam Gung Min soo bad ughhh he's so hot, c'mon! Why aren't they airing this?

Luci It sucks that they're not gonna air this.... I was really looking forward to seeing Kim Hyun Joong acting again

vickey i wish i could have a brother like him

rosalie paredes sad to hear ....i am very excited and looking forward to his up coming drama(The City Conquest) but now it is not gonna air....ohhhhhh what a waste..Kim Hyun Joong fighting! <3

Sarah Just shocked that Kim Hyun Joong quit that drama.... Looking forward to this drama , but now , not anymore ~~~~ Miss him because didn't see him act a new drama lately ~~~

eve Im waiting your next drama Mr. Kim Seung Woo....., love youuuuuu

shawn That's too bad, I was looking forward to seeing Kim Hyun Joong in a more action oriented role. And to see if his acting has improved.

I thought this was going to air in January or February, but looks like that isn't likely now. Hope they do end up releasing this, not enough action oriented dramas for my taste.

I was surprised they planned on filming in the US, it's pretty expensive to film here.

sharon i heard that they postponed the drama their not gonna make the drama

carol are they airing this already? i wonder when will they shoot here in the US... hopefully he'll do a small concert for his US fans too =)

fara will watch due to curiosity. i do hope hyun joong-shi can improve his acting since he's the lead along side with yoo mi-shi.

but i definitely will looking forward to seung-woo-shi the most, the clumsy-funny man in 1D2N. 1D2N fighting!!!

Nam Gung Min is a plus too ^^ I actually prefer him for the lead than Hyun Joong, but what to do. Maybe the IRIS director was also blinded by the popularity than the acting/talent itself. korean tv rating competitiveness is the de' factor of this.

jenifer Oppa Nomu chotta ...!! ^_^ Oppa charesso ...!! Sarange oppa

Yoon Mi Storyline sounds like city hunter. I'm a big fan of Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong oppa. Fighting!!

Kenny Agustine i love yoo mi onnie^^. i hope this drama will be the succesed korean drama 2013:):).

Tori Can't wait to see KHJ on tv again. Not so happy that Jung Yoo-Mi is his love interest. Hated her character in Rooftop prince. Thought OMFG when she was cast cause all I could think was HOW DARE THEY LET HONG SE-NA TOUCH ON HYUN JOONG OPPA!!! lol Guess that means she is semi ok actress. (^ ^)

scarlet i think i'll love this drama. I'm waiting for it :-)

nguy Ooh really can't wait for this drama! :)

Cing Vung totally watching it since Kim Hyun Joong is in it :) i so love him

elanie im so excited to watch the new movie of kim hyun joong fighting.....

Lynette Hoo Wan Ling My oppa forever!!! Looking forward this drama!!!!! Hyun Joong oppa, aja aja fighting!!!! Love you :* <3

rainfairy the story looks like city hunter!!!!!

Li Juin LOve uuuuuu Oppa are u comming to Malaysia?Kim Hyun Joong 4ever Fighting!!!!

Anna I wanna watch this great drama hyun joong oppa is the best you!

Angela I'm hoping I'll be able to watch this even though I live in the USA ;o

pinkqueen Wait wait, which Jung Yoo Mi is going to get the role? Because there are two Korean actresses with one name, Jung Yoo Mi. And to be honest, one of them is my fav, while the other one was not my fav at all!! I hope I'll see Jung Yoo Mi who played in Roof Top Prince. But definitely I'm going to watch this, since there'll be Nam Goong Min, yipyyyyy.....\(>O<)/

pitzel Kim Hyun-Joong and Nam Gung-Min together in a drama! I can't wait to see it. I just love Korean men!

Ceechun it sounds like an imitation of City Hunter to me...  :-/

Honey Oh.. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! I'm so excited, Hyun joong is my B.E.S.T & I really want to see him as an actor, I believe that he has many talented!!! ^^ Hyun joong opppaaa.... **FIGHTiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNG**

rainfairy wow i cant wait for it oppa fighting

ann I loved Nam Gung Min in Becoming a Billionaire, he looks so cool, he talks like he's stoned all the time and I love his eyes so sexy! he was the only reason I watched BAB since the lead actor and actress was so boring.

Jashom Wait--- Jung Yoo mi? hmm.... Isn't that the girl who played role 'Hong Se Na'( the evil one) in the drama Rooftop Prince? oh well.... nevermind, I hope this drama will succeed cause I know that KHJ isn't that good to be an 'ACTOR'. KHJ is born to dance and sing and I think acting doesnt fit with him!

Upekshya Hmn opps so he is in a another drama! !! See how he act in this drma. He is a good singer & a dancer too. How many episodes in this. Idrama? I want to know that. KHJ is a good actor. But i don't like him. Because he is like a GIRL!!

Nuna KHJ is not a good actor..he's so bad in deliver his feelings n he has this blank eyes whenever he act..he just depend on his look n popularity as a singer...

Stephanie in est europe korean dramas have become something BIG ,still can't wait for this one too,kim hyun joong is one of the best actors i ever seen,so good luck with this new project i know it will be something gorgeous

shawn I think he's a talented actor and has a bright future in movies. It will be interesting to see him portray more of an action oriented role after doing so much drama. I was able to watch some of his previous work through netflix, so hopefully the US will have access to this one as well.

tori I heard it's going to be another year or two before this comes out. :0(

Liz I live in USA and I don't know how I can see it?

anu usham looking forward to it..:-)

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