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Set in Japan in the early 1990s, there's one rising band called LANDS, that is starting to find success amidst a flood of other bands.

Asako and Miharu are two Tokyo high school students. When Miharu gives Asako her favorite indie rock band; a LANDS CD, she becomes an overnight fan and sets her heart on the talented guitarist Yukiya.

When they go to see them in concert, they sneak their way into the backstage area and Asako gets acquainted with some of the band's members. Natsu, the vocalist, is immediately attracted to Asako and begins bringing her along to the band's practice sessions. Though Asako enjoys it, she proves to be a distraction to the other band members and is soon ejected from the session by Yukari, their manager. But Natsu is determined to keep her around, pulling strings to make Yukari and Asako to become friends, and eventually, helping Asako to become LANDS assistant manager.

LANDS was formed among friends, but as the band begins to climb the ladder towards major stardom, they get in touch with the dark side of the music industry, discord surfaces, inevitable frictions emerge, and unrequited love strains their friendship, threatening to pull their bonds apart.


  1. LANDS (Jin Akanishi and Takeshi Kobayashi) have ranked in #1 in the Oricon ranking with the album OLYMPOS (released on January 13). This is LANDS 2nd consecutive #1 after the first single called BANDAGE, which was released in November 25 last year. The only other time in history that an album released in the name of a movie character was placed in 1st place, topping the Oricon charts was in October of 1996, when the band YENTOWN in Shunji Iwai's directed film Swallowtail Butterfly released an album called MONTAGE.
  2. LANDS had their first and last concert on January 19th, called "LANDS LAST LIVE".
  3. Movie distributor Toho revealed that on November 26th that Bandage sold a whopping 70,000 advanced tickets on its first day of availability - setting a live action film record. In comparison, "Gokusen: The Movie" sold 25,000 advanced tickets on its first day of availability and "20th Century Boys 1: Beginning of the End" sold 2,500 advance tickets.
  4. The pre-screening of the movie was on November 2nd, 2009 at the Tokyo International Forum.
  5. On Czech Republic, it got a PG-14 rating.


Bandage-Jin Akanishi.jpg Bandage-Kie Kitano.jpg Bandage-Kora Kengo.jpg Bandage-Yuki Shibamoto.jpg
Jin Akanishi Kie Kitano Kengo Kora Yuki Shibamoto
Natsu Takasugi Asako Suzuki Yukiya Nagato Arumi Suzuhata
90px-Bandage-Kasahara Hideyuki.jpg Bandage-Nobuaki Kaneko.jpg Bandage-Anne Watanabe.jpg Bandage-Ayumi Ito.jpg
Hideyuki Kasahara Nobuaki Kaneko Anne Watanabe Ayumi Ito
Kenji Yamane Ryuji Miharu Nobuko Yukari

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Serenity uhhh! I don't like the movie . i always prefer watching foreign movies rather than philippine movie but GGggrRR ! this one made me regret :3 yeah they maybe sold over a 70000 advanced tickets but i think it was more than because of casting esp Jin himself . thats why they only got those 'my movies audience and fan awards :3 Jin didnt able to won a best actor award

MikeyCknowsrnb This was a good dark/indie film with one heck of an OST. I would most definitely be a LANDS fan if they were an actual group. The movie is good but where they went wrong in my opinion was with Asako's character. You don't really know what her role is which makes this movie confusing. This could have been a decent movie with a typical story line about a rock band who starts off great then have personal issues (money drugs jealousy, whichever) threaten disbandment but of course it all works out in the end. The thing is Asako is a lead role but has no real purpose. It could have been a romantic story but in the actual movie she spent more time playing side manager than a girlfriend which is why it made no sense when the rest of the group blamed her for their downfall. The movie made it seem like Jin would try to make "playing hard to get" Asako fall in love with him but they literally had little scenes together after she becomes their sub manager. You forget about the love line until they force it back into the script towards the end with Asako's "cheating" kiss on the beach. You even forget about Asako after the break up scene until the 2 years later slide and your like "oh yea she's in the movie too." The movie would have been great if it was solely about a young bands trials and tribulations. But instead it becomes confusing with the under developed love line.

Shirley @Eyes Scream05: Loved your take on it. It's refreshing to see the point of view of an actual musician. But I disagree on the ending... or maybe that's what I'd like to believe. Asako is still a kid and has not matured enough and Natsu has issues with himself. And they manage to get the worst out of themselves when they are together. Although it's not very explicit, the director himslef has said Yukiya has a huge crush on Natsu. I'd rather believe Yukiya ends up with the vocalist, although his actions actually hurt him in the movie, but I think he did it to make Asako stop playing with Natsu.

Eyes Scream05 For those who didn't get the movie well you must watch it again... But if you are able to understand the movie without watching it again then it means that you have the heart of a musician... For me the movie is very touching.... I am an aspiring musician and base on what I have watch I believe that being in music industry is tough.... A band is a band and it must stay strong in times of hiatus... I can relate to Yukiya and Natsu.... their character and attitude in the film are just like me: Natsu which hate himself because he believes that he doesn't have talent at all and Yukiya which is talented but he believes to himself that there is no such thing as talent.... In the film you will see that Yukiya writes a song without meanings but in truth he is inspired to write a song because of what he can see in Natsu that gives him inspiration to make such a wonderful guitar riffs... So it means that Yukiya is inspired because of Natsu but Natsu didn't notice it... For those who don't know what happens on the last part of the film well it's common sense... Natsu and Asako will be together in the end.... Well I am encouraging those who have their own band to watch this interesting film ^_^

gean I didn't actually get the ending! LOL, Am I just slow or its the movie? It's very frustrating!

Shirley I guess this is not a movie for everybody, because it makes you think, and people are not used to that, they just want to sit there and expect to be given all the info they can get. Despite its flaws, it is a great indie film. Akanishi has certainly improved and his voice is unique. I'm disappointed that they didn't dwell on the one-sided love of Yukiya towards Natsu, which is the reason why he turns against Asako.

B-Chan Just saw the movie - it was awesome  :) I loved Akanishi's acting ^___^

Kaoru This movie is pure non-sense!! I thought it'd be good, but all I can say is, don't waste your time please.

katkat like this movie ) Jin kawai ))

ryunochairo What else can I say! I love this film!

ryunochairo This movie is one of the best flims from the industry in quite some time! The spirit of the sound is what this movie entails. Asako and Natsu's journey is not over yet. I hope Iwai-san put together a sequel with all the same characters! It would be a shame not to! I have seen other films by Iwai-san, but this is a very inspirational film. For the fans and musicians, alike. If you are involved in music as a fanor musician then this is your movie "zen-mantra." The journey is the sound, the destination is your soul! This is BANDAGE!!! I am enlightened by this film. The actors and actresses where excellent! I am in awe!!!! Sequel???!!! There should be! It's up to the director and Iwai-san!

Ren-Chan This movie is amazing. It needs a part 2! That would make me extremley happy! :D Even I was confused in the was a big cliffhanger..but this was one of my favorite movies ever (:

Mija Natsu nice movie. . i hope they make a sequel. . this movie needs a part 2!:D:D i was a bit confused at the ending. . are they (natsu and asako) together in the end?

Sakura I really don't get what happened at all towards the end? Anybody explain please?

popo can somebody tell me what happenned at the end of the story? i just don't get it.... it seems to be a bit confusing...

She* When I saw this movie, it hit me a lot. I really think about it's idea. This is one of the greatest movie I have ever seen.

Lilly93 Does anyone know when it will be out online with eng subs????????????? <3

Victoria I want to see it so much!Well,i have to wait too a very long time,because i live in Bulgaria!But i'll wait even if it's 1 year or more!Becouse i know that Bandage it's going to really really good film and can't be miss!

Kat-tunLove I can't wait to see this film! I know it'll be a long while yet as i live in England, but i'll wait as long as I have to. I love the way it seems down to earth whilst being so meaningful. I look forward to it!! :)

Iwai Shunji-fan Jin Akanishi has been highly praised by Shunji Iwai:

“After we watched his video clips, I was very shocked. I didn’t expect such an actor in Japan. However we do have some occasionally, such as Kimura Takuya and Tadanobu Asano. All of a sudden they come to your face and surprise the world. This kind of person doesn’t need to brew slowly, but are more a bomb you feel like it’s either going to explode or disappear.[…] His personality already makes people think of him as an animal who cannot be caged, and everybody can totally feel this unique personality in the story as well. ”

trish this movie is awesome! watched it in japan last january 20. it happened to coincide with a trip that my parents planned for quite some time for us to visit relatives there. call me a sap or dramatic, but i cried near the end. akanishi jin and the rest of the cast are great at their portrayal of their roles in this movie. and for a first time director the film was really good.

i love hanadan but where the 'hana yori dango' movie was like a 3 hour cartoon strip, 'bandage' is two hours of literature. it was lovely.

I'm giving this 5stars.

RennY I only want to see Kaneko Nobuaki... yaaayyy...

Sheryl The movie has an interesting love triangle. Natsu is in love with Asako, she loves Yukiya, but that guy loves Natsu. I can't wait to watch it!

mia i cant wait to watch it!!!! for sure this will be the best movie ever!!!! love you jin!!!! im looking foward to it!

cathrina ;) i can't wait for this. :D hope to watch it soon! i'm pretty sure this is a good movie. :)

Ren I can't wait to watch this movie! Wonder how'll it turn out? Bet it's good! it's JIN AKANISHI alright! The plot looks interesting also...oooo~!!! I can't really wait! ^^

Razzly Jin's voice is awesome! I can't wait to watch him in his first movie role >w<

Saori I'm looking forward to this movie! Even if there's still over a year to wait!!

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