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  • Name: Won Bin
  • Hangul: 원빈
  • Birth Name: Kim Do-Jin (김도진)
  • Birthdate: November 10, 1977 (September 29, 1977 by lunar calendar)
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 178cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Star sign: Scorpio


Won Bin, born November 10, 1977 in Jeongseon County, Gangwon Province, South Korea, is a popular actor. He is the youngest of a family of four (mother, father, two older brothers, and two older sisters).

While growing up in Jeongseon County, Won Bin initially planned to become a car mechanic, but in 1996 entered an audition for cable TV company Je-il Broadcasting and won. In 1996, Won Bin made his television debut on the KBS Super Sunday variety show "Our Story" (우리들의 이야기). Won Bin's acting career then began in earnest with the KBS drama series "Propose" - Won Bin played a character on the short end of a one-sided love affair. His popularity quickly increased while appearing in several more youth orientated dramas - MBC's "Ready, Go!" and KBS's "Kwangki". His appearance in the 2000 KBS weekend drama "Tough Guy's Love" (Kkokji) further gained more fans for Won Bin. He then shot to stardom with his popular role as Tae-seok in KBS's "Autumn in my Heart" - with his famous line "Eolmamyeon Doae?" (How Much?) becoming a much imitated slogan by his fans.

Won Bin then made his move acting debut in the 2001 film "Guns and Talks" (Killerdeului suda). Three years later Won Bin would star in the action / war blockbuster "Taegukgi," which still ranks as one of the all time highest grossing films in South Korea.

Won Bin then placed his acting career on hold while serving his two year mandatory military requirement, beginning in November, 2005. Won Bin was discharge early on June, 2006 due to an ACL injury to his knee. Won Bin would go through a year of rehab.

His acting career then resumed in Joon-ho Bong's highly anticipated 2009 film "Mother". Won Bin played Do-jun, a young man with limited mental capacity who becomes accused of a murder. The film would screen at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival before opening #1 at the South Korean box office on May 28th, 2009.


  1. Won Bin's talents include taekwondo, snowboard, motorcycles, and car racing.
  2. Favorite activities include basketball & video games.
  3. Favorite actor is Dong-Kun Jang.


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kangdongwonbin My first ever Korean crush! Won Bin is just the best! He made my young heart flutter as Han Tae-seok (Andrew in PH dub). His acting was so convincing to point that my 10 year old self hated SHK for choosing SSH over him. I'm 22 now and I still love him even more. I'm still hoping Won Bin and Song Hye Kyo will be paired up in a drama or a movie where they'll end up together. But please, pick up a project soon! Hwaiting Ajussi!

kpopkitty Someone give this man some more main roles, in either drama or movies, as not only is he incredibly handsome, he is also very talented. :)

Taita Haha hes so cute! I totally ship him with Lee Na Young. Shes so lucky!

Mahe'alani Lee Wow Won Bin! You are awesome with your performance in 'Autumn In My Heart' You are cute, handsome and blessed with so much talents. Thanks for sharing your talents and your handsome face, you are the best. Wish you the best in all your endeavours.

arta for first time i have seen him oon "autumn in my heart" and i really loved his performance and i really am missing him. hope he will come with a new role idk where is he why we cant see him on new dramas?

Nills Hello...Mr Won Bin! I have watched you in 'The Autmn in My Heart..I really love and enjoy that drama. The only drama I have ever watched from you when I just got into Korean drama. Then I came accross Park Shin Hye..and watched too most of her drama.. watching bothe your individual works..I had this vision and wished,that someday you could work together in one project,,Although I noticed that you are into silver screen than into smalls screen..butany way i just hope some writer or producer can have eye on both of you in the near future...Good Luck..

Savvytt You are not just complacent by shooting tons of commercials, aren't you? I'm wholeheartedly looking forward to your new project. I couldn't be happier if you make a comeback just around the corner.

Lea "you don't have to say a lot for people to see the real you."

Love him very much.

abcconn Won Bin Oppa!! You need to get more roles!! Your acting just.. omg it's sooo good!!

Lyly More drama please. I am dying for your appearance

Jaz Most handsome Korean alive. He's always the point of comparison in Korean dramas, eq: Is he as handsome as Won Bin?, Should I date someone like Won Bin?

Jared Belated happy birthday to you...Hope you'll do another show esp tv drama..You still look so good.

lol OPPA~ your voice really melts me ! kyaaahhh <3 i love you won bin oppa! You're so cool and handsome! we're soul mates AHAHAHAAHA <3

raineal you are my first love and true love! aaaaaaahhh melt melt

Fernie Nd I do love won biiinnnn :*

sak i hope some day won bin and moon chae won make a new drama together... it must be crazy and awesome.........the man from nowhere make me like won bin..very nice movie..

cora Someone needs to gather a petition to force Won Bin to sign on to a new project! Why does he take so long!? Oppa you're not getting any younger, please don't waste this incredible talent you have by just doing stupid CF's.

Dawn Woo Bin oppa, what is taking you so long to appear in another movie or television drama...have you retired from the entertainment industry. Many fans are missing you on the small and big screen....I sincerely hope that a new project is coming soon....so hurry, hurry, hurry....Fiighting!!!

Red Sonya I Love You Won Bin! I need to see you in action again please.

Agres Happy BirthdAy Won Bin. Wish U All the beSt. God bless u always. Can't waiT to see u Again...hAvE nice day And tAke cAre ... :) FighTing !!!

Yaseumin I love you so much.. I am waiting for your new drama or movie.. by the way, happy birthday!!

agres Can't wait to see u again...where u go ??? Waiting for ur new movie and drama. Have nice day and take care. God bless u always....

This and that EXCELLENT actor, a beautiful man, a graceful human being. May God bless and forgive him, and give him and his loved ones peace of mind, body and soul.

His eyes are like bottomless oceans of warmth and contemplative sadness, at least this is what I see in them. Such a gorgeous, lovely human being! <3

To the one commenter below who called him "old", well, you are just proving that your own levels of maturity and wisdom are below zero. But, peace, anyway!


Pkay(: omg. Won Bin! You are handsome. You should start making more dramas, I would INDEED watch you! Even though you're OLD, I really meant OLD. You should still produce or make a film! Everyone is waiting! And people who crated this site, can't you just call him up and let him know that everyone is waiting for him to make a movie! (: please! i love you! saranghaeyoh! <3

Leigh I'm all geared up for a protest to force Won Bin ssi to make a movie or even drama.. It's really frustrating to wait... PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE ALREADY PLEASE!!!!!!!

Leigh Won Bin ssi Please please make a movie already...... PLEASE............................

jassiegyu ajusshi pls cameback soon to dramaland


dimps Can his fans start a petition or something and get him to sign on to a new MOVIE! I'M SICK OF WAITING.

Why does he take so long to sign on to new projects? What a waste of talent!

Lu Lun I love him so much just the way he is. I want to see him in more movies.God bless u. You are a great actor.

Fatikha I loved "The Man From Nowhere", "Mother" and "Taegukgi". He was absolutely different in every role. His eyes should be one of the world wonders all on their own . Sometimes when he stares you don't have to hear him say anything, just look at those mezmerizing eyes. Such a great actor.

WonBin#1 I am so close in setting up a rally, so that Won Bin will be forced to make a movie or drama. It's so hard to wait!

Malie Am really h!s fan he is very attractive and talented. .

Anti Bunga Rizkiah I have been his fans since his performance in Endless Love. It's been more than 10 years and I always be his fans. I came to South Korea to see him. But it's really hard apparently. I hope I can see him at least once before I come back to Indonesia. He is a great actor and he is always no. 1 for me.

Your fans Bunga

saran "Guns & Talks" is fun to watch, "-What did my father say?" "- to be good at running"

cat forgot to say...PLEASE COME OUT WITH A NEW MOVIE SOON!!!!! Cat from Texas, USA!

cat I need new movies!!! where have you been????? I've watched man from nowhere 100 times already!

nahed i just want to thank you for this great performance in ajhussi !! you really are amazing!! loved the movie ! it touched my heart!!

josie I just started watching asian movies through netflix. I read the subtitles. I love this movie, I've watched it more than 10x already, and I will watch it again and again, because of Won Bin's acting. I am glad it does not have sex scenes, except for the bathroom part. I noticed that some of the korean movies have x rated scenes, I don't bother watching those movies. I hope Mr Won Bin continue to make pleasant movies. I saw Mother, I will check out the rest of his movies

May Something more than beauty , something more than " a good actor " somebody special , very special...so touching , upsetting ...

teguh He's my only favourite actor from Korea, i really love his acting in "Autumn in My Heart" damn he's very good there, he's act in "Taegukgi" also really impressed me and make me no more choice except give my 2 thumbs up for him, hope oneday i can meet him here in Indonesia or in Korea. Good Job, Man !!!

dianventy Wonbin is their savior from the darkness, but I think Wonbin like stars in the darkness of my heart. Always success for you, my prayers are always with you wherever you are. :) Always waiting for a visit from you wonbin. :)

Hugs and kiss from INDONESIA

saran happy birthday!

Kompian Stay healthy, stay happy and please continue to entertain with your great acting....fighting

NM17177 you are the best!!!!!!!!!i love you...can't wait to see you in new movie or drama..

windy i hope to meet you soon won bin(andrew on endless love) :)

Charla I love you Bin, you are my hero...... :)

ricababes your so HANDSOME !i love you !so much HOPE you'll visit here at the philipines:))

diedra you are tha best i've seen . i fell in love with you bt watching the tele drama "AUTUM TALE" . after 5 months the doctors have recognized that i'm also having a unhealing illness . but i'm happy with all what i got . "AUTUMN TALE " is MY OWN STORY

P Just watched Man from Nowhere on Netflix. It's a cross between Bourne Identity, The Professional and a Sergio Leone Eastwood western. Great movie. Stop making chick flicks and continue doing the action movies.

Sinoun Ty I love Won Bin:) He is a very talented actor & very humble at that<3 I support him with all my butt, haha!

shakespeare You're a great actor good looking, saranghe Won Bin Adjussi..More power..Take care always..The best! Saranghe Saranghe!!

May Won Bin, you are a tremendously talented actor! You thoroughly become the characters you play, and you are able to convey the little nuances of their emotions, thoughts, and personality. Of course, you are extremely handsome, but it is also wonderful that you are equally talented. According to everything I have read and seen about you, you seem genuine, intelligent, good, thoughtful, and compassionate. Such wonderful characteristics in a role model. Thank you for being a celebrity that people can look up to, especially young people.


Thara I want to see him more in K dramas... He is my fav Korean actor

werra_san mmmmmmm... sweet lips!!!

Zombie Me and my sister fall in love with him since Autumn In My Heart but after that his hair style changed that don't suit him...It's a pity man when he seem like aged a lot after disappearing for so long. He's not as cute as before but more gorgeous and HOT...his eyes and smile..

P Won Bin Ah.U and I are soulmates.I am coming to korea to marry you. so Wait for me;)and also youre mine<3

YoutooLazy G-Line i watched it on netflix :D its badass!!! I LOVE HIIIMMMM!! :3

goldz hi guyz...i've been very interested with this movie ' I man from nowhere'.. but i can't seem to find one.. please help me find one with english sub since i can't understand korean... pleasseee.....

ChingChing Hey there :)) We've just finished watching The man from nowhere =)))) Hihihihi♥ You know i super duper love this movie this was the best and best movie for me hahaha :D Funny rigth? Lol. I just want you to know that even though you're too old for me I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU :)) AND YOU'RE SO HANDSOME :D Godbless Won bin/Kim do-jin More shows/movies to come Ü

Princess All of the movies of WonBin are wonderful. Each of them has its own sense and moral. After watching each of them u can get and learn something new (at least u can enjoy). U won't find any meaningless or boring movie in the list of his filmography! Sure the number of his films is less than the other actors'. However, i think the quality of the film is much more important than its quantity! Won bin u r "precious brilliant" in Korean filming industry! Keep up ur great job!!!

Carol I had to find out who this guy was since I recently saw "The Man from Nowhere" and "Mother". The acting was top notch in TMFN. The main character and the little girls interactions reall made that story better than I imagined. I was confused as to when his birthday actually is. I keep seeing Sept 29 and Nov 10. This interview confirms it for me. It's absolutley Nov 10th. I'm keeping my eye on this star. He's gonna get better and better. He just shouldn't come to Hollywood though. Hollywood doesn't understand storytelling anymore. More and more people I know are looking overseas for substance.

Rosalina His acting in The Man from Nowhere was awesome! I'm impressed so much!...

*WonBinFAN* WonBin oppa! I like u as an actor and as a person. It's obvious from ur interviews that u r such a modest, smart and sensible person(also shy and slowpoke a bit). But the thing i'm sure that u've got a BIG HEART! Wish u all the best in ur acting career and personal life as well!!! Hope u continue making us happy with ur new, "fresh" roles!

hyewonssi Hope all his wish and dreams will come true, hope for the best for won bin oppa ! i wish him happiness in his life, lovelife, and his career.! may God bless him always, won bin oppa fighting !!



Kin Hope he's going to make new films soon. I loved The Man From Nowhere.

Karo Kitana! it's just a fanlove period... Don't get bothered! :)

Kitana Karo! you're getting a little bit toooo excited there.. CHILL OUT! lmao.

Caroline I've seen Won Bin photos recently and i said, "Yeah, his appearance is changed". I cannot find that cute & sweetie Taesok face from Autumn Tale anymore. Very pity... But maybe he got older. Nothing can be done with time, it just flys away...

mica smm I will find my own Won Bin:) and maybe one day I can meet the real Won Bin and we can be friends. But till then, I'll have to settle♥

Karo Won bin! Today i saw u in my dream...

liteyrsaway Wow! I just got through watching "The Man from Nowhere" and wow! What great acting! I first became really impressed with this actor when i watched "Mother", but in this movie Won Bin is simply amazing. What a very versatile, dynamic actor he is! I am American, but I am very happy that I have decided to give Korean films a chance because thus far I have not been disappointed, and seeing such a talented actor play such varying, challenging roles...all i can say is "WOW!" Brava!

Karo Won bin has smth that attracts others. I wanna meet him in real life and know what kind personality he has in reality. Cuz i imagine his personality only through his characters in movies and dramas. I wanna know him closer... I love his character when he is serious, smart, brave and especially when he's romantic and tries to save his love to any cost... I wish he had these qualities not only in movies but in reality as well...

vale He really knows how to choose his movies. I am impressed.

Lily I WISH MARRY WON BIN... He is 12 years older than me, though...

Karo Every time i watch his new role, i fall in love with WB again, again & again. He is SUPERB!!! & SO HANDSOME!!! 2 tell the truth he doesn't look like korean, he looks like an uzbek man.

cece I hope they come out with Ninja Assassin 2 and they give you and Rain the role for the movie...that would F***in Rock...seeing you and Rain go head to head with eachother...that will BLOW MY MIND!XD

Kitana Loved when you were cutting your hair SHIRTLESS!!!!! you know your hot :)..

angel His birthday is not 29 Sept, it is 10 November.

Riisa The HOTTEST actor of Korea = Won Bin!!

Temberh First I saw WB was in Man from Nowhere....now I'm hooked!!!!

Karo Who knows : does WB have a girlfriend?


D SUgooiii
Won bin you're the bestttttt!!!!

내첫사랑.... 하하! anyway he's always a gr8 actor and darn good looking! Somehow hope to see him in real person when I visit Seoul. :D

I Love WonBin he's handsome enough to kill a girl =))

Ester never get old. top on my list for the korean male artist (2nd Jang Geun Suhk, 3rd Lee Dong Wook

sofee 3 weeks ago, i was bored at work and decided to watch Autumn In My Heart series for the second time after almost 10yrs.. I've always liked WonBin when i first watched it.. and then over the years i kinda forgot all about him and was busy with everything else going on in my life.. but when i watched it again recently.. i paid more attention to the plot of the story and the character WB played in the series.. and i was so amazed by his acting.. moved me to tears.. i cried everytime there was a scene of 'Tai Seok' being heartbroken.. i absolutely love that character.. after finished watching the series.. it got me intrigued to find out about what's new with WB.. and for the next few days, GOOGLE was my best friend! every info i got on WonBin is nothing short of Impressive!! and now all my friends know how much i adore him and its great that some of them are so supportive of me being so supportive for WB :) i really hope to meet him someday. i have great respect for him not only as a multi-talented celebrity but also as a person. He has many admirable qualities and nothing like most celebs. I pray that he will still remain his humbleness and down-to-earth attitude and still be ever so successful in years to come. All the best WonBin Oppa :) Warm Wishes from Malaysia. x sofee x

jay Won Bin you are Awesome <3

Banu He was great in Man from Nowhere.. ^__^... awesome movie not a bit boring a must watch.. hope he plays more in movies and action ones please... he is the Korean Bond.. XD


Ellie Man, Won Bin seems to never age, in fact he looks like he's just getting younger and younger! He's such an amazing actor I can't wait to see all his new work! : D

farah i just saw his latest film "Mother" and i could tell that was a great movie! won bin really has mature enough in acting through all these years, he just give a good performance along with Kim Hye Ja play as his mother. can't wait his new movie This man or Ahjussi, i 'm gonna watch it. love ya WON BIN^_^all the best for you!

rere Won Bin, you're the BEST!

tree Wonbin, the Kdrama without you, it would not be the same again. I love you, take care of you're health, GBU

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