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  • Drama: Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Dalrae Dwaen, Jangkook: 12nyeonmanui Jaehwe
  • Hangul: 달래 된, 장국: 12년만의 재회
  • Director: Kim Do-Hyung
  • Writer: Kim Yi-Kyung
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 26
  • Release Date: March 22 - June 29, 2014
  • Runtime: Sat & Sun 20:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Two high school students break up because of their parents. They meet again 12 years later.


  1. "Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion" takes over the jTBC Sat & Sun 20:50 time slot previously occupied by "The Firstborn".


Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Lee So-Yeon.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Namgung Min.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Lee Tae-Im.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Bae Jong-Ok.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Oh Seung-Yun.jpg
Lee So-Yeon Namgung Min Lee Tae-Im Bae Jong-Ok Oh Seung-Yun
Jang Dal-Rae (Jang Kook) Yoo Joon-Soo Joo Da-Hae Choi Go-Soon Jang Hoon
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Seo Woo-Rim.jpg Kim Young-Ran Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Eom Hyo-Seop.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Park Hae-Mi.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Cheon Ho-Jin.jpg
Seo Woo-Rim Kim Young-Ran Eom Hyo-Seop Park Hae-Mi Cheon Ho-Jin
Yeo Il-Sook Yeo Sam-Sook Jang Kook's father Pyeong Beom-Sook Yoo Jung-Han
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Kim Shi-Hoo.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Danny Ahn.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Ji Su-Won.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Lee Han-Wi.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Nha Phuong.jpg
Kim Shi-Hoo Danny Ahn Ji Su-Won Lee Han-Wi Nha Phuong
Yoo Joon-Sung Yoo Soo-Han Kim Young-Hee Joo Cheol-Soo Hami
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Choi Ro-Woon.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Jung Chan.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Shin Dong-Mi.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Jeong Gyu-Su.jpg
Choi Ro-Woon Jung Chan Shin Dong-Mi Jeong Gyu-Su
Joo Hong Heo Se-Min Yeo Ok Mr Kang

Young Cast Members:

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Yoon So-Hee.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Lee Won-Geun.jpg Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup- 12 Years Reunion-Ryu Hyo-Young.jpg
Yoon So-Hee Lee Won-Geun Ryu Hyo-Young
Jang Kook Yoo Joon-Soo Joo Da-Hae

Additional Cast Members:


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Anna The first half of the movie, when they were young was great, but the second half was awful, i couldn' t watch it... I' m so disappointed

dolce I like dramas like when the woman is able to fight and stand up for herself inspite of what she had through..I can relate well..I got married at 19 and got separated after few months i become miserable..now im going to be 25 but im able to stand up already I used my past as a stairs to climb up, its not easy to look back but at the end of the day the pain became an inspiration to me. the lacking ratings of this drama is the director and producers fault not the actors..both Namgung Min and Lee so yeon have done alot of dramas before. It's not thier first time. .


      • SPOILERS***

I dont get why their's alot of negative comments here .I was satisfied by the ending it so cute when they both ignore thier moms as if they will fight for thier relationship this time no matter what..and I think its not very important to reveal that Da hae is the reason why she had miscarriage. .its enough that Da hae live her life miserable for not liking her back by joon soo..also jang hoon and ham cho are satisfying they meet and he realized what he feels about ham cho, of course its not necessary for them to get married quickly they are younger than Dal Rae and Joon soo..its a good start for them.

jlo I agree with everyone. The first half was very good. The second half was awful.

Lucu -Disappointing ending -Story line wasn't bad, but it lack punch due to sloppy direction -Nam Goong Min was good, but as much as he tried him and Lee So Yeon had not chemistry as couple. I didn't feel it... They didn't moved me at all.

The best thing in this drama: The younger teen couple... "Lee won geun and Yoon So Hee"... They were phenomenal with remarkable chemistry. This drama should have kept the young actors and it would have been much much better with the complete 50 episodes.

The worst thing in this drama: Joo Chul Soo (Lee Han Wie) going back to the house and the wife he left for another. What was that? Is this cultural or just bad writing? Is it normal in Korea for an unfaithful husband, gone for many years, to come back with a child to expect to be welcomed and accepted like that's just a mistake? I understand dramas are not real, but for us that are not korean and k-drama fans the only thing we have to judge korean culture and their people is through dramas. The writers should take into consideration viewership opinion outside Korea.

melmanator hey anyone know where i can find the OST of this drama?

i like the song played inthe irish wristle by Yo joon soo

hana wait, i thought it was supposed to be 50 episodes, why is it only 26...............

Sandra Dee I was so drawn into this drama at first. When it was about the younger teen version, it was so beautiful. There was a ton of chemistry between them, the emotions were tugging at my heart and I couldn't get enough of Lee Won-Geun cause he is beyond gorgeous. But when the switch came with the adult actors.....you lost me. There was absolutely NO chemistry and I did NOT like the female lead. I felt she was totally miscast!! I felt that Yoo Joon-Soo was trying to keep the drama going all by himself, and though he was doing a great job...it just wasn't working. Plus, with sooo many annoying characters in one drama, it can drag you down.

Deibys What? That was the end like the end ?.really?...many loose ends...there was way too many fabric to cut up....I feel kind of disappointed because I thought that writers had an excellent history here, they just gave up before time....I completely and absolutely lost my time

JB Have very much enjoyed the first 11 episodes. No complaints so far at all. The Casting was perfect. However, I am very aprehensive about continuing further based on the many negative comments here. I have often been disappointed with Korean Dramas that start out well and then fall apart due to lack of focus leading to a very disappointing ending. Sure sounds like this one is one of those unfortunately.

JG This was probably canned early due to bad ratings. Too bad cause they could have at least made one or two more eps to tie up loose ends. Oh well. On to the next drama.

pitufokorea really, what about Ham Cho and Hoon the most annoying couple ever, really people?!?!?!?! she was blah he was blah. yes it ended in a rush but i think it was ok, I skipped at least 3 episodes and still got the idea of what it was happening on the story, now lets move on and watch another drama this one is OVER for good.

Rhackie the ending is so disappointing! why it ended too soon. but honestly, after the switch of characters, i lost my interest in the drama... i just wished that someone cuter than Lee Won-Geun replaced him because to be honest, i liked that drama because of him.. hahahaha.. peace

khinnie the ending was kinda crappy and like what even happened to ham cho and hoon. i thought it was 50 episodes and it should be that many or maybe even at least 40 whichever. because there is still a lot more to the story.

Hanni This reminds of the drama Soul mate which ended no where and the 2nd season was canceled. So disappointed. I hope the vampire prosecutor doesn't get cancel too, I read it has been delayed but no word of been canceled. ( fingers crossed).

what the heck?? Wtf!! I thought there would be 50 eps but 26 eps and it doesnt even have a good ending wtf!! Such bullcrap!! I loved it at first but why end it like that are they tryin to create another series thats connected .... NO ID think so!! Im so mad..... if anyone creates a drama they should end it properly or at least with a moral..... what about joon sung and da hae?? Ham cho and hoon?? And how can they end with just an engagement??..... I think I should calm down now..... lets not ever think bout this drama again....

Dora I was promised 46 episodes! Why did they decide to end it that way?! What about Ham Cho? What about Uncle?! WHAT ABOUT HAM CHO?!?!?!

kim sirae No way! Is it really over? If so it's so messed up!

mao It is so disappointing that they ended it like that. I want to see more about jang hoon and Ham Cho

I mean why end it when the drama is on iTs climax. And Joon Soo and jang gook i mean they have been separated for 12 years and they didn't even get some sweet moments. Come on.

Chris Please finish this drama properly!!!!! It was getting so good!!! There are way too many unfinished story lines :( I wanted to see more development between ham cho and Jang hoon, I wanted Jang gooks relationship with joon soo to develope more..... So many Un finished stories!!!! What happens with moo child sister? And the uncle of Yoo joon soo???. So much has been left unanswered... :(((( please writer, director and network, finish this drama properly! It was good! And had such potential to be GREAT!!!!

tp I've just finished the very last episode last night and was totally disappointed cuz it came to an abrupt end on the 26th eps. Wish there were more to watch. I really enjoyed watching this drama a lot. Thanks to the amazing cast with their most efforts and excellent performances which made the show worth of watching.

wildchives123 Maybe there werent many viewers in korea thats why they couldnt make a profit to allow this show to continue. I liked to show so much!! Upset that they had to end it abruptly.;(

Faik I can totally relate to what people are saying why the hell is it the last episode, it didn't end very well and I want the remaining 24episodes to be made not fair can anyone from keora explain what's happening here in london there isn't any news so please any reply what's happening is there gonna be another season

Tee Ok they cut the show big woop everyone needs to stop complaining. I mean come on ive seen people complain about the show being to long, the actors height differents, and change in personality between the young and old cast. I'm not supprized that they canceled the show with all the negative feed back it received, but I love how those people who kept b*tching about how bad the show now want more episodes. We should just be greatful for the work they put into this series cause I'm pretty sure the cast was devistated when they found out about the cut.

wild chives Nooo I was soooo looking forward to 50 episodes but it was cut to 26. Whyyy did they do that there are still allot of more things to be known. I was so happy it was up to 50 episodes but niow I am left with a broken heart. It was starting to get more interesting. We drama fans have to know what happens not that they just have couple rings. Wow..... now I think the ratings are going to be low(in my own little world of drama fans) I DID NOT LIKE THE ENDING. & this not relating to this but does anybody like Nam Gung Min's old hair cut or new

RyeLyyn OMG what happened??? It suppose to be 50 eps, what the H*** happened??? Why only 26 eps? There are still lot of unfinished story, the mothers, the uncle, the brothers OMG!!!!!!

aleshi OMG why would they leave it to 26??? I really loved this drama :((((((

Dana van Es Will you be coming out with a Wild Chive and Soybean Soup: Second Course? Jang Del Rae never found out about Dae Hee and the miscarriage and neither did Joon Soo. Everyone else is sort of just hanging. Why?

Dana van Es I was looking forward to all 50 episodes. It feels unfinished. Please give us the other 24. Ham cho is still away. The mother still hates everyone. The Young Hee stuff is still up in the air. Did moo chul's sister do anything with her life? Did joon soo ever find out his uncle is his brother and how will that shake up bum sook? Hello? So much left unsaid and undone. You can't just wrap it up with a bow.

mvm haven't seen the last episode yet, i sure hope they find out it was because of DaHae that Gook had a miscarriage....sad that the episodes were cut from 50 to 26. I love Namgung Min I think he's an awesome actor.

Jocylin Whattttt? ? ? ? ? ? I thought they're was supposed to be 50 episodes? Wtf? WHY DID THEY SHORTEN IT? I was so prepared to watch all 50. They cut it like completely in half. No way can it end that fast. Omfg. Wth. Seriously?

rskdrama Like a race. Very unsatisfactory ending. Don't know why this drama had less ratings in comparison to Jang Bori drama.... anycase, hope to see Yoon So-hee and Lee Won-Guen soon.

Michelle Love this series! Watching it on Huluplus, and still have two episodes to go. This is a very good story.

tehsi Oh no, why just shorten it like these should extend few more episodes to 30. There are still lot of other relationships never developed. haiz.... a bit disappointed with the ending.

adriana Oh no, i was really loving this drama!!!

SHERRIEEE OMG I wish there were more episodes, I just finished it and liked that this drama didn't rush the ending even though the original episode was 50 and they somehow fit everything into 26 episode. There were a lot of other relationships that could have developed but like I said I understand they tried their best. I am glad that they created a happy ending for the two main characters, that's all I needed. OVERALL, I recommend this drama(:

DeDe I miss yoo joon soo when he was young

DeDe I thought there was 50 episodes, I miss yoo joon soo when he was young

jne Yes, due to low ratings the number of episodes has been reduced from 50-26 episodes. I can't believe ppl aren't enjoying this show as much as I am.

mao I aree the first 14 episodes hooked me. I still love the story but i wish they chose taller joon Soo or shorter jang gook. I think the moonlight chul guy fits more for joon soo's older self. Anyway, it is a very good drama. All of them were so tangled to everyones life and it is exciting to watch. Btw jang hoon is a jerk

julianna the first 14 ep was good especially the acting of those kids, but the later ep was a bit disappointed, not only because of height but by the way it turned out. The acting of the lead actor he became shallow and wacky whereas when he's younger he's a bit serious and focus. Then the leading lady, i noticed her facial expression was not as good as the younger version. So yeah, i prefer the younger version than the old ones.

juliet zulueta Originally its 50 episode just continue as planned, I dont care others reviews, the characters, actors n actresses are good. Pls extend to 50 ok

Sha Can someone please confirm if they really did cut down the episodes to 26 from the original 50?!!! I really hope not! They will have to do a rushed ending, which would be so so so sad :'(

le i just started watching this drama, it is very good. a cute story of first love and the stuff that gets in the way. i like the cast for the younger and older characters. people are paying too much attention to the height differences of the actors, but you all should focus more on the acting because all of their acting is awesome. i like the main couple the most, there are a lot of stories for the side characters which can get not as interesting. i like nam gung min, i recommend his other dramas Unemployed Romance and One Fine Day. also yoon so hee was in Let's Eat, she looks very different here, i didn't recognize her.

kdramalove as im reading all the comments, makes me wonder how some ppl take it so literal. First of all, i care less of the height from the younger version to the version right now. What matters is that it is the same person we know who it is. Yes his character changed but the main reason why he changed is because of his mom, she has played a huge part on manipulating him. He probably became a flirt to avoid actually falling in love and getting hurt because in his point of view he thinks she left him, and she thinks he cared less she left, why cause remember her mom was the one that made the little brother throw away the note. Im not going to say im a fan about the story line or being this long of a drama, but i do enjoy watching it, i have seen other dramas that just drag to the point that even the ending just makes you wonder why you stayed watching the drama till it ended. Im wondering about the last comment that says only 26 episodes? I think it would be more reasonable than keep on dragging the story, they either already find out and try to figure out how they will stay together or they just part ways for good. I noticed that happened with BIG MAN, it had said 20 episodes and it ended at 16. Oh well, that person who said about the height cause of the shoes, you are totally correct, cause he isnt that short she is just taller than him with the high heels. she is 5'5" and he is 5'8" so with heels she will look as tall as him

LeeMinShii theres 26 episodes apparently o.o

rskdrama Isn't this a 52 ep drama? Why would they rush?

V Jenkins I don't care about the change in the charaters. It can be translated that in 12 years people change and personally if I lost some one that I loved and a baby too...sometimes you change and become a different person because of things that happen in your life...I think people are taking it too literally. My concern is the the change in episodes to rush the ending and not really focusing in the main characters and what happens to them. I don't care about the mom/business/son or the divorced or divorcing mom. I want more story story line

rskdrama I saw ep 21 and also 22. We have all watched a lot of drams where the young actors become older actors. We miss the young ones, they act so much much better. Having said that, we also expect the actors not to lose the essence of their character. Now that I have explained about character and acting, the first and foremost example is Joon Soo. Remember his character in the young actor roles until ep 13-14? This was a dependable, studying well, happy guy, who talked just enough and mostly kept to himself, his family and 3 dear friends. Now the character of older JoonSoo. In one word, it is lose. In the name of co-existence and helping, he seems to be a flirt, poking his nose in everything, and very lose with this mouth. The was he acts with his colleagues, family shows it. That primarily is my major problem that the writer turned an amazing character into such a lose one. Let me tell you, I have really loved seeing Mam GanaMin in various other dramas.

Sophia I see so many people saying how they stopped watching the episodes since the arrangement of the young actors to the adult actors...which I truly don't get. I felt the same way about not liking the adult characters at first but as you move on further into the episodes, you see so much chemistry between these actors and(SPOILER) it's getting waaaaay more interesting now that they are starting to figure out that she resembles Jang Gook and the relationship between Da hae and Jang Dal Rae(Aka, Jang Gook) is getting intense from Da Hae's suspicions of Jang Dal Rae and Joon Soo. In the 21st episode...if you haven't watched it yet...it gets more interesting from that point on. 22nd episode, which is the newest one that came out is even more interesting, because Da Hae takes her suspicions to the next level and starts basically harassing Jang Dal Rae. Well, she started the harassing I think either on the 20th episode or the 21st. But yeah, my point is...once you start accepting that they play the adult version of the younger cast...you'll find that you really love this drama and you'll let it go. I let it go, because I was really curious about how the adult actors would fit in and be able to deliver the kind of performance that the younger actors did and they truly did. They're all amazing...you just have to give them a chance. It's just something that's new...I understand that, but you'll get used to them being the older cast.

eighties My dear Amy. Height does matter in a storyline to make it looks real. I agree with those who said about the height, the producer should have gotten a taller male lead since the young joon soo is tall. The story are good but it's quite annoying how short he became since he's only 31 yrs old. I quit watching this since the older version don't have The Chemistry like the young ones. wish to see lee won geun and yoon so hee in another kdrama. They've got the Chemistry.

Amy I love the drama n will watch till the end. Reading below, I was shocked to see people point out the height difference when i didn't really notice it n find that an issue... You see, I was focusing on the story rather than the height or how pretty or handsome they look and finding their flaws...Just enjoy the story and stop judging the height differences..

Bibi Older Joon Soo is really annoying. Can't see his narcissism, why does he think, that Dal Rae doesn't like him, just because she has problems with men? Nam Gun Min is a good actor, but his acting in this drama is ridiculous (his height isn't that important. I am kinda disappointed with this drama, the whole plot is getting illogical.

Bubble You guys are all stupid to not realize that the lead girl actress is only taller than the lead male because she is wearing heels dumb asses

Ikar Actually there are many things that do not make sense in this drama. For example, like the height issue, the significant transformation between younger and older main characters, and some of their acts. Maybe the director had problem when he wanted to produce the plot of changing in the characters due to changing in current circumstances (joon so family become poor and jang gook family become rich). Unfortunately, the changes are to significant while we already love the character of young Joon Soo. I think thats why we feel quite dissapointed, but I still think they are a cute couple though! ;) lets watch it till the end:)

Ikar Actually there are many things that do not make sense in this drama. For example, like the height issue, the significant transformation between younger and older main characters, and some of their acts. Maybe the director had problem when he wanted to produce the plot of changing in the characters due to changing in current circumstances (joon so family become poor and jang gook family become rich). Unfortunately, the changes are to significant while we already love the character of young Joon Soo. I think thats why we feel quite dissapointed, but I still think they are a cute couple though! :)

Ikar Actually there are many things that do not make sense in this drama. For example, like the height issue, the significant transformation between younger and older main characters, and some of their acts. Maybe the director had problem when he wanted to produce the plot of changing in the characters due to changing in current circumstances (joon so family become poor and jang gook family become rich). Unfortunately, the changes are to significant while we already love the character of young Joon Soo. I think thats why we feel quite dissapointed, but I still think they are a cute couple though! ;)

Ozmo The height difference would have been less obvious if a shorter lead actress were cast.

rskdrama @gung woo.. you seem to have missed the point about liking the younger actors acting more than the older ones.. height is a side not, though its very very visible..

baffled You folks will nitpick about everything...height difference? Maybe you should go to Korea and be the height police and while your at it write the drama's too since you OBVIOUSLY know more about what to do.

VIewers kill me, you harp on the negatives and gripe about these shows yet....you keep watching them. Are your lives so mundane you have nothing better to do? They are for entertainment, if your not entertained the answer is simple. Find another 'more appealing' drama to watch where the heights match up to your strict demands and the quality of the show is more up to speed with your high end taste.

pfftt...and before you attempt to start a back and forth ping pong match I have no intentions of playing the battle of the wits with you all, as most of you seem to have the mentality of a pack of hormone filled teenagers I would wager any remarks directed at me would be nothing more than an emotional induced hissy fit so save it and your public temper tantrums for those who have time to coddle you.

Happy viewing!!

soybean I'm not sure about the internet height of namgung min but in episode 12 he was walking side to side with the actor who plays his dad. They are the same height (and he is wearing shoes so +2-3cm). The "dad" actor's height is 174 cm online. As he is not the "young, main actor" type I think that height is more accurate. Even when standing with the main actresses, namgung min is shown to be short... I can try forgetting the height difference but his acting is not pulling off *sigh*

chives Are you kidding me? Only half an inch taller???? That's 3'5'' minimum just by eyes! Even the promotion event photo showed they are different at least half an adult's head, and that's not even standing neck-to-neck but 2 ppl in between....The actors can always lie abt their actual height particularly the short ones. That only gets exposed when they are standing next to the tall ones e.g. Lee Won Geun -_-

Gung Woo Many of you are pointing out the height issue. There actually is not a height issue unless you count half an inch as a problem. That is correct. The younger male actor is only half an inch taller. Everyone is not doing their math correctly. If the older actor was 5'8" then his height would be 173cm. His acting is actually great and has played in many Korean dramas. Namgung Min is very attractive. I prefer a man over a boy. So tita, rskdrama, mvm, soybean, I hope you an get over the little fact that there is a half an inch difference in height.

tita i like this drama, if the happy ending of this couple (Joon Soo and Dal Rae) will be together.

tita i like this drama, if the happy ending of this couple (Joon Soo and Dal Rae) will be together. Its true ,what other comments said , why Joon Soo is a little bit shorter than his younger age. Anyway its already there and doing good....

rskdrama I am not liking the older actors or their acting. Older Joon Soo is so how do say this.. too much carefree, laughing all the time.. may be the director and actor think this is the best way to portray niceness but it rubs in the wrong places. As for the older gook or dal rae, oh my she is sooo not the actress the younger gook should be. And gook's mom character is always screaming at the top of her voice. I am sure as @mvm says the height of younger and older joon soo doesn't match at all; older joon soo so much more shorter when around his colleagues too... younger cast were acting so well,,, and they were also great to look at; but these older actors are turning me off!

Amy Dumpling Mom is so annoying. Her voice is devoid of emotion except for brash anger and loudness. The storyline beginning was compelling, but the characters have evolved into people it's difficult to care about. I feel almost zero chemistry between the OTP. The secondary characters hold little interest. I can't imagine how they're going to stretch this to 50 episodes.

mvm who ever was in charge of casting got it wrong Lee Won Geun who plays Joon Soo (younger) is 6'1"(185cm). Namgung Min(Joon Soo adult) is only 5'8"(179cm) How are we the viewers suppose to believe that he shrunk for no apparent reason? I am not knocking the actor...they need to just do a better job at casting is all...However I do like this drama.

Wildchives The young actor / actress are the best!!! The older Yoo Joon Soo is sooo silly!!! Totally different character from when he was young!!!! He act so silly!!!!

soybean Bring back the teenagers please! Namgung Min is too short for the role and his acting is so annoying. Seeing JS to shrink 15 cm is painful >''<

Sweetpea It's harder than I thought to get used to the adult characters. The vibe in the episodes with the teenagers is completely gone. It's like I'm watching two different dramas--the adults are just plain silly with Joon Soo being the silliest. I'm so disappointed. I could overlook his height if the character was more mature. All the adult characters are unappealing.

Min Does anyone know the name of actor of Jang Woo? He was in one of the first episodes. He hit Jang Gook and called her noona after talking about the Jang Clans. And he also brought her to the hospital after she got hit by the motorbike. I can't find any information about the actor. :(

zaius the episodes with the younger actors/actresses were more compelling

Mika Love this drama. My first weekend drama. 50 episodes. The young actors were great. :)

amel I prefer young couple seriously joon soo getting shorter when grew up

Hope One flaw in this drama is Joon Soo, has apparently gotten shorter as he grew up lol

rskdrama @yeo yh- yes Lee So yeon is no match for the young Yoon So Hee, looks and acting.

CICI I wanted to add, I really enjoy Bae Jong Ok as Jang Gook's mom. She's been so interesting to watch, I love her voice and she had so many heartfelt emotions during JG's teen years. I'm looking forward to seeing her in more of the drama. What a beautiful actress.

CICI All of the young actors & actresses were fantastic in this drama. I got so attached and I'm going to miss them. I'm ready to see their grown up selves. Love Nam Goong Min and Lee So Yeon esp.

yeo yh Omo. ..omo yoon so-hee change lee so yeon arģgg...:(


  • sulking* don't want the young actors to change, I'll miss them too much. They are so adorable together. Can't they do more episodes before the changeover ... please ???

Ozmo I don't want the young actors to leave... going to miss them so much. Can't they get more episodes before the changeover...... ???

Moon I do prefer the younger actors here, they're so adorable.

rskdrama I think by ep 12 she will lose the baby. Then by ep 14 they will be estranged, so may be ep15 the adult actors will come? I personally prefer the young actors. Nothing against adult sctors. But from the actor photos above- older gook looks more like younger da hee with the long face and older da hee looks like younger gook with the round face!

Christine Does anyone know when the adult actors will be shown in this drama?

Ladyblue1961 Hi!!! There will be 50 episodes for this drama.

Hi!!! Does anyone know how many eps are gonna be there?

c_u_t_e_13 its been weeks now since it has not been seen this drama? i was wondering whta happened...coz all of the other dramas has been airing its normal time but this one suddenly disappeared???pls pls epi 9...

Ozmo Korea is going through a tragic time at the moment because of the ferry disaster. I'm sure we can wait for ep 9. Let's think of the hardship the country is going through, and offer sympathy to the families who have suffered a personal loss.

BAOZIXIUMIN @hiro it's not out because of the ferry incident, they need another week off since not all children are found I'm desperately waiting for episode 9

hiro Been wondering about Ep 9.... Does anyone have.any idea on why it's not coming out?

Jae Well since the tragic ferry accident they didn't play any new episodes in Korea for like a week. I read it on drama fever.

Guest Two weeks ago due to the ferry accident ep. 9 & 10 were preempted. Why last weekend also preempted. Did something happen to the drama or the casts?

holala why is episode 9 not coming out???? :(

Ranne She is going to miscarry I just know it... :(

Ozmo All the younger versions are adorable and so talented... their job is to draw viewers into the drama and keep them there... and these young actors do it easily. Lee Won-Geun is magnetic!

Ozmo Lee Won-Geun is magnetic! All the younger versions are adorable and so talented... they need to be to draw viewers into the drama and keep them there... and these young actors do it easily.

IceCreamSarang I'm so invested in the teen characters, I'm afraid I won't be able to get attached to their adult counterparts.

LillyNinh Just by looking @ the list of actors/actress. Ha Mi & that old bastard will have a kid together! Poor KYH..Dunno if JK will keep the child or have an abortion,miscarried, or put in adoption...Keeping fingers x . I hope nothing bad happened & that she kept the baby.. I have a feeling I'm going to hate JDH! She's annoying & acts like a slug bug. I wanna see more father figure in the vice principal & see him back off his younger brothers life. I smell the swindler is going to fall in love with CGS! Love the Korean victory cheer!!!!! Can't wait for the next episodes :)

rskdrama I have a feeling vice principal's brother is actually his son, and not brother....

Lauren I want to know the ost! What's the name of the song at the end of every episode!?!

miss_odun its my first time that starting to a long drama from beginning,generally i wait for the final and after watch, this is my exception. Actually i didn't expect that kind of romance it is so warm and good beside that, wow young actors and actress are so talented :D until september i have to wait every episode for every weekend, it'll be long but i think the young ones can play more episodes :D

dramaaddict123 I really love this drama, but when i know it's 50 episodes, i got shocked and will re think again to watch this drama

Pirie Loved the beginning with the young couple, the young actors are soooo adorable... Then episode 4 concentrated on the cheating husband and the forlorned wife (typecasted actress). At 50 disappointing long episodes, looks like might have to fastforward most of the segments on the parents as the drama progresses. Otherwise this is so far an enjoyable drama with an unusual title.

Jackie Jin-Yi ah! From Let's Eat

cvang010 Lee Seo Yeon just got out of WGM and now Namgung Min is the new couple lol wat a coincidence huh

SBBBB I liked the first 2 episodes but after I found out its 50 episodes???? Kinda hard to keep up with it.

ohho The first episode of this drama reminds me of Reply 1994 ~ Busan, the satoori,2002 worldcup..Now, I miss my NaJung and JaeJoon :p

Im not into 50 eps drama coz it is too long to follow but i feel like giving this drama a try after reading the synopsis...

Mjzzzzzzz I love this series so far! I kinda wish that the younger actors were the lead though. They are both so adorable;) Hopefully their roles are longer than 10 episodes lol...wishful I know.

Simone @big, no that wasn't him that was Park Shi Hoo

Linda Hyoyoung!!! OMG, i must watch it i'm happy Hyoyoung will be on drama again :)

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