Sassy Girl Chun-hyang/ep. 1 - 17 Plot Synopsis

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  • ep. 1 Chunhyang is the prettiest girl in Namwon, whereas Mongryung is known as the trouble-maker in town. The two meet at a police station where they get into a confrontation. As a result, Chunhyang ends up breaking Mongryung's cell phone. In return, Mongryung

  • ep. 2 Mongryung is connected to a crime that took place, and Chunhyang has to defend his alibi at the police station. Dan-hee who hears about the crime announces the details to the entire school over the loudspeaker.

  • ep. 3 Mongryung and Chunhyang end up living under the same roof. Mongryung goes to meet Chaerin to console her over her breakup with her boyfriend. Mongryung's grades go up in school but there is word that he was actually cheating.

  • ep. 4 Chaerin visits Mongryung and tries to win his heart, whereas Chunhyang goes to meet college boys. Mongryung fights some guys who are trying to hit on Chunhyang at a nightclub.

  • ep. 5 With the help of Chunhyang, Mongryung is able to get into a university. Chunhyang cannot help but think about Chaerin who is trying to win Mongryung's heart. Chunhyang goes to confess her feelings for Mongryung, but sees him with Chaerin.

  • ep. 6 Chunhyang goes to Mongryung's father and says that she does not want anything to do with his son. Both Chunhyang and Mongryung meet again in Seoul. After Mongryung gets drunk, Chunhyang takes him to a nearby motel so that he can rest.

  • ep. 7 Hak-do confesses his love for Chunhyang and asks for another chance. Chunhyang, however, rejects Hak-do's feelings for her. Chunhyang and Mongryung go back to Namwon to attend the marriage ceremony of a teacher.

  • ep. 8 Mongryung ends up staying at Chunhyang's house and helps her. Listening to Hak-do's advice, Chunhyang starts gaining recognition for her designs at an accessory company.

  • ep. 9 Due to Chunhyang's drunken state, she mistakes Mongryung's earnest words of love as a joke. Mongryung's parents visit him and are surprised to see him doing his own laundry. Mongryung's father decides to help Chunhyang by setting up her own accessory stor

  • ep. 10 Hak-do and Chaerin's strategy works and the relationship between Chunhyang and Mongryung turns cold. Mongryung feels hurt at Chunhyang's icy attitude towards him, but he still helps her.

  • ep. 11 Chunhyang and Mongryung finally realize how much they love each other. But at the same time, Hak-do and Chaerin's jealousy and obsession grows stronger. When Mongryung's father realizes how much his son and Chunhyang love each other, he asks her to come b

  • ep. 12 Hak-do tells Chunhyang that he does not want to see the woman he loves suffer, and that he will wait for her forever. When Mongryung's mother learns from Chaerin that there was a fling going on between Chunhyang and Hak-do, she opposes her son and Chunhya

  • ep. 13 After much commotion, Chunhyang and Mongryung finally get to prepare for their wedding. Hak-do makes a plan to completely destroy Mongryung. Hak-do makes it look like Mongryung harassed a woman, and Mongryung is on the run.

  • ep. 14 Mongryung tells Chunhyang that he's been framed by Hak-do, but she coldly turns away from him. Not able to bear seeing Mongryung suffer so much, Chunhyang decides to marry Hak-do. Hak-do announces his marriage plans with Chunhyang to the media.

  • ep. 15 Chunhyang secretly attends Ji-hyuk and Dan-hee's wedding. Hak-do finds Chunhyang at the wedding and follows her. While escaping from Hak-do, Chunhyang accidentally smashes into Mongryung's car.

  • ep. 16 Chunhyang lies that her life with Hak-do in Japan was happy, but Mongryung immediately senses that she is lying. Meanwhile, Chunhyang attempts to sneak out of the country without Mongryung finding out, but she gets caught.

  • ep. 17

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