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  • Drama: Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (English title) / Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (literal title)
  • Hangul: Nain: Ahob beonui Shiganyeohaeng
  • Revised romanization: 나인: 아홉 번의 시간여행
  • Director: Kim Byung-Soo
  • Writer: Song Jae-Jung, Kim Yoon-Joo
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: March 11 - May 14, 2013
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00
  • Genre: Mystery / Romance / Time Travel
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Park Sun-Woo (Lee Jin-Wook) works as an anchorman at a TV broadcasting station. He is in love with newsreporter Joo Min-Young (Jo Yoon-Hee), who is bright and honest. Park Sun-Woo then obtains 9 incense items, which allows him to go back 20 years in time. Park Sun-Woo travels to the past.


CBM reporter Min-Young (Jo Yoon-Hee) is in the country of Nepal, covering an expedition team as they attempt to climb Annapurna Mountain. Min-Young hears that senior reporter Sun-Woo (Lee Jin-Wook) is set to arrive in Nepal and goes to the airport to welcome him.

Suddenly, Sun-Woo kisses Min-Young. This is shocking to Sun-Woo, because she confessed her feelings for him, but he didn't seem to care. Sun-Woo asks Min-Young to live together for only 6 months.

Meanwhile, Sun-Woo goes to the police station and confirms that the frozen body is his older brother Jung-Woo (Jeon No-Min). Sun-Woo blames himself, because he saw Jung-Woo shortly before his death and he looked like something was wrong.

That evening, Sun-Woo can't go to sleep. At that moment, he sees something unbelievable.


  1. "Nine: Nine Times Time Travel" takes over the tvN Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "Flower Boy Next Door" and followed by "Dating Agency: Cyrano" May, 2013.
  2. Filming begins January 9, 2013.
  3. Director Kim Byung-Soo and screenwriter Song Jae-Jung previously worked together on tvN drama series "Queen In-Hyun's Man"
  4. Remake rights for drama series was sold to U.S. production company Fake Empire Productions. Filming for the pilot begins in early 2014 and the pilot video will then be shown at LA Screening in May, 2014. Actress Kim Yunjin introduced the drama series to Fake Empire Productions and she will work as a planning producer for the U.S. remake version.[1]



Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Lee Jin-Wook.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel- Jo Yoon-Hee.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Jeon No-Min.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Kim Hee-Ryeong.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Jeong Dong-Hwan1.jpg
Lee Jin-Wook Jo Yoon-Hee Jeon No-Min Kim Hee-Ryeong Jeong Dong-Hwan
Park Sun-Woo Joo Min-Young Park Jung-Woo Son Myung-Hee Choi Jin-Cheol
Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Lee Eung-Kyung.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Eom Hyo-Seop.jpg Lee Seung-Joon Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Yeon Je-Wook.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Oh Min-Seok.jpg
Lee Eung-Kyung Eom Hyo-Seop Lee Seung-Joon Yeon Je-Wook Oh Min-Seok
Kim Yoo-Jin Oh Chul-Min Han Young-Hoon Kim Beom-Seok Kang Seo-Joon


Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Park Hyung-Sik.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Jo Min-Ah.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Seo Woo-Jin.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Kim Hee-Ryeong1.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Jeon Kuk-Hwan.jpg
Park Hyung-Sik Jo Min-Ah Seo Woo-Jin Kim Hee-Ryeong Jeon Kuk-Hwan
Park Sun-Woo Joo Min-Young Park Jung-Woo Son Myung-Hee Park Chun-Soo
Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Jeong Dong-Hwan.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Lee Yi-Kyung.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Park Moon-A.jpg Nine- Nine Times Time Travel-Na Hae-Ryung.jpg
Jeong Dong-Hwan Lee Yi-Kyung Park Moon-A Na Hae-Ryung
Choi Jin-Cheol Han Young-Hoon Sung Eun-Joo Han So-Ra

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hnin The first time watching start to end. Story line,ACTORS all are amazing.

Nine is different  from other k drama. Very exciting while watching this drama

especially actor lee jin wook he is vey oitstanding can act very well no one can act like him in Nine park sun woo is lee ji wook

Josephine I love this drama, it was shot in Nepal, a very lovely place... now itearth quake took place in Nepal, more than 5000 ppl died, feel very sad :( this drama was shot in 2013 in Nepal. thanks to all the crews and the actreeses who have chosen Nepal as a place for shooting this drama, it is wonderful place and the I love this drama ,its story and all the casts are great! The both main leads are very excellent! Other casts too! Thank you,I really appreciate for your all hard working to make this drama production.

Nemo Yahoooooo.........I am lately watching this drama, its awesome and good story to tell, I love all the casts too, tks to tvN !

Titi Adha I watched the last two eps inpurposively, eps 19 & 20 I usually never watch drama which more than 16 eps, but I was so curious about NINE so I watched this drama and took 2 days to finish

Salma I jst started watching this drama, hv watched 3 eps, found it good and love the main casts. I heard it was a good one, I will continue watching, thanks....

Tori I love the story, the chatacters, and the actors.

Ellena I love this drama, it touches my heart,,really, , the story and the casts,, thumbs up for you,guys!

for Lee Jin Wook, you are a great actor, handsome, and talented,please take care always, stay healthy and cool...:)

will be waiting for your new drama TTTILY,7000 Days !

Honeydew Oiiiii ,,, good day'' Lee Jin Wook is starring his latest drama THE TIME THAT I LOVED YOU,7000 DAYS with Hallyu queen, Ha Ji Won. I am very excited! Cannot wait for it, airing in June 2015. Fighting, my sweetheart:)

Tanty Love this drama!

Geraldine Seikh I am fan of Nine Times Time Travel !I watched it for more than two times to get the meaning of the story, it really worth watching, and its a good story to tell, you might get bored or do not catch the meaning at first eps, but you will come to catch it after you come to the 2nd or 3rd eps. And you will nvr regret watching it, nice,great!love the acting of all the casts too, best rgds from India!

Netty OMG!sooooooo greaaaaattttt!!!

rendova i highly recommend this amazing drama. when i watched the first episode, i got bored, i just dont understand what storyline about. but when i saw episode 2, it's more and more interesting. at the end, i couldnt believe how genius the writer is. when you already finished this drama, so you can understand that episode 1 give clue for the whole plot. I watched many many korean dramas, and i dont like to rerun because such wasting time,,, but i watched Nine 2x and still it's amazing for me. Awesome drama, perfect drama, touched drama..

Anoushka Datta Good Day to you all, I aporeciated this series , the story and especially it was set in Nepal at first couple episodes. Nepal is my beautiful homeland, would like to thank to the Korean drama industry to set filming in Nepal, I am so happy . And last but mot least, the theme of the drana, the casts all awesome ,great. From a fan in India.

Kongzhu The ending was unique though it drove me a bit confused, hehe... I love this , highly recommended to the fans of K drama#

Duan Plenndu This is great!please make it another season...

Yoona I love this drama , I love Jo Yoon Hee eonni......she is so cute, nice acting, she is la great actrees ! love you ,eonni, forever and ever... Regards from Malaysia.

Jilin Jin Wook ssi you are super cool in the drama Nine:-D only one word, GREAT!

Manise Lee Jin are perfect here, full of charisma, proud of your you, keep up the good acting carreer丿丿丿

Andieen Lee Jin Wook are grwat! Happy to know you will be starring The Time I Loved You with Ha Ji Won, she is my favorite Korea artist too, I am really happy for you, Lee Jin Wook ssi.....I cry happily to notice this :-)

Ganefo ice Halo ...I am one of fan of Nine drama from Indonesia, its a great drama , I enjoyed this K drama from the beginning till the end, its awesome, when will we have such good K drama like Nine again ,I wonder... And my special regards to,Mr.Lee Jin Wook and Ms.Jo Yoon Hee, you both perfect !

Iein This drama is the third best Korea drama, love it :) the love story between Park Sun Woo and Joo Min Young so touchy, I cried while watching it~~o(>_<)o ~~

Delfitri A fren of mine kept advising me to watch this drama, and I just had a chance to watch it within this month, and yes,no regret at all ! It is the first K drama I do love to watch it again and agaiin. I will advise it to other friends too who are fans of K drama,hehehe,,,, thank you to all the casts of this drama esp to LJW,JYH,and the character of LJW's best fren dr.Young Hoon. Its a great drama!

Ryan This is my nbr 1 favorite Korea drama, I want to keep its original DVD . I love all fhe casts , my best regards for you all!keep up the good job!

Piggy basta Love Jo Yoon Hee unni……she is my fav actrees ,and very happy yo see her acting with Lee Jin Wook ,they match perfectly,. This drama storyline kinda confusing but its not bad at all,ALL I COULD SAY IS OKAY!especially the bromance between the characters of ParK Sun Woo and his doctor friend, Young Hoon ,how a true friend that hard to find in this world, beautiful scenes !

Bluegirls I have watched for more 200 Korean drama series and this is the fifth best for me. I watched it for many times and never get bored . The plot, the casts,all I loved much!it is not big spectacular but so unique and nice ;-) from Cambodia fan

Paw jadeeja Hi ... I would like to thank everyone that got involved in producing this wonderful drama , I and my son really love this drama, but also would like to comment for the kissing scenes which is too intimate and too long , my teenage son watched it too and I hv no word to say ;)

davina i watched this drama two times to can u/stand its whole story. and i found it very great drama ever!two thumbs up ! fm Indonesia.

Khadijah Just finished watching this drama, and really enjoyed it from the beginning till the end. This is the best drama around these years. I love all the casts , the frenship between the character Park Sun Woo with his doctor fren , Park Sun Soo with his director Oh,the complicated love between Park Sun Woo and his junior reporter, also the tragedy in his family, i am so touchy with this.thank you to all who present and help this drama to be released..

Lionel Hi Mr.Lee Jin Wook, Thank you!Enjoying and thanking you immensely. From Lionel, NYC

Julie A.Palmer The ending is a bit unclear to me, it depends on each viewer , but this drama is epic at all, satisfied to watch each eps. The storyline, the casts, the setting, the soundtrack, two thumbs up!you will never regret watching it, highly recommended!

James Dose this drama have a happy ending ?

Kapoor The story of #NINE is very good!thanks to the directors,the script writer,and all the casts!two thumbs up!love LEE-JIN WOOK, you are a very great actor.keep it up\(^o^)/ NINE is one of much great K drama and i will never forget it!

Nine fans Daebak!this drama epic!

Victoria Heng Best drama ever! the first drama I watch from start to finish without skipping. Characters were hillarious, Jin Wook was so talented, Ilove to see him,and all together throughout of whole drama just great! Thanks so much to the story writer, it is sensational, we need more... thanks to all casts and film crews-GOOD JOB!

Anindya Daebak!no wonder there is remake of this drama series in US. I am happy to notice cause this is my favorite drama!

Laluna Just finished watching this drama, I super duper love it, this is one of the best drama of 2013. Excellent casts and great acting;-) the plot is just amazing, no dull moments. Can't get enuff of Lee Jin Wook, the other casts are great too. This is a must watch drama! thank you.

rosamund james an awesome drama!highly recommended!from Romania.

Lanny This is my best faborite korean drama ever。I rewatched it and became to know that it is really good。

liza i love seeing acting of LJW and JYH. They made this series perfect! the director has made d right choice! i hope to see both of them again in coming drama series0;-)

Francis this is a very good drama series that i hv ever seen,I love every drama or movies about travelling back to past or somethng about time machine. highly recommend it!esp starred by Lee Jin Wook oppa...satisfied guaranteed:-P

veranita i am big fan of this drama. from Indonesia.

andieen wowww!!!I love Lee Jin Wook ssi...!!he is loveable. his acting is very special in his way.. i hope his carreer in hancinema is getting brighter n brighter. fighting,oppa!!GOD bless!

sivan At first I watched this drama because of Hyung Sik, after watching this I became a huge fan of Jinwook ssi. LJW is one of those actors that really exudes strong appeal yet very simple looking guy. The way he portrayed Park Sun Woo is perfect.

newbie this is definitely my favorite drama in 2013. I wish them all success always!bravo!

ponnytail DAEBAK!Great drama!I totally recommend it!

zaskia this is my fav drama, of coz the main lead is the main reason^_- but another thing is the soundtrack of this drama, wowww!a very nice song !there are 2 soundtracks here, the one i like is sung by male singer,really fit with this drama. Now LJW is my fav actor,i wish his new dramas coming soon. love u always fm Indonesia.

Mery Malak I began watching this drama because of the time travel theme then I discovered how a gorgeous drama it is. One of the most great dramas Ever. I enjoyed it so much not only the story line in perfect but also the main leads are brilliant and amazing, Lee Jin Wook .. fighting. I Totally recommend it.

janice chow dear Lee Jin are so superb,cool,charismatic for this role, i am so impressed, thanks, your drama really brings enjoyment. I hope you star in a nig project

monica hawick I am really impressed with this drama, thanks, its real good job. especially to the male & the female lead ,you both succeeded to bring the character, thanks,hope to see you both to be paired up again soon in the new drama series.

evita oei The lead male in this drama are very cool and act very well,really fit to the strong character of Park Sun Woo. all other casts are good too,a must watching drama!

elisa this is the first K drama i luv. and i watched it for 8 times:-D

Jasmine TOO MANY kissing scenes!!!! Can't watch it with teen daughter  :(

anzu people are complaining about ending.It was so clear.Adult sun woo told young sun woo everything about travelling to past , his love , his mistake , his health condition young sun woo didn't die becuz of cancer..and he follow yoon hee to Nepal again but this time not for changing his past but for his future..simple ..happy ending...i don't know what so complication here... Anyway i watched it just because it was filmed in my hometown but i was hooked by this drama..only one word for this drama is... FANTASTIC...

nik azianna it should be happy ending. hopefully there's another season 2 of this nine time travel drama to be watching soon.

Andreea Boca One of the best kdrama I watched! Amazing! Total recommend it!

Phat Trieu This is the best drama most amazing I've ever seen, or the contents of the script, acting, ... can not impeccably . I love it ,..

kai so the director and one of the writer working together again, and bring the lead actor again.. The Three Musketeers is a must-watched, i don't care even the rating is zero or the review is negative.. fufufufu

City77 im not sure if the ending is sad or happy. I prefer to say that it is happy ending bcoz his past self will try to save him. Overall this is one of my fav drama but it pains me to watch for the 2nd time. it is so sad :'( i want to watch it again but i dont want to watch it again.

dadz It may not be the best drama i've ever seen, but it is one of the best dramas out there. I agree with everybody saying that the first episode is a kind of boring and i was not even able to understand it. But thanks to my patience that I have lasted and was able to continue it until the end. Although the ending is sad, It did not drag the story down. after watching it, it just left me with tears flowing in my eyes. I can't over the story and in me, i kind of hope that maybe it would be best if the male lead was able to survive. But then again, as I think further, maybe the death of the male lead caused the story to have deeper meaning and have driven the viewers to tears. Even I as a male shed tears. It's just unfortunate that the story ended that way.when I was in bed, it even appeared in my dreams several times. It's a very concrete evidence that the drama is indeed phenomenal.

      I  would not forget also the effort of the stars, especially Park Hyung Sik who eventually became my favorite korean actor after watching this drama and more so. 
     now, park hyung sik is one of the most anticipated actor for 2014 according to showbiz korea's star ranking. . . . . .
      more power and fighting!!!!

Mandy The best drama I've ever seen for sure!! I wish I had watched it when it was aired. I love every episode from the pilot to ending, adore every character even Evil Choi. Thank you directors, writers and all the cast, I was so happy watching this drama. Especially, sending all my love to my Sun Woo, who is now my most favorite character of all time and Lee Jin Wook, the one that makes me not able to do anything for the past two weeks.

Lily Wow, I can't believe I was gonna stop watching this drama after ep 1. The first episode is a tad slow but you gotta stick with it, you won't regret it. This is the best korean drama I've seen & I've seen a bunch. Kudos to the cast, script, story line....awesome

meFan compliments for all the cast, and the writer, great story for each episode. I was hooked and addicted to every episode plot, the story is extra especial, and great ending, it was not spectacular ending but quite unique, it was somehow a good reality. I am an avid drama follower, beside the cast was good I highly recommend this series, it is worth watching for... ;-) not the usual k.dramas....

Chia I highly recommend this drama. Great writing and plot keep the story exciting and engaging. The actors are all excellent and play the characters very well, especially, Lee Jin Wook. No one else can play the character like him. He is just incredable.

ninefans doesn't anyone notice that there's some mistake in ep 16, the police took the incense at 1994 (the Hyung's wedding date), while at ep 17 it back in 1993.. typo I guess..

Gdik Amazing. I was trying to put this at the end of my watch list until i always read recommendations from kdrama fans to watching this. And wow. just wow. 2012's theme of kdrama's were time travelling but im not sick of it yet. no wonder it was picked up in hollywood. =) nice but don't get your hopes up. Be open minded and watch it calmly without too much expectations. You will soon be surprised at the right moment.

Royal_Limbu LOVED IT...... places are even beautiful

achmad i really like jo yoon hee acting in this drama. no wonder she won Top Excellence Actress Korea Drama Awards 2013. congrats!!!

Mel This is truly the best among hundreds of K-dramas I've ever watched, definitely a masterpiece!!!!

sora This is my favorite drama, even though there is not much romance but i can feel how deep the love story between Min Young and Sun Woo. One thing that you can learn from this drama: "you cannot have everything that you want, coz there is much more powerfull beyond human capability which is God will." well, at least sun woo know everything behind his life.

this drama have a perfect combination: the story, the director, the actor/actress. i heard hollywood will make a remake based on this story, interesting.

been watching this for three times and i'm still feel so excited.

Deena Everyone says that its unclear ending But if you really watched this with all your senses you can understand that it tells you that even you dont like your life the it is ,, and you change it in millions way you would like to return it as it was ,,, No matter what we want the gods choice is the best for is even of its not for now ,, you'll find out that in the future

Deena-pal Lee jin wook is the best and yoon hee is sooo pretty and the best actress,,, i love nine very much and everyone in it the lead actors the brother , the friend and the young actors ... The script and the very good director and workteam ,,,, Thank you for this drama ,, its piece of art

kim soo Ri After watching the ending twice I think I finally understood the meaning( I think). The Park sun woo in ep 20 its the young one which doesnt know how many times his life chaged due time traveling. But now he knows he ll die in the past and is ready to be the brave person 2013 sung woo told him he will get to be and for ming young he will try to change it. Its a little weird but I loved this drama of of the best I've watched(I've watched a lot. Lol ). Deabak

marieruu I kind of don't get the ending T.T huhuhuhuhu

but anyways, this drama was pretty good. Two thumbs up! I recommend it~~ ^^

rbs It is a Hindu inspired. The male main character was reborn. The incense sticks serves as the medium to show what could be his life cycle. Actually, there are many possible endings of the drama, but...just like what I have said, there is a new life, so there could be new ending. We can never changed the past...but can change the future based on the past...and we can reshape the present based on our decisions.

khaada I loved this drama, almost didn't watch it since I didn't really like the first episode glad I carried on watching. The plot was great even with just the nine incense it carried the twenty episodes so well. Loved how it went from such a sad ending in episode 19 to a nice light hearted romcom in episode 20. Also showed that Min Young and Sun woo were meant to be together, really great drama, wish it was as popular as other high profile dramas.

Yisook You're the Best Joo Yoon Hee !!! I will always love you !!

karena only the for watching this drama is my one and only Joo Yoon Hee. Saranghae Yongwonhi :)

koko after a long time of waiting for this K.drama , finally i already watched it. And Jo Yoon Hee is great!! I love her Gosh!

meme Jo Yoon Hee so the best!! She is so adorable . I love you Unnie! <3 <3

yareen i just finished watching this drama and omg i love it yeah its superb and its very different in all kdrama i love the story and specially i started to love and be a fan of lee jin wook wow he really nailed the character love it can put words to describe how great this drama worth watching

JC How trippy would it be to light a second candle during the past (20 years ago) and go back 20 more years when you never existed.

fyqa best drama ever!!! i love it!!! but i not really understand about the the ending..what is the meaning actually? i kept thinking but still not understand :(..but the only one i is the happy ending! park soon woo could be save right?

grayish i just recently finished watching it! all i know was like i was glued with my chair and having the hard to to stop watching LEE JIN WOOK's face.. honestly, i never like time travel drama but this one is exceptional(i would considered it though) exactly because i love the story, i just totally love it! aside from the fact it's LEE JIN WOOK.. it's amazingly done! the plot, the story, the actors superbly good! what i really like about the drama is actually the twist and turns.. i love LEE JIN WOOK'S character but i started to love the character of his bestfriend, the unconditional friendship they shared is absolutely epic.. TWO BIG THUMPS UP!

jamok99 The best k drama ever. This drama is a gem. Its different from all other k dramas because this drama will make you think and think, analyze and predict. It is mindblowing and will keep you guessing right until the end. Its a smart k drama and will defintely glued you to the edge of your seats. The actors are great specially lee jin wook. I suggest that you watched it carefully and after episode 4 your amazing journey with nine will definitely be an unforgetable experience.

MJ i love all the characters of this drama, from 1993 to present, they were all so good :D though the ending got me a bit confused but it leaves conclusion on every viewers.. still i love it

anggun_kim this is a great drama!!

the ending is on each of the viewer..

I like it!!!!

Felicity So that was it? I thought there are more, been checking and waiting for ep 21 LOL ok i hav to watch ep 20 again... No matter how it ended, i had loved the drama...good job to the actors and the crew

genz I am so confused about the ending. Well, it did explain the whole story but the ending is ... Maybe I just expect something more about their love story.

in short, I am disappointed in the ending. D':

anonymous P.P.S. OMG, I LOVED THE BROMANCE in this drama between Sunwoo and his doctor best friend! One of the best bromances in dramaland, I think.

anonymous P.S. This was a really good drama, to me, compared to others like When A Man Loves or Jang Ok-jung. This drama pulled me in more than those two. I just watched WAML for Song Seung-hoon, that hottie!

anonymous Actually, I thought episode 20 really explained a lot of things to me because it ended like how it began; with Park Jung-woo being rescued by a person unknown.

I does seem disappointing, maybe because we expected more of a conclusion to the love story, right? We wanted to see what would happen to Min-young and Sun-woo after Sun-woo realized that he has forgotten his self (SPOILER) from 20 years into the future who visited him 20 years into the past. But, to me, the ending made sense, otherwise.

The conclusion left more to be desired, but, we already saw everything else. Everything else was explained in cycles about three times already. This drama was all about how Sun-woo's life will just keep repeating itself, unless the drama ended and they find a solution to the roller coaster of a cycle that is his life; which I think the writer sort of did.

Dena I don't like the last episode , it's so unclear , it doesn't feel like an ending to me. But I loved all the other episodes of this drama.

Vonny Enjoyed all 19 episodes of Nine:Nine Times Time Travel. Seems like the writers lost themselves in this fantasy and became confused on how to conclude the story with episode 20. I found episode 20 to be most disappointing. Quite a let down.

amna tunisie so nice drama i love it

sungrass Nice storyline of drama and nice role play by lead actor, this drama will be remembered of good drama i ever watched so far ........

Dede I too am a lee jin-Wook fan. Superb actor and good to look at. Episode 17, what suspense. Loving it. Guess I am going to have to watch I Need Romance.

Mayakho How come i miss this drama for almost 16 episodes? Such a killing drama,, Cant wait for the finalee,,ahh

Arezu how wonderful this drama is! i REALLY ENJOY watching LEE JIN-WOOK acting, so beautiful & natural! want 2 c more dramas of him as lead actor.

milk I like the drama. I'm also traveling .. 20 years back. Indeed, its God's gift if you have the chance to go back to change whatever you have done wrong. How wonderful .. wish it could be true...

dgi in fact, i wanna watch this drama because TvN and Jin Wook.. but now i think i will NOT be REGRET about watching this drama... awesome story and i hope it will end with good ending too ^^

xenhyp898 Interesting plot , lots of suspense totally loving it. Would recommend to all. Liked Lee Jin-Wook in I need romance but slowly falling in to love :) that guy can deliver dialogue like no one , his style is totally mesmerizing wonder how he is in real life:) after winter the wind this drama is totally filling up.

Moni At first when I read the plot I thought to myself "not another time travel drama", but, I decided to give it a try anyway, and...I LOVE IT! The storyline is SO original and every episode keeps you on edge. I'm addicted! The actors and their characters are just AWESOME! I seriously don't understand why such an amazing drama is not more popular. Well, all I have to say is...go watch it! NOW! :-)

n132 I'm really addict to this drama Jin Wook oppa is so hot

Maha wow.... the first 4 ep was o' this drama

Mark I've watched the first two episodes and am hooked. It's a little slow moving, but I am enjoying it, and I am so happy there are 20 episodes.

Alice Wow!I have been looking for Jin Wook's series because i like his role very much in "spy myung wol."Now it's so ok to wait this series.Oppa is now famous in worldwide.A lot of teenagers in my country know you well.You are just amazing!!!And also thank you tvN!!!

Jhiz this show is awesome. Man, I started watching it because of Jin Wook Oppa and the fact it is tvn but now I am also watching it because the staoryline is awesome

dramalover i have just seen trailer for episode 1. it is sounds like the time traveler's wife. hollywood movie. really curious to the story. make me wonder different of another time travel dramas. it is time to watch this drama! ^^

DRAMALOVER101 omg Hyunshik is going to be in this drama!!! Jihyun so should be in this drama and they can be a cute couple. this drama seems so interesting too. Can't wait for it to come out. 4 more long days!!!!

JAYVEE This will replace Flower Boys Next Door looking forward to this show the 3rd tvN drama that I will watch

Greenluvs Looks interesting, and I like the leads. Looking forward to this.

hanchaerim Another time traveler. I hope this version is better than another versions (from the last year) ^^ Looking forward to this drama. :)

eli happy to see jo yoon hee as a lead  !

Tori Sounds like Operation Proposal, with the whole "items" allowing him to go back in time. Wouldn't he be meeting the girl when she is like 5??? lol

SuperGirlInLove Looking Forward to this.... :D

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* Kim Moo-Yul, Lee Si-Young, Ko Sung-Hee cast in OCN drama "My Beautiful Bride"
* Seo In-Guk & Jang Na-Ra cast in KBS2 drama "Remember You"
* Song Kang-Ho cast in movie "Secret Agent"
* Cha Tae-Hyun cast in movie "Because I Love You"
* Kim Sung-Kyun cast in tvN drama "Reply 1988"
* Hwang Sun-Hee cast in KBS2 drama "The Man in the Mask"
* Lee Yoo-Bi, Kim So-Eun, Shim Chang-Min cast in MBC drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night"
* Shun Oguri & more supporting cast members announced for movie "Galaxy Kaido"
* Ren (NU'EST), Fumiko Aoyagi, Hanae Kan cast in movie "Two Strangers"
* Noriyuki Higashiyama & Erika Toda cast in WOWOW drama "Yokokuhan: The Pain"
* Minho (SHINee) cast in movie "Grandmother Gye-Choon"
Unfair: The End *teaser
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Perfect Proposal *English subtitled teaser
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Orange Marmalade *teaser2
Tokyo Mukokuseki Shoujo
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Agreeably Warm *MBC drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Producers *character teasers
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Ex-Girlfriend Club *ep.1
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Classified File *teaser
S: The Last Policeman *teaser
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Coin Locker
Piece of Cake *teaser2
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Assassination *teaser
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Bird That Doesn't Cry *ep.1
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Northern Limit Line
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Treacherous
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Chronicles of Evil
Heroine Disqualified *teaser
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Who Are You: School 2015 *teaser2
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