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  • Name: Namgung Min
  • Hangul: 남궁민
  • Birthdate: March 12, 1978
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 179cm
  • Blood Type: B


Drama Series

TV Movies

  • Still Cut | Seutilsajin (KBS2 / 2012) - Kim Hyun-Soo

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shanthi I really liked your acting in the Can u hear my heart drama . Great acting emotions keep acting well.

jennezer nam goong min...the actor that on my radar these days..great actor with a handsome him in INR 3 and WGM...still cant believe your in late 30s..totally could pass mid 20s with those baby face..

persian princess His smile is heartwarming, totally priceless ♡

rina warman dongseng......i'm satisfied u'r acting in " can you hear my heart ". i like to see when you are wearing a tight white shirt. Your stomach flattened.

CICI Nam Gung Min, you were the most handsome & the BEST in I Need Romance 3. I can't wait to see you in a great leading role, getting the girl & showing off your wonderful smile again. FIGHTING!!

Shay Ann Namgung Min is definitely one of favorite actors. He is very expressive... Eyes, mannerism, smile... And in such a quiet, elegant, understated way. In all his dramas his characters pull me in to the story. Humm... Ever wonder if he'll actually read what we think about him? (Smile).

CICI Hi, Nam Gung Min, I am enjoying your acting very much in "I Need Romance 3". You are able to convey so many deep emotions, especially with your eyes and you have become one of my favorite actors. I hope this is the drama you get the girl. It's about time, right? Anyway, I look forward to seeing you in some lead roles after this and winning in the end. Love your acting, your classy looks, especially your smile...and eyes.. .and voice..  : ) Best of everything!

Michelle I think very handsome man and also a great actor each kdrama characters that you play make me cry so much especialy in can you heart my heart , Becoming a Billionaire , and Cheongdamdong Alice. Thank you please continue playing role but wish you get the lead at least get the girl

peacewon OMO What a great new role for you in the drama I need romance 3!! Rock the house as usual!! First episode was really good!

Phuong Huynh Hi, dear! I'm watching "Can you hear my heart" and this is the first time I see you. Your acting and facial expressions are really really great, which makes me love Jang Jun Ha very much. Actually, you and little Misuk really impress me at the first minutes watching the film. I especially admire you when knowing that you learned to become an engineer, not an actor. :) Wish you all the best and hope to see you more on screen! By the way, if your voice in the film is yours, I think you would be a great singer, too. I love listening to your voice, 궁민 씨!

<3 Your fan from Vietnam.

JackieD I've been watching "Unemployed Romance" because of you and because you're actually the lead male. Which is awesome to see. You're facial expressions are soo incredibly cute!!! I first saw you on One Fine Day. You're an amazing actor and hope to see you in more major roles! :D

Wendilynn A great actor with amazing range. He can pull off scary to touching. He had me in tears in "Can you hear my heart". He can also pull off evil, his character in "Birth of the Rich" was disturbing because you couldn't really tell if he was nice or not. You didn't know whether to hate him or feel sorry for him.

Just fantastic.

Uriel he does really look like Kouki Mizuta from Flower boy next door...actually it's better he was the main protagonist..he looks like more the young Dong jOO !!!

meysa hi dear Namgung Min i love your acting, its great but my dear i want to see you s a hero and a head character not as a rival be healthy and prosperous we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Rachel Talitha Namgung Min

You are such an amazing actor, and watching Becoming a Billionaire you shined through the TV. You're masculinity, classic and suave debonair presence was so entertaining. You have such an enchanting demeanor about you. You are an inspiration to me, and hope to see you in more shows :)

PS: totally am into Koreans because of you. 

Dianne Everytime I watch you on screen, your presence fills every scene you are in! There's something about the brooding face with glaring eyes then the smiling face with eyes that light up! I just finished watching "Can You Hear My Heart?", and I loved the way the story line wrapped itself around so many different areas of your life. Fantastic acting!! I recently watched "One Fine Day"; and though your character was another loser in the love triangle, your acting was superb! Thank you for using your acting talent to make movies that are more than enjoyable to watch -- you make the characters come alive!!!

Ren You are a brilliant actor. You melt my heart when I see your tears.. I wish you all the best and hope to see you as main lead soon.

And I also lov your shirtless pictures... :P Keep it coming ^______^

David I first saw you in 부자의 탄생 . Your performance was magnificent, you played the part perfectly. Best of luck with your career. You are such a handsome talented man.

salmawati Your drama "can you hear my heart " is the first time i saw your perfomance....wish you luck in yor career from me in makassar,one of bug town in indonesia....unfortunatelly the subtittle from korean to indonesian not too good make me can not understand well the dialogue in the drama...anyway you are handsome.....

Phyuzar He so are great man

ann He was the only reason why I watched Becoming a BIllionaire, Chu Wunseok and Bu Taehui really looked good together. I wished he was given more movies and dramas, he's such a good actor and oh those sexy eyes...can't wait for City Conquest to come out!

deenakahara I really like him and his acting, especially in Becoming A Billionaire. His character and Lee Siyoung's character makes a good pairing. :)

Anyway, I can't help but notice he looks like both Yonghwa and Kim Hyunjoong, but I can't believe that he's way older than both of them, because at first I thought he's around their age. He looks so young! =O

LeoVyraFiFi he's a handsome man.. he also looks very charismatic in Becoming a Bilionaire > Chu Wun Seok he also definitely looks like CNBLUE Leader > Yonghwa...


Aimi I can't believe this guy is 179cm tall... He must be aroung 175cm! I first saw him in Dirty Carnival then in CYHMH, couldn;t recognize him at all!

zohre i love this man his eyes resemble cat's eyes i love his way of acting cool, handsome, perfect

Jiyonghwa_Nam My FAVORITE ACTOR !!!!! speechlesss ! i love him so much esp. when i saw him in CYHMH drama Jang Junha so realy HANDSOME :* his eyes aaaaaaawwwww <3 and he really looks like Jung yongwa i think .__. haha

jang joonha and woonseok fans ye, Korean bad guy (kidding) you are very bad when no smile with those eyes.kyaaa handsome antagont! I'm happy find Joonha end fine. very fine, Maroo ya! (little Maroo fine too!) although you end in jail as woonseok, mind that your glasses' nice. ahjussi! (i'm 15yo) saranghaeyo!

sevgi Turkey selamlar.nam gung min love you. korea-turkey

maggie I love him as an actor. I wish there were more roles where he plays a good guy.

teresa yah Handsome & Brillant actor....

udn2km i hope this guy will play the lead role of a drama instead of the supporting character. i just fell in love with his acting in ' the birth of the rich' and loved him in 'one fine day'. hes so handsome. lol

menbi u r so handsome!!

Nadia008 Hi, i really love ur acting & 'all' ^___^!!Keep it up *fighteen!*..

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