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  • Drama: Let's Eat (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Shiksyareul Habshida
  • Hangul: 식샤를 합시다
  • Director: Park Joon-Hwa
  • Writer: Lim Soo-Mi
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: November 28, 2013 - March 13, 2014
  • Runtime: Thursdays 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Let's Eat depicts the daily life and romance of a single woman and a murder case occurs in her neighborhood.

Lee Soo-Kyung (Lee Soo-Kyung) is a 33-year-old single woman. She divorced when she was in her 20's and now lives alone. She always wants to carry herself with dignity, but she loses self-control when she is near gourmet foods.

Koo Dae-Young (Yoon Doo-Joon) is a gourmet, especially talented with describing the taste of foods. He often lies when he opens his mouth, but he is usually considerate to others.


  1. First script reading took place October 22, 2013 at CJ E&M CENTER in Sangamdong, Seoul.
  2. Related titles:
    1. Let's Eat | Shiksyareul Habshida (tvN / 2013)
    2. Let's Eat 2 | Shiksyareul Habshida 2 (tvN / 2015)


Let's Eat-Lee Soo-Kyung.jpg Let's Eat-Yoon Doo-Joon.jpg
Lee Soo-Kyung Yoon Doo-Joon
Lee Soo-Kyung Koo Dae-Young
Let's Eat-Yoon So-Hee.jpg Let's Eat-Shim Hyung-Tak.jpg Let's Eat-Lee Do-Yeon.jpg Let's Eat-Jang Won-Yeong.jpg Jung Soo-Young
Yoon So-Hee Shim Hyung-Tak Lee Do-Yeon Jang Won-Young Jung Soo-Young
Yoon Jin-Yi Kim Hak-Moon Oh Do-Yeon Choi Kyu-Sik Park Kyung-Mi

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Amy Rose, I was searching it for so long too! I found it weirdly fast though even though I don't remember how. Recently one of my favorite actors covered it and I had to search longer for it than the first time XDXD. But It's so amazing and it was eating me alive when I couldn't find it!

gud I think its a good, light time pass drama about enjoying food and not much story..still its not boring and the episodes length and number of episodes are apt for this drama..besides the actors have done good acting other than the second female lead whose actions and expressions look quite forced

jinjoo_01 Let's Eat has SECOND SEASON. It'll heads to Mondays and Tuesdays this spring.


gochapachi for a fluffy premise the drama turned out surprisingly meaty :P loved the story, all the characters, all the food, just a super awesome addictive series with a really catchy ost. a must watch. i'll give it a 10/10 and just for the dog, I'll throw in a +5 :D

Susana Is feeldog the assaultant? The don't ask assaultant? If not is he some kind of perv or something?

Janet Love this drama, simply perfect!

Bubble Girl Thanks to the comments that I've just read about this drama, I'm going to watch it! Not just for that only, but also because my oppa YOON DOOJOON is one of the actors! ^_^ SARANGHAEYOO DOOJOONA <3

Yeni Sunny Annyeonghaseyo. I really falling in love with this drama. Really not boring and refreshing when watched. I still keep this drama file on my PC and I've watched it three times. I watch this drama when I eating too, so I have better appetite. LET'S EAT SARANGHAE <3 <3 <3

Rose This drama was awesome!! Loved it but was left searching for that song that was played in episode 9 when Lawyer Kim cried and episode 16 during the diner and i finally found it after much searching so am sharing the link to help anyone else who was struggling to find it as well. Enjoy!!! XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiKotyDES1k

shakira Love love love this drama!!! I waited a whole month to watch the last episode. I just didn't want it to end!!! So original and refreshing! !!! Not one dull episode!! I drooled with each dish they ate!!! Love it!!! And that Feeldog is too cute!!! Love it! Love it!! Oh and did I mention that I love this show??!!!

Hoang Favorably an interestingly anticipating and easy-to-watch drama I have seen this year. OMG. Like they need to make another season or something. B2ST's Doojoon and Sookyung!! Jin yi and Gwangseok :DD It was a somewhat unfortunately short drama. Nonetheless it was A+ amazing dmksanfndjsfsljflksdnfslndfk dUh FEeLs; yOu MIghT UNDERsTanddd ;( BUT I'm sO sAd IT's OVERR. Only started watching it 3 days - an enjoyable 3 dAys ;)

frannieflowers I love this series, hopefully someone can tell me when the season is scheduled to start again? I've been watching on hulu statewide. It makes me so happy... and hungry.

dadz anyeong haseo misu! the name of the assailant is CHOI SUNG-JOON you can also watch him in I HEAR YOUR VOICE AS THE CHIEF SECRETARY OF THE PUBLIC DEFENDANTS' OFFICE.!

      i REALLY love this drama to the fact that it was Doojoon acting as the main character. Actually, i'm not a fan of yoon doojoon at first . i've seen him act in IRIS 2, but his character there is nothing great. but it all changed after watching this fantastic drama. He's now one of the best actor i've ever seen . . .   . . . ..  . .to those who love watching korean drama, you should watch this one. it's super good. i've already managed watching it for 5 times in just a week . ..

Misu This drama was awesome and Doojoon as the male lead was the best thing about it!I love that story and all the characters.

But, can someone tell me the name of this guy in episode 14? Who was behind the don't - ask- assaults? I really want to know the name of the actor - he was totally awesome *-*

dadz . . .. i 'm really mad with asianwiki because my previous comment hasn't come out . i was really tired writing that very long comment but in the end it was not posted . . . .but this drama is super fun and exciting

mich what a great ending. Reconciling with friends which we have once had misunderstanding seems like a fantasy that is very inspiring. love this drama so much . .. .. ........now drama lovers .. .. kindly include in your comments of what you like the most between this three romantic comedy dramas. LET'S EAT. REPLY 1994 or PRIME MINISTER AND I?

linda hashim I'm falling in love with this drama..especially Doo Joon..I almost foget that he's the leader of BEAST..daebak!!

mcha Hello! Can anyone PLEASE tell me (if you know) the name of the song on the final episode where attoney kim takes soo kyung out to eat. It plays around 17:40ish into the episode. Thank you in advance!

simlee I LOVED THIS SHOW! It was so refreshing to have an episode of show waiting for me every week! Unlike all the other dramas out there it never gave me any angst or made me upset. Even the sad parts were natural and not overly stretched.

Very happy drama. AND THE FOOD IS TO DIE FOR, I almost cried because I wanted to eat so badly during some of the episodes! If anyone is debating whether to watch this drama, and you like food, WATCH. Otherwise you are missing out <3

DramaCrazy I managed to complete this drama in two days without skipping any episode. Albeit, those days were: eat, watch, sleep, watch, shower, watch. IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD!

For starters, the drama is short, it does not have any dragging point and those delicious food devouring captivates you. The casts. Need I say more? I think each character had their own bizarre charm that had the watcher constantly amused by their antics. BARRAASSSIIII *hearts* (I really liked the way the main lead called his name).

The only complain I have for this drama is its strong point, THE LENGTH. I mean because it was short & sweet I wouldn't mind watching it AGAIN but the length and the romance build-up (which was subtle yet short and that girly part of me wanted more scenes!!) should have been longer bc the drama was too bloody good to just be 16 episodes.

So, if you are looking for a: short, sweet, funny, cute and not-overly-done drama. This is it! Also, Yoo Doo-Joon, first time watching this actor and definitely a fan. Not just because he's bloody gorgeous but HIS VOICE! He was perfection wrapped in track-suits. The other casts were amazing too but I really enjoyed Yoo Doo-Joon character : )

nlb My favorite drama ~ so subtle. Soo-Kyung and Dae-Young were adorable, as was Jin-Yi. Attny Kim was so gracious, I really wanted him to be loved by Soo-Kyung. And Attny Oh was wonderful! Why cannot an unattractive and different looking woman believe herself to be desirable! I wanted her to someone's beloved. I hope to see her in another drama. Best for last ~ Bara! I could say so much more but just an enjoyable drama with lots of friendship & love, good food, forgiveness. As Jin-Yi would say, the best!

Aleksandra I love this drama <333 You did awesome job~ Already miss 'Let's Eat's cast. Hope to see you soon.


  • emotional *

I can't imagine my Friday without " let's eat " :( Doojoon Oppa I miss you already :'/ And Lee SooKyung Unnii aaaah sob sob :( Thanks for everyone who worked on this drama, you did a really good job (Y) Fighting!!

Budsdianamalta I was expecting more tlc moments from LSK and KDY to end this drama, I was disappointed with that, but otherwise, I soooooo love this drama!

Chick There was no intimate last scene between SK and DY. He had both arms to grab onto SK and land a good kiss, and instead, kisses the dog, and gets interrupted by KM. What's up with that, Writer? After teasing us for 15 episodes, was that the best you could do for an ending between those two? TSK, TSK, TSK!

pouff Bara-ssi stole my heart...bara-ssiiiiii...

Ayumi Soo Kyung unnie is the best! Clap clap for the casting crew to finally chose Lee Soo Kyung! Her way to eat foods so soo mouthwatering. And Doo Joon just perfectly suits as Dae Young oppa. And THE FOOD! Those delish foods are crazily stole my heart. Please please extend this drama I really loooovee this, even you guys beat the "Alien" story, in my heart. Way to go! <3

Lisa Lol! I just connected Lee Soo Kyung with her role in Secret Agent Ms Oh! I really liked that drama. Way to go LSK.

Lisa Oh my goodness! I just connected Lee Soo Kyung with her role in Secret Agent Ms Oh! I really liked that drama. Way to go LSK.

Chick Ok, SK and DY, it's time for you two to become professional food critics. That way you can enjoy eating together AND get paid for it!

Maru Just finished ep15 and i fell inlove. I hope they would extend this drama. Doo joon oppa youa such a charmer, hope to see you in another drama... also the Food that they've shown are mouth watering.

argon Doo Joon you are soooooooooooooooooooo awesome in this drama. Wow what a pleasure to see you smile and talk. Wish I met you in real life, life would be sooo exciting. I do believe you are a very honest person in ur life also, hence your acting is soo straight forward. its not only soo kyung unni falling for your smile, please count me too I remembered your smile my whole day its utter nonsense to have such obsession with a person so far but i am just human :)

This drama is one of the best Korean drama I have ever watched. This drama is sooo good and simplicity spl thanks to the PD who has amazing talent of capturing great shots and the actors.

argon Doo Joon you are soooooooooooooooooooo awesome in this drama. Wow what a pleasure to see you smile and talk. Wish I met you in real life, life would be sooo exciting. I do believe you are a very honest person in ur life also, hence your acting is soo straight forward. its not only soo kyung unni falling for your smile, please count me too I remebered your smile my whole day its utter nonsense to have such obsession with a person so far but i am just human :)

This drama is one of the best korean drama I have ever watched. This drama is sooo good and simplicity spl thanks to the PD who has amazing talent of capturing great shots and the actors.

kimchi I really want Lee Soo-Kyung & Attorney Kim to be together & Jin-Yi & Dae- Young to be together. In mmy opinion they's be great together. Sadly, the outcome is going to be different.. Also, this drama makes me really want to eat korean food. I'm so glad I'm watching this! <3

Azmidafadzi This drama is DAEBAK! Arghhh i'm so curious about the ending! Only one episode left~ I wonder who will end up with Doo Joon? Hope it's Soo Kyung! I love them to be together, sorry Jin Yi~

kayinq Lee Soo Kyung is awesome...

blue Loving the drama !!!!! This is such a charming drama ... Totally loving the characters. BEAST boy band have some remarkable idols

Chick How cute is that Doo Joon? I could just eat him up!

Maru Super love to see the first kiss! It was awsome! Really love doojoon and with only 2eps left im looking forward seeing him doing another drama. He's a good actor and has a very big potential to be better. Oppa figthing!

vanii Really like this drama! The plot and all those humour thriller twist and foods haha finally do joon kiss her!<3 why its just airing once a week.....

VD ahhhhhh!!! this show is getting better and better! how come nobody watching it???? they did really good jobs with the twist and the horror, the romance and the gourmet FOOD!! i dont usually do review but seriously... this drama is really smooth! Love it!

yoyo watching this drama, and i'm waiting for a Yoon Doo Joon OST

Chick Now that they caught the real perpetrator of the crimes, I'm wondering what the little delivery guy is up to? I have a feeling it's connected with JY's father. Remember h talked about his father going out of business? So many things about to happen and only 2 episodes left. Can we hope for more episodes? Anyway, great to see the first kiss.

Monica I love love love this show!!!! I love doo jun so much. The delivery guy is Feel Dog from Bigstarr and I hope its not him but I do have a feeling it is him :, (

shonen I really love this drama. It's hilarious...but i really want Dae Young to end up with Jin Yi because they are so cute together...Soo Kyung should end up with Lawyer Kim. I've enjoyed every eating scene and the food really look delicious..

I can't wait for the next episode but too bad, this drama is only aired once a week..

T Omg. Love this drama..i m so curious to know who's the suspicious man. At first I know it was dae young but now it seems like it isn't him...According to the preview of next ep(14 I think) it seems like its the delivery guy especially after he gave that serious look after phone call with Jin yi in the last episode.... but still can't be so sure about the delivery guy because they always show previews In such a way that we think we know who's the culprit but turns out it's not when the whole episode airs..I hope it's not him because I want him n Jin yi to become one.

FanGirl Except for th annoying idiosyncratic mannerisms of KS---rubbing his hands through his hair then sniffing it, constantly fiddling with his nose, ie., I am enjoying this drama.

Minka Pinka I love this drama. I cant believe it only comes out once very week. But i really enjoy watch it and how they eat the food. The food part is the best. Ifind it really funny to see how they eat & it sometime makes me wish i was eating what they are eating.

njhh wow. daebak.. i also like the delivery guy too..


shakira Omo!!! The delivery guy?!! Me too!! He is sooooo freakin cute!! I thought he was the criminal at first. I had to watch scene with him eating at Jin Yi's apartment twice!! Oooh watching him made me all nervous and giddy!!! I so love this show!!!

Chick Awwwww, poor DY. He has no special person to spend Valentine's Day with. But you know, ladies out there, I'll bet there are a lot of guys who think like DY---they have no money to date. Picnics, hiking, walks in the park, watching videos and lots of free concerts or other stuff to do---not to mention Dutch treat. The important thing is being together. Financial situations improve so it's just about waiting it out. And to all you DYs out there, if a lady doesn't want to wait it out, there's another sweet person who is willing to. Speaking from experience.

yuweei I actually really like the delivery guy! I totally ship him and Jinyi XD I hope he doesn't turn out bad T^T (but remember they did that to Doyoung at first as well, made us suspect he might be the bad guy)

Chick You may change your mind about the delivery guy when you see the next episode, people. Behind that sweet, innocent face may lurk a devious individual. Will you still have an interest in him? I am soooo curious about why anyone wants to do harm to SK. Also, the backround of DY. Is he a high achiever so that Dad will be proud if him? Also, in the trailer, some unidentified female touches the shoulder of DY. Is he really pining for his lost love? Now this is a drama that deserves more episodes.

Ziya who was the basketball captain?

Alexander Why is Lee Do-Yeon so ugly?

mehrdad i like this drama it's very funny

Nana The Parcel Delivery Guy's name is Oh Gwang-Suk (a.k.a FeelDog), member of Bigstar. You're welcome.

kpopb2utybbc No, the delivery guy is not Gi Kwang. It's Feeldog from Bigstar ^-^

arigato That new parcel delivery guy, is feeldog he a guest who play badminton on Kang Hodong show at KBS...

Conchyyy Whoooo is the parcelll guy nameee?? Anyone know? He so cutee i like he couple with jin yii

Eve That new parcel delivery guy, is he AJ (Lee Gi Kwang) of Beast?

maya i like the new parcel delivery guy a lot! him and jin yi were totally flirting and i liked it.. i do hope he is not the killer guy! jin yi deserves a nice guy!! besides i actually like soo kyung and her boss.. he's so sweet and funny, and i feel for him.. dae young is gorgeous but i have to say that he's character so far is too indifferent to her or anyone else.. it's a bit off-putting..

Lskhater Am I the only one that doesn't want SK to end up with DY? JY and DY look so much better together! That trouble maker moment!!! I will be alitte upset if SK ends up with him, but I wont hate this drama it's too good to hate :(

Chick Oh boy, the sparks are starting to fly for SK towards DY--although he is oblivious about her. He's so used to keeping his feelings superficial and business related. The writer keeps throwing suspicious, possible criminal characters at us. First it was DY, now the delivery guy. And why would SK be a particular target? Anyway, this is a fun drama. A little something for everyone. Food, animals, love and romance, intrigue, comedy, cute guys and gals. Five more episodes. When is the first kiss?

k@ph makes me feel sad in the ending of Ep 6. and the song makes me sad too.

Chick Ep. 10 foretells some interesting stuff. SK sees DY in a whole new light. And DY's throng of admiring ladies has grown to 3. Get ready to watch the fur fly, there are cat fights ahead. In one of the trailers we see DY in a restaurant being approached by a faceless female. Could he have been telling the truth of a long lost love. 6 episodes to go and so much to be revealed---including the night stalker, possibly a visit by JY's mom in the States, more revelations of DY's family. This could be over in 3 weeks if they would just broadcast 2 episodes a week----TORTURE! This is one drama I really look forward to with anticipation each week.

Eddie Who sings the song at the end of episode 6?

Rachel I so love this dram it's a different twist to all the k-drama's and the food expressions omg... to die for..I want these two food lovers to be together the suite each other and their characters are too funny unlike the weird lawyer. ...can't wait for ep 10

Chick I think DJ finds SK a challenge because his charm is not making her into one of his throngs of adoring women. However, that scene where he wiped her mouth with his hand shows her cold attitude beginning to thaw. She's trying to fight it but it's been a long time between a relationship for her. You can kiss that dog just so much!

Sky Zoeya Wish the episodes will be many ^_^ loving every bit of du-jun scene!

Nissa I too love this drama, it drives me crazy to only get 1 epi each week. The food looks amazing! I have to watch it after dinner though or else I'll go out searching for whatever they had- that's tough to find in my neighborhood. Its too funny that SK has been used to pay the debt for her mother. DY will take this opportunity to get closer- I can tell he's already into her. Their mutual love for food cant be denied. LOL. When is epi 10? It should be out by now. Is it on hold due to the lunar new year like my other dramas?

soo kyung who will sookyung end up with? Dae young or the boss..

Ximena when is the espisode 10?

k@ph lawyer oh is so funny. the part in episode 3 where they were eating and the chilli powder got stuck in her tooth. that part was so hilarious!

foo Lawyer Oh is a fox! Need more pics of her!

Chick What fun. Mom has used SK to pay off her playing card debt to DY. Also, I'm starting to detect attraction between SK and DY. Poor lawyer HK. He doesn't know how these dramas work. The most unobvious couple really are the obvious couple and he is only part of the plot to make a love triangle. He is cute, but awfully wierd. With the coming attractions, I'm fearful that it's DY's brother who is doing these crimes. Too, we will get a glimpse into DY's family in the next episode---looking forward to that. I want that dog!!!

Safia This drama always makes me hungry !!!!!

ohho Ep09 making me wonder who will Soo Kyung end up with!i want her to be with the younger man but at this episode i can see the overflow love from her boss but unfortunately she cant and didnt realize it.what a pity..he should confess to her earlier..can she has both?lol..but Doo Joon seems doesnt have any feelings toward her so do Soo Kyung toward her ex-boss..why oh why they only has one episode per week??sigh..

Nina I totally love this drama for soooo many reasooonss the maiiinn one is becausee of Doo Joo c; Also the atorney is jusst faabbb, the girls are funny and cute the way they act is jusst perfect however am really confused i mean i want Lee soo khyun to be with doo joo but i feeel horrible for the atorney :'< and thenother reason why i like this drama is because they have FOOOOOOOOOOD i meaann !!!!! Thumbs upppp !

k@ph WAHAHAHA. THIS DRAMA IS SO FUNNY! i watched the first Ep and it was cool and funny already. what more in the other Eps :)

Michelle Omg, i want dae young with soo kyung forever :( why it's makes me so confused??

scha instead of soo kyung with dae young..honestly, i'm more prefer soo kyung with her boss, hak moon...while dae young together with jin yi..btw, look forward for the ending.. :) ~besides food, this drama also shows many lessons and moral value.. #beauties#

shakira Love, love, love this drama!!!! Such an original twist and delivery to a not so original concept in kdramas...food. I love everything about it!! One of my fav new dramas, along with Master's Sun!! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Chick Beyond cute! Cute leading actors, cute dog, cute sound effects, cute eating expressions. I am so enjoying this lighthearted show. If I could criticize it at all it would be to have the crimes be less serious--thievery or voyeurism, for instance.

Chick @ami----the song you requested

K Jun – Let’s Eat (식사를 합시다) Let’s Eat OST By popgasa on December 4, 2013

Let’s eat, just like that uh uh just like that Let’s do it after a meal, just like that uh uh just like that Let’s eat, just like that uh uh just like that Let’s eat, just like that, we’re unstoppable kings of gluttony

Ate breakfast, ate lunch, looked out the window and it’s a rainy day Days like this call for crispy Korean pancakes with a bowl of makgulli, amazing In the morning, I order the morning set, french toast, strawberry jam is a given To be a little more greedy, I order maple syrup I don’t like people who don’t understand this taste

I went to a restaurant that was on TV and ate servings for three (wait, this tastes like…) A dancing woman on the Iberian Peninsula that is in between the new world and the old world In terms of soccer, it’s like the goalkeeper blocking a shot and then blocking another one again Keep eating though it’s spicy, keep eating

Come into my mouth You’re sweet like chocolate syrup, so breathtaking You make me go crazy crazy Hurry and come to me You’re fresh like duck roast, I want you I want to swallow you in one bite

(What the food)

I met with my mom and sister for a meal, I missed a homecooked meal, let me take a spoonful Can’t I taste that old taste of eating kimchi and pork? Mixing rice into the shell of marinated crab The winter pickled radish fermented well I’ll say my mom’s name, the queen of taste, Miss Make Kimbop (mother)

But reality is ramen, hamburgers and instant fast food, I eat it all I try not to eat it but it’s everywhere, the MSG taste I want some overcooked rice crust, my appetite is like the rabbit chasing after the turtle I can’t take it anymore, I can’t stop myself, put your hands up

Come into my mouth You’re sweet like chocolate syrup, so breathtaking You make me go crazy crazy Hurry and come to me You’re fresh like duck roast, I want you I want to swallow you in one bite

(Eat, eat, eat, joyfully eat) Anchovy noodles, beef broth soup, this clapping and singing is good (Eat, eat, eat, eat with me) Younghee and Chulsoo, everybody clap, eat with me

Let’s eat, just like that uh uh just like that Let’s do it after a meal, just like that uh uh just like that Let’s eat, just like that uh uh just like that Let’s eat, just like that, we’re unstoppable kings of gluttony

Ami What's the opening song of this drama??

Doo joon die hard fans Love doo joon oppa till die

sky this drama is so funny. really really love this drama. and I hope TVN airing two episodes a week. so don't spend a lot of time.

Chick @Kyul, very harsh words regarding DJ. At least give her credit for not spending wads on plastic surgery like so many of these actors and actresses.

ELFEXOticB2UTY This drama gets better and better each episode. It's so interesting and each week, it never fails to give its viewers something to talk and think about. ^_^

The casts perfectly fit to their characters.

"Reply 1997" then "Reply 1994" and then now, "Let's Eat", TVN, is again, doing a good job. Really. ^_^

Kyul how come do yeon is so ugly? omg T_T

immy003 really like this dram it very funny

Thor What's the song ending theme of EP 8

Chanchan It's really an unique drama tvN really surpass the other channel , they give freedom to their writer ..ans we get really awesome drama !

Doojoon Oppa is doing a great job ! He and Lee Soo-Kyung have great chemestry !

lets eat my main interest was in doo joon hyung just to see how good he is in acting but after the first ep the whole series became obessesion for me i know he is not the killer but still have my doubts waiting every week for that one ep

Sasi Dae Young oppa jjang jjang man! I wonder who will end up with who.

Chick Many elements here. Suspense, love, suspicion, murder, food, and comedy. The sound effects are kind of cute as well. All characters are likeable. Of course, one episode a week doesn't cut it. I wait with anticipation as to how these people will pair up but mostly, what DY's whole story is.

MarYam this drama is so intresting,also I'm the biggest fan of Beast,at first i only watched this drama to support my handsome oppa but now i love the drama's story so much and every week i can't wait for next episode,i think the story of this drama is new Doojoonie oppa is so handsome and charming fighting oppa,i love u so so much

LaSirene The story line is intersting and funny...I'm really enjot watch the movie, actually I'm only want to try watch 1 episode but cant help now I just watch the ep 3 and will continue ep 4, cant stop watch the drama..Doo Joon is handsome too in this drama..But why he is become the criminal in here, hikss..hehehhe

MIKEWOZAWSKY how are they all not fat?

deedu jjang jjang drama!!!

Charlie Great drama, it's very funny plus love the food! Even though there are other drama right now with stellar cast, I like this the most at the moment.

Jessica L Omg !! I can't wait for episode 6! This drama is simply amazing start with. Even though it sucks that it only has one episode Per week though. So not cool, I have to wait so much to see the next epsiode. Right now this is drama is so in suspense right now like I want to see it like now but I can't. Overall this drama is pretty amzing!

Jung In Hyun oppa jjang jjang men its sound like Jjajangmyeon (blackbeans noodles... hehe i love this mini series,, DooJoon-sshi Fighting!!

boysflower actually i love this drama. i love all food there. i love yoon so hee acting, she's so cute and adorable. i have watched 4 episodes, and can wait for next episode. felt disapoint because this drama only once in a week :(

sesehangma Since i m a foodie...m totally loving this drama...all the characters are so funny and i m a huge doojoon fan ...ahhhh...and i keep starving and drooling throughout the drama

Bouba This drama is so yummi ! I don't know the plates they are eating, but it is soooo delicious... just by looking at the way everyone is devouring the food makes my mouth water !

ohho This drama is entertaining..i love it so far..but it has only one episode per week.if only we get two episodes per week it would be great.recommended to those who love light,comedy drama but at the same time we can learn something from it-appreciate your neighbor,always positive even when you are having lots of problem potrays by the jang jang sohee and more.

helkwo Watched 3 episodes so far but I already love it! It's light, funny and all about good food. I just want to eat whatever they are eating.

Kay Cute show. Looking forward to watching the two male stars make their play for SK. As of Ep. 3, she has little interest in starting a friendship with a female let alone a relationship with a male. She's simply into her dog and eating. (And who wouldn't envy the person who could eat like that and still stay slim?). As for DY, I don't think he's the killer. Here's a wild stab---he's a detective trying to find the killer and that's why his apt. is bare and he lives like he's camping.

M Do anyone know the song appearing in episode 2 ? There was a english song Tell me please if u know Thank q

Samia I am realllyyyy loving this drama so far. I look forward to it every week more than I do to heirs lol The characters are really funny and nice. The food scenes are so exaggerated and their faces are quite hilarious xD

mali doonie sailo i love the cast especially doojoon love this i'm too excited to watch the full movie yoon doojoon oppa so great at acting too love them all....oppa fighting

Rebekah Huang Can't wait! My absolute favorite korean actress.. Beautiful n funny.. Love her eye smile. The photography in episode one is just perfect and the acting fresh storyline unique...I'm excited and waiting for episode two

Tiff I love Lee Soo kyung her comedic timing is always on pt. doo jun is soo handsome couldn't recognize him. This drama will prob make me hungry every day.

chaeky I love Yoon SoHee in here ~ She's so cute ♥ ♥ ♥ Can't wait next ep ㅋㅋㅋ

Lexi Does anyone know the name of the dish she was eating? The dish with the seafood.. I want to try it..it looked yummy :)

joanne Support this Korean drama!!! And those members of beast, nice and no bad while watching episode 1,will continue watching it. I also a big fans of beast.while it's take me support this members Korean groups while I in 2009.will take more information in this beast. Support!!!

Jang nae Just finished watching episode 1 ~ no too bad, i like alot :)


fdfdfd it was hilarious.. i didn't expect much cause they let an idol get the leading role, but it the writing is just flawless. and the acting is pretty good. you should try it out!

MarYam finally my Doo joonie oppa is lead role i can't wait until thursday oppa love you and your acting so much. hope u act well again

maya the plot is very bad-written.. it's like a lame translation..

nuguseyo Can't wait for this drama >< I love Doojoon's act in Iris 2 ^^

Mai DooJoonieeee.....is here! it's a must watch!!

Lena Ohhh!!! Sounds interesting! Will watch it because of Batoost Doo-joon!!

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