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  • Name: L
  • Japanese:
  • Korean:
  • Birth Name: Kim Myung-Soo (김명수)
  • Born: March 13, 1992
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 180cm.
  • Blood Type: O
  • Twitter: @INFINITELKIM


  1. Member of Kpop boy band "INFINITE".


Drama Series


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Shaira I really like everything about you L. I hope to see you in the future. Love you so much! And I will love you forever and ever. Good luck!

sang man hyuk hi oppa you my best singer

anica_L L is perfection. Love u much.

Aaliyah Ignacio Hi Infinite L! I'm one of your biggest fan. And I wanna say "I love you to the moon and back and front <3 <3" I always watch your kdramas in internet. And my dream is go to South Korea, just to see you.

ACM I love you L.You are older than me.I hope to see you when I grow up.Now I try to be a doctor.I try to come your country.I love you......

inspirit love I love you L!!!! I hope to see you at the next world tour!! THX!!! I am your biggest fan too! Love you Bias!

Arze Hye L...i'am Arze.i like your drama series..especially (shut up flower boy band) and you hair is very nice...i like yours style..i hope my hair same like's you hair...

ymber saranghae L .. I'M ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FAN :) :)

Lea I'm your biggest fan... saranghae L oppa...

norean olivine l calixtro i love you L forever and ever

Key I am a big fan!

Sulsashaff Happy birthday oppa even though its late...saranghae

Hsae Happy birthday oppa I love you so much.

joan capio saranghae cute "L"

troy I'm a fanboy of L. I started liking him since I watched the "MY LOVELY GIRL" drama. It's very inspirable but the thing is I want him to be the leading man of krystal :( but its okay, their drama is very nice , i really love it. I HOPE someday L and Krystal will have a drama.u know!!! :)

michelle I love you myungsoo.i like so much and you are so cute.oppa...saranhae...my love oppa myungsoo is the most popular and handsome boy in my eye.why you are very beautifully like a flower.the most beautifully in the flowers...

Casper Girl Hi L...I am your biggest fan.SARANGHAE!!!!!!

dolma Hi L. I'm your biggest fan and i love your singing and acting both. You are very charming too, whenever i watch your music videos i can see the way your expression is lot different than others when you dance and i love that expression. I have never been to your concert so i really want to see you in real here in canada. inspirit....

shweyi I love you myungsoo.i like so much and you are so cute.oppa...saranhae...my love oppa myungsoo is the most popular and handsome boy in my eye.why you are very beautifully like a flower.the most beautifully in the flowers.....

shweyi Made the drama which is get the leading role

Lormi Kate Anyeonghaseyo myungsoo oppa :) <3 ,,,,,. Since I heard infinite, I got interested of the group. I wanted to meet you, but it is too far away from here in the philippines. Silly for me to say it, because I am just only 14 years old, well I do not care, I will just vote for the group to win :)


   I wish i could see you in person...i never been to your concerts before...i wish you could come to Kuching,Malaysia and make a concert with the rest of the group... Please come!!!


Ja Seng Pan Hi ,

me and my sister Christine are L's fan.

inspirit , COOL.....

mhacesolonsonio hi...your so cute... your very talented... i really like your acting skills... stay safe always... we love you... fighting...

Andrea Uh hello again hehe sorry about that other part I wrote in October last year hehe its was a bit foolish of me to say such thing . I'm not that kind of girl who hangs poster in the walls, and I don't do those giving presents and treats .just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you have the guts to manipulate every girl you see. I'm 19 years old now and I'm going to say that I hope you will make someone you love happy but don't do something so childish no girl will ever like you .Im not trying to be mean , I just want other girls to understand what guys are like when you're close to them . L next time I see you don't make that face

ian-ian(MyuRah Kim) Anyeong oppa!!!!

hi...you know im really crazy over you..aisshh.....of course! ur so cute handsome and talented..

.im only 13 years old..my friends and i like and supports infinite! everyone of us likes ur groupmates..you know i have posters of ur group and a hundred pictures of you in my laptop...ive always dreamt of going to korea..hugging and hang outing with you..maybe someday when the right time comes i could meet you personally..i like you oppa..ur the one fighting...

you know...each of my friends have their own idol in infinite... ME:you MARIELLE:sunggyu SHENNA:hoya JULIET:sungyeol CHRISTY:dongwoo QUEEN:woohyun JEROME:sungjung

you know oppa im always watching MAMA ...im so happy after watching that you've won in MAMA 2014 congratulations!!oppa fighting!!!always take care saranghae!!!

hoya omg he doesnt even know how to act. He looks so good and is so funny and charming but he has no idea how to act. I really wouldnt want to watch a drama with him as the main lead. argh

Byun Garam We Love you L oppa!!!!!!!!!! You are the best!!!!!

dondhen Gosh!! Simply amazing. Got everything in you. Thank u for being an inspiration everyday. Keep acting and singing, become a role model to more people. Live strong. Dream big. We love u :-)

Megumi Best for you . fighting . In my lovable girl you are so excellent

Charry L you're the best. Infinite fighting! keep it up and please come to Germany

D fighting L! i'll always support you all the way and take care of your health :) <3

Giso Hi!Myung Soo you're the best.You're so pretty and I love your voice...Sarangheyooooo!

Gerlie Nares .. I really like you so L.. I hope someday I will see you in personal and you will come here at the Philippines and the your group Infinite .

Saranghae Oppa

Jang I really really love you L! :) I hope you'll come back here in the Philippines. Saranghae!

Viktoria Congrats from Germany :-)

I Love Myungsoo FOREVER Oppa , i want you come to Vietnam , so will come to Vietnam ???

I Love Myungsoo FOREVER Oppa Kim Myungsoo , SARANGHAE !!!!!! I hope someday you will come to Vietnam <3 <3

LoveYouMyungsoo Love You Oppa xD Fighting! Myungsoo Oppa Saranghae <3

claire hai oppa. i love you. FIGHTING!!

Zoeii Kato I hope you can get a main role soon.. :)

shi woo_myung soo yea congrates for you debut and i will support you always no matter how

#hugefanofmyungsoo i love to see you with your arrogant shi woo in my lovely girl hwaiting!

Sanie Grace Bermudez Hai :) you did great in your singing my sister really like you stay handsome nga and be your self always ;) <3 <3

Kim Na Ra I really love your acting. Keep it up. Good luck for your future. <3 <3 <3

love love i love you kim myung soo!!! your really great actor i love you!!! miss you i hope you come here in the philippines! FIGHTING GANGHAMSANIDA

Hsae Oppa I love you so much. Keep up with your acting. Hope you get a main role soon. Fighting

Mijin Hey

You looked so young and cute. Acting was very good at My Lovely Girl.

Good luck with new project ..

Love you !!

nancy you are so cute! i wish you ended up with Yoon SeNa in "she's so loveable " aww :( hope you become a main actor soon!!! <3 <3 much love and best wishes !

mira i wish that you will act in another drama which is u are as the main actor, bcs i watch my lovely girl drama and it makes me sad knowing that Yoon SeNa opposed u:(

mystery I like it more if you ended up with se na.. :'(


) hi! L, I am a fan of yours.. Super!

ColourRain Hi Myungsoo/L ☺️ I am a new Inspirit n my bias is you! You are the only idol I know so far that looks good in anything and everything

L's I wish Se na ended up with you in my lovely girl... because if I was her, I'd choose you. FIGHTING!!! i want to see more of your acting... i'm a new fan of yours:)XD

Shootingiron This is the first time I'm head over heels for an idol. Like, seriously... Totally smitten by your blond hair in My Lovely Girl altho I've watched you couple of times before. Anyway, glad to see that your acting has improved so much. Hyunsoo was good, Secretary Gil made me cringed a bit. But Siwoo... God... What a scene-stealer! And I noticed that you improved your singing and dancing as well! Keep it up, myungsoo-ssi!

irene ah. oppa......... take good care of yourself always.

Crazy fan of L Hi L,I'm really happy if u'll read this in future.I can't express my feelings toward u with words.I completely live within your world, my last hope is to meet u even once.I really want to learn Korean to communicate with u,still i didn't get a chance to learn Korean,so i'll convey my feeling like this...我更爱你。I know it's impossible for me to meet you,because i'm just an one fan of ur fan world.This is my first time to fall for a person.Saranghae L.Love u 4ever even i can't meet u....it's so sad......but u r always there in my mind....

Nicki saranghee opppaaaa

Yuna Hasashi Hi L!!! I Love You!!! I'm Die Hard Fan of yours <3 I love Myungstal!!! I also loved your role in My Lovely Girl. I hope that you and krystal are the main characters. :) Both of you have Chemistry <3 <3 <3 Anyeong Oppa!!

rina i think your face is a little bit same with kim bum ,but i hope you be a hero next time in your other drama

Mimi I hope you'll be in a movie again!! Starring you and Lee Ji Eun!! <3 I really loved your role in Shut Up Flower Boy Band!! I cried when Byung Hee died!! But it's still nice!! Love it!!

Ladybear L Fighting ! Myungstal is okay. But I'm hoping for Myungzy too !!!!!!!!!!

cryingformybaes oppa! saranghaeyoooooo <3 <3 <3 you're my first bias ever since 2012! i have no regrets! OMFG looking forward to your dramas/MVs! L oppa! Hwaiting!!!

Me U look so much like kim bum hyun have u notice dat?May be not...anyway i think u should try some lead roles...fighting Kim myung soo

Malin @CCA; I feel the same way. I started to like him in My Lovely Girl/She's so lovable started to like the whole INFINITE boy band group ^^ L is ..as they say..my bias! I really want Siwoo (L) to end up with Sena (Krystal). ..I really like his stagename: L x'D It makes him so much more special ^_^

CCA I totally have second lead syndrome. I love his character and acting in "My Lovely Girl." It's a little farfetched to say this but I hope he and Krystal end up together in the drama.

Andrea HI L my name is Andrea and I really like your solo on I was once by your side in Korean and I think you're very sweet and passionate when it comes to music. I never see you in real life and I wanted to go to Korea one day to meet you and say: dangsin - eun maeu dajeonghago gwiyeoun geos which means you're very sweet and cute. I wish to see you someday keep on being with Infinite . GO L GO FIGHTING

abc I've watched your new drama "my lovable girl". Glad to see you being the second lead male and OMG you are perfectly match with krystal - in that drama of course. Fighting myung soo!!

Kim annie You are truly handsome oppa! You can kill me with your smille, maybe that's what they called Killer Smile. Hope to see you soon here in the Philippines or either should I travel to Korea someday. Saranghae! FIGHTING.

Ammy You are very handsome ( I think you already Know that), I love your new look in "My lovable girl". I love also Infinite, especially "Back"!!! Fighting!!!

akkeh I really hope that L oppa will success in his life... /)\\w\\(\ also I Love you too Infinite <33333

l saranghae L oppa! im really hoping that you could be the main lead in a drama series -- really huhuhu along with your infinite chinggu/hyungs&dongsaengs!! bc i really love the way you act!! hahahaha saranghae ^^

Matey I like your new drama..you're character is so cool..

Angelie xiong I look very handsome in every drama trust me u look amazing and u are always amazing hahahaha I wish I can be in ur drama oppa I live in Marysville California I really want to meet u

warda you look different in your new drama , it's like you act what you suffered from in the past may be ... the role of a bad boy , you do it well , but it seems like you will be the opposite of that....

stellac Saranghae oppa, you're so good in your new drama! All the best <3

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KrystalJung saaaarrrrraaaannngggghhhheeeee..... ooopppppaaaa.... !!

tomi we were born at the same day and year lol :)))

Rathana Myungsoo FIGHTING !!!!!

lovetheydanmuch saranghaeeee oppppaaaa!!! hwaitinggg <3 <3

oppamakesmecry yaaaah oppa! saranghaeyooooo <3 <3 <3 you've improved so much with your singing!!! your acting in all honesty is on its way to progress too! OMFG you're becoming such an awesome idol naooo i cryyyyy looking forward to your new drama!!! MORE FROM U PLSSS

Miaa I first thought when I saw him that he was Kim Beom's little brother, they look really alike, cuteness!

MyLmyungsoo Go go go Saranghae 인피니트 L!! hwaiting!! ♡♡♡♡

And to all haters WTF comments are u posting here and just go away in L's profile. XD

MyLmyungsoo go Saranghae 인피니트 L!! hwaiting!! ♡♡♡♡

And to all haters WTF comments are u posting here and just go away in L's profile.

nhfrnk still excited whenever Im watching your drama. oppa, fighting! ^^

reylyn you are my favorite BIAS!

MyungStal Hey....! wait 4 u drama soon.....hwaiting!!!!!!

Shut up & let's go flower boy band By far my favorite drama evvveeeerrrrr. ^^ ( ^ω^ )

MyungYeon Lovers please comeback drama with Jiyeon T-ara ♥

Lyssa I love you Myungsoo-oppaaaaa!<3 You are so great in singing as well as acting! Keep it up Myungsoo oppaaa! Fighting!

Inspirit I love L and Infinite♡♡ love Myungsoo!! Big fan♥ You are a great actor and a singer I will always support you

L Saranghaeyo Oppa.. <3 hope to see u in the philippines!!!!!!!!!...

puteri diana aishah hye hanyoseyo!oppa i miss you oppa.oppa very handsome.oh i love u so much oppa.plese comeback at the korean oppa.plese-plese oppa i miss u oppa.

Aiah Lei Fabay he's so cute I really like watching their MVs I wish they could have a concert here in the Phillipines

nympha_mythera OMG!!!!!!!!! Kim Myung-Soo is very handsome:) hahahhaha he's kinda scary but uhg!!!!!! he still makes me shout !!!!! i LUV U L!!

임수빈 Oh I love u so much Myung-soo. I wish u would come to America and come and have a concert! You are such a great actor and a great singer. I love u! 김명수 !

janessa i can't wait for INFINITE to visit us again here in the PHILLIPPINES OMG!!! I LOVE YOU Kim Myung-Soo (김명수) L your so cute <3 <3

especially in your drama series Shut Up Flower Boy Band .i really love the song and i make it as my ringtone....

kim hyun jae ansayo! Bogoshipda i hope you will visit here in the Philippines in the infinite's world tour.

mingsooya you really look hot in your lastromeo mv. hope to see you again. goodluck always. love you.

Inspirit vhea kate infinite~ please comeback at the philippines <3 <3

charles Goodluck on Lastromeo. We will support infinite no matter what. I love you!

kynjustiniani ahhnyeong ha sse yo kim myung soo

I love your act always and I watching your this is Infinite
keep work hard always and take care always be handsome always.

Nishat Thasnim Nisheen i really love you oppa Myung soo!!! <3 your always in my mind and the stories i made was inspired by you and infinite! SARANGHAE ^^

Kim mika my stories are inspired by L and infinite ^______^ saranghae oppa myung soo! always stay aegyo! ^^) hihi!

mhica i really love you oppa Myung soo!!! <3 your always in my mind and the stories i made was inspired by you and infinite! SARANGHAE ^^)v

mhica i really love oppa myung soo!!! <3

Tiffany yang♥ Haii :) I no Korean but I love k-pop... But why? Why is Myungsoo so cute doe <3 lol I wish i can see infinite!! ♥_♥

luna luv you !!!!!!<3 i wish you can come to u.s.a!!!! i wish i could see you in person!!!!!

shajie hmmmmmm, i just want to say pleass come back at the philipines not only but your groups also all of inspirit are waiting,,,, jebal jusaeyo

Arianne Santos Annyeong oppa! I really wish to see you in personal. I'm always dreaming about you. SWEAR!! hihihi;) I also wish you can visit here in the Philippines. SARANGHAE KIM MYUNGSOO!! <3

Charielaine Mhae Banglay Hi oppa !! :) i wish i can see you in personal. Come visit here in the Philippines. I love your cutes eyes :) hehe

Olivia L Inspirit I Love YOU Oppa!! I wish I can see you... :) L Oppa Mine GuYs :p Sorry just kidding... :)

TAMANA Saranghae Oppa!!! I wish we meet in person, I love you and will love you forever ... you are the best!!! Oppa come to Brisbane Australia please! Saranghae Saranghae :*

jella_ace Oppa! Oppa! Oppa! Saranghae! Wish I will meet you in person!


jella_ace Annyong oppa! Saranghae! ///>.<///

I wish I would meet you in person :))))

hanzkie ahnnyung.......... saranghaeyo kim....... nice eyes.........and nice drama


KILLER SMILE.........HA!!!

noor syahirah anyeonghaseyo,oppa!!! saranghae to much i wish can meet you face face on day

@Mhaj ;* Saranghaeyo oppa :*

i wish when i grow up 

i wilL see you someday :)

miczs Mr. L how to see you on the near future and please that day make pansin on me .. Kumassimida


YnahRen the best onee-san among the infinite boys EVER! ! !

kpopluverxoxo Happy Birthday Myungsoo Oppa!! <33 SARANGHAEYOO<3 Cx

Cejay Happy birthday, myungsoo oppa! :)

heun saengil chukahae oppa.

heun Saengil chukahae oppa

L.kimK.jung L Oppa!!! Im MyungSoojung shipper^^u really suitable with soo jung.><

chey-anne Oppa. Youre so so so Handsome oppa! Saranghae Oppa myungsoo :* I will never stop loving you!

nekko oppa L ! chowaheayou :-*

kristin good luck in 'cunning single lady'. you'll be great:)

Jonna Ocariza You're HANDSOME !! Saranghae Myung Soo !! <3 :*

KV You're such a perfection! You're almost perfect! You replaced my favorite Kpop, Kim Hyun Joong, in my heart. Stay handsome and humble.

imissyoumyungsoo I'll keep supporting you no matter what. Pls take care of yourself.saranghe

K i love you,, love you so much since 3 years ago,, i hope you'll always be so shine in my eyes,

Amel he's such a perfection.. thanks for born in this world and being perfect, thanks for make many people's day colourful, thanks for giving me happiness, and thanks for being kim myungsoo. johahae, myungsoo-ya

Airah Ishreen Why so handsome? <3

jeongyi he looks like kim bum...it would be perfectly believable if he plays kim bum's brother in a movie or drama

vyra-chel Good luck & hope success until future...god bless u in this year.(@_>)thada....saranghae...

ericah mae hi hyung I really appreciate your songs.Hope that all your dreams will be granted,have good health and may the FATHER always be their for you......GOD BLESS THIS 2014

Jhensen So Ha'y Hi L-Kim Myung Soo :)

elle Looking forward to your new drama :D Fighting!

sexy michel U look cute nd very sarmt in movies

karlita Im waiting for his leading role in a drama, he deserve it :3

shyte 'L' is so cute <3

danuutza I love him!!! he's the most beautiful boy from Infinite and it's so hoot. <3 <3

LeeTaerin Is is legal to be as hot as you? >/////////<

ScillaDH L (Myung-Soo oh my gosh!!! The best guy from Infinite.. He is the reason I keep up with the music. <3 <3 <3 Saranghaeyo Oppa!!!!!

EunMi Kim myung soo-nim ... saranghaeyo oppa ...hehehe :D

KoreanLee Kim myung soo-nim...saranghaeyo....oppa....koreanlee mean korean lee yeon hye...

nor hayati you are so sweet L.L saranshea

novita kurniasih L myung soo. He is always in my heart.

Ayu Harun you look cute......

Myungsoo'sWife my nampyeon in my dreams..proud to be an inspirit! :) a fangirl that is inlove to kim myungsoo! :) mimanja oppa! <3

koreangirlXX OH GOD! i am in love with L!! he is so handsome and cute and hot and... aarrgghh!! i wanna meet you so badly! saranghae L!

marygrace tapayan i really an idol of infinite soo im totally inspirit i love the most is myungsoo oppa!!! because hes unique in different way (mr cold prince) my sister and i watch shut up flower boy band and its awesome movie for me. more movie for l and album to come for infinite !!! jja jja fighting!!!! :)

SUICIDE why all m0vie's and dramas has happy ending

all cast , even an extra has a happy life,,!

but why my life is just a waste garbage.!

h0w i wish t0 have a s0me0ne like y0u t0 l0ve and care 4 me..!

i kn0w its imp0ssible. s0 think i will just end my life s0 i can rest with peaceful.

t0 all my family and friend i will miss u and i will n0t f0rget y0u until i die.!

g0d bless and g00d bye. ;)


Michelle Corciega I so love you and like you. I'm one of your beloved fans. I like your everything. :* Oppa! Nanun Saranghae.

Donna Is He Related to Kim Bum ? :))

dhine You're awesome and a great actor Kim Myung Soo! Nanun Saranghae!

zeena you guyz r all awesome

AlIce OMG,,,!!! U'r so cute,,,!!!! How I wish I could meet u personally,,,!!!^^

Hyoe So cute, when you smiling with infinite's members ..

primrose omg you are so perfect oppa <3

INSPIRIT43 Oppa! Saranghae! I will always love you!~ I wish you happiness and love throughout your whole career! And don't listen to crazy stalker fans, because you should be able to date whoever you want! As long as you are happy, I will support you!

khaye phat nonifara annyeonghaseyo oppa!i really want to meet you!and i want you to know that youre asian fan fiction is really daebak!!!!keep on fighting oppa!


Abrina Annyeonghaseyo! Jeoneun Abrina imnida:D L oppa,hwaiting! Saranghae oppa❤

kim yuna annyeonghaseyo,jeoneun kim yuna imnida.im l-ssi fan and i hope u succes in drama and singing,infinite fighting!!!i waiting for ur new song.

Yoon Lei Wah Hi; Oppa; *Happy* & *Smile* *Everyday* * Fighting* * Bye----Bye*

Jolina yuri kwon Kim myung soo saranghae oppa  :* *,~

nicole Kim Myung-Soo Oppa is so adorable! Fighting! <3 _ <3

chi ^_____________________^i love you.you are so cool

asma kim nana Saranghae oppa that's all i can say i am an arab inspirit fighting oppa

From algeria

yoon lei wah Hi; Nice to meet you. I am 17 year old.I like you very much.My name is Yoon Lei Wah.From Myanmar

samantha Oppa saranghae <3<3<3

mojdeh you are Beautiful^___^ i love you

goli you are the best for me

kreianne lei oppa! ghawd! you're so hot and very cool in SHUT UP FLOWER BAND! i hope you can visit me in my dreams every night oppa! that's all i can wish! ^_^

angeldevilLOVE_ Myungsoo oppa!! i'm really your # 1 fan.. ..you're so damned handsome & hot ^__^ your so cool in your own way !! more power on your career ....i will support you no matter what happens.i hope i can see you perform live ..saranghaeyo oppa !! fighting!!


mimi L ghad i love you

Queenie Noona here even if im older then u I still have wishes to be with u saranghae!

Honey I really love L

prexiousStone uhh the 1st time i saw Lkim photo picture in WATTY .. i already said SH*T he is so attractive... He looks like a gangster .. that time.. so i use my Precious phone .. and search for his profile and this is what i know he was born on march 13 1992. he was already 20 .. and i dont know that he was a member of infite.. haistt.. hoping infite visit our country.. if that happen i will come to their Fan Meeting .. ekekek..

gennie rose parcellano L... I feel like I'm addicted to you!!!!!!!!! I'm just your simple fan... die hard if ok... I'm just a grade 8 high school but still I'm really a fan of yours!!!!!!! From Philippines You’re amazing... handsome...hope you make more movies....I will watch it promise......... May god bless you... saranghae!!!!!!!

More concerts to come... Infinite... I will support you whatever happens!!! More world tours and albums.


jae-in he was cool in Shut up Flower Boy Band.... i really like him.... and he look like KIM BEOM

Diana Hello Myungsoo! I hope you're doing well! I love you! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Masters Son. I'll always support you and INFINITE no matter what.

lexar infinite L FIGHTING oppa

Lkim7 L oppa!! saranghaeyo ^^ I hope that i see you in prson, im your biggest fan!!

Infinite!! Fighting!!(^_^)v

Jacqueline Marquez kim myung soo... your so handsome! I really hope that my future boyfriend would be like you...but then YOUR UNIQUE!!!!!!!!!!! nothing compares you... your the best among the rest....wish I can see you in person...

Aiman syafiqah Oppa sarangheo!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!! Oppa!!!!!!!! I love you so much.

Utciha Ayuchie L OPPAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sarangheo!! INFINITE FIGHTING!!!!! :):D

Malak Myung Soo oppa saranghae, أحبك ♥♥ Infinite fighting! ♥♥

sarah myungsoo sorry if Ispell it wrong im 12 years old and I start liking you after I saw your picture I hope I can be your sister please reply there are many fan of yours and do you like suzy bae I personally support you saranghae OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AinaAyubeidris Myung Soo oppa ! :) You drive me crazy with your looks and your romantic voice.Oh yes ! I just look through Infinite new song. Which is Destiny.And,now I know that Myung Soo is my destiny.. INSPIRITS#

love you AHHH MYUNG SOO WHY ARE YU SO HOTTT? <3 hope you will be in more dramas where you are main lead!!!

lusia your singing is marvelous. keep it up oppa. Saranghe

retno mutiara aduhh l oppa ganteng banget we love u l oppa

suzy oppa! You are my ichiban!

nana Myungsoo oppa~ Please marry me or jiyeon unnie because I ship you with her.Myungyeon fighting!

mhae i love kim myung soo so much oppa sarange:

merinelle gomez hi .. oppa !

im your # 1 fan !!!!
saranghae <3

jeane clarence hello,,,L saranghae <3 wish to meet you :)

unebeth lyka casimero hi. I wish i can see you in person. I love your newest song. Go fight . Saranghe

Hyunhae Choi He's kind of a cute.. <3<3<3

astrid oppa hwating !!!! ^^ we will always support u. inspirit indonesian says:.. we love u

                                        kami cinta kamu ^^

inspirit.. kim myungsoo fighting <3. infinite jjang!! L saranghae..

fitri wooooww..... l oppa...we have a same born date and type blood... oppa...your so awesome.....

yannah oppa, saranghaeyo........

INFINITE fighting!!!!

Forever eLements You're the best oppa!! X) Jeongmal, neomu neomu saranghaeyo :*

Cath Advance Happy birthday L/Myungsoo Oppa :) ♥

pink pantpant advance happy b.day to you oppa kim myung soon.. ;)

Adixxx.. saranghe!!! ashiteru!!! yo te amo!!! je taime!!! I would use all the languages in the world to express my love 4 u!!!

iwamL myungsoo! keep improving OK. love yah 4ever. and all the members of infinite..

Kryst'L hi myung soo oppa (L kim) i have been your fan since the day i saw you at the shut up flower boy band ant TvN(channel M) know your simply amazing you really can caught one's attention because of your charming aura... i really love you eyes and the way you smile is infectious cause it also get a smile on my face

i'm cheering on you so fighting....

nethalia we like you very much !!!

shane_SL kim myung soo !! you are my ultimate love .. i just love everything about you especially your smile ! i guess "love at first sights" are really true !! they say, love is abstract but why can i see you? they say, the world is beautiful but i realized that i really didn't find it attractive without you in it !! oh, how can i describe my feeling when i first saw you at "shut up flower boy band" !! here in my heart, you'll always be number one ..because you know what? i forgot all my school crushes because of you ,,i'm infinitely yours, L oppa ..

hopping_frogs He's not that emo, actually. Myungsoo's meant to look serious and quiet, but he's actually quite loud and outgoing, especially when you get him laughing. He's pretty hilarious too, especially when he's flustered and worked up. And he's a really sweet boy who cares a lot about the fans too. :) Infinite hwaiting! ♥

saral oh my god, you are my oppa.i love you infinite fighting.

lexa super love yah!!!

oppa myung soo!! <3 :)

infinte rocks!!! :)

Anna(*= luv yah L I love u L so handsome/cute. . . I am your no.1 fan here on marawi. . . I wish i could see you in person. . . Saranghae. . . Takecare always. . . FIGHTING!!!

Luv yah L =^.^=

Anna(*= OMG!! Oppa you have a cute voice. . . And your so handsome,cute. . . I wish i could see you in person. . . Take care always. . . Saranghae kim myung soo oppa . . . =^.^=

pearl avila ANIYOSAYO!!!!

              I Really love your song "WAKE UP "!!!

Iris is he that great? hes so emo..

Grangeroxox this guy is soo emo

littlextyphoon im so proud of INFINITE they are really seccesful in their acting life so prooouuud <3333

In Jin Bo Kim Myung Soon Oppa,you're so cute in the song of casher.!!!!FIGHTING

eLement L oppa hwaiting yu'r so COOL & HANDSOME ..saranghae

regina i love u oppa myung soo..a love your voice.. your so very hansome..

kira lautner OMG oppa, you make me falling in love,, sarrangeo :)

Kay I love your voice. I love your tounge. I love your eyes. I love your nose. Homaigod I love all about you Myungsoo oppa!

kristine ..i love you...


  • Saranghaeyo Myung-Soo oppa!!!*

I wish i could see you in korea and i wish i could see your perform... muacchh ^^

love u :)

jheanie OPPA !!!!!!!!!!!!! your so cute,handsome and your very very cool....... i love u SARANGHAE OPPA Myung-Soo !!!!


Cynthia Annyeonghaseyo, Myungsoo-oppa. You're my eternal role model. In singing, acting, entertaining, and most of all, photography. Saving up for a full-frame digital SLR, in you honor. Hope to see more of you, in everything that you do. FIGHTING! :)

Divina L/Myung-soo you're handsome and cool.I really love you're voice and you're so good in dancing.In short.you're so amazing.I am a fan of you also for the Infinite,keep up your good works and hope to see you soon.

Divina L/Myung-soo you're handsome and cool.I really love you're voice and you're so good in dancing.In short.you're so amazin.I am a fan of you also for the Infinite,keep up your good works and hope to see you soon.

jessica mendoza Hi

Im jessica. Ur my great idol keep it up hope to see u soon

MyRa somehow, for me he kinda resembles daniel from dalmatian..his face and the vibes that i got from him..ah, they also are the visual from their respective group..

Priya When i hear about shut up flower boy i want to watch that, i eagerly waiting that's great drama, myungsoo is doing great

clang2 Myungsoo/L is so PERFECT!!!!

mehrnaz oppa saranghe.*^_^*↲I love you..joahe..faiting

tii really-really like U

have fun n GBU :)

maria is myungsoo going to be acting in to the beautiful you korean version of hana kimi because I heard he was but now I'm not so sure????? I really hope he is!!!!!

rainfairy u are an awesome actor and a hot singer i really like you.u were perfect in flowerboy band plz appear in more dramas

maddy act in more movies and drama you're good :D

bhawana u r so cuteeeeeeeee nomhu nomhu mossssta SARANGHEYO OPPPPAAAAAAA FIGHTINGGGGG^_^ FIGHTING!!!!

joanne hello....... you look so handsome...................i wish i could see you perform more................ i watch SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND always......because i want to see you.............SARANGHAE.............

I don't know I wish I could marry you Oppa!

fesli Oh, so cool.... i like you

fesli L kim oppa....

J I kept thinking he was Kim Beom from Boys over Flowers.. looks so similar

tiffany smile You're down right handsome. Guys like you are boys that'll catch any girl's attention. Your smole makes my heart melt omg zmnxcvvaljsak <3

Happy late birthday. Wish you the best.

Rockgirl U rock!!! And happy belated birthday :) I love the way u act in Shut Up Flower Boy Band...U R AWESOME

Riisa I hope more of Infinite members take part in dramas or movies too. I would love to see all of them in acting.

lili happy b-day . love you !!!!

shari @zero watch shows with him and then you too fall in love with him !!!!! he's not only handsome but also kind , cool , smart and funny !! that's why people like him so much !!! :)))

saranghaee myungsooo <3<3<3<3<3

zero its sad as how people fall for a pretty face and yet know nothing about that person

Sarah You are A Great Singer and I Really Like You Voice...Then I Saw Your Acting in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, That Was Pretty Good "Good Luck My Cuttie & Handsome Boy" (^_−)

Jessi Hi your acting is great wish you best...

Sarah Hello, You Are A Handsome Guy & I Really Like You I Didn't See You're New Drama Yet But I Will & I Wish It Would Be So Great...Wish You A Good Life (^_−)−☆

Fira Saranghe oppa

Riisa LOVE INFINITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yana omgod x your so handsome and cute iluvyouu oppa <3

evilive yeyyyyyyyyyy love to see infinite more in dramas ^v^. L FIGHTING

chanelle Myung-Soo !!! you're very good-looking and cool x i looked your drama jiu and your acting is really great !!!!! i can't wait to see you in new drama !!! you're very talented and handsome !!! iloveyouuu <3<3<3

luna your so handsome and cute ... your acting and singing are great xx saranghae )))

thexxgal.A Infinite L, FIGHTING! ^^

amane your so handsome :o i just watched jiu and you are so cool and strong x iluv youu <3

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