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Estefhanny Fhanny Hi! I am Big Fan From Philippines...

vishnu hi!i am a big fan of u from india my only wish is that we both should be friends i just love ur tv show mischeivious kiss love in tokyo......

Hsu Lei Zaw Hi! I am your big fan from from Myanmar,Yangon.I see you in mischievous kiss love in tokyo.I want you to friend with you and Furukawa Yuki too. Bye!

sonny Im your big fan from Timor Leste :)

Maxene Bering Hi!po ate miki when I see you in mischievous kiss love in tokyo I want to be a big fan .of you and I want you to be a girl friend of yuki furukawa bc yuki and you are perfect match coz when you said that you want to have a 3 child girl and boy when the enter vio begin I lessen too much and when yuki said that he want to have a family that her own and you said that you want to have a child and my brain said that you and her are perfect match.

Ena Hey Honoka, I just want you to know that i am a really big fan of yours. Most actors/actresses don't really impact me in any way but every time I watch mischievous kiss i cant help but having a smile on my face, as I can really relate to the character. Moreover, you seem like such a sweet and bubbly girl and I hope you Stay cheerful and happy and I will definitely be looking forward to your other movies, dramas, etc. ~much love from Canada!!

Rose_Cat41 hi, Honoka-san, I'm your big fan. I really love your movie Itazura na kiss1 and 2. I really like it and Your role there is very hilarious xD I really like it and I hope that we can see each other in personal. Aishiteru ❤️❤️

angel honoka miki iam your fans ilove to watch your movie mischievous kiss part 1 and 2 its super beautiful your best couple with naoki ilove you so muh

shannell smith I watched your movie mischievous kiss love in Tokyo.. it's so beautiful.

Kagura i watch your movie shishunki gokko and i love your role x3333 so cute different role from playful kiss and mischivous kiss

Girlie So pretty and adorable honoka you're also the best for me as well as yuki...love to watch more of your shows someday... God bless you all!!

Honoka yoichi Omg my cousin is soooo goooddd!!! I really like performance! Want see her soon!

Anika_Honoka Omo <3 my Cousin really done that far on her career :3 Gooduc for more opportunities cousin ^_^ I hope you will visit us again at harajuku <3

manjula manju feb 16 2015 I am from India, and I am aged 51 years. msichievous kiss is so lively and I have watched it many times repeatedly. At this age I learnt how to love the spouse without any expectations.

lindsay ooh she has the same birthday as me and i love her xD :')

ladybear I like her when I watch kamen rider ooo I think she a good actress. I like her when watch itazura na kiss but if the director would ask her calm down a bit her (kotoko personality like Oh hani in playfull kiss) Kotoko personality in manga sometimes annoys me.. so hoping Kotoko in the drama could keep down a bit her personality. But I still like Itazura na kiss love in tokyo. >.< Yuku furukawa is sooooooo Hndsome !

cindy the BEST JAPANESE romantic-comedy series ever.......love it and looking forward to the series...

Sam No wonder why she looked very familiar when i watched Kamen Rider OOO

アキラ Hi Miki Honoka. I just watched Itazura na Kiss. And I very very like you. :)

bea lontoc Hi Miki Honoka . I am bea lontoc from philippines .I watch itazura na kiss love in tokyo....its nice that's my favorite movie i can't wait to watch the itakiss 2 .I always watched your movie and videos of the two of you (Furukawa Yuki) .You and Furukawa yuki are the perfect couple.I wish i can visit in tokyo, japan to meet you and yuki...that's my dream... and i wish you and yuki can visit here in the philippines(batangas)♡♡♡ :D you're so cute. ^_^

Sakura Wah!!! She is so young!!! 1997?! Already have bed scene?!! Wah~~ she is cute but really she look matured in Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo..

Kei Wow Miki!!! I really admire you and love your acting but I really have to wonder... How does it feel to kiss a really old guy that only looks like he's your age? No offense though because I'm a huge fan of Yuki's too but I'm just really curious... O.o

Kimmy OMG I shocked about her age same with me ~ I can't wait to watching your drama ....

DyanaDyano seriously?! I also shocked about her age~ and also her birthday same with me~~!!!

nemy her name is honoka.

Bhelle Abadiez Viaje oh my gosh .. you are only 17 years of age ?? i can't believe it .. how is it happen ??? Furukawa Yuki is 27 years of age right ?? your so young .. and your really awesome !! I really like you.. your so cute .. Isn't it .. ??

:) :P <3 (Y)

Yumi I am confused... what is her first name, Honoka or Miki?

Therese Ann Hormillada Hi Miki Honoka. I am Therese Ann from Philipppines. I am one your big fan. I really love the way you act, especially in ITAZURA NA KISS-LOVE IN TOKYO, your so adorable.. I love your character Aihara Kotoko. Your so cool.. You and Yuki Furukawa looked a best couple.. I am looking forward on the Season 2 of your drama... Can't wait to see it. Keep up the good work.. Go,go,go Kotoko... ♥ ♥ ♥

Dramalava Omg..what.. When I found out she was in a lesbian movie, it kind of ruined my mind set for Love in Tokyo 2.... I know actors explore different concepts and it's not like I have anything against lesbians but wow...that was a huge blow..

jessica mae adino I think you is Beautiful And cute Super and your soo proud of you to Mischievous kiss love in tokyo blessing of god :)

Riska Laraswati I Love You, Hononon....!!! I really excited with your new drama of Itazura na Kiss 2 Love in Tokyo, I like you and Furuyuki of course... ^_^

I can't waitt to watching your drama....

marie shane m. palasi miss honoka is a very beautiful girl of all ilove miss honoka anymore

Wendy Nicole M. Marticio Miki Honoka is so adorable.

jamaicha guillermo hi miki im jamaicha your so cute we love uherein philippines

Nicole She is beautiful!!!

ahdiejane i wish that you will come in the Manila,Philippines i love you miki honoka im so vey love you i am inspire of your story with yuki furukawa and all the cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!ilove you miki honoka and yuki furukawa

Andrea Midorima The first time I watched Itazura na kiss, I fell in live with Japanese drama. I am an otaku but I am not a fan of Japanese drama. If Honoka-san is reading this.


achelle hello! I'm your number ! fan. I like your love team with Yuki Furukawa. I love you Miki Honoka. <3

aslaina maulana she is soo very cute..i like the way she act..

Anne Woah! You're like a year older than me but your acting skills is great compared to your age :) I think the Japanese version of Itazura na Kiss is the best one among the rest. After all, it came from the original country where it is created.

Meggumi Miki-san konnichiwa ! watashinonamaeha Meggumi desu. I'm a huge fan of you since Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo I really really like that drama. It made me laugh,cry and made me angry. This drama aired on the Philippines but before it started airing I've already finished watching the drama online I wish Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa will air sooner than I expect because I can't really wait to giggle because of your sweetness.ja... ♥

Butachan Oh my God!!! She is going to be a wife in a drama yet she's only 17!!!!! Amazing!!! But I guess itazura na kiss wont be that intense :D but still, love her!

arrah hello!!!! miki...!!!! i am one of your fans!!! hope to see u soon in japan... i came from philippines

sindu Hello! Miki Honoka,hw r u.....let me introduce my self.....uhm. my name is Sindu,i am 14yearsold. i'm in the acting line too.... and i'm a big fan of u....i would like 2 meet u....i'm from Malaysia...

AnhTuan you're so cute, i afraid i'm falling in love with you, girl

riofighters your acting in the drama love in tokyo is very impressive and you very cute

Gwen Taw Nat Hello Miki. You`re very adorable and cute, keep up the good work!

Jubilee I''m your big fan//////////!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhenalyn Hajimemashite.Watashiwa Rhenalyn Macaraeg.Yoroshikuonegaishimasu.HELLO,Im a big fan of you and yuki fyrukawa.Im sure that you and yuki furukawa is the perfect and best couple in tokyo japan.

Andy Hi Miki Honoka..

Just watch series one.. kotoko.. made me laugh.. happy.. cry.. sad.. fantastic acting.. hope to series 2.. if I'm lucky.. not easy to find in the Uk..

erica hollo im a big fan of you and yuki furukawa (: i love your drama mischievous kiss:love in tokyo

maricel hello..I'm Maricel,your my idol...you and yuki furukawa is the perfect couple!!

Sara Hello I'm a big fan of you and Yuki Furukawa (: I love your drama Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo ! I love you and Yuki Furukawa ! <3 Can't wait to see the season 2 of the drama ! You and Yuki make a perfect couple ! (:

Sara Hello I'm a big fan of you (: I love your drama Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo ! I love you and Yuki Furukawa ! <3 Can't wait to see the season 2 of the drama ! You and Yuki make a perfect couple ! (:

anielyn hi:) your my idol:::::::: hehehehe............

miki honoka im so happy of all blessings to me thank you everyone <3 <3 <3 <3 i wisg that itakiss 3 wiil happen :) :)


) I wish that the Itazura na kiss Love in toky 2 will published here in the Philippines <3<3<3 because Ilove it So mUch :):):)

broccoli Sorry what what what what what ONLY1997 BABY?? ERHMAGERD I THOUGHT SHE WAS A LOT OLDER THAN THAT. Her acting was so good in Itazura na Kiss, I did not expect her to be that age. Clap clap clap clap

nikko hellow crush i miss you

winona mae calape hi honoka miki

i wish that itazura na kiss 2 are aired in the philippines

jellie hi honoka i'm your big fan here in the philippines your my idol in mischievous kiss love in tokyo more works,project,go go go muah. love from jellie <3

rogene hiiiiiiiii miki honoka~san watashi wa namea wa rogene desu i came from philippines i'm a big fan of you'r wish you can come to us arrigato gozaimasu daisuki ne miki honoka~san i'm excited to watch the itazura na kiss 2 gonna buy copies of it ganbatte ne for you'r carrer god bless aishite imasu

divina I miss mischievous kiss !!

Katojikuta Hi... miki honoka i wish u & yuki furukawa will visit here in the philipines & we love u :))))

Asdiki Aldi Anata sukidesu! *0* Watashi wa asdiki aldidesu,watashi wa indonesia kara kimashita =w=

  • sorry for my Japanese language

luna you are so beautiful miki honoka i love you

nicole cassandra hi miki i wish that yoou can goo herre in phillipines by the way nicole cassandra :)

miki honoka thanks for all miki honoka fans <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

yzheemalaki hi im yzhe hi miki honoka

Unkown Miki honoka hope you and Yuki furuka could make a new season of itazura na kiss you are perfect match but you yuki is very old than you he is 26 you are only 17 im from japan but inuse to live here in the america i always watch your dramas

Unkown Moshi moshi my dear miki honkka im from phillipines hope you and my dear yuki furuka could come here you and yuki are perfect match but you yuki is very old than you he is 26 you are only 17

trisha jen mita moshi moshi ... ms honoka miki i am trisha half japanese half filipino i am your biggest fan here in philippines i wish that you can come here because there are many fans waiting here !!! we love you and mr. furukawa yuki .... we hope that you can come!!!

yuki kashiwagi mischievous kiss is the beautiful movie in the world love u furukawa yuki and miki honoka

michelle Kon'nichiwa miki-san :3 watashiwa Michelle from Philippines I always watching your movies and drama series .... please visit Philippines because you have many fans here ... and by the way you're very kawaii .... ~~~ ( fangirling attack ) XD ~~~

mary jane Konnichiwa Miki-chan Watashi wa Mary Jane desu i am from the Philippines and i am a very bi fan of yours hope you visit here specially in Cebu

catherine annyeong!!! i'm catherine of philippines..ahmmmm i always watching your movie and its gonna so perfect(michievous kiss) <3 i love that one...ahhahaha if you have time just come on the philippines to saw you and give a congrats to you....thank you...

RedS1518 helloo Miki-san, i think you and Yuki Furukawa are perfect match to each oder...i hope you will end up together in the future hehehehe!!!


rawdskie hi miki honoka... pls visit in the phillippines you have so many fans in philippines and many hoping you came in philippines and i hope i see you in personal then i wanna take you a picture with me and photograph and im waiting to watch the itazura na kiss season 2... and you are so very pretty and cute,i realy like you very much...i support to you and your fans take care always.fight fight fight im the #1 supporting fans for you and furukawa yuki.i love you miki honoka and furukawa yuki thanks -love rawdskie

patricia caligagan Hi Miki ,I always watching your movie.(Mischievous Kiss) I Really Hope That you Will Come Here in the Philippines. I Wanna To see you In person. You Are So Beautiful and cute. I Like you So much. And You Are My number one fan . i love you! MIKI HONOKA

pauline joy delossantos hi miki ,i always watching your movie and i have a lot of picture of yours because i wannaa be like you in the future ilove you.i wanna see you in person!thank you

Hannah hi Miki? i always watching your movie (mischievous kiss) and i'm waiting the season2, i really like you and i hope you will come here in the philippines, you're so cute

michelle macabenta hi Miki you know what you're so cute,I really like you

gennie hi miki you are my number one fan in philippines

Aprille hi!! every m0nday to friday i watch your dramas im very kileg pag kenikess ka ni necolo.

malen hi miki You know we grow we go to tokyo done're sorry you going magpapakuha the photographs we finished the two

jen hi miki i'm your no.1 fan

nielle hi miki! im your number 1 here in the PHILIPPINES i hope i will see you and yuki together ... i love you both ...i wish you all the best

Denise Hi Miki i really like your personality even though i dont really personally know you but then i like you as an actress hope you can visit us here in the Philippines together with Yuki <3 Im going to wait for that day Love lots and i hope that Itazura na kiss will not be the first and 2nd drama series that you and Yuki will make together hahaha thats all I support you

Bernadette Ramirez Hi MIKI!im your no.1 fun and I hope you and YUKI FURUKAWA will visit here in PHILIPPINES.

aira hi miki? im ur no.1 fan....i hope u and furukawa yuki will visit here in Philippines.luv u always

aprilbagtasos Hi I`m a fan of yours and i want you to know that i really love your acting and your so pretty

Marge Hi! I'm a fan of yours! I'm really excited about Mischievous kiss season 2!!! Go! Go! Go!

lykaortega i'm excitted to see your mischievous kiss season2 :)

Joe Dharma Besides ittazura na kiss do you have any film?


kylacasin Im your fan i wish so much blessing to come i love you miki honoka

jhomalyn ocampo i love mischievous kiss love in tokyo because movie the real love!!!!

ptryzzia thank you soo much for making mischievous kiss love in tokyo 2, i saw it in Yuki Furukawa's facebook page... GOODLUCK in your shoot!!! DO YOUR BEST ^_^!!!

Diana Hi Honoka Miki, I was reading comments many of them are inviting you to visit our country PHILIPPINES :) your drama Mischievous Kiss is a big hit here ^_^ Oh! I can't believe that you were only 17 years old you're a great actress you look matured :)

Khaila Hello Honoka Miki :D I am your No.1 Fans in The Philippines . I like your acting skills and your so Beautiful :) I really like your very Unique and to Be you and Kotoko ,, :) I Like also Furuwaka Yuki .. Please sometimes visit in The Phillippines .. Your The Best :~) God Bless ..

normala rakim hi! .. i like ur acting skils.. :) its very unique...in misichievous kiss.. :-* ur good huh..that you've kiss a man ..oh! my! in age of young(17) but it's required as a actress.. I Love-love u..miki...

kylacasin honoka miki your movie itazura na kiss love in tokyo is the best movie in the world I'm your #1 fan your the best we love you

Therese Catapang Honoka Miki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Itazura Na Kiss the is the best drama ever I wish i can meet all the casts of itazura na kiss pls............ visit the Philippines

Nilo Hi Miki Honoka Im your great fan here in the Philippines ..I love all ur TV shows most likely the Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo..I wish someday youll come here in the Philippines ..And i hope u will have more TV shows to come..Glad to say those words to you..Thank you and God Bless..

Nilo Hi Miki Honoka im ur great fan here in the Philippines ..I love ur drama series most likely the Mischievous Kiss love in tokyo ..And i really want to go there just to see you Love You .. I hope u will have more tv shows to come ty God Bless...

Nilo Hi Miki Honoka im ur great fan here in the Philippines ..I love ur drama series most likely the Mischievous Kiss love in tokyo ..And i really want to go there just to see you Love You .. I hope u will more tv shows to come ty God Bless...

kissie hi miki..im one of your fans here in the philippines. Mischievous kiss is really a beautiful drama series and I really really love watching it,you and yuki are perfect..I hope someday you can visit our country so that all your fans here can see and meet you personally..your such a lovely girl..many more mischievous kiss to come..goodluck to your career!..

vanessa erica loria hi miki im vanessa from philiphines your movie mischievous kiss is in philiphines it so beautiful movie in philiphines the mischievous kiss is tagalog version hello you r so beautiful im your fun vanessa we love you

nhizza hi miki!! i really like you and i want to see you in the phillipines your so beautiful you and furukawa yuki is perfect im 13 years old and my dream destination is in japan i want to see you in personal i love youuu!!!!!!! <3 WE LOVE YOU honoka miki ^-^

June Mae hello miki ! :) im from philippines > you know what, since i saw your movie here in our country i really really like you the way you act even if it was the first movie that was aired here in the philippines, i hope you'll be making more movies together with yuki furukawa <<< you two are very nice , i'm hoping i can see you someday in personal ,,,, i'm your biggest fan ever here in the philippines......

leciel hi!!!!!!! miki honoka!!!!!!!! uwah!!!! i'm you're fan from Philippines..!!!! i can't believe it!!! you was borm on 1997?!!! hehe ^.^ i want to meet yoo personally!! so just wait me in JAPAN?!! haha... I was born on 1998... you're so cute! kawaii! i love K-pop but when I saw Itazura na Kiss...I now also love J-pop especially you :-) haha <3 muah!! I now starting to learn Nihonggo!

jillianalacsi hi miki honka you are so very beautiful.I'm you bigest fan ever and yuki furukawa to you and furukawa are so nice actor and atress in japan .i like your move ever .have a nice day to you <3

aizeasse Ohayo Honoka-chan,i'm really a fan of yours and furukawa yuki-kun since i watched your tv series itazura na kiss LOVE IN TOKYO..you know i am just like you jolly,sweet i wsh you can come to our country in Philippines.....cause i really want to see the both of you... Aishiteru Honoka miki <3 ^_____^

Shemz Majait Konnichiwa Honoka-chan!! Im really a fan of yours since I've watched Itazura na kiss LOVE in Tokyo :) I really love love love you and Furukawa-kun <3 a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come to the Philippines 'cause Im really dying to see you and Im really looking forward to watch Itazura na Kiss season 2!!!!! sooo excited!! :) okay bye, hountoni arigato senpai!! <3 =_^

shaira relanes hi! honoka miki how are you today? pls come to philippines i want to see you and yuki furukawa im your no.1 fan. .pls visite my country. .ARIGATO

Venus Hello Miki Honoka ! even though I'm sort of more fan of Yuki Furukawa I'm also be a fan of yours . I really lke you're acting skills and guts hope that in reall life you're also full of guts and cheerful . You're really cute !!. I wish you the best ! Also please visit Philippines with the cast or Furukawa Yuki ! I already watch the whole series hope it has a continuation !! I wish you good health and wealth.

Yuki Furukawa Hi Honaka Miki! im so very happy.. i like You because u are so cheerful and also Pretty!:) after i Watch Itzuki kiss Evry time i heard the theme song of it, it makes me happy.. love yah Honaka Miki <3... I love japan... :) i love your attitude. Im a #1 fan... :) love yah Honaka Miki i wished that someday we will meet too! im So excited TO meet you!

vanessa hi Honoka Miki we are same age ahaha you're the best ever actress....and also i like your attitude so cheerful and joyful..^_^...by the way I'm Vanessa....

Rose Valerie D. Soliman Hi miki! you and yuki are the best actress and actor in japan for me .... At first I had no like in any actresses and actors in japan but when i saw your show i was amazed by your acting skills.....I am just 11 years old ... I wish i could go there in tokyo to see you....please have a visit here in philippines with yuki ....because the first time i saw you in mischievous kiss i addored you already so please have a visit here.... and please have mischievous kiss love in tokyo 2.... thanks .....Bye

Emmah I love Miki Honoka because she is so cute!

Kelly Michael At first, i have no favorite actress in Japan but when i saw MIKI HONOKA, it was like "OMG she's so CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE. So that's why she's my favorite actress in Japan ^_^

Alexene Marquina Hi there honoka miki I am a really fan of yours when I first saw you in mischievous kiss love in Tokyo I really addore you I start collecting pictures of you, even watching drama movies that you have tell Yuki too that I addore him to I wish you can visit the Philippines I love the love team of yours wish that there are more movies you have two sayonara

Andrea Mae Nice Nice ! (^◇^)

leslie miki honoka is cute and good in acting one of her tv series i like most is mischievous kiss :) and i like your love team with furukawa yuki i've already finished your tv series itazura na kiss (mischievous kiss love in tokyo) i'm very happy with the last episode....SO EXCITED ON ITAZURA NA KISS 2 LOVE IN OKINAWA.....:)

jelyn grace we like you so much miki we hope that you can visit here in philippines

andrea agbay hello..!^_^ Oneesan &Oniisan,MIKI & YUKI,,,,....i really love ITAZURA NO KISS LOVE IN TOKYO.you two make a good lover match in this series...i actually like the two of you on this drama,there's a cold- hearted boy (IREI -kun) and a cheerful and always honest with her feelings(KOTOKO-san)towards his long crush genius boy...and irei kun always hated girls but turns out to be liking a girl kotoko san and there's always trouble coming,,though ,it's solved in the end and i really am very touch and happy of the every scenes happening in the drama series...by then, IREI-kun chose the goodthing to marry KOTOKO-san...it really made me happy and enjoy watching this drama over and over again.. HONOKA AND FURUKAWA だいすき ! ! ! <3

Jobelle Cajipo Hi MIKI & YUKI, i am your #1 fan in the Philippines. When your drama series was first put on my favorite network. I felt excited and my heart feels faster bcuz it means yuki and you are like true lovers on that drama. One day I missed your episode because of the blackout on that incident I was very angry and hate that electric company. I wish that you and yuki will visit PHILIPPINES. So that. I will see you for the first time. Plssss!!!

Park Eu Gee Hi Miki and Yuki,you know that I really love your show and this belongs among of my favorite drama series here in the Philippines and also in Korea ,I wish I met you once of my life here ... you can trust me to becama your fan Like others you are the firsst japanese actress and actor that I want to see in personal

you and yuki are so very cute and a good loveteam in the future like in the Itazura Kiss I like your beautiful face and your so beautiful and a nice lady

mar jorie galozo hi . Miki im so proud to you because your such a cute actress . I really want to see you so visit the philippines ,:) i love you so much im your #1 fans.

Therese Catapang Therese miki and yuki!!!!!! you two are so cute<3<3 mischievous kiss is my favorite tv show.i wish i can meet the casts of mischievous kiss pls visit the Philippines<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

viene you're sooo cute miki *^_^*

Gean Paulo Francois Paguirigan Hello there Miki Honaka, you're so cute and I can't help myself staring at you all the time. I've been watching your show here in the Philippines, and your performance was quite impressive. I like the way you make yourself so cute. You're the first and only japanese actress I wanted to see in the future. I just hope that you'll be going to visit our country. I am sure that you'll receive a warm welcome from your fans right here. But don't forget to bring your onscreen Irie-kun! Haha, I'm sure your fans here will be getting wild! Thanks!

Kyle Hideyoshi Hi Miki Honoka. I'm Kyle Ryu. You know what, I admire you since I've watched Mischievous Kiss. I hope I can meet you in Japan. We will have a vacation there next few more months. Stay beautiful, cute, talented and don't give up everytime you want to do something.

kristine joy castillo hi miki.you are my favorite.you are so beautiful.you are a very good actress.you and yuki are so cute.

rofelia hi miki im rofelia milano ,,,,,,, im your # 1 fans your so cute and beautiful i ll always watching a mischievous kiss and more drama from your creator i hope i ll seeyou in the philippines you and yuki your the best ever couples love you a lots muah muah tsup tsup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye yuki and miki

Nae Beguas Hi Miki :) Your show was very beautiful and nice :) Both of you are good Actor and Actress for us in our generation. I hope we will see you soon Here In the Philippines :) I wish you will have an Asian Tour and don't forget to go here in the Philippines :) God Bless Yuki Furukawa & Miki Honoka! More Power Mischievous Kiss :)

Lady Dianne Francisco Helloo Miki Honoka! You're so beatuful and cute. Hope that i can see you and Furukawa in personal! Both of you are so sweet. :* Best couple evr! >.< <3 Oh. Just be with yourself. Stay pretty and kind. God Bless. :* O:) I'm From Philippines. :D

marjorie hi miki honoka my name is marjorie estocada ..i live in mambusao,capiz phillippines,,i'm 13 years of age..i love watching mischievous kiss.....be a good girl always .love lots

cathy Hello MIKI. Im your # 1 Fan. Your so beautiful and cute. You and Yuki Furukawa are the best couple EVER. Im always watching Mischievous kiss Love in Tokyo. I LOVE IT so much. Stay pretty and Good. God Bless. Hope to see you in person with YUKI FURUKAWA <3 :D

angel hello Miki Honoka Im Angel Bernadette I live in Limay,Bataan,Phillipines.I'm you're number 1 fun.You and Yuki Furukawa is the best couple ever.Stay pretty,cute,and talented.I want to meet you live and hug you...

Kelly Hi Kotoko-chan your so cute, pretty, and talented thats why i admire you ^_^ . Im always watching Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo.I like the way you act in itazura na kiss and your too young.Your the same age as my brother :).You and Yuki are the best couple ever ^_^..Stay beautiful and handsome :)) More power and God bless always

khayee cabrera Hello! honoka miki! im khayee cabrera. im 13 yrs old. i live in cebu,philippines. you know, i really want to meet you. besides, im one of your # 1 fan. wish u all the best. and hoping you a happy life always. as a matter of fact, i also want to become a celebrity like you. ok! thats all. FIGHTING!

mikhaila Hi Honoka-san, I'm Mikhaila Subeldia.I am 12 years old.I live here in the Philippines.I hope someday we can meet here in Philippines.You are very good in portraying the character of energetic Aihara Kotoko-san. Sayonara!!

heart you're so pretty i pls. go here in the philipines you have many fans here.

aliah Hi! You're so adorable and looks like younger than your age! I love watching MISCHIEVOUS KISS. I hope to see you in person :) I'm Aliah from the Philippines :)

herelyn Wow.. you're too Young Yet so Pretty.. I Really Admire You.. i hope Yuki Furukawa And You Miss Honoka Miki will Go here In The Philippines.. And surely I assured you that the both of you.. Will be recognize so much.. Lovelots

lrynoan greuia hi!!i like your mischievous kiss....hope youll come to philipines...you and yuri have a good chemistry!!!!regards!!!god bless!!!!i loike both of u!!!

lrynoan greuia hi!!!your so cute i really like your mischievous kiss love in tokyo....yuri furukawa and you have a good chemistry...i like both of you....hope you and yuri visit philipines...thank you.....

Danica Lorraine your so cute i really really like your drama series mischievous kiss is so very sweet and beuatiful drama

grace hi miki honoka! i really like you and yuki furukawa, though your 10 yrs. younger from him but both of you have a good chemistry. I keep watching "mischievous kiss love in tokyo" over and over. God bless to the both of you!

Jaimee Miki-san! I never thought that we are of the same age XD anyways I love your drama together with yuki-san <3 So young and talented not to mention very cute! Keep up the good work ;) Gambate ne!

sherieann hello miki honoka,,im glad to see you!!sayonara!

Zam Why is that most ppl who've commented here are from Philippines? It's great to know that ppl from diff countries around the world r interested in "mischievous kiss love in Tokyo". As a matter of fact I'm from Sri Lanka. Miki, you r brilliantly talented. Use ur talent to deliver great messages to the ppl around the world. Btw u should also become a cool person as Furukawa Yuki. I mean u r cool already but u can perfect ur self even more terms of acting and studies since ur at a very young age. All the best!

karen cate beldera hello miki honoka im karen and i really really love watching itazura na kiss love in tokyo (mischievous kiss: love in tokyo) you and yuki are both amazing............ and i wish you and yuki will visit philippines and my second wish is you and yuki will i see personally

arigato miki honoka we love you ;)

Via Never ever thought that she is younger than me. I was suprised when I saw that her birth year is 1997. She's so young and pretty and talented. Just wow. She's amazing. :D Let us give her a round of applause everyone. :)

lorry anne hi!! miki you i like you and furukawa also i like you both and im watching you everyday in mischievous kiss because your so cute...im wishing to see you soon...:)

kristel hi!! i really love watching itazura na kiss! im a fan of yours and of course yuki! like the others, i cant believe that you are ten years younger than yuki but it doesn't matter. hope you'll visit Philippines soon.. :)))))))

Andrea Hello Miki i'm Andrea Nicole Mendoza, i am a huge fan of yours! a Mischievous Kiss is my favorite. i'm Andrea from Philippines. i wish you will visit the Philippines! thank you!

Jj HI! Miki im a huge fan of yours also yuki your so cute loveteam im jj from the philippines hope you will visit the philippines....... :)

Mayeen moshi-moshi, Miki Honoka -chan boku wa Mayeen desu. hajimimashite ne? :D Watashi wa Philippines syusshin desu. ^_^ hahaha watashi wa nihongo ga hanasemasu because of the influence of the anime and manga series like Itazura Na Kiss ♥ I kept watching your series (Itazura Na Kiss) everyday. sometimes I watched it 3-4 times a day because it making me crazy with my sisters & m y cousins. I've never thougt that you're only a 17 yr old cause im 16 yr old. You have so many look a like , like Song he Kyo? the protagonist of Full house? like yeah :D you are so beautiful!!! ♥♥♥♥ Furukawa Yuki-kun & you are a best loveteam ;) you are like a Mizutani Shizuku & Yoshida Haru from the anime/manga Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun. ♥♥ iIm hoping that the both of you will be together as a husband and wife in the future ♥

creez tynn li oh my god.. i can't believe yuki is 10 years older than miki.. But it doesn't matter, i just love them.. i love how yuki portrayed naoki irie, the pokerface and everything.. i watch the drama everyday, and i i get even addicted to it.. urgghhh.. my feelsss... yuki is <3... miki is <3

Dane Hi Miki-chan, My name is Dane and i'm 21. I'm from the Philippines and i'm watching you're Drama Series "Itazura na kiss Love in Tokyo". I love the way you act as Kotoko, so innocent, sweet, cute and humble. I keep on laughing and hoity-toity of your lovestory! <3

hope you read this :)

josh its very beautiful..

Mhelyndi Hi Honoka Miki, i'am a fan of both you and yuki.

I hope you'll visit philippines you and yuki. You and Yuki are so cute loveteam ...

I really love watching your show Mischievous Kiss:Love in Tokyo because it always makes my day happy...

Jorgie Hi Miki Honoka....i'm jorgie from philippines, i hope you'll read this.... .I'am fan of both you and yuki .

I hope you'll visit philippines you and yuki. i'm 14 years old

april joy hey,honoka miki i like your movie mischievous kiss

Mcrae Domino HI :) can we be friend's ?


Im mcrae domino 15yrs old

carlo she's cute and beautiful right? <3

Adrian she's only 17?

Lorna Lynne Germino Hi Miki Honoka ,i want you to know that you and yuki really match together.I'm a fan of both of you and I really love watching your show Mischievous Kiss:Love in Tokyo because it always makes my day.Kotoko is so cute and Naoki is so handsome.I hope you and Yuki have more shows to be shown on TV.I will always support you and Yuki.Hope you read this by the way I'm Lorna Lynne Germino from Philippines.

malica sampaco lumna hi! number 0 fans here xD. but seriously you're so cute and amazing .. i hope that you'll visit here in the philippines together with yuki furukawa . I'm malica lumna 15 yrs. old

Gao Mei Nan you are so beautiful...!!!

nicole alimani you're so pretty miki honoka and you are just only 16 yrs old that you're so good in acting.

   im a fan of you especially your drama entitled mischievous kiss: love in tokyo

Joyce You're so adorable Miki Hanoka!!! Stay humble always and i'll be always be in here, supporting from afar :D Fighting! I am very proud to be your fan!

kyn justinani hello miki I'm your same age

 look at this they are fans to you and they are keeping love so much and support to you 
keep work hard and take care

I'am kayooni i have many names

frances anne gulipatan Hello,miki honoka i'm your no.1 fan here in philippines i want u to know that your very cute everytime i watch mischiveous kiss,im hoping i want to see u in person but it is impossible! Arigato,for me u and yuki furukawa is the best japanese couple,i wish that u and yuki furukawa came here in philippines and have some fanmeeting,if this iz true,many of ur fans watch u,wish that would have season 2 of itazura na kiss love in tokyo,i will support u and yuki forever,i was hoping that u will u read this,im very happy for you,ur so kawaii and adorable everytime i see u,yuki is so handsome and cute too,♥♥ im frances anne gulipatan,13 years old, from philippines

jhane hi Honoka miki !! you know i am your number 1 fan ! like others i want to see you in person both of you with yuki furukawa but i think it is impossible ! i want you to know that everytime i watch mischievous kiss , im hoping that my lovelife was like as with you . but its impossible to happen. yuki and you are the great couple for me. i wish that there is season 2 . i really want to see you in person . arigato ........ <3 by the way im jhane from phillipines 15 years old ;)

cathlene hi honoka miki you know i am you're deadliest fan i want to see you in person but i think its very impossible you and yuki furukawa is the best couple... i wish you and yuki furukawa came here to phillipines actually i'm not interested in japan but when i try to watch you're tv series mischievous kiss i realized that i've had interest in japan the story is like the same in playful kiss which is from korea and it started with the kiss which is from taiwan but i like the twist of the mischievous kiss i wish there have a season 2 and i wish you can read this and appreciate that i really want to see you nd yuki furukawa in person...... i am cathlene kate franco from phillipines 13 years old that wanted to see you in person :) i wish you will read this ....arigato <3

lea hi miki or kayse i'm one of the your fans , when i watch your movie the mischievous kiss i so interjection when i watch it. i hope that i will see you in two eyes... <3

Mier I'm Your no.1 fan in the Philippines. When i watch your mischievous kiss love in tokyo. Your so wonderful when i saw your face. I'm excited to watch season 2 of itazura na kiss love in tokyo. You and me are the same birthday. And i like to say. I'm Your the no.1 fans in my country. I hope you will be the best actress in tokyo.

Rishi Woah! It truly amazed me by the fact that you're only 17! Wow! You're kawaii yet you portrayed the character very well. Gahd! I really love your chemistry!!! HonoKi Shipper here!!! I hope that the both of you will have another series TOGETHER!!! Saranghae!

frances I'm really excited for season 2 of mischievou kiss love in tokyo .. i'm waiting for that, i'm really happy that you lead the role of kotoko , i love both of you.. it does'nt matter how older was his gap.. atleast you look a perfect couple with yuki furukawa but i got shocked when i read in an informition about yuki and you .. i cant believe that yuki is 26 yrs old , he really look young thats why you look perfect couple with him because he looks the same age with you.. by the way i cheer up to both of you.. hoping for more seasons .. i will support you and yuki forever ,..

                                                                                       -  frances " i'm 12 year old "

Aebi OMG! I thought "KASEY" was older than me! I can't believe that she's only 17! but it's never a matter. Loveyou MIKI! Muaaa!

Luchi-chan I'm your no.1 fan, I love your drama itazura na kiss ~ love in tokyo and I can't wait to watch itazura na kiss ~ love in tokyo 2

Judie-chan We are at the same age. I love your show It was my favorite. You and Yuki Furukawa are good for a couple :)

moshi moshi You're only 17?!?!?!?!

annemiklos You are really amazing honoka miki-chan, i love it that you are the leading role in itazura na kiss, you did a very good job, you look cute together with furukawa yuki. If you just know that you make my heart doki doki.~

We both have same age but I love you a lot, you are one of my favorite actress now, and you are my inspiration.

Anna WOAH !! this is unbelievable ! how could she role as Kotoko Aihara at the age of 15 y/o ?!?!?! UNBELIEVABLE !! how does she do the KISSING scene of her and Yuki Furukawa ?! But I love their couple :) yuki is 26 now and miki is 16 .

pushpa omg22! i steal can't belive it... miki is only 17... i thought she is about 20.... minki u r so..... cute as kotoko... i have become yrs biggg.. fan from itazura na kiss in tokyo...u n yuki look perfect..even there is 10 years gaps.... i love u....ur so ....cute i don't known japanese but miki iseeteru... plz tell us yr heigt

Casey She is cute and I love Mischievious Kisser Love in Tokyo!!!!

chiyu Wow! she's older than me only with one year !!

Chantelle How is she younger than me?! Only by a couple months but still! I feel i have accomplished nothing now. She has already done so much and was lucky enough to star in an extremely amazing drama next to Yuki Furukawa! I seriously though she was older, such a skilled, funny, entertaining girl my god! I have even more respect for her now

Norm Heh, she's only a year younger than me. i thought she was like 19 or something. it doesn't display the height, i know Yuuki furukawa is 5'10 and when he stands next to miki, she looks 5'1-ish. Kinda short lol but hey as an asian (im 5'7) I guess its normal for us.

Rim-a Seriously, was she ONLY 15 yrs old when she acted as Aihara?!!! .. Wooaah, that part is way to much for her age. Though I really liked her

Nara Oh my god she's the same age as I am! And even our birthday are the same! 7th March 1997 omg omg omg I thought she's older than me ;-; This can't be happening ;-; I'm not okay ;-;

Jung Min I can't believe she was born in 1997!!! SHE LOOKS SO CUTE! She's older than me only a few years.

Pancakes WOAH, she's younger than me by a year?? I thought she was 20++! I can't believe it. She's so cute it's killing me -.- I'm also jealous that someone younger than me is famous, has a job, and probably earns way more than I do.

Qiha_02 Woahh..She same with me! 7 March..But only years makes different..By the way,she's cute!

ketsiyah U and the animated kotoko look so similar that's cool! I just love ur character u must of had a lot of fun in mischievous kiss: love in tokyo . Can't watch the other dramas u r in LOL !

Makjegagix bunuh abang aja dek. :(

Bunny-Hop Oh my gosh, she is older than me by 6 MONTHS?!? <333

Sherry Mansuit you are very fantastic. I hope I can meet you. Your Kotoko character looks really similar with Kotoko in the anime.

Himeka Sooyoungster I think you're 95line, but you're younger than me. I'm really surprised. Really love your KOTOKO character

saranii you are fantastic actress in my life :)

Lexi I can't wait to watch this! I'm gonna start from the newest version, and work my way backwards(: It's actually nice to see an Asian drama where the lead is my age and not in their 20s. I'm pretty sure everyone in Boys Over Flowers were in their 20s. I actually think the ten year gap between them could be cute, because he will be more convincing as a protective partner, and she's supposed to be naive. (:

YUKI_HIME-Chan OMG!!! She's ONLY 16 years old!!! She's just a year older than ME!! But She is A FANTASTIC ACTRESS yet she's only 16!!! And I don't care abou he FREAKING 10 years gap between Furukawa Yuki!! they looks sooo perfect with each other!!! and she portray her role amazingly (for me)..

lil lala 10 years gaps i like it!

Honoka fans People says honoka miki's official twitter is @HonokaMiki but she dosent has any facebook :) hope my info is usefull for you all who has twitter and is honoka miki's fans ;3

Sarah Johnson K. Man I Like Her In The Show She Is One Year Older Me I Want To Be An Actor Like Her One Day With The Same Guy =) ♥♥♥♥

yuki for those are worry for the honeymoon scenes......don't worry guys. there is no confirmation that it will be exist. since miki is a good actress and know what she does...it just okey. 10 years gap. no wonder, there are lots of couple more than at that ages.

ninku Furukawa & Honoka are so cute together. They are My favorite itakiss couple so far. I think 10 years gap is not a big deal. Age doesn't matter as long as they keep up their good works.

Do you know Shahrukh Khan? He often paired with 10 till 20 years younger actress (than him) and nobody cares about these age difference. People worship him. :D

dinss so what if there is a flipping 10 year gap between the two lead characters? it's just a drama! for god sake!!!!!! don't you know a Korean drama called Dating Agency: Cyrano? between the two lead characters there are a 16 years gap!

kaye she is older a few month than me, i thought she was older from her face, but i love her much since i watched itazura na kiss, i'd like to vote her being with furukawa too :D

Mimi I actually ship her and furukawa yuki so much! Yes he is older than her by a large margin but I just loev those two so much. JUST DATE!

nikki OH COME ON . you guys are over reacting so what if shes 16 and hes 26? age does not matter . and she obviously knows how the drama has to go since she said she was a fan ! so she probably will accept all of that and it's not like they are going to have sex for real they only have to kiss ! kissing is not going to get you prego or anything -__- she obviously has kissed guys before ! and the main guy looks like a sweet and gentle person he is not going to eat her lol she accepted this role and she has to do her best in acting until the end! the AGE does not matter / stop saying things like ¨ OMG she is too young or he is too old!¨ it's stupid . he is still young too ! and super hot . i bet she must be HAPPY to be acting with him ~ *-*

_hajimimashte :D i don't think her age will matter at all. for the honeymoon part they don't need to do exactly what happened in the Taiwanese version. what'll matter is how she will be able to portray the character.

jocylinjocylin 조술린 Okay i can't watch itzazura na kiss as there is a flipping 10 year gap between the two lead characters. .. that is just wrong and i don't care how good these actors are. . 16 vs 26... no. That's just wrong. I think 16 is way too young for the role anyways but the fact that the other person is 26 pushes me over the age. Im the same age as her and can't believe they'd allow that. ...

jocylin 조술린 So i haven't seen itzanura kiss yet. .. she's the main character correct? If so i don't see how she'll be able to pull off a college student and portray that character the way it's supposed to be played as she's only like 11 days older than me. .. also there are some questionable scenes in this drama later for a16 year old to play (specifically the honeymoon).. I'm sure she's a fantastic actress and i truly hope her age didn't take away from this amazing story! :)

lamlokxd She's only 16!!!! oh my gosh so young. Shes sooooo cute :) Love her in playful kiss

mysterymoon Honoka Miki is two years younger than me, and she is a really good acting her role in Itazura Na kiss - Love In Tokyo, she will outshine any other actors and actresses in the future that I am sure of.... Good luck to Honoka Miki for the future and to always aim high.

ibabysky she's a great actor for such a young age!

nhikki2 I cant believe that Miki and yuki are so many years apart... Miki is only like a year off of me, and I thought she would be 16 or 17... Yuki, I thought he was also in his teens too....... But yet, they make such a cute couple for itazura na kiss!

lily she's my younger brother's age... she looks older than her age in itakiss! she looks like such a sweetheart, hope she becomes big!!

yvonne she's the same age as me... amazing!! i was kinda suprised i didnt get annoyed at the main character in ItaKiss i think she did a good job, with furukawa yuki hope she will keep up the good work!!

Lamlokxd Oh my gosh she's only 15!!!!!! I didn't know that!!!!!!!

Onigiri Is it just me or she really resembles ema fujisawa in lovely complex? well, i think she's cute.. very fit for the role :))

ainzbjk Far out! She's my age! well done to her!

lloyd she's cute.. and got a pretty big eyes

Francis Lhal Lana Wow she's so beautiful i want to kiss Honoka Miki with her lips.Yummy to kiss muah muah tsup tsup if you hold her hands you gonna fall in love for her or if you kiss.yummy

vilmor wow shes so cute that i cant stop thinking about her.yes honoka miki is the one my dream girl

miyami Do she have official twitter and facebook??

hasni husaini I hope we can make friend. Hopefully, you will send mail to my e-mail. Would you?

hasni husaini She is very beautiful,cute,nice,and smart girl. I can't stop thinking about you, Miki-san.

junpei mizocendol aya hirayama's younger sister?? they're looked similar

frahz 1997 i tough she is older than that :P

Fayato She's 7 March, and I'm 6 March.....nearly same date....

me Didn't she present some episodes on fujiterebittsu? And modeling? I think I recognise her

Mizu She born in 1997, really??? I thought she 16-17 in KR OOO...

GR hey were the same age and the same month i was born in oh and your cute to did i mention you were cute?

bangbangkit waaa X3 she's so damn cute ! XD

membagi i hope she'll play in kr next series :)

Ricky wow she's same age as me and lol she cute too kawaiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... It's sad that i'm one of maybe 3 people in here that's actually 15

TheSealLeftHand ............. she lovely .........

nyobain i love this one roled as mezool, i wanna see gamel too :3

Haigi you look so beautiful in kamen rider ooo.... i like you character....take care gamel....

WorgenFreeman Man she's cute. I really like her. Good thing Mezool will get revived next ep, hehe I really like her I can't wait to see her again. One of my biggest wish is to meet her in person coz you know she's cute and adorable.

ladybear she act as mezool in OOO. but the character die... ini which eps. i dont remember, she cute. like her.

ichigo wow she's born in the same year with me.wait that means that she is the same age as me!

loll why we don't see her in OOO... ?

winson wow she stilll very young kwkwkwkw and damn cute

evanli8 damn shes cute!!

oniichitakumi the given role as Mezool kamen rider ozu were very smart choice, she looks very suitable with character Mezool…

oniichitakumi sorry, not character uva.. but mezool... sorry for the mistaken name...

oniichitakumi the given role as Uva in kamen rider ozu were very smart choice, she looks very suitable with character Uva...

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