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Gardener Eikichi Onizuka (Akira) is pruning trees at a school garden as part time work. A student named Noboru Yoshikawa (Taishi Nakagawa), who is Azu Fuyuzuki's (Miori Takimoto) student, is about to jump from the roof. Eikichi Onizuka sees the student and talks the student out of jumping. Noboru Yoshikawa is bullied by 3 female classmates including Anzu Uehara (Yua Shinkawa). These 3 girls also takes Noboru Yoshikawa's money before class starts.

Eikichi Onizuka then talks with Yoshiko Sakurai (Hitomi Kuroki), the owner of the school cafeteria. 3 students who insist they were kicked out of school for unreasonable reason break into the school cafeteria.

Vice principal Hiroshi Uchiyamada (Ryosei Tayama) harshly blames these 3 kids. Eikichi Onizuka becomes angry at Hiroshi Uchiyamada and literally throws Hiroshi Uchiyamada aside. At that moment, student Noboru Yoshikawa, teacher Azu Fuyuzuki and chief director of the school Sakurai watch the incident.


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Akira GTO 2012-Miori Takimoto.jpg GTO 2012-Yuu Shirota.jpg GTO 2012-Yusuke Yamamoto.jpg GTO 2012-Ryosei Tayama.jpg
Akira Miori Takimoto Yuu Shirota Yusuke Yamamoto Ryosei Tayama
Eikichi Onizuka Azusa Fuyuzuki Ryuji Danma Toshiyuki Saejima Hiroshi Uchiyamada
GTO 2012-Hitomi Kuroki.jpg GTO 2012-Eri Fuse.jpg GTO 2012-Noboru Takachi.jpg GTO 2012-Saori Takizawa.jpg GTO 2012-Masato Yano.jpg
Hitomi Kuroki Eri Fuse Noboru Takachi Saori Takizawa Masato Yano
Yoshiko Sakurai Hiroko Sannomaru Tetsuo Hashimoto Shoko Moritaka Suguru Teshigawara
GTO 2012-Sugi Chan.jpg
Hajime Fukuroda

Class 2-4 Student

GTO-B-Gaku Sano.jpg GTO-B-Taishi Nakagawa.jpg Yuki Yamada GTO-B-Aoi Shimoyama.jpg GTO-B-Shintaro Morimoto.jpg
Gaku Sano Taishi Nakagawa Yuki Yamada Aoi Shimoyama Shintaro Morimoto
Takumi Ishida Noboru Yoshikawa Koji Fujiyoahi Gunjin Mishima Kunio Murai
GTO-B-Akihisa Shiono.jpg GTO-B-Sho Takada.jpg GTO-B-Nobuyuki Suzuki.jpg GTO-B-Akiyoshi Utsumi.jpg GTO-B-Hiroki Machida.jpg
Akihisa Shiono Sho Takada Nobuyuki Suzuki Akiyoshi Utsumi Hiroki Machida
Ryoichi Mizuhara Yoshito Kikuchi Tadaaki Kusano Yuki Miyamori Keiichi Satomi
GTO-B-Hiromu Yayama.jpg GTO-B-Hikaru Nagayama.jpg GTO-B-Shota Komori.jpg GTO-B-Aran Shirahama.jpg GTO-B-Ouho Sato.jpg
Hiromu Yayama Hikaru Nagayama Shota Komori Aran Shirahama Ouho Sato
Daisuke Suzuki Tamotsu Sugawara Umanosuke Ueda Seiya Dojima Hiroyuki Kurokawa
GTO-G-Mariya Nishiuchi.jpg GTO-G-Karen Miyazaki.jpg GTO-G-Ayaka Sayama.jpg GTO-G-Hitomi Miyake.jpg GTO-G-Hikari Takara.jpg
Mariya Nishiuchi Karen Miyazaki Ayaka Sayama Hitomi Miyake Hikari Takara
Miki Katsuragi Tomoko Nomura Naomi Izumi Megumi Asakura Fuyumi Kujirakawa
GTO-G-Haruna Kawaguchi.jpg GTO-G-Yua Shinkawa.jpg GTO-G-Anna Ishii.jpg GTO-G-Tsubasa Honda.jpg GTO-G-Rikako Sakaguchi.jpg
Haruna Kawaguchi Yua Shinkawa Anna Ishii Tsubasa Honda Rikako Sakaguchi
Miyabi Aizawa Anzu Uehara Mayuko Asano Reimi Kanzaki Chikako Shirai
GTO-G-Sara Takatsuki.jpg GTO-G-Hidemi Hikita.jpg GTO-G-Nozomi Bando.jpg GTO-G-Natsuo.jpg GTO-G-Seia Yasuda.jpg
Sara Takatsuki Hidemi Hikita Nozomi Bando Natsuo Seia Yasuda
Haruka Kawae Yumi Nakanishi Ai Hitachi Hidemi Ota Rinko Morishita
GTO-G-Nanami Mitsuhashi.jpg GTO-G-Chiho Fujii.jpg GTO-G-Miyu Kirishima.jpg
Nanami Mitsuhashi Chiho Fujii Miyu Kirishima
Erika Nakagawa Mayumi Otsuka Yukiko Iwata

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 07/03/2012 15.1%
02 07/10/2012 13.3%
03 07/17/2012 12.3%
04 07/24/2012 13.9%
05 07/31/2012 11.5%
06 08/07/2012 12.1%
07 08/14/2012 13.5%
08 08/21/2012 15.1%
09 08/28/2012 11.6%
10 09/04/2012 11.7%
11 09/11/2012 14.3%
Average 13.2%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


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nurman I watch it continously...:)

Toulue Who's julia murai played by???

Rifukii Afayumi best asian film i ever seen :)

shyn huynh i love this drama. firstly i i've read it to manga and thought this script was the same as manga, but wrong,this script is very creative more than i thought, i admire akira and his special lesson,amazing spirit inspirtation for studying and make a dream come true !

shyn i love this drama. firstly i i've read it to manga and thought this script was the same as manga, but wrong,this script is very creative more than i thought, i admire akira and his special lesson,amazing spirit inspirtation for studying and make a dream come true

Josua Kristofer Hello all, hello Great Teacher Onizuka. I'm Jo, now I'm studying on Education Univ. Thankyou, you're my inspiration. Hhhmmm.. Tsubasa Honda, you're so cute :) I like you :D :v Tsubasa like a captain of Nankatsu Honda like a motorcycle So . . . ha ha ha :D =D :v

Sena Jacks I hope GTO can be best drama in Japan Ganbatte

Sena Jacks I hope GTO it can remake again with same actor and actress but with another themes. Go GTO Im from Indonesian and I hope all of this actor and actress can arrive to indonesia

Fery Hi GTO, I Love Tsubasa Honda, I love Mariya Nishiuci, I Love Haruna Kawagachi, I Love Yua Shinkawa, I Love Sara Takatsuki, And I Like This Film, This Is The Best, I'M From Indonesian Fan. I Want Onizuka Sensei Go To Indonesian To Be Teacher In Indonesian. ^_^ Go To Japan.

Rida fukada I'm indonesian fan. Greetings for GTO. GTO 2012 is the best,,,,, This film is very funny & great! i love it.. Hi honda tsubasa.. hi kawaguchi haruna.. hi AKIRA.. hi miori takimoto.. hi shinkawa yua.. hi taishi nakagawa.. hi yuki yamada.. i love you all........... ^_^

HC PS: I'm AHC and I'm Indonesian. One of the quote that I learnt from this drama "Smile is Fun." :) (Episode 11)

AHC PS: Indonesian Fans :) One quotes that I learnt from this drama "Smile is Fun" :) (Ep. 11)

AHC This is the first time I like manga. I love this drama. These dramas taught us everything, about family, friendship, and I learnt many things from this drama. Is there anyone agree with my opinion?

SC I agree with DF, but honestly i love GTO remake too ( kawaiii ne) so i don't care wich one better, can not compare both or any (if there's others remake again) of them, much important is the good massage in GTO story about friendship, family,etc.

PS This drama is good enough. But honestly, in my opinion GTO 1998 was so much better than GTO 2012. In GTO 1998, I felt the good partner's chemistry from Onizuka (Takashi Sorimachi) and Fuyutsuki (Nanako Matsushima). But that kind of chemistry was not exist in GTO 2012.

asha131097 love it.. fan malaysia

junpei mizocendol @DF Totally agree with you

I hope so i like Drama GTO or the anime i hope GTO have new Series with new pupils and her old friend with many episodes i so sad,if this drama ends with 14 episodes

Airpit Discovey thumbs up!! better than GTO 1998. love honda tsubasa.. very cute girl FRom: MALAYSIA FANS

DF I don't understand why so many people love this series. If you are a fan of GTO (anime, manga, and 1998 TV series), this will not be your cup of tea. You will have a problem of comparing this to them. The acting is pretty bad by the cast except for a few of the students, the editing doesn't allow any character development for the characters thus making it feel rushed, the show doesn't know if it was to be a comedy/drama/or anime like show, the music is really corny where it takes you out of an emotional scene, and it is super cheesy.

I do think there are some positives though. For instance, some of the students actually do some good acting. The main leads suck though. Another positive is the story isn't exactly the same as the anime or 1998 TV series. This was good for me because it kept me curious of where the story was going to go.

Overall, this was not a great show. I highly recommend checking out the 1998 TV series. It is honestly a great representation of the anime. There is actual development and you get a better idea of why Onizuka wants to be a teacher. I think that was the main strength for me.

somebody i watched both ' GTO 1998 ' and " GTO 2012 " i liked 2012 GTO it was perfect and funny more than 1998 GTO

Anton Kusuma it's so awesome..realy i so like it.. hope GTO can go to Indonesia to see us (GTO fans club Indobesia)

danur Onizuka looks like Keisuke Honda

Ryc we don't care about the ratings, so piss off dude

pls make more SP, love it.. :DD

HorribleShow I'm being honest

Cliche lines, horrendous acting, unrealistic and embarrassing portrayal of a thug teacher done by thy one and only Akira. His acting was so bad I felt embarrassed for him...

All students look almost the same (I'm Asian for God' sake, but I can't even tell them apart)

Shirota Yu is the only decent one here that is at least charming and can pull off his role decently

God knows why this has gotten 13.9% ratings...

Rozie chan GTO was soooooo good. They couldn't possibly find someone better than Akira to potray an iconic character such as Eikichi Onizuka. The drama was a bit mellow but nonetheless still has that effect of tugging on ones heartstrings like how the anime and manga does.

Umi Akira is the best he can potrays the onizuka role very it

Kawada This drama looks ridiculous! Sorimachi is the one and only Onizuka ever!!

Banno Rosemarie I Love GTO so Much and I Like Every One Casting GTO AND Mostly AKIRA

Master Drama love this drama , its so funny. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!

Bolos GREAT drama good cast !!!!!! :)

Frostguy Its a Great drama GTO2012 so cool the cast is good and Akira its the perfect actor for Onizuka!!! :)

James The drama is Great!!! and the cast are.... Great too!!! EXILE Akira its perfect for Onizuka^^

GTO fan the best drama for GTO very good cast and EXILE Akira is the best actor for Onizuka Great GTO2012 :)

Johnny Its a very good drama :) the cast are Great!!! and AKIRA is the best^^

Mettanie This is the Great Teacher and Dorama that I have watched >~< Thanks for share the info~ Arigatou Gozaimasu~ \^O^/

happy I can't wait! I love Yamamoto Yusuke.

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