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  • Drama: Burning Flower (literal title)
  • Romaji: Hanamoyu
  • Japanese: 花燃ゆ
  • Director:
  • Writer: Satomi Oshima, Yuko Miyamura
  • Network: NHK
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: January 4, 2015 --
  • Runtime: Sundays 20:00-20:45
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Fumi (Mao Inoue) becomes Genzui Kusaka’s wife. During the turbulent times of the closing days for the Tokugawa shogunate, she lives positively and tries to keep up Shoin Yoshida's will. Shoin Yoshida is her older brother and intellectual.


  1. NHK's 54th taiga drama series.


Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Mao Inoue.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Takao Osawa.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Yusuke Iseya.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Masahiro Higashide.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Kyozo Nagatsuka.jpg
Mao Inoue Takao Osawa Yusuke Iseya Masahiro Higashide Kyozo Nagatsuka
Fumi Sugi (Miwa) Inosuke Odamura (Motohiko Katori) Torajiro Yoshida (Shoin) Genzui Kusaka Yurinosuke Sugi
Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Fumi Dan.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Eiji Okuda.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Taizo Harada.jpg Yuka Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Yuki Morinaga.jpg
Fumi Dan Eiji Okuda Taizo Harada Yuka Yuki Morinaga
Taki Sugi Bunnoshin Tamaki Umetaro Sugi (Minji) Hisa Sugi Toshisaburo Sugi
Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Maki Kubota.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Keisuke Tomita.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Kinya Kitaoji.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Keiko Matsuzaka.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Noriyuki Higashiyama.jpg
Maki Kubota Keisuke Tomita Kinya Kitaoji Keiko Matsuzaka Noriyuki Higashiyama
Kame Sugi Hikosuke Tamaki Takachika Mori Tomiko Mori Kogoro Katsura (Takayoshi Kido)
Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Kanji Ishimaru.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Takashi Naito.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Mayumi Wakamura.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Kengo Kora.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Koji Seto.jpg
Kanji Ishimaru Takashi Naito Mayumi Wakamura Kengo Kora Koji Seto
Masanosuke Sufu Tota Mukunashi Mitsuru Mukunashi Shinsaku Takasugi Toshimaro Yoshida
Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Hitori Gekidan.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Ryuta Sato.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Jun Kaname.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Takuro Ohno.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Takuma Otoo.jpg
Hitori Gekidan Ryuta Sato Jun Kaname Takuro Ohno Takuma Otoo
Risuke Ito (Hirobumi) Issei Maebara Kuichi Irie Yasushi Nomura Yajiro Shinagawa
Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Nobuyuki Suzuki.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Ryohei Abe.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Kenta Uchino.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Haruka Igawa.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Hirotaro Honda.jpg
Nobuyuki Suzuki Ryohei Abe Kenta Uchino Haruka Igawa Hirotaro Honda
Chujaburo Terashima Taketo Akane Kametaro Matsuura Hisako Takasu Yurin Tominaga
Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Yoji Tanaka.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Rino Katase.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Kanji Tsuda.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Toshiyuki Kitami.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Miyoko Yoshimoto.jpg
Yoji Tanaka Rino Katase Kanji Tsuda Toshiyuki Kitami Miyoko Yoshimoto
Sainosuke Fukugawa Shino Odamura Gozo Matsushima Kotsuta Takasugi Iku Yoshida
Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Fujiko Kojima.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Karen Miyazaki.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Umika Kawashima.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Yuki Izumisawa.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Yumi Asou.jpg
Fujiko Kojima Karen Miyazaki Umika Kawashima Yuki Izumisawa Yumi Asou
Fusa Yoshida Sumi Irie Ito Takasu Shigenosuke Kaneko Tsuru Kaneko
Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Ooki Bibiru.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Takayuki Takuma.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Hideki Takahashi.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Shinji Yamashita.jpg
Ooki Bibiru Takayuki Takuma Hideki Takahashi Shinji Yamashita
Teizo Miyabe Kichinosuke Saigo Naosuke Ii Matabe Kijima

Young Cast Members:

Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Momoka Yamada.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Rihito Itagaki.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Kanon.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Eru Yamada.jpg Flower Burns (Hana Moyu)-Ryutaro Yamasaki.jpg
Momoka Yamada Rihito Itagaki Kanon Eru Yamada Ryutaro Yamasaki
Fumi Sugi Torajiro Yoshida Hisa Sugi Toshisaburo Sugi Shinsaku Takasugi

Additional Cast Members:


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Lee chan this will be my first time watching a taiga drama thanks to inoue mao

Rou_Chan Oh my great lord, look at that great casting line-up! The 54th Taigai drama will be so intriguing, I am telling you!

takumi this drama will be really amaaaazinggg!! 2015 januray it is a lonng time but when it will come then i be really so so so happy cant wait for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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