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  • Drama: Strategist Kanbe
  • Romaji: Gunshi Kanbee
  • Japanese: 軍師官兵衛
  • Director: Kazuhiro Motoki
  • Writer:
  • Network: NHK
  • Episodes: 50
  • Release Date: January 5 - December 14, 2014
  • Runtime: Sundays 20:00-20:45
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Kanbee Kuroda is the first son of of Mototaka Kuroda. At the age of 22, Kanbee Kuroda married and became a Karo (top-ranking samurai official) for the Kodera family. Kanbee Kuroda notices the future prospects from Nobunaga Oda from an early time. He also gained the trust of daimyo Toyotomi Hideyoshi, to where Toyotomi Hideyoshi thought of him as a younger brother. When his lord Masamoto Kodera betrays the Oda family, Kanbee Kuroda tries to persuade him to do otherwise, but Kanbee Kuroda is confined in prison for more than a year. Once he is released from prison, Kanbee Kuroda disentangle himself from Masamoto Kodera and becomes advisor to Toyotomi Hideyoshi.


  1. NHK's 53rd taiga drama series.
  2. Filming began August 20,2013 and finished September 29, 2014.


Gunshi Kanbee-Junichi Okada.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Kirato Wakayama.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Miki Nakatani.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Raita Ryu.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Kyohei Shibata.jpg
Junichi Okada Kirato Wakayama Miki Nakatani Raita Ryu Kyohei Shibata
Kanbee Kuroda Kanbee Kuroda (young) Teru Shigetaka Kuroda Mototaka Kuroda
Gunshi Kanbee-Naho Toda.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Sansei Shiomi.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Masaru Nagai.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Gaku Hamada.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Mokomichi Hayami.jpg
Naho Toda Sansei Shiomi Masaru Nagai Gaku Hamada Mokomichi Hayami
Iwa Kohee Mori Buhee Mori Zensuke Kuriyama Tahee Mori
Gunshi Kanbee-Issei Takahashi.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Yosuke Eguchi.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Yuki Uchida.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Koasa Shunputei.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Yoshimasa Kondo.jpg
Issei Takahashi Yosuke Eguchi Yuki Uchida Koasa Shunputei Yoshimasa Kondo
Kuroemon Inoue Nobunaga Oda Onou Mitsuhide Akechi Katsuie Shibata
Gunshi Kanbee-Hiroshi Katsuno.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Tetsushi Tanaka.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Mirei Kiritani.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Naoto Takenaka.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Hitomi Kuroki.jpg
Hiroshi Katsuno Tetsushi Tanaka Mirei Kiritani Naoto Takenaka Hitomi Kuroki
Nagahide Niwa Murashige Araki Dashi Hideyoshi Hashiba One
Gunshi Kanbee-Shosuke Tanihara.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Kei Tanaka.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Pierre Taki.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Tsurutaro Kataoka.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Saki Takaoka.jpg
Shosuke Tanihara Kei Tanaka Pierre Taki Tsurutaro Kataoka Saki Takaoka
Hanbee Takenaka Mitsunari Ishida Koroku Hachisuka Masamoto Kodera Okon
Gunshi Kanbee-Toru Masuoka.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Nobuaki Kaneko.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Wakana Sakai.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Isao Bito.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Nao Minamisawa.jpg
Toru Masuoka Nobuaki Kaneko Wakana Sakai Isao Bito Nao Minamisawa
Sakyonosuke Kushihashi Sakyonoshin Kushihashi Riki Zenemon Ibuki Otatsu
Gunshi Kanbee-Mitsuru Fukikoshi.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Shingo Tsurumi.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Kazuhiro Yamaji.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Hidekazu Mashima.jpg Gunshi Kanbee-Tetsuya Bessho.jpg
Mitsuru Fukikoshi Shingo Tsurumi Kazuhiro Yamaji Hidekazu Mashima Tetsuya Bessho
Yoshiaki Ashikaga Takakage Kobayakawa Ekei Ankokuji Kennyo Shikanosuke Yamanaka
Gunshi Kanbee-Takanori Jinnai.jpg
Takanori Jinnai
Naoie Ukita

Additional Cast Members:



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Mitsuo Brilliantly directed! Japanese cinematography always amazes me. Director, Kazuhiro Motoki, captured not only the essence of the times, but also the heart and soul of a warrior's plight through the conflicts of tradition, war, friendship, romance, family and even in illness. My only regret is not being able to watch all episodes. Hopefully it will be available in DVD.

Tom Weisler Will the Strategist Kanbe series be available on DVD in 2015?

Derek Excellent series, excellent ending. Shame it's finally at its end.

Ron Patricia, you could try this website: I don't know if any of then have English subtitles.

Patricia Not only do I love the Strategist Kanbe series, my parents do as well. I have been searching for the DVD on line and can't seem to find to purchase. Will it be available once the series concludes? If available please advise me where to get it. Much appreciated...

Jerry Lem I am completely enjoying this series about Strategist Kanbe. It is both entertaining, intriguing, the story is well written, and the actors and actresses have excellent performances. Most importantly, it teaches me about the Japan of long ago when everyone were divided into clans or tribes. Often, these clans allied with each other or fought with each other. Many lives were lost or destroyed due to constant wars and conflicts. The roles for Japanese were often determined by the social rank they were born into......peasants, warrior (samurai), nobility, merchant. Women always had a secondary or supportive role to their husbands and girls were married into other clans by mutual arrangement and how the affected clans would benefit by the arrangement. Loyalty to seniors, lords, were of primary importance and any form shame or dishonor may result in self-suicide or capital punishment. Thank you for this movie production and the very clear English subtitles that came with it.

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