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  • Name Arak Amornsupasiri
  • Thai: อารักษ์ อมรศุภศิริ
  • Nickname: Pae (เป้)
  • Birthdate: September 2, 1984
  • Birthplace: Thailand
  • Height: 178cm.
  • University: Mahidol University
  • Major: Business Administration


  1. Arak Amornsupasiri's past work includes: Solo Singer, Magazine model, TV Commercial Presenter (Cute Press), and former guitarist for rock band "Slur".



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Heidz Marcos i love this actor so much! I love his movie.. i love thailand movie!

Keep up the good work, God bless..

Pae. :) :*

nessa pae look so awesome in my name is love movie. the funny character make him look younger. i never knew that he was born in 84. But i love admire his character in bangkok assassin as phong. He looks so cool but the most i do adore your fashion in that movie. Daebak. fans from malaysia :)

Empress I will always love you pae <3

queenTina Pae you're so cool playing Q in the movie My Name Is Love. You never look as your age, for me your just 24 even younger than that. Great acting and so funny. ♥

queenTina Pae you're so cool playing Q in the movie My Name Is Love. You never look as your age, for me your just 24 even younger than that. Great acting and so funny.

ng_no well done pae, love the way u are...

Athena he's really cute. i also watched his movie Loser Lover, he's the lead male actor, and played as Sukane. Although his acting is light, but it suits his physical appearance (i don't know him personally, so i can't say his personality).

Aj Wasn't him who played Sukane in Loser Lover in 2010 ?

ruthdublas hello pae,

the first time I landed thailand was very good and very momentous! I saw you at the airport shoot for a movie or something, then I ve asked to take photo of you, and you said yes! That's so great though ! And I asked Thai people who am I taking pictures, they said,you are great actor.I was very lucky, then I waited for for minutes,I asked you again to have photo with me and again,you didn't refuse so thank you very much!

Be blessed,

Ruth Dublas


joelyn will you be my boy? :-D

kunyeh I ♥ you when you play movie like a best of time

uni i like you and i love you :D

Fenny he like my friend, but my friend is woman.....,heheheh

but its ok, i like him

criszhang as a chinese fans,love pae for 4years !!!!!!his fans from all over the world .!he is handsome and cute. love his long and short hair !!! pae is sososo cool !!!love his music . and the profile is not conlete ..want know more about his music

dove stay on the ground....

Jenny His profile is not complete. :/ I just give it 80 because his movies cannot be open.

jemalou hai!!! i just watched one of movies.. ahh gee i know you've got a lot of fans all over the world and my email's not new thing to you. hope you could post some videos on youtube while playing guitar.. and i've got a request.. hope you'll play "kiss the rain by Yiruma"

i'm from philippines :)

femay he is sooo COOL ,handsome and his smile so cute... ;)

Rosette He also guested in Seven Something! Just a small portion on the first part - 14 with Kao and Punpun :D

Novita he is so handsome and cool

Amisaha i watched body 19, best in time, sudkate sledped, and bangkok kungfu. he's such a good actor. i wish to meet him here in my country. :)

Ti Tur gub hkao lae ruk hkong rao I love it!!!

uruwashii hana I like your film is SLICE. Arak is very handsome.

Meemee My first ever favorite Thai heart throb. Although not possessing an excellent singing voice, he is definitely a brilliant songwriter. The more I loved him when he was paired with my favorite actress Pancake Khemanit. It just feels sad that they broke up. I wish I could see Pae in person.

cujank Hi Arak, I'm very like you. You good in all your film. Although I don't understand your language.

Fan He is so cute , handsome , romantic , hilarious , 'number 3 guy' , hot in Loser Lover.

Lallaa He handsome than korean actor :]

Jin Body 19 was awesome, I really recommend you watch it!

Pang he looks so hot in his new Lakorn, TurGubKaoLaeRukKongRao: เธอกับเขาและรักของเรา

Pang he looks so hot in his new Lakorn.

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