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  • Drama: Angel's Revenge (English title) / Heavenly Woman (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Cheonsang Yeoja
  • Hangul: 천상여자
  • Director: Eo Soo-Sun
  • Writer: Lee Hye-Seon, Ahn So-Min
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 103
  • Release Date: January 6 - June 2, 2014
  • Runtime: Monday-Friday 19:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Lee Sun-Woo (Yoon So-Yi) is training to become a nun. Right before she finally gets her wish, she learns her older sister has passed away.

Now, to take revenge on the man responsible for her sister's death, she gives up her dream of becoming a nun. She then meets Seo-Ji-Suk. He is an immature man from a rich family. Because of his love towards her, he changes.


  1. "Angel's Revenge" takes over the KBS2 Monday~Friday 19:50 time slot previously occupied by "Ruby Ring" and will be followed by "Two Mothers" on June 2, 2014.


Angel's Revenge-Yoon So-Yi.jpg Angel's Revenge-Park Jung-Chul.jpg Angel's Revenge-Moon Bo-Ryung.jpg Angel's Revenge-Kwon Yool.jpg Angel's Revenge-Lee Se-Eun.jpg
Yoon So-Yi Park Jung-Chul Moon Bo-Ryung Kwon Yool Lee Se-Eun
Lee Sun-Yoo Jang Tae-Jung Seo Ji-Hee Seo Ji-Suk Lee Jin-Yoo
Angel's Revenge-Lee Doll-Hyung.jpg Angel's Revenge-Choi Wan-Jung.jpg Angel's Revenge-Lee Hye-Eun.jpg Angel's Revenge-Kim Min-Soo.jpg Angel's Revenge-Kim Tae-Joon (2005).jpg
Lee Doll-Hyung Choi Wan-Jung Lee Hye-Eun Kim Min-Soo Kim Tae-Joon
Heo Poong-Ho Bong Whang Bong Chang Heo Ki-Jin Shin Bang-Tong
Angel's Revenge-Lee Eung-Kyung.jpg Angel's Revenge-Jung Yi-Yeon.jpg Angel's Revenge-Jung Young-Sook.jpg Angel's Revenge-Kim Cheong.jpg Angel's Revenge-Choi Jae-Won.jpg
Lee Eung-Kyung Jung Yee-Yeon Jung Young-Sook Kim Cheong Choi Jae-Won
Na Dal-Nyeo Jang Tae-Mi Kong Jung-Soon Woo A-Ran Seo Woo-Hyeon
Angel's Revenge-Choi Dong-Yeob.jpg Angel's Revenge-Goo Jae-Yee.jpg Angel's Revenge-Yoon Seo-Jin.jpg Angel's Revenge-Ko Bo-Gyeol.jpg Angel's Revenge-Kim Hae-Rim.jpg
Choi Dong-Yeob Goo Jae-Yee Yoon Seo-Jin Ko Bo-Gyeol Kim Hae-Rim
Director Kim Eun-Soo Jung Hee-Jin Jung-In An-Na
Angel's Revenge-Kim Dae-Jung.jpg
Kim Dae-Jung

Additional Cast Members:



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NewKDramaAddict It started out so well and I really didn't have any complaints; however, they dragged the separation of the OTP too long that I wasn't satisfied with the ending because of it. The last 3 ep could have been better executed.

kim Elo 1st of all it was good i personally liked it cuz it was different bt now com'on hw comes the drama wh replaced it becomes the same. anyways this drama was the best i think they did great.

Monique Angel's Revenge has 103 episodes and the beginning was good but then it got so dry. But the ending was good it just needed something more. Great Drama overall. <3

nevem I dont like the face expression of leeseongyu. It is fake. Her smile is so fake.

rinahrinah started off good and sorry it just going down hill ....this drama needs to end

Paige First of all Beebee, she WASN'T an ex nun. She wanted to be a nun but because her sister died in the process she had to give up her dream so she can put her sister's murderer in bars. And to Miya, he had a MENTAL damage in his childhood and still has

Kdramafan I used to love this series a lot it was good till Lee sun yoo and Seo Ji-Suk started to work together this is where the story line started to go downhill. Although Seo Ji-Suk's character in the beginning was cute and funny but as the series progressed his charter just become too weak and annoying, following Lee sun yoo around like a dump pet, and never really doing any work accept agreeing to all ideas that Lee sun yoo comes up with when he was a manger it was just beyond ridicules and stupid. And in the end he becomes the general manger again without really doing any work to deserve it. Then he finds out Lee sun yoo is only really using him and he still keeps her around because his character is too weak to let her go. Then you've got Lee sun yoo where her character besides wanting revenge is made to be perfect to the point it's just too ridicules. Here comes a nun with no working experience what so ever yet she gives Seo Ji-Suk so many ideas that just always happen to be right and is a success. She never fails and the fact that the grandmother forgave her after knowing she was just using her precious grandsons (which she stole by the way) is just SO unreal and stupid. Let's not forget that Seo Ji-Suk would trust Lee sun yoo over his sister/family and got angry at her after finding out the truth UGH!!!! it's a shame the both leads are just made to look so unreal from little miss perfect Lee sun yoo that always happens to be the savior every freakin time to Seo Ji-Suk's weak flimsy character which I think he is NOT a man at all too weak and stupid to notice anything around him and doesn't really do any work in the company but pretend to read papers and say that he's got an important meeting.

Ria Seriously, all the snooping around, people freely going in and out of homes and offices.... without anyone noticing it. With all the bodyguards around and personal assistants, give me a break, i'd being hoping for years that they will make a smarter show. This is another one that they will try and prolong the story to fill air time. Tae-Mi just what exactly is the relevance of her role. Too many characters that are supposedly smart but with dumb, naive personality. Plot is nit convincing at all!,,,

hooyeah Kim Seo Ra in Angel's Revenge !! She's so cute .

Beebee What in the name... Okay. I found this drama interesting at one point. But at some point, this drama makes me mad. Seriously? Why would an ex-nun go psychopath with revenge? I mean, I know this is just a drama and revenge for her sister, yet still, this does not make any senses. But then again, despite of me getting irritated with this series, I keep on coming back to watch this series. Makes me curious tho. Just like I said, I found it interesting. Well done writers. (:

miya i don't like the character of Heo Poong-Ho, the uncle of Lee Sun-Yoo and Lee Jin-Yoo (Jinyu), his acting is like a 10years old boy. Crying with his big mouth opened. If possible get someone to replace him who can act better. Old man at his age don't cry like a baby boy. Whenever there's a scene of these 2 persons (Heo Poong-Ho and Bong Whang) i have to switch my channel. I like this drama but it a wasted putting that 2 characters in. Sorry for that.And also agreed with Vish.

miya i don't like the character of Heo Poong-Ho, the uncle of Lee Sun-Yoo and Lee Jin-Yoo (Jinyu), his acting is like a 10years old boy. Crying with his big mouth opened. If possible get someone to replace him who can act better. Old man at his age don't cry like a baby boy. Whenever there's a scene of these 2 persons (Heo Poong-Ho and Bong Whang) i have to switch my channel. I like this drama but it a wasted putting that 2 characters in. Sorry for that.

Jamse I'm really enjoying this show. It's such a refreshing change from all the other daily dramas where the limp rag heroine is victimized in virtually every episode by the evil villains, never fighting back, and redeemed at the end only because the villains have unconvincing changes of heart. It's great to see So-Yi give as good as she gets and then some.

Mariam Me and my daughter are glued to the TV, love it ☺☺

Mariam Both me and my daughter are glued to the TV, love it ☺☺

Vicky Just keep coming back to this drama. Very good show.


DramaAdd!ct The whole storyline just does not make any sense to me !! It is obvious that the writers do not know anything about christianity. How can a person who is just about to become a nun be so bent on revenge??!!!

Vish It isn't so much that he is changing because of her. He's changing because of his brother-in-law and stupid sister. I won't include the "mother" because she's still doing the same things she use to do before he returned from America, but the other two are really terrible. His stupid sister has gone from being an in-charge, honest and confident woman to a 1/4 wit (can't say 1/2 wit because she doesn't warrant that) who is led by the nose by her husband and mother. As for the ex-nun she should just come straight out and tell them the truth. There are enough people to substantiate her story. There would be medical proof that her sister was pregnant. All so simple. The round and round trips they keep making are annoying.

LoveKdramaLots Awesome so far! SY is superb! SY/JS what a pair! Chemistry is great, plot is getting more interesting. Jjang:)

Maria In kbs tv indonesia, this drama suddenly not airing...please tell me how i can watch this drama.. Thx

Mina Yoon Si Yi is the best !!<3

hooyeah Am i the only one who think that Jung Yi Yeon is very pretty ?

mercy1990 For anyone who misses the episodes. You can watch them online on KBS's Youtube channel. :) And KBS has provided both English and Chinese closed caption translations. That means to get the subs you need to turn on the Closed Captions. :)

bii Pls help. Did the elder sister really died? If yes, how did she died? The man killed her literally? Due to work, I can't get to watch this drama.

bhing I love watching this K drama aired Monday to Friday. So far the story line is still good up to the last episode I am watching. Keep up the good work.

leticia Oh what an awful man. greedy, heartless I mean, if he did not care anymore about the mother of the baby, atleast have a heart for his unborn child. This is really a case of child abandonment at it fullest. Is this for real. I mean, he created this child and now just because he wants to be high and mighty. he has no heart for baby what a shame. My goodness, i hope he gets what he deserves from the ladys's sister-nun....

mamabear Yes, the baby is alive. Teajung's mother put the baby in an orphanage.

Brooke Brown So is her child alive or no?.....

Raquel This is amazing, I'm so ready for 100 episodes of this.

Sujin Taj ...i'm already watching this series and it's nice but it have 100 episode....waiting for episode 6...

Lola i love movies with revenge. can't wait to see this one.

Elizabeth Looks good, can not wait to watch bjmmm

Kelly I will watch this drama because Sujin from Wassup!! ♥

Mikeycknowsrnb Cant wait to watch it to support Sujin from Wassup!

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