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  • Drama: Ruby Ring (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Roobibanji
  • Hangul: 루비반지
  • Director: Jeon San
  • Writer: Hwang Soon-Young
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 93
  • Release Date: August 19, 2013 - January 3, 2014
  • Runtime: Monday~Friday 19:45
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Two sisters' faces and their fates are switched in a car accident.


  1. "Ruby Ring" takes over the KBS2 Monday~Friday 19:45 time slot previously occupied by "Pure Love" and will be followed by "Angel's Revenge" on January 6, 2014.


Ruby Ring-Lee So-Yeon.jpg Ruby Ring-Lim Jung-Eun.jpg Ruby Ring-Kim Seok-Hoon.jpg Park Kwang-Hyun
Lee So-Yeon Lim Jung-Eun Kim Seok-Hoon Park Kwang-Hyun
Jung Roo-Bi Jung Roo-Na Bae Kyung-Min Na In-Soo

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reivo namja Really hate the ending. Really hate final episode. No matter what, jung roo bi (real) still be poor girl. She still be alone. Kyungmin cant back with her, and insoo still keep silent his love. And then roo na be freek girl, her be crazy till the end...

Happy ending just for cho rim komo, so young, and geum hee ajuhma.

rukkie Love this drama but the problem is that is nt realistic, can't wait to watch the end. When is it coming out

Kim Bawitlung I love this drama..but i am disappointed at the last episode..i wanted to see Ruby and her true love live happily ever after.

mary I really love this drama especially the dialogue and quotation from it. There are lots more to learn from this especially about the ambition in positive ways and the dangerous of insatiable greed that leads life into a mess disaster.

seble The drama, as most of you said is really, REALLY unrealistic, but it has got something that makes me want to keep watching it. It is interesting, because I have not seen anything like it before, and it would have been more interesting if they made it more realistic. I think the staff, the director,the staff in general are really stupid not to be able to notice that fake ruby needs to be shorter, and many other things. I think I could make a better drama and I am 11 years old.

Rebecca Alvarez Abelo i wish that the ending will have the real ruby and gyeongmin back in each others arms, this is what the fans are expecting, dont let us hang out, make it real ending so as not to frustrate viewers thanks

Muffet what's so unreal about this show is the fact that, they should have used a girl of the same size and same built then it would have been excitingly real. Using these two girls with different heights should have been the give away and problem solved. I do not know what this director and people involved in this show were thinking, how can you not remember ruby was supposed to be the taller of the two and now she's short. come one ;people, be real. this is so frustrating just like watching the real Ruby wanting to expose the the real Runa and has not done it yet. but I guess is another way of prolonging this charade just like what's happening in the show, so unreal.

CW @ Nizo, see 11th name down Lee Hae Woo...

jenny and sophia hello, we love this drama... the story of ruby touch our hearts... i love all the main actors in the drama especially Bae gyong min and Na in su... they are so handsome and so manly and their roles fit them so perfect... love the movie so much. can't wait to watch the ending..... thank you

nizo hey...this is such an amazing drama..i love it..the actors are soooo amazing....I THINK I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH DONG PAL'S SON IN THE MOVIE but i do not know the name of that actor ...and this is the first movie i have seen of please may i know the name??

Fasi I really think this drama is nothing like the dramas I've seen before. But it's really amazing how the real ruby act around runa (fake ruby). If it was me I'd have done something. But bravo. She deserves an award. But I think the fake ruby or runa done an outstanding act in the drama. But the thing that i don't understand is how can a mother can't tell a difference with her daughters. I can't wait to see the finale episode

Rita All you people out there talking about the guy....Gyeongmin...... You guys got it all wrong...... He only knew the real Ruby for 5 years.... The mother knew them their whole life time and she can't see the difference.... That is a real WTF moments.... The real Ruby should be angry.... In fact... I wouldn't be so quiet... I would be telling Fake Ruby every time I see her.... Even if other people around ......At the top of my lungs... GIVE ME BACK MY FACE... MY NAME... MY MAN... MY EVERYTHING.... AND PUT HER IN JAIL...

zekrom i suggest if i watching this drama support fake ruby and do not support real ruby if support real ruby u will only watch half way.

sheila lee I'm sorry that I bring myself to say this, but I seriously HATE HATE HATE fake Ruby in this Korean drama! even if it is just a movie, but I just wish she die in that movie or something! can any one of you guys do that? make her die in a car accident, or Gyeongmin choked her, or Real Ruby shot her in the head! that would put a smile on my face!

Marie Both the actors and actresses are good at actin gbut I wonder why Dong Pal's son didn't mention in the additional cast members?

Wida I am watching and hoping real Ruby with Bae and Na In with Sera happily ever after.....

Ster Both actresses are very beautiful. But how can Kim Seok Hoon not recognize the Ruby he really loves..., the height, sizes of shoes, dresses, and all...But all in all, I am still watching because I want to see how it ended.

Neinei The storyline's okay, but plastic surgery's just... Idk. Switching souls between the two would've been more sensible (although may seem like copying Secret Garden, but on a whole different plot, a more serious one & that would've made more sense) nonetheless I'm still watching it, the casts are great people portraying their characters. And In my mind I don't see it as the two going through plastic surgery, but exchanging souls so that it won't affect the fact that I am enjoying this drama lol (Idk but I'm guessing Ruby's gonna through plastic surgery again so she can get her old self back & again I am only thinking of it as her soul being switched back hahaha)

Su Ann I really have to agree with all the negative comments and criticizing, it is just to incredulous and too long 120 episodes now reduced to 95 or 93 it seems. This should be adrama not a fairy tale who can believed such nonsense as the swapping of characters after the BMW car and their faces were totally smashed up and reconstructed after plastics where in the world can you find clinics to perform this miraculous plastic surgery , all balderdas.

The only good thing about this show is the lovely I'm Jeong-eun who plays the sympathetic Runs aka Luna after the accident who was Ruby before the accident.

Please have better plots and not give Korean drama and writers a bad name.

The acting is on the whole of high quality and I find no fault with all the actors and actresses only the story line, plot and characters are too ridiculous for words.

Johnny Onn Oh dear what ridiculous plot , really absurd . Top top it all it is too long so I will not waste my time watching more of it after 36 crapy episodes, yes what crap.

aima what is the name of a man who played the character of noh dong pal's son????

May The writer should think about fact. How stupid people could not recognize the voice of people especially, the person in their family!!! Even the face change but voice and high can not be changed for absolutely. And not even this series being like this. The other also the same and not to think about fact of the real life. Why Korean people are so easy to get amnesia by accident. I have seen Korean series start from May 2013 until now. They are not over 10 series but I have seen 3 series that the actor and actress are getting amnesia by accident!!!

diera Love the storyline but they should at least find actress with same height. How can real runa became taller n ruby became shorter. Even after surgery.. Lol

0009 This "drama" breaks all records for idiotic screenplay!!! Now even such a bullshit as "Angel's revenge" seems like a reasonable work. Is there in KBS at least one, ONE, person with common sense just to read the screenplays BEFORE THE FILMING? Or the KBS moto is "We are producing the most stupid dramas in South Korea!"? Does any of the actors here have just a little self-esteem and professional honour or they are ready to play in any bullshit just for the money?

hooyeah Lee So-Yeon and Kim Seo-Ra are very pretty .

dee loki how can a fate change by a car accident? I do not like this drama because Jung Roo Na is a mean and selfish person to Jung Roo Bi, makes me want to beat her up. Hope she die in last episode or in the middle, accept fate you old hag!!!

K I thought Park Kwang Hyun looks like So Ji Sub... Now he sorta looks like Song Joong Ki in the picture.

Yokohawaii I first saw Kim Sora like 10 years ago when she was shooting TV series "LOST" in Hawaii and she came out just 1 episode. She still beautiful as ever and I read in Japanese article that she's now one of Top Korean actress in Korea. Just curious when she'll re-appear in U.S. programs since we need more pretty Asian actresses

Kim Hyun I'm thrilled to see Kim Sora coming out in this drama since I really enjoyed watching her in the recent drama Jang Ok Jung. Why don't this site have more coverage about her? She's so beautiful... I wish I looked like her!

hoang vu Lee so yeon comeback

zam I can't wait to watch this drama! I'm hoping that this gets subbed in English and will be uploaded by DF or CR or Hulu or any easily accessible websites. I love Kim Suk Hoon so much! I was really impressed with him when I saw his performance @ Twinkle. Has the # of episodes been confirmed yet?I'm looking forward to a very exciting and endearing drama! Good luck!

sooyoung In a big fan of her even though her character in most of her dramas is evil, inhuman and cold. Hope this drama will finish soon. I can't wait to watch it.

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